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Chapter One:
Odd Behavior

Questions flew through my head as the bus pulled up to Michael's stop. Did he really mean what he said? What was with him this week? Was it something I did?

I decided to push these questions aside and worry about them later, as there was no reason to overreact or spoil my Thursday afternoon.

Michael, Marcus, and I filed out of the bus and into his house, the two of them chatting abstractly about whatever had happened in PE. They promised to tell me the whole story but decided it should wait until we got home.

"Hey boys," Michael's mom called from the kitchen.

"Hey mom," Michael yelled back, throwing his backpack on the bottom of the stairs. We all took off our shoes there as well, a rule his mom strictly enforced.

We made our way to the kitchen to get our afternoon snack. Our moms were so good at always being prepared with something to eat knowing that we were growing boys and food was the first thing on our minds when we came home. Michael's mom worked part-time in the mornings but was always home by the time we arrived on the bus.

"Wow," Marcus said, admiring the plate of crackers, cheese and apple slices Michael's mom had prepared.

"Thanks a lot," I said, turning to grin at her.

"Anything for you guys," she smiled back. "You're just so easy."

"Thanks," Marcus chimed in. He was always a favorite of the moms. We never went over to his house because of the chaos his five brothers and sisters caused, but he was so quiet and easy neither mom ever complained.

"Yeah, thanks Mom," Michael said, flashing his devilishly cute smile.

"So what happened in PE today?" I asked eagerly.

"Oh Danny, dude, it was hilarious," Michael laughed. "We were playing dodgeball and Mr. Marten split us randomly into teams, right? But our team was like... so much better. The other team was like all girls and that stupid Ryan Johnson kid."

"I hate him," I said. The kid was a jackass.

"Yeah, I know. So we keep beating them, its like 5-0."

"And so Marten says he's gonna switch the teams up after the next game," Marcus popped in.

"Yup," Michael nodded. "So we all huddle and decide we're going to knock everyone out but Ryan."

"Genius," I grinned.

"Oh I know," Michael laughed.

"So we get everyone but him, Marcus even dropped an easy catch that he threw at him so he wouldn't get him out."

"Smart," I said, patting Marcus on the back. He blushed. God he was cute.

"And then we get all the balls, so Ryan gots nothing in his favor," Michael grins.

"Big bad Ryan Johnson, whatcha gonna do now?" I grinned, thoroughly enjoying the story.

"Cry like a girl basically," Michael laughed. "So we all cock our balls..."

Marcus laughed.

"Oops," Michael grinned. "Let me rephrase that."

"You're silly," I smiled.

"So we all get ready to throw our spheres of dodging right?" Michael said, looking sarcastically at Marcus.


"Okay, the first one, which happened to be mine," Michael said, starting to giggle, "slams him right in the forehead."

"Oh shit!" I exclaim.

"Yeah, then someone else's hits him right in the nuts and he... h...," Michael giggled, unable to form any more words, doubled over in laughter.

"He falls over, grabbing his nuts and screaming, and then like a dozen more balls pelt him before Marten blows his whistle," Marcus finished.

"He had to... he had... he... oh God... to go to the nurse," Michael spat out, slamming his fist on the table.

"He okay?" I asked, somewhat shocked.

"Oh yeah," Marcus grinned. "He came back about 15 minutes later. I think we just hurt his pride."

"Hilarious," I said.

"Yeah," Michael said, his face red and streaked with tears.

"Sucks I don't have PE with you," I sighed.

"For sure," Michael says. "It'd be a lot better with you."

That made me feel better about what had happened earlier this afternoon.

"At least we all have English together," Marcus said, always the positive one.

"Yeah, wish it wasn't first period though," I said, "I'm hardly ever even awake."

"Tell me about it," Michael grinned.

We finished up our snack and headed upstairs, Michael's mom in the den working away at her laptop. She may have only been part-time, but she spent a lot of time at home plugging away for her job. It was sweet of her to want to be home when Michael got back, which was the main reason for her decision.

