The following contains scenes of sexual activity between males. If it is illegal for you to read this in your area or if you feel you may be offended by doing so, please do not continue. This story is complete fiction and any similarities between the story and reality are purely coincidental. There is no Madison, Oklahoma, Some of the characters in this story may engage in behavior which could be construed as illegal or unsafe. This is not an endorsement of such behavior. The author does not condone the violation of any law, not does he encourage unsafe behavior. Please do not copy or post this story without the knowledge or consent of the author.

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A Curious Set of Misfit’s

by FreeThinker

“Sitting on the side. Waiting for a sign. Hoping that my luck will change.

Reaching for a hand that can understand, someone who feels the same.

When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin.

So you don't stand out and you don't fit in. Weird.”

Hanson. Copyright 1997, Jam 'N Bread Music

Chapter Six

“Mine’s bigger.”

“No way. Mine’s bigger.”

“Yeah? Well, look at that!”

“OK. Let’s put ‘em side by side.”

“Alright. Yours is bigger. But, mine’s better. It’ll have more bang when it goes off.”

Michael and Ricky were standing at the curb in front of the Patterson house debating the size of their biggest skyrockets as several fathers knelt in the middle of the street working on their fireworks. The section of Sequoyah Avenue in front of the Griffin and Patterson houses had become an unofficial staging area for the launch of the neighborhood fireworks and dozens of adults and children had gathered in the various yards to observe and participate. Several children were running around waving sparklers in the air as Roman candles fired their balls of light into the sky and firecrackers popped all around. Radios blared music from each of the front yards and “oohs” and “aahs” could be heard from all around with each exciting explosion of light in the sky.

“Fuck it, mine’s the biggest,” BJ Tharp declared as he stomped forward.

“Hey, BJ,” Mr. Patterson barked as he looked up from the skyrocket he was setting up. “Watch that mouth! There are ladies around here!”

“Yeah,” BJ replied, “like little Mikey and little Trevy and little Taddy and…”

“Alright, that’s enough.”

Ricky’s father stood up and glowered down at BJ, who seemed to realize he had gone just a bit too far. He smirked and knelt down on the street and set his skyrocket on the asphalt.

“Hey, wait a minute!” warned Michael’s father. But, BJ had already lit his match and was touching it to the fuse on the skyrocket. When it began to fizzle, Mr. Griffin grabbed Jimmy and several other kids and pushed them aside just as the skyrocket fired and shot into the sky. It produced an enormous explosion and a red and white fireball above the houses.

“Alright, that’s it!” Mr. Patterson declared as he and several fathers started marching toward BJ. The boy, however, merely laughed and ran up the street. Bill Patterson watched the receding figure and shook his head.

“His dad was an ass, too.”

“Yeah,” replied Dave Griffin softly. “I remember.”

The fathers returned to their skyrockets. Michael and Ricky were kneeling in the street.

“Let’s launch ‘em at the same time!” Ricky suggested. “It’ll be so cool!”

“Yeah!” Michael answered.

Tad and Daniel were sitting on the curb opposite and cheered. Craig Sheridan was just walking up as Kenny and Ronnie shot off bottle rockets a couple of houses away.

“Hey, Craig!” Ricky yelled. “Come here! Help us with the skyrockets!”

Craig, however, seemed unusually quiet and did not hurry toward them. Michael noticed a man behind him in dirty work pants and a tight t-shirt. He was unshaved and carrying a bottle of Coors. The sour look on the man’s face disturbed Michael and he surmised that Craig’s lack of enthusiasm was probably caused by the man, probably his father.

“Hey, how’s it going?” Michael asked cheerfully. Craig shrugged and smiled.

“Those are big skyrockets,” he said softly.

“You want to light mine?” Michael asked, offering his punk to Craig. Ricky smiled at Michael, as did Craig who seemed reluctant at first, but who finally reached out and took it.

“OK, everyone!” Bill Patterson called out. “Here come the big ones!”

Michael’s father shooed all the younger children out of the street as Ricky and Craig knelt before their rockets. Michael sat down on the curb beside Tad and Daniel and watched expectantly as the fuses sizzled and burned until…

There were suddenly two loud whistling, whooshing sounds as the two skyrockets shot into the air, trailing sparks and smoke until they exploded high above the neighborhood in a bright, cascading shower of red, white, and blue streamers of light. Cheers and applause erupted from all around. The happy grin on Craig’s face glowed in the fading light of the fireballs and Ricky silently mouthed “Wow” as the last glowing embers faded into a cloud of smoke drifting slowly east.

“That was really cool!” Michael’s little brother enthused from the grass behind the boys. Michael turned and saw Jimmy holding a Coke bottle and a fistful of bottle rockets. Jimmy grinned.

“Mikey! You want to shoot some off with me? Let’s climb up on the roof and shoot ‘em!”

“I don’t think so,” their father answered from the middle of the street as he and Ricky’s Dad set up some fountains. “You can shoot them from here in the street.”

Jimmy smirked sullenly and then grinned.

“Come on, Mikey!”

Michael smiled and stood, looking at Tad, Daniel, and Trevor.

“Hey, Jimmy, can we share ‘em with the guys?”

Jimmy nodded. “Yeah, I got a lot.”

The others smiled and stood as Jimmy approached. However, their father warned, “OK, look out. This one will be big!”

