Danny and Michael:

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Chapter Nine:
Together Forever

Michael leaned the bike against the brick wall of the school, turning to me and grinning. It only took a minute to bike here, the two of us piling on the BMX bike we normally used to transport ourselves between each other's houses.

My body was shaking from the bitter cold and the nervousness I was feeling about sneaking into the high school. The school was dark, only a select few lights turned on inside and outside the school.

"Are you sure about this?" I said, getting nervous.

"Yeah dude," Michael replied, reassuring me. "Remember that one time we came here last summer and that night janitor was walking around?"

"Yeah," I said, not really reassured. "What if he sees us?"

"We avoid him," Michael said. "Chances are he doesn't walk around most the time."

"So what's your point?" I asked.

"The point is, there's no movement alarms or anything," Michael said. "If he can walk around and not trip anything, we can do the same."

"Ohhhh," I said, realizing this point. The high school had to be about thirty years old and I doubt it was heavily secured. They had plans to build a new, bigger school in the next five years so most money spent on it would be wasted. Plus, at our middle school there was one camera at the front entrance and that was it.

"I don't see any cameras near us," Michael said, taking the thoughts out of my head. "They probably just have a couple and if we happen to walk past one they won't know unless something goes terribly wrong so they have to review the footage."

"Whatever, let's just go," I said, feeling better about our chances. I had to admit, the thought of this forbidden sex was making me pretty hot.

Michael approached the door and slowly pressed inwards. It creaked a little, making us cringe, but otherwise opened without incident. The warm air of the school rushed towards us, that dusty, used smell that all schools tended to have. Michael slipped in quickly with me following right behind. We gently allowed the door to shut, a soft thud the result of it being closed once more.

"We need to remember how to get to this room," Michael whispered, "So we can leave without setting anything off."

"Yeah," I said, glancing around. I could barely make out the room, a standard class with about thirty desks. The teacher's computer hummed near us, the desk disorganized and piled with papers.

"Where should we go?" Michael whispered.

"We should each do it in a different place," I suggested, wanting to make this kinky as possible.

"Good idea," Michael grinned.

"And I know where I want to fuck you," I said, an idea popping into my head.

"Where?" Michael laughed.

"I'm not telling until you decide where you wanna do me," I grinned.

"Man, you'd think I'd be the one with a kinky place already picked out," Michael groaned. "Let's walk around and I'll try to decide."

"Okay," I said, my voice lowering. My heart started pounding even faster, now the real risk began.

We walked quietly to the door of the classroom and slowly opened it. The school was deathly silent, only a few lights here and there on to guide our movements. Michael and I slipped out of the classroom, making sure to shut the door quietly.

"Room 69," Michael whispered reading it from the plaque.

"Ha, it would be," I whispered, grinning at him.

"Yeah," he laughed softly.

Walking quietly but quickly, Michael and I rounded the corner and into a much bigger hall, complete with lockers. We didn't really know our way around the school, so we had to make sure and take mental notes of where we were. I had been in it a few times for sports and other events and I'm sure Michael had been too. I knew the general directions of the main office, gym, and cafeteria, but I couldn't tell you much more.

Rounding another corner, Michael and I stopped short in our tracks. Down this hall there was a door open and the light fully on.

"Oh shit," Michael whispered.

"Night janitor?" I wondered out loud.

"How the fuck can we fund this guy?" Michael whispered angrily. "Most other schools can't afford even a day one."

"Tell me about it," I said.

"Let's check it out," Michael said, moving towards the door before I could even say no.

I quickly followed behind him, my heart beating in my head. As we approached the door we could hear noise, something that sounded like a radio or television. Finally we reached the door, Michael and I pressed against the wall next to the open room.

"Look," I mouthed to Michael, urging him. If the janitor happened to be looking at the door we could be in a lot of trouble.

Michael looked at me very intensely before slowly sticking his head out to look around the corner. He took a quick peek before turning back to me, a smile on his face.

"What?" I mouthed.

"He's asleep," Michael whispered.

"What?" I said, taking a look for myself. Sure enough the night janitor was fast asleep, a TV on in his little office and an open bag of chips by his side.

"Let's go," Michael whispered, wanting to get the show on the road. Who knew how long he would remain asleep or how long it would be until he started to wander around again.

