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A Curious Set of Misfits

by FreeThinker

“Sitting on the side. Waiting for a sign. Hoping that my luck will change.

Reaching for a hand that can understand someone who feels the same.

When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin.

So you don't stand out and you don't fit in. Weird.”

Hanson. Copyright 1997, Jam 'N Bread Music

Chapter Nine

“Hey! Catlickers!”

“Yeah, look at the catlickers!”

Michael, Tad, and Daniel were walking up Sequoyah Street after school. It was the typical early September afternoon for eastern Oklahoma, hot and humid; not much different from August. The boys had loosened their blue and red striped ties from around the collars of their white short-sleeved shirts. Tad had untied his altogether and left it to hang over his shoulders. A block ahead, Michael's younger brother, Jimmy, and several other third graders were stopped by a gang of public school kids walking home from Westside Elementary. They were encircled and the public school boys were laughing and poking at them.

Michael had been in a fairly good mood that day. He had done well in class. He enjoyed sharing his day with Tad and Daniel. His teachers were far kinder and more interesting than those in his old school. Though he missed Trevor during the day, he knew that they would meet when they returned home and that thought helped keep him going. However, as he saw what was happening ahead, he froze and a look of outrage came over his face.

“Catlickers?” he demanded.

“That's what the public school kids call us,” Tad explained. “You know, Catholic? Catlicker?”

Michael threw down his books and stormed forward. Tad and Daniel both shrugged and sighed. Tad picked up the books and the two hurried forward to support their friend.

Jimmy was standing in the middle of the group, a look of complete confusion on his face. His three friends surrounded him, frightened and showing it.

“What the heck is going on here?” Michael demanded as he approached. Jimmy's relief was unmistakable, as was that of the other boys. The leader of the bullies stepped up to him.

“We're showing these catlickers what we think of 'em,” he blustered.

Michael recognized the boy as B.J. Tharp's youngest brother, Lonnie. He had the same shaggy, unkempt blond hair, the same freckles, the same shabby jeans and t-shirt, (probably handed down to him from B.J.), and the same contemptuous arrogance in his face.

“Yeah? Well, get outta here!”

Tad and Daniel came up behind Michael and laid their books in the grass. Neither one was ready for a fight, even with boys three years behind them. But, Michael was the leader of their group and they couldn't let him fight this battle alone.

“Yeah? Make me.”

Michael roughly shoved him down onto the ground. The other bullies all took off and Tad and Daniel walked toward them. However, Lonnie, simply looked up at Michael with belligerent defiance.

“Where are all your friends,now?” Michael asked with a sneer. Lonnie stood up.

“Fuck you, faggot. My brother'll come down and kick your faggot ass. And, your faggot boyfriend, too!”

Michael simply looked him in the eye.

“He knows where I live.”

:”Yeah,” Lonnie sneered. “We know all about you cocksuckers. Ricky told us all about you!”

Lonnie turned and walked nonchalantly away.

Jimmy smiled at Michael and his friends all thanked him for defending them. Michael looked down at Jimmy and squeezed his shoulder.

“Why were they making fun of us for being Catholic?” he asked.

Michael said nothing, watching Lonnie's retreating figure.

“Because their stupid and that's what stupid people do,” Tad replied.

“Nobody ever made fun of us like that in St. Louis,” Jimmy mumbled as he looked down at the cracked sidewalk. “People are sure a lot different there.”

Slowly, Jimmy turned and his friends followed him as they slowly resumed their walk up the street. Tad and Daniel both picked up their books and Tad started to hand Michael's to him, but stopped. There was a look of pain on Michael's face. Tad looked in the direction of Michael's eyes and saw, standing diagonally across the intersection, beside a yellow fire hydrant, Billy Patterson, Ricky's younger brother. Billy was silently watching, shame on his face. Slowly, he younger boy turned and trudged sadly up the street, unknown to Jimmy and the other third graders.

The younger boys had heard the insulting words Lonnie had used, but had paid no more attention to them than if he had said, “buttface,” or “dumbass.” They were simply insults to them. However, Tad and Daniel both knew what the words meant and both had heard Lonnie say that Ricky had told him all about Michael and Trevor.

“Michael,” said Tad softly. There was no response. Michael's face was flushed, but whether it was from the anger of the exchange or embarrassment, Tad couldn't tell.

“Michael,” he repeated. “Are you OK.”

Michael swallowed and nodded slightly. He looked downward as Tad handed him his books and started walking up the street. Tad looked back at Daniel and gave him a knowing look. Daniel nodded.

None of the boys said a word and when they came to the corner where Tad would turn right and Daniel left, the two simply said, “See ya.” Michael nodded and walked on.


