This is a work of fiction. However, it is based on things that actually happened between the author and a friend in junior high school. The names, locations, circumstances, and a few of the events have been changed to protect the privacy of those who participated in the actual happenings.

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My family moved to Oak Grove when I had just turned 12 and was finishing the first semester of seventh grade. I was sorry to leave St. Mary’s, the Catholic school I’d been going to in Auburn, and my friends, and having to go to a public school, but I was excited to be moving to a brand new house in a huge new subdivision. Especially because I’d have my own bedroom, and I wouldn’t have to share with my sister! When you’re 12 years old you definitely don’t want to share your bedroom with your little sister!

Our new house was nice. We moved on Thursday, everything got moved in, but not all unpacked. On Friday morning mom took me to Lakewood Junior High School to register me for classes. It was going to be very different than going to Saint Mary’s. There the kids stayed in the same room all day and the teachers were the ones who went from room to room. At Lakewood I would have to go to a different room for every class, I’d have a homeroom, and I’d have a locker to put my stuff. The only bad thing is that I’d have to go to PE and shower with other boys and that made me nervous. St Mary’s had about 320 kids in grades one through eight. Lakewood had over 1,200 kids in grades seven through nine (I read this in the ‘Welcome to Lakewood Junior High School!’ brochure they gave me). Really, really different!

I started at Lakewood Junior High School on Monday morning. I thought that I’d be the new kid and that everyone else would know each other, but it turned out that because so many people were moving into the huge new subdivisions around Oak Grove, most kids had started school in the past couple of months, so most of us were more or less new, and I didn’t feel left out. I was assigned a “Lakewood Guide,” a kid who was in my home room and most of my other classes. His name was D.C. Beecham. He was short, maybe 4 foot 4 and real skinny, about 65 pounds, with light blond hair, green eyes, a huge smile all of the time, and was real friendly. I was a lot bigger, 5 foot 2 and 112 pounds, and my hair and eyes are brown. His family had moved to Oak Grove when it was a small town and he was in the first grade.

“Hi! I’m D.C. You’re Colin Kelly?”

“Yeah, that’s me. Nice to meet you, D.C.” We shook hands.

“Let me see your schedule and we’ll walk to each classroom so you’ll know where to go, and we’ll find your locker and make sure you can open the lock.” We started walking my class schedule, and talked, and became friends. I liked D.C. because he was funny and smart, because he smiled all the time, and because he was cute.

The bell rang, and we went to English and Social Studies, which were in the same room with the same teacher first and second periods. Then to Math third period, and I had Science fourth period and D.C. had Art.

We said we would meet at the cafeteria for lunch. We went through the line and got our food, and found a place to sit. We talked about lots of stuff, like where we lived and what our moms and dads did (my dad is a network manager for a bank and mom works at home as a writer, D.C.'s dad is a manager at the utility district and his mom works at Gap in the mall), and brothers and sisters (I have one sister Liz, D.C. has a brother Jon in high school, a younger brother and sister who are twins, and two older sisters who don't live at home), and how we liked our classes (we both liked them fine), and how we liked Lakewood Junior High (D.C. liked it a lot, and this was my first day and I liked it so far), and how we liked living in Oak Grove (D.C. liked it especially since the new mall opened up before Christmas, I didn’t know because all I had seen was my house and the school), and what Auburn was like (it’s nice, smaller than Oak Grove, very friendly, and lots of tourists) and what going to St. Mary’s was like (different, with religion class but no PE), and what music and movies and TV we liked, and lots more. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. By the time we were finished talking about ourselves I liked D.C. and I thought he liked me, too.

I looked at him. “Would you tell me something? What’s the ‘D.C.’ stand for?”

He looked into my eyes for a few seconds, and seemed to make a decision. “You gotta swear that you’ll never tell anyone.”

“I swear.”

He smiled. “Let’s go, and I’ll tell you outside where no one else might hear.”

We got up, dropped off our trays and garbage, and walked outside to an area where we were by ourselves. “D.C. is initials for ‘Dolyn Cornelius’. I hate those names. They are my two grandpas’ first names. Now you know why I want to be called ‘D.C.’ instead.”

“Cornelius is kinda old fashioned sounding, but what’s wrong with Dolyn? It’s unusual. I like it!”

“When I was in elementary school I was ‘Dolyn’, but a girl gave me the nickname ‘doll’ ‘cause I was so small and she said I looked like a doll. My life was ruined, ‘cause all the boys started picking on me and calling me ‘dolly’ and shit like that. The only thing that saved me is that we moved to Oak Grove while I was in the first grade. I talked to mom and told her about the way kids had made up nicknames for me and how I hated it, and we decided that my name would be ‘D.C.’ and that was OK with me. When she registered me at my new elementary school she told them that my name on my records should be D.C.”

“Then D.C. works for me. You’re the first person I’ve ever known who has initials for their first name. It’s neat.” I looked at him and smiled. He looked at me and smiled. All of a sudden I got a funny feeling in my dick, like it was going to get hard, looking at him, then I got embarrassed and looked away. I wasn’t sure why I was getting these feelings looking at D.C. But I liked them, even if they did make me feel sort of strange and embarrassed.

Just then the bell rang, and we headed in for our last three periods. I had Computers and Technology and D.C. had Science sixth period, then we both had Consumer and Family Studies seventh period and PE eighth period. The classes were OK, and I really liked the Computers and Technology class. That was something we never had at St. Mary’s. I was nervous about PE, but it was a health and hygiene talk. I didn’t have to get undressed in front of a bunch of other boys! After PE I said goodbye to D.C. He rode his bike to school since he lived about three miles away. I lived about four blocks away, so I walked. I didn’t have a bike anyway. Where we had lived in Auburn was very hilly so having one never came up. I walked or got a ride from mom or dad when I wanted to go somewhere. I usually walked to St. Mary’s, unless it was snowing or raining real hard, since it was only about a mile from our house.

On Tuesday school was about the same. I was getting used to having to go from classroom to classroom, and swapping my books in my locker, and the halls being jammed with kids between classes. D.C. and I had lunch together, but this time mom packed my lunch saying that it was too expensive for me to eat in the cafeteria every day and I could do that one day a week if I wanted. That was fine with me, I liked mom’s lunches. She gave me money to buy milk to go with my lunch and something for the morning snack break between second and third periods. At lunch D.C. and I talked and talked. I know mom and dad always call me a chatterbox, and now I understood what I’m like ‘cause D.C. is a chatterbox too. I decided that I liked D.C. a lot, and he seemed to like me a lot, too.

Tuesday night at dinner mom said she had enrolled my sister in a dance class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that she would be home around 5:30 those nights. My dad was getting home from work around 6:30. Mom gave me a key to the house. I’d never had one before, and it made me feel kind of special that they trusted me with my own house key. I asked if I could have friends over, and she said OK, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays she didn’t want a bunch of kids in the house when she wasn’t home. I asked if I could have one friend over on those days, and she said that she wanted to meet them first so she could give her OK that they could come when she wasn’t home. I decided to invite D.C. over on Wednesday after school so mom could meet him.

Wednesday morning I talked to D.C. before homeroom, and asked him if he could come to my house that afternoon and meet mom. He said that was OK, but he could only stay for about a half hour then would have to go home. I didn’t tell him that he was going to get the third degree grilling to see if he would pass mom’s test ‘cause that would have probably made him real nervous.

