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Chapter Five:
Laura Parker

I sat alone watching the grandfather clock in our den.

Tick, tick, tick.

It was the only noise in the whole house. My parents had gone to some garden show downtown and left me at home. Marcus had gone home about an hour ago, wishing me good luck before leaving. I would need it. Today was my date with Laura Parker, the result of some rash thinking and actions on my part.

After my talk with Marcus last night I really didn't feel the need to get back at Michael anymore. I knew now that he was feeling frightened and letting fear run his life. I knew he loved me and would eventually realize that fact, but he just had to prove it to himself first.

Maybe that's how I should treat this date with Laura. I was pretty certain I was gay, but I had to give girls at least a chance. This would settle it once and for all. Maybe going out on this date would make whatever suspicions other kids might have had about me go away. Whatever it was, I had made a promise to Laura and had to keep it.

Don't get me wrong though, I was still very mad at Michael. After last night and feeling all cozy and loved with Marcus I was a little more forgiving, but most of that had gone away. Normally around this time I'd be playing with Michael, just waiting to have some fun on Saturday night. Instead I was inside, miserable, waiting for a date I didn't really want to go on.

It was all his fault too. If he hadn't have gone crazy and asked Stephanie out, none of this would be happened. We'd still be happy, looking out for one another, giving each other our full love. Instead I was sitting hurt in an empty house, feeling down about myself.

So yes, I was mad, but I understood better why Michael was behaving the way he was. While I didn't blame him for questioning his sexuality and being scared, I did blame him for the way he was treating me. I never thought he'd be capable of causing me so much pain. I just hoped we were able to work things out in the end, it felt odd being so distant with Michael right now.

Finally it was time for me to head to the park to meet Laura. I had no idea what to expect on our date. Would we just talk? Get to know each other? Would we kiss? Would she want to do more?

I closed the front door behind me and locked it, my head full of questions. I started towards Mafsky Park, my mind worrying about meeting Laura. She had a reputation for being a little bit promiscuous and I wondered if she'd try anything on me. She had always liked me, I knew that; even being gay I could pick up on her obvious signals.

Rounding the corner and eyeing the park, my heart began beating rapidly. I was officially scared, not wanting to go through with this. I swore under my breath at Michael for putting me in this situation, but to be fair this was my fault. I was angry and made a rash decision, something I was now regretting.

I spotted Laura, swinging gently on a swing, her eyes looking around. It took her a few moments to spot me, but when she did she hopped off the swing and came running towards me.

"Hey Danny!" she called.

"Hey," I said, forcing myself to smile. God this was weird.

"What's up?" she asked, giving me a hug.

I just stood there, arms at my sides, absorbing her awkward affection.

"Nothing much," I said.

"Sweet, me too," Laura grinned. I had to admit her hair was pretty, brown and silky, very similar color-wise to Michael. Her eyes were blue and she seemed to have a permanent smile on her face.

"How's your Saturday been?" I asked.

"Okay," she smiled. "Just been waitin' around bored."

"Yeah me too," I said.

"My parents went to some garden show so they aren't at the house," she continued.

"Same with mine," I said, before lying, "but they decided not to go for some reason."

I didn't want her to think we could go to my house. Shit would hit the fan if my parents walked in to me having a girl in the house. Then again, they'd be angry on the outside but my dad would probably be cheering for me on the inside.

"Oh," Laura said. "So what do you want to do?"

That was a good question. Now that we were talking it wasn't so painful. She was nice enough and I could tell she really liked me. Maybe I should try something with her, what was there to lose? At this point I didn't know what I wanted.

"Let's just talk and get to know each other," I said, unsure of what else to say.

"Sounds good to me," Laura said, "I'd sure like to get to know you better."

"Oh yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, scanning my body up and down quickly.

I was getting pretty uncomfortable but reminded myself nothing had happened yet and it was all under my control. I had already thought of an excuse when I needed out if it became too serious. My plan was to say I had a girlfriend at another school and I was feeling guilty about seeing Laura. Hopefully that'd work, but I didn't know what else to say without really hurting her.

We just stood there awkwardly, not knowing what the next step was.

"We could go back to my place..." Laura suggested. "My parents won't be back till like four."

"Okay," I agreed, getting very nervous again. This was no longer a mission to get back at Michael, it was now to prove to myself that I was really gay. I wanted to be with a girl just once, see what it was like.

