Daniel Black
By Roy Davenport

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June the 5th 1996 (in the morning)

Hi there Daniel,

Yeah, Yeah I know, I know. I didn't wrote you last night. That's why I'm writing you now before Jordy is coming to get me for our day out.  It's just that I'm really busy these day's and now that my friendship with Jordy is so much more then just friendship I spend a lot of tine with him too. And I was so tired yesterday. We had that test for math and I'm positive I ruined it. I will be lucky when I have a c-. If not worse. The rest of the school day was just as boring as every other school day. School is just no fun, Specially not when you're lover goes to another school.

You know I didn't see Jordy yesterday at all for the first time this week. We got lots of homework witch of coarse I had to finish before I could get out to Jordy  and when I was finished it was to late to get out. 

Yeah of course I talked to him, By phone but hey better then not talking to him at all. I talked to him for about 2 hours. Hey we are boy's in Love so that isn't really that long is it??  Well I think not although you should have heart my mom when I didn't hang up after an hour or so. "You can talk to him tomorrow" she said, "Now you have to do you're homework darling". I hate it when se calls me Darling or Her Little Boy witch she used to do a lot. And besides I already finished my homework before I got on the phone. 

Well anyway, we decided we should do something special today. Why??? Well, Do we need a reason to do something special together?? I thought not *grin* "So what do you have in mind" I asked him when he told me he wanted me to skip school today (remember I'm talking about the phone call yesterday) He didn't want to tell me the prick. Secrets for his lover at that early stage *grin, grin* "Please tell me, tell me!!!!" I begged with my most beg gable voice. (most of the times it works but not with Jordy, O no not with Jordy) "Gotta go" he said, "See you at 8 tomorrow Kay??". "Kay, bye then " I answered back. "Bye sweetie" and after that just a simple click and the line was dead. 

I stood there for a long time after that last sentence of him. He called me sweetie, He CALLED ME SWEETIE. Wow. He never done that before. I liked it you know. The way he said that to me. Bye Sweetie. I kept continuing saying that to myself. Bye Sweetie. Sigh, I miss him. I want him to be with me all day long. Hey what am I complaining. I'm gonna have him at my side all day long!

Okay, back to that phone call yesterday. After Jordy hang up I stood there for about ten minutes doing nothing. That's when my mom entered the room. "Anything wrong dear??, You're so quit all of the sudden". "No Mom I'm just fine" I managed to stammer before going to my room trying to get a long night sleep.

Did I sleep well you wonder? Well I had a hard time falling to sleep. Every time I drifted off to sleep I heard those words again: Bye sweetie. And when I heard them I was fully awake again. I saw the clock turning to 2 in the morning when I finally fell a sleep. And men, I dreamt my best dream ever, I'm certain of that. Of coarse Jordy was the person I dreamt about, Can you blame me?

No I wont tell you all the details. Hey you may be just a diary, MY DIARY, but I do want to have some secrets okay. Sorry 'bout that. But I promise I will tell you when something special happens.

Hey I gotta stop now. It's almost 8 so Jordy can be here any minute. I will write you this evening with all the details of our day together. I can't wait to find out what he planned for us today. 

Okay I'm out of here, I can hear the doorbell ringing so I gotta run. See you tonight Daniel



June the 5th 1996 (in the evening) 

O man I'm so happy today. It was so great to spend the whole day with Jordy. We laughed and danced (I tell you al about it) and we laught some more. It was just great. I'm so happy to be in love. Can't remember the day I wasn't in love I think, it's just so wonderful. 

O hey, sorry, where are my manners today. I completely  forgot to say Hi to you. Well better late then never they say.

Hi Daniel. How was you're day?? I bet it wasn't as much fun as mine was *grin* 

What we did??  Well let me start at the beginning okay. 

You remember when I left you earlier today?? Well I had just closed you when my door opened and Jordy stepped in. My sis had let him in on her way out. He walked to my bed where I was still sitting with that stupid grin of him on his face. You know that grin that makes him SOOO Cute. I fell in love al over again just seeing him smile his grin. Well he walked to the bed and leant forward to kiss me. Well I thought he was going to so I closed my eyes to wait for his soft lips brushing against mine. When I could feel his breath on my face  I knew it couldn't be long before his lips would touched mine.

But just when I thought it was going to happen he yelled BOOOOOO. You should have seen my face when he did that. I almost kicked him hard in the stomach with my left kni. Man he scared the shit out of me I tell yah. Of course Jordy couldn't stop laughing and after I settled down again I started to laugh with him too. We rolled all over the floor and he had tears at his cheeks. My mom had to tell us we should be a little bit more quit 'cause of the neighbors.  Well after that he came back again and this time we did kissed. We kissed for about 5 minutes before we separated us again. Hey you must know my mom was still in the house. 

After the kiss he told me to pack my bag with my riding stuff and I should take my swimsuit too he told me. Why do I need my riding stuff and my swimsuit I wondered. When I asked him he just said "You'll see when the time is right". What was that supposed to mean, When the time is right. I hate surprises he should know that by now. 

When I had my stuff packed we got our bikes and peddled away. He told me we went to the stalls. Yeah so much I had figured why else would I need my riding stuff and we are going to swim too I suppose. When we arrived at the stalls the horses where already saddled and we where ready to go off. I had no Idea where he wanted to go so I just followed him. It didn't took me long to realize he was going to our favorite spot in the woods. You know where we first kissed. Tjee how romantic *grin*  However he was taking the long way to it so we weren't there for 10:30. Hey I'm not complaining about that cause there is nothing better then ride with your lover through the woods. 

When we arrived he told me to put on my swimsuit and so I did. For a day in June is was pretty hot, about 36 degree and the sun had warmed up the water of the lake. After we took a nice swim we settled down again. Just then it was first that I noticed his horse had a bag on the back and Jordy took it off. He spread a blanket on the grass and he took the bag. Out of it came some cake, coffee, honey, jam, bread, butter, all sorts of nice thinks to eat. He had prepared a nice pick nick. Wow, my boyfriend had made me an pick nick whit out me knowing about it. How sweet is that.

After we had our lunch together, witch was fantastic, we settled down on the blanket with his head on top of my chest. We layed there for a while and it didn't took us long to drift of to sleep.

I wish we never had. While we where sleeping the time had passed and now school was out. Some of our friends love to ride too and it just happened that on this day one of our friends, Linda, decided to take a long ride through the woods too. Linda and I where friends even before I got to know Jordy and I was positive she liked me a little bit more then just the palls we are. Linda has nice long blond hair, and gorgeous green eyes. When I wasn't gay I'm sure I would fall for her. She was about 1m55 witch means she always have to look up at me. 

Well, she decided to go to our favorite spot, where Jordy and I where fast a sleep. I once brought her there to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and ever since she comes there a lot to think about thinks.

So she did this day.

When she arrived so noticed our horses standing in the water (we always bind them to tress near the water so they can drink and cool down if the want) and she putted her horse there too.

Then se walked a bit further to look for us. I was just waking up a bit cause I had to pee really bad. I opened my eyes and was just trying to find a way to remove Jordy's head from my chest when I saw her standing there. Eyes and mouth Wide open. Li, Li, Linda I managed to stammer before I fainted

to be continued ...........

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