Mom liked D.C. right away. He was very polite, answered all of her third degree kind of questions, made a couple of funny comments that mom laughed at, and smiled a lot like he always does. I could tell from the look on mom’s face that she was going to tell me that it was OK for D.C. to come over when she wasn’t home. I showed D.C. my room, and the rest of the house (except for Liz’s room ‘cause she was in there with her door closed), and our back yard with the Florida room. This made D.C. laugh. “Colin, what’s a Florida room and why do you have one since we’re in California?”

“I don’t know. Dad says that the builder must have failed geography ‘cause they’re the ones that named it.” We both laughed and talked about how adults could be so stupid sometimes.

The ‘Florida’ room was a separate room alongside our garage. It had big windows on the side that faced the back yard and the back of the house, and huge indoor barbeque with a sink and refrigerator, but there wasn’t any furniture because my folks hadn’t bought any yet. D.C. thought it was neat, and I agreed and said that I thought so too. D.C. checked his watch and said he had to leave, and I walked down the driveway with him and watched him ride his bike to the end of our street.

When I got back in the house, mom surprised me. “Colin, it looks like you’ve found a nice boy to be your friend. D.C. can come over any time you want him to.” Wow! Mom really liked D.C. I don’t remember her ever saying anything like that about any of my friends from St. Mary’s. Then mom added, “D.C. is a very cute very polite boy, and I like him!” Double WOW! Mom said D.C. was cute and that she liked him. I thought he was cute and liked him too. So I guess he must actually be cute. Again I felt that strange tingling sensation in my dick and balls. What was that all about? I was embarrassed that I might get a boner in front of mom, so I said I had homework and went to my bedroom and pulled out my books and got to work.

On Thursday D.C. surprised me by asking if he could come to my house after school. He said his mom wasn’t going to be home until six and he didn’t have a key and didn’t have anywhere to go except the library and that wouldn’t be as much fun as coming to my house. I said “Yes!” and it was all set. Turns out that this was just the first of lots of things D.C. said or did that would surprise me!

After school we walked to my house, once again with D.C. pushing his bike. I unlocked the door and we went in.

“Your mom’s not home? Cool!”

“Nope. She told me it was OK whenever you want to come over, even when she isn’t home.” That generated a huge D.C. smile. I laughed. “She likes you. She said you’re cute!” D.C. blushed a bright red. I laughed again. “Isn’t it weird how parents always say such embarrassing things?”

“Why is saying I’m cute embarrassing? I think that I’m cute! Don’t YOU thing that I’m cute?” D.C. giggled.

I was surprised, once again, by D.C. But I figured I’d get back at him. “Yup, I think that you’re cute, too! Real cute! Like you’re the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. Umm, except…”

“’Except?’ Except WHAT?!” D.C. demanded.

“Except the kid I see every time I look in the mirror!” I busted up laughing, and after a couple of seconds so did D.C. “Only in your dreams, Colin!”

“How ‘bout something to drink? We have Coke and milk and probably orange juice.”

“Coke, please.”

“Can or in a glass?”

“Can’s OK.”

I pulled two cans of Coke out of the fridge, handed one to D.C., and we went into my bedroom.

“Where’s your mom?”

“On Tuesdays and Thursdays she takes my sister to dancing class.”

“Oh. What time does she get home?”

“About 5:30.” I checked my watch. “It’s 4:15, so she’ll be home in an hour and a quarter.”

“Cool. What do you want to do?”

So, we put on some music. D.C. said he liked old music like the Eagles, and my folks had a couple of their albums. Then we played the Harry Potter computer game.

D.C. leaned back and began squeezing his crotch. Watching that gave me that tingling sensation and I could tell that I was getting a boner.

“Umm, Colin, I gotta pee.” I told him where to go, and D.C. got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. He didn’t close the door, ‘cause I heard the toilet lid bang when he lifted it. I got up and hurried down the hall and stood leaning on the doorjamb and watched him pee. I couldn’t really see his dick ‘cause of the way he was holding it with his right hand, and also it seem kinda small. But just the idea of watching him pee gave me a fully hard boner. I was very confused. I wanted to watch D.C. pee, I wanted to see his dick, I even wanted to touch his dick. But I was scared to let him see my dick. No one had ever seen my dick. Well, except my folks when I was a little baby, and the doctor when I get my physicals. But no boy had ever seen my dick. And I was embarrassed about showing it. And letting D.C. see that I had a boner!

My thoughts were interrupted when D.C. finished peeing, and without zipping his jeans he reached and flushed the toilet. He turned and faced me, his tiny dick sticking out of his fly, a few light blond hairs above his dick were sticking out his fly too, and were glowing like they were made of silver from the bathroom lights. He stood there looking very nervous, kind of shaking. His dick looked to be about an inch and a half soft, but it was getting hard and growing longer. In a few seconds D.C.’s three inch long boner was pointing right at me. I could barely breathe.

“You want to touch it?” His voice was very quiet.

Another surprise from D.C., the biggest one of all. Did I want to touch it? Yes! Of course! I moved my body away from where it had been leaning on the doorjamb, and the change of position let me see the clock on the bathroom counter. It was 5:30! Mom would be home any minute!

“D.C.! It’s 5:30! My mom’ll be home any second! Put it away and zip up! We don’t want to get caught!”

D.C. turned pale, shoved his little boner into his jeans, zipped his fly closed, and washed his hands. We went back into my bedroom.

“I better go.”

I was confused. D.C. had said his mom wouldn’t be home until six and he had nowhere to go. “Why? I thought you wanted to stay until six?”

“Umm… I have homework to do. I’ll do it at the library.” He probably had the same homework that I had, since we were taking almost all the same classes.

“Why don’t you do it here, with me?”

“I want to go to the library to look some things up. And the library’s closer to my house.”

Now I was totally confused. D.C. was running away from me. I was hurt, and felt rejected.

“OK, if you want to, go. You’re welcome to stay. Mom’ll be home any minute now and she’ll make us a snack.” As I finished those words we heard mom’s car drive up the driveway to the garage.

“Can’t you stay?” I was pleading. D.C. was blushing, like he was embarrassed. Maybe about showing me his dick. And his boner.

D.C. sighed. “I really better go now. I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Bye, Colin.” And with that he almost ran out of the house, got on his bike, and was gone.

Mom came in with my sister. “Hi, Colin. Was that D.C. I just saw leaving?”

“Umm, yeah, he stopped by for a little while and now he’s going to the library to work on a homework assignment. He said he needs to look things up at the library.” I realized that I was saying too much, but mom ignored most of it.

“Where’s the library?”

“I don’t know. Somewhere near D.C.’s house, I think. He lives a few miles from here.”

“Why don’t you find out for me and let me know.”

“OK, sure, mom.” I turned to go back into my bedroom.

“Colin, wait, there’s something I need to discuss with you. Liz’s new dance class is having a recital tomorrow night. Of course, she’s not in it since she’s a new student, but she wants to go, and me and dad with her. We have to leave at six so we won’t be here for dinner. I’ll leave you something in the refrigerator that you can heat up. We’re going to the recital, then we’ll stop for dinner with one of the other families that I met at the dance academy. Will you be OK? I’ll leave directions for heating up your dinner.”

Jeez, why did she always start treating me like a baby? “I’ll be fine. I can heat up whatever you leave for me. You know that I can even cook some things, like eggs, so if you don’t have time I can get along OK.”