"Sweet," she grinned. "Lemme go get my little brother."

I perked up. Little brother? How little? I didn't know she had a brother here.

Laura walked back with a very cute boy, probably about eight or nine years old. Brown haired and brown eyed but very, very cute.

"This is my little twerp of a brother Jared," Laura said, acting annoyed.

"Hey Jared," I said, extending my first for him to tap.

He just glared at me.

"You gonna screw him?" he asked bluntly.

"JARED!" Laura yelled, shocked.

"What?!?" he yelled, giggling and dodging his sister's punch.

"Oh my God I'm so sorry," Laura moaned, grabbing Jared by the wrist and punching him in the shoulder.

"Owwww Laura," he gasped. "I'm gonna tell Mom."

"To hell you are," she barked back. "Remember the deal?"

"Screw the deal," Jared sneered back. This kid was a little badass, and I had to admit, it was turning me on.

"You really want her to know you're the one who dented the Lexus?" Laura asked.

"Nooooooo," Jared whined.

"Then shut your mouth," she said, pushing him towards the park exit.

"Nice to meet you," I jokingly to Jared.

"Yeah," he said. "Just sorry you fell for my bitch of a sister."

Laura slapped the back of Jared's head.

"Glad I'm an only child," I laughed.

"Yeah, lucky," Laura said. "Oh and Danny?"

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Don't think I'm a whore or whatever, I don't know why Jared said that."

"I don't care."

"I mean, if you wanna, we can, but no pressure."

"Okay," I said, bowing my head and getting nervous again.

"I just thought we could go over to my house and talk," Laura reassured me, turning down her street.

"Yeah, that's cool," I said, getting more nervous by the second. I really wanted to show her brother a good time; give him a blowjob and kiss all up and down his hot little body. If he would let me I'd like to work him loose and give him a good fuck as well. As it turned out though, I was stuck with his sister. I could tell by the way Laura was looking at me she wouldn't rule out anything today. If I wanted pussy, I could probably get it.

We walked in silence for a while, Jared setting the pace a few steps ahead of us. Laura reached out and gently grabbed my hand, wrapping it up tightly. I turned and smiled, letting her know it was okay. Now that I was getting horny with Jared's little ass bouncing in front of me, I wasn't so wary of Laura.

Normally you didn't hold hands until the second or third date in seventh grade. Then again, most people think seventh graders are completely pure and wouldn't do anything naughty. There was definitely some sex taking place, mostly you heard about the popular guys and girls fooling around. It didn't seem odd to me however, Michael and I had been having sex for over a year now nonstop. If we were supposed to wait until we were eighteen or whatever, why did God make it feel so good now? I decided that as long as we were able to enjoy it, why not? I didn't look down on Laura or other girls in my grade for having sex, because I knew first hand what it was all about. If anything I would criticize them for having flings with random guys, but I was guilty of that too. Last year's roadtrip was a sure indication of that. If Laura was ready and willing, why not? I was horny as hell, I could always think of another boy to get off, and this was a chance most boys would kill for to be in.

As we walked up the steps to her house I turned to Laura and smiled. I was feeling a lot better about today now that I didn't have to worry about it anymore. I wondered for a second how Michael's date with Stephanie went the other night but quickly scolded myself for doing so. This wasn't about him right now, it was about me.

We walked through the garage into the house, quiet and empty. It was a very nice house... obviously Laura's family was pretty well off. The Lexus Jared dented was gone so her parents probably took it to the garden show.

"Here we are," she said, setting her keys down on the kitchen table.

"It's nice," I said, looking around.

"I'm hunggggry," Jared whined.

"Make yourself some Easy Mac then," Laura snipped. "Danny and I are going to go up to my room, so leave us alone."

"Yeah yeah," Jared rolled his eyes. "Try to keep it down."

"Shut up Jared," Laura warned.

We left him in the kitchen and started walking up the stairs to Laura's room.

"I'm not a whore, okay?" she blurted.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Jared's making me sound like I have boys over all the time," she sighed. "I only did this one other time when babysitting him."

"How many guys have you been with?" I asked as we entered her room.

"Matters what you mean by that," she laughed nervously.

"Fooled around with them I guess?"

"Oh," she said, sitting on her bed. I sat next to her, looking her in the eyes, but they were down on the ground.

"Just a few."

"Sex?" I asked.

