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    Any use of racial epithets is not intended to be offensive in any way, but is used to show the state of mind of the character using them. The author rejects all forms of bigotry and racism, as the story will show.
    This chapter also shows characters engaged in illegal drug use. The author does not approve of chemical abuse and the story will eventually show this.

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Courage and Passion
By FreeThinker

“The school-boy, above all others, is not the simple being the world imagines. In that young bosom, are often stirring passions as strong as our own, desires not less violent, a volition not less supreme. In that young bosom, what burning love, what intense ambition, what avarice, what lust of power, envy that fiends might emulate, hate that men might fear.”
Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister and novelist, Coningsby, 1844

Chapter Eight
New Experiences

    Robby and Ethan were walking toward their Fourth Period Science class as Heather Turner and Pamela Grant passed them on the way to their English class. Heather’s short, tomboyish hair contrasted with her blue plaid dress and the tight red sweater that prominently displayed her newly forming breasts. Pamela’s long auburn hair flowed over her white blouse. Both gave Ethan coquettish smiles as they stopped. Heather came up to Ethan and shook her hair off her forehead.
    “Hey, Heather,” he replied.
    “So, are you going to Jason’s party tomorrow night?”
    She ran her finger along the collar of Ethan’s dark denim shirt and gave him a smoldering look, (for a twelve year-old girl). Ethan paused for a second, smiling, and let her flirt a bit longer before answering.
    “No, I’m not. I wasn’t invited.”
    Both girls gave exaggerated looks of shock.
    “You weren’t? Well, I can get you in. I’ll have a talk with Jason. He’ll invite you if I ask him to.”
    “Well, thanks,” said Ethan with grin. “do you think Robby and Zhenya could come along, too?”
    It was as if Ethan had asked Heather to drink Kaopectate. She looked at Robby as if she had suddenly noticed dog poop on her shoe.
    “I don’t think so,” she replied. “But, you’ll come anyway, won’t you? For me?”
    She turned her attention back to Ethan, running her finger around his chest and smiling flirtatiously.
    “Well, I don’t think so,” Ethan replied. “I’m having my own party, actually, and Robby and Zhenya and Sean are gonna be there and a few other friends. It’s no big deal, but it’ll be a nice little get-together. You’re welcome to come if you like.”
    Ethan gave her a sweet smile. Heather pursed her lips and said, primly, “Everyone’s going to be at Jason’s. Well, see you.”
    She moved on and Pamela followed, with a shake of her flowing hair.
    “Man, what is it with you?” Robby asked with a grin as they walked on. “The girls just love you and all the guys hate you.”
    Ethan shrugged.
    “The girls can see the real me, I guess.”
    “No, I think they just see the big lump in your pants.”
    “Must be why you don’t get invited anywhere.”
    Robby smirked and was about to reply, but they had arrived at the Science Room. It was not until the class was walking in line to the cafeteria for lunch that Robby was able to continue the conversation.
    “So, what’s all this about a party tomorrow night?”
    “Hmm? Oh, well, I thought since it was Halloween and a Friday night and everything, it might be cool if a bunch of us got together and had a little party or something.”
    “Or something?” Robby asked with a suspicious grin.
    “Well, you never know what might happen,” Ethan replied with an innocent smile. “Zhenya, you want to come to my Halloween Party? It’ll be fun. We can dress up and scare the trick-or-treaters.”
    “It might be fun,” Zhenya replied. “I will ask Papa. He always takes me with him on Friday nights to meet his friends and important people, but maybe he will give me a vacation this time.”
    “Cool,” said Robby, who loved the way Zhenya still had difficulty with some aspects of English. “Hey, why don’t you invite Ian? He’s pretty cool. You think he might come or would be not want to hang around a bunch of sixth graders?”
    “I will ask him. I think he will like to come.
    Robby caught something in Ethan’s eye.
    “Is that OK?” he asked tentatively.
    “Sure,” said Ethan with a shrug. “It’s fine.”
    Robby looked at him for a moment, but Ethan just smiled his usual serene smile. Sean was standing behind Ethan and Robby saw him looking down at the floor.
    “Hey, you’re coming, too, aren’t you, Sean?”
    The boy looked up with a pleased smile.
    “Um, yeah. Thanks. Yeah, sounds cool.”
    Ethan turned and gave Sean a friendly appraisal.
    “Why don’t you ask, uh, your friend if he wants to come?”
    Sean’s smile suddenly disappeared and he gave a Ethan a nervous look, desperately trying to convey with his eyes that he should say nothing more.
    “Robby knows,” Ethan said softly. “It’s OK.”
    Zhenya was looking ahead, reading the menu board at the front of the line. Sean’s eyes darted toward Zhenya in a questioning signal to Ethan, who shook his head.
    “Uh, uh. He doesn’t know,” Ethan replied softly. “But, we can tell him that Matt’s looking out for you, but doesn’t want anyone to know. It’ll be OK.”
    Sean pursed his lips in thought for moment and then, finally nodded. He gave a shy smile.
    “I think that might be cool.”
    Robby grinned.
    “Yeah. I like Matt. I sit next to him in English. He’s OK.” Robby looked behind him to see Zhenya talking with a girl in front of him. He looked back at Sean and leaned over. Softly, he added, “But, if he ever hurts you, you let me know.”
    “Oh, no. No. He’s OK. He’s kind of, well, I don’t know,  tough, I guess. But, he’s really a good guy. Really.”
    But, he wasn’t at all certain that Matt would want to come.
    The first opportunity Sean had to ask came in gym class. As he was walking out of the locker room and through the short narrow hallway leading to gym, Matt came up behind Sean and grabbed his butt.
    “Hey,” he muttered in Sean’s ear as he squeezed him through his gym shorts. “When Coach sends everyone out to run, come in here and meet me in the storeroom.”
    Sean was already partially hard, which made him very nervous. Matt’s coming up from behind did not help. In fact, his hot breath in his ear sent him the rest of the way to a full-blown boner. He nodded as he reached into his shorts and adjusted himself, slipping his erection up inside the elastic band of his shorts and pulling his t-shirt out to hang over it.
    Ten minutes later, after roll-call and calisthenics, as Coach and the others were running outside, Sean slipped into the locker room, carefully looked around, and then slipped into the storeroom.
    Matt was already in there with his shorts pulled down in front, slowly stroking himself. Sean’s hands were trembling as he quietly closed the door. In the dim light from the tiny window near the ceiling, he could see Matt give him a cocky, yet friendly smile. The smell of rubber and mildew strong in his nose, Sean stepped up to Matt and smiled in return, reaching out with his right hand to grasp Matt’s boner. The teenager leaned back against the wall and thrust his hips out, reaching out to Sean’s head and gently stroking it with his left hand.
    “Yeah, you’re a good little fag,” he muttered. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”
    Sean said nothing as his hands slowly, gently fondled Matt’s cock, stroking, rubbing, caressing it. He looked down and watched his hands for a moment.
    “Um, Ethan’s having a party tomorrow night and I was wondering, um, if, maybe, you know, um, you might want to go?”
    “You talking about Hippyfag?”
    Sean frowned and shrugged as his hands continued to slowly work on Matt’s boner.
    “Why would I want to go to his party?”
    “Well, I’m going and Ethan and Robby both thought it would be cool if you came, too. I mean, they like you and…”
    Matt suddenly stiffened and Sean looked up at his face in fear. Matt’s eyes were wide and suddenly, his face contorted with rage. He grabbed Sean by the throat and pushed against the wall opposite.
    His face just inches from the that of the terrified boy, he spat, “Did you tell ‘em? Did you? Did you?”
    Sean was trembling with terror. At first, he couldn’t speak, but when Sean’s left hand grabbed his crotch and squeezed, Sean cried, “Ahhh! Please, Matt. I had to. Ethan followed us one day and found out. But…”
    “He fuckin’ followed you? Are you fuckin’ stupid?”
    “He doesn’t care! It’s OK. I swear! They don’t care! They think you’re OK! I swear!”
    Matt stood looking at Sean with rage, but he had stopped cursing.
    “Please don’t hurt me. They like you! I swear! Please! It’s OK! Really!”
    Matt released Sean, but was still breathing hard. His mouth was set in anger and his brown eyes were locked on Sean’s frightened blue eyes.
    “They won’t tell anyone!” Sean whimpered. “I swear they won’t. They think it’s good that you’re looking out for me. They just wanted to make sure I was OK.”