Dave Griffin was sitting on the steps in front his house, sipping an iced tea and looking up and down the street. His thoughts were confused and often, when he felt himself in such a state, he would relax outside, enjoying the beauty of nature, the neighborhood children playing in the street and their yards, the hundred examples of normal everyday life around him. He had removed his dress shirt and tie after dinner and sat in his slacks and t-shirt. He closed his eyes.

Across the street, he heard the screen door of the Patterson house. Opening his eyes, he saw Bill Patterson strolling over to the driveway and his Chevy. Bill waved and signaled for him to come over. Dave smiled and slowly stood.

As he walked across the grass, Trevor approached on his bike carrying his guitar in his left hand. Dave waived.

“He's in the back, hiding in the clubhouse!”

“Thanks, Mr. Griffin,” the boy replied.

There was something about Trevor that Dave liked. The boy seemed so confident, so wise beyond his years, and, yet, so young and nave. He could understand why Michael had taken to him. What he couldn't understand, and couldn't get Michael to explain, was why for nearly two months, he and Ricky had seemed to end their friendship.

Bill Patterson was raising the hood on his Chevy as Dave approached. Bill watched as Trevor rode his bike through the side yard and around the corner of the Griffins' house. Dave noticed the frown on his face.

“So, what's happening over in this neck of the woods?” he asked.

“Oh, just checkin' the oil,” Bill replied. “How's the insurance business?”

“Captivating,” Dave responded with sarcasm. Bill grinned.

“How's the old man?”

“Difficult,” Dave replied with a sigh. “He wants me to take over the agency, but he doesn't want to give it up. I just don't know what to do. I can't do anything right. I can't make him happy.”

Bill pulled the dipstick from the engine and wiped it with an oily rag.

“I think we had this same conversation about twenty years ago.”

Dave shook his head.

“Dear God, I hope Michael doesn't feel this way about me. Ever.”

Bill smiled as he slipped the dipstick back in. He tossed the rag into the garage and closed the hood of the car.

“I wonder sometimes,” Dave continued, “if I made the right decision in leaving my job and uprooting the family and coming back. I mean, does Dad really give a damn?”

“Of course, he does,” Bill replied. “You know your Dad. He just doesn't show emotion. Neither does mine. He's proud of you. He wouldn't let you anywhere near his pride and joy if he didn't.”

Dave smiled, but chuckled ruefully.

“That's the point. His 'pride and joy.' That agency is his pride and joy. It always was. Nothing ever came in the way of his business.

Dave looked off.

“Not even me.”

After an embarrassed pause, Bill asked softly, “You never did tell me the real reason you came back. It wasn't just to help out the old man, was it?”

Dave looked down.

“You'll probably laugh.”

Bill said nothing, waiting patiently. Dave sighed.

“When I was sixteen, I read Dante's Inferno. One of the worst places in Hell was reserved for the Neutrals, the men who were faced with undeniable choices between good and evil and who chose not to choose.”

Bill nodded and smiled. This sounded just like the old, young, Davey Griffin.

“You remember all that happened when we were in high school, all the mysterious beatings of coloreds and how nobody ever seemed to know anything about it; how the Catholics in town had to keep such a low profile. Dad was always so worried that if he did or said anything to upset the apple cart, it would hurt the agency and he'd lose business. We used to go round and round about it. He was so damned afraid of what people would think.”

“Hey, I can understand. Some people had their homes burned. This was the South in the Forties.”

Dave sighed.

“' All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.'”

Bill grinned.

“Edmund Burke never came to Madison, Oklahoma.”

Dave looked surprised and Bill chuckled.

“OK., I'm a car salesman, but we took Civics together. I remember all those damn quotes Old Lady Higgins beat into our heads.”

Dave smiled contritely.

“So, anyway,” Bill continued, “what's all this got to do with you're coming back to Madison?”

“Well, I gave my Dad such a hard time about never standing up for what's right. And, after that incident with Johnny Tracy, well, Dad and I said some things that, well... We've never mentioned it since, but, I think I understand him a little better now that I'm a father. I made his life pretty difficult with my self-righteous attitude and... I owe him a debt.”

Bill paused.

“Listen, about Johnny. I want you to know that, um, I never thought, well, you know...”

Dave nodded.


Bill paused again and Dave could see he wanted to say more.

“What is it?”

“Well, have you talked with Michael about this problem he and Rick have?”

“I've tried, but he won't talk.”

Bill nodded.

“Rick wouldn't either until the other night when we saw Johnny Tracy walking by himself through the park. He opened up and... I think you need to know that... well, its similar to the Johnny Tracy episode back in '48.”

Dave froze, his eyes slowly growing wider.

