Danny and Michael:

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Chapter Four:
Jack and a Heart to Heart

After dinner my parents settled down in the family room to watch TV and read while Marcus and I headed up the stairs. This was the first sleepover without Michael since he spent the weekend at his grandma's house last summer. When my parents asked where he was Marcus and I said his mom wanted him to stay home and study for finals next week.

Marcus and I played some basketball after school since it was such great weather. But it just wasn't the same without Michael, getting horny, grinding into us, and killing us in the score. Normally we were all so hard by the time we were done playing with him we could barely manage to get up the stairs to relieve each other.

Something good did happen however; about half an hour into playing Jack came out bounding out of his house to join us.

We met Jack almost a year ago by mistake. Michael, Marcus and I were having wild sex in my room and forgot to shut my blinds so nobody could see in my room. Once we were done someone spotted Jack in his room staring at us, a slightly horrified look on his face. This was a big problem because he was the younger brother of Nate Moore, one of the more popular kids in our grade.

Anyways, Jack agreed not to tell but we had to convince him by giving him a blowjob and having Marcus softly fuck him. Once he had experienced it he understood where we were coming from and wanted even more of it.

At first we told Jack he should be with people his own age, that it was better that way and that Michael or I might hurt him. He persisted however, so eventually we let him onto our fun on a pretty regular basis. Nearly every sleepover at my house he'd come over late at night and join us. Sometimes after school he'd join us if we were playing basketball outside or something and we'd sneak him into the garage for a quick blowjob.

The addition of Jack made the night a little bit better considering Michael wasn't here. We would have to wait until everyone went to bed before we could sneak him over to my house for some fun.

So there Marcus and I sat, playing NBA Live on the X-BOX, waiting for the time to pass so we could get our fun going. The game ended, Marcus winning by a landslide 120-92.

Once the game was over he fiddled with the controller in his hand before turning to look at me.

"Danny?" he asked.

"Yeah?" I said, looking him in the eyes. God he was cute, those deep blue eyes, that shaggy blonde hair, his cute little face and body.

"Why'd you ask Laura out?" he put it bluntly.

"I dunno," I said, looking down, not wanting to even think about it.

"Yes you do," Marcus said softly. "I'm one of your best friends, I'd like to know. I want to help."

I knew Marcus' intentions were good. I just didn't think he could solve anything.

"Look, I just- "

"Just tell me the truth," Marcus said.

"The main reason?" I asked, looking at Marcus again.


"Get back at Michael. Get back at him for hurting me so bad. I wasn't just going to sit there and take it..."

"What he did was wrong Danny," Marcus said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "I know how much that must have hurt."

"No you don't," I sobbed. "I love you a lot and everything but Michael is like... more."

"I know," Marcus said, leaning in and letting me sob on his shoulder.

I cried uncontrollably, a week's worth of frustration coming to the surface.

"I thought he loved me..." I managed to get out.

"He did," Marcus said. "He does. I can tell by the way he talks about you."

"How? That I'm worthless now?"

"No," Marcus reassured me, stroking my hair with his hand. "When he told me to tell you he wouldn't be here this afternoon... Danny he got a tear in one eye. I could tell he felt really, really crappy."

"If he cares about me so much why does keep hurting me?" I sobbed.

"I don't know," Marcus sighed. "I tried to ask him but he just avoided it. He still loves you though Danny, I can tell. He's conflicted right now."

"Why though? I thought he was happy with me. With us."

"Me too," Marcus said, continuing to rub my head lightly. "From what I can tell he wants to prove he's a man or something, that he can go out with a girl and like it or something."

"But he can't," I sobbed. "He told me he doesn't like them like that."

"I know, Danny, I know. Can I ask you something personal?"


"You like boys right? You think of Michael as your boyfriend, right?"

"Yeah," I admitted.

"And you don't like girls?" he continued.

"Nope, don't think so."

"That's what I thought."

"I'm gay, Marcus," I said, pressing my face into his chest to cry.

"I know Danny," Marcus said, patting me on the back. "It's okay. I've known for a while. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Yes there is," I cried angrily. "I'm just a stupid faggot. Nobody likes gay people."

"Stop saying that shit," Marcus said angrily. "I love you no matter what. So do your parents."

"If people at school knew," I sobbed, not able to finish.

This was the first time I had admitted to myself that I was indeed gay. I wasn't questioning anymore, I wasn't experimenting like I had often told myself. I was gay and I loved Michael. There was no way around it.

"They don't have to know. They don't understand," Marcus said. "Look, kids are immature at this age. They don't know what its like unless they are too. They're just ignorant Danny."

"I know," I sobbed.

"People eventually grow up and they will too," Marcus reassured me. "Look, my Uncle is gay and he's the president of some company and he's got a bajillion friends. Everybody loves him. I love him. And I love you."

Marcus gave me a kiss on the forehead. He was so sweet.

"I love you too Marcus," I wept. "You're the best friend a guy could ask for."

"Nope, you are," Marcus said. "And I hate to see you go through this. But Michael loves you too, I can tell. He might not want to admit it right now but he does. He doesn't like girls either. I think someone called him gay and asked why he didn't go out with girls even though a bunch like him. He's scared, just like you Danny."

"But why is he hurting me?" I asked.

"I don't know. But hurting you is hurting him. I can see it in his eyes. He'll realize soon enough where his heart really is."

"I just love him so much..." I said softly.

"He loves you too. I think he just needs to find out once and for all that he is really gay. He needs to try to be with a girl before he can finally admit that to himself."

"I guess," I said. "I guess I'll find out tomorrow too."

"Yeah," Marcus said. "Michael might've found out already. He was going to try and get some action this afternoon."

