Danny and Michael:

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Chapter Eight:
Midnight Rendezvous

The computer screen sat blank. I was upstairs studying for finals for what seemed like the eightieth hour in the past week. As usual though, I knew finals would be relatively easy like they were every term. Last week I was using the excuse to avoid Michael but now I was a nervous wreck and couldn't concentrate at all.

Word spread pretty fast, because when Marcus and I walked in the door after school my mom immediately wanted to know what happened. Marcus and I just said that Michael got in a fight and we really didn't see it. No good would come from telling my mom the details and I hoped Michael's mom wouldn't find out and blab to mine. My mom was pretty shocked at what happened, saying "he's such a nice boy, this is so unlike him." Marcus and I agreed but assured her that Liam deserved it.

Tomorrow's final was math, which I found extremely easy and didn't even feel the need to study. Since it was middle school and they were preparing us for finals, not only did they spread them out (high school crammed them into 2 days) but they weren't worth as many points either. Your final might end up being 15% of your grade, but you could still do fairly well in the class if you did the homework and participated.

Math normally came relatively easy to me so I currently had a 98% in there. Maybe it would be a good thing to be bad at math right now. I might feel the urge to study, instead of sitting here staring at a blank computer screen thinking about Michael.

Marcus and I spent the whole afternoon together though and he made me feel much better about the situation. Michael was in trouble, there was no doubt about that. But he reminded mine this wouldn't change our relationship, if anything it would strengthen it. He told me again and again not to blame myself. While I knew that was true and I shouldn't, it still felt good to hear.

After trying to satisfy my mom's curiosities, Marcus and I headed upstairs and talked for almost two hours. He was so easy and approachable and I didn't know what I would have done without him the last few weeks. He liked to downplay the amount he was helping me, but I made sure he knew how much I appreciated it.

I wasn't very horny, it just didn't feel right if Michael was in such trouble, but I knew Marcus was probably chomping at the bit for an orgasm. He really resisted my attempts to suck him off, saying I didn't need to and he could fend for himself. I knew he didn't want me to think I was obligated to do anything, but I couldn't have been happier to do it. I couldn't get enough of his little cock in my mouth and it kept my mind off Michael for a while. Besides, he had to have some payment for being my therapist, right?

After Marcus finally left to go home it was another round of questioning once my dad came home. He felt the same way as my mom, surprised, and I remained my usual vague self. After dinner I darted up to my room to "study for math tomorrow." Really I just dinked around on the computer, checked my MySpace, chatted with friends online, etc.

Now it was around 11:00pm and I should have been in bed a long time ago. Normally Michael and I would say goodbye to each other online before heading to bed, so I guess I was holding out some hope he'd be online. It was really the only way he could communicate with me… and since he was most likely grounded it would have to be later at night when his parents were asleep.

Luckily mine were already fast asleep, unaware of my late night computer usage. Parents were so naive; did they really think I was going to bed at 9:30pm every night? That I would never sneak onto my computer after that to talk to people or play games? Guess they trusted me not to, and while at times I felt guilty, most the time my body could not simply settle down until after ten at the latest.

Finally the message I had been waiting for all night popped onto the screen:

[11:04:21 pm] mrmichael93 has signed on.

mrmichael93: danny!

I then proceeded to type faster than I ever had before in my life.

Dan57895: omg
Dan57895: hey!
Dan57895: im so happy to see yu
Dan57895: you*
Dan57895: i love you so much
Dan57895: are you okay?
mrmichael93: yea sorta
mrmichael93: im in deep shit tho
Dan57895: how so?
Dan57895: did you get suspended?
mrmichael93: i dont wanna go into all the details online lets just say... ya
Dan57895: grounded?
mrmichael93: ya
Dan57895: how long
mrmichael93: a month but i can work it down
mrmichael93: lol
Dan57895: dang
Dan57895: i love you so much
mrmichael93: i love u too dannyboy
mrmichael93: i really wanna show u in person
mrmichael93: and then i can tell u all about today lol
Dan57895: well you won't be at school and you can't come over for a month or whatever
Dan57895: so until you get back to school... :\
mrmichael93: dude fuck that
mrmichael93: do u no who ur talkin to? lol
mrmichael93: im coming over
Dan57895: what
Dan57895: its a school night
Dan57895: finals week
Dan57895: what if you get caught?
mrmichael93: im willing to take that risk
Dan57895: i just don't want you to get into any more trouble
mrmichael93: i need to be with u danny
mrmichael93: i luv you so much
mrmichael93: i need to be with u

I took a few moments to think about it.