    “Why? They think I’m gonna hurt ya, or somethin’?”
    “No! Well, I mean, you are pretty tough and nobody gives you, you know, shit. So, they wanted to make sure that I was OK. And, I told them that you were super cool and everything.”
    Matt was calming down and Sean was starting to relax. With Sean’s last comment, Matt swallowed and started to smile, but caught himself before he lost his angry demeanor.
    “Well, OK. But, if they tell anyone,” he held his fist under Sean’s nose, “I’ll beat the fuck outta them. Got it?”
    Sean nodded vigorously.
    “Yes. They won’t tell anyone. I swear.”
    Matt took a deep breath and leaned back against the wall behind him. His cock, which had deflated some during his outburst, hung over the top of his shorts, resting on top of his balls. Nervously, Sean inched forward and took it in his hands again. Matt put a gentle hand on his shoulder and relaxed as the boy began to slowly fondle him back to a full boner.
    “So, they want me to go to their party?”
    Sean nodded.
    “Well, I ain’t no fag.”
    “Oh, I know!” Sean replied quickly. “They know, too.”
    “So, they want in on the action or what?”
    Sean looked surprised.
    “I don’t think so. I think they just wanted to invite you because they’re glad your looking out for me and because they like you. Robby says you’re a cool guy.”
    Matt nodded with satisfaction.
    “Yeah, he’s OK. I like the way he kicked Dietrich’s ass.”
    Sean was feeling more confident by this point and was starting to stroke Matt more the way he knew really got him off. Matt closed his eyes and started getting into it.
    “Will they have any booze there?”
    Sean frowned.
    “I… I don’t think so. It’s not going to be that kind of party. We’re gonna dress up and hide outside Ethan’s house and scare the trick-or-treaters  when they come up. And, then we’re gonna play games like Risk and WSFQ’s going to play the old War of the Worlds radio show and then we’ll probably watch Dracula on Channel 5 at eleven-thirty. Ethan’s mom’s going to bring pizzas and it’s going to be real fun. You’ll really like it. Really.”
    Matt heard the enthusiasm grow in Sean’s voice as he described the party. He kept his eyes closed, but Sean saw him forcing himself not to smile.
    “Sounds lame. I dunno. If I ain’t got nothin’ else to do, maybe. But, if I do, you gotta gimme one of your good blow jobs after. You got that?”
    Sean smiled and said, “You’ll have fun. You really will. Ethan and Robby are really cool and fun.”
    Sean blushed and then added, softly, “Um, you want a blow job now?”
    Matt grinned.
    “Hey, you know it!”
    As Sean dropped to his knees and began to kiss the rigid cock, Matt looked down and smiled.
    “You know, you’re not really too bad, for a fag.”   
    Sean smiled, reached between his legs, and squeezed himself.


    “No! No! No! Strings! You are STILL too slow! You MUST pick up the pace, right there! Daaa daa daa daaa da daa! Daaa daa da da daaa! You are asleep!”
    Dr. Levin stood before the frustrated members of the Sheffield Youth Symphony and clutched his stand in annoyance. They had been working on the fourth movement, the Allegro con fuoco, of Dvorak’s New World Symphony, and repeating one passage over and over. Zhenya sighed and looked to his right at Ian, occupying the first chair.
    “I do not understand. We are right on time. What are we doing wrong?”
    Ian shook his head.
    “Mr. Koronov. Do you have something to say that can help us?”
    Zhenya looked up at the conductor with shock. He had merely whispered. He swallowed.
    “Sir, I do not understand what is wrong with how we played that.”
    Dr. Levin nostrils flared and he raised an eyebrow.
    “That, Mr. Koronov is the difference between a merely talented violinist and a virtuoso.”
    It was as if he had slapped Zhenya’s face. He looked in shock and humiliation at the conductor. The others in the orchestra were equally shocked. Dr. Levin had never spoken to Zhenya in any but the most glowing and supportive ways. Ian reached over and placed a hand on Zhenya’s knee, but narrowed his eyes as he looked at the conductor. His eyes met Dr. Levin’s and the conductor sighed. Putting his baton down, he looked at his watch.
    In a softer voice, he announced, “It is after five-thirty. We must stop. We will resume Monday. Please work very carefully on this over the weekend. You may go.”
    After which, he turned and disappeared from the room.
    Zhenya rested his violin on his lap and bit his lip as he looked at the music before him. Ian put an arm around his shoulder and whispered, “Zhenyechka, don’t worry. He’s just having a bad day.”
    Zhenya nodded and reached down for his case. Once he had closed his instrument inside and closed his music folder, he stood.
    “Hey, what’s up with Levin?”
    Zhenya turned and saw Ian’s best friend, Thad, a tall, blond boy with a funny grin and dancing hazel eyes.
    “He’s had a baton up his ass all week,” Ian replied as he stood. Thad stepped down from the riser, carrying a clarinet case and his music.
    “Don’t take it personal, Zhenny,” he said. Zhenya cringed. He hated Thad’s nickname for him, but the guy was so good-natured and friendly that it was hard to let him know.
    “You need a ride?” Ian asked as the three left the practice room and entered the main hallway of Schaumburg Hall.
    “Of course,” Thad replied with a toothy grin.
    “Man, when are you getting your license?”
    “My birthday’s not ‘til January. You know that. I got my learner’s permit, though.”
    “That doesn’t do me any good,” Ian replied, only half jokingly. “I’m getting tired of hauling your ass around.”
    Thad leaned over and whispered something in Ian’s ear which Zhenya believed was, “I hope that’s the only thing you’re tired of doing to my ass,” which seemed like a very strange and silly thing to say.
    “Fuck off,” Ian said softly with a grin.
    “That’s what I’m talking about,” Thad replied.
    In spite of himself, Ian chuckled.
    They walked past a group of college students as they left the building and entered the brisk autumn air. The gray sky was threatening rain and a biting breeze blew leaves across the sidewalk as they strode across the campus of Sheffield College to the visitor parking.
    Zhenya nervously took a breath. He had been waiting for the right moment to ask Ian his question, hoping his answer would be yes, fearing he would not want to spend time with a bunch of twelve year-olds.
    “Ian, my friends are having party on tomorrow night for Halloween and they and I would like you to come.”
    “Oh, yeah? A Halloween Party? Sounds cool. Sure! I’d love to come.”   
    “Yes?” Zhenya replied with joy. “Khorosho! Is not big party,” he said, forgetting in his excitement, to use his English articles again. “Just Robby and Ethan and Sean and us. But, we will eat pizza and drink Coca-cola and listen to scary radio show and watch scary movie on TV and scare little children when they come to door…”
    Ian laughed. “It sounds like a blast.”
    “You’re not going to Huffnagle’s party?” Thad asked as they came to Ian’s green Cutlass.
    “And, listen to all those jocks bragging about the girls they’re fucking?” Ian said rolling his eyes as he unlocked his door. Zhenya blushed at the profanity, as he usually did, prompting Thad to grin and pat him on the shoulder. Ian climbed in and unlocked the passenger door. As Thad held the front seat up, Zhenya climbed in to the back seat as Thad gave his butt a friendly swat. Zhenya yelped and grinned as he fell into the seat.
    “You aren’t going, are you?” Ian asked as he started the car and Thad climbed in.
    “No way. You know I can’t stand Conrad. His little brother’s not so bad.”
    ‘No, Jason’s OK, I guess, except he’s friends with your cousin.”
    “Yeah, Gavin’s pretty much a jerk.”
    Zhenya’s eyes opened wide as Ian whipped the Cutlass out onto 15th St.
    “Gavin Dietrich is your cousin?”
    “Didn’t you know that?” Ian asked.
    “Yeah,” Thad said. “The biggest dickhead in Sheffield is my cousin. Well, actually, my uncle’s the biggest. But, Gavin’s pretty darn close.”
    Zhenya had lots of things to say about Gavin, but chose to be polite. He saw Ian smile at him in the rear view mirror.
    “Um, Thad, perhaps you would like to come to Ethan’s party, too?” Zhenya asked softly.
    “Ethan?” said Thad. “Is that the kid with ponytail on the other side of the park?”
    Zhenya saw Ian nod with a strange grin and a wink. Thad smiled.
    “Sure. I’d love to, Zhenny. Thanks!”
    Zhenya grinned.