Getting back to the main halls, Michael and I passed the library, visible through many large windows that helped open up the area which was surrounded by the rest of the school.

"That might be hot," Michael whispered. "But let's keep looking."

"Okay," I said.

"I'll find a place, fuck you first," Michael explained, "Then we can go to your extra hot place."

I nodded my head and continued to follow Michael. We wandered the halls for a good three minutes, peeking in doors and classrooms to see if anything struck our fancy. We eventually passed the gym, which Michael debated but knew it would be pretty uncomfortable on the wood floor or in the plastic bench seats.

Finally, a sign caught our eye.

"Weight and exercise room," Michael said, reading the sign above the double doors.

"This could be good," I grinned.

Thankfully the doors were unlocked, allowing Michael and I to slip in.

"Oh yeah," Michael laughed, looking around. There were tons of exercise machines, bench presses, and weight machines. The white ones in the corner caught both our eyes. Designed to work out your thighs and calves, some of them seemed almost designed to put your body into a fuckable position.

"Oh shit, and there's mirrors all around," I observed.

These machines were in the corner of the room, surrounded by mirrors on either side. A window near the machines also provided plenty of moonlight to illuminate our situation.

"That one in the corner looks hot," Michael said, pointing to one in the very corner. I had to agree, it was the most appealing out of all of them.

"And its not by the window," I pointed out, "So nobody outside could really see us."

"It's perfect," Michael grinned.

"I feel like this is a bad porno," I joked.

"Welcome to Michael's house of pain," Michael grinned and laughed.

I just rolled my eyes.

"You are too cute," I sighed. "Now fuck me, will you?"

"Deal," Michael said, the two of us quickly walking over to the piece of exercise equipment.

"Let's see," I said, looking at the machine thoughtfully. "What would be the best way?"

Michael studied the machine. It considered of a black bench sloping gently towards the ground. At the highest end near the floor was a bar with two big black pads to secure your feet. It looked like you could sit on the bench, put your feet under the restraints, and then lay back. Now you were in position to do sit-ups which worked not only your stomach but your thighs as well.

"Lay down backwards," Michael said slowly, still thinking. "Like, put your head at the low end and lay on your stomach."

"Okay," I said, doing as Michael told. The bench was padded and actually pretty comfortable.

"Now put your feet on the pad thing," Michael said.

I moved my feet around trying to find it.

"I think its too far in," I said, realizing it wasn't designed for someone laying in my position.

Michael went to the floor and started messing with the machine. Within seconds I heard the clank of metal and could tell he was adjusting the foot pads.

"It comes pretty far out," Michael informed me, locking it back into place. "Try it now."

My heels quickly found their way to the pad and it felt comfortable. If I pressed outward the pads would stop me so I was pretty secured in place.

"Everything feels fine," I said, my boner poking into the bench. I was ready to get the show on the road.

"Spread one leg out," Michael instructed.

"Away from the pad?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "Otherwise your ass is clamped shut."

"Oh," I laughed. I moved my right leg away from the pad and out towards the rest of the room, spreading my cheeks for Michael and allowing him entry. He stood behind me and seized up the situation.

Apparently happy with the results, I felt him slowly lower my athletic shorts, revealing my bare ass to him. He whipped out the bottle of lotion and squirted some on his finger, gently rubbing it around my asshole. I moaned in pleasure, missing the lovemaking that had been such a part of our lives.

Once my anus was sufficiently lubricated, Michael took the bottle and squirted a good amount on his dick. The bottle was only a trail size, and with the amount Michael and I had sex together it had to be replenished from my mom's bigger bottle every few days. I often wondered if she noticed her lotion disappearing so fast, but I figured she just thought I was jacking off with it or something. She would be cool with that and keep it under wraps so I wouldn't be embarrassed.

I was able to watch the action in the mirror, Michael with his pants and boxers around his ankles, applying the final touches of lubrication to his cock. It stood proud and tall, looking painfully hard and ready to relieve itself. I could make out his cute little bush of pubic hair and I wished I was able to bury my nose in it right now. I knew I would have a chance at that when it was my turn to make love.

"Ready?" Michael asked, pressing his head lightly against my asshole in anticipation.

"Yeah," I said, my bowels aching to feel Michael's cock slide into them.

"Okay," Michael said, applying pressure. "Love you babe."