The boys all stood along the curb as suddenly a fountain erupted in a shower of blue and white fire. Everyone around gave the appropriate “oohs” and “aahs” until it finally fizzled out. Dave tossed it into a bucket of water and stood aside as Jimmy set up his Coke bottle. He handed a rocket to Trevor who smiled at the little boy and was about to kneel before the bottle when suddenly several kids a few houses up the street started laughing hysterically. Kenny and Ronnie, Ricky’s two friends, were holding roman candles as if they were erupting from their crotches as balls of fire shot out and arced above the street. Several fathers ran over and grabbed the candles away from the laughing boys and dunked them into a bucket of water before any damage could be done to boys or property.

Ricky grinned and, despite himself, so did Michael.

Michael stepped back as Trevor lit his bottle rocket. It shot up into the sky and popped above their heads, a bit anti-climactically in comparison to some of the pyrotechnics on display. He still grinned, though.

As Tad knelt to set up his rocket, Michael looked past the group toward the corner. There were people all over the neighborhood watching and having fun; but, there was one person, a man, standing alone near the corner on Thirteenth Street. Wearing slacks and a plaid short-sleeve shirt, he stood with his hands in his pockets, leaning against the light pole watching the proceedings. He struck Michael as rather sad and lonely. As Tad’s rocket shot upward, he stepped over to his father and asked, “Hey, Dad. Who’s that guy over there?”

His father looked in the direction Michael was pointing and an expression first of curiosity and, then, of sad recognition came over his face. He raised a tentative hand and half-waived. Michael saw the man nod and then slowly turn and walk away toward Trevor’s house.

“Oh,” said Trevor. “That’s our neighbor, Mr. Tracy. He’s really quiet, but he’s a nice guy.”

Michael saw his father look at Bill Patterson.

“Is that…”

Ricky’s Dad nodded.

“You know him, Dad?” Michael asked. His father nodded.

“Johnny Tracy. He was a year ahead of us at Madison High. “

Bill looked at the retreating figure for a second with a blank expression and then glanced quickly at Dave before turning to his son and saying, “Hey, Rick. Get that green fountain out of the box over there, why don’t ya.”

Trevor and Michael exchanged curious looks as Daniel knelt to set up his rocket. Craig, standing nearby, waived up the street at some adults chatting in a group with a tall teenager standing to the side.

“Hey, Eric! Come over here!”

Daniel looked up and grinned.

“Yeah! Eric! Come here!”

Trevor and Michael sat on the curb as the tall, gangly blond teenager Michael had seen outside the church the day before approached. He had a goofy grin on his face as Daniel smiled.

“Jimmy,” Daniel asked. “Can Eric shoot one of your bottle rockets?”

“Sure,” Jimmy nodded, handing one to the older boy. Eric smiled warmly at Jimmy and Michael felt a strong desire to be his friend. There was something about Eric’s demeanor, the relaxed way he walked, the confident and casual way he spoke, and the smile that made him feel quite at ease. As Eric’s eyes met Michael’s, the teenager said, “I saw you over at the church yesterday.”

Michael nodded.

“You’re Catholic?”

Michael nodded again, curious as to why he couldn’t answer orally.

Eric rewarded him with a bigger smile.

“Cool. I’m an altar boy there. You can be one, too.”

Once again, Michael smiled and nodded, feeling like the world’s biggest goofus.

However, as Eric knelt by the Coke bottle, Kenny and Ronnie approached. Kenny, pointing to the retreating figure of Trevor’s neighbor, remarked, “What’s that fag doing here?”

“Yeah,” Ronnie said with a chuckle. “What’s he doin’? Lookin’ for some?”

Eric stopped and turned toward the two boys. Michael saw a look of anger in his eyes. But, before Eric could say anything, Ricky’s Dad stepped toward the boys and said, in a stern voice, “Watch your mouths, boys. We don’t need that kind of talk here.”

Kenny frowned and shrugged before turning away.

“Come on, Ronnie. Let’s head over to BJ’s. This is getting’ lame, here.”

Ronnie looked at the assembled group in confusion, obviously not wanting to leave, but also not wanting to seem to let down his buddy. With a sigh, he turned and followed Kenny. Trevor and Michael gave each other another look before Dave Griffin said with a forced cheerfulness, “OK, Eric. Give her a shot.”


Michael was laying in the grass of his front yard as Trevor and Tad sat Indian-style beside him. Daniel and Eric were sitting on the curb as Craig sat in the street in front. A large group of parents had gathered in the Griffins’ yard, relaxing in the aftermath of the evening’s festivities. Some were drinking beer, though most were relaxing with Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper. Michael watched as the orange glows of their cigarettes floated in the darkness as the yellow-green pinpoints of lighting bugs darted about as if to compete with the larger and more fearsome glows. In the distance, the soft and muffled roar of a tractor trailer on the road from Tulsa could be heard down-shifting as it approached town.


The boys all turned to see a slightly staggering figure approaching from up the street. Michael saw a look of fear on Craig’s face as he jumped up.

“Here!” he called out with a tremor in his voice.

“Get yer ass home, now! What the hell do ya thank you’re doin’ staying out this late?”

Conversation in the Griffin yard stopped as the man approached.

“I’m sorry. I’m coming,” Craig said fearfully.

Eric stood as well and squeezed Craig’s shoulder.

“We’ll see you tomorrow, Craig.”

Craig looked down at the street and said nothing as he started walking toward the man.

