Dennis the Menace

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, youthful, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Dennis the Menace

He was standing out on the sidewalk. We lived in a neighborhood of look alike houses with lots of kids. He was smaller than me and had a soprano voice. Even at nine he was rude and cocky.

"Where do you live?"

I said, "Over there." pointing to a house near the corner.

He had blonde hair roughly cut like mine, and warm brown eyes that showed no emotion at all.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Nine." He said.

I told him my name was Paul and that I was ten. He was just as dirty as me and wore an oversized pair of white shorts that were hiked to the middle of his chest, held there by an elastic waist band. It must have been summer because I think that's all he was wearing.

"I'm Dennis. I live over there."

He pointed down the street. "Hey stupid, over there!"

I looked where he pointed. I made an embarrassed face and shook my head yes.

He said, "Are you stupid, or what?"

We became friends.

In one hand he held the remnant of a popsicle and the other hand was down his pants. The sticky orange colored juice ran down his arm and dripped off his elbow. Sticking out his orange tongue, he slurped it off the stick and tossed it away. Now he was able to put both hands down his pants. He came up close to me and stretched them out so I could look. He was playing with his dickie. We were face to face. He giggled. I looked at him and then back into his pants. From the start, it was as if we could read each other's minds. His penis was small, like mine, only uncircumcised. It stuck straight up. I put my hand down his pants and took hold of it. I felt his little balls and my fingertips trailed off the end of his penis. It was sticky, I guess from the popsicle. He made it twitch in my hand. The fact that he could do that made it all the more interesting. Then he moved up closer and slipped his hand down my pants. It scared me at first, but what's fair is fair. He fiddled and played with my dickie and balls till I got a boner too. I pulled down the front of my pants to show him. My boner struck straight up and I made it twitch like his. What we were doing filled my belly with excitement. I remember wanting to pee, but I didn't. I guess it was then that Dennis decided that we were too much out in the open and we had better find a hideout.

"Comon!" He said.

I followed him. I knew we were going somewhere fun so I didn't question a thing. We went around the back of a house that I guessed was his.

"My mom's not home. She comes home late."

Dennis lived with his mother, but she was hardly ever there. Sometimes she came home late at night or in the morning to sleep thru the day. I guess she let Dennis take care of himself. All she did was buy food. It was the kind of food we both liked, lots of cookies, ice cream and chips. It wasn't long after I met Dennis that I began staying overnight a lot. Dennis's mother was grateful. She didn't want Dennis to be lonely. I was sure not to tell my mom that there was little or no supervision.

It was on this first day that I followed Dennis to his house. His room was dimmed by a torn window shade. There were crayon scribbles on the wall. I guessed he peed his bed sometimes because I could smell it. It made me feel right at home. There were broken toys and junk all over the floor. There was a TV in the corner. Dennis turned on cartoons. His little bed was covered with a tangle of old blankets and that's where I sat. Dennis pulled down his shorts. He still had a boner. When he stepped out of his shorts he was completely naked. I remember how cute he looked. I liked his belly, his butt and stiff dickie. It was maybe 3 inches long and looked like an earth worm. He kept playing with it.

I knew he was bad, I knew he wasn't supposed to be naked, I knew he wasn't the kind of boy I should be playing with but I didn't care. I liked everything about him. I was still sitting on the bed. He came closer, so close that I became aware of his scent. He was a dirty boy. His boner was twitching up and down all by itself. When he moved in more, I just opened my mouth and he slid it in. I had no idea why I would do this, I just did. He placed both of his hands on top of my head and rocked me back and forth with his boner in my mouth. While he was doing this, I was tasting it and smelling his body. We were both extra dirty from not being forced to take a bath in many days, but I didn't care at all. I seemed to make it all the more wicked.

His boner popped out of my mouth covered with spit and without touching it, he aimed and pushed it back into my mouth. Dennis bent down and started tugging off my pants. I lay on my back and let him undress me. I helped him take off my shirt and when I had nothing on except my underpants, I lifted my legs up so he could pull them off. I imagined my Mother doing it, but this was different. My dickie stiffened. It felt so good to be naked with him. I especially liked rolling around naked in his blankets and sheets. The faint smell of pee gave me the urge to cuddle. He kept making me suck on his boner. He taught me how to lick his balls. He took control of me and I didn't mind at all.

