Danny and Michael:

Whew! Here is the sixth chapter of "Forsaken" of the Danny and Michael saga.

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Chapter Six:
Sunday Confessional

Normally the weekends seemed to be over as soon as they started, however this particular weekend seemed to drag on. After my date with Laura, which escalated to a point I now completely regretted, I hadn't left the house. I contemplated going over to Michael's house, I really wanted to see him, but decided against it. Only when he was ready to talk should we do so, if I tried to push things I might just end up making things worse.

Thankfully finals week did start on Monday so I had an excuse to stay locked up in my room. With the amount of studying I was doing I knew my parents expected pretty good grades, but that was the least of my concerns right now. I did stare blankly at some books and half-mindedly take some practice exams, but my mind was elsewhere. I just wanted to talk things out with Michael. I just wanted things to be the way they were before.

It was Sunday night, about seven o'clock, and I was sorting through pictures on my computer, mostly of Michael and I, when he finally signed online. This was the first time he'd been online since Thursday night and the first time I'd talk to him since asking him if he really wanted to go out with the "dirty slut" at lunch Friday.

mrmichael93: hey danny
dan57895: hi

I tried not to be overly excited. While I really wanted to make things right with him again, I couldn't forget the way he had been treating me. I still was madder than hell at him and I had to let him know it, although I had a feeling he knew.

mrmichael93: can i come over?
mrmichael93: i really need to talk to u

'I've wanted to talk for a week!' my head screamed.

dan57895: oh, now you want to talk?
mrmichael93: can i just come over
mrmichael93: plz? :(

My body burst with joy. He really wanted to see me!

dan57895: fine

I was still playing it cool.

mrmichael93: awesome, ill convince my rents to let me go for a bit
mrmichael93: theyll throw a fit the night b4 finals but fuckem
mrmichael93: i really need to c u
dan57895: ok, its cool
dan57895: cya
mrmichael93: bye :)

My mind started racing. What did he want to talk about? I really, really hoped he had come to his senses but I was cautious to come to any conclusions. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Michael would act the way he had been, so I had to be prepared for anything.

I rushed down the stairs to let my parents know Michael was coming over. They'd be cool with it, but it would be better if they knew beforehand.

"Hey Mom, Dad," I said, entering the living room. They were both reading the Sunday newspaper.

"Hey sweetie," my mom said, glancing up. "Finally taking a break?"

"Yeah," I said. "Michael and I have both been studying all day and are pooped. His parents are letting him take a small break and come over here, is that okay?"

"As long as you are where you need to be in your studies," my mom said.

"And he can't stay too late," my dad added. "You need a good night's sleep for tomorrow."

"Oh, I know," I said, happy they had agreed. "I know Michael's parents won't let him stay out long."

"Okay then, its fine," my mom said, smiling at me. She knew I had been sad the last week or so and was trying her best to be nice to me without prying.

"Thanks!" I grinned, running up the stairs. My heart was beating a million times per minute. I was pretty nervous, things had been so weird between Michael and me the past week and I didn't quite know how to react.

Rushing into my room, I picked up the mess that had accumulated on the floor over the past few days. Didn't really want Michael to know what a withdrawn slob I had turned into recently. I really wondered how he had been doing these last few days. I could tell he felt guilty by the way he looked at me during lunch, but what caused him to act so rash I still didn't know. Hopefully this visit would reveal all that had been lurking in the shadows.

That twenty or so minutes before Michael came were the longest in my life, I just sat on the edge of my bed, bouncing lightly up and down, my mind racing. I knew it'd take him ten or fifteen minutes to bike over, but I wasn't sure how long it would take him to convince his parents to let him come over to my house the night before finals.

Not too long it ended up, as the doorbell rang, sending me into a mad dash. I rushed down the stairs to the front door, composing myself and trying to be calm before opening it.

There stood Michael, bike helmet on his head, a sad expression on his face.

"Hey," he said softly, his eyes continuing to avoid mine.

