Daniel Black

Written by Roy Davenport

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June the 2nd  1996

Hi there, Daniel Black

I know, I know I didn't wrote you yesterday. I was to tired when going to sleep. My mom told me to clean my room otherwise Jordy wasn't aloud to spend the night tonight and I couldn't let that happen you know.

Jordy, Who is Jordy. Do you really have to ask me that? Can't you tell yourself yet??

No? Okay then I have to tell you right. Okay I promised you I would so why not. Jordy is my BOYFRIEND (told you I would tell ya all about him).

So you're next question would be something like: If he is spending the night and it is 23:00 hours now, why are you not spending you're time with him. Well the truth is I am. No he's not reading what I'm writing now. I told him it was private and he couldn't read it. Hey don't blame me, he doesn't has to know about all the others boy's I'm looking at when he isn't around does he???

Yup, I'm writing in bed now with my sleepy beauty right next to me. He's a sleep right now and I don't want to disturb him. You know he's so sweet when he's a sleep. He's smiling his boyish smile right now. Did I told you it's 'cause of that smile I fall for him in the first place? No. I guess I didn't, did I?  No, I thought so. I didn't tell you lot's about him did I. Hey I can't help it that I don't wanna share his beauty with someone else. Well I can share it with you can't I. I mean you can't try to steel him away from me so what harm would it be *grin*.

Okay I shall tell you some more about Jordy like how  we became more then just friends. I'm sure you want to know about that won't you.

Okay There I go. Jordy is  14 years old just like me. To be precise he's 33 day's older then I am.  He has that nice sandy blond hair you know. Short cut just above his ears. It's so good looking to him. I really love his hair, and his eyes and his lips and his… Well lets not get to that right now okay. He has the most beautiful Brown eye's. With that nice glens in it when he smiles. And his smile. It's so cute ya know. I feel my stomach stumble when he smiles, its  just like I'm floating.

I met Jordy  in 2nd grade and we are friends sins then. We did everything together. Went to the same school, liked the same sports, we did really everything together. Where he was I was (most of the times) about 5 meters away.

We both loved horses so when we grew older we decided we should learn how to ride them. So we did. At age 12 his parents bought him his own horse. You don't know how jealous I was. My parents earned hardly enough to buy me my riding lessons and he had his own horse. 

Half a year later his Horse (he called it Black Beauty 'cause it was black and only black) had his own little small horse. And I still have tears when I think about how sweet that little horse was. It was black too with at his feet white socks. Jordy decided I should name the Horse So I doped it as Dancing Prince (sins it was a he). And after the name was accepted he told me it was all mine. Can you believe it. He gave me the first born child of his Horse. I was so happy and it was shortly after that day I began falling in love with him. I couldn't tell him of course  afraid it would ruin our friendship. 

It was a  year later that we started to make Dancing Prince ready for his first ride trough the forest. He liked it a lot and after that first day we went riding every Saturday, Jordy on his Black Beauty and I on my Dancing Prince.

You can't believe how much fun we had while riding. We felt so free in the forest and we laughs a lot. It was at April the 13th when it happened. He was going to turn 14 in just 2 day's and we decided to take a little ride through the forest again to our favorite spot. It was a small lake with a nice part of clear white sand I n front of it. We unsaddled the horse's and let them free dart ling in the Ice Cold water. Then we lay down at the beach watching the birds and the bees doing there stuff. 

It was then I realized how much I loved him and how much I wanted him to be mine forever. It was that day I promised myself I would tell him before his birthday no matter what. I wanted him to know how much I loved him even when it would ruin our friendship. Although I wasn't afraid for that anymore. He always told me we would be best friends no matter what, the last few months, so I wasn't afraid anymore he would reject me 'cause I loved him more than as just a friend.

So while I was laying there next to him watching the horses spattering in the water I decided I should tell him now.  Hey it wouldn't be that bad. After all he was A sleep, I was positive of that (I checked, and checked again before telling him). And it should be an good excercies for when I really did told him.

So when I was really positive that he was a sleep I told him. I said: Jordy you know. I have to tell you something. I love you more then you ever would imagine.

"I love you too Roy" he answered while lifting his head slowly till he could watch me in the eyes.

Huh what I managed to stammer before freaking out.

You're awake, I yelled O my god no, You're awake and you heard me saying I love you, and……., and……., and….. you love me too, I stammered.

Suddenly the meaning of those 4 little words spoken by him just after I told him I loved him came to me. He loved me. He really, REALLY did LOVED me. O my god the boy I dreamt of every single night loved me too. I was so happy right then I didn't know what to say or what to say. It was that Day just 4 weeks ago he kissed me for the first time.

It wasn't anything I had Imagined for my first kiss. It was much better. His lips tasted so sweet, just like honey. I never forget that taste of the first kiss. At first his lips met mine slowly no tongue in it. Then I wanted to taste his mouth so I pushed my tong slowly through his lips and he opened them for me. He really opened them and answered my kiss back with his own tongue.

After French Kissing for 10 minutes or so we decided we should go back to the stalls and then to his house where I would spend the night. And what a night it was but that's going to be my little secret for you. No I'm not giving you any details of our first night together you can imagine those for yourself.

He wait a minute I think Jordy is awake now. No I'm sure of it. He want me to go to bed now. He's whispering in my ear now what he want to do tonight.

Well dear Daniel I can't let my boyfriend wait can I.  

Sleep well and I see you soon


to be continued ...........

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