We got to the top of the stairs and all looked at each other. This was typically the part of the day where we stripped down and had our fun. It hadn't been quite the same this week with Michael being so distant.

"Shall we?" I asked.

"We shall," Marcus grinned, herding us into Michael's room. Michael just followed along, his eyes glancing nervously downstairs as we entered.

"What's wrong?" I just had to ask.

"Just thinking maybe my mom could hear us," Michael said, his eyes avoiding ours.

"We've been doing this for almost a year," I said. "I think we're okay."

"Just to be safe," Michael said, completing his sentence before looking up and giving me a small smile.

"Well what do you guys want to do?" I asked. Normally we just gave blow jobs or had sex, but sometimes we'd circle jerk or do something else out of the ordinary.

"Head," Michael said quietly.

"We haven't fucked all weeeeeek," I whined, my dick aching to feel some ass.

"I'd be up for it," Marcus said. "It's been a while."

"You two can fuck," Michael said, "but I just want head."

"But you love to fuck Michael," I said, starting to get irritated at his recent behavior. "You're the one who made it go from an every week thing to every day!"

"I know," Michael said, his eyes on the floor. "But I just want to save it up for tomorrow I guess. It'll be extra good then."

Once he was done talking he raised his eyes up to mine, looking at them briefly before darting away. Something was up and I could tell he was lying, but I decided to confront him on the matter later when it was more appropriate.

"Okay, well whatever," I said, flashing a smile to let him know it was okay. "I'm still getting some booty because I need it."

"Let's blow Michael first," Marcus suggested. "Then one of you can blow me and Danny finish up fucking me."

"Sounds good to me," I said. "Michael?"

"Let's do it," he smiled.

We all moved to his bed, Marcus staying behind to lock the door. We were both lucky to have locks on our doors, something that made our adventures much less risky. Noise was still a concern, but normally we were able to keep it down to heavy breathing and light, soft moans.

Marcus looked at me, his eyes asking me who should give Michael a blowjob.

"I will," I said. "Then he can suck you and then I fuck you, so we each do one thing."

"Aight," Marcus said, scooting towards the end of the bed to allow Michael and I room.

I took in the sight of Michael, my beautiful lover. His hair was still short and brown, now gelled and spiked up for his seventh grade year. I had to admit I liked it better than his old hairdo and the spikes were short due to the length of his haircut. If it were any longer I don't think I would like it, but as it was I found it very, very attractive.

He had probably grown an inch and now stood five foot four, still about an inch taller than myself. His eyes were that mystical light hazel that I had fallen in love with, complimenting his hair color and beautiful naturally dark skin. His smooth tan legs now had a light covering of visible brown hair, still very fine and straight. It was not to the point where it was coarse and curling, which I don't think I'd find nearly erotic as the current version.

Michael was dressed very cute today. He was wearing slightly baggy jeans and a red long sleeved tee shirt from Abercrombie, one of his typical outfits. I grinned slightly as I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid them down his thighs.

They were beautiful as always, not quite as tanned as the rest of his normally visible body but still very dark and exotic. His thighs were still very smooth and youthful, the only evidence of puberty being a speckling of fine, blonde hairs near his kneecap.

It was there he stopped my hands, his boxers still on and his jeans now down to his knees.

"What?" I asked, confused. Yesterday he had me keep his pants and boxers around his ankles as we gave him head.

"Just think it will be hot if you just pull stuff down to my knees," he said, again not sounding very sincere. "Like we're having a quickie in the bathroom or something."

"Whatever," I said, not wanting to argue. Just as long as I got to taste his dick.

I grabbed his boxers and slowly pulled them down, his erection flopping out. It still took my breath away every time I saw it, the perfect circumcised penis, standing tall and proud. It now stood at an impressive 4 3/8 inches, measured just last week with a ruler from my room. My dick had just surpassed the four inch mark, something I had wanted to achieve ever since Michael had done so right before our trip last summer. Marcus had recorded some growth as well, his dick now three inches long while hard, but he was still as bare as a baby's ass.