"Come on in," I said, opening the door wider to allow him in.

Michael walked in the front entryway and took off his shoes, used to the rules at my house.

"Hey Michael," my mom called from the other room.

"Thanks for having me over," Michael called back, his voice quavering.

"No problem," my mom said softly back.

Michael turned towards me and looked me in the eyes for a few seconds before breaking the connection.

"Want to go upstairs?" I suggested, knowing we'd need our privacy.

"Yeah," Michael said softly. He looked and was acting like a beaten dog right now. From what I could tell he felt really bad about what had happened, but I wanted to hear it from his mouth before I would even consider forgiving him.

We entered my room and sat down on the bed. Both of us just stared forward for about a minute, not speaking. My mind was racing, trying to think of something to say. What could I say? He was the one that should be talking to me.

I glanced over at Michael, ready to start talking things out. What I saw was a thirteen year old boy trying his damnedest to hold back crying but failing miserably. His face was red and streaked with tears, his mouth biting his quavering lower lip. Michael's whole body was shaking lightly, trying to absorb the severe emotions he was dealing with.

Just the sight of him made me start to tear up. How could I be mad at him? Look at what he was going through. What exactly was wrong?

Michael seemed to sense me staring at him as he turned slowly towards me. As soon as his teary eyes caught mine he burst out crying and fell into my arms. He buried his head into my shoulder, his body shaking violently as he cried loudly. It was a good thing I shut the door, although my parents still probably could hear. I didn't care though, I had more important things to worry about.

I just patted Michael gently on the back as he bawled, both my arms wrapped around him. My eyes were tearing up too, but I wasn't having nearly the emotional release that Michael was having. I rocked him gently back and forth, my arms around him, patting his back and stroking him gently. I could tell it was a week's worth of pent up emotion being set free.

"It's okay," I shushed, gently taking the bike helmet off his head and stroking his hair.

"No it's not," he wailed, his face still buried in my left shoulder.

"What's wrong?" I asked, trying to make sure we were on the same page. Maybe something else happened that I didn't know about.

"I'm s-s-s-sorry," he cried, clutching me even tighter. The tears continued to flow, my shoulder feeling damp from all his crying.

"I know Michael, I know," I said patting him gently.

He continued to bawl heavily, struggling to breathe between the heavy fits of crying. I just continued to rub him gently and rock him back and forth, shushing him lightly and trying to calm him down. I realized he had a lot to release though, so I was in it for the long haul.

Soon Michael started to rub me back, his hands gently stroking my back and head as he continued to cry. The intensity of it was softening however, and he was now sobbing on my shoulder. Every once in a while he'd mumble "I'm sorry," to which I'd tell him "I know."

After ten minutes or so Michael slowly raised his head off my shoulder, damp from his tears. His face was bright red and shining with tears. He sniffed and started wiping his face off with both hands, his eyes engaging in contact with mine for the longest time since before this whole thing started.

"Here," I said, reaching out and helping him wipe off the tears with my hand. Finally, his face was relatively dry, although it remained quite obvious that he had just got done crying.

"That felt good," Michael joked, both of us laughing nervously.

"I'm just glad you're here," I said, leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed and smiled at me.

"Look, Danny," Michael said slowly, trying to think of the right words. "Nothing I can say will change the way I treated you."

I just bowed my head, snapped back to the reality of the situation.

"And I'll never, ever forgive myself. I don't know how I ever did that. And I don't know how I'll ever make it up to you. Danny?"

"Yeah," I said, raising my eyes back up.

"I love you," he said, starting to cry again. "A lot. More than anything. And you didn't deserve this..."

He started crying hysterically again, so I wrapped him up in a giant hug.

"I love you too Michael," I said. "More than I ever thought I could love someone."

I started crying too, the two of us sobbing into each other's shoulders. After a few minutes we both slowed down enough to pull ourselves apart. Our faces were again streaked with tears.

"Fuck it," Michael said, wiping them off again.