    “Ochen khorosho. We will have fun!”
    “I’m sure we will,” said Ian, prompting a chuckle from Thad.


    Sean was sitting in his room practicing his flute when his grandfather tapped on the door frame. Sean lowered his instrument and beamed.
    “Granddad! You’re home!”
    His grandfather smiled and entered the room. Sean stood and the two hugged.
    “Marvela said you went to a meeting at the church.”
    His grandfather sat on the edge of the bed.
    “Yes. Pastor would like to start a youth center for those who do not have after school activities. We were discussing fund-raising and other particulars.” He smiled broadly at his grandson.
    “I was standing outside your door. You play so beautifully, Sean. I am so proud of you.”
    “Thank you, Granddad. Everyone thinks I’m a sissy because I play the flute.”
    “Oh, no! Who thinks that? Not your friends?”
    Oh, no! Ethan and Robby are wonderful. They would never say anything like that. I meant everyone else at school. But, Ethan and Robby are the coolest friends in the world. And, Zhenya, too.”
    “The Russian boy?”
    Sean nodded.
    “Oh, Granddad, Ethan’s having a party tomorrow and he’s invited me! I’ve been invited to a Halloween Party!”
    His grandfather beamed and clasped his hands.
    “How wonderful. I’m certain you’ll have a wonderful time. I like Ethan. I think he’s a good boy. I think he’s a good influence on you. How many people will be there?”
    “Well, Robby and Zhenya will be there. And, Zhenya’s friend Ian. He’s in the Youth Symphony, too. And, maybe a few more guys like that. Everyone there’s going to be nice.”
    “Good. Good. Is there anything you can take to the party? Do we need to get colas or snacks?”
    Sean thought for a second and his face lit up.
    “Yeah! I could take something. Maybe chips and crackers.”
    “I’ll make some onion dip. How’s that! Would you like to help?”
    Sean set his flute on his chair and the two walked, the man’s arm around the boy’s shoulder, to the kitchen.
    “Smells nice,” said Sean as they entered.
    “Marvela fixed a nice chicken casserole before she left. Let’s make the dip first and then we’ll eat.”
    Sean removed the necessary ingredients from the refrigerator as his grandfather gathered the necessary utensils.
    “But, Granddad, what will you do tomorrow night?”
    The man smiled as he opened the cream cheese.
    “Well, since you are too old to go trick-or-treating now, I suppose I will just have to hand out the candy.”
    “Well, I’ll stay and help and then go. Ethan and Robby are gonna hide and scare the kids when they come up and then the party will start about eight. I just hate to leave you alone.”
    “It’s not a problem. I’m going to listen to The War of the Worlds on the radio when it comes on.”
    “Ethan’s going to have it on there, too. Did you hear it the first time it was on?”
    “Oh, yes. It was 1938. I remember it very well.”
    “Were you afraid?”
    His grandfather chuckled.
    “Oh, no. No. We knew it was a radio show. It’s really an exaggeration that people panicked. There were a few silly people who thought it was real, but the legends of panic in the streets were really just exaggerations.”
    His grandfather stopped and looked down at the boy beside him. He put his hands on the boy’s shoulders and smiled at him.
    “I have prayed that you would find friends and happiness, and the Lord has answered my prayers. I am so happy for you, my boy. So happy.”
    “Thanks, Granddad. I am, too.”
    Sean wrapped his arms around his Grandfather and the two stood for a long moment as Sean felt truly serene and the man prayed that it was really true.


    It was a clear and moonless night. The first cluster of goblins appeared on 19th St, a red devil, a white ghost, and a clown emerging from the front door of a tall, narrow house across from Lake Windermere. Behind them, a man followed, shining his flashlight down the steps as they descended the sloping lawn down to the sidewalk. Down the street, another flashlight appeared and across the lake, on the other side of 18th, another flashed on.
    The porch light of the house next door was on and the goblins stopped at the foot of the steps. The devil looked uncertainly at the next house over. There were no lights in the house and only a jack-o-lantern on the porch, a small candle burning inside, provided light. There was strange, eerie music emanating from somewhere around there. He knew it was all fake. Yet, he wasn’t quite certain what to expect.
    “Go on, Tim,” said the man to the devil. “You’re the oldest. It’s your responsibility to protect your brothers. You lead.”
    The devil turned and through the holes in the mask, the man saw, to his amusement, the nervous eyes of his eldest son.
    “Go,” he said.
    The devil led the others up the steps to the neighbors’ house.
    “Well, aren’t you cute,” the elderly lady said as she opened the door to their collective chants of “Trick or treat!”
    She dropped a mixed selection of candies into each of their baskets and they all said, “Thank you” before turning to descend the steps to the sidewalk. However, the devil kept looking apprehensively at the next house. He knew it was Halloween. He knew there was no such thing as ghosts and goblins and monsters. Yet, he knew something was going to happen when they got there. It was the uncertainty that made him nervous.
    “Dad, turn on the flashlight,” said the devil when they arrived at the foot of the steps leading up to the dark house.
    “I don’t know what’s the matter,” said the father innocently. “I can’t seem to turn it back on. Oh, well. Go on up.”
    The ghost and the clown scampered up the steps. The devil sighed and stood for a moment, trying to examine the way up.
    “You’re not scared, are you, Tim?”
    “No,” he replied defiantly. “Of course not.”
    Slowly, he began to climb the steps winding through the short oriental-looking bushes. Suddenly, the clown, who was halfway up the stairs, jumped to the left when a bush to his right began to shake. He hurried up the steps, but then another on the left shook. He jumped up to the porch and stood alone, looking around nervously. The ghost followed quickly, looking back down at the devil who was only a third of the way up the steps.
    The bush to his right shook and he thought he heard someone upchucking. He jumped, revolted at the noise. A few steps higher and another bush shook and he heard an angry snorting sound. In seconds he was on the front porch beside the shorter, but equally trembling ghost and clown.
    “Should we ring the doorbell?” The clown asked the devil.
    The three jumped and yelped as a figure in a black cape emerged from the shadows, only his bloodshot eyes and pale forehead visible above the arm holding the cape.
    “You will awaken… Him.”
    “Wh-wh-who?” asked the clown.
    The figure in black was silent, but his eyes grew wide with a knowing look.
    He stood for a long moment looking the three over, increasing the devil’s apprehension until suddenly, he mumbled in a strange accent, “Little children. Hmmmm.”
    The devil, suddenly emboldened, held his sack out and announced, in a nervous voice, “Trick or treat!”
    The figure in black raised an eyebrow and suddenly withdrew a dark bucket from behind the cape. He held it above the jack-o-lantern so that its contents were in darkness.
    “You must reach for that which you seek. In this is your treat… or your trick,” he mumbled ominously. He jerked the bucket toward the devil, who slowly reached forward with a trembling hand. It entered the bucket and, suddenly, he screamed, withdrawing a hand dripping with red goo. He ran down the steps.
    “Oh, come on, Tim,” said the ghost with a blasé attitude. “It’s only some liver.”
    But, when he reached into the bucket and saw a bloody red face covered with bits of red matter and long stringy vein-like things, he, too, screamed and followed his brother down the steps.
    The clown didn’t wait, but followed. Halfway down, however, a mummy jumped from the bushes, growling and blocking the way. The three screamed in terror as he waived his arms and growled. Behind them, another jumped to block retreat back up the steps. Both growled as the three huddled in fear. Then the mummies reached down and picked up canvas bags from which they pulled handfuls of candy which they deposited into the trembling sacks of the three. They, then, jumped back into the bushes. The children did not wait to run down the steps, encouraged in their flight when the mummies made one last growling lunge at them as they fled.
    Their father was hysterical as they reached the sidewalk. They were panting as he laughed. The devil tried to rescue some modicum of dignity.
    “I knew it was all a trick. I was just trying to help them scare Jimmy and Craig.”
    “Oh, yeah?” said the ghost. “Then how come you wet your pants?” he demanded, pointing to a wet place in the front of the devil’s costume. The man continued to laugh as they proceeded on to the next house, but not before giving a thumbs-up to the hidden monsters of the dark house.
    For more than an hour, other groups of little fairies and Frankensteins, ghouls and ghosties were frightened and panicked. The frequency of visits, however, soon declined.
    The figure in black was about to emerge from his corner and signal the others to come to the porch when he saw a pair of headlights slowly making their way around the park on the other side of Lake Windermere. He signaled and the others crouched.
