Usual disclaimers apply. Maybe there won't be a lot of sex but I just feel like writing a story. If you enjoy the story, have ideas or constructive criticisms, e-mail me at I would love to hear from you. Keep in mind that English is not my first language so there might be mistakes in the text. Now on with the story.

Hi there! My name is Daniel. I suppose I should start a little with describing me. I'm 14 and I think I'm a good-looking boy: brownish blond hair long to my shoulder blades, froggy green eyes, 5'9" and 110 pounds and you can see my muscles through my skin. I'm in a hockey and swim team and I'm also a boy-scout. I keep busy and out of troubles.

I live with mom and one twin brother. His name is Dennis. Mom is a fiscalist and earns a lot of money. Our father died in a car accident when I was 7 and he had a life insurance for each of us. Because of a clause in the contract, if he would die accidentally, we would get 5 times the coverage. This means mom got 1.25 million and each kid got 250 000$. Mom placed our money in safe investments and said we would not need any scholarship to keep going to school. Mom kept working to keep busy, she is not the "stay-at-home" kind of mother. She is great and trusts us. Since she works long hours, she subscribed us to cooking lessons and make sure we are able to take care of us. In summer, since we are out of school, she takes it easy with her job. When school is out, like on March break and on Christmas, she takes it easy too. Her boss does not want to annoy the fiscalist, since it is hard to find a good one.

We live in a house that was a hotel before, so we could both have our own bedroom, but we prefer to share, so mom had a wall demolished to give us a big bedroom. There is still 20 bedrooms (and 22 bathrooms!)left if a lot of visitors come at the same time. Mom (Dolores for friends) got it cheap because the hotel went on bankrupt. She got it for only 100 000$. Mom has a dream to open a hotel when we move out and start our own life. We moved here to start a new life when dad died.

My brother and me are very sociable and never really had troubles to make friends. We live in a suburb and everybody here knows each other. We are used to babysit around and do yard work. This helps us to earn money and that way, we can put gas in our scooters and stuff like that. Yes, we both have scooters and it is great when you live in suburbs. Mom also gives us a huge allowance to buy clothes and necessary stuff. We are used to organize parties with 30 teenagers in our basement, and we do it once a month. To avoid troubles, mom buys us the beer, 2 for each person. That may seems weird to you, but admit that if there is alcohol at the party, nobody will bring some, and with two beers, nobody will get drunk so the party remains great and there is no vomiting to clean after. We clean after the parties, of course, but mom has a maid to clean around the house. Admit that with all the rooms that we have here, a maid is kind of necessary.

Once our neighbour Cathy came to our house. Cathy is at least 85 years old but still in a pretty good shape for her age. Mom answered the door.

-Hi Cathy, how are you?

-Hi Dolores. Can I come in for a minute? I have something important to tell you.

-Sure come in.

Once Cathy sat in our living room, she said:

-I'm moving in a retirement house now, I don't think I can live alone anymore. I sold the house and moving next month. I will have my own apartment but of course, I can't keep everything. I came to you to get help for a garage sale and to move. I hoped your sons and you could help me.

Mom assured she would help. Dennis and me also assured we would. We decided to set the garage sale in two weeks. It lasted a whole week-end and it brought 10 000$ to Cathy. She gave us 200$ each in exchange of a promise we would go see her in her retirement house. We promised. One month after, we packed the stuff she was keeping in a U-Haul and moved it to Cathy's new place.

We missed Cathy because she was like the common grandma to everybody in the neighbourhood and was always invited to all birthday parties. Something good happened though, the day after, a moving van appeared in Cathy's former house.

I will stop here for now. There will be some sex later, but until then, you can send me your ideas at See you soon!