Daniel Black
By Roy Davenport

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Chapter 5b

About 1,5 hour later the tape was over. We didn't feel like getting up, so we just stayed in that position enjoying each others companion. 

It was then I said something about him being naked on top of me.

"You would like that wouldn't you" he said.

"Yeah babes, I would I really Would."

"Well  if you are going to be a brave kid today I might do that later tonight" 

"You mean that? you mean we could do that? I...  wow, I really would love to you know".

"Yeah I know" he said, "I would love that too. Just wanted to wait till I was absolutely positive you wanted it too.

"I do babes, I do" I said with a low voice.

I know, he said. I realized that when I saw you steeling glances earlier today.

"Did not" 

"Did too"


"Okay Did Not"

"Did though".

"Got ya sweety".

Dammed, he did it again. He always seems to win a argument.

"Love ya", I replied. 

"Show me", he dared.

He didn't need to ask twice. I moved a little bit closer and then some more. My lips touched his and our tongues started our little play. 

We had to brake our kisses 'cause we heard the doorbell rang. Who could that be? We didn't invited anyone did we? 

Jordy stood up to answer the ring. It was Linda. Damm't did she had to spoil our fun? Well of coarse she didn't know anything about that did she. 

"Hello guy's" she said, "I wasn't interrupting anything was I"

"Well actually you did but that's okay. We had other things to do though".

My face turned bright red while Jordy said that.

Then Linda started to giggle a little bit. "What" I said knowing perfectly while she giggled. 

"O nothing" she said. "I just imagined the two of you on top of each other being all hot and horny and then some geek ringing the bell".

Since it was already 5:30 we decided to grab a burger at McD's. Then we went to the movies. Not that I know which one or what is was all about 'cause I was more pre-occupied with Jordy. I couldn't stop watching his beautiful face in the dark. And I certainly couldn't stop thinking about what might happen later that night. Useless to say that the movie was pretty boring sins Jordy fall asleep with his head on my shoulder. Did I tell you how cute he is when he's asleep?

I did?? Tjee that's a big surprise! *grin*

Well later that night when the movie was over and Linda was gone home we finally went upstairs to take a nice hot warm bath. When we entered the bathroom we turned the lights on, but not too bright. Then we started to undress very slowly, watching each other all the time. When we both had undresses but our underwear we stepped a bit closer. We kissed passionate there and I could feel Jordy's hand moving between our body's. For the first time sins we started dating we touched each other dicks with nothing on but our underwear. Then I wanted some more and I slid my hand between his underwear and his stomach. My hand reach lower till I had my hand on his dick. He started to moan while my hand held his dick. Then I felt his hand entering my underwear and touching my dick.  We stood there for about 10 minutes just holding each other dicks while our tongues continued there play. Then I felt how Jordy took his hand from my dick and pulled my underwear to my ankles. I decided that I should get him naked too so I also took his underwear down. He stepped out of it and so did I. Then he took my hand and led me to the bathtub. We stepped in it and we started washing each other. First our backs, then our chest and then our legs. All the time we avoided our dicks. When we finished washing each other we washed each our own genitals. No touching or what so ever. Just washing our owns. 

We both stepped out and let the water go. I grabbed a towel and started to dry Jordy off. Gentle and with care. First his feet then higher and higher till I reached his shoulders. Again I avoided his dick. After I finished drying him off he took the towel to dry his genitals. Then he started to dry my back and then lower and lower till he reached my feet. He also avoided my genitals and after he dried me off I had to dry my own dick too.

Then he took my hand again and let me to his room. We laid down on the bed and started to hump each other. I felt his stiff dick against mine. I couldn't help but to moan overwhelmed with pleasure. For the first time Jordy and I had sex. While we laid there humping each other we started to kiss. Not passionate this time but with lust and fire in it. 

We humped each other for about 5 minutes. I felt my orgasm rise and I couldn't control myself any longer. I had to come real quick or I would die overwhelmed by pleasure. Not a bad why to die of coarse but I didn't think it was my time yet. 

"O Jordy" I moaned, "I can't help it, I have to Cum". 

"I know, me too" he answered. 

"I'm almost there, one more trust", I moaned, then I came like I never came. I felt the sperm flowing and spurting out of my dick. "O Jordy I love ya so much."

With my first spurt of sperm I felt Jordy come too. Our sperm mixed together between us. 
"I love you too Roy" Jordy moaned back "I will never love anyone more then I love you".


May the 17th 2000 (continued)

I remember those very last words after our first lovemaking very well. They are words very, very true. Indeed he would never love someone more then me. You already know why, don't you. Well you have to know 'cause I told you in my very last entry 2 years ago.  After those words spoken  we both fell a sleep. Our cum still mixed between us. Me on top of him just as he said we would. That weekend we had more sex. Well I touched his dick and I even made him come by just stroking it. Then he let me come that same way. I told you all about it. We where so happy the. Too bad that had to end so stupid. I still blame myself for letting it happen although I know it wasn't my fault. How could it be my fault???

Well after that weekend we where so happy. We thought we could handle the whole world.  Witch of coarse we couldn't. Months passed without anything to happen.  We where happy together and believed we found our soul mate. I know I did. 

Then the month of our one year anniversary began. A month I will never forget. It was a month with lot's of tears but also with lot's of love. You remember that month don't you. 


April the 1st 1997

Hi there Daniel. 

I don't have lot's to tell you today. It was just a ordinary schoolday. Of coarse sir Pieterson from English gave us lot's of homework I had to make for tomorrow. That means I couldn't go over to Jordy's tonight. That really sucks 'cause I only saw him on Sunday for one hour. I just hope  tomorrow arrives soon. I asked mom if he could spent the night and she said he could if his mom said he could. So I called him and his mom said he could. I can't wait till tomorrow. He arrives just before dinner. I asked mom if she could cook his favorite: Macaroni with cheese. She said she could. 

You know in about 2 weeks it's our first anniversary. It's a Thursday in case you're wondering but we decided to celebrate it on Friday so we could stay up longer. I really can't wait you know. I want to give him something very special. Something that say's: I love you no matter what happens.  It only seems I can't find the perfect present for him. Maybe he's telling me tomorrow what would be very special for him. I'm going to try to find out tomorrow. And If I fail I always have Linda to find out. 

She really is part of our group now. Me Jordy and Linda, we are always together these day's. Sometime I feel like she spend more time with Jordy then Jordy spends with me. Well it probably doesn't mean anything but yeah it hurts sometimes. Does that mean I'm Jealous???? Well yeah I guess I am. That isn't that bad is it. I thought not.

Well dear Daniel, that's all I wanted to say before going to sleep. I'm writing in my bed now. I have to turn of the light though. It's already after midnight I see and I have class tomorrow at 8. Goodnight and sleep well.


to be continued ...........

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