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Chapter Three:
Newton's Third Law

The next day at school was one of the most awkward of my life. Unfortunately the one class I had with Michael was first period so we couldn't avoid our problems for long.

I rode to school on the bus as usual, nervous about seeing him. What would I say? Would he even talk to me? Although he started acting odd earlier in the week, he was still talking to me and being my friend. Now though, after our little confrontation last night online, I didn't know what to expect. I just wanted things to be back to normal.

Luckily our bus was running a little late and I went straight to first period. Normally I was about ten minutes early and went to the cafeteria where all the early students would hang out before class started. There would be our usual group of friends, talking and goofing around until class started.

I took a deep breath and then ducked into English, the class I shared with Marcus and Michael. Luckily there was a seating chart so I wouldn't have to sit next to Michael… he was directly across the room from me. Marcus was just a row back and to the left, so although he was close, I couldn't really see him.

Walking in, I spotted Michael immediately. His eyes immediately darted away from mine and down onto his desk. He looked sad and withdrawn, something that had increased all week. Whenever we made eye contact he looked ashamed of something, and if he stared at me too long he'd become overcome with guilt.

I sat down and turned towards Marcus.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," he grinned. "What's up with Michael?"

"I dunno, do you?" I asked, wondering if Michael had given any insight to Marcus.

"No man," Marcus replied. "He came to our group about a minute before we left for class and hardly said a word."

"Oh," I said.

"What's wrong with him?" Marcus asked. "Like this whole week, he's been different."

"You tell me," I sighed. "I tried asking him last night…"

"And?" Marcus wondering.

"Well, he's gonna ask Steph out for real and won't tell me anything else," I said.

"Oh," Marcus said and whispering, "that seems out of character."

"I know," I said just as the teacher began to speak.

English class was pretty boring as usual. We discussed the novel we were reading and did a short in-class essay on it. Michael and I didn't say a peep the entire class, instead we just took quick looks at each other. Once in a while our eyes would meet only to dart away instantly, our hearts suddenly racing. This wasn't how it should be with Michael. He was my best friend. My lover.

Our next hurdle would be eating lunch together. That was the only time I'd see Michael the rest of the day after English class until we got on the bus. That is if he showed up. By the way he was acting towards me today, I highly doubted he'd want to come spend the night at my house.

Finally after fifty long minutes the period ended and Michael quickly shuffled out before I had put my binder away in my backpack. He really didn't want to see or talk to me today.

I left for science overcome with sadness. What had happened to Michael and I? We were so happy. Even yesterday at least I was still sucking his cock. Today he wouldn't even talk to me. Why was he doing this to me?

The next fifty minutes were spent thinking about these questions while Mr. Dunbar droned on about Punnett Squares. I had a couple friends in this class but thankfully today was just a lecture day so I didn't have to talk at all. A couple of times I almost found myself crying, the tears starting to well up.

The time seemed to fly by, math was a blur, and before I knew it I was walking to towards the cafeteria to sit and eat lunch with Michael. I thought about sitting somewhere else, but all my closest friends were at that table and it would be awkward to suddenly sit somewhere else. Plus, although I was mad at Michael, I still wanted to be near him and let him know I still cared. If I were to sit at another table the other kids might catch on that something was going on between the two of us.

I saw Marcus and the other sack lunch people already sitting down, but Michael, like me, bought their lunch. I got into line, quickly looking around to see if he arrived yet. Not spotting him, I turned around and nervously waited for the line to move forward. I wasn't even hungry, I felt sick to my stomach and eating was the last thing on my mind. I know I had to get something though or I'd be hungry later and people at the table would question me.

Getting up to the lunch lady, I looked at the numerous a la carte items available.

"Could I just get the chicken burger thing?" I asked, remembering that it was pretty bland and wouldn't upset things.

"Sure thing," she said, slapping the foiled burger onto a paper plate. "Anything else?"

"Naw, that's good, thanks," I mumbled, shuffling to the cashier station. I took a quick glance behind me and saw Michael about halfway through the line.

Our eyes met, his quickly darting to the floor. I kept mine on his, letting him know that I wasn't afraid of him (although I pretty much was). A few seconds later he looked back up only to find me still looking at him, so he quickly changed his glance and pretended to look at the menu.

"I said, that will be two dollars," the cashier said, raising her voice a little.

"Oh sorry," I said, snapping back to the present. I handed her a five and she gave me change. My mom gave me three dollars a day to eat, so it looks like today I made a profit.