"Twice," she said. "Gave some blowjobs and got head from a few others."

"Oh," I said.

"It's not that badddddd," she whined. "I'm not dirty or anything okay?"

"At least a half dozen," I said, counting in my head. Michael, Marcus, Jack, Sam, Corey, Jake, Paul...

"What?" she asked.

"People I've done shit with," I responded, not getting gender specific. "It's not so bad, it sucks we can't do it without feeling guilty. It's kinda fucked up we feel that way."

"Totally," she sighed, relieved I was experienced too. "Have you gone all the way?"

"Oh yeah," I grinned.

"Damn, I was gonna take your virginity," she laughed. She would be, in a sense. My female virginity.

"You must really like me, huh?" I asked.

"Haha yes," she laughed. "I've had my eye on you since beginning of sixth grade. I kept trying to let you know but you wouldn't catch on."

Oh, I caught on. I just didn't want to make anything of it.

"Yeah, I guess I'm a little slow," I joked.

"Can I ask you something Danny?"


"Was it anybody at school?"

"Yeah," I replied truthfully.

"Who?" she asked.

"I can't tell you," I said.

"Are they popular?"

"One is," I said, referring to Michael. "One is the least one you'd expect."

"Hot," she said. "I knew more girls were doing it, they just weren't talking. Who's a dirty ho now?"

I just laughed. Man, she had no idea.



"Are you as horny as I am?"

"Yeah," I replied. I was actually pretty horny, but it was because I was thinking about all my previous sexual encounters and fantasizing myself with her little brother.

She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. I kissed her back and hoped she wouldn't want to do tongue. I felt her start to press her tongue in thought, so I gave in, putting my tongue in her mouth as well. I closed my eyes and imagined I was kissing Jared, her little rebel brother. I bet he'd be up for something as he seemed sexually aware and mischievous enough to do it with an older boy.

Our kiss didn't last very long, Laura broke it off and began to take her shirt off. It wasn't so bad, didn't taste like much, but what made a kiss really good was the passion shared between two people. That obviously wasn't a factor so I would try to avoid any more kissing.

She smiled at me, only her bra remaining. I slipped my shirt off as well, exposing my smooth, soft, hairless chest.

"Cute," she grinned. "Wanna take off my bra?"

"Uhhh, sure," I said, uncertain how to do so. If I had been with so many girls, you'd think I would know how. This left me a little nervous because if I fumbled around she might begin to question my previous statements.

In sat closer to her and reached behind her back, finding where the bra hooked together. I could feel a little hook or something so I just kind of twisted it and sure enough it came off.

"You have done this before," she grinned.

The bra fell to her bed, exposing her breasts. I had seen them before at various times in my life, but never were they supposed to be sexy and never was it one of my peers. Her boobs weren't very big, she was only thirteen, and I found them pretty unattractive. They stuck out from her chest just a little, I could easily cup the whole thing in my hand, and her nipples were really big. I guess I didn't know female nipples were bigger than male ones, but man did they disgust me. They just looked like two giant nipples sticking out from her body. They were erect as well, really big and scary looking.

"You can feel," she said, worried how I was just kind of staring at her chest in horror.

Why not, I told myself. You gotta do it at least once. I reached over and felt her boob, it was soft and kind of spongy. Her nipple had bumps all over it and was pretty scary looking so I didn't really linger. Straight boys would be going wild for this, jealous of my position. I know I was supposed to want to suck them or whatever, but they just didn't turn me on. I played with them a little to make her feel that I liked them, and I had to admit it was pretty interesting. I had only explored boy's bodies and would for the rest of my life probably, so now that I was up close and personal with a girl it was sort of interesting.

"My nipples aren't so exciting," I joked, taking my hands from her boobs. That was enough for me, if anything it was taking me away from the fantasies that were making me horny. My dick was soft right now, not at all turned on by the image of a topless Laura in front of me.

"They're hot though," she said, looking at me wildly in the eye. "You're so hot Danny."

"You too," I lied. She was a cute girl, but I definitely didn't find her hot.

"Can I see more?" she asked.

"As long as I can," I said, eager to see the female vagina. I had never seen one in my entire life. Okay, maybe that wasn't true, I played "naked" with a couple of girls when I was about five, but that was it. I knew from that and sex ed class that it was basically a slit you put your dick in. My lunch table had told me many details as well, but most the time I just tuned them out.