    The car rounded the west end of the park. As it approached, it was obvious it was an old, but well-preserved Studebaker. It slowly pulled up to the front of the house and the passenger door opened. The domelight inside revealed Sean on the right and his grandfather behind the wheel.
    “No, Granddad, I can get a ride. Well, the movie will be over at one. I’ll be right home after. I promise. Yeah. I’ll have lots of fun. Thanks! I love you!”
    He crawled out of the car, holding a large grocery bag, and waived. He turned and looked up at the house, puzzled. The party should already have started. Hmmm.
    Uncertainly, he started up the dark and winding brick steps. He looked up at the moonless sky, at the myriad of stars in the clear cold sky and shivered in his khaki slacks, blue shirt, and navy cardigan. In the distance, he could here the muffled sound of traffic on Providence, a few voices old and young, up the street, and music from someplace behind the tall, dark house before him. The few remaining leaves in the twisted and gnarled pecan tree above him rustled in the wind. In spite of his attempts to be rational, he had to admit it was frightening.
    He could hear his granddad’s car behind him, idling as he waited for Sean to safely enter the house. He was glad he was still there. He gingerly made his way up the brick steps, dried leaves and twigs crackling under his loafers until…
    He jumped when he heard a scream behind him. He spun in shock and found a mummy jumping up, his arms waiving menacingly. He cried out in shock and, then, above him, a second mummy growled and jumped at him. He cried out again, nearly dropping the grocery bag. A figure in dark on the porch suddenly burst forward  and howled, causing Sean to cry out a third time.
    Laughter behind him, made him turn and, gasping for breath, he saw the first mummy unwinding the bandages around his head to reveal the laughing round face of Zhenya.
    “Oh, guys!” Sean said with relief and mock consternation. “Jeemeny! You almost scared me to death!”
    “That was the idea!” howled the second mummy, who was revealing himself to be an hysterical Robby.
    Sean fought the urge to smile, but gave up and gave Robby a big grin as Zhenya put his arm around Sean’s shoulder.
    “You were groovy scared!” he enthused. Sean and Robby both looked at Zhenya with incredulous looks and said, “What?”
    Zhenya just grinned, knowing he had misused English again, but not caring. He knew what he meant.
    The three laughing boys joined Ethan. As he opened the front door, he grinned at Sean.
    “Man, you should have seen yourself! It was priceless!”
    A red Mustang pulled into the driveway as they entered the house. Robby turned on the lights in the living room as Ethan met Allison and Chad at the back door to retrieve the pizzas from Shakey’s. Zhenya followed him to living room with Cokes as Sean set up the chips and dip. He heard Ethan ask Allison and Chad if they wanted some pizza.
    “We’re not hanging out at this lame party with you geeks!” Allison sneered. “We’re going to Conrad Huffnagle’s party. 
    “Man, Sean, this dip is delicious!” said Robby, winking at Ethan. “Sean and his grandfather made this dip for the party. Try it!”
    Sean beamed proudly, thrilled that he was able to contribute and that it was appreciated.
    As Ethan laid out the pizza on the dining room table, he asked, “So is Matt coming?”
    “I hope so. I talked to him about it again today in First Period and he said that, if he didn’t have anything better to do, he would show up.”
    Then, in a conspiratorial voice, he leaned forward and said, “Between you and me, I don’t think he has any other plans. I think he was secretly really happy to get the invitation. I don’t think he has any real friends. I think this will be good for him.”
    Robby smiled.
    “You know, you’re really sweet.”
    He immediately blushed at having said something so “faggy.” Sean immediately blushed that someone would compliment him in such a nice way.
    As the bell rang, Zhenya opened the door to allow Ian and Thad to enter Robby was surprised to see the goofy blond guy who kept passing him on his bike. Thad stood behind Ian and smiled a lot, though he didn’t say much. Zhenya looked thrilled that the teenagers had come to the party. Ian seemed to pay a lot of overt attention to Zhenya. But, as the boys settled down on the floor with their pizza and Cokes, Robby noticed Ian surreptitiously looking at them, his eyes lingering and a knowing smile forming on his lips. At one point, he gave Ian a scowl and the teenager chuckled and looked away, putting his arm around Zhenya’s shoulder and asking Thad to get him another Coke. Thad’s lanky body loped in a kind of, well, goofy way to the kitchen and returned with an opened bottle. Robby noticed that Ian didn’t even thank him. He was not getting a good feeling from Ian.
    Ethan lit several candles and turned off the lights. He turned on a radio by the fireplace just as a deep and frightening voice announced the Mercury Theater of the Air’s production of The war of the Worlds. Thad and the sixth graders all grinned with anticipation. Ian gave a bored and sophisticated smile of indulgence as he leaned back against the couch and pulled Zhenya over to lean against him. Robby watched as his friend seemed to melt into the older boy. Something just didn’t look right.
    The first of the Martian cylinders was about to unscrew itself as the door bell rang. Sean grinned excitedly and declared, “It’s Matt!”
    Robby smiled as he stood and went to the door. When he opened it, he saw that it was, indeed, Matt Hunter. Robby brought him in. Matt stood uncertainly, his hands jammed into what appeared to be brand new jeans. His jacket was unzipped and revealed a nice, new-looking red pullover and his hair looked damp and combed.
    As the Martian’s attacked the surrounding forces outside Grover’s Mills with their Heat Ray, Sean grinned at Matt and said, “You look really good tonight.”
    Matt nodded and said, “Yeah, well. So, what’s up?”
    “We’re eating pizza and listening to The War of the Worlds,” said Sean excitedly. “You want a slice?”
    “Sure, why not,” Matt replied dropping down to the floor with everyone else. Sean handed him a paper plate with a slice and asked, “You want a Coke?”
    “Sure. You got any rum?” he asked with a grin. Ethan chuckled.
    “Mom locked the liquor cabinet before she left. She doesn’t trust me.”
    As Sean ran to the kitchen, Matt said, “You know, I could probably pick the lock, if ya want me to.”
    Robby saw how Thad laughed with the others at Matt’s comment. He also saw how Ian kept looking at Matt as if he were an insect.
    Sean returned with a an open bottle of Coke and handed it to Matt with a grin. He dropped down beside the thirteen year-old as Matt said, “Thanks.”
    “I’m sure glad you came. This is a great party. You’re going to have a great time!”
    “Yeah, yeah. Settle down, there. You gonna piss in your pants.”
    Robby snorted and Sean blushed. Ethan chucked him lightly on the shoulder as the Martians moved on New York.
    Soon the Martians had succumbed to Earth’s bacteria and civilization had been spared. The boys had all relaxed and were trading jokes and insults, except for Matt, who was too cool to, but was watching with amusement, and Ian, too sophisticated for mere boyish banter, but who kept a careful watch over the proceedings as he stroked Zhenya’s shoulder. The Mercury Theater of the Air had been replaced by Doc Hot with “Sheffield’s Hit Music.”
    “All right!” Matt said as Doc Hot announced Steppenwolf and as “Born to Be Wild” started, he began to play air guitar. Thad was getting down to the music in his corner, playing air drums and Robby and Ethan were dancing to the beat as they sat. When Steppenwolf faded into Tommy James, though, it was Thad’s turn to shout, “All right!”
    He jumped up and started dancing to “Mony, Mony,” and when then chorus began, Robby and Ethan joined him. For the second chorus, even Zhenya stood and joined in the dancing. Matt stood, but he leaned against a table, one hand in his jeans pocket, another holding his near empty bottle of Coke as he watched “the fags” dancing. He was still moving to the beat of the song, though. Only Ian remained sitting, though Matt noticed the teenager’s eyes were level with the crotches and butts of the dancing boys. Ian looked up and his eyes met Matt’s. They exchanged looks of dislike and distrust and Matt turned as the song ended and walked to the kitchen. He could hear a commercial come on the radio telling its listeners to “Come alive! Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation!” as he opened the refrigerator for another Coke.
    “So, you having a good time?”
    Matt turned and found Ethan coming in, a friendly smile on his face.
    “Yeah, it’s OK.”
    “I’m glad you came. So’s Sean.”
    “Yeah, thanks for, um, for invitin’ me. So, um, Sean says you and Ronald MacDonald are um, fags. That true?”
    Ethan was a bit surprised by the question, but even though he hated the word, he understood the context in which Matt used it.