Walking back to the table I was relieved to see there wasn't two seats available next to each other. Michael and I normally tried to sit next to one another, but today it looked like that wasn't going to happen and it was probably for the better.

I sat down next to Marcus, who gave me a small smile. God he was cute. Chase came and sat down in one of the other free seats, meaning Michael would be sitting three seats to my left. Not in each other's immediate eye line, which would hopefully make lunch less awkward. Not quite like the lunches earlier this year, where Michael whisper to me to meet him in the bathroom fifteen minutes into the next class.

Right now the topic of discussion was the Seahawks and whether or not they could make the next round of the playoffs. Marcus, the ever loyal fan of Seattle sports, was declaring them Super Bowl Champions, while Chase, originally from Indiana, thought it was the Colts year.

While I liked sports somewhat, I didn't care for arguing about them, instead taking the time to try and eat my chicken sandwich. God it tasted awful and was hard to get down. I think even pizza now though wouldn't appeal to me. This morning for breakfast I had about half a bowl of cereal before I couldn't eat anymore. I had to wait for my mom to leave the room then dumped it down the sink.

Michael was less talkative than usual but tried to still be active in the group. I could tell he was different though and I know he felt as uncomfortable around me as I did around him.

Finally the conversation turned awkward…

"So Michael, you ever gonna as Steph out?" Chase asked with a devilish grin.

"Next period in math," Michael said, forcing himself to grin.

"Sweet," the table admired.

"Dude, she's like the hottest girl in the whole school."

"And most popular!"

"You're so gonna get pussy," Liam chirped, a huge grin on his face.

"You're so lucky dude!"

"I know," Michael grinned, looking at me then having his smile disappear. He knew he was lucky to have me, not that slut Stephanie.

"I heard she had sex with Jake and Lucas last summer," Chase declared, referring to the school's star quarterback and running back.

"Yeah, like half the football team during training camp," Liam laughed.

"Wear rubber dude," Chase joked, Michael laughing nervously.

It had come to a point where I just had to say something.

"You really want to fuck that loose dirty slut?" I cracked, looking angrily at Michael.

"Yeah," he said, his eyes darting around looking at the table and not me.

"The fucks wrong with you Danny?" Liam asked. "She's the hottest girl in the whole fucking grade. You sure you get a set?"

"Yeah," I said, suddenly feeling bashful. The whole table was looking at me. "I dunno, she's just done it with so many people."

"Yeah, she knows what the fuck she's doing. She's probably awesome in bed."

"Yeah," I decided to agree and get the focus off me.

I caught Michael looking at me, a sad look in his eyes. He actually looked at me for a few seconds before bowing his head. He looked guilty, like a puppy that had just gone to the bathroom on the carpet.

"Wish she was such a slut she'd have sex with all of us," someone said, the table agreeing excitedly. I saw a number of hands reach down into their respective pants and arrange things, the sex talk obviously making the collection of seventh graders very horny. Normally I found this thing really hot, but right now I just felt depressed.

The rest of the lunch centered on girls and our fantasies with them. The group decided to go around the group and tell who in the school we'd like to go out with. Nobody in our group currently had a girlfriend, unlike the popular "preps" who almost had to have one to stay in that group. While we weren't the cool kids, our group was respected and not considered dorky or anything, as many of the preps were friends with people from our group. Michael could have easily been in the most popular group in the entire school, but I figured he decided to hang out with us not to have the girl pressures. So much for that.

Finally it was Marcus' turn to go, his face blushing and looking very nervous.

"I like Shelly," he said softly.

"Shelly Taylor?" Michael asked.

"Yeah," Marcus said.

"You guys would be cute together," someone at the table wondered outloud.

Shelly Taylor was a cute girl, about Marcus' height and shy as well. She was a quiet girl, probably because her height left a lot to be desired, a lot like Marcus. I agreed, they would be cute together and would be happy for Marcus if they went out.

It had become clear in recent months to Michael and I that Marcus was attracted to girls. Whether or not he liked boys too was yet to be determined, but I know he enjoyed his time with Michael and I. Lots of boys looking for a sexual release turn to their friends but eventually grow out of it. I knew that Marcus might eventually do that if he wasn't attracted to boys, but I know he would always have an open mind and never look down on anyone who experimented. Part of being an adolescent is finding out who you were going to be.

Thankfully the bell rang before it was my turn to tell the group who I'd like to go out with. I planned on telling them it was some girl from another school, since that would relieve the pressure of me "asking her out" or the word getting to her that I liked her.