“Alright, but I will make something special for your dinner. Maybe tuna noodle casserole. Will that be OK?”

“Yeah, that’s great! I love tuna noodle casserole!”

“Maybe you can ask D.C. if he’d like to come over and he could have dinner with you and keep you company. We should be home about nine. We could take D.C. home then, or maybe you’d like to have him sleep over, since the next day is Saturday?”

“Yes! Great! I’ll phone him after dinner and ask him. Thanks, mom!”

I walked down the hall to my bedroom, and laid across my bed with my legs hanging over the side. I thought about what had happened with D.C. I decided that he had taken a big risk by showing me his dick, and asking if I wanted to touch it, and that he had a boner, and I had ignored all that and told him to put it away and zip his pants. It was like I didn’t want to mess around with him, and that I had rejected him. Maybe he even thought that I thought his dick was too small. Now I had a boner, thinking about D.C. and remembering his dick and his boner and him asking me to touch it. I did want to see it again, and touch it. And I decided that I wanted to have him see me and touch me. That tingling feeling was back, and I felt like I had to pee. I started to rub my crotch but stopped. I could hear mom and Liz talking in the kitchen. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, just a murmur in the background. But I didn’t want to get caught rubbing myself if mom walked in to my room, so I stopped.

I got up, and I was shaking. My boner was so hard it hurt to have it in my jeans. I went into the bathroom and closed and locked the door, took off all my clothes and my shoes. My dick was standing straight up, was still super hard, harder than it had ever been, and it even looked maybe a little longer than I remembered. I rubbed it, and it felt fantastic. I grabbed it in my fist and began rubbing it up and down. My legs started shaking and I felt like I was going to collapse on the floor, so I pulled down the toilet lid and sat down. I felt a little dizzy, but rubbing my dick felt soooo totally fine! I kept at it, then all of a sudden it felt like I was about to pee, so I stood up, lifted the lid, and sat back down on the toilet seat. I pointed my boner into the toilet, and kept rubbing it up and down in my fist, faster and faster. Suddenly I had sensations that I had never felt before. My whole body got real stiff and I stretched out my legs and had to close my eyes tight. I wanted to scream, but I knew mom would hear me and that would be horrible. Anyway, I was gasping for breath and I don’t think I could have screamed if I had to. I moaned, uuuunnnnngggh, uuuunnnnngggh! I couldn’t help moaning, but I tried to keep as quiet as I could.

I opened my eyes as a totally different feeling surged through my balls and my dick and my stomach. My balls felt like they had swelled up and were starting to ache. What was wrong with me? And then it was like I was about to start peeing. When I got all stiff I had pulled my boner so it was pointed up at my chest, and it was too late to point it back into the toilet bowl. Then it happened! It was the most fantastic feeling that I had ever had. But it wasn’t pee. It was something mostly clear but a little milky white, and it shot out onto my chest. After shooting out three times, a little more oozed out onto my fist, it was still gripping my boner, very tightly. My balls didn’t ache any more, instead they felt awesome.

I looked at the kinda clear kinda milky stuff on my hand. This must be cum! Some of the boys at St. Mary’s had talked and joked about jerking off and cum and cumming. So I must have been jerking off! It was amazing! It was awesome! It was brilliant! Why hadn’t I ever done this before? I let go of my dick, and rubbed the head which was wet with my cum. I thought I was going to collapse or pass out! This feeling was the best ever! The head of my dick was super sensitive, but when I rubbed it the sensations were unbelievable! But then the head of my dick became too sensitive to touch, so I let it go. My dick was soft, I didn’t have a boner any more.

I brought my hand to my nose and smelled the cum on my thumb, and I couldn’t smell anything at all. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. I couldn’t taste anything, so I licked it all off my thumb. I swirled it around on my tongue. It was kinda sweet and kinda salty all at the same time. It didn’t taste like pee (yes, I had tasted my pee a couple of times and didn’t like the sharp taste, and don’t try to tell me that you haven’t done that too!). Cum was OK. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. There wasn’t much in my mouth, but I swallowed, and scooped up most of what had landed on my chest and sucked it off my fingers, tasting it, then swallowed it. I decided that that I liked the taste of my cum. There wasn’t enough left to scoop up, in fact it had turned watery and was drying. I pulled some toilet paper off the roll and wiped up the part that was still wet and flushed it.

I stood up, but my legs and stomach still felt weak, so I closed the toilet lid, sat down, and leaned back. I closed my eyes, and took deep breaths and rested as I recovered from my first time cumming. It was exciting. I realized that what I had just done was sex. Awesome! And I could do it again. As many times as I wanted! And any time I wanted, as long as I could do it in private.

I wanted to talk to someone about it. I thought about talking to dad, but I’d be too embarrassed.

D.C.! He’d be perfect. He had an older brother, so D.C. probably knew or could find out more about all this. He had shown me his dick, and asked me if I wanted to touch it. My dick was starting to get hard again just thinking about D.C. And thinking about having sex with him. That’s what it would be. Sex. I realized that D.C. was the perfect person to talk to about what I just did. I couldn’t wait to call him and see if he could come over tomorrow and sleep over. What a great plan! Everything was happening like I had actually planned it! This was perfect!

Then Mom knocked on the bathroom door and yelled, “Colin, what are you doing in there? Your sister said she needs to use the bathroom!”

Shit! “Just a minute! I’m almost done! I didn’t know she wanted to use it.” I stood up, and I wasn’t shaking any more. I dressed, washed my hands, and walked out of the bathroom. Liz stood there, hands on her hips, glaring at me.

“Took you long enough! Get out of my way!” She pushed past me to get into the bathroom.

I whispered under my breath, “The bathroom’s yours, lizard breath!”

Liz yelled to mom who was back in the kitchen. “Mom! Colin’s calling me names again!”

I yelled back. “I didn’t call her any names! I said the bathroom was hers! She never knocked or said she wanted to use it, either!”

“Would you two stop squabbling? I’m so tired of it!”

Liz slammed the bathroom door, hard and loud, and I heard her click the lock. Mom came down the hall and glared at me, then as I walked back to my bedroom as she was banging on the bathroom door. “Elizabeth Ann, you open this door right now!” I peeked around my bedroom door so I could see what was happening. The bathroom door opened. Mom put her fists on her hips and I knew that Liz was in for it. Good, served her right! “You will not slam doors in this house, do you understand me Elizabeth Ann Kelly?”

Liz whimpered. “I’m sorry mom. I won’t do it again.”

“You just make sure you don’t!”

Now Liz was whining. ”But I needed to use the bathroom, and Colin was in there and never came out.”

“When you want to use the bathroom you knock and tell Colin you need it. Do you understand?”

My sister didn’t try to argue. When mom was really mad at her she called her ‘Elizabeth Ann’ and Liz knew that. And when she called her ‘Elizabeth Ann Kelly’ the shit would have hit the pan (as my dad would say) if she had tried to talk back to mom. Liz could be a real pest, and was a smart mouth, but normally didn’t get caught at it. I was glad that she’d been caught this time and had been yelled at.

Back in my bedroom I started doing my homework. It was pretty easy, and by the time mom called me for dinner I was finished and had done the next two exercises in the math book.

After dinner, at around 6:30, I asked mom if I could use the phone to call D.C. “Yes, but try to keep it short, not over 15 minutes. OK?” She smiled.