    “Well, Robby and I get it on, if that’s what you mean.”
    Matt nodded and popped the cap off the Coke bottle.
    “Listen,” Ethan continued, “we’re real happy you’re looking out for Sean. He’s had a really rough time and he’s really a good guy. We really think its cool the way you‘re looking out for him.”
    “Yeah, well, you know, a deal’s a deal.” Matt grinned. “He does a good job holdin’ up his end of the bargain.”
    Ethan gave a big grin as he reached into the fridge for a couple of Cokes. “it’s just hard for me to imagine Sean doing that, but I guess he does a good job.”
    “Shit, yeah, man. He’s one helluva fag!”
    Ethan forced himself to smile, reminding himself that Matt was trying real hard to be nice and was, in his own way, complimenting Sean.
    “He, um, he really likes you.”
    Matt looked down at the floor.
    “Please don’t hurt him. He’s really a good guy.”
    “Yeah,” said Matt softly. “I know.”
    He took a deep breath and asked, in a different voice,    “So, um, you and, um, Ronald MacDonald wanna get in on the deal?”
    “What?” Ethan asked with genuine surprise.
    “You know, you want me to watch your asses for ya in return, you know, for a little… “
    Matt groped his crotch and grinned.
    “Um, no, that’s… OK,” Ethan replied. “I think we got our asses covered pretty good right now. But, I’ll let you know if we change our minds.”
    “That’s cool. Ronald Macdonald probably doesn’t need it, though. He really kicked Dietrich’s ass. That was pretty fuckin’ cool!”
    Ethan grinned.
    “Yeah, I guess.”
    “So, are you two, like, goin’ steady or somethin’?”
    Ethan thought for a moment and nodded.
    “Yeah, I guess we are. Yeah.”
    Matt nodded and sauntered toward the door.
    “That’s cool. Well, see ya.”
    He left Ethan alone in the kitchen with his surprised thoughts, but not for long. Just seconds after Matt left, Ian appeared, looking backward with distaste.
    “What is that troglodyte doing here?”
    “I invited him,” Ethan replied coolly. 
    Ian shrugged and opened the fridge.
    “Fun party,” he commented as he pulled out a Coke.
    “Thanks,” said Ethan without emotion as he leaned against the counter. Like Robby, he had observed both the way Ian had fawned over Zhenya and the way he had been watching the others and it had not made him comfortable. He became even less so when Ian closed the refrigerator, popped the cap off the bottle and stood next to Ethan.
    “So, when’s this shindig going to get interesting?” he asked suggestively as he looked down at Ethan’s face.
    “What do you mean? Aren’t you having a good time?”
    Ian gave a condescending smile.
    “Of course. I was just wondering when it might get… more fun.”
    He reached forward and began to rub Ethan’s crotch. The boy stiffened, but did not stop him.
    “Um… what are you doing?”
    “What do you think I’m doing?”
    Ian continued to fondle Ethan, who began to grow hard under the pressure of the teenager’s hand.
    “Um… I wish you’d stop doing that.”
    “Because I don’t want you to do that.”
    “Yeah? Well, I think you do.”
    He squeezed Ethan slightly, prompting the boy to inhale sharply, and whispered, “You and Robby get it on with each other, don’t you?”
    Ethan looked up.
    “Why… do you think that?”
    Ian smiled. “I can tell. It’s obvious.”
    Ethan swallowed. He was torn. For so long, he thought he had life figured out. He thought he knew what motivated people. For so long, it had been easy for him to know what was right and wrong and what to do. Suddenly, he was in a situation which confused him. Robby was his boyfriend, yet Ian was putting the moves on him. But, was a boyfriend the same when you were a boy? Did the same rules apply as when it was boy and girl? Well, of course they did. But, did they really? And, Ian was so handsome and he was older and it felt so good and…
    “Stop it,” he said softly.
    “Stop it.”
    “If you really wanted me to stop, you could make me.”
    Ethan stood still and closed his eyes. He was fiercely hard. No. This had to stop.
    He opened his eyes and…
    … saw Robby standing in the doorway.
    He was motionless, his face blank, silent. Watching.
    Ethan jumped away and Ian turned. The teenager smiled.
    “Want to join in? I can take Zhenya home and we can have a real party then.”
    Robby looked at Ethan and saw guilt and shame. Their eyes met and Ethan saw nothing but pain in his friend.
    “Oh, come on. You two aren’t going to get silly over this, are you?”
    Robby swallowed and slowly turned around. As Ethan watched him disappear down the hall, he called, “Robby! Wait.”
    Ethan gave Ian a vicious look and quickly pursued his friend.
    He entered the living room and found Sean and Zhenya giggling about something as Thad and Matt were looking through record albums on the shelf.
    “Where’s Robby?” he asked.
    Sean pointed up the stairs. Ethan quickly ran up.
    He found Robby sitting in his bedroom, on his bed, clutching his fists angrily, his face red, biting his lip.
    “Robby,” said Ethan with a pleading tone in his voice. “It’s not what you think.”
    Robby huffed and said, “That’s what everyone says when they get caught.”
    “Caught doing what?”
    “You know. If you weren’t doing anything, why did you look so guilty.”
    Ethan looked down at the floor.
    “Look, this is what happened. Ian came in and asked me when the party was going to get exciting. And, then he grabbed my crotch. I didn’t want him to, but it felt good. And, I tried to get him to stop, but he just kept rubbing and it felt so good. But, I told him to stop and I was just about to walk away when you walked in.”
    Robby looked at Ethan with bitterness.
    “You were just about to walk away. Yeah, right.”
    “I was! Robby! You’re my best friend! You’re my boyfriend. I… I love you, man.” He paused, and then repeated, softly, “I love you.”
    Robby’s face softened, but he said nothing.
    “Look, if some guy like Ian grabbed your crotch and started rubbing it, what would you do?”
    Robby looked down.
    “Well, I’d tell him to stop and.. then… you’d walk in and think we were foolin’ around and I’d try to convince you I wasn’t and…”
    Ethan sat down beside Robby and put his arm around him. He kissed him on the cheek and Robby smiled with embarrassment.
    “Ian’s a jerk,” said Ethan.
    “Yeah, I know. He’s been looking at all of us all night like he wanted to take our clothes off. Do you think he’s doing stuff with Zhenya?”
    “I don’t know. Zhenya thinks he’s the coolest guy in the world. I thought he was cool ‘til tonight. I don’t know.”
    “I’m scared he’s gonna do something that will hurt Zhenya. He’s a nice guy and I don’t think he understands a lot of stuff.”
    “Me neither. You’re right.”
    “Should we say anything?”
    Ethan thought for a moment.
    “Maybe, but not tonight.”
    Ethan squeezed Robby’s shoulder.
    “Look, I’m sorry. I should have tried harder to get him to stop, but it just felt too good and I guess I was thinking with my dick instead of my head. I’m sorry.”
    Robby grinned.
    “You’re dick does a lot of thinking for you?”
    Ethan grinned, as well.
    “Yeah. You want to know what it’s thinking right now?”
    “I know what it’s thinking.”
    “Oh, yeah? You’re a mind reader?”
    Robby giggled.
    “No. I’m a dick reader!”
    The two broke up laughing. Ethan tried to tickle Robby and the two fell on the floor, wrestling and laughing. When they finally returned downstairs, Sean and Zhenya were still talking while Thad and Matt were laughing about something. Ian was standing at the television turning the channel knob. He stopped on Love American Style. He looked impatiently at his watch and turned to Thad.
    “You know, Thad, it’s getting late. We could check out Huffnagle’s party.”
    Zhenya looked alarmed and Thad shook his head and started to protest, but stopped when he saw Ian give him a look.
    “Um, yeah. Well, OK, I guess.”
    He did not seem very happy with Ian’s decision. Zhenya stood.
    “Don’t go, Ian. Aren’t you having fun? I thought you didn’t want to go to the Huffnagle party.”
    “Zhenka,” he replied with a smile, squeezing the boy’s shoulder. “Have fun with your little friends. We’ll see each other again soon.”
    Zhenya smiled and looked downward bashfully.
    “Great party, guys,” Ian vamped as he and Thad walked out the front door. “We definitely have to do this again next year!”
    Neither Ethan or Robby made any comment until after the door was closed.
    “What a jerk,” said Ethan.
    “What a fag,” said Matt.
