Daniel Black
By Roy Davenport

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June the 10th 1996

Hi there dear Daniel,

How was you're weekend? Just as great as mine was?? I bet it wasn't.

No I'm not only betting, I'm pretty certain. 

Why?? Well for example you didn't spend the whole weekend with your lover, I Did.

Yeah you're hearing that right. And you know what? I gonna tell ya another secret of mine. 

Another one? Man you have lot's of secrets don't you *grin*

Ah I hate it when you tease me Daniel. Don't do that will ya. *grin*

Okay My secret. I promised I would tell so there's no way around it is there?
Nop I thought so *grin*

Well you remember some of my last entry's? The ones where Jordy was spending the night?

Well I sort of let you believe we uhm, well we did uhm ....... stuff you know.

Well to tell you the truth we never really did that you know. Stuff I mean. 

Oh of coarse we kissed and yeah I know how his pines looks like but uhm.... well uhm.... I never really touched it you know Bare skin I mean. 

Nop I'm not kidding. In the 2 months Jordy and I have been together now, we never touched each other dicks. 

Can you believe it. Well last weekend that has changed.

I bet you want to hear all the details. Well okay here I go:

You remember when I left you alone last time? Well about half an hour later the phone rang. Guess who? Yep It was Jordy. He asked me if I could come over, witch of coarse I could. I already asked my mom if I could spend the night and she said Yes. My parents are quit easy with that as long as we behave ourselves. Of coarse I promised we would, and hey we did behave (for an 14 year old boy at least).

So when he asked me how long he had to wait I said: "how longer you keep me on the phone the longer you have to wait babes".

Yep I called him babes while my mom was in the kitchen. Hey you have to know our phone hangs in the hall so everyone coming out of a room can hear you talk. 

"Okay" he answered, then just a click. He hung up without saying bye, or love ya, or what so ever. Guess He really couldn't wait before I got there. 

Well to be honest I couldn't wait too, so I just kissed my mom goodbye, got my bag and raced off.  I must have broken my record 'cause in no less then 5 minutes I was on his front door.

Ding Dong. Come on hurry up I know you're home. He still didn't answered the door so I rang again.

Ding Dong. Still no answer. 

Hey Jordy, you asshole, I know you're home. Still no answer. 

I started to get a little bit impatience so I knocked on the door really, really hard. It was only then I noticed the door wasn't closed. And there was a little note on the window too. Just come in Roy. I will be upstairs. 

What had that supposed to mean. I'm Upstairs, Just come in. Well of coarse I could come in so I did. I walked up the stairs towards his room. But no Jordy to be seen there. 

"Jordy come on babes, I don't feel like playing seek and hide you know. Where the fuck are you", I yelled.

Tick Tick. 


Someone had tick me on the back. "Coarse it was Jordy. 

"Looking for someone" He asked me with his most innocent voice. 

"Yeah I am, you prick" I started saying while turning around. Nothing could have prepared me for what I got to see right then and there.

There he stood, My Angel. Dressed in nothing but only a towel. Still dripping wet from his bath or shower or whatever he took just a few minutes ago. He was so cute in just a towel. My mouth must have hid the floor by now. 

Jordy started to laugh. I didn't got it. Why was he laughing. What was so funny there??

So I asked him.

"You" he said through his giggles. "You are!!"

"Huh", I stammered, " I am"

"You should have seen you're face" he said still laughing. "First a look of terror, slowly turning bright red eyes full with amazement. It was so funny". 

I started to laugh myself now too. "I bet it was" I said. 

After we stopped laughing we looked in each other eyes. The love I saw in his was incredible. 

"Grab a coke" he said "while I get dressed. I will be down in a minute okay." Then he kissed me on the cheek.

"Yeah Okay I said". I couldn't help but notice a small tent forming in his towel. Not to mention in my own shorts too. 

I kept my eye's on his firm young body while walking out of his room, Backwards so I wouldn't miss anything.

Jordy followed me till my feet where in the hall before closing his door with a wide grin on his face. He closed the door just before lowering the towel. Tjee what a tease he was when he wanted to be I thought

I walked to the kitchen to grab us some coke.  I just opened mine when I heard Jordy coming down. I decided I should tease him a bit too after him teasing me all the time.

So I hide behind the kitchen door till I saw him entering it.

BOOH, I yelled as hard as I could.

Now it was Jordy flying in the air. Tjee man you really had me there, he said with a face of horror. I couldn't control myself any longer and started rolling all over the floor unable to control my laughter.

After I was finished laughing we both graphed our cokes and walked too his living room. There he got a new video he bought, the newest tape of Voyager. Tape 1.4 or something. We both loved Star Trek so we enjoyed watching it together.  We snuggled together on the couch and he started the tape.

About 1,5 hour later the tape was over. We didn't feel like getting up, so we just stayed in that position enjoying each others companion. 

It was then I said something about him being naked on top of me.

"You would like that wouldn't you" he said.

"Yeah babes, I would I really Would."

"Well  if you are going to be a brave kid today I might do that later tonight" 

"You mean that? you mean we could do that? I...  wow, I really would love to you know".

"Yeah I know" he said, "I would love that too. Just wanted to wait till I was absolutely positive you wanted it too.

"I do babes, I do" I said with a low voice.

I know, he said. I realized that when I saw you steeling glances earlier today.

"Did not" 

"Did too"


"Okay Did Not"

"Did though".

"Got ya sweety".

Dammed, he did it again. He always seems to win a argument.

"Love ya", I replied. 

"Show me", he dared.

He didn't need to ask twice. I moved a little bit closer and then some more. My lips touched his and our tongues started our little play. 

to be continued ...........

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