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-Hi boys! Said Damien to his sons while he was opening the door. How was your day?

-We slept a lot and went to the neighbours house to meet the twins boys. They are really awesome, said Frank.

-Yes, and they have a pool! Added Jell-O.

-I'm really glad you made friends already. I did not really want to leave Toronto, but we had to.

-We know Dad, it's all right. At least school was over when we left. There is even a private club close to here! Daniel and Dennis invited us, and they have a scooter, and I do too, and we will go tomorrow, and there is a swim team, and we can join, and there is a hockey team, which is free for members, and...

-Slow down Frank! You are like Angela in Home Improvement.

-Sorry dad, Frank said.

-Now prepare for bed boys. We will soon install your bedrooms, but tonight, you will have to camp all in the same bedroom and sleep in the bags. All other bedrooms are full of boxes.

-Good night Dad, said Jell-O.

Frank, Esteban and Jell-O went upstairs to brush teeth and stripped to boxers to get to bed. The three brothers have done so since they were 4 years old and were old enough to not use diapers. Once in their sleeping bags, they said:

-I was worried this would be a neighbourhood for retirement. I'm so glad we have neighbours our age! Said Frank.

-Yeah, tomorrow we will go to that club. I hope there is some equipments to practice. I miss my gym in Toronto, said Jell-O. What about you Esteban?

-Yep, Westmount is great. I want to go to that club too but I also wanna visit Montreal. Last time we went here we were very young. I'm not even sure you were born, Jell-O.

-I don't know, I don't remember. Now I'm sleepy guys.

Jell-O kissed his brothers and went to bed. He then snuggled next to Esteban and they went to sleep.

Next thing they knew it was morning. Esteban awoke because he was choking. Jell-O told him:

-Shut up. Do what you have to do.

Jell-O had his dick in Esteban's mouth. He tried to smile but it was hard with a mouth full of boy dick. Jell-O wasn't mean to his brothers but since he is the youngest one, he likes to show some authority sometimes. Esteban pushed Jell-O on his back and sucked his dick like a big lollipop. Jell-O closed his eyes and putted his hands behind his head and let Esteban eat the best food in the world, his boy dick. Jell-O surprised before Frank, Esteban and a friend doing a three-way and he convinced them to do it with him too. When he caught them, Frank was being fucked by Adam and he was sucking Esteban at the same time, getting a dick on both ends. The three brothers did not know if they were gay or not and they did not give a shit. All was important right now for Jell-O was 4 inches long and the wonderful wet feeling around his cock. Each balls also got the tender loving care they deserved. Even if he was still completely hairless, Jell-O could have powerful dry orgasms. While they were going hard at work, Frank awoke to the noise of Jell-O moans.

-You started without me, selfish bros.

Jell-O did not answer and Esteban couldn't, for obvious reasons! He started masturbating and went to Jell-O to give him a kiss that did not have anything of brotherly love. It was full of lust and Frank kissed Jell-O with a revenge, to remind him to not sex again without him. That kiss was too much for Jell-O. All his body was animated of spasms and he pushed Esteban off his dick. Frank kept masturbating and since he did not do it since they left Toronto, seeing Jell-O crying of pleasure was way too exciting and he came fast too.

-Esteban, that was the best. Thanks you so much for being so nice to me.

-No problem Jell-O, in fact I like it when you dominate me a little like this. Frank, when we get out the lube of the boxes, I will let you have the fuck of your life in my ass.

-I can't wait Esteban.

And the two older brothers french-kissed.

-OK lovebirds, let's get some breakfast, I did not have a snack like you did Esteban! said Jell-O.

Damien was already gone but the boys were used to get a note on the table on vacations, since they were typical teenagers and awaking late. The note said:

Boys, I'm gone until around 6 tonight. Here are your credit cards to subscribe to the club. Frank, I also got you a local license so you can drive your scooter in Quebec. Be careful. You can order chicken tonight. Invite our neighbors if you want but keep some for me, you bottomless pits J Have a nice day!

Your dad who loves his sons big like the world,


-We are lucky to have a dad like him, said Esteban. Sit down bros, I will fix some eggs.

While Esteban was cooking, Jell-O asked:

-So, Esteban and you will do the tryouts for the swim team?

-Yeah and I think we have good chances to get picked. You wanna see the gym, don't you?

-Yes, my goal is to do the school team. I have to practice and be ready. I want to make some friends too. Daniel and Dennis are way nice but they are four years older than me.

Esteban was a great cook and he served the breakfast to his brothers, who ate with appetite like only growing kids can do. After eating, since they were totally naked due to some athletic activity, they decided on casual clothes: sneakers, shorts and sleeveless shirts. Frank took care of bringing his scooter helmet and knocked with his brothers to the neighbours' door. Daniel answered with only a towel on.

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