“I'm sorry, man. I... hate to be the one to tell you, but... maybe you should... maybe keep that Renfield kid away, if you know what I mean. I mean, Michael may not really be that way and its just the influence of Trevor. You know?”

Dave was speechless. He looked down at the grass beside the concrete of the Pattersons' driveway. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Michael's friends, Tad and Daniel, accompanied by Eric, the kid who seemed to always befriend and look out for the younger boys, walking up the street toward his house.

Dave raised his tea and drank the last of it. Slowly he turned.

“I'm sure you can work it out, Dave. Michael's a good kid.”

Dave nodded back and turned back toward his house, waiving half-heartedly in response to Eric's cheerful greeting.


“Whatcha reading?”

Michael looked up from his book. He was sitting in the corner of the clubhouse in his backyard. Trevor was looking over the edge of the window, smiling. The pain he had struggled to hide for the rest of the afternoon and through dinner suddenly seemed to dissolve as he saw the beautiful face of his water brother. He held the book up.

The Outsiders. It's written by this girl in high school in Tulsa about the soc's and the greasers. It's pretty good.”

Trevor entered the clubhouse and sat down, laying his guitar against the wall behind him.

“She's in high school and they published her book?”

Michael nodded.

“She must be pretty good.”

“I'll let you read it when I'm done.”

They sat silently for a moment until Trevor coughed.

“So, is there anything wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you didn't come by the house after school. I was kinda missing you and I was kinda hoping we could, you know, cuddle and stuff.”

Michael smiled sadly and looked down at his lap. Softly, he said, “Ricky told B.J.”

Trevor said nothing as he saw Michael's pain return.

“Yeah, I figured he probably would.”

Michael shook his head.

“I didn't. I didn't think he was that mean.”

Trevor paused before continuing.

“How do you know he told?”

“Well, some kids were giving Jimmy and his pals a hard time about being Catholic, calling them catlickers and stuff and Daniel and Tad and I ran over and chased them off. But, Lonnie was one of them and he told me that B.J. was going to kick my faggot ass and your's too and that Ricky told them all about us.”

Trevor remained silent, his hands resting on his knees as he sat cross-legged in front of his friend. He thought for a moment and then replied, “B.J.'s not going to do anything.”

“How do you know?”

“Cause, I just do. There's something that just tells me that B.J. doesn't want to cause any trouble like that.”

Michael looked at Trevor skeptically, but said nothing. He sighed and stretched out his legs.

“Daniel and Tad heard him. They didn't say anything, but I think they figured out what's been happening and why Ricky won't have anything to do with us anymore.”

“How did Tad act?”

Michael swallowed.

“He didn't say anything. None of us did. But, he didn't act like he hated us.”

Trevor nodded.

“I think Tad would understand.”

Trevor picked up his guitar and started strumming random chords and tuning. Often, he and Michael would sit together in the evening, either in the clubhouse or on the front porch of the Renfields' house, Michael reading and Trevor playing his guitar. It seemed to be the natural order of things for both boys.

“We got a letter from Colin, today,” Trevor volunteered as he played a few chords of “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

“Is he coming home?”

“Yeah. He's not going back to Wash U, though. Dad's really torqued that he decided to stay in France until after the semester started.”

“What's he going to do?”

Trevor shrugged. “I don't know, but he'll lose his deferment. I know he's not to going wait around to get drafted, though. He might go to Canada.”

“So, why did he stay in France?”

“Mom and Dad think it was a girl.”

Trevor grinned.

“Was it?” Michael asked. Trevor grinned again.

“Well, it wasn't a girl.”

Michael looked at his friend for a moment and then, recognition dawned on him.

“You mean he found a water brother in France?”

Trevor grinned.

“Look, water brother's don't have to be gay. But, yes, I think he found a boyfriend, but it didn't last.”

Michael's eyes opened wide.

“Wow. I didn't know Colin was... like us.”

Trevor smiled and looked off out the window at the clear evening sky.

“Colin is... well, Colin's Colin. That's the best way to describe him. Colin's just... himself. He's so cool.”

Trevor looked down at the floor and Michael saw a look of longing in his water brother's eyes.

“You miss your brother, don't you?”

But, before Trevor could respond, the boys turned and looked out the doorway of the clubhouse as Tad, Daniel, and Eric turned the corner of the house and entered the back yard. As they approached, Daniel looked concerned and Tad looked embarrassed. Only Eric seemed happy and comfortable, if not a little curious. The five boys sat in a circle in the clubhouse and remained silent for a moment as Michael and Trevor looked from one face to another, Michael fearfully, Trevor expectantly.

“Umm,” Daniel began. Eric squeezed his shoulder, as if lending him support. The younger boy swallowed, but remained silent, looking at his feet as he sat cross-legged on the wooden floor. Tad spoke up.