    Sean looked confused. “Is something wrong? I thought everything was cool.”
    Zhenya looked offended.
    “What is wrong? Ian is not a jerk! He’s a cool guy. He’s a wonderful friend!”
    Ethan and Robby looked at each other and gave silent messages to each other.
    “I’m sorry, Zhenya,” said Ethan. “He’s OK.”
    “Yeah,” Robby added. “He’s OK. I really like Thad, though. He’s a really nice guy.”
    “Yes, he’s been Ian’s best friend forever.”
    Robby sat on the floor beside Zhenya.
    “I noticed he seems to do whatever Ian tells him to do.”
    Zhenya thought for a moment.
    “I did not see that, but perhaps it’s because they are such good friends that it seems that way.”
    Ethan looked at Robby and slightly shook his head, indicating he should drop the subject. Ethan turned the TV down and turned the radio back up. The boys sat around and talked, listening to the music, and joking with each other. Even Matt seemed to be loosening up and losing some of his tough-guy inhibitions. Robby noticed him lean over and whisper to Sean a few times, prompting the boy to giggle and blush. He thought it was cute and wanted to bring it to Ethan’s attention, but he was afraid Matt would notice.
    When the Eleven O’ Clock news came on, Matt suddenly leaned over to Sean and asked, “So Sean, you want to come over to my place for awhile before you go home?”
    Sean blushed and looked at the other boys.
    “You will miss Dracula!” said Zhenya.
    “Yeah, well, I got some stuff I want to show Sean,” Matt said, stumbling, to Robby’s delight, “and, well, he’s got to be home by one, so I thought, you know, um…”
    “That’s OK,” said Ethan grinning. “I understand. That’s cool. If you want to, Sean, that’s cool!”
    Sean’s face was flushed and when he stood, it was all Ethan could do not to giggle when he saw the very obvious rise in Sean’s pants. He elbowed Robby and indicated with a jerk of his head to look at Sean. Robby grinned, too. Sean didn’t notice as he was looking for Matt’s jacket. When he found it, he gave it to his protector, who donned it and stood uncertainly at the door.
    “Listen, um, like, um thanks, you know, for, um, like, lettin’ me come. It was cool.”
    “Hey,” said Ethan, “I’m glad you made it. Listen, don’t be a stranger. You know?”
    “Yeah, well,” he said, jamming his fingers into the pockets of his jeans as Sean opened the door. “See ya.”
    “By Sean!,” said Robby with a wink. “Be good!”
    Sean grinned, but blushed.
    As he closed the door, he wasn’t sure what to say. Matt was already loping down the steps. Sean quickly followed and caught up with him at the bottom.
    “Um, I’m really glad you came to the party, Matt.”
    “Yeah, well. It was kinda lame, but it was OK.”
    Sean paused a second as they crossed the street.
    “Was it really lame?” he asked fearfully.
    “Well, that Ian fag was a prick, but other than that, I guess it was OK.”
    He looked over at Sean and almost grinned.
    The two were walking through the park, along the fence surrounding the lake. The sound of music from the Huffnagles’ party behind Ethan’s house echoed across the water. A few ducks quacked in the dark. Sean shivered and pulled his sweater tight around him.
    “You cold? Matt asked as they walked along.
    “A little bit,” Sean replied.
    “Here,” said Matt as he started to remove his jacket. “You can wear this.”
    “No! NO. What will you do? Won’t you get cold?”
    “Fuck no. I don’t care about the cold.”
    Sean was moved that Matt would show such consideration and impressed with his toughness. Not wanting to appear like a wimp in front of the boy who was fast becoming his hero, he shook his head and released the front of his cardigan..
    “I’m OK. I can handle the cold, too.”
    Matt grinned.
    He stopped and turned toward the fence, looking out across the lake. He reached into his left pocket and withdrew a long, thin, white object. Sean couldn’t see what it was, but Matt put it to his lips and then pulled a lighter from his right jeans pocket. Sean’s eyes grew wide when he saw Matt light it and take a long puff. He held it for several seconds and then released it. The smoke had an acrid odor that Sean found quite unpleasant. He knew it wasn’t tobacco and he was quite scared. He looked around fearfully to see if anyone was looking.
    “Here,” said Matt, handing the joint to Sean. “This’ll help keep ya warm.”
    Sean looked at it with wide, fearful eyes.
    “Come on, little buddy, it’s OK. It’ll warm ya up, make ya feel good.”
    Matt pushed it toward Sean.
    Sean looked up at Matt’s big, brown eyes. He had called him little buddy. Little Buddy! He hadn’t called him Fag. He called him Little Buddy!
    Sean swallowed and took the joint in his trembling fingers. It looked pretty disgusting, but he had done several disgusting things over the last few weeks. Was this really so much worse? He knew the answer, but he ignored it. Matt had called him Little Buddy.
    He inhaled.
    “OK. Stop,” Matt directed. “Don’t choke. Yeah, that’s it.”
    Matt took the joint and inhaled. Sean exhaled and looked around. He didn’t feel anything. He looked up at Matt, who grinned.
    “Don’t worry, Little Buddy. I’m watching out for ya. Trust me. Here.”
    Sean inhaled from the joint again and handed it back to Matt. They repeated this until Matt finally flicked it over the fence and into the water. They stood for a moment, a long moment. Sean felt so peaceful, so happy. Matt had called him Little Buddy. It was such a wonderful moment. He looked out across the water of the lake and the houses across looked so pretty. The way the lights were reflected in the water, long, shimmering streaks of white and silver and gold in the darkness, was so fascinating. He had never noticed it before, but it was amazing. He could hear each individual duck quacking across the water. Everything seemed so beautiful, so intense, so… nice. Yeah. This was so nice. He wanted to just stand here forever, Matt at his side, watching the water shimmer, listening to the sounds of the city in the distance, the stars above. Oh, the stars! There were so many!
    “Matt! Where’s the Milky Way?”
    Matt chuckled.
    “What? What the fuck you talking about?”
    “Where’s the Milky Way?”
    Matt laughed.
    “You can’t see it, Little Buddy. We’re in the city.”
    “But the stars! They’re so bright! And, there’s so many tonight!”
    He looked at Matt and saw a big grin on his face. It made Sean so happy to see Matt smile. So seldom did he see his Big Buddy smile.
    Matt put an arm around Sean’s shoulder.
    “Come on, Little Buddy. Let’s go. I got somethin’ for ya.”
    “Really? You have something? For me? Really?”
    “Yeah, come on.”
    They walked along the fence, Matt’s arm around Sean’s shoulder. The boy was in heaven. Matt Hunter, the toughest guy at Emerson, had his arm around his shoulder. He was Sean’s Big Buddy!
    The chill of the night felt so good to Sean as they came up to Providence. The breeze on his face made him feel so alive. It was so nice. They stood on the curb and Sean watched the oncoming headlights. They hurt his eyes, they were so bright, but the way they grew as they approached was so interesting. He watched them in fascination.
    Suddenly, Matt was guiding him across the street. It seemed, strangely, to take an awfully long time to make it to the other side. He had never realized just how wide Providence was. It was a really big street.
    “So, where do you live, Big Buddy?” he asked as they walked along 18th St., prompting a chuckle from Matt.
    “We got a place over on 15th, across from the college. It’s above the record store there.”
    “Sounds cool.”
    “It’s OK,” said Matt as he fished another joint out of pocket. He lit it and took another hit. He handed it to Sean, who eagerly took it, wanting to impress his Big Buddy now and wanting to feel even nicer. Man, this was really nice. He’d have to tell his Granddad about this. This was wonderful. Maybe he and his Granddad could do this! They loved to sit together on a Friday night and listen to Mozart and maybe they could do this, then listen to The Magic Flute. Yeah, that was Sean’s favorite. The Magic Flute. Maybe he could play his flute for Matt. Yeah. He could show Matt how grateful he was for his friendship by playing his flute for him.
    “Hey, Little Buddy, you gonna smoke that or just space out?”
    Sean realized that he was just holding the joint as they came up to the corner at Richmond.
    “You were sure spacin’, man,” said Matt chuckling. Sean thought that was funny and giggled as he gave the joint to Matt, who chuckled more. As they turned to the north, the two laughed and giggled until Matt gave the joint back to Sean.