Turning my attention back to Michael, I continued to admire his package. He now had a nice small bush of pubic hair, much like our friend Sam had, although not nearly as big. I'd guess that it extended about half an inch from the base of his penis, forming a cute little patch that drove me wild. It must have trapped pheromones or something because when I stuck my nose in there and sniffed I was intoxicated. Michael was certainly all of his thirteen years, having turned so just a couple of months ago.

Finally I went down on him, taking the full length of his cock into my mouth no problem. Michael moaned lightly and put his hands on my head, which made me feel better about the situation. I slowly pulled out, making sure his head felt every inch of my tongue. Going back down, my nose brushed against his pubic hairs as I engulfed his cock. Taking a deep breath and catching his scent, I slowly pulled back up.

Up and down I went, breathing when my nose was nestled in his pubes, sending waves of pleasure down Michael's cock. I'm sure his dick had gotten a little fatter since our roadtrip last June but I didn't notice. He was still small enough that I wasn't struggling to open my mouth to accommodate him. Growing up seeing him naked every day I didn't notice most the changes that were taking place on his body. The leg hair, pubic hair, and cock girth were the only changes I had taken note of... his voice was still soft (but definitely one that belonged to a boy) and he had very young and boyish features.

Taking a break from his cock, I slowly let it slide out of my mouth, flopping against his belly and shining with my saliva. His head was dark purple and visibly throbbing from pleasure. That was another thing that was so attractive about Michael, his head got so dark when getting pleasured you knew you had to be doing something right.

I took his balls into my mouth, rolling one at a time in my mouth. I could still get his whole sack in my mouth with both balls but it filled my mouth completely and I couldn't do anything with them. I'm sure his balls had grown as well, as they now produced cum that was cloudy white in appearance. They were definitely bigger than mine, which were only able to produce a few squirts of clear liquid.

His scrotum had many brown hairs on it, not nearly as coarse as the hairs above his cock but still curly and dark. I didn't mind it at all, in fact I loved to feel the hairs as I rolled him around in my mouth. If I wanted a smooth sack I could always lick Marcus there, who you were still hard pressed to find a hair on.

Michael was moaning and rubbing my head wildly, loving the massage I was giving his testicles with my mouth. I knew he would get impatient soon though if I didn't finish the job up north, so I slowly let his left testicle out of my mouth, his whole sack shining with my saliva. I looked up at him and smiled slyly, Michael responding by flashing me a small smile and using his hands to move my head back to his crotch. He was horny and needed to fire soon.

Taking his cock back into my mouth, I picked up the pace slightly, feeling Michael start to tense up with orgasm. I enjoyed the last few moments on his cock, my tongue running wildly down his rock hard shaft and sensitive head. Finally it was too much for Michael to bear, I could feel his body crunch up as he tried to delay his climax.

After a few moments he could hold it no longer, his body thrusting violently into my face, his pubes slamming into my nose.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," Michael moaned, trying to keep it down but struggling due to the intense pleasure he was in.

My mouth was filling with his cum, the reward for my hard work. He shot probably five or six medium sized globs, some of it ejected so powerfully that it was already running down my throat. While his cum was now fairly thick and white, it still retained some of the clear watery texture it used to have. The type of cum I was shooting now was about what Michael was shooting a year ago, while Marcus was still a long ways from producing anything.

I slowly swished his cum around in my mouth before swallowing, enjoying its bitter yet sweet taste. Michael's cum had become a treat for me, I would often find myself dreaming about having some of it as I slowly drifted to sleep. To me there was nothing more erotic that eating something the body of your lover had made, rewarding you with his treat after giving him pleasure.

Michael flopped back against the bed, his forehead slightly damp from the experience and the fact he was almost fully clothed while doing so. I slowly pulled up his boxers and pants and buttoned them for him, giving his crotch a light pat and feeling his still semi-hard erection before pulling away.

"Wow Danny, that looked awesome," Marcus grinned at me.

"Only the best for Michael," I grinned at him. I half expected him to start making out with me like he usually did after some form of sex, but he just turned and gave me a sly smile.