"He should have got it here," I sighed.

"He needs to figure that out for himself," Marcus said. "He's really confused right now. People what him to feel a certain way but he doesn't feel that way. He's trying to force himself to fit what people want of him."

"I guess..."

"Ya can't fit a square peg in a round hole," Marcus said. God, he was like the wise old dog all the animals would flock to.

"I just hope he realizes it and doesn't pretend to be straight for a while," I sighed.

"Yeah," Marcus said. "We pretty much know he likes boys. But you can like both boys and girls. He doesn't like girls though, he's said it before a bunch of times. He's never shown any interest."

"Yup," I agreed. I took my head off Marcus' shoulder and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"He'll realize it soon enough Danny," Marcus assured me, giving me a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Marcus, can I ask you something?"


"Who do you like?"

"I'm not sure yet. I'm pretty sure I do like girls... when I picture them naked I get hard. But when I picture you guys I get hard too. I don't know if that's because I always have fun with you guys or if I'm actually... sexually attracted to you. I think you're really cute of course..."

"Yeah..." I sighed.

"But I mostly look at girls at school. If I look at boys it's because they'd have a nice ass to fuck or something. So I don't really know yet. I'm either straight or bi."

"Whatever you are, I love you," I said, giving him a hug.

"I love you too Danny," Marcus said, hugging me even tighter. "It's a confusing time right now, I know I'm confused. Michael will figure it out soon enough, he just wants some space so we should give it to him."

"We just gotta stick together and be honest with each other," I concluded.

"Yeah," Marcus agreed.

We snuggled together on the couch, our hands gently rubbing one another and reassuring each other. I had to admit I felt a lot better than I did before pouring my heart out to Marcus. He was such a good listener and so wise for his age. You'd mistake him for just some little blonde kid, but there was really a mature, wise person inside of him. I loved him for it and always would.

I also was beginning to understand what Michael may have been going through. That immense fear and shame I felt when I admitted I was gay... he was probably scared of the same thing. He was trying to avoid the issue by going out with a girl, proving he was a man. It wouldn't work. And besides, all Marcus and I knew at this point was mostly speculation, but I had a feeling he was struggling with the same thing I was.

We lay there for a good half hour or so, I was spooning Marcus, rubbing his hair and his smooth hairless thighs gently. In return his hand was gently caressing my legs and butt, his hand slipping underneath my clothes to make it even more intimate and pleasurable. We were both exhausted from a long day of school, our basketball afterwards, and the emotional journey we just went through.

The sounds of my parents up and rustling around the downstairs snapped us out of our relaxed state. We straightened up and started another game on the X-BOX, choosing only two minute quarters this time. Now that I was able to focus better, or that Marcus was sweetly letting me win, I rolled up the score on him. Midway through the third quarter my mom came in to say goodnight to us.

"I really want you boys to get to bed at a reasonable hour," my mom pleaded, folding up a blanket that was thrown on the couch.

"We well," we moaned.

"You guys have finals next week and you need good rest this weekend," she warned. "Throw your schedule off now and you'll be payin' for it..."

"Mom, we know," I whined. "Don't worry."

"Okay," she said, cracking a smile. "I trust you boys."

"We know," I sighed.

"Okay, well I'll let you get back to your game," my mom said, giving me a big kiss on the cheek. I acted annoyed but really did like when she showed me affection like that.

She leaned over and gave Marcus a kiss as well, by now he was practically part of the family.

"Goodnight," Marcus said sweetly, flashing her a cute little smile. How could you not love this kid?

"Sleep well boys."

A few seconds later my dad poked his head in the bonus room door.

"Night sluggers," he said in typical dad fashion.

"Night!" we said, turning our attention from the game for a second to let him know we heard.

Finally the door to their room shut and the fun would begin soon. Normally we'd wait about an hour to make sure they had gone to sleep before trying anything too major, but a lot of the time before that was spent with prolonged foreplay.

Marcus and I finished up the game, my Suns team beating Marcus' Sonics by a dozen points.

"What should we do now?" I asked. "I'm X-BOXed out."

"Let's see who's online," Marcus suggested.

"Good idea," I agreed, hoping maybe to catch Michael or someone who knew about what happened this afternoon. There was always the chance of Sam and Corey being online as well.

We walked down the hall and into my room, my parents' light still on. I sat down in the computer chair, a big fluffy black pleather chair my parents bought recently. It was huge, it dwarfed even myself, but was very comfortable.

I patted my lap to let Marcus know I wanted him to sit on me. He only weighed about 80 pounds or so, probably a little bit less. That was about 25 or so less than me, so sitting on me wasn't uncomfortable. Marcus gave me a little grin and hopped right up, settling on my right thigh, his left butt cheek resting on my crotch. I could tell I wouldn't be able to last long without getting a boner, but as a thirteen year old, I was used to that by now.

Signing onto AIM, I saw that Michael wasn't online. Either he was still having fun with Stephanie or was at home right now reliving what had happened that day. He could have always come to the sleepover later on... I mean Stephanie's mom did get home at five o'clock. I didn't worry about it though, like Marcus said, we had to let him figure out things for himself.

tytheguy_1: yo danny
tytheguy_1: hear anything about michel?
Dan57895: you tell me
tytheguy_1: o lol
tytheguy_1: i have a feeling the brotha get some pussssssy
Dan57895: skanky pussy
tytheguy_1: dude dont lie youd so hit that

"Ugh, Tyler is so annoying," Marcus shook his head.

"He's hella hot though," I grinned.

"Oh that's right," Marcus laughed. "You caught a peek in PE last year."

"Oh, what I'd give for some Hawaiian dick," I joked. "I'm just gonna ignore him for the time being."