“His step-dad is such a bastard,” Tad said softly. Michael sat up and watched as the man grabbed Craig as the boy approached and shoved him forward. Behind the boys, Dave Griffin and Bill Patterson both stood and watched with concern until the two turned the corner at Twelfth and disappeared from view.

Ricky came over from the neighbors’ yard and sat down beside Michael.

“He’s gonna beat up Craig again.”

Michael turned a shocked face to Ricky.

“What? He beats him up?”

Ricky nodded sadly.

“Yeah. All the time. He gets drunk and beats him up. For no reason. He just gets mad and whales on him.”

“I don’t think he will, tonight,” said Tad. “His mom is home tonight. She works over at the hospital and she’s off on Friday’s. He doesn’t beat him up when his mom’s home.”

Once again, Trevor and Michael’s eyes met and a silent message was sent between the two. Michael saw the concern and pain in Trevor’s face and felt an overwhelming emotion for Trevor which he could not explain.

“Hey, Trevor.”

The boys turned toward the group of adults and saw Trevor’s father slowly heaving himself up from an old canvas lawn chair.

“Yes, Dad?”

“I think it’s time to head home, now. It’s after midnight.”

“Aw, Dad. It’s the Fourth of July! Can’t we stay up?”

“Yes, but we don’t want to impose on the Griffins’ hospitality.”

Mrs. Renfield was standing now, as well, as the two folded their ancient lawn chairs.

“Are you still coming over, Michael?” Trevor’s mother asked.

“Yes,” said Michael jumping up. “Thank you!”

Trevor also stood, but Ricky remained seated in the grass as the rapid popping of firecrackers could be heard from up the street, in protest of the end of the celebrations.

“You gonna spend the night over at Trevor’s?” he asked. Michael suddenly felt uncomfortable as his faced flushed.

“Um, yeah.”

There was an uncomfortable silence. Michael realized that Ricky was waiting for him or Trevor to extend an invitation to join them. Michael liked Ricky, but he really didn’t want him to join them. He wanted to spend time with Trevor. Alone.

“Well,” said Ricky after a moment. “Have fun.”

He stood and turned toward Eric and Daniel, who were speaking softly with each other on the curb seemingly oblivious of the world around them. Tad watched him trudge away and then gave Michael an understanding look.

“Well, have fun,” he repeated, though with more sincerity.

Michael smiled and replied, “Thanks. See you tomorrow?”

Tad smiled and said, “Of course.”

Suddenly, Tad froze and looked wistfully up into the sky as a dog howled in the background and the tree frogs and crickets chirped. In his Lugosi voice, he declared, “The Children of the Night! Their songs are so beautiful!”

Trevor and Michael chuckled as they walked toward the adults.

“Don’t forget your guitar, Trevor,” Mrs. Griffin said pulling the guitar from behind her lawn chair. “You were so good,” she added with a sweet smile.

Turning to Trevor’s parents, she added, “He has a lot of talent. And, such a sweet voice. He almost sounds like an angel.”

Trevor blushed uncomfortably and looked down at the grass. His mother squeezed his shoulder.

“Yes, he hates to hear it, but he really does have a wonderful singing voice. We hope he’ll work on developing it.”

Michael grinned proudly at his friend and stood amazed as he gazed at the beauty, yes that was the only word he could think of, the beauty of the boy’s face as he shyly looked downward, his blond hair falling over his forehead, his lips forming a reluctant smile.

“Mikey, go in and brush your teeth real quick before you head over to Trevor’s.”

Michael awoke from his dream state and smirked at his Dad.

“Aw, come on, Dad. It’s late. The Renfields are ready to go. Can’t I brush ‘em in the morning?”

His father raised an eyebrow.

“Oops,” said Trevor with a grin as Michael smiled sheepishly and ran inside the house.

When he emerged a couple of minutes later, the crowd had dwindled to just the Griffins and the Renfields. Trevor was holding his guitar and smiled as Michael approached.

“We were so worried when we left St. Louis that Michael would have trouble adjusting. Madison is so different and Dave was so concerned,” his mother was saying.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, Michael thought as he approached.

“Oh, boys are resilient,” Trevor’s father was saying. “They can adjust to almost anything.”

Michael noticed his father’s silence and added, “Hey, Madison’s not that bad. There’s lots of cool people here.”

He smiled at his Dad, who smiled back and patted his son on the shoulder.

“I’m glad you’ve made some good friends.”

After another moment of silence, Mrs. Renfield said, “Well, lets get these two sacks of trouble to bed! Thank you so much Betsy for sharing your holiday with us!”

Trevor and Michael quickly started on their way as the parents continued their protracted good-byes.

“If I get like that when I have kids, promise you’ll shoot me,” Michael said as the came to the corner. Trevor grinned.

“I’ll never have to worry about it because I’m never going to have kids.”

“You aren’t? Why not?”

Trevor said nothing for a moment as they passed under the bright blue-white of the corner street light, and then sighed.

“Well, I just don’t think I will. Are you?”

Michael shrugged.

“Well, of course. I’ll go to college, get married, buy a house, have kids, turn into a fuddy-duddy, and then embarrass my kids in front of their friends. That’s life, isn’t it?”

“Is that really what you want?”

Michael was confused.

“Well, I guess. I mean, what else is there? That’s what you’re supposed to do, isn’t it?”

