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It was not a professional van, but like the cube you rent when you are moving. I saw a man going down the truck and another man who seemed like a friend coming for helping. Dennis and me watched from my bedroom's window. The van seemed to be full or stuff and the men were only two. We decided to go downstairs and offer our help.

-Hi guys, we are your new neighbours. My name is Daniel and this is Dennis. Can we offer our help?

-Hi twin boys. Yes that would be really appreciated. But it is lunch now, so we have to go get something and...

-Hi guys, mom interrupted behind us. I'm Dolores, Daniel and Dennis's mom. I'm sure I can cook something to fill empty stomachs. You will eat with us.

Mom is always the kind of lady who does the "welcoming stuff" in our neighbourhood. Even if we are excellent cooks, Mom likes to cook for an army on week-ends to be sure we are never in lack of food. That might be why she has a collection of 5 freezers in the basement and two little fridges. We are teenagers for sure, but we are only two.

Mom took out of the oven 20 pork burgers she just made and putted in on the table. We soon found out the men had good appetite too. All 4 of us ate 4 burgers each and mom got two. We did not do a lot of talking, but the men said they were Damien and Fabien. They are brothers and Damien is the one moving in the house.

After lunch, we went out to help the guys with the boxes. It was a very hot day, so Dennis and I took off our shirt to work more at ease. At the very end, we saw something that made us very happy: 3 bikes too small for Damien!

-Damien, what are those for?

-For my three sons. I forgot to mention that detail. I have three sons that I raise alone. They will arrive this evening, I brought them to their grandma to move more at ease.

-That is so wonderful! How old are they? Asked Dennis, very excited, with same expression than Paul Butcher in Zoey 101 after drinking RedBull stuff.

-15, 13 and 11. Their mom died when the little one was born.

-Sorry Damien. Can we come tonight to meet them?

-It's ok, it has been a while now. Sorry, but they are in Toronto and I have to drive there and come back. It will be a very long ride, we will be here tomorrow morning. Come around tomorrow in the afternoon, they will be up.

-Sure thing. Good bye Damien!

I forgot to mention we live close to Montreal, in quiet suburbs. Toronto isn't next door and I thought Damien was kind of crazy to drive there and come back, on the same day, after moving in. It means basically more than 11 hours of driving.

We went in our house, still shirtless, and Mom said dinner would be ready in 30 minutes or so. We decided to strip completely and have a jump in the pool. We had a very cool time until mom said dinner was ready. She is used to see us completely naked in the pool so we went out and putted back our shorts and went inside for dinner. Since it is hot, mom just made a huge salad. After dinner, we watched a little TV and since the day was hard, Dennis and me went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Dennis is used to just spend time with me in my bed. Even if he has his bed, usually, he will sleep with me. I have to admit that we are both bisexual and sexually active.

-I can't wait to see those three boys. Our friends live far and we have to use our scooter to go see them and in winter, it is not possible. It will be nice to have friends just next door.

-Yeah, and Damien is cute. We should try to hook him with mom.

I hitted him playfully.

-You dork!

-And proud to be.

And he hugged me. Dennis sometimes hugs just to hug, but it usually means that he needs some comforting or that he wanna mess around. Since he was not crying, I knew he was horny. I started to tease him by kissing his neck and frenchkiss him tenderly, sliding my tongue in his mouth and wrestle with his. I was rubbing his hair and rubbing his butt. He was responding by rubbing mine and hugging tighter. I love my twin brother so much. Still kissing him with a lot of energy, I slid down his shorts and threw them on the floor. He moaned and did the same to me. He slowly went down and kissed me everywhere and eventually kissed my dick. We both have great ones I think, 18 cm each. I said softly "Please, please" and he took it in his mouth. I managed to turn his body upside down so I could suck him at same time. I took his balls one by one in my mouth, giving them the tender loving care they deserve. I knew I was doing a good job because he started sucking me with more energy. The feeling was electric. I don't think Dennis was thinking anymore, he was like a wild animal whose only reason to live was to suck on my dick and fuck my face. Finally, we could not take it anymore. I shot like a gallon of boy juice in his mouth and he flooded mine with his. Exhausted as much as I was, he just laid on me and said:

-That was wild, thanks you so much.

-No problem. I love you so much Dennis.

-I love you more Daniel.

-No way. I feel tired.

-Me too, sweet dreams.

And he falled asleep, still hugging me strong.

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