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Chapter Two:
Cyber Confrontation

By the time I arrived home I was on the verge of crying. I didn't understand Michael's behavior at all and every time I tried to talk about it he just shot me down and pretended nothing was wrong. Something was wrong though. And despite running scenario after scenario in my mind I couldn't find any reason to explain his actions.

Dinner was annoying because my parents kept asking me about my day and I was being vague as usual. Then the typical "is anything wrong honey?" by my mom and my dad saying "he's just being a moody teenager."

That wasn't true though. Up until now I was one of the happiest kids I knew, I actually liked my parents and got along great with them.

"I'm losing my little boy," my mom sighed.

"No you're not," I said, looking up from the table at her. "It's just been really stressful this week with finals and stuff. I'm pretty tired."

God, I was turning into Michael. The lie actually made more sense here though.

"Are you getting enough sleep?" my mom asked, looking concerned.

I just had to smile; she always asked that first thing if I said I was tired.

"Yes mommmm," I said in a fake annoyed voice. "I go to bed at 10 every night."

That was a half-truth. I went into my room at 10 but normally didn't get to sleep until midnight or so. I typically used my computer to chat with friends and surf the internet until then. I didn't have to wake up for school until 7:30 though, so it all worked out.

"I know," she said, happy that I had smiled. "You boys shouldn't feel the need to always stay up late at night, there's no shame in going to bed early. Remember that tomorrow night if you're tired."

‘Let us have wild sex in the living room during 20/20 and we can talk,' I thought.

"Okay," I said, giving her a smile. "May I be excused?"

"Of course," she said. "Just take your dishes to the sink please."

"Okay," I said. "Thanks for dinner."

"You're welcome, my angel," my mom said.

"Get on that homework squirt," my dad chimed in.

"I am," I said. "Got to write a big essay tonight, should be fun."

Another lie. That was just an excuse to stay in my room at the computer. They trusted me to do my homework and since I got good grades they really didn't interfere or know what my assignments were.

"Do a good job," my mom said.

"I will," I said before heading up the stairs. As soon as I turned the corner my fake smile disappeared. I just wanted to mope around but I knew if I did that I'd get a million questions about what was wrong and what they could do.

I went into my room and shut the door. I saw the picture of Michael and me in front of Cinderella's castle last summer on my desk and started to cry. We were so happy, in love, fucking each other's brains out, being there for each other no matter what. The bliss had continued to just this last week. Now, I didn't know what to think.

Burying my face into my pillow to muffle the noise, I let a week's worth of frustration come out of me. What happened? What did I do, if anything? Did something happen to him? I hated not knowing… why wouldn't he tell me? We told each other everything, our deepest secrets, our greatest fears, what we aspired to be.

I decided to confront Michael about it tomorrow at our sleepover. I couldn't go on like this and knew he probably couldn't either. Whatever it was, we could work it out, we could go back to the way things were. Back when I was happy.

My sobs slowly quieted until I was crying no more. Taking my face from the pillow, I saw two decent sized puddles of tears where my eyes had been. I wasn't one to cry very much and I had to admit I felt somewhat better after doing so. I almost didn't recognize myself when I looked in the mirror, my face red and my cheeks streaked with tears.

I sat down at my computer and pulled out my digital camera. I took a couple of pictures of myself, wanting to try and morph them with some of the happier pictures of me. I had just gotten pretty cool software that transformed one image to another and thought it might be a project to waste some time.

Man did I look sad and withdrawn in these pictures. I couldn't look like that even if I wanted to most days.

"Maybe I should dress in all black and cut myself," I chuckled to myself, thinking of all the kids at my school who thought they were "punk" or "goth".

Maybe someone was online to share my frustrations with. Signing onto instant messaging, only one person was online that I normally talked to… Michael.

Should I? Of course I should, I scolded myself. We are best friends, why wouldn't we talk? God, I think I was afraid of him. Afraid or not, I decided to start a conversation.

Dan57895: hey
mrmichael93: hey danny

Not his usual "sexy" or "lover."

dan57895: whats up?
mrmichael93: nothing much just studyin
dan57895: oh cool. you are finally caring about finals week i guess huh?
mrmichael93: guess u could say that

That basically meant he was lying.

dan57895: you better get good grades with the amount of time youre putting into this.
mrmichael93: hope so

God damn he was being vague. Normally the minute we started talking he'd dirty talk and every message was at least ten words. I needed to find out now, this was going too far.