"Me next," Marcus said, flinging himself wildly to the front of the bed. Within seconds he had his cargo shorts, boxers, and blue polo tee-shirt off, his uncircumcised dick standing proud and tall.

"My, my aren't we excited?" Michael laughed.

"Suck me," Marcus whined.

"You've been extra horny this week Marcus," I commented. It was true, normally he wouldn't fling himself onto the bed and dirty talk. Perhaps puberty was finally starting to get a hold on him.

"I know," he whined. "Just suck me."

I sat at the foot of the bed and laughed while Michael went down on Marcus. His eyes were closed and mouth slightly open, his face riddled with pleasure. Michael made sure to pull his foreskin down and expose his head, which he massaged gently with his tongue.

"Mmmmm," Marcus moaned, opening his eyes briefly to look at Michael. His deep blue eyes shone back at me, complimenting his dirty blonde hair. He still had it cut in a skater boy style despite not being part of that group. It was shaggy but it wasn't to the point of Cody or Zack from the Disney series, a length which Michael and I hated (although we still had fun looking at them).

Marcus was now probably about four foot eight or nine. He had begun to grow faster now, a good sign. Something with his growth hormones wasn't quite right but the doctors still figured he'd end up about five foot six or seven, not bad considering what a shrimp he was today. We loved him all the more for it; his height complimented his soft and thoughtful personality perfectly.

While Michael had a thin layer of pudge but was still very toned, Marcus retained that baby softness. You wouldn't call him chubby in the least, he looked perfectly normal, but when you took his shirt and pants off he had this soft baby pudge on his stomach and thighs that drove Michael and I wild. I was somewhere in between the two of them; I wasn't nearly as toned as Michael but didn't quite have the baby softness of Marcus. We all complimented each other very well and knew we were lucky to have one another.

Marcus was starting to moan more noticeably and I knew he wouldn't last much longer. I had given him a blowjob the other day after school and he came within about three minutes. Normally he would last a good six or seven minutes, but for whatever reason he was enjoying his dry orgasms sooner the last few days.

Michael made no attempt to suck his balls or lick various other parts of his body, something I found a little odd. Normally he was the first one in line to get really kinky, but I guess he was just concentrating on getting Marcus off. Something just seemed askew with him this week but I couldn't put my finger on what it would be.

Testicle massage or not, Marcus starting cumming as powerfully as I had seen him, his bare crotch spasming violently up and down into Michael's mouth, which was taking it like a pro. Marcus moaned rather loudly, his toes curling up with pleasure. Finally, after at least thirty seconds Marcus' convulsions started to slow down until finally stopping. Michael let Marcus' cock out of his mouth, still rock hard and shining with his saliva.

"Did I cum?" Marcus asked, something he had been asking daily for about three months. I think he was pretty eager to gain the ability now that I had been able to for almost a year now.

"Not yet," Michael said, patting him on the shoulder.

"Damn," Marcus said with a grin.

"Sure looked like a powerful orgasm," I laughed.

"It was awesome," Marcus grinned, leaning over to kiss Michael. Michael didn't make any move to accept the kiss so Marcus just pecked him on the face. Weird.

"No problem," Michael said, looking at me quickly and smiling before his eyes darted downwards. Something was amiss and he knew that I knew.

"Well, that just leaves me," I hinted, ready to get the action going.

Marcus reached under the bed and grabbed the bottle of lotion that had become our dear friend at Michael's house. He refilled it when necessary with his mom's big bottle. Luckily, like my mom's, it was unscented so it didn't lend a clue to our activities.

"Lemme go check my mom," Michael said, still acting extra worried about our activities. It was just weird because he had never worried much before, often the one pushing the limits with privacy and noise.

Me and Marcus looked at each other and shrugged as Michael tip toed out of the room and peeked over the banister downstairs. Looking satisfied, he came back in and quietly shut and locked the door.

"Good to go?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "She's still busy working."

"Cool," I said, eager to get on with it.