“Look, we want to talk to you. We, uh, we want you to know... that... we think you two are cool and that you're our friends and that you don't need to be embarrassed about... well... you know. I mean, like, so what? You know?”

Michael looked wide-eyed at Tad and then at Daniel and Eric. The older boy smiled.

“Listen, it's cool. Don't be embarrassed. I think its neat that you two are such good friends. Everybody needs a best friend that they can share their best secrets with and say things and do things they would never say or do with anyone else. Its the neatest thing in the world when you have someone like that in your life.”

Daniel grinned and looked up at Eric as the older boy put his arm around him.

“You know Brad, who lives up the street from me?” Eric continued. Michael nodded.

“Well, him and me have, um, uh, kinda fooled around since we were younger than y'all.”

Trevor grinned at Michael, whose eyes grew wide, though not as wide as Daniel's. Eric looked down and saw the shock on the boy's face. He leaned down and kissed Daniel's forehead. Tad smiled wistfully as he watched. Daniel closed his eyes and seemed to melt into the older boy. Trevor reached over and took Michael's hand. Michael seemed reluctant, at first, to allow him, but after a moment of contact, he relented and squeezed Trevor's hand back.

“Thanks, guys,” Michael said softly. “You... you're great.”

Trevor, facing the door, withdrew his hand and nodded in the direction of the house. Michael's eyes darted to the right and saw his father slowly approaching from the corner of the house. He seemed to have a serious look on his face; but as he reached the center of the yard and all five boys were looking expectantly at him, he stopped, looked thoughtful, and then merely waived and turned away. The boys turned to Michael as if for an explanation. Michael merely shrugged.

In response, Trevor picked up his guitar and began to strum.

“Trevor,” Daniel asked as he snuggled closer under Eric's arm. “Would you sing Eidleweiss again? That's so pretty the way you do that. I think that's my favorite song.”

And, as Trevor sang Eidleweiss and other songs from The Sound of Music, Eric and Daniel cuddled unself-consiously in the corner, Michael closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall, proud of his water brother and grateful for his friends, and Tad watched the others, smiling at the beauty of friendship and wishing someone at that moment would hold his hand.


“So, have you and Eric ever done it?”

Michael and Daniel were walking up Sequoyah Avenue after school, Tad following behind. Tall thunderheads were building in the western sky, obscuring the afternoon sun and presaging then storms that would often rampage across Oklahoma in the spring and fall. Michael welcomed the relative relief from the usual September afternoon heat.

Daniel blushed.

“Well, like what do you mean 'done it?'”

Tad and Michael grinned.

“You know. Like, do you, like, masturbate with each other?”

Daniel shyly looked down at the cracked sidewalk.

“No. its not like that. He just hugs me and holds me and, you know, we just like, talk and stuff. Its just nice to be together, you know? He just holds me and it's... it's just so cool. It's so wonderful just to let him hold me.”

Tad smiled.

“I wish I had someone to hold me like that.”

Michael looked at him in a new light.

“Eric's the most wonderful guy in the world.” Daniel said softly.

As they came up to the corner of Twelfth Street, the three paused. Michael looked to the west and waived. Trevor was walking toward them. He waived and started running toward them. However, Michael frowned when he saw Ricky walking with Kenny and Ronnie on the opposite side of the street. Tad and Daniel stood silently beside and even Trevor stopped running when I realized Ricky was near.

Michael and Ricky's eyes met. Ricky continued walking, but watching Michael until his eyes dropped to the sidewalk. Ronnie and Kenny were joking around, paying no attention to the scene playing out before them. As the reached the corner, they turned and proceeded on toward Ricky's house. Ricky didn't look back.

Trevor crossed over as Tad and Daniel both put hands on Michael's shoulders.

“Don't worry about it,” Daniel said. “Y'all still have us.”

“Hey,” said Trevor. Michael smiled at him.

“You OK?” Trevor asked as he looked with worry at his water brother. Michael nodded.

“I am now.”

“Aw, ain't that sweet!” said Tad with a grin. Michael and Trevor both barred their teeth and gave Tad's classic guttural hiss.

“Ah!” he declared in his Bela Lugosi voice, “my brothers!”

Daniel giggled and began to cross the Twelfth Street to his house.

“Hey, want to come over?” Trevor asked.

“I can't,” Daniel replied with a sweet smile. “Eric's coming over to tutor me in Spanish. Besides, my parents are at some function downtown and we have the house to ourselves.”

“Ooooh!” The other three all said in unison.

“Stop it!” Daniel declared with a blush as he turned. The others all smiled.

“See ya,” Michael yelled. “Hey, wanna go to the matinee, tomorrow? They're showing The Love Bug.”

“Maybe. Let me see what Eric's doing.”