"Love you too," I gasped, feeling Michael's cock pop into my ass. My whole body shuddered with delight; man it felt good.

Michael slowly pumped in and out of my ass, his pubes brushing my cheeks with every stroke. His dick felt as if it were going deeper than usual, maybe it was the position or maybe I was just so horny and eager to feel his love again. My prostate was going wild, Michael's head massaging it again and again as he slowly fucked me. My dick was hard as a rock pressed against the exercise bench, screaming to be let free. I lightly humped the bench in rhythm with Michael's thrusts to increase the stimulation. If I didn't watch it I was going to orgasm as well, my dick was leaking precum onto the bench, something that I was rarely horny enough to do.

Grunting slightly, Michael continued to slowly fuck me, his breath gracing my neck. I was just watching us in the mirror, finding it very erotic to watch ourselves do it. Michael looked so cute while fucking me, his face intense but passionate at the same time, his well toned body rippling with every thrust of his hips.

"Uhhh, Danny," Michael moaned, picking up his pace. I could tell he was going to cum earlier than usual, but I didn't blame him under the circumstances. Whenever we had "forbidden" sex before, which was just about anywhere but our beds, it always went by much faster. The extra thrill of getting caught here was a real turn on for the both of us, just like when we did it in the school bathrooms during class.

"Love you," I said, continuing to enjoy the feeling of Michael inside of me.

"Sorry, can't last much longer," Michael whimpered, his motions becoming more irregular as he tried to prolong his orgasm.

"Just go baby," I whispered to him. "Relieve yourself."

"Yeah," Michael said, kissing me lightly on the neck.

Despite how much I was enjoying it, my position on the equipment was starting to become less and less comfortable. Both my legs were aching from being in the same place for so long and my lower back hurt a little too. It was all part of the experience though, the unpredictability of our night tonight. Who knew an hour ago we'd be fucking in the high school weight room?

I could feel Michael tense up and I knew he would cum any minute. Lately I had really wanted to try something new when Michael came inside of me so I was going to test it out this time. I noticed sometimes when you came inside Jack he'd tense up his asshole for a second or two before relaxing and letting you explode inside of him. When he tensed up around your cock it caused the most intense pleasure… I figured I could do the same to Michael and see what happened. Normally I stayed loose so he could go wild in my ass, but if I were to try it any night, tonight was it.

"Uhhh," Michael groaned, his dick throbbing inside of me.

This was it. As soon as he began to climax into my bowels I tried to close up my anus with all the energy I had. It was tired from the fucking and loose from Michael working it, but it still responded very nicely to my commands. It locked Michael in place, he wasn't able to move in or out, his cock buried four inches inside my warm tissues. His body just collapsed on mine, his dick spasming widly inside of me. He was able to pump a little in and out, but not nearly with the freedom he normally had.

"Fuuuuuuuuck," he moaned, his cum splashing inside of me. He may have shot five for six times before transition to dry heaves and then finally coming to a stop. I relaxed my asshole, letting Michael move his cock once more. Slowly pulling it out of me, it made a nice slurp sound as it slipped out of my bowels and flopped against his body, still half erect.

I peeled myself off the piece of exercise equipment, my body sticking to the leathery surface because of my perspiration. My muscles rejoiced as I sat up and joined Michael at the end of the bench.

"Fuck," was all he could manage to get out, still trying to catch his breath.

"Good?" I asked.

"Yeah," he grinned. "That thing you did at the end… awesome."

"Good," I grinned, happy it felt good for him.

"I love you," Michael said, turning to smile at me. We kissed each other passionately on the lips, Michael's tongue immediately asking to enter my mouth. I let him slip in, my own tongue exploring his mouth. Our tongues twirled together for a few minutes, our hands vigorously rubbing each other wildly, our hair damp from the sexual encounter. Eventually we came to a halt, realizing we should continue our night as quickly as possible.

"Ready to go?" I asked, slipping my shorts back up my body.

"Yeah," Michael said, slipping his pants back on. His soft dick disappeared from my sight, but I know it wouldn't be long until he reappeared.

We slipped out of the weight room, making sure the heavy metal door shut softly behind us.

"Where are you taking me?" Michael whispered and we moved quickly but silently down the hall.

"You'll see," I grinned. "If I can find it."