Marcus was already naked, so he smiled at me and handed me the bottle of lotion. He grabbed a pillow from Michael's bed and placed it under his butt, raising it up a little bit. We had found this trick out in the fall; since Marcus was smaller it allowed us to have sex with him at a more comfortable angle.

Pulling his legs up to his chest and spreading them apart, Marcus opened his beautiful boyrose up to me. It was so clean and tidy, light pink in color and nice and tight. He stayed pretty tight despite the repeated fucks by me and Michael; however it would start to really tighten up if we didn't fuck him for a while. Marcus almost seemed to like it though, encouraging us to continue as normal.

I squirted some lotion on my fingers and began to rub it around his asshole. I worked the lotion all around his hole, slipping my finger in and making sure the entry would be painless for him. Finally satisfied with my work, I quickly rubbed some lotion around my already rock hard dick. My head was aching to get inside Marcus' ass, so I quickly lined myself up and looked at Marcus' face for permission.

He simply nodded, the skin around his anus twirling as he pushed outward to allow easier access to my cock. I pressed my head lightly against his hole, feeling his wrinkled skin resisting my dick. With just a little pressure I began to slip in, Marcus' butt accustomed to having foreign visitors inside it.

Slowly my circumcised cock slid inward, my head feeling every soft, slick fold of Marcus' bowels. I had to resist the urge to cum right then and there, as the feelings were almost overwhelming. I looked up at Marcus, who was flashing a cute smile, his face looking very content. He admitted to us he loved to be fucked as much fucking someone else, maybe even more. Whatever it was, I was just glad to be pleasing him while at the same time getting my rocks off myself.

I began to pump in and out, going at a steady rhythm that I knew would deliver an orgasm in just a matter of minutes. Michael was on the edge of the bed just looking at us, feeling an erection through his pants. When he saw me making eye contact with him he acted as if he was almost embarrassed to be caught watching us. Normally the kid would be licking Marcus' nipples or dry humping my back or something right now. Guess my two friends had switched roles this week... the passive one was now horny as hell and the kinky one was acting withdrawn.

At this point though I could care less, my dick was alive with sensations as I fucked Marcus' warm insides. He had sprung another erection and was furiously jacking it off, wanting to get off twice in a matter of minutes. Marcus was able to do so but rarely was horny enough to even attempt it. I watched his foreskin roll back and forth rapidly, something that I was slightly jealous of. He didn't even need lube to masturbate; he just rolled his skin back and forth and got off quite easily. I could get off without lube but it took more time and patience.

I was able to get off pretty fast when I was fucking someone however, and the time was coming to a close with Marcus. I could feel my dick getting harder as I resisted the urge to cum. Just twenty more seconds. I fought the feelings, moaning slightly as my dick ached to be relieved, finally I gave in, climaxing wildly into Marcus' bowels. I could feel three or four shots of my clear cum shoot into him, my dick thrusting a dozen or so more times dry. Biting my tongue to be quiet, I let out a soft sigh when my orgasm was finally over.

Wow, that was good. I slowly pulled my softening cock out of Marcus' anus. It was slightly open in the middle and a little red around the edges, but that was normal for him after getting fucked. Marcus continued to pump away at his cock, finally climaxing and grunting as he fought through another orgasm. Relieved at last, he flopped against the bed, his butt still raised by Michael's pillow.

"Thanks Marcus," I sighed, lying down next to him.

"No problem," he said, reaching over and patting me on the balls. As usual, they were clean as a whistle, although I probably would rinse them off a little once we went to our next activity.

"You sure are horny today," Michael said, tickling Marcus' foot. After he tickled it he looked almost guilty, he brow furrowed in frustration over the fact he had done it.

Marcus just giggled. I reached over and slowly stroked his chest, enjoying his smooth, baby-like skin. In those few fleeting moments after an orgasm I was at peace with the world, a feeling I wouldn't give up for anything.

"We should get dressed," Michael said cautiously. "It's been like half an hour."

"Yeah, we ran a bit long," Marcus agreed, finally getting up and putting his clothes on. I hated to see that cute body get hidden but I knew I'd be naked again with him tomorrow at our sleepover.