“That's so sweet,” said Tad as the three started walking up Twelfth.

“Yeah, it's really cool,” said Michael. “I think it'd be neat to have someone older love you like that.”

“It is,” said Trevor. “That's the way Colin and me are.”

“You're lucky,” said Tad ruefully. “I wish my brothers were like that.”

Trevor frowned.

“They're still dumping on you?”

Tad was silent until they came to Shawnee. They stopped at the corner and waited for a couple of cars to pass. The storm clouds were building and a breeze from the west blew Tad's undone tie from around his shoulders. Michael stooped to pick it up. As they started across the street, Tad asked, “Could I come over for awhile? I wanna talk to you guys about something.”

Trevor looked back at Michael and raised a quizzical eyebrow. Michael smiled and nodded.

“Sure, of course!”

The boys continued to make small talk about their days at school, Tad and Michael at St. Augustine's, Trevor about Westside, as they walked across the yard to the porch. Tad unlocked the front door just as a strong gust of wind blew through the limbs of the infamous giant oak in the front yard.

“I love storms,” Tad said as they entered the Renfields' house. “The thunder and lightening are so cool. I love wind and rain and everything about storms. They make me feel so... I dunno, alive. You know?”

“I understand,” said Trevor with a smile as they crossed the living room. “Storms are cool.”

“I think its just because you're a vampire,” Michael said, entering the hallway. Tad narrowed his eyes threateningly and Michael grinned.

“Hey, you know Trevor doesn't have a TV,” Michael said as they entered his room.

“I know,” said Tad as he dropped his books on the floor and sat down at the corner of Trevor's bed.

“So, we can't watch Dark Shadows,” Michael continued.

“That's OK. I don't need to see it today. This is more important.”

Trevor gave an exaggerated look of shock as he dropped his books on his desk. He walked over the the bead and sat down beside Tad. Michael pulled the chair from Trevor's desk and sat in front of his two friends.

“So what's up?” he asked. Tad swallowed and looked down at his lap. Instinctively, Michael did the same and was surprised to see a rather noticeable rise in Tad's navy blue slacks. It was long and pointed to the right. Immediately, Michale felt a surge of feeling and his eyes darted up to Trevor in time to see his water brother's eyes focus on Tad's lap.

“Um, well, there's something really special I want to ask you guys and I hope you won't get mad at me. You promise?”

Michael and Trevor both looked at each other and nodded.

“Sure, we promise,” said Michael.

“Of course,” Trevor replied. “Anything. You can trust us.”

Tad smiled nervously.

“Its about... well, you two, you know, doing it with each other.”

Michael already had a stiffness in his pants and a shortness of breath. He looked at Tad and saw a blush in his pale complexion. Trevor squirmed beside Tad as his own stiffness grew.

“Yes,” Trevor replied breathlessly. “What about it?”

Tad swallowed.

“Well, my brothers are being real butts now and making me suck their dicks all the time and they're really being mean about it and I don't mind doing it, but...”

“Oh, my God!” Michael exclaimed. “Your brothers make you suck their dicks?”

Tad was confused by the shock and horror on Michael's face. He turned and saw surprise on Trevor's face, as well, though not as intense as Michael's. In fact, Trevor actually looked curious and interested.

“Well, yeah. Every night.”

“That is so gross!” Michael declared.

By now, Tad was very confused.

“Don't you suck Trevor?”
Michael looked at Trevor wide-eyed. Trevor raised an eyebrow.

“Trevor?” Tad asked with surprise as he looked at the other boy. “You don't suck Michael? You mean, you two don't suck each other off?”

Michael was repulsed at the idea, yet his penis was so hard in his slacks as he thought of Trevor's penis in his mouth.

“Well, um...” said Trevor.

“Wow,” replied Tad. “What do you do?”

“Well, we hug and kiss,” said Michael.

“Yeah, and get naked and feel each other and play with each others' titties,” said Trevor.

“Yeah, and play with each others' dicks and... I don't know. We just like to love each other.”

Trevor and Michael smiled at each other.

“We love each other,” said Trevor. “We like to make each other feel good.”

Tad smiled.

“That's so cool. But, you don't know about sucking? Man, that's the coolest thing to do. That feels so good.”

Trevor looked at Michael to judge his reaction. Trevor was definitely interested in exploring this new possible means of giving each other pleasure. Michael was still wide-eyed, but the revulsion in his face had mellowed.

“You... put your brothers' dicks in your mouth and suck them?” he asked in wonder.

“Well, yeah. They're really buttheads about it, but I kinda like doing it. I just wish I could do it with someone who likes me. Its so cool the way you two love each other and after talking with Daniel and Eric last night and watching you too holding hands and everything... well, I was kinda wondering maybe...”