"They tickle so much it hurts," I laughed.

"Look Danny," Michael said, getting back to the heart of the matter, "I know this doesn't mean much but I'm sorry. I hate myself for the way I treated you. For what I did. You never, ever deserved this. You've been nothing but awesome and loving towards me, and I just can't..."

"It's okay," I said, looking Michael deep in the eyes. "I was just afraid I had lost you..."

"You didn't Danny," Michael said, wrapping me up in a hug. "I'm so sorry. I love you so much, and I'll never forgive myself."

"I haven't been perfect either," I admitted, ashamed of what I had done. "The important thing is we're back together."

"Thank God," Michael sniffed, kissing me gently on the lips. "I was worried you wouldn't want me back."

"Of course I want you," I said. "I love you. More than I love anyone else. Look, Michael... I love you in a way that... like, I want to be with you. More than just friends, you know?"

"Me too Danny," Michael said, giving me another hug. "Look, I don't think it'll help, but I should explain to you why I did what I did."

"I'd like to know," I said, wanting that burning question answered.

"Okay, here goes," Michael sighed. "Okay, so last weekend after Saturday night at your house I went to a wedding for my aunt on Sunday."

"Yup, you had to leave at the buttcrack of dawn," I recalled.

"Yeah," Michael laughed. "Anyways, so we get there and like everyone from my family is there, this gathering is huge. And they get married and crap, I didn't care, all I cared is that a lot of the people there were hot but I couldn't fuck'em cause I was probably related to them right?"

"Yeah," I laughed, happy to be back inside the horny mind of Michael.

"So at the reception all the boys around my age group around the table and are eating food. And then the subject of girls comes up, and everyone has some story about them, their girlfriend, what they did with them, whatever. And they ask me about it. And I said I didn't have a girlfriend and didn't want one."

"Good for you," I smiled.

"Yeah," Michael said, less than cheery. "Anyways they were all like ‘what the fuck is wrong with you' and ‘are you a fucking faggot?'"

"Oh," I said, my expression sinking.

"And so I just made up some bullshit about how much trouble they were. But the whole rest of the reception they called me "fag" for fun."

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Yeah," Michael said. "Anyways, they were just really awful. Then they started busting out the gay jokes and shit, it was really bad Danny. So I got up and left the table, and they called me a queer as I left and shit."

"Do you know these people?"

"Not really," Michael said. "I think most of them were on the groom's side or distant cousins or something."

"They sound like little fuckers," I said, angry for Michael.

"But then I got home Danny and started thinking," Michael said, his tears starting to well up again. "I am a fag. I am a queer. I'm all those things they called me. And nobody likes people like that."

"That's not true!" I blurted, wrapping Michael up in a big hug.

"I just got so... so s-scared," Michael bawled.

"It's okay," I said, patting him on the back. "Me and Marcus had a chat about this Friday night."

I pulled myself away from our hug, both my hands firmly on Michael's shoulders, my eyes glaring into his.

"I'm gay Michael," I said, my stare fixed. "Marcus and I talked about it. I don't like girls. I like boys. I like you. I love you."

A tear fell from each of Michael's eyes.

"I love you too Danny," he said. "I'm gay and I love you."

I just wrapped him up in a big hug. I know that was probably the first time he had admitted it to anyone.

"I finally had to come to the reality," Michael said, our bodies still pressed together. "I was just ignoring the fact for all that time. I knew how I felt about you, how I loved you in a way other people couldn't understand... but I didn't want to think it made me gay or whatever."

"I know," I said. "It was fun, being all carefree. I was like that too until you asked Steph out and it got me thinking."

"I know, I'm sorry Danny," Michael sobbed. "I was just so scared. Scared of being someone everyone makes fun of."

"Me too Michael," I said, softly patting him "Marcus talked to me about this. It's not the end of the world. We're just at a time where kids are really immature and wanna prove their masculinity or something. We all know kids are ruthless making fun of other people. But Michael, look, gay people are normal. They're everywhere. Not too many people genuinely hate them."