They were coming up to Shawnee and paused as a pick-up full of older teenage boys speed past, the boys hollering and holding up beer bottles in salute to the boys as it headed out toward the fields to the west of town. Trevor watched the truck recede and as they crossed the street, said, “Yeah, I guess. Just like you’re supposed to go to church on Sunday and you’re supposed to do your homework and you’re supposed to brush your teeth…”

As they reached the other side of the road and turned to walk along the edge of the drainage ditch toward the Renfields’ house, Michael looked back and saw Trevor’s parents a block behind them, carrying their lawn chairs and chatting. Trevor was looking ahead and had a wistful expression on his face.

“You aren’t gonna get philosophical again, are you?” Michael asked warily.

“You don’t like me to get philosophical?”

“No, no. I didn’t mean that. I think it’s kinda cool that you do. I don’t know anyone else who does, except my Dad. I was really just kidding you.”

Trevor smiled and looked at his house as they come up to the corner.

“I guess I just want more out of life than buying a house and having kids and going to the office everyday. Maybe when I get older.”

“Your parents are older. They waited to have you.”

Trevor grinned.

“I think I was an accident. I don’t think they meant to have me.”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked as they crossed Twelfth Street and entered the Renfields’ yard.

“I mean, after they had Colin, they didn’t have any more kids for eight more years and then all of a sudden Mom gets pregnant with me. Look at my birthday, middle of September. I think they got a little carried away celebrating New Year’s and… oops, there I am!”

Michael stopped.

“You mean they… they did it just to do it? They didn’t mean to get your Mom pregnant? They just did it to do it?”

Trevor stopped and looked at Michael as if he were crazy.

“Well, sure! You don’t think the only time you do it is to have a baby, do you?”


Michael stood confused for a moment and then tentatively walked toward Trevor.

“We’ll talk about it later,” Trevor said as he spied his parents coming. “Come on.”

As he climbed the steps to the porch, he turned.

“Hey, you ever slept outside before?”

Michael was thoughtful as he came up to Trevor on the porch.

“No, but it sounds fun.”

“Cool,” Trevor replied. “I have a couple of sleeping bags. Otherwise, you’d have to sleep on the floor in my room or sleep in the bed with me.”

Trevor watched Michael to see what his reaction to that statement would be. Michael struggled to keep a neutral face as he didn’t want Trevor to know that he would actually like to sleep in the same bed with him.

When his parents entered the yard, Trevor called out, “Hey, can Michael and me sleep out in the back tonight?”

“Trevor,” his father replied as he and his wife walked across the grass in the dim light of the corner street light, “don’t say ‘hey’ and don’t say “can” when you mean ‘may.’ And, it’s ‘Michael and I,’ not ‘Michael and me.”

“I don’t think Michael wants to sleep out with you. I think he wants to sleep out with me,” he replied with a grin.

“Scamp,” his father replied with a playful bop on the head. “Go and get your sleeping bags before I make you write out a hundred times, ‘I will not confuse my pronouns.”

“I don’t think pronouns can get confused. I think old parents can get confused…”

“Here,” his father declared, holding the two old canvas lawn chairs before him. “As punishment for your insolence, you may put away the lawn chairs. Now go, before I think of something more evil.”

Several minutes later, after numerous promises not to stay awake all night and cause trouble, the two boys emerged from the back door of the house, Trevor carrying the sleeping bags and Michael bearing several pillows and a can of insect repellent.

“Let’s go back here,” he said heading toward the back side of the garage. Michael nearly stumbled over a concrete bird bath in the middle of the yard as Trevor walked along a bed of thick petunias along the side of the wooden garage. He turned the corner and disappeared. Michael looked around the yard. In the faint, ambient light, he could just make out the vine-covered chain-link fence bordering the huge yard and the several crepe myrtle. As he turned the corner of the garage, he found Trevor setting the sleeping bags down beside a set of thick vines of cherry tomatoes. It was even darker here. To the north, a large hackberry tree extended over the back part of the yard, but the sky was completely unobscured where they stood.

“Nobody can see us back here,” Trevor said softly. “We’re completely alone.”

Michael could barely see the white of Trevor’s teeth as he grinned in the dark and, suddenly, he realized he was hard again, very incredibly, intensely hard. He suddenly felt short of breath.

Trevor set the sleeping bags down and unrolled them.

“Come on,” he said softly, encouragingly. He knelt in the grass and unzipped the bag, opening the flap as he sat down. He set his feet on the outside of the flap and looked up at Michael, who smiled and handing him a couple of pillows. He set the can of Off in the grass between the bags and knelt.

As he unzipped his bag, he heard some firecrackers in the distance and looked around.

“It’s OK,” Trevor assured him. “Nobody can see us here.”

As he sat down inside his sleeping bag, Michael wondered why Trevor kept reiterating that fact.

“Listen,” Trevor said softly.

Michael listened, but after a moment, whispered, “I can’t hear anything.”

“Yes, you can,” Trevor replied. “You can hear the crickets and the tree frogs. You can hear the birds in the hackberry as the wind moves the limbs. There’s a car out on the highway.”

“Yeah,” Michael whispered.

“It’s so peaceful,” Trevor breathed. “I love sleeping outside.”

“You sleep outside a lot?”

In the dark, he could see Trevor nod as he reached down and began to untie his Keds. Michael, too, reached for his PF Flyers and slipped them off, peeling his socks off and stuffing them inside his shoes as he set them in the grass at the foot of the sleeping bag. Trevor leaned back and lay his head on his pillows, gazing up at the sky. Michael did the same. For several minutes, they were silent as they looked upward as the heavens revealed themselves in all their glory.