Tad stopped and looked nervously to the side at Trevor. He saw the look of interest and the flush of excitement in the boy's face.

“You want to suck our dicks?” Trevor asked breathlessly.

Tad barely nodded. He turned to Michael and saw the other boy looking nervously at Trevor. He slightly raised his eyebrows and Trevor's lips slowly formed a smile. Trevor turned toward Tad and moved his lips close to the boy's ear.

“Do you want to get naked with Michael and me?”

Once again, Tad barely nodded, barely breathed. Trevor leaned closed and Tad could feel his warm breath on his cheek, his soft blond hair against his ear. Trevor softly kissed Tad on the cheek and then, taking Tad's hand, slowly, stood up. Tad looked up at Trevor and smiled. Trevor's boner was almost level with Tad's face. He raised his other hand and placed the palm against the rise in Trevor's pants. Michael heard the breath leave Trevor's mouth and stood. He stepped over to the bed and rested his right hand on Tad's shoulder, slipping his loafers off as he did so. Tad rose from the bed and stood between the two boys.

Michael and Trevor's eyes met and both smiled, telling each other silently of their love. Trevor's thick blond hair swept down across his forehead; his sweet pink lips smiled so beautifully. Michael felt so intensely excited, He always did when he and Trevor loved each other, but this was so different and yet, so similar.

Tad turned his face to Michael and their lips were just inches apart. Their eyes met and both smiled. Tad's raven black hair swept down over his forehead, much like Trevor's, and contrasted sharply with the boy's porcelain white skin and cobalt blue eyes. Michael realized just how pretty Tad looked and it was with wonder that he realized he was surprised that he hadn't noticed it before. He truly wanted to see Tad naked, to be naked with Tad, to feel Tad's naked body, to love Tad.

The two leaned forward and their lips met. Their eyes closed and Tad and Michael kissed as Trevor leaned forward. His forehead rested against the side of Tad's face and his warm breath tickled the skin of Tad's neck. He reached up with his right hand and began to unbutton Tad's shirt while his left hand cupped itself over Tad's skinny butt.

Michael was surprised when Tad's tongue pushed forward between his lips and into his mouth. He and Trevor had Frenched, but he just didn't expect it with Tad. But, the feel of Tad's tongue sliding between his lips and touching his own excited him and sent a surge of electricity through his body. He pushed his own tongue forward and the two began to slide and love against each other as Michael's right hand met Trevor's on Tad's butt. Michael's left hand slid down Tad's tummy, slipped over the buckle of his belt and grasped Tad softly over his boner. Tad breathed suddenly into Michael's mouth, causing him to moan into Tad's.

Trevor stepped away from the two boys and began to unbutton his own shirt and he kicked of his sneakers. Tad and Michael broke their kiss and turned to see Trevor starting to undress himself. Both grinned and followed suit. Trevor dropped his shirt on the floor beside the bed, Michael onto the chair, Tad onto the foot of the bed. All three boys froze as they started to unfasten their pants. They all three grinned and Trevor whispered, “Ready?”

Tad nodded and Michael grinned. At the same time, their zippers all dropped and they shoved their pants and their underwear down all at the same time. Quickly, the three boys stepped out of their pants and stood, rigid and naked before each other in only their socks. Immediately, their eyes dropped to each others' erections. Michael and Trevor stared at Tad's long, thin erection and at the tight, tiny balls beneath it. Tad's skinny body seemed to tremble as thunder shook the house. His own eyes were locked on Trevor's quivering erection and Michael's throbbing boner.

“Wow,” he whispered. “I'm so glad you guys don't have any hair yet.”

Trevor stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the slender boy as Michael smiled. Tad started to move his hands toward his friends' erections, but hesitated, looking at each for permission. Michael nodded and Tad's fingers immediately wrapped around his friends' dicks. Michael mewed and Trevor sighed as Tad closed his eyes and slowly felt the boys. Trevor kissed Tad's ear as Michael's hands caressed Tad's torso, gently moving up and down. He kissed Tad's cheek as his left index finger circled around Tad's left nipple. When his finger touched it, Tad jumped and moaned. The little nubbin immediately stiffened as Michael's finger made love to it. Trevor rubbed his right nipple and Tad cried out.


His head began to slowly roll around as his two friends loved him, their hands caressing his back and butt, their fingers playing with his nipples. His rigid little erection, stood upward from his abdomen, quivering with his heartbeat and his passion as his chest and tummy rose and fell in jerking breaths. Both Michael and Trevor began moaning as Tad's hands began working their boners, squeezing and rubbing them, his fingers caressing their tight little balls as their hips instinctively bucked forward, forcing their rigid cocks deeper into his hands.