Dennis made me lift my legs up high so he could poke his finger up my butt hole. He told me that he was performing scientific experiments. He would push his finger up as far as he could. He told me I was going to be his slave.

I said, "Ok.".

He said that I had to do anything he told me to and if I didn't, I had to be punished.

I said, "Ok."

Dennis's mother must have been a party animal or something because she was out most of the time. When she was home she would straightening things up and throw out old food. Most of the time she just disappeared in her bedroom to sleep. I remember one time she came home and we were watching TV. She stood there looking at both of us, then said, "You both stink, I'm going to run you boys a hot bath and your going right in it."

She looked at me and said "Paul, if you want to stay here, you better get in too."

She suggested that for no other reason than it would be a lot easier to get Dennis to comply if I took a bath too. She never wanted any trouble to deal with. When the tub was full, she ordered us both upstairs. She stayed downstairs and was collecting laundry. I liked the idea. We took off all our clothes. Happily naked again, we hopped into the tub. We started playing with each other when his mother suddenly came into the bathroom and put a bottle of shampoo on the edge of the tub.

"Here, wash your hair, the both of you!"

Then she swooped up all the dirty clothes, including mine and rushed away. We started giving each other boners again. I was playing with his and he was playing mine. He was trying to finger my butt hole so I got on my hands and knees with Dennis behind me. He put some shampoo on his finger and rubbed around my butt hole. By this time, I let Dennis do anything he wanted to do. My butt tingled and when he tried to see how deep he could push his fingers. I arched my back down to open up my butt more. It felt different from just having a boner. He was up on his knees and had both of his hands on my back when he pushed his boner up my butt hole. Dennis's boner was little so it didn't hurt at all. I could feel his boner inside of me and he kept pushing it in and out. He did it for the longest time. The fact that we were dirty boys doing dirty things made it even more exciting.

When he stopped, I turned over in the bath so that I was facing him again. He was still up on his knees and his little boner still sticking straight up. He began to pee. It went straight up in the air and came down on my belly. I was not mad at all. In fact I thought it was so exciting that I didn't want him to stop. I started giggling which encouraged Dennis more. He stood up and without touching his weenie, started aiming his pee all over me. We both were giggling. Then I stood up and started peeing on him. When we were done, we both dove under the water.

When the bubbles were gone and the water cooled, we hopped out of the bath, wrapped ourselves in towels. I called down to Dennis's mother for my clothes. She said that they were in the wash and that they be done in a few hours.

"Put on something of Dennis's until then."

So naked with the warm towels around our shoulders, we went back into Dennis's bedroom. All his junk had been pushed back into the corner, the room generally straightened up. We dropped our towels and climbed on the bed. It had been freshly made and all the dirty pee-peed blankets and sheets were gone. I immediately got down between Dennis's legs and started sucking on his dickie. I would suck his dickie up and down then I'd lick his little scrotum then go back to his boner. Suddenly I looked up and saw Dennis mother looking at us through the open door. At first she looked startled and then she made a nervous laugh.

After an awkward pause, she said to the both of us. "Just don't make a mess."

With that, I heard her laugh out loud again as she went back down stairs. I guess she didn't mind? Dennis, impassive as ever, grabbed me by my hair and directed me back to his boner. In time, I would discover that he never cared about anything except himself. I'm not sure if he even liked me. He wasn't all that interested in my dickie. He just wanted to use me. I was a slave, just a mouth or a behind to fuck. Curiously, it was this that I like most about him. His inconsiderate selfishness made him beautiful and so exciting.

I gave myself to him so willingly until one day,....his interest turned to girls.


A Larkin Quote

Love and sex together is an ideal we strive for.

Love by its self is very spiritual.

Sex by its self is really what life is about. Everything else is a distraction.