Laura just gave me a seductive look and slipped her jeans off. She walked over and shut her bedroom door as well incase Jared decided to come upstairs and stir up trouble. She came back and sat on the bed, motioning for me to take off my pants, which I quickly did. I was left with just my boxers, feeling very naked and insecure in front of Laura. Some of the boys she had been rumored to be with were much more mature than I. They probably had armpit hair and a good sized patch of pubic hair. I was still basically bald, the small patch of hair that I had blending in with my skin.

"You're so cute," she smiled, rubbing her erect nipple. I could tell she was really turned on and it was kind of starting to scare me.

"You go first," I said, wanting to get this show on the road. Maybe if I was actually attracted to her I'd be more into the foreplay, but right now I just wanted to get to the main event.

She slowly slipped her underwear off, revealing herself to me. I didn't see why boys freaked out so much, there wasn't much to look at. She had a good sized patch of hair where Michael and I did... it kind of stretched to where our balls would be as well. I could tell somewhere in there was probably her vagina, but it freaked me out that the hair as all around it.

"Like it?" Laura said, reaching over and stroking my thigh.

"Yeah," I said, lying. I guess by staring at it in confusion so long she mistook that for me being mesmerized by its beauty or something.

"Your turn," she said.

I was still soft, but who knows if she expected an erection or not. I just slipped by boxers down, revealing my crotch to her. I never was shy with it around boys, but around Laura I felt very self conscious. She had been with many guys who were probably more impressive than me down there.

"Hot," she said, her eyes glued to my crotch. "You don't got much hair."

"Nope," I said. "Boys get it later than girls."

"I got my first hair in the fifth grade," Laura laughed.

"I got mine last summer," I said, my eyes meeting hers. Although I was kind of scared, I had to admit I was somewhat enjoying myself. It was fun to explore, even if I wasn't attracted to her. The fact that I was still soft pretty much solved the riddle of if I was gay or not. Laura was a pretty cute girl that most every boy in my grade would want to be with. And here I was, sitting on the bed naked with her.

"Why aren't you hard?" Laura laughed. "It does work, doesn't it?"

I turned red. Oh God, here we go.

"Uhhh, I uh, this- I jacked off right before I came," I blurted. "I didn't think we'd be doing anything and I was really horny so I didn't want to be horny on the date if you weren't. So yeah, sometimes it takes a while for boys to get horny again."

"Oh," Laura said. I was pretty impressed with my lie, not back for making it up on the spot.

She reached over and took my dick in her hand, starting to stroke it up and down. I knew she was trying to jack me off to get me hard, so I just laid back and let her at it. Her technique was flawed, she was just stroking the middle of my penis and not working the head at all, but I guess she was a girl and didn't really know. I closed my eyes and began thinking of stripping her brother down and playing with his little cock. Soon enough my dick began to rise and respond to the mental images and the feeling of Laura's hand stroking my dick.

I opened my eyes when she let up, a big grin on her face.

"It got bigger than I thought it would be," she smiled.

"Yeah," I said, looking at my four inch pecker. "How big is it compared to other boys?"

"Guys always ask that!" Laura laughed. "It's pretty big. The biggest I had was Jake Ferrea-"

"The eighth-grader?" I asked, shocked.

"Yeah," she grinned. "His cock was like... huge. I think it was full grown. It hurt a lot."

"Oh wow," I said, wondering what that would feel like up my ass. It was probably about what Jack felt when Michael was fucking him.

We just sat and stared at each other, taking in the sight of the other's body. While I certainly didn't find her ugly, her body was really nice, I just didn't find her attractive. If she wasn't a good looking girl I would probably be pretty disgusted right now, but I wasn't thankfully.

"You can touch my pussy if you want," she whispered.

I reached out and softly pulled apart the two lips that formed her vagina. Inside was a mess of pink tissue and larger slit towards the bottom where I guessed my penis would go. I had to admit I was pretty disgusted, it was nothing like I had imagined it. I just thought it would be a smooth slit, maybe a little pink and shiny, but that's it. Not this flappy, rippled, pink mess that I encountered. It looked like an asshole ripped open. Plus, the fact the big lips that closed this monstrosity up were all hairy wasn't a big turn on to me either.

"You act like you've never seen one before," she laughed.

"Oh," I said, snapping out of my funk. "Sorry, you've just got a really nice one. I like it."