Tad opened his eyes and whispered, “I want to suck you.”

He stepped forward and turned around, facing Michael and Trevor and grabbing their dicks again. Michael immediately reached out and took Tad's long, thin boner in his hand, eliciting a delighted yelp from Tad. Trevor couldn't wait and he and Michael both competed with each other to see whose hand could rub the most of Tad's dick and balls. Tad was fucking his hips forward almost uncontrollably as his friends' hands gave him such pleasure.

Suddenly, Tad dropped to his knees in front of his friends and looked hungrily at the two rigid little cocks in front of him. He was almost panting with desire as he gazed first at Trevor's uncircumcised penis and the tight foreskin pulling back from the head, and the throbbing boner of Michael with its angry red head and the sensitive. perfectly pink area behind it.

“Wait!” Trevor suddenly cried. “I want to be the first one to suck Michael! I want to be your first! I want the first time to be me. I want it to be special!”

Michael smiled at his water brother and nodded.

“Me, too! I want to be your first.”

Tad looked up at both and nodded with understanding.

“You're right. The first time is special. You two need to be the one's to do it first. But, hurry! I want to do it, too!”

They both grinned down at him as Trevor slowly dropped to his knees in front of Michael and beside Tad.

“So, how do I do it?”

Tad smiled as his left hand wrapped around Trevor's dick and his right around his own.

“Well, first off, kiss it,” he whispered. “Kiss it all over.”

Trevor smiled nervously and then turned his attention to the rigid boyhood in his face. Michael was almost shaking with excitement as he gazed down at the two naked, erect boys on their knees before him and at his own throbbingly hard boyhood sticking out before them. His hands reached out to their heads, his fingers entwining in Tad's silky black hair and caressing Trevor's smooth golden hair. He could feel Trevor's hot breath on his penis and he thought The Feeling was going to explode right then!

Trevor leaned forward and let his lips touch the tip of Michael's penis. A little high-pitched cry almost chirped from Michael's throat. Trevor kissed the head of Michael's penis and then moved his lips along the shaft, kissing it repeatedly as he moved down toward the smooth skin of Michael's tummy. When his lips reached the spot where Michael's penis, tummy, and balls all met, a little burst of breath Michael to jerk and his penis to snap upward against Trevor's nose. Trevor moaned as he felt Michael's dick rub against his face. Immediately, he kissed Michael's balls, moving his lips all over them. Tad reached up with his left hand and held Michael's penis up, allowing Trevor more room to kiss the sweet little grapes of Michael's testicles.

Michael was crying out, his body jerking in uncontrollable spasms as pleasure and desire exploded through his slender boyish body. But, when Trevor opened his lips and his tongue moved forward and began to lick Michael's balls, the boys almost screamed.

“Aaahh! Aaaah! Aaaah! Oh, my God!”

Tad was frantically stroking both Trevor and himself as Trevor began to lose his self-control. His tongue licked all over Michael's balls and penis, licking up the quivering shaft and wrapping around the throbbing head. Michael cried out.

Suddenly, Trevor opened his lips and plunged his mouth down on Michael's erection. Michael screamed as his boner was suddenly enveloped in the moist warmth of his water brother's mouth. He suddenly grabbed Trevor's head and thrust his hips forward, losing all control, all conscious thought, his only knowledge that he needed to plunge his penis into Trevor's mouth, hard.

Trevor knocked Tad's hand away from his boner and them grasped Michael's hips as he sucked his friend's boner deep into his mouth. And, then, Michael cried out, his body stiffened, then jerked wildly, his head lolling about, his hips fucking madly.

“Nnnng! Nnnng! Nnnng!” he cried as The Feeling took over; and, then, as quickly as it had come, it ended. As the tip of his penis became too painfully sensitive, Michael jerked and pulled his hips back, removing his penis from Trevor's hungry mouth. Panting, he gazed down at the almost crazed look on Trevor's face.

“Oh, God, Trevor. You won't believe how god it feels!”

Trevor was panting, as well.

“Suck me!” he cried, jumping up. “Please, suck me!”

“Oh, yeah!” Michael breathed as he fell to his knees.

With no prompting from Tad, who was sitting back on his heels, his knees open wide, his long, thin penis throbbing upward stiffly, his hands resting on his open thighs, watching hungrily, Michael leaned forward, opening his mouth and kissing and licking wildly all over Trevor's penis and balls. Trevor threw his head back, his hair falling backward.

“Michael!” he cried as he grabbed the boy's head. “Oh! Gaaahh! It feels so good!”

Michael couldn't wait. He opened his mouth and slipped his lips over Trevor's penis. It was the most incredible feeling. He was sucking Trevor's penis! He had Trevor's penis in his mouth! The thought wasn't repulsive at all. In fact, it the most wonderful thought. He was making his water brother feel good. It was like this was the most intimate way he could love his boyfriend.