"What?" Michael asked.

"I think it's this way."

We crossed the cafeteria, a room almost three times as large as the one at our middle school. Most us middle schoolers couldn't wait to "move on up" to their lunch options after quickly tiring of what the middle school had to offer.

Finally we were nearing the location I had in mind. Michael finally started to catch on as well.

"The auditorium?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, still possessing knowledge he didn't have.

"Cool," he said anyways with a grin.

I tugged on one of the two large doors that led into the auditorium. Thankfully it wasn't locked and slowly opened, Michael helping me out since he could tell I was struggling to open it myself.

The auditorium was pitch dark, the only visible lights being the green "Exit" signs above many of the doors.

"Danny, how we supposed to do anything?" Michael asked.

"The set has lamps and crap," I said, hoping whatever circuit they were on was flipped the right way. "Shut the door real soft."

"Yeah," Michael said, slowly letting the door close. "This way if the janitor walks by its not suspicious. He won't look in here probably."

"For sure," I said, hearing the door click silently. "Follow me."

I walked along the left aisle of the auditorium, my hand guided by the railing and my feet carefully feeling the individual steps. Michael was right behind me, his hand on my shoulder, counting on me to lead him.

Finally we reached the stage, which was barely visible. Now that our eyes were getting adjusted we could make out the vague shapes of some things.

"Where are we doing it?" Michael whispered as we climbed onto the stage.

"There's a bed on the stage," I informed him, grinning.

"Really?" Michael laughed. "How do you know?"

"I was on the high school website a few days ago cause I was bored and I saw they were putting on this play," I said.

"What is it?"

"I'm not sure, but they had a cast photo and they were on the set and there was a bedroom set off to the side with a bed and everything."

"Wow," Michael laughed, "You have a good memory."

"Naw," I laughed, "I just have a dirty mind cause I was wondering if the high school kids had sex in there when the teacher isn't around."

"Probably," Michael cracked.

We felt our way to the bed, Michael sitting down and bouncing on it. He smiled at me and looked pleased with the choice of location.

I went to the bedside table and clicked on one of the lamps. To my relief it clicked on, shedding light on the set.

"God dammit Danny," Michael said, shielding his eyes, "How many fucking watts is that? Two hundred?"

I looked at the bulb.

"Only sixty smartass," I said, sticking my tongue out at him. "I'll put it on the floor or something."

Lifting the lamp, I set it down behind the headboard on the floor. The light was no longer shining directly onto the bed, but rather being reflected around the room and shedding light on the set. Now the bed was illuminated with a soft glow that would be perfect.

"Awesome," Michael grinned. "Now fuck me."

"Alright," I said, my dick starting to get erect. God how I was craving sliding my dick in his hot little hole once again. It felt like ages since I pleasured myself in his warm, wet insides.

Michael dropped his jeans and boxers, reveling a raging hard on despite cumming into my bowels just ten minutes before. I helped him slip his shirt off, admiring his still smooth underarms. For what a hot, sex craved guy Michael was he was still such a boy. I looked at his cute little face and pecked him on the lips.

"Love you cutie," I said, letting my athletic shorts fall to the ground.

"I'm loving this no boxer thing," Michael grinned, looking at my dick. "It's hot."

"Yeah," I laughed. "Except I have a boner all the time cause it feels so good."

"Even hotter," he laughed.

I crawled onto the bed, Michael following.

"On my back?" Michael asked.

"Yeah," I said. I hated being stuck in a rut, but this really was my favorite position. Especially since I hadn't fucked him in such a long time… once we were having regular sex again I wanted to explore different positions, but none yet had turned me on as much as this one.

Michael lay down on his back, spreading his legs and pulling them towards his body. His boyrose opened up for me, as supple and soft as I remembered it. While Marcus' was a pinkish color, Michael's tended to be more purple, a lot like the head of his penis. Maybe the two had some sort of correlation, who knows. All I knew was my dick was aching to get inside and feels the lips of his asshole rub up and down against my shaft.

I crawled up to Michael, the only article of clothing on him being his socks. I slowly slid them off his feet with one hand, my other slowly rubbing the outside of his asshole with my fingers. Once the socks were off I admired his feet, just as tan as the rest of his body, his cute little toes so perfectly cut and shaped.