"Thanks," she blushed.

This is what the boys at my table were swooning over. This? This is the grand prize they aspired to reach? It looked like the friggin' Sarlacc pit from "Return of the Jedi."

God I hope she didn't want me to-

"You're free to lick around if you want," she blurted.

I honestly thought I might gag if I started sniffing around there. It did not look appealing at all. And what was that reddish lumpy thing at the top? Dammit Danny, why didn't you pay attention more during the female part of sex ed?

"Look," I said, trying to think of an excuse. "I'm really horny, can we just fuck?"

I figured I could close my eyes and pretend I was doing her brother. Besides, I had always wondered what a pussy felt like, gay or not. I was pretty certain anal sex was much better, but then again, how did I know?

"Sure," she grinned. "I'm ready for it too. Besides, I hate giving head."

"Works out for the better then," I said, relieved I had dodged that bullet.

She walked over to her dresser and opened a door, rummaging around for something. I just admired her ass, it would be very nice on a boy. She wasn't super skinny like a lot of girls, but she was definitely in good shape. I wonder if she had ever had anal sex... probably not. Most boys were looking for the pussy now.

Laura returned to the bed with a colorfully wrapped circular object, which I guessed to be a condom. All I knew is that they covered your penis during sex and prevented babies and diseases.

"Not that I think you're dirty or anything," she explained, "but I don't want a kid."

"Oh totally," I said, somewhat relieved I wouldn't be actually touching her pussy. She had been with a lot of guys and you just never did know...

"Want me to put it on for you?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, very relieved. I wouldn't now how to put it on, and after I told her how experienced I was she might find that somewhat suspicious.

She unwrapped the condom, it was bright green, and slowly rolled it over my dick. It was too big however and didn't fit very snugly.

"Just be careful," she said. "Make sure it stays on. I've done it with guys before, they didn't make seventh grade sized condoms."

"Wonder why," I laughed.

My mind just kept wandering to the image of her brother, and I had to admit I was pretty horny right now. Just the sexual anticipation was enough to keep me up, my dick eager to see what a pussy felt like. It was a big relief because I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep it up for her.

Laura lay back on the bed and spread her legs apart. If I was having sex with a boy she'd need to raise her legs a bit to allow me entry to her asshole, but her pussy was right there spread open for me. All I had to do was slide my cock in and lay on top of her.

I smiled at her nervously before lining my latex covered dick at her pussy. I still didn't know exactly what to do, but I figured I'd just slide it in and see what happened. Her pink insides were exposed to me, shining with juices and ready to go. I made sure the condom was well secured on my dick before I slowly pressed inwards, ready to feel my first pussy.

I shuddered slightly as my dick slid in, ripples of pleasure shooting through my body. Her vagina didn't resist my entry like an asshole did, it was still tight and hard to move very quickly but it was much easier to enter than an asshole. That said it wasn't quite as tight and didn't feel quite as good. I pressed all the way in until my balls were pressed against the bottom of her ass. I placed my hands on either side of her shoulders and slowly began to pump.

Laura was looking into my eyes, smiling lightly, her breathing heavy.

"Mmmm, Danny, that feels good," she sighed.

"Same," I said, my tongue out of my mouth a little and getting bit in concentration. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her little brother and what he might look like under all those clothes. I bet he was cut and had a nice little pecker. I bet his ass was nice and supple and he'd let me run my tongue all over his body.

Between the sexy thoughts I was having and Laura's pussy my dick was erect and having loads of fun. I had to admit her vagina felt pretty good, it definitely was pleasurable; however I didn't think it was nearly as nice as Michael's ass. His ass was tighter and just felt better. Of course, the layer of latex may have dulled the pleasure a little, but I was pretty sure condom or not anal sex ruled. Besides, I was hot for Michael and didn't have to close my eyes and think of someone else while doing it with him.

I continued to move my hips in and out of Laura's crotch, her pubic hair tickling me when I came close. My eyes were still closed, my mind wandering to thoughts of naked boys. I opened them for a second, looking down at Laura, who was looking at me with begging eyes.

"Oh God Danny, fuck me harder," she moaned, her face all twisted up in pleasure.

I just moaned in replay, picking up the place, my dick pumping her wet pussy as fast as I could. Normally I didn't like the "jack rabbit" approach, but then again, I was always with boys and loved savoring what their bodies had to offer. With Laura I was just trying to get my jollies off so I could say that I had done it.