"Good call," Marcus said, adjusting himself on my thighs. "Is that in a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"Second one," I grinned.

"I'm getting horny too," Marcus admitted, adjusting his pants to allow his boner more freedom.

dabigballa94: yo danny
Dan57895: sup?
dabigballa94: do u no wat happened dis afteroon?
dabigballa94: wit micheal?

"Oh God," Marcus sighed.

"It's like we just landed someone on the moon or something," I laughed. I wasn't going to worry about it now, whatever happened I couldn't change.

Dan57895: no, do you?
dabigballa94: idk man
dabigballa94: thot maybe ud no
dabigballa94: bein his best bud an all
Dan57895: naw i ain't got a clue
Dan57895: haven't talked to him since school
dabigballa94: fuck
dabigballa94: i wanna no
dabigballa94: stephanie is so fucking hot
dabigballa94: god i wanna bone her
dabigballa94: dude is so lucky
Dan57895: wow you're horny
Dan57895: you shoudl jack off
dabigballa94: what do you think im doin now lol
dabigballa94: j/k
Dan57895: yeah right
dabigballa94: no really
Dan57895: g2g anyways, don't make a mess
dabigballa94: haha cya
You have blocked dabigballa94.

"No point in keeping that conversation going," I laughed.

"All they can say is ‘I wanna bone her,'" Marcus observed.

"Don't you silly?" I asked, ruffling his hair.

"No," Marcus said. "She's sluttly. I want my first time to be with someone I care about. With boys it was you guys. With a girl... I want to meet someone else special."

"That's so sweet," I said, giving Marcus kisses on the neck. Damn, I was getting horny now.

"Hey didn't you get new pictures of Sam?" Marcus asked, playing with his cock.

"Oh yeah," I remembered. They were a few weeks old but Marcus hadn't seen them yet. He was pretty jealous of the roadtrip Michael and I took together (he was invited but had to go to Utah with his family) so we made sure to show him all the pictures of Sam and Corey we had.

I started rifling through folders to get to the pictures. I had my pictures hidden away in my "Sims 2" game folder. Figured my parents wouldn't go snooping around there... neither of them was very computer literate and I was an only child so I figured it was safe.

Marcus' butt was grinding lightly against my cock as he was gently stroking his and adjusting himself to get even more comfortable. Just then a crazy idea flew into my head, something that would be very hot.

"Hey Marcus, wild idea," I grinned.

"What?" he asked, turning to face me. Sitting on my thighs his eye line was right on line with mine now. He eyes looked even bluer and more beautiful than I had ever seen them.

"How about we both get naked from the waist down and you sit on my boner?" I suggested.

"Oh heck that'd be hot," Marcus grinned. He definitely enjoyed getting fucked, even more so than fucking someone else.

I ran to the bonus room couch and got the blanket my mom had just folded up. If for some reason they decided to walk in (which they hadn't in over a year of sleepovers) we could pull that over our naked lower halves and play it cool.

Coming back into the room, I saw that Marcus had fished out my bottle of lotion and was already rubbing it around his asshole. My cock was rock hard at attention, eager to feel the warm, tight insides of Marcus.

"Just sit down," Marcus instructed, almost more eager to get this started than me.

"Okay," I agreed, sitting down in the computer chair and spreading my legs.

"I'll just slowly lower myself on," Marcus said, squatting slightly to give me an idea of what he wanted to do.

Pushing my pants and boxers to the side, I grabbed the bottle of lotion and greased up my cock fairly well. Marcus' hole did tend to resist your cock at first, it being so tight, but with a fair amount of lube on both ends you could slide in pretty easy without stretching him out first.

Lubed up and ready I swiveled the chair around to face Marcus. Grinning from ear to ear, he turned around so I could see his cute bubble butt. Using both hands to spread his pudgy cheeks apart and open his hole up, he slowly lowered his body onto mine. I could see his tight little pink hole move with delight as Marcus tried to relax it before coming into contact with my penis. His hole now out of view I watched and waited for it to make contact with my penis. My whole body jumped at the sensations when it did, my dick being amped up from being teased for so long. Marcus continued to sit down, the pressure started to mount but Marcus' bum still resisting. Normally I just leaned my body weight into Marcus until he popped, but it was up to him now.

I took my right hand and steadied my cock, which was bending from side to side as Marcus still resisted my entrance. He sat up a few inches and then lowered himself back on, spreading his cheeks even farther apart. I could feel my head come in contact with his soft flesh once again and felt a hole starting to open in his defense. I knew that a little more pressure would get things in for good.

Marcus could feel it too, he kept slowly sitting down until pop, my cock was in his bowels. While I gasped at the pleasure, he continued to slowly lower himself onto me until his cute ass was sitting on my thighs and pubic hair. I gently rubbed his smooth back, letting him know how appreciative I was of agreeing to this.

I whirled the back around so we were both staring at the computer. It was really no different than if he were simply sitting in my lap, except this way was much, much hotter and more pleasurable for the both of us. My penis was dancing inside his warm, wet bowels. I could feel his tissues moving around, trying to poop my cock out with little success. You didn't even have to pump your cock in and out, give it some time and I bet Marcus' bowels could give me an orgasm by themselves.

"This is awesome," I sighed lightly, reaching my right hand around and lightly jacking off Marcus' three inch uncircumcised boner.

"Tell me about it," Marcus moaned.

"This is cool though," I said. "No way I lose my boner for a while, its like having sex but not cumming from it."

"You probably still will," Marcus giggled.

"Hope not," I said, glancing nervously at the clock. It was quarter after ten and we had a meeting with Jack at my window in forty five minutes. My blinds were closed otherwise he could probably look into my room right now. I normally kept them shut as a precaution of his brother Nate from seeing us.

