Daniel Black
By Roy Davenport

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Chapter 6

April the 1st 1997

Hi there Daniel. 

I don't have lot's to tell you today. It was just a ordinary school day. Of coarse sir Pieterson from English gave us lot's of homework I had to make for tomorrow. That means I couldn't go over to Jordy's tonight. That really sucks 'cause I only saw him on Sunday for one hour. I just hope  tomorrow arrives soon. I asked mom if he could spent the night and she said he could if his mom said he could. So I called him and his mom said he could. I can't wait till tomorrow. He arrives just before dinner. I asked mom if she could cook his favorite: Macaroni with cheese. She said she could. 

You know in about 2 weeks it's our first anniversary. It's a Sunday in case you're wondering but we decided to celebrate it on Friday so we could stay up longer. We have school on Monday you know. I really can't wait you know. I want to give him something very special. Something that say's: I love you no matter what happens.  It only seems I can't find the perfect present for him. Maybe he's telling me tomorrow what would be very special for him. I'm going to try to find out tomorrow. And If I fail I always have Linda to find out. 

She really is part of our group now. Me Jordy and Linda, we are always together these day's. Sometime I feel like she spend more time with Jordy then Jordy spends with me. Well it probably doesn't mean anything but yeah it hurts sometimes. Does that mean I'm Jealous???? Well yeah I guess I am. That isn't that bad is it. I thought not.

Well dear Daniel, that's all I wanted to say before going to sleep. I'm writing in my bed now. I have to turn of the light though. It's already after midnight I see and I have class tomorrow at 8. Goodnight and sleep well.

April the 8th 1997

Hello my dear Daniel. How's live doing?

It sucks over here. I feel like I'm losing Jordy. 

Yeah yeah I know, It's probably nothing. It's just that he is spending so much time with Linda. I'm afraid he has fallen in love with here. Why?? Well let me tell ya.

Well we had fun last Friday but I haven't seen him since. I tried to but he was too busy. He told me he had chores to do or just had too much homework. Ofcoarse at first I didn't think something of it. I love him so why should I??

Anyways it was just the other day it happened. I asked Jordy If I could come over. He said no 'cause he had to do the lawn. Too bad but still no harm done. He always had to do the lawn for his dad. So I decided to call Linda and ask her if she could come over and then go shopping. She couldn't too. Something about lot's of homework. Actually she was a little bit vague. 

So I decided to go on my own. Great opportunity too see if I could find that special gift I was talking about in my last entry. I finally knew what too buy. He told me loved dolphins so I decided to buy him an golden dolphin necklace. But when I wanted to enter the jeweler I saw Linda standing there. And next to her stood Jordy. You can Imagine how I felt. My 2 best friends and even my lover lied to me. I was heartbroken. I ran away quickly and I'm sure they didn't saw me. 

2 hours later Jordy called. He said he was done early and asked if he could come over. I told my mom I wasn't home. I didn't feel like talking to him right then. He had lied to me. 

Well and that wasn't the first time he lied about doing some chores. I was sure of that. Or was it just my imagination?

Anyway I decided to leave it with that, pretend I didn't saw them and just go on. Big mistake. The uncertainty was difficult to stand against. So yesterday when he called me to cancel our date (he had too much homework) I didn't believed it. I knew he was going to do something with Linda. I felt it in my whole body. 

So I got my bike, got to his home just in time to saw him leaving with yes indeed Linda. And thy where laughing about something. You can't imagine how much it hurt me to see that. I really think I'm losing him. And I don't know what to do about it. 

Dear Daniel. For once I wished you where a real person who could give me some advise. I really need it you know.

Well I won't bother you any longer. Besides my eye's starting to fill with tears and I don't want to ruin you.

I talk to you later.

April the 11th 1997

Hi there dear Diary.

I'm not sure why I call you Diary all off the sudden. It just feels better today. 

Am I feeling better you wondering. No not really. I feel worse to be honest. 

Tried to spend some time Jordy yesterday but guess what. He was too busy. Again. 

And when I called Linda she told me she was too busy too.

With each other ofcoarse. 

Yeah yeah I know. I really should stop thinking that. You are gonna tell me it's probably nothing and just my imagination. O god I would like to believe that. I just can't. And it's killing me. 

And today we celebrate our one year anniversary.  I wish it was over already. I don't feel like to celebrate anything. 

So I decided to break up with Jordy. This whole thing is breaking me up. Jordy already asked me If I was okay. I said no but I'm pretty sure he didn't believed me. He's really worried you know. But still he's the one cheating on me with or best friend. 

I'm gonna tell him tonight. I want to know what is going on. I deserve to know what's going on aren't I?

Yeah I'm gonna tell him tonight. That is if he doesn't cancel again. 

Well so far he didn't and he told me he would be here in about .......... 5 minutes.

Tjeez time fly's by when I'm writing in you. 

Well thanks for listening again. 


May the 17th 2000 (continued)

He did showed up that night. Worse thing was he pretended everything was great and nothing was going on. It was bugging me. So when he asked me he was going to get something to drink I became furious. I told him, or rather yelled at him that I knew about him and Linda. I told him I saw them in that jewelry and I saw them hanging out while he told me he was too busy with chores or homework.

He was shocked to say the least. He new something was bugging me but he never thought it would be something like this.

He explained the whole thing to me. Why he and Linda where seeing each other that often and why I couldn't know about that. I feel so stupid now I know the truth. 

It appeared Jordy had the same idea as me. To give me something special for our anniversary. So he asked Linda to help him make his choice. Linda knew me well and since I was talking with her about Jordy and what I would like to have she was the right choice.

So when I saw them in that jewelry they where being my present. He gave me an silver watch with an small rose in the center. There was an inscription too. Yours forever. Love J....

I cried when he finished. I felt bad that I didn't trusted him. I was so jealous. He said he understood and that he would have thought the same thing if it was me hanging out with Linda instead of him. 

We cried together for a long time. After several hours of talking we drifted off to sleep. 

After that day we where happy again. I could trust my boyfriend again. We even grew closer then we already where. Then may came. My class went to camp that year. One week of sailing. I didn't want to go. I knew I would miss Jordy a lot. He told me I had to go or I would be sorry for the rest of my love. Ofcoarse he was right. So I did go. If only I hadn't. It's not that I feel quality for going. I wouldn't miss it for anything. But if I hadn't gone things might have been different. Better or worse. 

It all happened the day I came back from that camp. My world collapsed .............

may the 17th 1997

When I came home there was a card waiting for me. I took it and ran upstairs.

When I entered my room I realized how much I missed it. I only was gone for 1 week but I missed my room. I missed my books, my video's, my CD's. I just missed my room. Weird isn't it.

After one more look around I sat down on my bed and opened the envelop. There was a small card in it. I started reading. And I read it again. I couldn't believe what my eyes told me. This Couldn't be true. But it was true. My eyes didn't play trick with me.

My eyes started to fill with tears. I started crying. Uncontrollable crying. This couldn't happen to me, to us. Not now, not ever. Most certainly not now Jordy and I where so happy. We finally overtook our problems and now this. It had to be a joke, It just had to be. Yeah it was a joke. Just one hell of a lousy joke. I was certain and I started to feel a little bit better.

But then, my dear Daniel, I read the card again and I realized it wasn't a joke. This had really happened. And I started crying again.

to be continued ...........

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