Dan57895: be really really careful
Dan57895: super duper quiet
mrmichael93: ok where should i meet u?
Dan57895: go into the backyard to the side door that jack uses
Dan57895: i'll be down there waiting
mrmichael93: sweet ok
mrmichael93: i feel like a soldier comin home from war
mrmichael93: and ur my wife lol
Dan57895: haha
Dan57895: youre my badass warplane hubby
mrmichael93: lol
mrmichael93: ok
mrmichael93: heading over
mrmichael93: bye
Dan57895: love you
mrmichael93: love u too danny
mrmichael93: more than anything

[11:13:55 pm] mrmichael93 has signed off.

I took a deep breath, choked up with emotions. Things were about to get interesting.

Michael would be here in about ten minutes if was able to sneak out of his house in a timely fashion. I assumed we'd talk about what happened but I didn't know where to do that. If we did it in my room we'd probably be heard by my parents… we could do it downstairs but sounds tended to travel pretty well in my house. That didn't stop us from having sex just about anywhere, but that was during times the noise could be accounted for. We were both supposed to be in bed and asleep by now.

In that same sense, I knew tonight would culminate in sex, no matter what. He was my hero, standing up for me, making sacrificing himself for my honor. The last I saw of him was in the cafeteria, looking at me, his eyes telling me everything I needed to know. I knew that seeing him again would turn me on more than anything. Whatever we wanted tonight, he would get.

I turned off my computer monitor and slowly opened my door, the house silent. I slowly crept down the hallway, cringing at every little creek the floor made. It seemed like forever by the time I was waiting by the side door for Michael to appear. The wind was blowing strongly outside, making a howling noise and sending chills down my spine. Michael was probably freezing his nuts off right now.

Currently I was just wearing athletic shorts and a tee-shirt. I wasn't even wearing boxers because I loved the feel of the soft mesh fabric against my balls. One day I wanted to wear them to school like this, but I never had the guts to do so. Michael wore jeans without underwear earlier this year one day when we knew that we wouldn't be dressing down for P.E. It was definitely kinky and we probably had sex three times that day, twice at school. Michael and I took some risk but they always were worth it and only deepened our passion for one another.

Finally Michael appeared, setting the bike gently against the house before approaching the door. Luckily the side door had a small glass window on it so he wouldn't have to make any noise alerting me of his presence. I slowly opened the door for him, cringing as it creaked slightly.

"Hey Danny," Michael whispered, stepping gently inside and giving me a smile.

I gently closed the door before grabbing him and planting a kiss on his lips. His lips parted and our tongues slipped into each other's mouths, our hands running all along the other's body. We stumbled over to the family room and flopped on the coach, still making out passionately. Our crotches ground lightly into one another, causing both of us to pop a boner. After a few minutes we finally slowed to a stop, pecking each other a couple more times on the lips before we pulled away for good. His lips were so plump and soft, they drove me absolutely crazy. Everything about this boy was just perfect.

"I love you," I said, gazing deep into his eyes.

"I love you too Danny," Michael grinned, giving me a hug.

"You didn't have to go to all that trouble for me," I said quietly, once again aware of the noise situation. Nothing had rustled upstairs so my parents were so far unaware of what was going on.

"I wanted to," Michael whispered back, piercing me with his stare. "You mean too much for me to let Liam's shit slide."

"Awww," I blushed.

"It's true," Michael said, giving me another hug.

"So tell me what happened," I said, curious how the rest of Michael's day turned out.

"Can we go somewhere?" Michael asked, uncomfortable with our current situation.

"Well," I said, thinking. "We could go into the garage, but it'll be hella cold."

"Yeah, this weather sucks," Michael said, thinking. "What about the hot tub?"

"Ohhh we could," I said, scolding myself for not thinking of it sooner. We'd be in extra shit if caught there, but who really cared at this point.

"Shall we?" Michael grinned, excited at the idea.

"Yeah," I agreed. "No bubbles, no lights. But all the windows are closed and they're asleep so it should be good just as long as we talk quietly."

"Cool," Michael grinned.

Once again I slowly opened the side door, portal to so much fun with Jack and enjoyable times with Michael and Marcus in the hot tub. Michael and I closed it gently behind us then walked quickly through the frigid air to the hot tub. We could see our breath and I guess it was around forty degrees, normal for this time of year.

Michael and I teamed up to lift the heavy cover off half of the hot tub, folding it down onto the other half.

"That should be enough," I said quietly.

Michael nodded his head in agreement, knowing what a pain in the ass it was to get the top back on if you took it off and leaned it against the side of the hot tub. We both reached in to tuck the blue bubble wrap under the remaining hard top, leaving half the hot tub clear for our entry. The stream rose from the hot water, clocking in at 98 degrees. I went to the control panel and turned it up to 102, knowing we'd want it a little warmer. Thankfully my parents used it quite a lot so it was normally pretty hot.