“You never see anything like that living in a city,” Trevor whispered in an awestruck voice. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Yeah,” said Michael reverently. “I’ve never seen so many stars. I never saw anything like this in St. Louis.”

“I know. I never saw it in Oklahoma City. Sometimes, Dad and Colin and me would go camping at Turner Falls or Lake Thunderbird and I could see it. It’s even better there. There are still too many lights here in Madison. But, it’s still cool.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Trevor raised his right hand and pointed.

“That’s the Milky Way,” he whispered. “See how it runs from over the garage over there to the north?”

Michael said nothing. He felt something he had never known before. Never had any of his friends expressed such love for the beauty of the sky or made him feel it in that way. As his eyes followed the trail of starlight from the right to the left, Trevor dropped his arm and it fell to the side, his right hand less than an inch from Michael’s. They remained silent gazing upward.

Trevor raised his hand and pointed just above their feet.


In the distance, a half moon was just rising above the trees down the street. They watched for a moment before Michael whispered, “It’s hard to believe that in a couple of weeks, there are going to be men walking on the moon.”

“Yeah,” Trevor breathed. “It’s just like Columbus discovering America. We’re alive at the most historic moment in centuries. Just think about it. Years from now, kids will have to remember 1969 the way we have to remember 1776 or 1492.”

“You think Ricky’ll really go to the moon someday?”


Trevor grinned and looked at Michael.

“Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Ricky Patterson.”

Michael giggled and looked back up at the Milky Way. He could just barely hear some firecrackers in the distance over the crickets. And, then, he became aware of warmth near his hand. Without looking, he knew Trevor’s hand was just millimeters from his. He didn’t move, he didn’t breath.

And, then, he felt the knuckle of Trevor’s middle finger lightly, almost imperceptibly, touch his. With the slightest of movements, he pushed his hand toward Trevor’s. There was no way Trevor could not have noticed. A moment passed and then he felt a slight movement in Trevor’s hand again, pressing just a bit more. Michael pushed back and then lay, the backs of their hands touching. He could feel the warmth of Trevor’s hand and it sent a surge through him. His penis was so very hard. It was so difficult for him to breath. His chest seemed so tight.

His hand began to tremble and just as it did, Trevor’s suddenly moved across and his hand slipped into Michael’s. Michael gently wrapped his fingers around Trevor’s hand as Trevor did the same. Michael closed his eyes and smiled. This was the most wonderful moment of his life.

Michael had enjoyed numerous friendships in his nearly twelve years. He had a best friend in kindergarten and first grade until he moved away. He had several good, close buddies in second grade until he left St. Louis. Ricky was a good friend. But, no one had ever been like Trevor. There was just something different about Trevor. Michael had never been overly fond of art or history or science. He liked them, probably more than most boys. But, he had not been devoted to them, or to reading or to music. But, his parents had tried to expose him to a lot of different things and he had a fairly good knowledge of a lot of subjects. But, Trevor was different. He seemed to really understand art and science and literature and history. He seemed to… to grok it. Grok must be the word for it. And, the way he grokked them made Michael want to grok them, too. He wanted to look at the sky and feel the same sense of wonder Trevor felt. He wanted to listen to music and feel the same feeling he saw in Trevor’s face as he sang. And, he wanted Trevor to know he grokked it.

Suddenly, he felt a bite on his right thigh. Instinctively, he raised his right hand and slapped the mosquito, unintentionally breaking the hold with Trevor’s hand.

Trevor giggled sweetly and sat up.

“You need me to spray you with Off?”


Michael sat up and Trevor picked up the can.

“Good. Spray me, too.”

Suddenly, Trevor stood and pulled his shirt over his head. Michael watched as his slim torso was revealed. He looked at Trevor’s small, stiff, little nipples and felt another surge. But, when Trevor unsnapped his shorts and began to unzip them, his eyes grew wide.

“What are you doing?” he whispered in fear.

“I’m getting naked,” Trevor replied. “Why?”

“Well, yeah. But, why?”

Trevor looked at Michael as if he were being silly and that the answer was self-evident.

“Well, we don’t want the mosquitoes to bite our dicks, do we?”

Michael was speechless and wide-eyed.

“Besides,” Trevor continued. “I usually sleep naked.”

“You do?”

“Sure. Its cool. I love being naked.”

Michael could think of nothing to say in reply. Trevor could see the fear in his eyes and smiled.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed with me, Michael. We grok each other. We’re like water brothers.”

“What’s a water brother?”

“In Stranger In a Strange Land, water brothers are like the closest friends you can be. It’s like someone you can totally trust, someone you would never lie to, someone who understands you and someone you understand. Water brothers grok each other.”

Michael took a breath and saw the understanding smile on Trevor’s face. His resistance was slipping away, yet he still couldn’t quite accept what was happening.

“But, I’m…” he couldn’t say it.

Trevor knelt in front of him, their faces almost level.

“Are you hard?” he breathed.

Michael barely nodded as he softly replied, “Yeah. I’m hard.”

Trevor smiled.

“So am I. I always get hard when I feel the universe and the world around me. I get hard when I see the stars. I get hard when I see a beautiful painting. I get hard when I hear wonderful music.” He paused.

“I get hard when I grok someone.”

“Do you grok me?”

Trevor nodded.

“Have you ever grokked anyone else?”

Trevor thought for a moment and then replied, “Only one other. Just Colin. But, it’s different. I grok you special.”

Michael swallowed.

“I guess I grok you, too.”