"Your mom doesn't even notice," I said, also putting on my clothes.

"She might," Michael said. "The TVs not on or anything, she might wonder what we do."

"Stop worrying," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. "You sure everything's okay?"

"Yeah," Michael said, looking quickly into my eyes. "Sorry."

"Let's go play X-BOX," Marcus suggested, wanting to break up the tension.

We all agreed, heading the bonus room that held the majority of our sleepovers when we were at Michael's house. Tomorrow night we'd be at my house, but we had a very similar bonus room in which we slept.

"What should we play?" Michael asked, sifting through his giant stack of games.

"Something we're all good at," Marcus moaned.

"Okay, so not Halo or Madden," I laughed.

"NBA Live?"

"Sure," Marcus and I replied in unison.

We decided to play each other one on one for short periods of time so the other person wouldn't get bored. While we were playing we just chatted about school and other things, nothing came to light that shed any information on Michael's recent odd behavior.

Before we knew it five o'clock rolled around and it was time for Marcus and I to go home. We trudged down the stairs and put our shoes on, Michael watching over us.

"See you boys!" Michael's mom called from the other room.

"Bye!" Marcus and I shouted.

Marcus finished up tying his shoe and we were ready to go. I didn't go over to kiss Michael like I would normally, he told me on Tuesday that it was "too risky." He had never had a problem with it before, often pinning me against the wall and making out with me for thirty seconds or more, his mom just on the other side of the wall. He seemed extra cautious about being caught and more withdrawn while doing stuff but I had no idea what could have caused that.

After saying goodbye to Michael, Marcus and I left the house and went our separate ways. His house was just a few blocks down the street. He waved goodbye, flashing me his cute smile before turning the other way. I watched his cute little butt for a few seconds before heading to the side of Michael's house and finding the bike we shared to get to and from each other's house. Putting on the helmet, I started to ride home, the events of the day repeating in my head.

"I think I'm going to."

He wasn't serious was he? He wasn't actually thinking of going out with Stephanie Lauer, right?

I rode in silence thinking, not knowing what to make of Michael's comment. It had bugged me all day, ever since he said it at lunch. We were all sitting around talking as usual when the topic switched to girls. Most the time Michael and I were pretty silent, maybe saying something like "yeah, she's cute" to keep the suspicions away. We loved each other and wanted to be with each other... or so I thought.

But when it was revealed that Michael had an admirer, one who just happened to be the best looking and most popular girl in our grade (and rumored to be very promiscuous), Michael strayed from the usual. Instead of playing it off he had said that he was probably going to ask her out.

Michael had been acting weird all week. When we fooled around during our usual after school sessions he seemed more distant than usual. Normally he was the most passionate one, the one moaning and talking dirty. This week, he just kind of sat back and let things happen.

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt though. It was Thursday and the weekend was soon approaching. Michael lived for the weekend because he always had some new kinky position or way of getting each other off. It seemed like the sole purpose of the school week was to give him time to brainstorm ideas for the weekend. If he was still off tomorrow at our sleepover, I'd confront him about his behavior. I just didn't want to ruin anything though, and I know if I was stressed out or something I wouldn't want him bugging me about it and questioning our relationship.

It was late January of our seventh grade year. Michael and I had hooked up, along with our friend Marcus, around this time last year... the magical sixth grade year that changed my life. Since that roadtrip in June of last year, Michael, Marcus and I had continued our fun after school and on the weekends. And the special bond that Michael and I shared had grown. We had never officially declared each other our boyfriends I suppose, but I thought that was the general understanding. With the passionate love we made, how could one feel any different?

What was holding us back may have been the "g" word. Were we even ready to face or accept this fact? Something that would change our lives and the way we were treated? Change our relationships with most everyone we knew? We were only 13 and didn't even want to think of it. But now I was confused. Did Michael actually like Stephanie? Or was he just trying to be a man? And was he really going to ask her out? Did he realize how much that would hurt me?

End of Chapter One

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