"So you got those pictures?" Marcus asked.

"Oh yeah," I laughed, completely distracted with our sexual position. This is one I'd have to remember.

I pulled up the pictures, a series Sam and his boyfriend Jeff took last time they spent the night together. There was one of each of them just naked on the bed, some of them sucking each other, and then our personal favorite, them fucking one another.

Bringing one of the fucking pictures up full screen, Marcus gasped in amazement.

"Wow," he admired, looking at a picture Jeff took while fucking Sam.

"Hot, huh?" I grinned.

He turned his head to look at me.

"Very. I can't believe Sam can take his cock. How big is it again?"

"Six and half," I answered.

Marcus was in awe. I leaned forward and give him a kiss, his soft lips feelings so smooth against my own. Marcus moved his tongue into my mouth, twirling it around and feeling every inch of my mouth. Normally he wasn't that much of a passionate kisser, we had only frenched a few times before, but man was he horny tonight. I could feel a light hum emanating from his body, almost like the purr of a cat. I continued to kiss him as well, tasting his sweet mouth and cute little tongue while stroking his shaggy blonde hair. Finally he pulled away, looking entranced with me.

"God I'm horny," Marcus whined, kissing me on the forehead.

"Me too," I said. "But we gotta save it for Jack and maybe something when we go to bed."

"I know," Marcus sighed. "So back to Sam, he likes gettin' fucked?"

"Loves it," I laughed. "He said at first he wasn't so sure and it hurt kinda bad. But after a few times he got used to it and absolutely loves it now. The bigger the better."

"Wow," Marcus admired, staring at the picture. I had to admit it looked kind of painful, Jeff was pretty big around and he had the whole thing shoved into Sam's asshole. You could see the lube around the sides of Sam's stretched hole, which was red around the edges. My favorite part was Sam's cock in the background, rock hard and dripping precum on his stomach.

"They said they'd make videos next time," I said. "So that'll be cool."

"Yeah," Marcus grinned.

Michael and I had taken a lot of pictures together and sent some to Sam and Corey as well. My digital camera didn't have a movie function though and was only two megapixels so it wasn't as exciting.

We continued to flip through the pictures Sam had sent, my dick throbbing with pleasure in Marcus' bowels. If we had done this in the first few months the three of us started to have sex there was no way I would be able to do this and not cum. At first we'd be climaxing with a minute or two; it didn't take much to set us off. While we could still be like that when we wanted to and were really horny, our bodies were now able to absorb pleasure like this without resorting to an orgasm. I was close to one, but as long as Marcus didn't start moving up and down chances are I wouldn't cum.

The two of us just sat there, enjoying ourselves. Once we were done looking at the pictures, which took us both to the brink of orgasm (I was also stroking Marcus' cock lightly with my off hand) we just decided to surf the internet until it was time for our meeting with Jack.

I checked my MySpace account, but there was no new activity. I went to Michael's page to see if he had posted anything about his experience but he hadn't logged into the site since Wednesday.

"That's so weird," I said. "You'd think Michael would be online or post something."

"Yeah," Marcus said. "Half the seventh grade is on the edge of their seats."

"If he was such a man and banged her he'd probably brag about it," Marcus observed.

"What are the chances they're still together though?" I wondered.

"Slim to none," Marcus assured me. "What are the chances their parents are going to let them stay together? Stephanie's parents would kill her if they knew she had a boy over after school."

"True," I said. "What is that mom thinking anyways? Must not know her daughter is a ho."

Marcus just laughed.

"I'd bet Michael was home by five o'clock," Marcus continued.

"And now he's in hiding," I concluded.

"He probably realized he belongs with you and is coming to grips with it," Marcus offered.

"Hope so," I sighed. "We'll just have to wait and see, no need worrying about it now."

"For sure," Marcus said, stroking my thigh with his hand.

"My boner's going down from this talk," I complained, feeling my dick starting to go limp inside of Marcus.

He quickly turned around and began to make out with me, his hands running all up and down my back and into my hair. Twisting his soft feet around my legs and stroking them up and down Marcus did his best to get Danny Jr. at attention.

And boy did he. Within a few seconds I was rock hard again, making out with one of the hottest boys I knew. He was a little guy, but man did he know how to turn me on.

"Better?" Marcus grinned devilishly, breaking our kiss.

"Yeah," I laughed. "Thanks."

"No problem," he smiled, whipping back around to face the computer.

We continued to surf the internet, both in a state of deep relaxation and pleasure. I was just enjoying sitting back, my cock surrounded by Marcus' warm tissues. Just the thought that my cock was exploring his most secret of areas was almost enough to get me off. His sphincter had relaxed quite a bit, still tight around my cock but not nearly what it had been to start. Marcus' soft, smooth, warm body felt wonderful against my skin, our two bodies exchanging body heat as we sat on top of each other.

"Oh crap," I said, glancing at the computer clock. It was 10:59, just one minute away from our meeting with Jack.

"Damn," Marcus said. "I'm looking forward to Jack, but that was awesome."

"Yeah," I agreed. "We'll fuck n' surf another time, don't worry."

That sent us both into bouts of giggles. Marcus slowly stood up, my cock running along his bowels until my head popped out of his ass with a nice slurping sound. Marcus bent over and let me inspect his asshole, which was pretty tame despite having a foreign intruder inside for the last forty five minutes.

"You look good," I said, running my finger along his hole just so I could feel his soft tissues.

"Cool," Marcus said, standing back up. "No need to put on my pants I guess."

"Nope," I laughed, inspecting my cock. It was completely clean, my head shining with some of the juices Marcus had leaked. I'm sure you wouldn't want to give it a blowjob right now, but we often would just fall asleep like this.