A strange urge rushing over me, I started to suck the big toe on his right foot. Michael giggled slightly before adjusting to the sensation. My tongue rolled up and down his toe, feeling the nail and the soft, salty skin that surrounded it. Normally feet didn't do anything for me, but right now I was so turned on I couldn't care less. I hadn't been with Michael like this for over a week. Everything about this boy turned me on and I couldn't quite help it.

After licking a few more of his toes, I slowly licked down his legs, letting them rest on my shoulder. My tongue felt all the little hairs on his legs, still not numbering enough to notice unless you got pretty close and looked hard at them. Reaching his thighs, the hair stopped and gave way to his soft, smooth skin that felt softer than anything I had ever felt before. My tongue ran slowly down the underside of his thighs until I came close to this asshole.

My heart skipped a beat. Should I? I never really thought about it seriously because that was once place you didn't stick your tongue. But what was wrong with it? Michael and I kept immaculate care of our assholes, making sure they were always clean and never dirty.

I went for it, diving my face into his ass and licking the outside of his boy cunt with my tongue. Michael groaned loudly and grabbed my head with both of his hands, obviously enjoying the sensation. I had to admit I was enjoying greatly, my tongue furiously working the wrinkled, soft skin that formed his anus. It didn't taste like much, and what flavor was there wasn't offensive at all. If anything the thought and taste of it was turning me on more. I tried pressing my tongue inside but it wasn't quite strong enough to make its way past his tight muscle. He hadn't been fucked down there in over a week so it was sure to be tighter than normal.

After a few minutes I started to move my tongue upward, getting my last few licks on his asshole before slowly moving towards his balls. Once there I buried my nose in them and let myself be intoxicated by the aroma. God damn this boy turned me on. My mind was going wild, still unable to believe the sight that lay before me. I mean, I had fucked with Michael hundreds, maybe thousands, of times by now but every time I was still taken aback by his beauty. He was truly a boy god.

Finally content with my foreplay and knowing we needed to get the show on the road, I lifted by face from his crotch. Nearly every part of it was shining lightly with my saliva, his dick painfully erect and begging for attention. I however was on a different mission, one to ease the suffering of my own raging hard on.

"Where's the lotion?" I asked Michael. "Your pants?"

Michael uncurled the fist that was his right hand to reveal the small bottle of lotion. He handed it to me, hot and damp from being clamped in his hand for the past ten minutes.

"You're such a whore," I laughed, slapping a good amount on my dick.

"Don't work me at all," Michael said, raising his head from up off the pillow. "Just go in."

"You're going to be so tight though, it might hurt," I warned him.

"I know," he grinned. "It's going to feel frickin' awesome."

Turned on even more, I took a small dab on my finger and softly placed it on Michael's asshole, making sure not to insert my finger and rub it around as usual. Normally we didn't work each other out too much, but a finger in there whirling around for twenty seconds or so was standard procedure. The first thing going in Michael's rectum tonight was going to be my throbbing four inch boy cock.

Plastering a little extra on my boner to make sure the lubrication would be sufficient, I screwed the top back on the bottle of lotion and threw it on the floor into our heap of clothes. I put my hand on the underside of Michael's knees and raised his tan, toned legs above my shoulders.

"No, wait," Michael said, pulling his legs back. "I wanna try something."

"What?" I asked.

"Press up against me like you're fucking me," he directed.

I leaned into Michael, my dick bending downwards along his crack. My few pubic hairs were pressed against his tight, dark little anus.

Michael pulled his feet way back to the point where his knees were pressed up against his nipples.

"Lean back a little," he continued.

I complied. Michael then put both his feet on my chest, each of his big toes finding a home on my nipples. He rubbed them around a little bit, making my already erect nipples scream with pleasure. His cute little feet felt soft and warm against my chest and I had to admit this was an extremely hot position. Not only did it open his ass way more for my pleasure, it further connected our bodies as we made love.

"Now go," Michael groaned, rubbing the underside of his thighs, a series of goosebumps appearing on them. I could tell his kid was turned on like no other and every little touch and sensation was going to send him to the moon.

Eager to get things going, I lined my cock against Michael's hole, which twirled with delight. I took a deep breath and then pressed my head inwards, trying to burrow it into Michael to open up his hot boy pussy. I was met with much more resistance than normal, usually I'd press a little bit and then slip in, but I could tell it had been a while since Michael had a visitor downstairs.

