Daniel Black
By Roy Davenport

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June the 5th 1996 (in the evening continued) 

When Linda arrived she noticed our horses standing in the water (we always bind them to trees near the water so they can drink and cool down if they want) and she putted her horse there too.

Then she walked a bit further to look for us. I was just waking up a bit cause I had to pee really bad. I opened my eyes and was just trying to find a way to remove Jordy's head from my chest when I saw her standing there. Eyes and mouth Wide open. Li, Li, Linda I managed to stammer before I fainted.

The next thing I know is feeling someone splashing water over my face. When I opened my eyes I looked right into Jordy's eye's. "Hey sweety", I said with a huge grin on my face.

"Thanx" Linda answered. 

At that moment you should have seen my face. I was electrified or something. Suddenly I couldn't move or do anything. It Wasn't a dream. Linda really, really saw us laying together.

O my god, What should we do now. Denying wasn't an option. All the signs where there after all.

"Don't worry Roy, I already knew" Linda said seeing my face of horror.

"But H, H, Ho, How did you knew" I managed to say.

I'm afraid I'm responsible for that" Jordy told me while holding my hand. HE HOLD MY HAND IN FRONT OF LINDA. O my god this can't be happening this is all a dream. Wake up Roy, it's just a dream, please wake up, WAKE UP.

But of coarse I didn't wake up sins I was already awake. 

"Huh, I don't understand" I said, getting curious about how she could know.

"Well it's like this" Jordy started explaining, "When I noticed I was deeply in love with you Linda had sort of a crush on me. So she tried to seduce me once and when I didn't respond the way she wanted she thought it was all hers, That she wasn't attractive or something. Well I had to tell here that is wasn't here fold I wasn't attractive to her, but mine and......."

"...........so he told me he loved someone else" Linda took over. "At first he didn't want to say who it was but you know me. If I want to know something I can be very persuading.  So after hours and hours of talking, he finally told me his secret and that he loved you. And about 8 weeks ago he told me you and he where together. Well I let him no choice 'cause I saw him grin all day long and I knew something must have changed so I asked him again. At first he wouldn't tell again, but hey you know me right?"

"Yeah yeah I got the picture I said while turning to Jordy". I took hold on his hand and pulled him on top of me. I gentle kissed him on the lips while saying: " I wished you had told me babes, I really really did"

" I know babes, I know, and I'm really sorry I didn't" he started to say over and over. 

"O shut up you, you, you animal" I shouted before kissing him again. It was a long deep passionate kiss, even better then all the other kisses we shared.

"Ha ha ha Ho Ho Ho Hi Hi Hi"

It was then we heart the laughing behind us. While turning around we both saw Linda rolling over the ground, tears in her eyes from the laughing. 

"What" we said both in unison, "What"

"You 2" she said through here laughing, "You 2 are so adorable together. That was so Loony," she said, "the way you 2 made an argument."

It was then, and only then my best Daniel, we saw the funny in our little argument. We both started to laugh without control for about 30 minutes if not longer. 

Well after that it was already starting to get late. Dinner time was almost there so we had to get moving back. We had an great noon, and now or best friend knows about us I feel much better you know. At least I don't have to be sneaky with Jordy in front of her.  

Sigh Jordy, I wish he was here right now but he isn't. He is home right now. I wonder if he is thinking about me too. I hope so.

Well Daniel Black it's time for bed now. I've got to go to school tomorrow and after that I'm out to Jordy again.

Sleep well and I see you soon



June the 7th 1996

Hi there Daniel. How's it doing today? Everything okay or do you also want to complain about some stuff or tell you're things you did today? *grin* 

Nop, you're keeping quit for me? Okay then don't bother,  but I warn you  I  have lots to tell you this night?

okay fine, You had you're chance now *grin*

Okay now I'm being weird. I'm asking my Diary about his day. Like he will answer me and start a whole story. Who am I kidding ? *grin*

Besides it's only 11:30 in the morning so the day isn't even over. What I did so far today??

Okay let me start by waking up. I never did that, did I? Nop I thought so.

07:00 Blieb Blieb. Blieb, Blieb BANG.

Finally it's quit again. oef.  07:00. Too early, much too early. I really have to do something about that sound too. It's annoying in the morning. Get out of you nice warm bed up to the bathroom. Slowly taking a cold shower to wake up.  Ahh, no better way to come back to the world called Live. Brushing my tooth, shaving once a week. Finding some suitable clothes. and off to school. All that in just 1,5 hour. 

08:30 The boring routine of school started. My first class is Math. Shit forget my bag with my schoolbooks. Great Now I have to go home again to get them. Uhm okay I'm not coming back to school them Bye school, Bye Kids. I take the day of today (again). I gonna uhm, yeah what am I gonna do today?? 

09:00 I'm home now. So I have to do something let me see what. Well I do have some jobs to do around the house. In particular in my Room. So If I do these jobs now I have more of the afternoon free, so I can spend longer at Jordy's place.  He told me yesterday his parents aren't home until 23:00 tonight. The whole house for just the 2 of us. You can Imagine what we are going to do Right.

10:30 I cleaned up my room. Wow it's livable again. Did I do a great job or did I do a Great Job. Just choose one. A Great job you say? Thought so *grin*

Man I'm so happy. In only 2 hours Jordy is home from school. Only 2 hours. Can't wait really. I wonder what we are going to do when I'm there. 

Well it's not yet 12:30 is it. Guess I have to do some more things in and around the house. What about cleaning the dishes for my mom. Maybe she let me stay longer then. Or even let me spent the night. It's worth a try Right? Right!!!!!!!

And now it's 12:00 I guess I'm writing this long to you. Wow I really had to think about how to write my day schedule to you. Well It's better then when I first wrote you 'cause it took me 2 hours too write the first sentence. 

So I gonna quit writing for now (and If I'm lucky for today). See you Soon my dear Daniel. See you soon.


to be continued ...........

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