We walked to the window and opened the blinds. There was Jack, waiting for us with a big grin on his face. He absolutely loved playing with the "big boys" and every other Friday was a thrill for him.

The three of us waved to one another excitedly, happy to see each other unlike last spring.

Jack put both of his thumbs up, meaning he was fine to come over at any time. If he made the thumbs down is was typically because his parents or brother were still awake. Nate always stayed up late, but he was often at sleepovers on the weekends and it appeared he wasn't home tonight.

Marcus and I waved him to our house, meaning it was safe for him to come over as well. I pointed towards the side door, where Jack would wait for us in the shadows until Marcus or I let him in. He gave us the thumbs up to let us know he understood. Jack then pulled out a digital camera and started to wave it around and make the thumbs up sign.

"What does that mean?" I wondered.

"He wants to take pictures?" Marcus asked.

"No," I said. "We did that before, he wasn't too gung ho about it. I'm trying to think..."

"Wait..." Marcus said, thinking hard. "Remember a few months ago..."

"Oh yeah!" I exclaimed, remembering why Jack was so excited. Michael had given him the extra 64MB memory card he got with his camera and told Jack to take pictures of his brother Nate. His brother was very hot and pretty popular in school. Michael obviously wanted naked pictures but Jack wasn't too sure he would be able to provide. Michael was pretty lax about it though, telling Jack it was okay and only if he was comfortable and there was an opportunity. By Jack waving around the family camera, I would say he had some luck.

"Oh yeah, sweet the pictures!" Marcus exclaimed excitedly.

"I love seeing people naked who I shouldn't be," I grinned.

We waved frantically for Jack to come on over. He gave us a big grin then turned around and started getting ready to head over. Marcus and I closed the blinds and tidied up my room a little. Jack was a pretty fast kid, it didn't take him long to sneak out of the house, so within a minute we headed downstairs, still naked from the waist down, to greet him.

Marcus opened the door, and there stood Jack, about the same height as Marcus but only nine years old. Jack was a stick however and probably weighed a good fifteen or twenty pounds less than Marcus.

"Hey guys," Jack grinned, his dark brown eyes alive with excitement. His hair was very dark brown, almost black. Only on a really sunny day could you spot any color in it.

"Sup?" I asked, shutting the door quietly behind him.

"Ready to get it on," Jack grinned.

"How's Jeremy?" I asked. Jeremy was Jack's playmate, so to speak... they'd mess around every time they hooked up. They gave each other a lot of head but he wasn't able to provide the fuck Jack enjoyed so much. I don't know what it was about that kid, but he loved having stuff put up his ass.

"He's good," Jack said. "Haven't seen him since Wednesday though."

"You must be horny," Marcus laughed.

"Yeah," Jack grinned, blushing slightly. "Jacking off is nice but its just not the same."

"True that," I said. "So you got pictures?"

"Oh yeah," Jack said, pulling the memory card out of his pocket. "I just brought this, I hope that's okay?"

"Yeah," I said. "I have a card reader."

"Oh cool. There's not any pictures actually, just a video."

"Really?" Marcus asked.

"Yeah," Jack said. "There was just no way I could get a picture without being caught. I haven't seen him naked in forever, he's really weird about stuff like that."

"So what'd you do?" I asked curiously.

"Well I figure the one place he gets naked is the shower," Jack elaborated. "Our bathroom has this basket full of extra towels and shower gel and stuff on the counter. One day I was brushing my teeth and thought about maybe sticking the camera in there. It faces the sink, toilet and shower, so its like the perfect location."

"Yeah," Marcus and I agreed, both horny at the prospect.

"So in the morning I know Jack normally showers at 7:45 when his alarm goes off. So I made sure to be in there right before that. And so I hid it in the towels and stuff so you could only see the lens part. And you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it and me and Nate never touch that stuff anyways really."

"Oh nice," I said in amazement.

"So I started the camera and walked out," Jack grinned. "And so he did his stuff in there and never noticed."

"Sweet," Marcus said, patting Jack on the back.

"Let's get this loaded up," I quipped, taking the memory card from Jack and heading up the stairs. I couldn't wait to see Nate naked, as he was definitely a cute kid.

He was about my height and very blonde, unlike his brother. He had a very cute haircut where he just spiked his bangs and wore very hot, trendy clothes. Michael and I had checked him out thoroughly and agreed he was definitely one of the hottest boys in my grade. He didn't seem to have any hair yet on his legs, they looked baby smooth when he wore shorts. Nate was one of the more popular boys in the school and thought he was pretty hot shit, but still, he was cute as hell.

We snuck upstairs to my room, closing the door behind us. I sat down at my computer chair and wiggled the mouse to get the screensaver off the screen. Marcus began to explain the hot position we assumed earlier on the chair while I loaded up the movie. I made sure to transfer it to my computer so we could view it anytime we liked.

"Everyone ready?" I asked.

"Yeah," Marcus said.

"Can't wait to see it on a big screen," Jack grinned.

The thumbnail for the movie popped up and you could tell it was inside the bathroom. You could make out the sink, toilet, and shower. Their shower looked to be a glass sliding door one, probably fogged but still better than not seeing Nate at all.

The movie loaded and began to play. We all huddled around the screen grinning, feeling dirty and excited all at the same time.

Nate walked into the bathroom about ten seconds after the movie started, mumbling "finally" under his breath. He was just wearing his blue plaid boxers, the rest of his body looking very smooth and really cute. I would say he was about my weight as well as height. His boxers were a little small and you could tell he had a very cute butt.

"This is really good quality," Marcus said, referring to the video. I had agree, the video was basically TV broadcast quality.