Looking down at where the action was taking place, her pussy was starting to leak on the bed, her fluids shining on the condom. I guess this is what the boys at the table meant by a "juicy pussy," but I didn't even want to know what it tasted or smelled like. They'd love to shove their heads in there, yet here I was, gay as you could be, experiencing it before them. Thankfully the condom had stayed on my penis pretty well, not only protecting us against anything (I was pretty sure my seed was useless at this point anyways) but also protecting me from actually having to be inside Laura's body. I didn't mind burrowing my bare dick into a boy's backside, but for some reason I don't think I'd be having as good of a time right now if I were actually inside Laura.

I closed my eyes again, concentrating on the thought of thought of "Cody" from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" nude. Michael and I often fantasized about him and what he'd be like in the sack. There weren't many boys on TV our age, so we loved to admire him. His brother was pretty hot too, and Michael had always made it a mission for us to fuck a pair of twins at some point. While that would be pretty awesome, the chances were pretty slim.

My penis was starting to tingle and I could tell it wouldn't be long before I came. I had no idea how to pleasure a girl, I knew they could cum, but I didn't know how to bring that about. She seemed to be having a good time, her breathing was heavy and she was rubbing her hands all over my body, but I wondering how far she was from orgasm.

"Are you almost there?" I managed to ask, my eyes still closed.

"Yeah," she panted. "When you cum, just cum really hard and touch my clit, that will send me off."

"Okay," I whispered back, unsure what she meant by her "clit". I'm going to guess it was that little red bump because she had rubbed it a couple of times while we were having sex so far.

I thought wildly about Michael, Marcus, and all the other boys I had been with. What it felt like to slide my dick in their rectum. To drink their cum. The taste of their cock. The looks on their face as they braced for orgasm.

All these thoughts and the tight, wet vagina I was pleasuring myself in was too much to absorb. I moaned loudly and starting spasming violently into Laura's crotch, my dick beating her pussy furiously, the bright green condom flying in and out of her, shining wet with her lubricant. I could feel myself spray a few loads of cum, my head going crazy with the sensations. I reached my hand over and rubbed the top of her vagina where I guessed her "clit" was, hoping I was guessing right.

I must have been right because Laura came as well, shrieking loudly, her whole body jumping wildly with pleasure. She grabbed me with both hands to brace herself, her legs flailing wildly as she tried to absorb her orgasm. Finally, she came to a rest, her hands falling to either side in exhaustion.

I was done as well and slowly slid my half-erection out of Laura's pussy. The condom was covered with Laura's juices and had a little pouch of my semen pooled at the end of it. I slowly slid it off my dick, which stayed remarkably clean.

"Just chuck it in the bushes somewhere," Laura panted, obviously faced with the problem of a used condom before.

"Okay," I said. My dick was now completely soft and I sat back, taking in the sight of Laura spread out before me.

Now that my horniness was gone, I was starting to regret what I had just done. Oh God, now Laura thinks we are together. I can't believe I just fucked her. I don't even like her that way. The whole concept of her vagina spooked me out and disgusted me. Sure it felt good when I closed my eyes and pretended I was fucking a hot boy, but in reality I wanted nothing to do with it.

I was starting to get really panicky at the situation, Laura still sprawled out on the bed and just smiling at me. No matter what this girl said, she was pretty slutty. I mean, come on, we had been on our "date" for less than an hour before she took her fucking clothes off. I didn't blame her I guess, once that switch is turned on its hard not to think about it, but come on. Maybe the good news was that she had already had a couple of one night stands.

"What's wrong Danny?" she asked, sitting up and looking concerned.

I was just sitting on the bed, legs criss-crossed, my dick hanging softly with my balls. Now was my chance to get out of this, to make sure I didn't have to deal with these weird feelings ever again. I felt almost guilty... like I had cheated myself, cheated Laura, and most importantly, cheated Michael. I was no better than him anymore.

"Look Laura," I said, thinking quickly on an excuse. "I- I- have another girlfriend and I'm feeling really shitty..."

"WHAT? Who?" she demanded, looking somewhat shocked.

"Uhhh, she goes to another school," I said. "I met her at camp. She lives in Seattle and we hardly see each other."

"So, what's the problem then?"

