Come, Brother
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This story is utterly silly and depicts outrageous sexual behavior.  This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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I love to make my brother Leigh cum in public.  It’s so easy, since he’s a virtual cum machine, and he’s such a wimp.  It’s funny that he’s fifteen and I’m more than a year younger, but he lets me boss him around.  It’s been like that since puberty.  Ever since I came for the first time while he was sucking me.  I started puberty four or five months after him, when I was in 6th grade and he was in 7th, but I developed faster and I came first.  

This year I am bigger and stronger than him.  Everyone who doesn’t know thinks I’m older.  I’m 5’7” and  145 pounds, and he’s only 5’4” and barely weighs 105 dripping wet.  My dick’s bigger than his too.  I’m up to about 7 inches now hard, and he’s about half that, tops.   He does have more pubic and leg hair than me, though, and he has to shave his upper lip every few days.  His hair is almost black and real short, and mine’s light brown and kinda long, over my ears.  He’s really proud of his pubic and leg hair, so sometimes I give him a shave down there when I have to punish him.  I can do anything I want to him, like making him cum in church or suck me off in the Youth Room.  

I usually make him shoot 10 or 12 pants loads a day.  He shoots big loads, too, way bigger than mine or our friends’.  His underwear is wet all the time, and I make him wear white, so it’s always got cum stains all over the front.  (Mom asked him once about the stains, and he just said he was having wet dreams a lot.  She even suggested that he might want to masturbate from time to time!  Then she said that she was sure that I could show him how, if he needed help.  Little does she know!  He was like totally and completely embarrassed.  I said to him, “Sure, bro, I’ll give you a hand.”  By that time he was hard, and red as a beet.  It was hilarious.  I made him shoot as soon as she left the room.)  

Of course, he sucks me off first thing in the morning, either before we get up (we share a king size bed), or else in the bathroom.  Sometimes I make him squirt at the breakfast table, if Mom’s busy doing something.  I usually do him on the school bus, and again at our lockers.  He’s hard and leaking precum most of the time, so I just slip my hand in his pants and  slide his foreskin back and forth a few times, and he cums.  Plus, he’s got a hair trigger, which is a good thing, because he’d have calluses on his dickhead otherwise.  

After homeroom I don’t see him for a couple of periods, but if we can, we meet at the bathroom by the graphic arts shop at 10:15 and he sucks me off there, and any other boys who happen to be there, and of course he shoots a pants load.  Eighth and ninth grade gym classes are combined, so on gym days I make him show everyone his wet, cummy underpants, plus I make him blow the other four boys in our locker cluster.  I make him wear his gym shorts without a jock or underpants so that when I make him cum in gym, everyone can see the wet spot and the cum dripping down his legs.  I like to jerk him off when we’re lined up at the start of class.  I stand right behind him, and just reach around and slide my hand into his shorts.  He cums right away, and in about 30 seconds it’s dripping down his legs.

If Mr. Hardric’s got lunch duty, it’s way cool.  He comes and sits with our table, and Leigh gets underneath and sucks us all off, including Mr. H.  If Ms. Mainwaring is on duty, we can’t get blowjobs, but I can still make Leigh cum in his pants.

We also have band together, and we both sit in the back row, so he blows another load or two during sixth period.  And if we have a section rehearsal in the practice room, the entire trombone section gets practice on the “other” bone!

On the bus, I always have his head in my lap and his mouth on my cock.  Everyone knows he’s a cocksucker, even the girls, so it’s no big deal.  We’re not allowed to get out of our seats, so no one else gets a blowjob until we get off at our stop.  Then, if Nathan and Matt are on the bus, I make him suck them off in the bus stop shelter before they go to their houses.

After school it varies.  If our neighbor Dr. Dickson is home, we go over there.  He’s a college professor, and Mom thinks he’s great because he helps us with our English homework sometimes.  But we really go over there to look at porn on his computer, in exchange for blowjobs by Leigh.  Dr. Dick, as we call him, likes to play with Leigh’s dick while he’s getting blown, so there’s another load for the old BVDs to soak up.

After supper we have to do our homework in our room until bedtime, when Leigh gives me a good night suck and shoots another load himself.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and give him a wet dream, and sometimes I jerk myself off (for a change!) and shoot my load all over him.  

Last Sunday I made him cum 4 times at church, and he sucked me off twice.  I had checked all the lines-of-sight to the back pew, and I knew that no one could see if I  had my hand in his pants all during church.  So I did.  I kept him leaking precum from the opening hymn onward.  Whenever we were kneeling or sitting, my hand was on his cock.  When we were standing, it was on his ass.  I made him cum the first time during the Epistle, and then again during the sermon.  The third time was during the prayer of consecration, and then I let him rest while we waited to take Communion.  The wet spot did not show too much on his dark pants.  That’s why I made him wear them.