Tad slipped his hand around Michael's still rigid boner as he stroked himself.

“Isn't this great?” he whispered.

Michael's only response was to moan around Trevor's cock. Feeling the vibrations of Michael's voice, Trevor moaned and without warning, his body stiffened.


Suddenly, The Feeling exploded in him and he jerked and bucked and writhed as he completely lost control, as wave after wave of feeling crashed through his dick and exploded through his body. When it finally stopped, he gazed down at Michael in shock and wonder, panting, desperately trying to get his breath back. Michael grinned up at him.

Trevor was able to say only, “Oh, wow.”

“Isn't that great?” Michael enthused.

“See? I told ya,” said Tad with a huge grin.

He and Michael both stood, their boyhoods still rigidly pointing upward. Michael and Trevor's eyes met and their faces slowly came together. As their lips united, they wrapped their arms around each other and hugged for several seconds until Tad cleared his throat.

“Uh, hum. I, uh, think I'm feeling a little left out here.”

Michael and Trevor looked at him and grinned. Together, they both grabbed him and threw his slim body down on the bed and began to viciously tickle him.

Tad screamed, “No!” as their fingers probed his ribs and under his arms, making him writhe and cry out in uncontrollable laughter and howls. After a moment, they relented and, looking down at Tad's face with sweet grins, the three turned lengthwise on the bed and began to kiss and caress Tad all over, as his hands sought out their boners again. His own quivered stiffly above his belly.

Trevor ran his finger over the length of Tad's erection, causing it to pulse and jump as his tongue explored the inside of Tad's mouth. Michael crawled down and began to kiss and lick Tad's nipple. Tad cried out and bucked his chest upward. Trevor grinned and moved his mouth down to Tad's other nipple.

Tad began to babble incoherently as the two sucked and licked his nipples. He writhed in delirium underneath, his hands fondling and squeezing their erections until he couldn't take it any longer.

“Please, suck me,” he begged. “Please!

Michael grinned and crawled down Tad's body, kissing his tummy along the way. Trevor crawled back up and smiled down at Tad's face.

“Thank you, guys,” he whispered to Trevor. “My brothers never suck me back and they're always butts to me. This is so cool.”

Trevor's lips met Tad's and the two kissed sweetly as Michael's lips kissed all around Tad's boner. With a cry into Trevor's mouth, Tad felt Michael's lips kiss his balls and then his tongue slide along the sensitive sack holding them.

“Let me suck you,” Tad whispered to Trevor as Michael licked all over Tad's balls and the sensitive area between his thighs and the sack. Trevor nodded and kissed him again before he climbed up, planting his knees on either side of Tad's torso and under his arms. His rigid boner pointed out over Tad's face. The boy looked up at Trevor's penis and reached up. He gently stroked it with his fingers and then cried out as he felt Michael's warm, wet mouth envelope his own throbbing boner. He thrust his hips upward as Trevor lowered his hips toward Tad's face. Tad's tongue licked Trevor's balls, making him moan. Hungrily, Tad licked all over Trevor's balls and dick until he could wait no longer. He pulled Trevor's stiff penis down to his mouth and eagerly sucked it in. Trevor placed his hands on the wall behind Tad's head, threw his own head back, and thrust his hips in and out as his boner moved in and out of Tad's mouth.

For his part, Tad was in heaven. He was finally getting his dick sucked, something his brothers had never done when they had forced him to pleasure them, and he was sucking someone he wanted to, not someone he was forced to. His friends were loving him and he was loving them. It was the most wonderful afternoon of his life.

It ended far too soon. He could feel the vibration in the bed from Michael's masturbation as he sucked Tad's long, thin penis. Knowing Michael was stroking himself as he suck his dick sent him over the edge. With a loud cry, his body became like iron and his cock began throbbing wildly in Michael's sucking mouth. Michael cried out as well and Trevor, feeling Tad's mouth tighten around his own boner, threw his head back again and thrust his hips forward, forcing his stiff boner deep into Tad's mouth.

The three wildly writhing, crying boys buck and twisted and cried until their innocent climaxes drew to an end. Trevor collapsed at Tad's side as a panting Michael crawled up Tad's body and collapsed on his other side. The two boys rested their heads on Tad's chest as Tad wrapped his arms around their shoulders.

And, as the rain fell and the wind blew and the thunder stuck, the three boys held other, joyous in their love for each other and the pleasure they were able to share, unknowing that at that very moment, two blocks away, a scene quite different and with far less joyful consequences was playing out.

And, so, ends Chapter 9. I hope you have enjoyed it and will write to me at chriswriter @ Thank you very much!