"I know," Michael sighed. "My cousin who's 20 is gay and he's the family favorite. He's got a boyfriend and everything."

"Yeah," I said. "And while people might make fun of him once in a while or something, its because of their own insecurities and ignorance. He's a lot happier being out there and being who he is then pretending to be someone he's not."

"Yeah," Michael agreed, starting to realize that maybe it wasn't so bad.

"As long as I can be with you Michael, I don't care what other people think. I'll be happy."

"Same with you Danny," Michael said. "I don't care anymore. I'm gay and I love you. That's who I am. Nothing can change me, I realized that."

"Same here, Michael, same here," I said as we continued to hug.

"Look, Danny," Michael said. "You're being so awesome right now, I was really afraid you wouldn't talk to me."

"Please," I said. "I love you. And yeah, I'm mad at the way you treated me, but I know why now."

"It doesn't excuse it though," Michael said, bowing his head.

"No, it doesn't," I said. "But you know what, the gift you just gave me outweighs whatever you did."

"Thanks," Michael said, giving me a kiss on the lips. "Before we go on though, I think I should come clean."

"Me too," I said, feeling ever so guilty about Laura now.

"Me first," Michael said. "Okay, I treated you like shit because I was scared. I really, really wanted to be a man, be normal, so that's why I asked Stephanie out. I was really scared and didn't want to Danny, but I guess I was too frightened to care."

"What'd you guys do?" I inquired.

"Well, she has the place to herself until her mom gets home," Michael said. "So after school on Friday we went to their place. I was really determined to have sex with her, because like, I felt if I could do that I was normal and not gay."

"Yeah," I said, "I sorta felt the same way with Laura."

"I heard you two went out on a date," Michael laughed. "I'll be eager to hear about it."

"I feel shitty about it," I said.

"Don't,rdblquote Michael demanded. "It all happened because of me."

"Well, whatever," I conceded.

"Anyways, we get to her place, and man is she easy. Within about a half hour we're both naked and having sex. But, God, it was so hard to keep hard, Danny. I was just thinking about you and every boy I knew naked to stay up."

I laughed, recalling that as being my experience as well.

"Look," I admitted, "I had sex with Laura too. I'm sorry."

I continued to look him in the eyes for a few seconds but then couldn't bear it anymore, dropping my head. Michael immediately reached over and picked my head up.

"Don't feel ashamed Danny," Michael said. "It's all my fault."

"No Michael, I shouldn't have," I said. "I was mad and confused and just did something rash."

"You wanted to prove you could be a ‘man' too," Michael said, putting one arm on my shoulder. "You were angry and scared, like me."

"Yeah," I sighed.

"Actually, I think it's a good thing we both had sex with girls," Michael elaborated. "I don't know about you, but I'll never want to touch another pussy again."

"Yuck," I laughed. "They were pretty gross."

"That's what boys want?" Michael said incredulously.

"It looks like a ripped open asshole," I smirked, sending Michael into a fit of laughter.

"Oh God, and all those flaps," he said.

"Oh I know," I said. "She wanted me to lick it but there was no way in fuck I was going to do that."

"Lucky," Michael sighed. "I was so eager to prove myself a man I went down on her. Tasted awful, I gagged a couple of times but I don't think she noticed."

"Oh wow," I said, amazed that Michael had done so much.

"Yeah," he said, shuddering. "Never again, I'll tell you that."

"Pussies are gross," I said.

"For sure," Michael grinned. "Cock and balls are just so much more fun, you can play with them..."

"And they give you treats," I chimed in.

"Yup," Michael laughed. "And assholes are so tight and warm."

"And you can have sex all you want without worry about babies," I pointed out.

"Did you use a condom?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, you?"

"Of course," Michael laughed. "You're crazy if you don't with Stephanie."

"Yeah," I said. "Laura had one all ready to go for me, she is such a ho."