Michael and I went our separate ways after lunch, not saying goodbye to each other as we usually would. He was supposed to ask Stephanie out next period, so we'd see if that would actually happen. If he continued to ignore me and start going out with her… I don't know what I would do.

I sulked off to my social studies class and thankfully the rest of my day I could remain pretty low key. While I had friends in all my classes, most the time I wasn't sitting near them and didn't get to interact with them during class. The only class where I'd have to pep up would be gym class last period of the day.

Surviving my other classes without having to put on a very happy face, I headed back through the cafeteria and towards the school gym. I hadn't seen Michael or Marcus since lunchtime, so I had no idea how Michael's proposal went down… if he did it. Someone had asked me last period if he had asked her, but I wasn't able to give an answer. I figured I'd just found out in one of my classes or after school when waiting for the bus.

PE was normally my favorite class, not only did I get to see a wide array of boys strip down into their boxers, but I also got to sit back and enjoy them do various stretches, namely "The Butterfly," in boxers. I got my first glimpse of dick in PE last spring and since then have been on the lookout every chance I got. Since then I've seen four more boys, two through that same stretch, one because he fell to the ground and had his shorts twist in a fortunate manner, and the last because he was dared to run across the locker room naked… and actually did so.

Today I didn't feel like dick hunting though, I was too sad about the day's events to try and catch those rare glimpses. Michael and I couldn't wait until eighth grade when we had our "swimming" section in PE for three weeks, but who knows how he'd feel about that now.

After dressing down I went to join the rest of the boys on the bleachers and waited for instruction. We still separated ourselves by gender naturally, the boys on one side while the girls were on the other side. A couple of the more popular and outgoing boys would sit with the girls for a while but would often come back to the "boys bench" before the class started.

"Sup Danny?" Tony asked, one of my friends in PE.

"Not much, ready to go home," I said in all honesty.

"Yeah, tell me about it," he replied. "Hey, what happened with Michael? Did he ask Steph out?"


"I dunno," I said, and then curious asked, "Did you hear anything?"

"Nope," he sighed. "I heard lots of things, one guy said she rejected him, one guy said she said yes then made out with him in the hall, so I dunno what to think."

"Oh," I said, hoping the earlier story was true.

"Michael?" someone named Gus butted in.

"Yeah," we both said in unison.

"I was right there," he grinned. "She said yes."

"God damn Michael is lucky," Tony mused.

"Oh," I responded simply.

"Dudes, that's not all though," Gus grinned, loving being the one who know.

"Oh shit, what?" Tony grinned, I'm sure imagining himself in Michael's place. Everyone wanted to go out with Stephanie Lauer.

"So he's all like, ‘you should come to a movie with me after school,' right?" Gus said, an audience around us now gathering. "So she's all like ‘even better, why don't you come to my place after school?'"

"Oh shit. Sweet. Luckkkky," the boys mumbled.

"She just lives with her mom right?" Gus continued. "And she's an only child. She went to daycare until last year but her mom finally lets her stay alone at home now. So they got the place to themselves until 5:30."

"No fuckin' way," Tony said, amazed.

"Oh, they'll be fucking!" someone cracked, causing the group of now a dozen or so boys to burst into laughter.

"Yeah," Gus grinned. Every boy in the school right now seemed to be living vicariously through Michael.

"Dude is so lucky!" Tony quipped.

"They basically looked like they wanted to fuck each other," Gus informed us.

"Beautiful peoples sex," someone sighed outloud.

"You think Michael is beautiful? You fag!"

Everyone burst into laughter except me. What if he did find Michael cute, what was so wrong with that?

"What are you boys laughing at?" one of the nosier girls asked us.

"Doesn't concern you!" we cried.

"Bet its that skank Stephanie going out with Michael," another girl said.

"Who wouldn't she go out with?" another wondered.

"Michael is pretty hot though, I'd go out with him," another stated.

"Yeah, me too," most the girls agreed.

"You should go out with each other," Gus grinned, looking devilishly at them.

"Yeah!" all the boys agreed, looking like a bunch of hungry hyenas. I just wanted to disappear, not only was I intimidated by their brash and aggressive sexuality, I was also turned on the by the fact they were so turned on. If they were this horny and we were alone in a room together, I bet most would let me give them blowjobs, "gay" or not.

Our gym teacher finally came out of his office and told us to go to our places so we could begin our warm-ups. A lot of adjusting took place on the way there, most the boys reaching into the pockets of their athletic shorts to move their boners to a less visible place. I could see many bulges, some more obvious than others, but all were very hot. I was getting one of my own, the first I had all day. Normally at school I was constantly riddled with boners, from the sly flirting by Michael, to our bathroom encounters, to PE class. That's why getting together after school and releasing our tension was so important.