Trevor smiled and held out his hand. Michael took it and Trevor pulled him up as he stood.

“Let’s get naked,” he whispered.

The words seemed to light a fire within Michael. He nearly gasped as he felt another surge of feeling and emotion course through his body. His hands trembling, he reached up and pulled his shirt up and over his head, enjoying the sensation of the night air on his bare torso. Trevor was standing just a foot away. Michael slowly unsnapped his shorts and paused. Trevor took his zipper in his fingers and waited for Michael. Slowly, they lowered their zippers. Their shorts fell open and then dropped to their feet. Trevor stepped out of his and kicked them to the side. Michael did the same. The two boys stood in only their underwear, facing each other, their rigid penises pushing out the tight fabric of their briefs.

Michael could barely breathe as his eyes locked on Trevor’s underwear. Just beneath that thin cotton was his penis. He wanted to reach forward, to touch it, to feel it. Slowly his mouth opened as if he were going to speak. Yet, he was silent. His eyes rose and met Trevor’s.

“Ready?” Trevor breathed. Michael’s head barely nodded.

Trevor raised his hands to his hips and slipped his thumbs under the elastic band of his briefs. Trembling, Michael did the same. The two paused until Trevor began to push his underwear downward. Millimeter by millimeter, he slowly revealed his smooth lower abdomen until the elastic became caught on his stiff penis. Michael pushed his shorts down until his hard boyhood popped free of the elastic and bobbed rigidly in the warm night air. With a swallow, he pushed the shorts down further until they dropped to his feet.

Trevor’s eyes were locked on Michael’s penis. He paused as his own throbbed beneath the fabric of his briefs.

“Well?” Michael whispered.

Trevor looked up and saw Michael breathing through his mouth, his eyes looking up at his. Uncertainty, hope, and fear all flowed over Michael’s face. Trevor smiled and pushed his shorts down, allowing them to fall to his feet. His penis snapped upward, bouncing against his abdomen and pointing rigidly, stiffly toward Michael’s face.

Michael couldn’t breathe as he gazed in wonder at Trevor’s penis. It was thinner than his, but slightly longer. However, the most fascinating thing about it was that it was like BJ’s in that he had the hood of skin over the cone at the tip. Well, not completely over the cone. The tip was emerging from within the skin. He could see the shape of the cone within the skin. It was so beautiful. He watched as the skin seemed to slowly pull back, revealing more of the tip. The penis seemed to pulse with Trevor’s heartbeat. It seemed to be reaching out to him.

But, just as Michael was about to reach out himself, Trevor suddenly knelt before his, his face just inches from Michael’s own stiffly bobbing and pulsing penis. Michael had a crazy thought for just a second that Trevor was going to lean forward and kiss it. But, he didn’t. Instead, he picked up the orange can of Off and stood back up. Shyly, he smiled again at Michael and raised the can.

“Well, um, are you ready?” he whispered. Michael nodded.

“Well, spread your legs out and hold out your arms.

Michael did as he was told, holding his arms outward and upward, his legs open. He had the fleeting thought that he must look like that drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s, of the man in the circle. He felt so open and revealed, his stiff penis standing up and outward from his naked body as he spread his legs and arms. Trevor held the can as his eyes roamed over Michael.

“Well?” Michael whispered. “Aren’t you going to spray me?”

“Oh, um, yeah.”

With a blush Michael could see even in the darkness behind the garage, Trevor raised the can and began to quickly spray Michael’s torso and arms. He walked around and sprayed his back and his butt, knelt and quickly sprayed the back of his legs before standing again and moving back around to Michael’s front. He knelt again and spayed Michael’s legs and then stood.

“I thought you were afraid of a mosquito biting my dick?” Michael whispered.

Trevor had been staring at it. He nodded and swallowed and then quickly gave Michael’s penis a quick spray. Michael gasped as the cool spray hit his penis, causing a shudder to pass through his body. Trevor grinned.

“OK,” he said with a grin. “My turn.”

Trevor stood back and spread out his arms and legs. Suddenly, his face broke into a strange grin, exciting and curious. His eyes locked on Trevor’s face, as if hypnotized by the strange smile, he reached forward and grasped the can. With a swallow he began to spray Trevor’s torso and arms, quickly, nervously. He walked around behind his friend, spraying his back as his eyes gazed over the interesting shape of his butt. He fought a strange urge to reach down and run his hands over the soft looking cheeks of his friend’s rear. When he returned to Trevor’s front, he dropped to his knees, Trevor’s penis just inches from his face, and sprayed first one leg, then the other. He stopped, gazing at the rigidly pulsing penis before his face.

“Do it,” Trevor whispered.

Michael’s mouth opened as he sought to breath. He raised the can, but he couldn’t bring himself to push the button down.

“Do it, Trevor whispered again.

Michael swallowed and gave one quick spurt to the right, followed by one to the left. He looked up and saw Trevor smiling down at him, his teeth showing in the dark, his cheeks so beautiful, his hair falling down over his face.

Suddenly, Trevor turned and quickly took several steps back, standing naked in the grass. He threw his arms in the air and spun around several times before stopping and looking at Michael again.

“Stand up,” he said softly. “Come on!”

Michael watched in shock and love as suddenly Trevor turned and ran toward the back of the yard. He approached a crepe myrtle and stopped beside it. He turned and waved at Michael, beckoning him to join him.