"Yeah our camera makes good videos," Jack informed us.

Nate adjusted the temperature knob on the shower until he was satisfied. He slowly slipped out of his boxers, his butt now flashing us.

"Hotttttt," I moaned, eating the sight of him up. Damn how I'd like to fuck that.

Nate got in the shower and closed the door without turning around.

"What?!?" Marcus exclaimed.

"Rip off," I laughed.

"Don't worry," Jack grinned, "He'll make an appearance."

The next five minutes or so were just Nate behind the fogged glass, soaping up and washing his hair. You couldn't make out any detail, I think I saw his bulge a couple of times but it was just a fleshy blob. Towards the end of the shower he started to masturbate rapidly in the shower, leaning his head against the shower wall.

"He's jacking off," I laughed, watching his arm moving frantically about. He was going faster than I had ever seen anyone, his arm like a little jackhammer.

"Yeah," Jack smiled.

"He won't last long like that," Marcus laughed.

Marcus was right because about twenty seconds later you could see his body twitch and him let out a low level moan. This made my boner throb even more, exposed to the open air. Marcus' was sticking out from his body as well, however Jack still had his clothes on and I couldn't tell whether or not he was hard.

Nate rinsed off a little after his orgasm before shutting the shower off. I could see his hand reach for the door handle and then, viola, there was Nate Moore, naked before us.

While he was a good eight feet from the camera, you could still make out a lot of detail on his body. He was uncut, like his brother, and hairless from what I could tell. Nate was blonde however, so there could have been some pubic hair I just didn't see. Judging by the size of his package though I doubted he had really gone into puberty yet. It was definitely smaller than mine and probably about Marcus' size. His scrotum looked very tight to his body despite being just in the shower and you couldn't really make out his balls. Hopefully he'd get closer to the camera.

"Your brother is hot," I told Jack, slightly disappointed he wasn't starting to develop yet but still very turned on.

"He's got a small dick," Jack laughed. "Maybe that's why he doesn't want me seeing him naked. I just hope my dick gets bigger than that."

"His dick will be big a couple years," I assured Nate, "and so will yours. Everyone just develops at a different time."

"Yeah," Marcus said. "Look at me, I look like I'm nine."

"That's why we love you cutie," I said, giving Marcus a hug.

Nate was toweling off the shower, his little uncircumcised dick bouncing wildly as he rubbed the towel all over himself. Finally he stepped out and dried his feet as well. Once he was done he stuck the towel back on the rack and approached the sink.

Now he was about two feet from the camera and you could see things much better. He still looked hairless and he definitely hadn't started developing yet. Still, he was really smooth and very cute. Combing his hair for a good minute or so, his dick just sat there before the camera. It looked a lot like Jack's but had some noticeable differences. While Jack's foreskin was almost comically big for his dick, Nate's was a perfect size, the end forming the smallest of tips at the top of his head. Now that he was closer you could make out his balls too, they were hugging his body but definitely were bigger than Jack's. He had probably started some form of puberty but everything was very low level right now.

He reached his hand down and started to roll his foreskin back. His red head appeared, very cute and sensitive looking. What I would do just to give him head once! Nate started to get a boner again and before you knew it he was at full attention before us. He was probably only three and a half inches hard and pretty skinny, skinnier than Marcus' dick for sure. His brother was pretty skinny as well so that must have been a family tendency. Nate was just rolling it around, bending it down and then letting it bounce up and hit him in the tummy.

Finally Nate let out a sigh and put his boxers on. He then started to brush his teeth but that's when the video ended.

"Filled up the whole card," Jack explained.

"Well, you got all the important stuff," Marcus said, giving Jack a pat on the back.

"That was awesome," I grinned. "Thanks Jack."

"No problem," he said.

"I know if Michael was here he'd have something special for you," I continued, "but maybe next time. For now, we'll just have some awesome sex."

"That is payment enough," the ten year old said.

"Alright then," I grinned, getting up from the chair. I grabbed my bottle of lotion and asked where they wanted to do it.

"Let's just do it on your bed," Marcus suggested.

"Yeah," Jack agreed.

That was probably the best. I liked to save the kinky and unusual shit for Michael, as he went absolutely wild for it. We still would giggle at the kitchen table sometimes, knowing we had sex on it more than a couple of times.

"Alright, why don't you go first Marcus?" I said, looking at Jack for approval.

"Whoever," Jack grinned.

Our sessions with Jack typically just consisted of us fucking him. He absolutely went wild when a cock was inside of him and we were more than happy to provide. While we were banging him he'd jack himself off furiously and try to cum before we did. Sometimes he managed to, sometimes we came at the same time (which was awesome) and sometimes it took him a bit longer.

He explained why he liked doing things so simple one time. He liked blowjobs, which we gave to him some time, but they didn't compare to prostate fueled masturbation orgasms. While we tried banging him and blowing him at the same time before he seemed to like control over the pleasure his cock was receiving so he could plan accordingly. His dick, at about two inches hard, wasn't big enough for him to enjoy anal sex, not even with Jeremy, so this was his next best option.

Marcus took off his shirt while Jack stripped completely naked except for his socks. His little two inch pecker popped out, hard as a rock. His foreskin looked way too big for the size of his dick, but then again, it gave him a lot to play with when he was masturbating. He was probably a little bit on the small side for a ten year old, but then again his whole body was that way. He and Marcus had a connection because they were both smaller and uncut and the sight of the two of them making love was very cute.

Jack assumed his position on the bed by lying down on his back, pulling his legs up, and spreading wide. His little pink asshole opened up to the two of us, looking as tight and soft and ever. Marcus quickly lathered up his dick with lotion and spread some on Marcus' anus as well. After getting permission with a nod, Marcus pushed his cock inside Jack's body.

