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I was walking down the hallways of my school, such a stereotypical day. Everything was normal, going as planned. I didn't mind days like this -- I liked it when things went the way they were supposed to. And they were doing just that... Until I met him.

It was English class that I was headed to, actually. I could see the room from where I was. The halls were over-crowded. Even so, I saw one boy standing out from the rest. It wasn't because he was taller, or awkwardly short, or too fat, or grossly skinny. No, he wasn't any of these things. He was beautiful. Bleach blonde hair adorned his head, while olive green eyes scanned his surroundings. The hair was not natural, I could tell, but it suited him quite nicely. He was beautiful.

He was also beautifully lost. Ah, the first day of school and what adventures it brings. I was in the 10th grade, so I knew my way around the school. He was in grade nine. A younger guy -- perfect for my taste. I let the halls clear. He still stood where I left him. I approached him, remembering that the principal encouraged us to help first timers. So I was just doing a good deed.

"You lost?" I asked. My heart was racing, even though I wasn't shy and didn't mind talking to people I didn't know. He looked up at me. My heart jumped again. So did my cock. He was beautiful. And shy.

"Yeah," he said after a bit.

"What room are you looking for?" I asked

"Um... 223, Mr. Buchey's English class," he read this off of his time table. He was completely out of it. I smiled on the inside. Cody, you lucky devil, you!

I brought him to his class. I didn't speak to him. I had it all figured out. After lunch, he would need help again. He had no idea what he was doing. And sure enough, after the lunch bell rang and everyone filed into the hall, he stood idle, not even knowing where to begin.

"Lost person saver, Cody, at your service," He almost jumped. He turned around and raised his hand as a greeting.

"Room 116," He said. There was no need for me to ask.

"Jeeze, you really are lost, hey?" I joked.

"I didn't come to the open house. I am completely lost." He gave me his first smile. I melted. He was an introvert, very shy, but I liked it.

"It's like I need to hold your hand or something." I knew where I was going with this. He gave me a look. I couldn't read it.

"Yeah, maybe you do," He said nervously with a laugh.

"You're probably not into that stuff," I laughed again. I might have been taking it too fast.

"No? Who says?" He winked. And through some more conversation, I was invited to his house that night after school.


"You said your name was Cody?" He asked me as we walked to his house.

"That's right," I said

"I'm Colin. And thanks for helping me out today. I would have been late for every class if you hadn't been there."

I hoped that wasn't the only help I would be giving him that day.

We reached his house. No car in the driveway. He led me up to his room. It was a typical 14 year olds bedroom. Posters, a computer and a Playstation, with scattered clothes and bags. He looked at me.

"My parents are gone for the night. You could stay over if you want." My heart jumped. I pieced together an answer in my mind.

"I'm usually not allowed to sleep over on a school night, unless it is for a project. It's the first day of school, so I don't think my mom will let me," I answered. I prayed that he would beg. He did.

"Just tell her you got a first-day assignment that we have to finish." He winked again, "And it might take us a while." I couldn't say no. In an instant I was on the phone with my mom asking her if I could stay over. She said yes.

When I walked back in his room, he didn't notice me at first. I took this opportunity to check him out. He was thin, with a nice tan. He had such an innocent face. Puberty was late in coming, as he had hardly any hair on his body, although his voice had somewhat changed. His ass was hot, his semi-skinny jeans gripping it perfectly. In the front, I saw he had a semi. My cock was instantly hard. I sat down beside him, not trying to conceal my boner. He saw it right away but didn't say anything.

"So do you have a girlfriend?" He asked. My heart sank. This could be my chance. I didn't want to beat around the bush.

"Nah, I'm not really into girls," I stared at him, getting ready for him to send me out of his house. For good.

"Really?" He asked. I nodded. I looked at him, motioning for him to say more. "I know what you mean."

"Really?" I grinned then licked my lips. "I think this friendship just might work out then." He looked at me, confused. I leaned forward, and passionately frenched him. He didn't refuse any of it. He gave me some, too. He tasted wonderful. My cock sprang to attention. I worked my way down further and sucked on his neck. He was so smooth. He lifted his head and let out a deep sigh. I looked up at him.

"Don't you dare stop!" He said, smiling. I kissed him again and then brought my hand down to his waist. I worked my way under his shirt and felt his perfect stomach. He was so smooth. He pulled my shirt off, and I did the same to him. "You are fucking sexy," he said to me. He began to kiss me everywhere. My dream was coming true. My cock was bulging out of my jeans. I rubbed it as he kissed my chest. I moved my hand to his belt and quickly undid it. The button came next, and I slowly eased off his jeans. The front of his boxers was stretched far away from him. His cock was at full alert. He did the same to me, undressing my bottom half. We both stopped, and stood, looking at each other. We both only had our boxers on, with a massive bulge at the front of both of us.

"You want to keep going?" I knew his answer would be yes. We were at the point of no return.

"Do you really have to ask?" He giggled.

"Losing your virginity at 14... who would have guessed?" I laughed as well.

"14?" He repeated. "I'm only 13." I was shocked. He must have skipped a grade. His maturity and looks made it hard to believe. "Now shut up and fuck me." He stared straight in my eyes, but he slowly lowered his boxers, making the first inch of pubic hair visible. They were light brown, but still thick. They seemed to be trimmed. And then they fell to his ankles. His throbbing cock stood at attention. He was over six inches. At 13. I followed suit. At 15 years old, I was a little bit bigger than him, at 7 inches. My solid cock was already pre-cumming. He turned around and bent over.

"I have never been fucked before, so it's nice and tight for you." I almost collapsed with pleasure. He lay on his bed, his smooth, tight, virgin ass sticking upward for me to fuck. We had no lube. I went on the bed, jacking off until I reached him. I grabbed at his balls, feeling them in my hand. I slowly wanked him. He moaned. I stuck my head into his crack. He was so tight. I slowly eased my 7 inch cock into his boy pussy. I continued to wank him.

"Oh, fuck me," he said. Only two inches were in, and I could tell he was in pain. I pushed one more inch inside of him. And then another. And then another. He screamed in pain, but in pleasure. "Now ride me, Cody, ride me." I shoved the last two inches in and then pulled back. I started to fuck the boy. His ass was so muscular and smooth. I pounded his ass so hard. Fuck, it felt so good. My cock slid against the walls of his tight ass, loving every second of it. I rode him harder. "Oh, Colin, fuck your ass is so hot." I kept humping, and pounding and riding. My balls were coming close to my body. I could feel the cum bubbling. He wasn't fazed at all and just kept screaming for more. Finally, I gave in. "I'm going to cum inside of you Colin, you are going to make me cum!" And then I did. I went faster and faster, making it as pleasurable as I could. I shot my boycum into his tight ass. I must have shot at least 7 times. I packed him full of my milk, and it seeped from the sides, down my shaft and onto my balls. I was breathing heavy, and beginning to sweat. I pulled out of him, thanked him. He turned around and eagerly licked the cum off of me.

"Turn around," he said. "Now it's my turn."

I did so right away. Yes, I think this friendship just might work out...