A wicked, beautiful thrill exploded through him and Michael stood. He smiled and began running barefoot through the grass, his hard penis stiffly bobbing in the humid night air. Trevor giggled and took off as Michael approached, running around the other side of the crepe myrtle.

Michael giggled. He couldn’t help it. He felt manic, crazy, joyous. He was naked and free and running through the garden. It felt so wondrous to be naked, to run about the yard, free of worry and concern, free of restrictions and rules, blissful, ecstatic. He laughed out loud as Trevor ran to the honeysuckle covered fence. Michael followed and as he was about to catch him, Trevor took off again, running to another bush, stopping, and looking back at Michael with a teasing look. Michael stood beside the fence, catching his breath, breathing in the sweet scent of honeysuckle, before taking off again. Trevor jumped and ran to his right. Michael ran to intercept him, but Trevor suddenly stopped and reversed, faking him out and running back. He giggled manically and ran full tilt toward the back fence and under the giant hackberry. Michael followed, a look of pure joy on his face.

Trevor suddenly yelped and jumped. He had stepped on a twig beneath the tree. He darted away from his and ran back toward the fence on the west side of the yard. Suddenly, he stopped and looked to the north. Michael stopped as well. Headlights were approaching down Twelfth Street, from the fields to the north.

Trevor suddenly grinned, his eyes huge and crazed. He ran to the nearest crept myrtle and ducked. The headlights swept over head just as Michael ducked down beside him, his heart racing with fear and delight.

The pick-up truck rumbled past and stopped at the corner. As it passed on and out of sight, Trevor rose slowly, watching carefully, his penis just as rigid and hard as ever. Michael, crouching beside him, felt the wild desire to reach out and touch it and was about to when Trevor suddenly jumped to the side, turned toward him, and grinned before taking off again.

Michael jumped up and followed. He noticed, this time, however, that Trevor wasn’t running quite as quickly as before. He angled back toward the garage as Michael grew closer. As he reached the sleeping bags, Michael threw himself forward. His hands caught Trevor by the hips and brought him down into the grass.

Giggling hysterically, Trevor squealed, “No!” and fought to free himself as Michael crawled on top of his naked back. The sensation of naked skin against naked skin was almost too much for Michael. He could barely get his breath and he climbed on top of Trevor’s struggling body. His penis slipped between Trevor’s legs, which suddenly scissored and squeezed it. Michael threw his head up and gasped, as did Trevor. The two writhed. Trevor threw his bead back and began thrusting his hips forward and backward, forcing his own penis into the soft grass beneath, forcing Michael’s penis deeper between his thighs. The two were merely making a pretense of wrestling; instead, reveling in the amazing feelings as they writhed against each other’s naked body.

Suddenly, Trevor bucked upward, tossing Michael off his body and onto the grass. Trevor quickly crawled on top, front to front, his hips against Michael’s, his torso atop Michael’s, his face just inches from Michael’s. He gasped breathlessly and grinned manically above Michael’s face. He grabbed Michael’s hands and forced them above his head. Grasping both wrists with his left hand, he reached down Michael’s struggling body. His hand stopped just inches from Michael’s armpit. He looked down at his friend’s face, seeing the delicious fear and the frightened anticipation in his face. Michael could smell Trevor’s sweet breath and he timed his inhaling to coincide with Trevor’s exhales. Trevor’s hips were pressed into Michael’s, their throbbing penises pressed firmly against each other. Michael thrust upward and closed his eyes in delight at the sensation.

“Nnguhhh!” he moaned.

Trevor reached down and thrust his fingers into Michael’s armpit. Michael screamed.

“No! No! Yaaaah!”

Trevor realized the boy had no control, but he had nothing to cover his mouth except… his own mouth. Suddenly, he dropped his open mouth down onto Michael’s, their lips forming a perfect “o” as the boy on the bottom writhe and jerked under the merciless onslaught of Trevor’s fingers. Trevor forced him mouth down, holding Michael’s in place as Michael screamed and cried and laughed into Trevor’s mouth.

Suddenly, the full impact of what was happening struck both boys. Trevor’s fingers suddenly ceased their brutal, loving torment of Michael’s ticklish armpit. Instead, his hand began to caress the side of Michael’s ribs. His left hand released Michael’s wrists. Michael lay beneath Trevor for a moment, his arms still above his head, in shock.

Trevor was kissing him.

Trevor was naked, laying on top of him, and kissing him.

Trevor was forcing his hips down on him, pushing his penis back and forth against his tummy, forcing his own penis against Trevor’s tummy. The feeling was better than rubbing it, a million times better than rubbing it.


Trevor swallowed Michael’s moan and raised his head a couple of inches. He gazed down into Michael’s green eyes, raised his right hand up o Michael’s head as he braced himself on his left elbow. He ran his fingers through Michael’s dark, reddish brown hair. Trevor slowly lowered his head until their mouths came together.

Michael was beyond understanding. He was doing things he could never have imagined himself doing. Kissing was one of the grossest things he could imagine, especially with a boy. Yet, Trevor’s lips on his seemed to be the most perfect thing imaginable.

He pushed forward, rolling their bodies over to the side. His left hand came down and caressed Trevor’s back, moving up and down and feeling the smooth, hot, sweaty skin. The scent of the insect repellent as well as Trevor’s sweet, sweating boy smell was the most wonderful fragrance he could think of. His hand moved lower and cupped one of Trevor’s soft cheeks.