Earlier I had made him cum during Sunday School.  We were both sitting in the giant beanbag chair in the Youth Room, and he was holding a big pillow on his lap.  So I just slipped my hand under the pillow and into his pants and gave him a few strokes.  He came just when it was his turn to read the next Bible verse, the one when Jesus says, “Come unto me, all ye who travail, and I will refresh you.”   He was squirting right when he read “Come unto me.”  The other boys knew what I was doing and cracked up; the girls did not have a clue. As soon as everyone went up to church, I made him suck me off, right in the beanbag chair.  And then again after church in the acolyte changing room where he sucked off Tatt, Stephen, Matthew and me.

When he’s bad, I punish him.  My favorite way is what I call “half inch.”  I warn him once or twice usually, and when he doesn’t get it, I just tell him, “Half inch, bro.”  That gets to him every time.  See, when I say “half inch,” I mean any one of several things.  Most of which involve his hair.  One meaning is he’s going to lose all but a half inch length of pubic hair.  Another is he gets to keep a half-inch strip of hair around his cock.  Another is he’s going lose a half inch in one direction or another.  Or, sometimes “half inch” can mean a leather belt.  The possibilities are great.

So a couple of Sundays ago when we had Acolyte Initiation after church for Matt, the new boy, and he wouldn’t take his boxers off, I just told him, “Half inch, bro.”  See, when we get a new boy in our Acolyte Guild, we have an initiation and he gets a blowjob.  Sunday it was Leigh’s turn to suck, and therefore he had to be naked.  It’s the rule.  But he wanted to keep his boxers on.  When he won’t follow the rules, he pays.    He ended up going through a paddling machine and getting his boxers ripped off, but I still had to punish him when we got home.

In our room, I just said, “Bathroom.  Naked.  Now.”  He looked at me with fear in his eyes, but he did what I said.  I let him wait a few minutes while I checked to see if my favorite Nifty Gay Male authors had any new stories posted, and then I went in.  Of course he was hard, so I gave him a couple of quick strokes, but not enough to make him cum.  “In the shower,” I said.  He got in and I turned the hot water on his crotch and legs, getting his hair good and wet.  “Foot up, hands on head,” I told him, and he put a foot on the side of the tub and clasped his hands behind his head.  I lathered up his lower leg, and then proceeded to shave it smooth.  His thighs are still smooth, so I didn’t bother with them.  I did the other leg, and then lathered up his bush.  “What shall it be today, “ I mused out loud.  “Half inch off, or half inch left?”

Leigh was starting to cry by now and he really looked pitiful.  “Let’s start with a little off the top,” I said, and pulled the razor across the little treasure trail that was just starting to grow up toward his belly button.  “Or maybe, a little more.”  I pulled it across the top of his bush, and he lost some more of his precious hair.  “Well, maybe just a bit more,” I said, and took another swipe.  I had so far reduced the height of his bush by about half.  Then I started on the sides, reducing the width by as much as I had the height.  With scissors I trimmed the length almost back to his skin.  I left him with a nice neat little patch of stubble, suitable for perhaps a sixth grader, and then I stopped.  “You shouldn’t be bad, bro,” I said.  “You know you never get away with it.”  I gave him a couple of strokes up and down his cock with my hand, but not enough to make him cum, and then rinsed him off and dried him.  I made him stay naked for the rest of the day to get used to his newly smooth legs and belly.  I had fun showing him off in gym the next day.  His reduced bush really made his short hardon stand out, and the cum dripped real fast down his legs when I jerked him off during class.  I did him twice:  once when we lined up at the beginning of class, and again later when we both had gotten eliminated from dodgeball. 

    After class, we had a circle suck in the locker room with the four guys in our locker group.  Leigh had to go around twice, and some of the guys shot in his mouth, and some blew their loads onto his face.  His underwear was  completely soaked by the time he got all the cum wiped off, and he still had serious wet spots on his pants at lunch.

    Mr. Hardric had lunch duty, so Leigh had a liquid lunch again under the table.  Mr. H sat next to me, and I could see Leigh sucking him off.  And when he shot, he pulled out of Leigh’s mouth and I got to see his cum blast all over Leigh’s face and hair..  It was so cool, I almost shot a pants load myself.  Luckily, Leigh did me next, so I stayed clean and dry.  Leigh didn’t though.  He had cum all over his face and his shirt by the time he came back up.  I just left it there; he had enough in his shorts to last for awhile.