Moaning lightly, Jack curled his toes up and began stroking his dick up and down. I watched his foreskin slide up and down his shaft and on and off his head. Although I liked being circumcised, I always wondered what it would be like to have my foreskin. I'm sure it made masturbation without lube about fifty times better.

I took off my shirt and sat on the end of the bed just enjoying the sight of Jack and Marcus going at it. Marcus' blonde hair and soft little body pumping in and out of Jack's skinny body, his dark brown hair bouncing with the motions, was a sight to behold. I loved watching Jack's feet during sex, they curled and spread time after time, a reflection the amount of pleasure he was receiving. They both moaned lightly once in a while, Jack pumping furiously at his cock, his off hand playing with his scrotum. Marcus' butt going from clenched to relaxed and back again was hot as well, my body going wild at the sight. My dick was hard as a rock and if I were Michael I'm sure I'd be leaking precum right about now. I knew I wouldn't last long once I got inside Jack, but that was to be expected.

Jack wrapped his legs around Marcus' back and clenched his feet, meaning that his orgasm was near. He continued to stroke his cock as fast as he could, the feelings of climax welling up in his body. I knew once Jack came Marcus would be soon after, as the feelings of fucking someone while they were having an orgasm were dynamite. I always tried to wait for Jack to cum first, letting the feelings of his orgasm aide mine to an explosion of pleasure.

Grunting slightly, Jack came, his legs starting to fly all over the place like twigs. He raised his head up from the bed, jerking it around while trying to absorb the strong waves of pleasure that were taking over his body. Marcus picked up the pace of his thrusting, his little three inch cock sliding in and out of Jack's tight boyrose with purpose.

Jack's orgasm slowly came to a stop and he released his grip on his penis with his right hand. It fell against his stomach, tired from what had to be one hell of an orgasm. Not to worry though, within about five minutes Jack would be ready to go again, no problems. While Michael and I could get it on soon after having orgasms, it normally took a good twenty minutes or so before we were ready. And once we had done it twice, it was a good couple of hours before we could even think about sex again.

Not for Jack. Sometimes all three of us would fuck him and he would cum each time. The kid never ceased to amaze Michael and I with his sexual durability. Maybe it was his age, maybe it was his genetics, but whatever it was, we wished we had the ability as well.

Marcus then exploded in orgasm, his dick pumping wildly in and out of Jack's asshole as he placed his hands on the underside of Jack's thighs for support. Marcus just bit his lip, having a very quiet yet intense orgasm. I could tell by the number of convulsions, which had to be around twenty, that it was indeed a powerful one.

Finally Marcus came to a halt and slid out of Jack's asshole. It was a little red around the edges and didn't quite close all the way up but Jack had assured us a number of times he never felt any pain and loved every minute of it. Marcus flopped back against the bed, exhausted from his orgasm, his little uncircumcised dick now soft and laying back against his belly.

"Have fun?" I asked sarcastically.

"Heck yeah," Marcus grinned, looking at me while still lying down.

"I'lll be ready again in a few minutes," Jack told me, sitting up and giving me a huge smile.

"Ok sweet," I said, playing with my rock hard erection. "Can't wait."

"Me either," Jack grinned. "How was it Marcus?"

"Awesome as always Jack," Marcus said, now gathering the strength to also sit up.

"You ready Danny?" Jack asked.

"Yeah," I responded, shocked Jack was ready to go again so soon. "Are you?"

"Yup," Jack grinned. "I've been extra horny since I haven't seen Jer since Wednesday."

"Sweet," I grinned, my dick throbbing in anticipation. Jack was always really fun to fuck because he was so tight and enjoyed it so much. Noting would ever match the passion and overall sexual experience with Michael or even Marcus, but in terms of just standard pleasure, Jack was probably tops. Most likely his age and size was the cause, as he was tighter naturally. But sexual attraction in your mate was a big deal as well, and while Jack was cute, he wasn't my age and I wasn't attracted to him like I was Michael, who drove me absolutely crazy.

I grabbed the bottle of lotion and slathered it all over my four inch erection, causing my body to shudder. Man was I horny. I could still see some lotion around Jack's butthole and he still looked fairly well greased down there so I didn't put any extra on. While you needed the lube to help things slide in and out, you still wanted some friction to cause extra bits of pleasure while you were fucking. Lube it up too much and half the fun was gone.

Jack had already assumed his normal position on his back, his boyrose out in the open and ready to be fucked. It was still red around the edges and not completely sealed due to Marcus fucking him, which would actually help me out when I pressed in. If Michael or I went first we'd often have to apply a lot of pressure before our dicks would pop into Jack's hole. Sometimes we'd lean on him so much and our dicks would bend to the point it hurt. We would offer to stretch out Jack with our fingers to make things go smoother but he always refused. He loved getting fucked and I think he liked getting "popped" by Michael and I. I remember when Sam first popped into me last summer, it kind of hurt at first but ended up being some of the best sex I'd ever had. Jack's situation was probably similar, he said we weren't hurting him, which was true in his eyes I guess. I think he liked a little bit of pain when he got fucked, and I guess at that age and size you kind of had to.

Chances are he wouldn't feel much though when I penetrated him this time, as Marcus had already stretched him out. I looked at Jack, who gave an approving nod, before slowly pushing my way in. Jack's hole offered a little bit of resistance but gave up pretty easily, my cock sliding into his tight bowels. Marcus may have already fucked him, but Jack was still remarkably tight. I could feel the pressure of his bowels trying to eradicate my cock from all angles, his tissues working to push my cock out while his sphincter closed tight around the foreign intruder. My whole body was wrapped up in pleasure and I could tell I wouldn't be lasting long.