He and Trevor, both, moaned as they writhed together, reveling in the wonderful feel of both bodies. Michael closed his eyes as he realized he was holding the most beautiful boy he had ever seen. And, Trevor wasn’t beautiful just outside. He was the most beautiful boy inside as well. They understood each other inside, in the most fundamental way. They grokked each other.

Suddenly, Trevor pulled away. He gazed at Michael’s face and grinned.

“You are so cool,” he whispered.

“You, too,” Michael replied. “This is so cool.”

Trevor sat up beside Michael, getting up on his knees and then sitting back on the heels of his feet, his knees spread wide as he gazed down at Michael’s body. Trevor’s penis rigidly pointed straight up. He gazed down at Michael’s as it hovered and bobbed stiffly above his tummy.

Once again, Trevor’s penis was just a foot from Michael’s face. He gazed at it, studying every detail, loving every detail, the creamy white perfection, the tight little balls snug beneath, the skin pulling back from the cone.

“Your penis… your dick is so cool,” he whispered.

“You like it?” Trevor asked.

“Yeah. You have skin over the tip. How come?”

Trevor giggled.

“It’s a foreskin. That’s how dicks come. You don’t have one because you were circumcised when you were a baby.”

“What do you mean?”

Trevor smiled and reached down, running his finger along the rigid stiffness of Michael’s boyhood.

“Sometimes, people cut the skin off around the end of dicks. For some people it’s a religious thing, like with Jews. A lot of Christians do it too, especially in America.”

Michael gazed upward at Trevor’s face in admiration.

“Man, you are so smart. You just know everything.”

Trevor smiled and wrapped his fingers around Michael’s penis, causing the boy to moan and thrust his hips upward.

“Oh, God, that feels so good. Oh, man. That feels so much better than when I do it.”

Trevor’s hand felt all over Michael’s penis and balls.

“Man,” Trevor said with awe in his voice. “You’re boner is so hard. It’s like a rock. I can’t believe how hard it is.”

He was working it harder, squeezing it, twisting his hand around as he slowly pumped it up and down.

Trevor looked into Michael’s eyes and whispered, “Feel me.”

The way he said it made Michael feel so strange, so good. Slowly he raised his hand and touched the tip of Trevor’s… dick.

It jumped as he touched it. He heard Trevor’s quick intake of breath.

“Do it,” he whispered.

Michael took two fingers and slowly pulled the skin back, revealing the cone.

“Ouch,” Trevor said as he flinched. Michael jerked his hand back in alarm. Trevor smiled reassuringly at him.

“Not so far,” he said, giving Michael’s dick a squeeze.

Michael was almost crazed with The Feeling. He had to feel Trevor’s dick. He had to feel The Feeling at the end. He had to make Trevor feel the feeling. He reached back up and wrapped his hand around the incredible stiffness of Trevor’s boyhood.

Trevor moaned and he thrust his hips forward. Michael worked his hand up and down, mimicking Trevor’s movements on his own… boner.

Michael reveled in the new words he was learning, dick and boner, as well as in the amazing feelings. It was almost too much, it was so wonderful.

Just as The Feeling was about to explode through Michael’s body, Trevor pulled his hand away. Michael looked up at Trevor’s face in anguish and fear.

“What’s the matter?”

“You were gonna do it,” Trevor replied with a nasty grin. “I want to do it at the same time. I want to feel it at the same time you do.”

Michael gasped with The Feeling and with love. Yes, love. He realized in that moment that he loved Trevor. He wanted to make Trevor feel good, as good as he was making him feel. He loved Trevor.

Michael squeezed and pumped faster on Trevor’s dick. Trevor gasped and quickly grabbed Michael’s dick, squeezing and pumping it as quickly as Michael was his.

Both boys twisted and writhed in glorious ecstasy as the wondrous feelings crashed through their bodies.

“Nnng! Nnng! Nnng!” Michael moaned, his voice growing higher and more plaintive.

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!!” Trevor cried as suddenly, he rose up onto his knees over Michael’s face. Trevor’s eyes closed and his face twisted into anguished joy. Michael did the same as he body squirmed in the grass under Trevor’s crazed pumping.

They both cried out as The Feeling exploded in both, crashing, exploding, their minds on fire as were their bodies. Trevor jerked and bucked, almost falling over as he desperately pumped Michael’s spasming dick. Michael was twisting in the grass, his hips pushing up, desperately trying to pushing his dick faster and harder into Trevor’s fist.

And, then, suddenly, it was over.

Michael’s hand dropped from Trevor’s dick and fell into the grass. Trevor sat back onto the balls of his feet, his hand falling to his side, gasping as he gazed down at the slender boy beneath him.

As they gasped for breath, their eyes met. Michael smiled up at Trevor. None of the guilt and shame he had felt after the experience with Ricky and BJ even entered his mind. This was nothing like that day. This was perfect. This was glorious. This was love.

Neither boy said anything. They didn’t have to.

Slowly, Michael turned over and crawled through the grass to the sleeping bags, his dick just as hard as it had been before The Feeling exploded. He lay on his side and patted the space beside him. Trevor crawled over on all fours and lay beside him, wrapping his arms around Michael. They entwined their legs. They slowly kissed. Trevor pulled back and looked into Michael’s eyes.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” Michael replied.

And, as the crickets and the tree frogs sang in the night, as the gentle summer air caressed their skin, as the stars and planets swam through the sky above, Michael and Trevor made gentle love to each other until the light of dawn coaxed them into peaceful, joyous sleep.

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