"I fucking cheated on her!" I wailed, summoning all my acting skills. I quickly began to put on my clothes, shoving the used condom my right front pocket.

"So you just used me?" Laura said, starting to get upset.

"No Laura, look, I really like you," I said, feeling bad for lying. "I just... me and Melanie have a lot in common. I really like her."


"I like you too. And I guess I'm just really horny and I lost my mind. But I can't cheat on her cause she'd never do that to me."

"She doesn't need to know," Laura whined. "You're the best I've ever had Danny!"

Me? A gay boy trying desperately not to look at her the best she's ever had? Had to admit that made me feel a little proud inside. She was probably just trying to be nice however; either that or all the work with Michael had paid off.

"Look," I said. "I'd really like it if we could just be friends or something. But we can't fool around anymore."

"Why notttt," she whined. "Friends with benefits, you've heard of that right?"

"Yeah," I said. "I just can't though. Melanie's too sweet to me."

"Ugh that's such bullshit!" Laura sighed.

"Would you want your boyfriend cheating on you," I questioned her, "even if it was just for fun?"

"No, I guess not..." Laura trailed off.

Whooo, she was falling for it.

"So I'm really, really sorry about today. I feel really bad about how I made you feel and cheating on Mel."

I started to tear up. The tears that were coming were real, I was feeling really shitty about what I had just done. How I had led Laura on. How I had betrayed Michael, regardless of what he was doing to me. How I betrayed myself and who I was as a person.

"Oh Danny," she said, wrapping me up in a hug. "It's okay. If this had to be a one time thing, it was the best I could have hoped for."

Repulsed by her naked body pressing against me, I patted her back in thanks and pulled myself away.

"Thanks for understanding," I said, relieved I had gotten out of this. There'd be plenty of emotional baggage I'd have to deal with at home, but hopefully Laura wouldn't expect anything from me anymore.

"You know what?" Laura asked.

"What?" I asked.

"I thought you were gay for a while," she said. "Cause I was throwing myself at you but you weren't doing anything about it."

"Oh," I said, somewhat taken aback. Was it that obvious to other people?

"But now I know you're not," she smiled. "I'll always remember this."

"Cool," I said, actually feeling the exact opposite way. I needed to get out of here, this was turning into a complete mess.

"Look I need to get home now," I said. "I told my parents I would be back in like an hour and its been way more than that."

"Oh," Laura said, slipping her clothes back on.

"So I guess I'll see you at school Monday," I said, darting out of her room and going down the stairs.

"Danny, waitttt," I heard her holler from her room. I knew I had some time before she put her bra on and everything, so I should be able to get out of the house without any more interruptions.

As I finished going down the stairs I looked into the family room, where Jared was lying on the couch with his pants down to his knees, furiously stroking his cock.

Holy shit! I thought. The TV was on and he obviously didn't hear me, he seemed engrossed in pleasuring himself. His dick was good sized for his body, almost the size of mine. I would guess it to be about three and a half inches, cut. I still didn't know how old he was, but I would be surprised if he was older than ten. I wished I could experiment with him but I knew that would be far too risky.

Quickly taking my eyes off of Jared I opened the front door and slipped out of Laura's house. I didn't even mind to make sure the door shut all the way, as I starting running back home.

"OH MY GOD, JARED!" I could hear Laura scream as she must have rushed downstairs to see her brother masturbating "YOU PERV!"

I just kept on running, trying to get as far away from there as possible.

"WAITTTT!" Laura yelled from her front porch.

I quickly turned to her.

"I really have to get home!" I screamed.


An older couple walking along the street looked at me very strangely, almost in horror. I just turned and ran as fast as I could, turning left a street early just to get out of her sight.

I started sobbing uncontrollably, the weight of the last few days crashing down on me. I couldn't believe what I just did. Whether it was out of spite, desperation, horniness, whatever, I scolded myself for what had just transpired. God, what if the word of it got around school? Maybe I shouldn't have just rushed out. Maybe I could have manned up and said my goodbyes. But that wasn't me though. Everything that happened today wasn't myself. I was gay and in love with Michael. Nothing more, nothing less. I had to get him back.

Approaching my house with these thoughts running through my head, I was glad to see my parent's hadn't came home yet. This would give me some time to compose myself and think things through.

I'd be doing a lot of thinking the rest of the weekend. I hoped Michael was doing the same.

End of Chapter Five

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