“Sure thing, mom!” I picked up the phone in the kitchen, pulled out the paper with D.C.’s phone number on it, and dialed. A man answered, D.C.’s dad, I guessed.

“Hi, this is Colin Kelly. May I speak to D.C.?”

“Hold on.” Then, in a louder voice, “D.C., phone for you!”


“Hi, D.C., it’s Colin, Colin Kelly.”

D.C. laughed, and I could picture his big smile. “Hi Colin, Colin Kelly. What’s up?”

“My mom and dad and sister are going out at six tomorrow night to see some recital thing at my sister’s dance class and then have dinner out, and won’t be back until nine, and I’m not going. Do you want to come over after school? Mom is making tuna noodle casserole so there’ll be lots for us to eat. And if it’s OK with your folks you could sleep over. Or my folks could take you home when they get back.”

In a kinda quiet nervous sounding voice D.C. said “Uh, gee, I’m not sure, uh, I don’t know.”

I had to convince him! “D.C., I never answered the question you asked me today,” then I whispered, “when you were in the bathroom.” Then in my normal voice, “my answer is yes, I do want to!”

D.C. was quiet for a minute. “What do you… OH! Yes! OK! Now I know what you’re talking about. Uh, I think. Am I right?”

I laughed. “Yes, you’re right. You asked me the question when, ya know, when I could see you, and see it. I like what I saw. And I do want to, want to do what you asked!”

“Yes! That is it! What I thought you were talking about. Cool! Awesome! Wait a minute!”

I could hear D.C. put the phone down, then there was talking in the background but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Then I heard the phone being picked up, and a woman started talking.

“This is Irene Beecham, D.C.’s mother. Who am I talking with?”

“I’m Colin Kelly, a new friend of D.C.’s. We just moved to Oak Grove last weekend and I have most of the same classes with D.C. We’re friends, D.C. and me. My mom and dad are going to a dance recital at six with my little sister tomorrow night, so could D.C. come over after school and my mom will have fixed dinner for us and we can do our homework and watch TV and listen to music and play games on my PC. My folks will be home by nine, and could D.C. sleep over or if not my folks will take him home when they get home at nine?”

D.C.’s mom laughed. “Well, Colin, that was a very detailed description if I do say! May I talk to your mother?”

“Yes, her name is Mrs. Kelly, Kim Kelly.” I held my hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and yelled, “Mom! D.C.’s mom wants to talk to you. Her name is Irene Beecham.”

Mom walked into the kitchen and I handed her the phone. She started talking with D.C.’s mom, and I listened. They talked, and talked, and talked, like mom always does when she’s on the phone, but good grief this was with someone she didn’t even know. I was only hearing mom’s side of the conversation, so I couldn’t really tell if D.C. was going to be able to come over and sleep over until right at the end when mom started talking about D.C. not having to bring any sheets or blankets or towels just his clothes and PJs and toothbrush. I was jumping around ‘cause I was so happy.

When mom finished she hung up the phone and, of course, she had to tell me what I already knew, but I was polite and listened and learned one thing that I didn’t know, and that was that on Saturday D.C.’s family was going to visit his cousin who D.C. didn’t like so his mom and my mom arranged for D.C. to stay on Saturday and sleep over Saturday night too!

“Mom, thanks! That’s totally outstanding!”

“We’ll figure out something for you two boys to do on Saturday. Maybe you would like to go to a movie? Or we could visit the mall, and I’ve heard that there’s a miniature golf course in the mall that’s supposed to be fun.”

“Neat! That all sounds so neat!” I was totally stoked. “Mom, you’re the greatest! Can I call D.C. back so we can talk about tomorrow night?” I put on my funny pouty face. “You used up all of my 15 minutes and even more talking to D.C.’s mom, then hung up the phone.” I stuck out my lower lip. Mom laughed.

“I’m sorry, Colin, I got so involved talking with D.C.’s mother, she’s very nice, that I completely forgot that you and D.C. need to...” Before she could finish her sentence the phone rang. I picked it up and said “Hello?”

It was D.C. We talked for about a half hour until mom reminded me that someone might be trying to call us and I should say goodnight to D.C. So, that’s what I did.

We watched TV, even though there isn’t much on Thursday nights that I like. My folks like to watch the home and garden channels because they are trying to find furniture and how to decorate our ‘Florida’ room. Then it was 9:30 and time for Liz to go to bed, and we had to put up with her whining and complaining and ‘why do I have to go to bed and Colin gets to stay up’ and finally my dad just gave her his ‘look’ and she sulked off to her room and the living room was quiet except for the TV. Then it was ten and time for me to go to bed.

When I met D.C. at school Friday morning we talked about all of the things that we could do on Saturday. He’s lived here like forever, since first grade, so he knew about lots of other neat things we could do, and we made a list of them then numbered our top choices. Classes were fine, as usual, and I didn’t have to dress for PE because we were still having the health and hygiene talks, but today was the last and on Monday I’d have to bring in my gym clothes which I didn’t have any of, but D.C. told me we could buy them on Saturday if it was OK with my mom and I said that it would be fine with her because she had suggested going to the mall. I had forgotten that mom mentioned the miniature golf and asked about it but D.C. said it was lame. We added it to the bottom of our list and crossed it out and wrote ‘LAME’ next to it.

The health and hygiene talk seemed to go on forever. It was about how important it is to brush you teeth the right way so you won’t get cavities. And about always washing your hands especially after going to the bathroom. Jeez, doesn’t everyone do that? If not, that’s gross! And how to wash your ears so you won’t get wax. And on, and on, and on. I was in a hurry to have class end so D.C. and I could leave, so I didn’t really pay attention like I usually do in class. Finally, the bell rang, D.C. said he didn’t bring his bike today that his brother drove him to school, so we walked to our lockers, got our backpacks, and we walked to my house.

Mom and Liz were home, and they gave D.C. another third-degree interrogation like on CSI. Liz was very interested when she heard that D.C. had a younger sister and brother who were twins and who were 10 years old, the same as her. So, she pestered D.C. with all kinds of questions about them and D.C. answered them all. I kept looking at mom and raising my eyebrows to get her to say we could go to my room, but she ignored me. Finally, I said “D.C., do you want a Coke before we go to my room?”

He looked relieved. “That sounds great. I’ve been talking so much my mouth is dry!” He laughed, and smiled his big smile.

I got up and got us each a can of Coke, told mom and Liz that D.C. and I were going to do our homework, and we went to my bedroom. I pulled the extra chair over to my desk, and we pulled out our books and binders and sat down. For the next hour and a half we concentrated on finishing our homework so we wouldn’t have any to do tonight or on the weekend. D.C. is a smart kid, and (blush) so am I, so we finished our homework without any problems. After finishing the last problem, I slammed my math book closed, and turned to D.C.

“Done! Feels so good to be finished!”

Again, D.C. surprised me. “Yeah, but feeling you up will probably feel better.” D.C. put his hand on my fly and began rubbing and squeezing. I closed my eyes and whispered, “Oh! That feels fantastic.” I reached over and began feeling up D.C. He groaned, sort of loud.

I whispered, “Jeez, D.C., keep it down! If mom catches us our lives will be over!”

He pulled his hand away, looked at me, and grinned. He grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand off his fly. “OK, let’s wait until your folks leave. You said they were leaving at six, right?”

