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Cookie Crumbs 

by Chance

"No one's here."
I looked carefully at Joey. He was peering through the partially open door. I was inches away from his dirty face and straight, dark brown hair that had been trimmed just above his eyes. 
Without moving, I said, "Well you're here."
He looked at my grubby outfit and then said, "They're all gone shopping and I'm not suppose to let anybody in." 
I said, "Where'd they go?"
"They went to yard sales on their way to the mall."
"Joey, they won't be back for hours and hours, let me in."
He was wearing a pair of bib overalls, no shirt and was in bare feet. If anyone could appreciate the value of disobedience, it was Joey. He opened the door a little wider.

Looking at me he said, "What happened to you?"
He was looking down at my knees. I had been wearing shorts and I had fallen down and scraped both knees. They were dirty and all bloody.
I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Nothing."

He moved away from the door and I walked right in. 
I followed him into the kitchen. Joey stopped in front of the large refrigerator and opened the door so I could look in. I really didn't trust food wrapped in foil or in foggy plastic bowls. I looked for a moment and then shook my head and said no. Joey closed the door and moved on. He retrieved a large bag of chocolate chip cookies. We took them and headed up stairs to his room. Joey's room was a total mess. Dirty clothes, blankets and toys everywhere, most of them broken. To us, there was nothing unusual about this environment, in fact, this is pretty much how my own room looks. We both sat on the bed together and began to eat the cookies. Each of us reached into the bag and pulled out a handful of cookies. Joey would put one entire cookie into his mouth and crunch down on it. I did much the same. It soon became apparent that we needed something to drink. Joey got up and headed downstairs. 
While Joey was gone I looked around his room. We might have started playing Nintendo except that it stopped working a long time ago. All the wires and cartridges lay where they were when we last played. On the floor lay dirty socks and right next to his bed was his underpants that he had stepped out of. Even I could see that they needed to be washed. Joey returned lugging a 2 litre bottle of warm root beer. He sat on the bed next to me and unscrewed the top. It fizzed out in a rush getting root beer foam and spray on both of us. 
I gave him an angry look and said, "YOU'RE SO STUPID!"
He quickly closed it and then opened it up little by little letting the gas escape. He took one cookie, slid it into his mouth and then lifted the bottle to drink. The root beer sloshed and then fizzed and foamed out like a jet, soaking him with sticky root beer.

I looked at him and said, "Ha, ha, ha!"
Putting the bottle down, Joey sat there, dripping, with a surprised look on his face. His hands were sticky, his face was sticky and when he ate a handful of broken cookies, crumbs stuck all over him. When he leaned forward to dry his face on the pillow I looked and saw that I could see his belly and penis under the bib of his overalls. He wasn't wearing any underpants. I couldn't help myself and I reached down into his overalls and moved around until I found his penis. When Joey realized what I was doing, he stopped for a second and then without even looking at me he spread his legs and leaned back making it very much easier to fiddle with his penis. It was like a magic spell and when I felt it stiffen between my fingers, it caused my own penis to stiffen in my pants. Joey seemed to sigh and he lay back further and relaxed while I tugged up and down on it. Without warning he peed in his pants getting my hand all wet. For some reason, I liked it. “Do it some more.”

He did. This was a pact that Joey and I had made some time ago. I felt his little balls and poked my fingers down between his legs. Although I had no idea why, it was incredibly exciting. Doing it to him made him peaceful and serine. His penis became very stiff in my hand and he peed again. I kept tugging on it even when it was still squirting. I unbuttoned his bib and when Joey stood up, he let his wet overalls drop then stepped out of them and kicked them away. He stood completely naked in front of me tugging on his boner. 
I put another cookie in my mouth and took a drink of the warm soda. It foamed causing foam and fizz to come out of my nose. This time Joey laughed.

Standing naked in front of me and impatiently tugging on his boner. I shook the bottle up and down and then with my thumb on top, I squirted root beer all over him. He rubbed the sticky root beer all over his penis and belly. He was drenched with sticky sweet root beer. I squirted him again aiming at his boner. 
I leaned forward and took his boner into my mouth. It tasted like root beer. He climbed on me pushing me down on the bed with his penis still in my mouth. We rolled round and round together on the bed while he tugged off all of my clothes. 
Joey was covered with blanket lint, boy crud and cookie crumbs. He lay on the bed and putting both legs in the air, let me squirt warm foamy soda at his butt hole. The root beer seemed like a good enough reason to get over him and lick it off of his balls. We were both licking the sweet root beer off of each other. I poked my forefinger in and out of his butt hole and then tried to go deeper with my middle finger. I decided that the combination of boy butt hole smell and root beer went well together. 
Joey got up and stuck his stiff penis in to the bottle containing the remains of the soda. He peed into it getting as much of it in the bottle as he got all over his bed. He offered it to me and I shook my head, no!

Joey drank some and then gave me a silly cross eyed look and we both laughed. 
It was then we heard the front door open and slam shut downstairs....Falling all over each other we raced to get dressed.

Joey's bedroom door opened. His Mother looked suspiciously around the room and then at us, sniffed the air and said,

"What have you boys been doing?!"
In an innocent and very high voice, Joey said, ... "nothing."

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