Michael pulled his feet back even further to allow me to press inwards with more force. I steadied my hands on either side of Michael's torso and once again lined my throbbing pink head against his anus. I pressed lightly in, watching the tip of my head disappear into the middle of his tight cunt. Knowing I was aligned properly, I steadily raised the pressure, pushing my crotch closer and closer to his body until his defenses finally ceased and my shaft slid slowly into his asshole, which was trying desperately to prevent the insertion.

"Ugghhh," Michael groaned, his eyes closed and his mouth in a mixed state of pleasure and pain. The top of his feet were arched back from the sensation, his toes as far apart as was humanly possible. After a few seconds he clenched all his toes together, his feet trying to absorb the intensity of the situation.

Meanwhile my own cock was going wild with pleasure, Michael's tight hole resisting my every movement. I continued to slowly push inwards, more and more of my shaft disappearing into Michael's anus. Finally the last inch found its way in before the base finally made contact with Michael's ass cheeks. My balls were resting softly on his ass, my pubes flirting with the sensitive area that led to his balls.

I leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips, telling him how much I loved him. My cock continued to be fully inside of him, Michael's bowels moving and swirling all around it, trying to figure a way to remove it. It wouldn't be going anywhere for a little bit, although I didn't think I could last very long inside of Michael this time. Especially considering how tight he was, how hot our forbidden location was, and how I hadn't been able to fuck the love of my life for over a week. All the pain of the previous seven days was gone and all that I felt was the immense pleasure and the inconceivable amount of love I had for Michael.

"Oh God Danny," Michael groaned, his toes continuing to twirl on my chest in pleasure. "This is so fucking awesome."

"Did it hurt?" I asked.

"Oh God yes," he moaned back, his tongue running around and licking his lips real quickly. "But the good kind. It feels so awesome Danny you can't even imagine."

"I think I can," I said, remembering how it felt when Sam or an older boy fucked me. While you certainly felt a certain amount of pain, it only turned you on more and was a highly pleasurable experience.

Now that I had allowed Michael's bowels to get over the shock of my forced entry, I slowly pulled my dick outwards, Michael's feet pressing out a little and aiding in the procedure. I could feel my head running past his prostate and noticed a pool of precum forming on his belly. He was almost enjoying this as much as I was.

I slowly pressed back in, feeling Michael's tissues part as my head pushed deep inside Michael's rectum. In and out I went, my dick absorbing every fold and every push of his intestines. I watched his balls bounce up and down slightly as his body absorbed the impact of my thrusts, his anus loosening up just a bit and allowing me to pick up the pace. My balls were slapping softly against his firm cheeks, giving a rhythm to our lovemaking.

My eyes took in the sight of Michael spread out before me. I would never tire seeing my shining cock slide in and out of Michael's ass, his balls hanging loosely in his smooth sack just above, his cock hard as a rock and dribbling precum into his little bush of pubes. On past his flexed, toned abs to his dark purple and erect nipples to his face, which best expressed the immense pleasure he was feeling.

Someday I would like to see my face as well during sex, something Michael got to look at every time we did it. I doubted I was as hot to look at as Michael, but he was always reminding me I was the hottest boy he'd ever seen. At times I almost felt lucky to have Michael, like he was out of my league or something, but he's always let me know how much he loved me and how perfect we were for each other.

I continued to pump in and out of Michael, my thrusts becoming more rapid as I could feel myself approach orgasm. I could tell it was going to be a gigantic one, probably the biggest I had in a long time. I need to do something special with it, something out of the ordinary. Something to put a cap on what had been an amazing and unexpected night.

Michael's anus tightened as he could tell I was beginning to seize up and start my orgasm. Wanting to mix things up, I pulled my cock quickly out of his anus, his body lunging forward wildly at the sensations of the unexpected exit. Michael's eyes opened wide and looked at me as I took my cock fresh from his ass and began pumping with my fist. The orgasm had already started and I violently reached my climax, shuddering wildly and shooting my cum all over Michael's chest. One shot made it past his nipples, by far the greatest my cock had ever shot semen. I continued to move my hand up and down my cock, my body continuing to have wild spasms and my dick continuing to shoot small globs of my clear boy cum all over Michael.