I wiggled my eyebrows. “You got it! I turned on my PC. How about a game?” We decided to play Madden football, which we did until mom called us for dinner. I guess she decided that she would serve us before they left so I wouldn’t have to do any cooking. She had made a salad and carrots and peas to go with the tuna noodle casserole, and D.C. and I sat down and chowed down like we hadn’t eaten in a week. Between the two of us we ate over half the tuna noodle casserole, and mom makes a large size tuna noodle casserole! Dad got home and came into the kitchen and I introduced him to D.C., and then they left for the dance recital. We put our dishes in the dishwasher and the leftover casserole in the refrigerator, grabbed a couple of Cokes, and headed for my bedroom.

We sat on my bed. “OK, Colin, ready for some fun?” D.C. smiled and the room seemed to light up.

“Yeah, but first if it’s OK I have some questions to ask you about something that happened to me yesterday after you left. I got a boner, and I was rubbing it, and I think that I came. That I made cum. I never did that before, so I’m pretty sure but I’m not positive if that’s what it was. I figured that you would know more about it since you’ve been having PE hygiene talks and you have an older brother who probably tells you about sex and stuff. I don’t know much about it yet. That sure wasn’t taught at St. Mary’s!”

D.C. giggled. He looked embarrassed, and he was blushing. “It’s OK. They did the sex education thing at school last semester. And Jon and I have talked about sex stuff. What did it look like, your cum?”

“It was kind of milky colored, and it’s sort of sweet and salty at the same time.” D.C. looked surprised. I blushed because I had just told D.C. that I tasted my cum and he seemed surprised. Maybe that wasn’t something guys do.

“Well, the way you describe it sounds like it’s cum, all right. And you really tasted it? Cool!”

“Umm, I actually ate most of it.”

“Oh, man, that’s awesome. Jon does that, too. He says that when he beats off it’s easier to clean up ‘cause there’s almost nothing left to wipe off. How did it taste? Damn, I wish I could cum so I could taste mine.”

“You don’t cum yet?”

“No. You saw how tiny I am. Jon says I haven’t reach puberty yet, and when I do it will grow. I can hardly wait! It’s been way too long, and I get teased in the locker room all the time.”

“Puberty? What’s that?”

“That’s when you begin to make cum and it shoots out of your dick when you have a boner and beat off. Do you beat off?”

“Yes. Well, yesterday was the first time. When I was at St. Mary’s the priests came to sixth grade and seventh grade classes and told the boys that it was a sin to play with ourselves, and that we would go to hell if we did it. So I never did it until yesterday.”

D.C. looked shocked. “Do you still think it’s a sin?”

“No. Nothing that feels that fantastic could be a sin.” I grinned at D.C.

“That’s what Jon says, that it’s OK to play with ourselves until we get married and make our own babies. You know how babies are made, Colin. Don’t you?”

I was embarrassed for being so stupid. “Uh, no.”

“That was covered in sex education last semester. The man puts his penis into a woman’s vagina, that’s having intercourse, or screwing, or fucking, and when the man ejaculates, that’s cumming, the sperms, the cum, go into the woman, and she has eggs and one sperm and one egg get together and start the cells for a baby and it grows and after nine months has the baby and that’s when it’s born.”

I was shocked. “Women have eggs?”

“Yeah, but they are microscopic, like sperms are.”

“What’s a woman’s virginia?”

“It’s not ‘virginia’, it’s ‘vagina’ spelled v-a-g-i-n-a.”

“I told you I don’t know much about sex stuff. What is it?”

“Well, you’ve seen pictures of naked women in magazines, haven’t you?”

“Just in National Geographic.”

“Hmm. Well, women and girls don’t have a dick or balls. Instead, they have two holes between their legs, one in front for peeing and one behind where men stick their dick in it for screwing. That hole is called a vagina.”

“What’s the pee hole called?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think they told us that in hygiene, or maybe they told us and I forgot. Oh, and they have a hole to crap like guys do, in like the same place.”

“Man, I need to find a book about this stuff. It’s all kinda confusing for me.” I thought about what D.C. had said. “Oh, jeez, does that mean my mom and dad did it to make me? And Liz, too? That’s so totally gross, thinking that mom and dad do it!”

D.C. laughed. “Of course they ‘do it’. All married people do it. And lots who aren’t married!”

“Eww. I don’t want to think about it!” I shuddered, and D.C. giggled. “Let’s talk about something else. Umm, did you ever see Jon’s dick?”

“Yeah, he showed it to me once.”

“Well, what’s it like? Is it huge? Did you touch it?”

“Hell no! I didn’t touch it. He wouldn’t let me!” D.C. giggled. “But I sure wanted to! It’s a lot bigger than mine, probably bigger than yours, too.” D.C. grinned a nasty grin and wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed at him.

“Was it hard? Did he have a boner?” I had a boner, a really hard one, and it was pushing against the fly of my jeans, and that was uncomfortable.

“Yeah, he had a boner. I saw it when he was telling me about beating off, and how to do it, and I asked him to show me, so he took off his t-shirt and jeans and shorts and there it was, with a ton of hair above it, too. Then he took it in his fist and began rubbing it, and did it faster and faster, and told me ‘that’s how you beat off, little brother’!”

“Did he cum?”

“Yup, all over his chest. Then he scooped it up and put it in his mouth. I was grossed out about that, but he said it tasted OK, and then about how it was easier to clean up because he swallowed most of it and it doesn’t get on the sheets where mom might see it.”

“Did you taste it?”

“No, I wanted to but he said that since we were brothers we couldn’t do any sex stuff together ‘cause that would be incest and that was against the law.”

“I tasted mine. And it did taste OK. How big is Jon’s dick?”

D.C. looked at me with a strange expression. “Why are you so interested in Jon’s dick?”

“Because I don’t have a big brother, I don’t have any brother, so I don’t have a chance to see an older boy’s dick, that’s why! So, how big is it?”

“Well, I think that if I put one of my fists at the bottom of his dick, then the other above it, it would be at the top of his dick. What’s that, umm… do you have a ruler?” I pulled a ruler out of my desk. D.C. stood the ruler on my desk with the 12” mark in the air, then put his open fists one above the other around the ruler. “Five inches, maybe”

“Wow! I wish mine was that long!”

“Colin, from what I felt in your pants when I was feeling you up, you don’t have a tiny dick like I do. Enough already! Have I answered all of your questions?”

“I guess so. There’s a lot more I want to find out. Maybe I’ll go to the library and see if they have any books about sex. Oh, yeah, mom wants to know where the library is.”

“It’s on Cedarbrook, the same street as school, about two miles from school, you head east.”

“OK, I’ll remember that!”

“Ya know, you’re not gonna find anything at the library. It just a little branch library, and they don’t let kids our age see the good stuff. Your mom or dad would have to check the sex books out for you.” D.C. grinned his nasty grin.

“Shit, I can’t ask them to do that.”

“Well, there’s lots of places on the internet where you can find out stuff about sex that are better than at the library. I can show you!”

“I had internet before we moved, but we don’t have an internet connection here yet. We just moved in last weekend, and my dad wants DSL and I think it’s supposed to be connected next week.”

“Oh. Well, after it’s connected I’ll show you. Is there a site blocker on your PC?”

“I don’t know. What’s that?”

“It’s a program parents install on their kid’s computer to keep you from going to sites like sex sites or gay sites. Once you have the internet then we can tell if it’s installed.”