Chances are Michael wouldn't be there today after school so it'd just be Marcus and I. Maybe Jack would be up for something, a neighbor boy we had met last spring. Whatever it was, I was ready to fuck someone, depressed or not.

The rest of gym class was uneventful, after warming up we just played a giant game of line tag with the other PE class that shared the gym during our period. Word of Michael and Stephanie was quickly spreading and I'm sure even the teachers had heard about it now.

Stephanie didn't go out with just anyone you see. While she did have a reputation as a slut, which was probably well earned, she had only been out with about three boys, all very popular of course. However, she was good friends with nearly all the popular boys, about a dozen or so were in the "top group," and we were pretty sure they had all been serviced by Stephanie one way or the other. Rumor was she gave a lot of head, so Michael's quest for a pussy might be more difficult than he imagined.

After dressing down, the final bell rang at last, ending one of the longest days I had ever had at school. Not only was I wildly horny, I was also saddened by Michael's recent behavior. It was an interesting mix, one I had never felt, but it made me want to fuck even more. Take out some of that frustration and anger with a nice big orgasm.

Having all the books I needed for that night, I headed straight towards my bus. Along the way I remembered the promise I had made to myself last night… to ask Laura out if Michael went through with becoming Stephanie's boyfriend. I frantically looked around for her, running back towards the seventh grade hall trying to find her. Finally I spotted her walking towards the exit with a bunch of her friends. I didn't feel like talking to her or asking her out, but the anger with Michael was still fresh in my mind and allowed me to push these thoughts away.

"Hey Laura," I said, breaking into her conversation. I wasn't even thinking, because if I did, I'd probably freeze up and run away.

"Hey Danny," she smiled. She had always had a thing for me and was probably disappointed I never took any of her hints.

"Hey, look," I said, trying to find the right words. "I was wondering, if like… you'd want to… you know… do something sometime or something? Maybe?"

Her face lit up and all her friends squealed in joy.

"Of course," she grinned, giving me a hug. I just let her hug me, I didn't really hug back.

"Cool," I said, somewhat disappointed she had said yes and I now had a responsibility to her.

"When can we get together?" she asked, a wild look in her eye. Oh God, I had asked a crazy out.

"Uhhhhhh," I stumbled, trying to think of a time. I wanted to get back at Michael as soon as I could. "Saturday afternoon? Tomorrow?"

"Sure," she grinned, happy I had said so soon. "Where at?"

"Wanna just meet in Mafsky Park?" I asked, knowing her and I both lived pretty close to it. "We can just hang out and get to know each other or something."

"Okay great," she grinned. "What time?"

"Two?" I said, giving Marcus and I ample time to have a fun night and sleep in as well.

"Sounds good, see you then!" Laura grinned.

"See ya," I said, forcing myself to give her a fake smile. I quickly hurried towards my bus, not wanting to dwell on what I just did. I could be a man too though, just like Michael. I'd show him that there was nothing special about going out with a girl.

I got onto my bus and sat down, stewing over what had happened that day. After a few minutes Marcus' cute bob of hair appeared, his face giving me a nice big smile as he worked his way down the aisle to sit near me.

"Hey Danny," Marcus said, sliding into the seat.

"Hey Marcus," I said, giving him a smile. He was such a good friend and such a cute, sweet boy.

"Michael told me to tell you he won't be coming," Marcus said, his smile disappearing.

"At least he thought of me," I sighed. "Don't worry, I heard all about it in PE last period."

"Oh," Marcus said, his voice sounded very sad. "I'm really sorry Danny."

"Thanks," I said, looking up at him. He looked me right in the face, his blue eyes very reassuring. He understood what I was going through and I'm sure felt a little betrayed by Michael as well.

"I did something sorta bad too," I said, wanting to come clean to Marcus.

"What?" he asked.

"I asked Laura Parker out," I admitted.

"Do you even like her?" Marcus asked me, somewhat surprised.

I glanced around before shaking my head slightly.

"Not like that."

"Yeah," Marcus said, knowing how I felt.

"I'll tell you more later," I said, not wanting to go into it on the bus.

"Okay," Marcus said, giving me a little smile before turning to face the front of the bus.

We sat in silence for the rest of the ride, reflecting on what had become of a once perfect friendship between the three of us.

End of Chapter Three

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