Michael was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, obviously slightly more prepared for the cold conditions than I was. Slipping my shirt and athletic shorts off, I stood naked before him, my balls shrunk up against my body and a shiver running down my spine.

"Hot," Michael grinned, taking me in. He slipped his jeans and boxers off at the same time, shaking them off his foot onto the wooden stairs that led to the hot tub. His penis looked so small against his body, pressed up extra tight from the bitter cold.

"It looks so small," I laughed, staring at his crotch. Despite the small size, it still looked very hot, especially with the little patch of small pubes above it.

"Speak for yourself shorty," Michael joked back. "Now let's get in the water and let these things stretch out."

"Agreed," I said, following his cute little ass up the stairs and into the water.

We both settled into the water, neither one of us having trouble with the temperature. Michael scooted right next to me, holding my hand and looking me in the eye.

"I love you," he said for the eighth dozen time today.

"I know silly," I said, kissing him on the lips. "I love you too."

I reached over and played with his pubic hair, dancing in the water.

"I'm just so glad to see you…" Michael thought out loud.

"So tell me what happened," I said, glaring into his eyes. "You're my hero you know."

"I'm no hero," Michael laughed softly. "I was just sticking up for you… for us."

"I know," I sighed. The cold night air was still and frigid against the parts of my body that weren't in the water. In the summer you might hear the crickets chirping loudly, but in the dead of winter not a sound was heard. Michael and I were talking relatively softly and even if you looked out the window it would be hard to spot us in there. The hot tub light wasn't on and no lights were on around us, so Michael and I remained pretty hidden. Our eyes had adjusted though, so with the moonlight we were still able to make out good detail with each other.

"So I got suspended for the rest of the week," Michael laughed. "Four days."

"Damn dude," I said, feeling Michael's pain. "Did Liam get anything?"

"I'm not sure, but I heard two days," Michael explained. "Cause you can't say faggot or taunt people like he did. And he wouldn't have been suspended if I didn't slug him so it was totally worth it."

"I guess that's a way to look at it," I chuckled.

"Yeah," Michael grinned. "Anyways, they interviewed me and everything. Then I just had to sit in his office for a few hours while they talked to other people. Then I went into the principals office with a couple other counselors and they told me their decision and why. Then they called my mom and she had to come and pick me up from school."

"Damn dude," I said, shocked. "Was she pissed?"

"Oh god yes," Michael chuckled. "So many ‘I never though you were capable' or ‘but you're such a sweet boy' comments. Laying on the guilt."

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"What you did was right and honorable," I said.

"I know," Michael sighed. "Fucker had it coming."

"What'd your dad do?" I asked, curious.

"He was kinda mad but nothing like my mom," Michael said. "I think he was actually pretty proud of me."

We both laughed, our hands rubbing each other's thighs. Now that everything was out in the open there was only one last thing to do. Without even saying anything we both knew what we wanted and we wanted it now.

Michael quickly swiveled around and lifted himself onto my lap. We were still both soft but in this position I wouldn't last much longer. He was facing me, his cute face right in front of my own. I just stared into his heavenly eyes and was ready for whatever he was up to.

"You know what would be cool?" he asked seductively.

"What sexy?" I replied, playing with his hard cock. Whoop, there went mine too, pressing hard against his butt checks.

"You know sometimes when we take walks at night?"


"And lots of times we go to the high school?"


The high school was a five or so minute walk from where I lived. We'd often go there if we needed a big field to play football or at night to just poke around.

"Well you know how that one door is always open?"

"Yeah," I continued to reply. On one of our night walks we found a door that was ajar just from the sound of the warmer air rushing through the cracks to the outside. When Michael and I pressed on the door it surprised us by actually opening. We didn't want to get in trouble so we never went inside, but I could see what Michael was getting at. We had a returned a few other times and found it in the same state, the lock obviously broken or something.

"Well, I say we go over there, sneak in and have sex some place really kinky," Michael grinned, his eyes shining with mischief.

"That's hot," I said, worried about the risk but totally taken in the moment.

"Spice things up for once," Michael grinned.

"Let's do it," I said eagerly, my mind telling me "no" but my dick telling me "yes."

"Sweet," Michael grinned. "You go get the lotion, I'll put the hot tub back together."

"Sounds good," I said, slipping out of the hot tub and trying to shake some of the water off. My body was steaming from the difference in temperatures and the cold really hadn't hit me yet.

"You are so hot right now," Michael grinned. "All steamy and horny."

"You're so dirty," I laughed. "If you want a towel you can sneak quietly into the downstairs bathroom or something."

"Okay," Michael said.

"I'll be back in a minute," I told him, turning to go inside and up to my room to retrieve the lotion.

"Hey Danny?" Michael called softly behind me.

"Yeah?" I asked, turning to face him.

"I love you," he said.

End of Chapter Eight

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