Michael laughed and smiled at me.

"Stephanie had a box full of them," Michael said. "It didn't fit really well though, I don't think they normally make them for thirteen year olds."

"Yeah," I agreed. "Mine was a little loose but it stayed on thank God."

"Same," Michael said. "So did you cum inside her?"

"Yup," I said. "After thinking about you and her little brother frantically the whole time. Like you said, it was hard to stay up."

"Totally," Michael said. "I just rammed her as fast as I could, thinking about anything to keep me hard. She kept talking dirty and I just wanted to slap her because it was making me less horny."

"Yeah, Laura was quiet," I said. "I just tried to get it over as fast as I could, no technique."

"Same," Michael sighed. "It was terrible. I didn't like it one bit."

"Me either," I said.

"After I came," Michael said, getting more somber, "I was just overcome with guilt and shame. And then that ho was spread out before me nude, still wanting to do stuff. I just wanted to die. I made up some bullshit about my mom needing me home and left."

"I said I had another girlfriend and was feeling guilty," I sighed.

"I should have said that," Michael said, "that way I wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. I didn't get online all weekend because I knew she'd want to talk to me. I don't know what to do Danny."

"We'll figure something out," I assured him.

"I hope," Michael said softly. "Anyways, I got home and all that guilt and shame just built up. And I couldn't believe what I did, and how I had treated you. I could barely even move, I was so sad."

"Oh Michael," I said, wrapping him up in a hug.

"I came over to your house Saturday night," Michael said, "And stood outside your window for about fifteen minutes. I meant to throw a pebble or something but didn't have the nerve to face you. I finally got it tonight."

"I'm glad," I said, squeezing him tighter. "Don't be afraid. I love you. I always will."

"Thanks," Michael sniffed, crying lightly. "I love you too Danny."

"I forgive you," I said. "Just as long as you promise never to do anything like this again. If we have a problem, we just need to talk it out."

"I know Danny," Michael said. "I'm really sorry. My whole freakout made me realize something though."

"What's that?" I asked, putting my face close to Michael's and looking him in the eye.

"I'm gay and I'm in love with you," he whispered.

"I'm gay and I'm in love with you too Michael," I said. "You mean everything to me."

"You too," Michael said, a slight smile forming on his tear streaked face. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I don't know what I'd do without you Michael," I sniffed, starting to cry. "I love you so much."

We looked at each other passionately, his big eyes hypnotizing me. All of a sudden we shot towards each other at the same time, our bodies locking together, the two of us kissing passionately. Our hands ran all up and down each other's bodies while our tongues explored each other's mouths. It was our first real kiss in over a week, something that felt so good and so long overdue.

The whole situation was made more erotic by what had just transpired, the two of us professing our everlasting love for one another. For a while we were just fuck buddies, for a while "really good friends," for a while we were lovers but we just didn't know it... now it was confirmed. I loved Michael and he loved me. And not just as friends, not like I loved Marcus; it was deeper and more profound. I would do anything for Michael, and he would do the same for me. I wanted to be with him as much as possible to hold him, snuggle him, kiss him, fuck him, and fall asleep by his side. He was my soul mate.

We continued to make out, our wet cheeks pressing against one another. Both of us had stopped crying, overwhelmed with the passion for one another. Michael's tongue felt so good in my mouth, like a seeing a long lost friend. Our kiss was electric, my body humming with pleasure and goosebumps forming all over. Michael wasn't helping the situation by grabbing the back of my head with both hands and rubbing my hair wildly. I returned the favor with one of my hands the other furiously rubbing the small of his back.

After a good ten minutes or so, by which point we were taking turns pinning one another on the bed, we finally broke apart, our mouths starting to grow tired and our dicks aching for attention.

"I'm supposed to be home by nine," Michael said, slightly out of breath.

I glanced at the clock, the red LED lights showing 8:30.

"Fuck," I said.

