They'll be no apologies for this is shameless example of wank-media. I will say only that it is a fictional account. I am not a fan of the old fashion disclaimers, so I will preface this story as a teaser instead of a warning.


I challenge you in this story by saying that after reading this, you might search your own memory for forgotten events that hold greater significance that you had ever imagined.


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The Cocksucking Incident

by Larkin, 20012


When I was 11, I had a friend. At least I thought he was my friend.

All I knew was that I looked up to him. I thought he was so much better looking than me and maybe more intelligent and his parents had more money, consequently he had tons more toys than anyone I knew. However, there was an attraction he had over me that I didn't understand but it was there. At this age, I knew nothing of cock.

Dana took my devotion for granted and he seemed to like the idea of someone who liked him and followed him around like a minion. You might say that he was a bit arrogant or maybe it made him feel superior. I had no idea about these things, but it must have been sort of a special chemistry between us.

One day, two other boys showed up, Archie and Bill. You could say that they regarded me as competition and seeing the value of a playmate like Dana, they set to work moving me out of the way. They were different than me and they were different that Dana. They were cocky, rude and cruel. Almost at once I found myself pushed around, made fun of and ridiculed. Dana did nothing, in fact, my dilemma seemed to amuse him. Seeing this only encouraged Archie and Bill to dish out more punishment. Face to face, I was confronted and challenged.

Archie, inches from my face said, "What are you gonna do about it!"

He gave me a push and Bill was on his hands and knees behind me. I fell over backwards and everyone laughed. I had been outted as a pathetic sissy who would not fight back. I had become an object of derision and insults.

2 against 1 becomes 3 against 1.

Archie and Bill were shameless in their efforts to entertain and curry favor from Dana. At the same time, they would lord over me aggressively, cutting me no slack.

The three were arm in arm with Dana in the middle. I was backed into a corner of the room.

Archie pushed down hard on my shoulder. "Get down, Fuckface!"

For the first time in my life I was confronted with a small but hard penis. Archie and Bill pushed Dana forward and ....I opened my mouth.

I had absolutely no reference that would cause me to open my mouth, but I did.

Archie and Bill could hardly contain the glee and with closed eyes, Dana swooned.

I watched Dana's pants drop down around his ankles and now I could see his narrow thighs, compact scrotum and belly moving back and forth. He had a boy scent that I would remember forever and ever. You might say I was a natural...

Archie announced to the other two, "Once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker." This was meant to be an exclusionary declaration.

Perhaps boys and boys and men and men together form a parallel universe in opposition to heterosexuality. It is so primal that it not only occurs between men in prison but between boys who have no prior knowledge and yet they engage in it like old pros. More than sexual release, maybe it is there to facilitate a pecking order, or re-enforce control.

I suppose I liked sucking Dana's cock became a pleasurable, primary pursuit in later life. The experience didn't make me a cocksucker because they knew it about me and they singled me out. The inclination had always been there and without a spoken language, Archie and Bill read it and exploited it for their own ends, just as I naturally submitted to the role of cocksucker.

After that solitary event, Archie and Bill went on their way and Dana and I resumed our friendship as if nothing had happened. My cocksucking went back into the closet until, years later when the burst of puberty and the age of masturbation entered my life.

Sexual desire and impulse has often lead me into circumstances ideal for the outlaw cocksucker. I would replicate the position and emotional moment from that time when I was with 3 boys many years ago. This chance event would enter my mind again and again and curiously, it fills me with exquisite pleasure...



jet2larkin (at) gmail (dot) com

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