dan57895: look michael i dunno what i did but why are you being so weird this week?
mrmichael93: how am i being weird?
dan57895: not doing much after school, acting like im just some other friend, saying youre gonna go out with stephanie...
mrmichael93: im not being weird. im tired after school, ur my best friend u know that i hang with u every day after school, idk know what ur talking about
dan57895: you know what im talking about. why wont you tell me? if im your best friend then you would...
mrmichael93: theres nothign to tell okay danny. jeez
dan57895: are you really goign to ask stephanie out?
mrmichael93: ya, y
dan57895: beacuse of us. i thought we were together…
mrmichael93: how? boys cant go out with boys danny
dan57895: then what were we doing?
mrmichael93: just bein horny. we havin fun, thats it
dan57895: what about all that shit we talked about last spring? all the stuff about how you loved me?
mrmichael93: i do love you danny. as a friend. i care a lot about you.
dan57895: then why are you hurting me so bad?
mrmichael93: i didnt mean to. look, were still friends, we always will be. sorry if u misinturperted my feelings
dan57895: i dont want to be just friends. me and chase are just friends. youre more than a friend.
mrmichael93: look, i know we had sex and it was great and we bonded and shit. lots of boys do that with each other before they get with girls
mrmichael93: to relieve their sexual stress or whatever. i read it online but once they start dating they stop doing it
dan57895: so some pussy is going to solve your problem of finding boys hot?
mrmichael93: yeah. and i didn't find them hot, i just liked how the sex felt
mrmichael93: its time i date a girl neways and stephanie might provide for my... needs or watever, idk
dan57895: but you dont like girls like that. you told me a couple of weeks ago you didnt understand why people freaked out abotu a pussy.
dan57895: tell me this michael
dan57895: what are you afraid of?
dan57895: i know how you really feel about me… and marcus… and sam and corey and jack…
mrmichael93: just leave me alone okay
dan57895: do you know how much youre hurting me? i just want to help…
mrmichael93 has signed off

I just sat there staring at the screen, my heart racing. I barely thought the entire conversation, my body numb from what I was hearing. From what I could tell though, Michael was preoccupied with finding a girl to date and ending our sexual play as much as he could. My guess was that somebody had questioned his sexual orientation or something of the like because he was out to prove what a man he was.

What shocked me was how cold and mean Michael was being towards me. He knew of the love we shared and the fact he wouldn't even admit it hurt me more than anything. All those nights we fell asleep snuggled up to one another, the last words I heard were "I love you" whispered from his mouth… those weren't lies. Those were the truth. This act that Michael was putting on wasn't.

I signed on my alternative screen name to make sure he didn't block me, which he didn't. Leaving all of a sudden like that told me I was hitting home with him and he didn't like it. If he really felt that way about Stephanie and me, he would have kept talking.

Maybe he was onto something though. Maybe because we had found each other so early, barely 12 years old and having sex, we only thought we liked boys. Maybe I really did like girls. I didn't give myself a chance to really explore them. It was fair of Michael to want to branch out and see if he liked them, but the way he was going about it was wrong and it hurt me.

Perhaps the only way to make Michael see the light was to do it right back to him. Pretend like I didn't care either. Laura Parker had always had an eye on me. Rumor had it she gave a couple of the popular jocks blowjobs over the last summer. She always flirted with me and told me how cute I was but I just kind of ignored her. I bet if I played the desperate and dumped card (I'll say I just had a girlfriend at another school) she'd do something with me. It was worth a shot. Show Michael that I could be a "man" too.

Full of resolve I opened up my browser and searched for "porn" on Google. I had never done so before, Michael and I always had each other not to mention hundreds of pictures the two of us had taken together.

Venturing into a new frontier I worked my way through a maze of websites, looking at all the boobs and vaginas I could. My cock was still soft however, not making even a dent in my boxers.

Maybe I just needed the real thing and my age. Who wants to look at girls in their 20s anyways?

Just then an instant message from Sam popped up.

sambball69: yo dude wats up
Dan57895: not much, how are you and corey?
sambball69: horny
sambball69: lol
Dan57895: haha nice. i got laid a few horus ago so im good for now.

Maybe that was why I wasn't hard. Although I always was hard again within about twenty minutes when I was with Michael.

sambball69: awesome. me and jeff havent done anything for a while n corey is at bball prac

Jeff was Sam's boyfriend. They found each other a few months ago after Sam finally worked the courage up to pursue a guy at his school. Turns out his radar was correct and he and Jeff were having some fun. Jeff was sophomore and had just turned 16 to Sam's 15. From what he had told us Jeff was six and a half inches hard and quite the lover. Unfortunately Jeff lived on the complete opposite side of town and they only got to have time alone on the weekends when they saw each other. Jeff was into drama so they had sex numerous times at school too, often in a rarely used janitor's closet in the auditorium.

Corey was Sam's brother and now 11 years old. He and Sam had stopped fucking because the sheer size of Sam's cock to Corey's hole and the fact that Sam now had a boyfriend. They still whacked and blew each other off though, sometimes on the webcam for Michael and I. We had visited them twice since we met at Disneyland and had amazing sex each time.