“What are gay sites?”

“They are sex sites that have stories or pictures of men and boys having sex.”

“Do you ever go to gay sites?”

“Sure, and regular sex sites, too. I just like sex, period! And speaking about sex, your folks are gone, it’s after seven, and we don’t have much time before they get back, so, do you want to mess around or not?”

For some reason, now I was nervous. “Uh, D.C., have you ever messed around with another guy?”

“No. And I want to, now! Enough talking! RHAARRRRGH!” And with that yell, D.C. turned and grabbed me and knocked me back on the bed and pressed up against my left side. He started to feel me through my jeans, and it felt good! No, great! But his crotch was pressed into my leg, so I couldn’t get to his fly and feel his dick.

“Hey, D.C., move a little so I can feel you up too!” D.C. moved back about three inches, just enough for me to get my hand on his fly and begin rubbing him. I could feel his boner through his thin khaki pants. I fumbled for his zipper, and unzipped his pants, then unbuttoned the waist. D.C. lifted his butt off the bed, and I pulled his pants down to his ankles. This was much better! I began rubbing him through his briefs. I shoved four fingers into the fly of his briefs and moved it around until I felt his boner. I was touching another boy’s boner, D.C.’s boner! It felt so awesome!

“Oh, jeez, Colin, that feels so fantastic! It’s much better than when I rub myself.” While D.C. said this he was unzipping my jeans, and unsnapping the waistband. I lifted my butt, and he pulled down my jeans. I used my feet to push off my shoes, and wiggled until my jeans fell on the floor. D.C. grabbed each side of my briefs and began pulling them down, so I lifted my butt again and then I was naked except for my shirt. D.C. had grabbed my boner between his thumb and forefinger, and was inspecting it. He moved his face so he could see it up close. He ran his fingers through the hairs I have above my dick, then he stroked my balls, and did that feel good! I decided that D.C. had to lose his briefs, too, and they were off a few seconds later. I looked at his boner. It was small, maybe 3”, but it was really cute. I had a better view of the light blond hairs above his dick. Much nicer than mine, which were black and curly, D.C.’s hairs were straight. He had a foreskin, but it was pulled back so I could see the head of his dick. It was kind of purple-red, like mine, but the skin of his dick was very white, while mine looked like it had a tan. I began rubbing his boner with my thumb and forefinger, just like he was doing to me.

I looked at D.C.’s face. His light blond hair was mussed and made him look even more like a little kid. His eyes were such a deep green color. I had never seen eyes that color. His eyebrows and eyelashes were light blond like his hair. His complexion was very light, like his dick. He looked like he wouldn’t tan much. He had a pug nose, and there were a few freckles on his nose and cheeks. His lips were thin and pink, and I felt like I wanted to kiss them. I looked into his eyes. “D.C., you’re so totally cute.” I took a deep breath as he squeezed the head of my boner and he giggled.

“I told you that I was cute, didn’t I, Colin!”

“Yes, it’s true. You are the cutest boy in California. In the U-S of A. On the whole earth, even!” We burst out laughing, then I squeezed D.C.’s boner near the head. He moaned.

“Oh, shit, that feels so nice. Please never stop doing that!”

“Nope, I’m going to do something even better.” I grabbed his boner in my fist and began beating him off. Slowly at first, then faster and faster.

“Oh, shit! Fuck! Ohhhh! Mmmmmmmm! Oh, don’t stop! Arrrrrghhhhh!”

D.C.’s eyes clamped shut, his entire body got stiff like he was trying to turn into a telephone pole. His legs were sticking straight out off the edge of the bed. He began to shake, and his moaning became louder, then all of a sudden he let out another “Arrrrrghhhhh!” and dropped his legs, collapsed back on the bed, was breathing heavy, and was trembling all over.

I looked at D.C.’s face. He had one of his huge smiles, but his eyes were still shut tight. “D.C., was that OK? Are you OK?”

There was no answer for about ten seconds. Then D.C. let out a huge sigh, opened his eyes, and looked into my eyes.

“I have NEVER felt anything like that! It was brilliant!” He took some deep breaths. “Uh, please let go, it’s real sensitive now!” I realized that I was still holding his dick in my fist, but it was soft. No more boner. I let go.

“God, Colin, you made me feel so, so… I don’t know how to describe it. When I beat off it’s not anything like this. I thought I was going to faint! My whole body got stiff. My heart was racing so fast that I could hear it in my head. I wasn’t able to breathe! And you made me feel that way!”

I felt something wet on my index finger, so I brought my hand up to my face and looked close at my finger. It was wet. Had D.C. cum? I lifted myself so I could see D.C.’s stomach, and, sure enough, there were two drops that must be his cum. They weren’t milky colored like mine, they were mostly clear.

“D.C., look at your stomach, just above your dick!”

D.C. used his elbows to brace himself, and looked at where I was pointing. “What’s that?”

“D.C., it’s cum. YOUR cum!”

“Oh, fantastic!” D.C. dipped in one of the drops of cum, and rubbed it between two fingers. Then he scooped most of the drop onto his finger and put it into his mouth. “It doesn’t taste like anything!” D.C. looked disappointed.

“I got a little of it on my finger, I’m gonna see what it tastes like. I sucked his cum off of my index finger. There was almost no flavor, but it was slightly salty. “Maybe then next time you cum it will have more taste. Still, I think it’s tasty now, slightly salty.”

D.C. scooped up the other drop of cum and sucked that into his mouth. “It seems like there’s a little more taste this time. Like you said, kinda salty.”

D.C. looked into my eyes, put his arms around my neck, and pulled my face to his. He smiled, then kissed me on the lips. It felt unbelievable! I loved it. D.C. pulled away from the kiss, and I was disappointed.

“OK, Colin, your turn!” D.C. pushed me back onto the bed, grabbed my boner in his fist, and began doing to me what I had done to him.

“Ooooooooooooh! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” All I could do is moan. The feeling that was going through my body was even better than when I had beat off yesterday. My eyes were closed tight, like D.C.’s had been. Then he began rubbing my balls with his other hand. “Oh, jeez, oh, shit!” Now I was having a hard time breathing! Suddenly I felt something wet moving around on the head of my dick, and something soft was rubbing against my stomach. I opened my eyes and looked down and got another of those D.C. surprises, the biggest one of all! D.C. was licking the head of my dick with his tongue! I couldn’t believe it! It felt… it felt the best of anything! Ever! Then he put his lips on my dick and slid it into his mouth. “Oh, damn, D.C., oh, oh…” He had started sucking on my dick! I flopped back onto the bed, and closed my eyes. “Oh, it seems like I died and went to heaven!” If licking my dick was the best ever, this was a million times better! Now I was getting that tingling feeling in my dick and my balls were starting to ache just a little. “D.C., D.C., I think I’m going to cum!” He didn’t stop. In fact, he started going up and down on my boner even faster, his lips squeezed even harder, and his tongue was rubbing all over the head of my dick, and every thing started to be a blur and I couldn’t hear anything except my heartbeat.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh!” I exploded! My dick spurted cum into D.C.’s mouth, about three shots. He just kept sucking and licking and I knew that it was the best feeling ever. I ran my hands through D.C.’s soft hair, and finally my boner started going soft and the head was super sensitive. D.C. stopped sucking, but kept my dick in his mouth. As I became soft, D.C. started licking the shaft of my dick while it was in his mouth, very slowly and very gently. He mostly kept away from the head which was so sensitive, just tapping it once in a while with his tongue.

