Daniel Black

Written by Roy Davenport

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May the 17th 2000

Hi Daniel,

How's it doing today. You still remember me??
I hope you do 'cause I have lots to tell you.

You wanna know how I feel right now? Okay you may know that.

I feel Terrific, Never felt any better. Well almost never but let's not get to the heart of that right now. I'm so happy I found you again I was afraid I lost you forever you know.

Lost me, LOST ME, you're asking.

Hey I told you I have lots to tell you. 

I nearly lost you while moving. Yup that's right My Mom left my dad last year and I went with my Mom to another house. It's really nice and I have lots more fun here then at my old place.

Well I'm a little bit older now too. I had my 18th birthday today. Yeah really I'm 18 years old now can you Imagine.  I'm so happy you know. For the first time in a few years I finally have some real friends again wich who I can celebrate my birthday

Did I lost my other friends then you ask??? No not really. I mean yeah I did but it was my own fault. We grew apart and weren't exactly buddy's anymore. But I don't care about that anymore. I found myself 2 other great friends now and guess What. They are gay too just like me.

Yeah That's right I can say that to other people now to. You're no longer the only one who knows about that. I told my Mom and Dad ( they where still together then) a weeks after I told my Sister. And My Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle and my cousins know about it to and most of my friends I still have knows about it. 

I'm so happy I don't have to keep it a secret anymore that I like boy's more then Girls. It's just in the open and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Well but I still have that one secret I only shared with you. I never told them about my Boyfriend and I don't intend to do that any time soon or tell it even at all. After all these times it still hurts like hell. Probably will be forever but I managed to live my life as a happy boy. A boy who can fall in love again and isn't afraid to be hurt anymore 

You know it's almost 2 years sins my last entry in you but I still remember it all. I still remember the pain we shared and the laughter we shared together. 

I still remember that very first entry in you that very last day in may so many years ago 

May the 31st 1996

Hi there,

It's been 2 weeks ago sins my 14th birthday.
The day they gave me you.

You, my diary that is. Now I have to make up a nice name for you.

Well no I don't have to make up a name I already did before writing this first entry. I'm gonna call you Daniel Black. Why?? Well I dun no. I like it, it's so mysterious. Yeah Daniel Black That's how I'm gonna call you from today.

Well okay now it's clear who you are I suppose I have to tell you who I am.

Okay lets see, What can I tell you About me. Well I guess you would like to know my name. I can live with that. Besides who is going to read this all???? Okay my name. It's pretty stupid if you ask me but hey I didn't gave it to me right. Well to get to the point my name is Roy. Just Roy. My friends used to call me Rudolf or Rudy. Why you're wondering?? Well I guess I don't have to have any secrets for you. You can't tell others. 

Well okay there I Go. It's because of my nose. Yeah really my nose *grin* 'cause it's always that nice red color just like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. At first I really hated that name you know but now after hearing it for almost 7 years I'm getting used to it. It's not that bad after all. Better then uhm.... then uhm...., Well you can fill in for yourself if you like. 

So you wanna know more about me huh. Okay what do you wanna know then. My hobby's?? Or all extra's about my friends and Family or so??

Okay that can't do that much harm. So my Family. I live with my mom and dad and my 2 years older sister in Arnhem. It's a nice city but there's not much to do for kids my age. I mean we are to young to go to Nightclubs (that really sucks you know), and my country doesn't have arcades like in the USA. How we entertain ourselves??? Just by watching video's or walking through the many parks we have. Well my favorite is watching video's all day long or reading some new books about Star Wars or something. I really love to read ya know. No of course you don't know. I didn't tell you before just now.

Well yeah I really love to read. My favorites are those books with 300 or more pages.

I love to swim too but we don't really have the opportunity here. Of course we have some swimming pools but they are pretty expensive (specially for an 14 years old) and pretty far away. At least an 45 minutes trip by bike. And busses or so dull you know. I hate those too.

I'm 14 years old you say so do you have a girlfriend??? Well uhm.... I uhm.... No I don't have a girlfriend. Why not?? Well it's not that I'm ugly or something. Okay I'm not a hot looking stud either. How I look like. Didn't I tell you??

Okay then I guess I have to tell you now right. See, I know you already *grin* 

Well I'm pretty tall for my age. About 1m65 (In my country they don't use inches) I have that strange hair you know. It's never the same color. I mean they say its dark blond but in summertime it's more light blond and in wintertime it's more that brown color you have. It's pretty strange too 'cause most of the time my hair has 2 or 3 colors at the same time.

Well then my eye's . Some people say I have those amazing looking eyes but I don't see why my eyes would be so special. Okay, okay lets face it. I have beautiful blue eyes with yellow curves through it. But my Sister has those same eyes so why would it be special then??

I'm pretty skinny too. It's not that you can count my bones or so but I'm just skinny. It has to be my built 'cause no matter how much I eat I don't seem to get any fatter. 

I've got that terrible voice too you know. It's just a little bit higher then expected by a boy. Sometimes when answering the phone people think I'm my sister. That's so annoying, when they call me miss or ma'am. 

So why don't I have a girlfriend you're still wondering right?? 

Well uhm.... Should I tell you. Can I trust you with that. Tjee who am I talking to you're just some book I'm writing in so why wouldn't I tell you all secrets I have. It would be a nice chance for once to tell someone all my secrets so they are not only mine anymore.

Okay there I go. You know you're the first person I'm telling this to. Well I don't have a girlfriend 'cause I don't really like girls a boy is supposed to like girls.

Does that mean you're uhm.... well you know uhm.... you're asking next

Yeah you're right lets just say it by the name. Yeah I'm Gay, A fag, Queer, just how you would like to name it. I don't really care. You can't do anything about it or beat me up or something, you're just my diary *grin*. 

Well now I told you that I can tell you the rest too. I may have not a Girlfriend but I do have a BOYFRIEND. No I'm not lying to you I really do have a Boyfriend. He's so terrific you know. I've known him all my childhood. You know he's the reason that I'm telling you this all?? He gave me this diary, My first diary. So I could write down all our special moment's isn't that sweet. I think it is.

I made you curious about him didn't I? Well If you would like to know more about my beloved Boy you have to wait a little while till My next entry in you (probably tomorrow 'cause I have lots to tell you)

Sleep well tonight (as will I) 


to be continued ...........

Remember this is my first attempt to write any story of any kind.
I hope you liked the first Chapter and stay tuned for many more chapters to follow. 

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