Dan57895: mmm, would love to taste him all sweaty and hot from basketball
sambball69: haha yeah, he dont stink yet
Dan57895: whats the hair status?
sambball69: he still doesnt have any cept for the blone ones on his balls

I was getting horny just thinking about him.

Dan57895: you horny?
sambball69: god yes. wanna put the webcams on?
Dan57895: thought you'd never ask.
You are now in a video conversation with sambball69.

Sam's image graced my screen; he was completely naked except for his socks. He was gently stroking his five inch penis, whose pubes he started to shave after meeting Jeff. Michael and I liked it so much we vowed to do the same once we were fifteen or sixteen and our pubic hair ceased to be "cute." Sam had brown hair and brown eyes, still having some of that baby chub that Marcus (and I, to a lesser extent) had. Sam still looked very youthful in the face and was about my height... he could easily pass for twelve or thirteen until you looked under the hood.

Dan57895: hey hottie.
sambball69: take ur fucking clothes off lol

I quickly stripped all my clothes off and got up to lock the door so my parents wouldn't walk in on me.

Dan57895: done.
sambball69: god ur hot
Dan57895: thanks

Getting out my bottle of lotion and quickly slapping some onto my dick, I began to masturbate to the image of Sam doing likewise. We both just stared at our monitors, getting off on each other and having as close to sex as we could without actually doing it. After a few minutes Sam pulled out his dildo, a full sized one that vibrated. He showed Michael and I when we last came up but we didn't use it. We were amazed when Sam was able to put it fully in his ass, but realized he was also having sex with someone with a full sized cock as well. Not wanting to hurt or damage ourselves, Michael and I just admired knowing one day we'd be there as well.

After greasing the dildo up with lube Sam slowly pressed it into his rectum, the blue plastic disappearing into his ass. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, enjoying the mix of pleasure and pain I'm sure it caused. Horny for some anal action as well, I took my left index finger and inserted it into my asshole. I had to scoot down in the computer chair a little so I could reach down there, but boy did it feel good. Finding my prostate, I rubbed it steadily while also stroking my cock and looking at Sam doing the same.

It didn't take long for us to both cum. After the anal stimulation came into play we were cumming within two minutes or so. I was the first to go, shuddering violently while fixated on the image of Sam. The sight of me must have sent him over the edge as well because he began squirting his cum all over his bare chest. His mouth was wide open and I could only imagine he was moaning loudly at the experience. He was such a little man, you wouldn't know it by the looks of things but he had a good sized cock for his height and could squirt a lot when he was especially turned on.

Smiling at each other, we both started to clean up. I just ate my cum, something I had always done when Michael wasn't around to do so. Sam had a much bigger problem, opting to wipe it up with about six tissues. Finally we were done and able to talk again.

sambball69: i got cum on teh keyboard lol
Dan57895: you dirty whore.
sambball69: haha i no
sambball69: thx i needed that
Dan57895: so did i.
sambball69: michael not treating you well? jk

Man, he hit the nail on the head. I know he wasn't being serious though and I sure wasn't going to clue him in on our drama.

Dan57895: oh you know michael, can't do shit in bed. its sad really.
sambball69: yeah, kid needs lots of practice
Dan57895: lol
Dan57895: i wish he was here to fuck me right now

I really did. The feeling of his cock inside me put me into a peaceful and content state I could find nowhere else.

sambball69: i wish u guys were here right now
Dan57895: ditto buddy
sambball69: aight well i gotta go, mom wants me to drive to go pick cor up from practice
Dan57895: ok permit boy, have fun
sambball69: lata dude

Physically and mentally exhausted, I shut down my computer, quickly closing the porn I vowed to get hard off of. Instead, it happened to be at the hands of Sam, but that was okay. Tomorrow I'd ask Laura out, word of which would hopefully reach Michael. I had a feeling he'd blow off our sleepover tomorrow, but if he didn't our possible new girlfriends might start some discussion finally. If he decided to skip the sleepover, I'd just have to go through and try to get some action out of Laura.

I mean, maybe I liked girls too… I knew for sure I liked boys. Guess he was right, I didn't really know until I tried. So what was the harm? Maybe we'd both find out we didn't like girls and end up in each other's arms. I thought we had come to that conclusion but apparently not… we had to find out the hard way.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was just past nine o'clock. I was exhausted from the day however and decided to go to bed. I opened my bedroom door and called to my parents that I was going to sleep. My mom was thrilled at the thought and told me she'd be up in a minute to tuck me in. I wasn't six anymore but still, my mom tucking me in was very reassuring.

I crawled into bed, still naked, and rested my head on the pillow. I thought about Michael and all the good times we had together as I quickly drifted to sleep. I was fast asleep by the time my mom came in to kiss me goodnight.

End of Chapter Two

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