As the orgasm subsided, I fell on top of Michael, continuing to thrusts my hips into his body, my torso rubbing the wet cum all over his body. I didn't need his bowels to achieve a mind blowing orgasm, especially since I was realizing a weeks worth of tension from my body. If anything, the image of spraying my cum on Michael made the orgasm even that much more intense and enjoyable.

Michael ground his own dick into my thighs, his right hand reaching between our two bodies to gently rub the lasts bits of my orgasm out. I was still twitching on top of Michael, continuing to try and absorb the phenomenal orgasm I just experienced. Once his hand became too sensitive on my dick I pulled by crotch back a little, Michael getting the hint.

"Can you suck me real quick?" he asked, his eyes pleading with me. "I'm like ten seconds from orgasm."

I didn't even say anything back, sliding my body down until my face was once again in my crotch. I took his almost four and a half incher into my mouth without delay, feeling his head pulsate against my cheeks. I rubbed my tongue all up and down his shaft, deep throating his head to the back of my mouth. I moved up and down on it, making sure to concentrate on his head as I knew he was about to blow.

It didn't take long, within fifteen seconds Michael began having another orgasm, this one almost as giant as the first. His hot cum splashed into my mouth, shot after shot of it being spit deep into my throat. I couldn't help but swallowing some but I made sure to keep a decent sized pool in my mouth. Finally after twenty seconds or so, Michael's orgasm subsided, his thrusts becoming less and less until his dick stopped in my mouth and slowly started to become soft again. It had to be very tired by now.

I let his cock out of my mouth, making sure not to let his cum spill out of my mouth. His dick flopped back against his belly, which was still shining with my cum. His pubes had streaks of precum and cum in them, whose it was would be hard to tell. I stuck my nose in them and inhaled their intoxicating aroma before moving upwards towards Michael's face. He looked at me with a lazy grin on his face, obviously content with everything in the world at the moment.

"Hey sexy," he whispered.

Unable to say anything back, I just leaned in and started to kiss him, pushing my tongue into his mouth and letting some of the cum spill in as well. Michael moaned at the gift, unaware that I had saved some for him. We twirled our tongues around one another's sharing Michael's cum between us. It was an erotic sensation, our hands moving wildly around each other's bodies. Michael's was damp with light coat of sweat, making his already perfect soft skin shine and look even hotter.

After a minute or two we both swallowed the cum and slowly pulled away from one another. Michael stared me deep in the eyes, his hazel eyes piercing and hypnotizing me.

"I love you Danny," Michael whispered.

"I love you too Michael," I smiled, giving him another peck on the lips.

"I'm so sorry for being an ass," Michael continued, a tear forming. "You mean the world to me and don't ever forget that."

"You too… with me," I laughed softly. A tear rolled down my face, I wasn't really crying I just think I was happy and relieved. Everything was going to be okay.

We lay there a few minutes before getting up and putting our clothes back on. The bed was all messed up and we decided to leave it that way, chuckling of the thoughts of the drama teacher when she first saw it.

Finding our way back to room sixty nine without a hitch, Michael and I slipped back into the cold winter night without a problem. We rode back to my house in silence, obviously content and happy with our lives at the moment. We were back together and always would be.

Michael stopped in front of my driveway, setting the bike down gently on the road so we could face each other. That was all we'd see each other for tonight, but there would be plenty of nights ahead.

"I'll sneak over again tomorrow night to see you," Michael said, his hair all ruffled and messy from our sex.

"Cool," I smiled back.

"I love you," he said, leaning in for a kiss.

Standing there for a good minute or two in the middle of my driveway kissing, we didn't seem to care if anyone saw us. This was too special of a night to be scared of something like that. Finally we managed to pull away from one another, our faces just inches apart, Michael's hands on my shoulders.

"I love you Danny," Michael smiled, kissing me gently on the lips. "And I always will no matter what."

"Love you too sexy," I said, returning a peck on his lips.

"I don't ever want to be with anybody but you," Michael said softly, running his hand gently through my hair and looking me deep in the eyes.

I just stood there shocked and unable to move. Finally I managed to give him another peck on the lips.

He smiled at me, picked up the bike, and rode off into the darkness. I stood there dumbfounded. I had never been happier.

End of Chapter Nine
End of Forsaken

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