“Oh, D.C., where did you learn how to do this? I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic it feels! It makes me weak all over! I never want you to stop!”

D.C. kept my dick in his mouth for about another minute, then let it slip out and as the head got to his lips he licked it all around. I tensed up and shivered. It was so sensitive I couldn’t stand it, but I didn’t want him to stop licking it, and I wanted him to stop licking it! Unfortunately, he did stop, and moved so he was lying on top of me. “I read about sucking on the internet.”

“What did it taste like?”

“Salty, sort of thick, even a little slimy. But I like it.”

He leaned down and kissed me on the lips, a long, soft kiss. I felt his tongue lightly licking my lips. I barely had enough energy to kiss back, even a little. D.C. pulled his head down and laid on my chest with the top of this head just under my chin. It felt so soft, it was a nice, comfortable feeling.

I must have fallen asleep, because I felt D.C. shaking me. “Wake up, Colin! It’s almost nine and your folks will be home any minute! Get up and get dressed! Come on, come on, get up, get up, God damn it!” Now he was pulling my arms, trying to get me up.

I shook him off. “Umm, later, I’m soooo tired right now!”

“Look, Colin Kelly, if you don’t get up your life will be over because your mom and dad and sister will get home and come in and see you laying naked on your bed! You want your sister to see you naked? Get up!”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. “Oh, shit, OK, OK, don’t bug me, I’ll get up.” I closed my eyes. “In just a minute.”

“No damn minute, Colin! Get up NOW!” D.C. pulled my arms, and despite his small size he actually pulled me up so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He had a wet washcloth, and he put it on the back of my neck.

That opened my eyes! “Shit! That’s cold!” I tried to pull it away, but he was able to hold it on the back of my neck, and the cold sure as hell woke me up. I stood up, and D.C. looked up and down my body.

“You are so totally sexy, Colin! Now, get dressed and comb your hair. I gotta stop looking at you so I can lose my boner!” He grinned, then laughed, and turned back to the bed and started smoothing it out. “Hope you don’t mind. I’m a neat freak, and I don’t want your folks to think we’ve been messing around on your bed.”

I giggled. “If you want to straighten up, it’s OK with me. You can come over and straighten up my room anytime you want.” I got dressed, and went into the bathroom and combed my hair. D.C. and I went into the living room and turned on the TV. We found a high school football game, and sat on the floor to watch. My folks and Liz got home, came in and said hi. Liz must have been tired because she said goodnight and left to go to bed. My folks sat down, but they read the newspaper and ignored the TV. When the game was over, D.C. and I said goodnight, went into the bathroom and peed, washed our faces, brushed our teeth, then went to my room. I closed the door, which I always do. Just as we finished changing into our PJs, mom knocked at the door.

“Colin, can I come in?”

“Sure, mom.”

She opened the door, and peeked in almost like we weren’t dressed or something. “Do you want one of our sleeping bags for D.C.?”

“Nope. We’ll share my bed, it’s big enough.”

“I guess that’s OK. But does D.C. know that you snore?” Mom laughed, and so did D.C.

“I DON’T snore! Why do you always have to embarrass me?”

“Because that’s one of a mother’s job! D.C., are you sure that you want to sleep with Colin?” Mom had sort of a strange look on her face. Did she suspect something?

“Yes, Mrs. Kelly, the bed’s big so that will work OK for me.”

“Well, all right. I’m not even sure I could find the sleeping bags. They’re packed somewhere in all of those boxes in the garage. Well, boys, good night!”

Mom walked over to me, hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek. Then she did the same with D.C., and he didn’t seem embarrassed. She said good night, walked out, and closed the bedroom door.

I turned to D.C., and hugged him. “Good night, D.C.”

He pulled back, looked in my eyes, and said “Good night, Colin.” Then he leaned into me and we kissed, soft and long. I closed my eyes. It was such a wonderful feeling.

“Time to go to bed.” We burst out laughing. We had both said exactly the same thing at the exactly same time. I climbed into my regular side of the bed, the right side, and D.C. walked around and climbed into the other side. We pulled up the covers and I reached over and turned off the light. There’s a night light near my desk, so the room wasn’t completely dark and we could see each other a little. I rolled onto my left side, and looked at D.C. He was lying on his back, with his face turned toward me, and he was smiling. He rolled onto his right side, and reached over and stroked my face.

“You know, Colin, you’re right. Just like you said, you’re cute. Maybe not as cute as I am, but cute.” We both laughed. His hand moved down to my arm, and he started rubbing it. “I love touching you. Can we take our PJs off?” We pulled off our PJ tops and bottoms and shoved them under our pillows. We hugged each other, rubbed each other’s cheeks, and hair, and necks, and backs, and butts, and rubbed our boners together. I loved how D.C. smelled, and how he felt.

D.C. grabbed my boner. “I want to show you something I read about on the internet.” He scooted down and began licking my dick, kinda spit on it, and got it real wet. Then he scooted back up and put my dick between his legs under his balls, and squeezed his thighs so my boner was held between his legs. Then he moved back and forth a few times. I groaned. The feeling was sensational. “Move your dick in and out, like you were screwing me.” I did it, and the feeling was even better. “Keep doing it until you cum.” I pulled back until my boner almost pulled out from between his legs, then pushed all the way back, and kept this up for about a minute.

Then I got the tingling feeling, especially in my balls. “Oh… I think I’m gonna cum!”

D.C. put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a kiss. Then I squirted, two times. I had to stop to get my breath back. “Jeez, D.C., that was wonderful. Is that what screwing a girl is like?”

“Sort of, I think. With a girl your boner is inside of her, and it’s more pointing up, and maybe it’s tighter, I don’t really know.”

“Well, this way of screwing is really neat!”

“There is another way for guys to screw.”


“You stick your boner in a guys butt hole. It’s supposed to be more like screwing a girl.”

“Ewww! Wouldn’t you get shit on your dick if you did that?”

“It’d have to. I think it’s totally gross. And it’s supposed to hurt a lot, but then what I read says it’s supposed to feel real good, too.”

“But not for the guy being screwed in the butt!”

“Yeah, for both the guy doing the screwing, and the guy getting screwed once the pain goes away. But I never want to do it, that’s for sure.”

“Me neither. I like what we’ve done, feeling up, sucking, and now screwing your legs!” I giggled.

I pulled my soft dick from between D.C.’s legs. “Oh, shit! My cum’ll be all over the sheets, and mom will see it!”

“No it’s not. It’s still between my legs, and I put my hand in my butt crack so it wouldn’t leak out. Do you have some tissues?” I pulled out a handful of tissues and handed them to D.C., who used them to wipe the cum from between his legs and his butt crack. D.C. kicked the covers off, scooted to his edge of the bed, and rubbed his hand around where his butt had been. “Feel the sheet, there’s not even a little wet spot! But you didn’t shoot as much this time. If you shoot a lot of cum then I couldn’t keep it from leaking out. Next time we do this we should have a washcloth or towel under our butts to catch any cum that leaks.”

D.C. had said ‘next time’ which meant he wanted us to mess around, for me to screw him between the legs, and for him to screw me between my legs. To have sex, again. Awesome!

We were both tired. We put our PJs back on, pulled up the covers, and went to sleep.

