They'll be no apologies for this is shameless example of wank-media. I will say only that it is a fictional account. I am not a fan of the old fashion disclaimers, so I will preface this story as a teaser instead of a warning.


I have written this story many times before but I keep doing it because there is something unspoken, undiscovered just under the surface and I just fall short of finding it each time I try..


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Dennis the Goth

by Larkin


I had arrived an age where I first began to notice things. Maybe it would be better to say, to admire stuff that interested me.

He was tall and skinny and I asked him a question. He looked down at his feet. His long hair fell forward on both sides.

He said, "Yeah, they're my trip pants. I'm the only one who's got a pair like em."

I was dressed in a smart track suit provided for me by my ever attentive Mother. His clothing was a statement of anarchy and it made us look very different from each other. I looked nothing like himand he looked nothing like me. His pants were black, way oversized bell bottoms with unreadable graffiti all over them. They were strange, his bracelets were strange and he was strange. He told me he was a freak. I was impressed. I thought he looked exotic. I don't remember seeing any other kid that looked like him.

He said, "My names Volcan."

I said, "Really?"

He said, "Not really, it's Dennis but you can call me Volcan if you want."

With growing fascination, I looked into his face. He had a spray of pimples here and there and untidy hair. His obvious disarray didn't seem to bother him. I told him my name was Mark.

Without warning, he dropped his skateboard and with effortless ease he pushed off. Being smaller and without a skateboard of my own, I had to run along side of him. He glided the parking lot of a closed down old supermarket. At the far end was an invented island bordered with curb. It was neglected and covered with brush and one stunted tree. In the city, natural settings like these were few and far between. We made our way into it and found shade and secret seclusion.

"What do you want to hang with me for? Everyone says I'm no good. They say I'm not worth shit, but fuck `em, I don't care."

If he was trying to discourage me, it wasn't doing any good because I was already looking up to him. I was captivated and I decided that I wanted to be like him. Not understanding much about anything, I considered him serious and deep. He told me he was fifteen. That made him four years older than me.

Lying back against the tree, he suddenly pulled me on top of him. It was totally unexpected and it surprised me. We were face to face. His green eyes looked right into mine.

He said, "We could be best buds, couldn't we?"

I didn't know what to say. We were belly to belly and the warmth from his body was moving into me.

He continued, "You and me next to each other, feels good, doesn't it?"

I had no brothers or sisters to compare what being so close to someone was all about so it was a new experience. He held me tight with both arms. I allowed myself to be distracted by a tiny inch worm that had gotten into his hair. His breathing was calm and deep as if he had suddenly found happiness and contentment. Silently, we lay there together until he finally let me climb off of him.

He said, "Wow, see what you done to me."

I didn't know what he was was talking about until I looked. He held the shape of what looked like a big penis in his baggy black pants. He squeezed it and traced it shape so I could see it. I thought that it looked way too big to be real. He opened his pants and displayed it for me. I was astonished. He started stroking it and I sat wide eyed right up close to him.

He looked over at me and said, "I can't help it. I have a boner as soon as I wake up and I do it and do it again later and I think about doing it all day long."

He closed his eyes and then opened them and looked back at me. "That's because I have the devil inside of me."

I think he thought I was passing judgment on him but I wasn't. Sharing his real self with me made me like him even more. He got up on his knees and continued to stroke. I didn't have any idea of what jerking off was. I barely had any idea of what a boner was, although I did have one now and again. His cock was so big that I couldn't take my eyes off of it. He raised his cock high and displayed a big set of balls. It seemed like he was performing just for me.

He said, "Ohh, here it comes!"

I watched having no idea of what was next. Then he started squirting all over the weeds.

When he was done, he sort of fell back and lay against the stunted tree heaving as if he was out of breath....

Meeting Dennis changed me. After he accomplished whatever it was that he did, he became calm and reflective. We talked about what was cool and what wasn't cool. When we sat together in our invented island. I thought over what had just happened. I had watched him pull down his pants and have a stroke. Seeing that made me question all the rules that I had been taught to follow and I wondered why? For the first time I realized that there were a lot of rules that I could break and rules that I should break if I wanted to. But why were they there?

Without quite realizing it, I had made this new friend, my guide and mentor.



Maybe the experience with Dennis was so intense and overwhelming that I put it all out of my mind but it all came back a few days later. I awoke in the wee hours and under the covers, I shed my underwear to revel in nakedness. Dennis's stunning image came into my mind and I subjected myself to pleasurable puzzlings over the mysteries of his stiff cock. I reconstructed the image of his whole body my mind and it made me feel so good. I was completely erect.

I wanted to be like him but I was already half molded. I lay on my bed and thought about the differences between us. My hair was kept cut, my clothes were like every other polite and good boy's clothes. I wore Disney World tee shirt and I always wore clean underwear. The teachers had only good things to say about me and like all boys my age, I had been continually been warned about strangers. I felt trapped inside myself like a prisoner in a cell.

I began to stroke my penis and invented Dennis's picture again. This went on and on for hours until something incredibly electric happened to me. I lay disoriented and confused but profoundly changed. I would learn later that I had just had my first orgasm. Maybe it was coincidence or accident that I would meet him at just the time of my own sexual awakening but I like to think it was magic cast on me by Dennis the Goth.

His soft voice seem to ring in my ears, "Be my best bud, Come with me."




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