    They had finished the second joint by the time they came to 17th. Goodness, but this was such a long walk! And, it was so dark, with all the tall trees along the way. They were so tall. There were jack-o-lanterns on the porches, though. And, he could see the lights on 15th up ahead and on the campus. Two more blocks! It was so far. But, that was OK. Matt was there. Matt had his arm around his shoulder. Matt was holding him as they walked. It felt so good to feel Matt’s arm around him. So good. Yeah. He felt so good. So hard.
    Oh, man! He just realized how hard he was. Man, he had never felt himself so hard! He couldn’t believe it. And, with a surge through his chest and stomach, he realized that when they got to Sean’s place, they were probably gonna do it again! Oh, man! He was going to get to suck Matt’s dick! Tonight! When he felt so good and wonderful and sexy and hard. Oh, his hands were shaking. He wanted to reach over and feel Matt’s crotch right then and there. He wanted desperately to feel Matt’s big boner, Matt’s strong, big boner. He wanted Matt to hold him and call him Little Buddy while he jacked and sucked Matt’s boner.
    They were crossing 16th St. Man, that was fast. Just a second ago, they were crossing 17th. How did they get to 16th so fast?
    “You OK, Little Buddy?” Matt asked, his voice soft and so far away, yet so close.
    “Yeah, I’m great.”
    “Yeah? You like getting’ high?”
    “Yeah, I love it, Big Buddy!”
    Matt chuckled again and squeezed the boy closer to him.
    They turned into a dark alley. Sean looked about and suddenly felt afraid as they walked. He hesitated.
    “Don’t worry, Little Buddy. I got ya covered. Nobody’s gonna hurt ya. I got ya.”
    He squeezed him closer again as they past a several trash cans and a delivery van. It was so dark, so cold, so scary.
    They came to another alley leading to 15th St. There was a fire escape leading up the side of the building. Matt started climbing, with Sean following closely. He looked apprehensively behind him and then back to the front, where he saw Matt’s butt in his face, clad in those tight jeans, moving back and forth as he climbed the stairs. Sean was fascinated with it, and so hard as he stared at the way it moved back and forth. He wanted to reach forward and feel it, but just as he was about to they reached the top. Matt had pulled some keys from his pocket and was unlocking the door. Traffic roared past on 15th and he could hear music from across the street and the campus beyond.
    Matt opened the door and they stepped into the dark. Sean could smell the odor of fried meat and something else, the same acrid smell, though faded, of Matt’s joints.
    “Come on, Little Buddy,” said Matt as he maneuvered his way through the darkness. They passed through a doorway and then into another. Matt closed a door behind him and then turned on a small lamp, revealing that they were in a tiny room with an unmade bed and dirty clothes strewn across the floor. A couple of playboy magazines lay open on the floor beside the bed and there was a small table with a little round can and a dirty ashtray next to an empty Dr. Pepper bottle.
    “Well, I got a treat for ya, Little Guy,” Matt said as he chucked his jacket across the room and collapsed onto the bed. He gave Sean a huge grin. Patting the bed next to him, he said, “Have a seat.”
    Sean sat beside him as Matt reached over to the can and picked it up. He also picked up a small metal smoking pipe that was behind it, opened the can and pulled several pinches of green stuff from within, dropping it in the bowl. He lit it and took a deep breath, passing it to Sean, who eagerly breathed it in. After  he exhaled he leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. He was so unimaginably happy, he could not even begin to describe it.
    “Hey, I don’t have much, so let’s shotgun it, OK?”
    Sean looked up and Matt and smiled.
    “Sure. What’s that?”
    Matt chuckled and grinned hugely.
    “I’ll take a hit and hold it, then I’ll put my mouth on yours and blow it in. Then you hold it and blow it out. Got it?”
    Matt was going to put his mouth on his! Oh, yeah, he got it. Oh, yeah! Sean gave Matt a huge grin. The teen chuckled again.
    “You’re a trip, man.”
    Sean closed his eyes in ecstasy and took the liberty of snuggling up close to Matt. The teen inhaled deeply of the pipe and held it a moment. He put the pipe down and then turned to Sean, taking his face in his right hand and gently holding it as he leaned forward. Sean looked up into Matt’s deep brown eyes and became hypnotized by them. He opened his mouth as Matt’s lips, so soft and warm, touched his. He felt Matt’s breath enter him as he inhaled. Matt was breathing into him. Matt’s breath was in him. Matt. Matt.
    Sean’s head was spinning from the pot, the love, the joy.
    Matt held his mouth on Sean’s a moment longer than necessary and then Sean exhaled through his nose as Matt slowly pulled away, looking down at Sean in awe. The boy gazed rapturously up at the teenager, at the long brown hair that fell over the forehead and flipped to the side, at the few freckles scattered across his nose, at the parted lips and the two large front teeth. Matt seemed amazed as he looked down at the boy.
    “You know, you’re almost as pretty as a girl,’ he whispered.
    Sean’s heart almost burst with joy.
    Suddenly, Matt seemed to awaken. He leaned back.
    “Yeah, Little Buddy. I got a treat for ya, tonight. Ya done such a good job taking care of me, that I’m gonna give ya a reward.”
    He kicked his sneakers off and whipped his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. He reached down and unfastened his jeans, hiked his butt in the air and slipped them off. His erection, a good five to six inches, stood up rigidly, bobby over his pubic hair and the thin, faint trail leading up to his navel. Sean looked at matt’s strong chest, his muscled arms, the little tuft of hair under his arms. His mouth was open.
    “Why don’t ya get nekid, Little Buddy?”
    Sean was trembling as he scooted to the edge of the bed and stood uncertainly. Carefully, he slipped his cardigan off and, despite his condition, laid it carefully on the chair beside the nightstand. He slipped off his loafers and, in spite of his trembling fingers, unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes riveted to Matt’s naked body. The teen gave a knowing smile as Sean slipped his pants down. Matt scooted forward and stood before the naked Sean, their erections stiffly throbbing before them.
    “Do anything ya want, man,” said Matt as he held his arms out. “I’m all yours.”
    Sean could barely breath. His mouth was open as his eyes roamed over the body of the thirteen year-old. Slowly, his right hand, trembling, reached forward and wrapped around Matt’s boner in the dim yellow light.
    “Yeah,” Matt whispered as he thrust his hips forward. “Feel my dick, man.”
    Sean was running his hand all over the stiff, hard cock, reveling in its rigidity, the wide head, the long shaft and how it seemed to curve upward slightly. His left hand moved forward and cupped his fat balls, gently caressing them and working them around in their sac as he stroked Matt’s penis. He was in awe. He loved Matt’s penis.
    Slowly, Sean sank to his knees and knelt before his hero. Matt looked down, stunned at how beautiful Sean was with his white blond hair, his blue eyes, his pug-nose, his puffy lips, on his knees looking up at him past his hard-on, the boy’s own little boner stiffly jerking below. Matt reached down and placed his right hand on the side of Sean’s face, gently feeling it, running his fingers through the boy’s hair.
    Sean started to move his head forward, closing his eyes and opening his mouth. Matt’s mouth was open and he was panting as he watched Sean’s mouth approach his erection. When the head of his cock disappeared within the boy’s sweet lips, his left hand joined his right in holding Sean’s head. Slowly, he pushed his cock into Sean’s mouth. The younger boy placed his hands on Matt’s hips and held the rigid boner in his mouth. He reveled in the hardness, the taste, the smell of teenage boy in his nostrils.
    “Oh, oh yeah,” Matt moaned. “Oh, yeah. Suck me.”
    Sean slowly pulled back until just the head was in his mouth and then moved back down, enveloping the boner again in his warm, wet mouth. He was in heaven.
    Matt looked down and growled. Suddenly, he pushed Sean’s head back and withdrew from his mouth. The boy looked up in surprise as Matt looked down at him, gasping, his boner throbbing over the boy’s face. He stepped back, his eyes locked on Sean, and sat down on the bed. He scooted back against the wall, his legs spread wide, his erection standing up stiffly.
    “Come here,” he said hoarsely, smiling and holding his arms out invitingly. Sean stood up and crawled onto the bed. Matt closed his legs and Sean crawled up, straddling the legs and sitting on Matt’s thighs. His rigid, hairless cock stood straight up, parallel with Matt’s just inches away. Matt’s face was even with the shorter boy’s. Sean’s hands shot out to Matt’s cock and grasped it, stroking and caressing it as he gazed into the teenager’s glazed, half-closed eyes. Matt gave him a knowing smile, understanding how turned-on the boy was.