"I don't think I can last very long," I moaned to Jack, who was already pumping furiously at his cocklet once more.

"That's okay," Jack smiled. "Whatever you want."

"Thanks," I said, rubbing his soft under thighs. They were so smooth and hairless, it reminded me of a baby. Jack was hairless all over his body except for his head. Some kids had light leg and body hair regardless of their age but not Jack, who may have had a little bit of arm hair but that was it. In a few years he'd be pretty hot, although I preferred guys with a little more meat on them.

My moved my hips in and out of Jack's hole, my hands on either side of his body for support. He was resting his legs on my back, his hands working furiously to produce an orgasm from his dick. I could feel my dick running up and down his prostate and knew that would help him a lot as he was trying to cum for a second time in about fifteen minutes.

I just looked down and enjoyed the sight of my cock sliding in and out of Jack's backside, his legs spread apart and his balls being worked furiously. The whole sight just made me hornier and made my orgasm that much more urgent. I looked up at Jack's face, his eyes closed, his breathing heavy, and his mouth slightly open in pleasure. His brow was furrowed as he worked feverishly to absorb my fucking and use it to his advantage while masturbating.

My dick was throbbing with the sensations of Jack's ass, my head wrapped tightly in warm, wet tissues that resisted but allowed every single one of my strokes. It wouldn't be long before I shot my seed inside of Jack, my body eager to orgasm after a day of sexual frustration and all that foreplay with Marcus.

I tried my best to hold back, I had a lot of experience in this area so I knew I could last at least another minute. I wanted Jack to have me inside him as long as possible to aid his orgasm. Not only that though, a teased and delayed orgasm would always be more explosive and feel better.

Jack beat me to the punch however, his legs clamping around my back as he began to orgasm. He moaned rather loudly while doing so, his body beginning to jump and convulse all over the bed. His butt clamped tight around my penis during the orgasm, greatly increasing the amount of pleasure my cock was receiving. His tissues were so tight around my shaft I thought it would be suffocated, the base of my dick straining from the amount of pressure his anus was causing by trying to close tight.

I continued to pump away, all this resistance bringing my own orgasm to the forefront. The visual of Jack climaxing wildly in front of me and my own dick surrounded in a world of pleasure was too much to overcome. I began my own orgasm, my first thrust a violent one that shoved my dick deep into Jack's bowels and my pubic hair pressing against his little ass.

"Ughhhhh, fuckkkk," I moaned, thrusting wildly in and out of Jack's asshole as I rode my orgasm. Jack had finally finished his and let go of his dick, his full concentration on watching me pleasure myself.

"Damn Danny," Marcus whispered, surprised at the size of my orgasm.

I could feel globs of my clear cum shooting deep into Jack's bowels, probably four or five in all. My orgasm didn't stop there however, I must have had a good two dozens or so convulsions before my body finally slowed down to a stop. Various body parts twitched randomly as I was still trying to recover from the full body gratification takeover that I had just experienced. Finally I was able to come to my senses and let my semi-hard dick slip out of Jack's bowels.

Jack reached around and felt his asshole, a little bit redder and more open than when Marcus had fucked him, but still not bad at all. He smiled a little letting me know he enjoyed it all before closing his legs and sitting up criss cross style with Marcus. The two of them talked about how big my orgasm was while I lay there, still recovering.

Finally I was able to pull myself together and sit up. All three of us were now soft, satisfied and content at last.

"Wow, Jack, that was awesome," I said. "Thanks."

"Yeah thanks," Marcus grinned, giving him a pat on the back.

"You're welcome," he blushed. "Those were awesome orgasms I had, much better than anything with Jer."

"In a couple years you two can fuck," I reminded him. "Just gotta give it some time."

"Or find a friend with a bigger dick," Marcus joked, winking at Jack.

"Yeah," Jack laughed. "You guys are good for now."

"Yeah," I grinned. "Too bad Michael isn't here."

"Yeah that sucks," Jack says. "I like all his hair and feeling it against my butt."

"He's a hottie," I sighed, thinking about Michael again. I just hoped he came to his senses sooner rather than later.

"Welp I should get going," Jack said, reaching for his clothes. "We're going on a picnic tomorrow as a family."

"Nate too?" I asked.

"Yeah," Jack grinned. "He's pissed because he has to leave his sleepover early."

"Sucks for him," I laughed.

"Yeah," Jack said, slipping his boxers and pants back on. After slipping his shirt on he was ready to go. He wore flip flops over and they were parked by the side door.

"Thanks for the visit," Marcus said, giving Jack and kiss on the check.

"Thanks for having me," Jack grinned, giving me a hug. I wrapped him up tight and felt his warmth, pretty impressive for such a small guy.

Marcus and I walked Jack quietly down the stairs, waving to him as he slipped out of the house and into the dark night. Wonder what Jack's parents would do if they figured out he had been slipping out of the house late at night. Nobody would imagine their ten year old doing that, but then again, parents are often pretty naïve. That was something Michael and I always seemed to work in our favor, whether it be showering in "swim suits" or "taking a nap" in the sleeping compartment of an RV.

Both Marcus and I were tired so we headed upstairs, still naked from our play that night. Marcus and I pulled our boxers from the piles of clothes and put them in our pillowcases for the morning. Chances were my parents would just peek in and wouldn't actually be there when we woke up, but you could never be too safe.

We crawled into bed, the sheets still warm from being on them with Jack earlier. Marcus snuggled up against my back, our two naked bodies spooning one another. I reached my hand around and gently stroked his soft butt, Marcus responding by slowly grinding his cock into my back. Our light play slowed to a halt as we both drifted to sleep, content and tired.

End of Chapter Four

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