"I really want you right now Danny," Michael said, leaning in and stroking my damp hair. We were both somewhat damp from the make out session and still being fully clothed.

"God dammit I'm really horny," I moaned.

"We'll just have to wait until tomorrow," Michael sighed, a large lump visible in his pants.

"No we don't," I said, determined. It would take Michael fifteen minutes to ride his bike home, giving us another fifteen to have sex.

"But we don't have enough time Danny," he said, "Unless we go really fast."

"Look, Michael," I said, my asshole aching for his dick, "Just fuck me. Hard. While you're fucking me just jack me off with one hand. It'll get us both off."

"You sure?" Michael asked.

"Yeah," I said. "I fucked Marcus Thursday, Jack Friday, I'm good. I just want to be fucked. The last time anything was inside me was when you fucked me last Saturday."

"Hot," Michael grinned.

"I want you so bad," I moaned.

"Okay," Michael said, more than eager to take up my offer.

He quickly stripped as I retrieved the lotion. When I turned around after getting it, Michael was standing there naked at full attention.

"God you're hot," I groaned, taking into sight the full glory of Michael's body for the first time in more than a week. Last week after school he'd just pull down his shorts enough for me to blow him and I missed the sight of his sexy, toned body. Especially how every feature on his body led to his perfect package, standing painfully erect at nearly four and a half inches below his small bush of pubes. I've had never wanted anymore more than I wanted Michael at that moment.

He started to undress me, sliding my tee-shirt over my head and whispering "I love you" in my ear while doing so. I lifted my feet up one at a time so he could remove my boxers and shorts, which he managed to do at the same time. Now I was completely naked as well, our two bodies soaking in the sight of the other.

I handed the bottle of lotion to Michael and smiled. He lunged at me, wrapping me up in a big kiss as he pinned me on the bed. I scooted up so my head would be on the pillow as he broke our kiss and peeled my legs back.

"Oh wow," he gasped.

"What?" I asked.

"I forgot how much I missed you," he smiled. "You're so fucking hot I can't even believe it."

"You too," I said softly, my body overtaken with pleasure just from the fact Michael was pulling my legs back and staring at my hole.

"It looks so tight," Michael moaned, squirting a glob of lotion on my hole.

"It's been over a week," I said, moaning at the pleasure of Michael rubbing the lotion all over my hole. Normally he'd probably spend some time teasing and gently massaging my hole. However, this was a different situation and we had to get down to business fast.

"I don't know how long I can last," Michael groaned, slathering his cock with lotion.

"I won't last longer either," I reassured him.

I could feel his throbbing purple head press lightly against my asshole, eager to slide into my warm, wet tissues.

"Ready?" Michael whispered.

"Always," I replied, wanting to feel Michael inside me oh so badly.

Michael slowly leaned his body into mine, his dick applying more and more pressure on my hole. Normally by now he would have slipped in, but the lack of foreplay and the fact I had tightened up after eight days of being dormant prevented his entry. While we both stayed pretty tight even with daily fuckings, there obviously was some room left to be tighter.

"Oh God," Michael said, pressing even harder. My legs were pressed against my stomach, my rock hard cock throbbing against Michael's chest as he leaned into me. Finally my cherry popped, Michael's dick quickly sliding into my bowels.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," I moaned, in pain. Normally when Michael fucked me it just hurt a little for a few seconds as my butt adjusted. I wouldn't even call it pain; whatever it was I enjoyed the feeling, it let me know that once again Michael and I were sharing our love. During this week of no fucking my anus must have tightened significantly, because this was a sharper pain that made me gasp. I had to admit I liked it though, it felt really good and fulfilling in a way that made me even hornier. It was a lot like when our friend Sam from Seattle fucked us; his dick was significantly wider than any of ours and caused similar sensations. I loved to get fucked by him though because it was always a mind blowing experience.

"You okay?" Michael asked, his breathing heavy. He had pushed his dick all the way in, his soft pubic hairs pressing against my ass, but hadn't begun to pump yet.