    “Ah, Little Buddy, that feels so good. You sure know how to me feel good. Ah, man, you do it so good.”
    Sean was thrilled to hear Matt’s endearments. At that moment, he would have done anything to please his Big Buddy. He took Matt’s balls in his left hand as he fondled his cock with his right.
    “You’re so cool, Matt,” he breathed. “You are so cool.”
    Matt’s hands were resting on Sean’s thighs. He squeezed them gently, massaging them as he squirmed under Sean’s loving fondling. Sean moaned as his Big Buddy worked the muscles in his thighs. Matt looked down at the hairless little cock sticking up so stiffly and the smooth, little egg-shaped balls hugging the base of the boner so snugly. He stared at the sight. He couldn’t move his eyes from it. He could see the dick pulsing with Sean’s heartbeat and with his passion. He heard Sean whimper and a sudden waive of affection,  for which he was so unaccustomed, swept through him. He wanted to make the boy feel good. He wanted Sean to feel what he, Matt, was feeling. But, more than that, Matt realized with surprise that he wanted to feel Sean’s dick. He wanted to know what it felt like to hold another guys boner, to rub it, to make it feel good, to make him cum.
    He spread his fingers out across the smooth alabaster skin of Sean’s inner thighs. Sean squirmed in delight as he continued to fondle and love Matt’s boner. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Matt’s hands started inching closer to the center between the boy’s thighs. Sean was almost panting as Matt stared in wonder at his fingers moving closer and closer to Sean’s rigid three inches. When the tips of his fingers came to the base of his hard little cock, Sean jerked and moaned.
    Matt looked up at the boy’s face and saw Sean looking down in amazement, his mouth open, his face trembling. His breathing was ragged as tremors coursed through his body. Matt’s fingers slid up beside Sean’s boner and over his hairless abdomen until his thumbs could rub against the smooth, tight balls. Sean cried out as Matt’s thumbs rubbed and caressed the little nuggets. His hips churned and squirmed in delight.
    Matt watched with a grin as the boy’s face began to scrunch, almost as if in pain, as the feelings flowed through his body. And, when he finally wrapped the fingers of his right hand around the throbbing boner, Sean’s head snapped back, his eyes shut tight, and his mouth opened in a silent scream.
    “Yeah, Little Buddy, you like that? Does that feel good?”
    Sean’s eyes remained tightly shut as his head lolled around and he gasped and moaned. Matt’s hand twisted back and forth as it pumped up and down on Sean’s rigid dick. Matt couldn’t believe how fiercely  hard the boy was. Sean’s stroking on Matt’s boner became erratic as the feelings built inside the boy. Matt smiled as he saw the impending orgasm build on Sean’s face.
    Suddenly, tremors exploded through his Little Buddy, and Sean cried out while Matt squeezed and pumped his spasming dick. He was whimpering madly and squeezing Matt’s dick and balls almost painfully until, just as suddenly as it started, Sean nearly collapsed.
    Matt released his boner and grinned at the boy as Sean slumped and panted, looking at Matt’s face with glazed, half-closed eyes.
    “Did I make my Little Buddy feel good?” Matt asked with smile.
    “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.”
    “Well, don’t stop, man. I’m getting blue balls, here. Make me shoot, man. Do it.”
    Sean gave Matt a sleepy smile and started pumping his Big Buddy’s cock again. When he got a good rhythm going, Matt moaned.
    “Yeah, that’s good,” he whispered as his eyes roamed up and down Sean’s torso. His hands followed, sliding all over the boy’s stomach and chest and sides. When his fingers slid across Sean’s stiff little nipples, the boy suddenly jerked and his eyes snapped open in shock. Matt noticed. His hands returned to the fleshy titties and massaged them, his hands squeezing them as his thumbs slid over the rigid pin-pricks in the center.
    Sean’s entire body was stiff with shock. His eyes were wide and he looked at Matt in the eyes.
    “Just like a girl,” Matt muttered. “It’s just feeling a girl. Your titties feel just like a girl’s.”
    He squeezed and rubbed and Sean writhed under the intense feelings, sensations so great, it was almost too much.
    “You like me playing with your titties, Little Buddy?”
    Sean was writhing and moaning uncontrollably. Matt leaned forward and pulled Sean toward him. He moved his mouth toward Sean’s left nipple and the feeling of his warm, moist breath caused Sean to moan loudly. Matt stuck his tongue out and licked the stiff little nubbin back and forth and Sean screamed.
    Matt loved it. It was just like sucking a girl’s tit, only better. He hungrily sucked and licked on Sean and the younger boy twisted and jerked under the intensity of the feelings exploding through him. It was almost too wonderful, too intense. Matt switched to the other nipple and it was like an entirely new experience. Sean was out of his mind.
    He was no longer rational enough to continue stroking Matt. He just held the fat, rigid boner in his hands, reveling in the feel of it as Matt loved his titties. His head rolled around and he cried out mindless gibberish as Matt groaned.
    Suddenly Matt pulled away. He looked up at Sean with urgency.
    “I gotta cum, baby. Suck me. Please. Make me cum.”
    It took Sean a moment to comprehend what was happening. He was panting as he looked at Matt’s face in confusion. Then he realized what he had to do. He crawled backward until his face was over Matt’s cock. He was about to reach down and take it in his mouth when Matt firmly said, “No. Turn around.”
    Sean looked up in confusion. Matt laid down and took Sean’s hips, directing him until the boy realized he wanted him to turn with his hips over Matt’s face. He did, straddling Matt’s torso, his face in front of Matt’s cock, his own boner just inches above Matt’s face. Hungrily, Sean gobbled Matt’s cock as the teenager reached under him and started feeling Sean’s titties again.
    They were both moaning wildly by now, Sean rocking back and forth as he sucked the boner, the slight curve of which perfectly matched that of his mouth and throat. His own stiff dick bobbed and rocked above Matt’s face. The teen watched the rigid boy cock moving almost teasingly above his nose, the balls just inches from his mouth. As his passion built, he lost any inhibition he may have had. The straight, tough-guy hard-ass was looking at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, Sean’s stiff boner and his snug, smooth, tight, balls bobbing, teasing him, just inches from his mouth.
    He moved his right hand up as his left hand continued to fondle and work Sean’s left tittie. His arm was wrapped around Sean’s right thigh and grabbed his dick as his mouth opened and his tongue reached up for Sean’s balls. The boy’s scream, muffled by the cock in his mouth, caused a vibration in his throat that sent chills through Matt. He groaned hungrily as he wildly sucked and licked at Sean’s balls while twisting and pumping on his boner.
    He was getting close. He could feel it building. He knew his cum was about to shoot. He suddenly felt the spasms of Sean’s orgasm wrack the boy’s body and his little cock, but Matt was too far gone to care. His hand and mouth continued to work the boy’s genitals. Sean continued to suck Matt but began to scream over the thick boner in his mouth as his own cock became too sensitive in Matt’s hand. But, the older boy wouldn’t stop. He brutally continued to love his boner and his balls. He was crying and jerking and it was so intense and the cock in his mouth was so big and Matt was groaning and he could feel the vibrations of Matt’s voice though his balls and he lost his mind as he exploded again. His mouth was filling with Matt’s bitter cum as wave after wave of thick cream spurted from Matt’s boner. He lost all rational thought as the feelings exploded and he quaked and screamed.
    He realized he was laying atop Matt, his head resting on the teenager’s thigh, his hips on Matt’s chest. He could feel his Big Buddy’s hot, moist breath on his balls as he panted. Sean felt so wonderful, so intensely, incredibly, joyously wonderful. Matt’s right hand rested on the right side of his butt, his left hand held him on the upper left side of his back. They were gently caressing him back and forth, slowly, lovingly caressing him.
    After what seemed like an eternity, when Sean was about to slip into a serene, wondrous sleep, he was roused by Matt’s voice.
    “Hey, Little Buddy. Why don’t ya come up here?”
    Slowly, Sean struggled to lift his head and push himself upward. Carefully, he crawled around on top of Matt until his face was just above the teenager’s. He lay atop his Big Buddy, as Matt’s hands held his back and butt. Matt grinned and rolled over to the side until his weight was halfway atop the giggling boy. He grinned and kissed him.
    Sean thought to himself, “This is too wonderful to last.”
    He was right.

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