Saturday mom took us to the mall, and mom took me to the sporting goods store to buy my gym shorts and jockstrap and t-shirts and some cool new Nike’s for PE. Even though D.C. had called it ‘lame’ we played miniature golf with Liz. D.C. and I joked around and didn’t pay much attention to our game, and Liz beat us both. I’ll never live that down, because Liz is never gonna let me forget! We ate lunch at Red Robin, then mom dropped D.C. and me off at the theater and they were having a Men in Black festival. We had seen both of them before, but there wasn’t anything else playing that we wanted to see and could get into because of our age. Being 12 sucks sometimes!

My folks took us out to dinner at Outback, and D.C. and I had steaks. Liz had a hamburger which she always does (jeez, why go to a steak house for a hamburger?) and my folks had steaks too. When we got home, since there was nothing on TV my folks put on the Monsters Inc. DVD and we watched the movie and the specials like “Mike’s New Car” which totally cracks me up. Then D.C. and I went to my room and we played Scrabble until about ten then said goodnight to my folks and got ready for bed. We took off our PJs and put them under the pillows, just like last night, and once in bed hugged each other and started kissing. D.C. told me about French kissing that he read about on the internet, so we tried it. It was very sexy. I could taste D.C.’s toothpaste and it was very minty. It also made my boner even harder!

“D.C., can I suck you?”

“You don’t have to ask! Yes, of course you can suck me!”

I began sucking on his earlobe.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sucking you. Does it feel good?”

“Suck my dick! That will be good for me. You sucking on my ear is weird.”

“Only because you’re weird, D.C.!” I laughed, and D.C. giggled.

“Please, Colin, pretty please, suck my dick, please?”

I shoved the covers to the end of the bed with my feet, and slid down so my face was in D.C.’s crotch. He had a boner that was sticking straight up from his body. I began licking it, then licked his balls, then sucked his tiny balls into my mouth and ran my tongue all around them. D.C. gasped when I did this, so I figured he liked it. Then I returned to his boner, and sucked it all the way in my mouth. I licked and sucked the head of his dick and the shaft, and with my lips pressed tightly on his boner I moved up from the base of his dick to his dick head then back down. I kept this up, and D.C. was moaning and ooo’ing and ahh’ing. I pulled off. “D.C., please try to be more quiet. Mom and dad might hear you.

“I can’t help it, the way you’re making me feel is so amazing!” I reached under the pillow and pulled out a PJ sleeve, I didn’t even know who’s it was, and gave it to D.C. “Bite down on this when you’re going to moan.” I went back to his boner and sucked it into my mouth again. I continued from where I had left off, sucking and licking his boner. It was soft on the outside and hard as metal on the inside. I loved how it felt. I even nibbled on his shaft once, but when I did that he really moaned loud so I didn’t try that again. I’d try that the next time we were at home alone!

Suddenly D.C. got all rigid, and he pumped about four small shots of cum into my mouth. I immediately moved up to his lips, kissed him, and when he opened his lips I stuck my tongue, with his cum, into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around mine, then I broke off the kiss.

“You shot more this time, D.C., and it has a lot more taste and tastes more like mine.”

“Ummmm. You’re right, it does have more taste. And it does taste like yours. Uh, Colin, would you suck me some more?” I answered him by scooting back down to his crotch, and sucked his now not quite as hard boner into my mouth. I sucked him until he pushed me off. “Oh, it’s so sensitive! I can’t stand it any more!” The he giggled his nasty giggle, and I laughed.

I scooted up and kissed D.C., then pulled the covers back over us. “Can I screw you between your legs again?”

“Oh, yes, please!”

D.C. lifted his left leg and I pushed my boner so it was below his balls and I could feel his soft dick, then he squeezed his legs together and I moved my boner out and in until I was ready to cum. “Oh, shit, we forgot the towel!”

“Can you hold it while I get a towel from the bathroom?”

“I’ll get one of my t-shirts from my dirty clothes basket, it’ll be faster and I think I can hold it.” I jumped up, grabbed a dirty t-shirt, and ran back to the bed. D.C. had moved to his edge of the bed, so I laid the t-shirt down where I thought D.C.’s butt would be, jumped back into bed, and shoved my throbbing dick back between D.C.’s moist thighs and under his balls. It only took about fifteen seconds for me to cum, my normal three shots. D.C. used the t-shirt to wipe himself, and I got up and dropped it back in my dirty clothes basket.

I returned to bed, laid down, and hugged D.C. He rested his cheek on mine, and we went to sleep. When I woke up we were still in the same position and still had our arms around each other.

Sunday morning mom cooked a big breakfast, eggs and bacon and fresh pineapple and scones with butter and strawberry jam. Mom asked me if D.C. would like to go to mass at St. Christopher’s, but I told her he wasn’t Catholic and we didn’t want to push him into something that heavy. She agreed, and D.C. and I just hung around my room reading some of my sci-fi books and playing some computer games. We didn’t do any sex stuff because that probably isn’t cool to do on Sunday, and we were sort of exhausted after the past two nights. After my folks got home from church D.C.’s mom called, said she’d pick him up in about a half hour.

D.C. hugged me. “I really had a good time, Colin. I’ll ask my mom about having you come for dinner and a sleepover Friday night, if that’s OK with you? And with your mom?”

“That’s really cool! I’ll ask mom and that way you can tell your mom that it’s OK with mine.” I ran to the kitchen and mom said that would be OK if it was OK with D.C.’s mom, and she’d phone her later to confirm. When I got back to my room and told D.C., he was happy. I hugged him. “You know, D.C., you’re my best friend, ever.”

“You are my best friend too, Colin. I’ve never really had a true best friend before. You’re the greatest!”

D.C.’s mom arrived, and he grabbed his backpack in my room. I asked if he had all of his stuff, and he smiled and said yes except for one thing which I would find later. We went out to the living room where my mom and D.C.’s mom were talking. D.C. asked his mom about Friday, and she said it was OK. She got up, tousled D.C.’s hair (which from the expression on his face I knew he hated and was embarrassed that she had done it in front of me), and they left. The house seemed really quiet with D.C. gone. Dad was in the garage unpacking some of the boxes from our move, and Liz was visiting a friend from her new elementary school.

I went into my room and saw a sheet of paper on my desk. I turned it over. D.C. has drawn a heart with our initials inside it, ‘DC and CK’, and ‘BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER’ written underneath the heart. I smiled and looked at the heart for a couple of minutes, thinking about D.C. and how much I liked him, and how much he liked me. Maybe he even loved me. And maybe I loved him. We had kissed, and I really liked that a lot and I was sure D.C. liked it a lot too. I looked at D.C.’s drawing. A heart means ‘love’, doesn’t it? I folded the paper and put it in my desk drawer.

Even though it was early afternoon, I was kinda worn out. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. This had been such a fantastic week, the best ever in my entire life. I began to think of all the things that had happened to me. We moved to a new house in a new city, I have my own bedroom, I’m at a new school, and I really like the school and my classes. I discovered beating off, and shot cum for the first time. Best of all, I met D.C., my new very best friend. And we had sex which was awesome.

I realized that I was smiling, and I giggled as I thought about how D.C. smiled all the time. Maybe it was contagious! I took a deep breath. As I drifted off to sleep, all I could think about was how this was the start of what was going to be a totally fantastic year!


Colin Kelly