"Fuck yes," I moaned, alive with pleasure. Whatever pain there was had dulled, my bowels felt full and content, my dick screaming to be pleasured.

"Good," Michael said softly. "Your hole is so tight Danny, you can't even imagine."

"Yours is gonna be tight too," I reminded him.

"That's true," he said. "It's gonna feel awesome."

"It does," I moaned, my leg shaking randomly as a wave of pleasure hit my body. My toes were curling and spreading by themselves, trying to absorb the pleasure I was feeling. Michael hadn't even begun to penetrate in and out, but was rather slathering his hand with lotion so he could masturbate me as he fucked me.

His soft little hand wrapped around my cock and began to pump. My hips arched up in pleasure, my dick jumping with the feeling of Michael's hand manipulating it. Letting out a large moan, he began to slowly pump my hole, moving every inch of his dick except the very top of his head out of my ass before pressing back in. As his dick ventured through my tissues, the top couple of inches rubbed my prostate, causing me to groan loudly and my toes to spread out as far as they could in the air.

Michael was kneeling in front of me, fucking me hard and jacking me off with his right hand. A lot of the time when we made love he'd lean over me, sometimes lay on me, and we'd make out as we had sex. Other times though we just wanted a good fuck, which was what this was, and it was necessary in order to jack me off. My legs were parted to either side of Michael's body, stuck wildly in the air, moving and spasming with all the sensations I was receiving.

Moaning loudly, Michael continued to fuck me, his dick causing amazing sensations in my bowels. I could almost feel his cock throbbing with pleasure, his balls slapping lightly against my ass as he moved in and out. We were making quite the racket; his dick moving in and out of my hole was making a fairly loud slurping sound from all the lotion and precum he had leaked, while my dick was making large smacking sounds as Michael's furiously pumped it. My door was shut and locked, thank God for that. At this point I could care less if my parents downstairs heard us, I was too horny and engorged in our lovemaking to worry.

I took in the sight of us, watching Michael's hot midsection strain and work as he moved his hips in and out of my ass. His abdominal muscles were showing, a defined six pack, although very slight. His whole body was damp and shining from our workout, the temperature haven risen several degrees since we started. I could see his dick, shining with a variety of subtances, gliding in and out of my asshole, which by now was totally accustomed to his size once more. I could only imagine the color of his head, throbbing with pleasure and topped by his cute little pee slit.

Meanwhile, my legs were peeled back, my dick bouncing wildly as Michael jacked me off. Just past this I could see my balls hanging softly, bouncing slightly with each of Michael's thrusts and catching the occasional tickle from the very top of Michael's pubic hair.

Finally it was getting to be too much, I could tell Michael was nearing orgasm by the way he altered his movements, trying to delay the eventual climax. Just the thought of him being ready to cum set me in motion as well, my dick starting to tingle heavily and getting ready to burst. We had developed a knack over the last year or so of orgasming together in such situations because it made it just that much more enjoyable. There was nothing better than cumming wildly as your partner did the same.

"I can't hold much longer babe," Michael whispered, his tongue whirling around his lips in concentration.

"Its okay, me either," I assured him. "Just let loose."

"I will," he sighed, letting out a large moan right afterwards. I could tell he was really fighting it.

His thrusts became short and rapid, his breathing random and shallow. Finally he couldn't hold back any longer, slamming violently into my ass time and time again, his dick jumping in my bowels. This sent me off, my penis jumping wildly as I came, a couple of shots of my clear cum splashing against my chest. I could feel Michael's thicker cum filling up my bowels; he must have shot a good half dozen or so globs, the convulsions and spasms still continuing long after he ran dry. I moaned loudly with the pleasure of my orgasm, my legs wrapped around Michael's back for support.

I began to squirm as my orgasm was done and Michael continued to jack me off, my head becoming ultra sensitive. Michael took the hint and let my dick go, which still rock hard and streaked with cum down one side. Michael was in the last throws of his orgasm, his thrusts slowing down and becoming more jolted as his head grew sensitive and tired after the monster orgasm he just endured. Finally he slipped his dick out of my ass and fell back against the bed.

Gaining the strength to sit up, I sat cross legged as Michael continued to struggle and breathe heavily, collapsed against the bed. I scooped the cum on my chest with my index finger and placed it next to Michael's mouth, which accepted the treat. He licked it all up, a smile forming on his face and he swished it around before swallowing.

"Fuck how I've missed that," he managed to get out, barely audible.

I leaned over licked the cum that remained on his penis. It didn't bother me that he was just inside my ass, it looked clean and I just licked his cum off the surface. His head was a deep purple, so beautiful, laying there soft against his smooth balls. The little patch of pubic hair that topped the object of my desires drove me wild; I snuck my nose in there, breathing in the scent of my lover and the smell of our recent sex.

Michael finally gained enough strength to sit up and examine the damage. He gave me a huge grin as his eyes ran up and down my body, pink from exertion.

"Hey hottie," he said.

"Hey," I smiled lazily back.

"Lay back, I wanna look at your hole real quick," Michael said.

I obliged, laying back and brining my legs up to my chest.

"Woah," Michael said, his finger gently moving around the lips of my anus.

"What?" I asked.

"It's pretty red on the edges," he said. "You sure you're okay?"

"Doesn't hurt a bit," I assured him. "Just was a little rusty."

"We'll have to make sure that never happens again," Michael laughed.

"For sure," I agreed, sitting back up.

Michael leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. No tongue was involved, just the soft pressing of our lips together. It was the perfect way to cap one hell of a night.

"Thanks for everything," Michael said. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I love you more than anything in the world Michael," I said, looking him deep in the eyes.

"You too," Michael said, wrapping me up in a hug.

I glanced at the clock. It was 8:55, meaning Michael had to be home in five minutes.

"Oh shit," I said, pointing the clock.

"It's okay," Michael reassured me. "I'll deal with it. It's worth it to be with you."

"Thanks," I grinned, giving him a peck on the lips.

My bed was a mess; the blankets tossed everywhere, a small pool of Michael's cum on the sheets that had leaked from my anus. I tucked the bottle of lotion away as Michael got dressed, his hot, naked body slowly disappearing. I threw my clothes on as well, wanting to walk Michael to the door.

"Thanks again for everything Danny," Michael said as we headed towards my door.

"I'm just glad we're back together," I grinned.

"No more girls," Michael smiled.

"For sure," I laughed.

"I'll try to get online later tonight but my parents might be kind of pissed," Michael explained as we neared the front door.

"Whatever is fine," I assured him. "If not I'll see you at school."

"Yup," Michael nodded.

I leaned in and gave Michael another kiss. My parents were around the corner and out of site. We held it for a number of seconds, hugging each other and not wanting to let go.

"I love you," I whispered into Michael's ear.

"I love you too Danny," Michael whispered back. "More than you can even imagine."

And with that Michael slipped out the door and into the night, fastening his bike helmet on his head and riding off. I just stared into the dark sky long after he was gone, absorbing what had just happened. It might have been the happiest moment of my life.

I slowly walked back inside, shutting the door behind me.

"Michael leave?" my mom asked from the other room.

"Yup," I said sadly.

"Okay then," she replied. "You should get to bed, you have finals tomorrow."

"Okay," I agreed, exhausted from what had transpired.

"I'll be in to tuck you in a couple of minutes," my mom said as I walked up the stairs.

That would give me just enough time to put my bed back together. As I walked into my room, it was still warm and you could smell the sex Michael and I had. It was an intoxicating aroma the untrained nose couldn't pick up; my mom would probably say it smelled like dirty boys in here. But it was much more than that.

While tired, I would stay up for a little bit to see if Michael came online. Even if he didn't sign on I know he'd be there for me not only tomorrow, but for the rest of our lives.

End of Chapter Six

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