Desert Love

Chapter Two: The Desert's many Beauties

I woke up like I had fallen asleep, with a smile on my face. At first I was not quite sure where I was and why I was so happy. But then all the events from yesterday came back to my mind, and my smile got even bigger. And it was not the only big thing on me this morning. I had a huge morning hardon! I was a bit worried that I might have had another wet dream and made a little sticky mess, but fortunately the bed was dry.

Tom moaned silently behind me. His arm was still around me, but now his hand was resting on my stomach, only inches away from my cock. One of his legs was wrapped around mine, so I could not get up without waking him up. But I did not want to get up anyway, for this felt far too good.

Carefully I moved a bit to relieve the arm I had been sleeping on. This caused Tom to slightly shift his position too. His hand moved further down into the fluff of my pubic hair, and he snuggled even closer to me. Now I could feel his own cock on my back, and I was not surprised to feel that he was as hard as a rock too. Indian boy or not, after all he was just a teenager!

Slowly I rubbed my back against his crotch, causing Tom to moan again, this time a bit louder. I did not want to wake him up, but I just loved to feel his hot boyhood on my naked skin. Suddenly I froze as Tom's hand grabbed my cock. He was still asleep, I could tell that because of his regular breathing. But nevertheless he was stroking me!

I had butterflies in my stomach. I was not sure if I only felt that way because I was lying naked in one bed with this cute young Indian. Or should it be more? Was I falling in love with my guardian angel?

All of a sudden Tom stopped caressing my cock. He felt his way up and down the front of my body, groaned again, murmured something ... and sat up. I rolled on my back and looked up in his face. Tom looked pretty puzzled, and after he had rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, he blushed.

"Jeff!" he said. "Oh my, I had completely forgotten that you are here!"

My heart sank. He had already forgotten me! Probably he had only invited me because he had pitied me, and now he regretted it. It would be the best for both of us if I left his house as soon as possible. But soon I realized that I was wrong, for Tom smiled broadly and angel kissed me on the forehead. The butterflies came back and I felt better immediately.

"Good morning Jeff, I hope you slept well. Oh, hehehe, and sorry for this little, er, handworking. I thought that it was my own cock, but then I wondered why I didn't feel my hand on it!"

He was so incredibly cute when he blushed and smiled at the same time. Now I was sure that I was falling in love with him!

"Morning Tom," I replied, "yeah, I had a great night, I haven't slept so good for ages. Thank you very much! Oh, and don't worry about the touching. I mean, which boy wouldn't like to have his morning wood stroked by such soft hands?"

'Now tell him that you liked it because you are gay!' I thought. But I couldn't. Not now, not yet. I mean, he seemed to be cool about sleeping naked with another guy, even about touching his body. But doing this with a gay boy was something else, wasn't it?

"Cool, then let's go to the bathroom." Tom said. "Looks like it will be another beautiful day, and I don't want to miss a minute of it! Oh my, I wonder how I shall piss with this hardon!"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll find a way!" I giggled. "Ok, you'll go first then!"

"Ah, you don't have to wait dude. I know, our bathroom is not big, but it's big enough for the two of us. And now let's get out of bed!"

Tom rolled over me, jumped out of the bed and pulled the fur away. He was still hard as a rock, and when he saw my own boner, he just grinned. Then he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of his room and over to the bathroom. We both did a little cat wash, brushed our teeth (Tom even let me use his toothbrush), and waited until we were soft enough to pee. I had to force myself not to stare at his body all the time, or I would have never been able to relax.

Eventually we ran back to Tom's room, still butt naked. In the meantime it felt almost normal, I definitely could get used to it. We had almost reached his room when I heard the voice of a woman behind us. She called something I could not understand, probably in their native Indian language.

"Oh, hi mom!" Tom said and turned around. "This is Jeff, a new friend who stayed overnight and will probably stay for some more days. Jeff, this is my mom!"

I turned around too, blushed slightly and tried to cover my nakedness with my hands.

"Er, good morning, nice to meet you Mrs. ..."

"You call me Jona boy! Good morning. Good to see Tom has new friend. Hope you like here!"

Her English was a bit rough, but she was not rough at all. She was not very tall, a bit plump and wore a colorful dress. And she was smiling at me, not only with her mouth but with her whole face. Above all she smiled with her eyes, and now I saw where Tom had got his beautiful eyes from.

"Breakfast ready Tom, enough for friend too. Hurry up!" Jona said and went back to the kitchen.

Tom and I quickly got dressed. I put on the leather shorts and the T-shirt again, and Tom dressed the same way. This time I didn't even think about wearing any underwear, because I really liked the feeling of the soft leather on my skin. At last I put on my Nike's, Tom got his sandals and the leather headband which should tame his wild hair a bit, and we went into the kitchen.

Here I met Tom's dad who just wanted to go to work. We shook hands, he gave me a big smile, told me to call him Sam, and then he left. Never before I had met so many people who had all been so nice to me, even if they had never seen me before! Tom's mom had made a heap of pancakes with syrup, and we ate them all.

Jona laughed out loud when she saw that we were really hungry. She was a typical mother who loved to coddle her kids. Tom told me that he had two older brothers, but they were both grown up and out of the house, so she was happy to have a new kid in the house.

After breakfast Tom gave me the grand tour through the village. When we came to the main square, I decided to use the public phone and call my parents. They probably hadn't missed me at all, but you never know. I did not want them to call the police because I had not come home last night.

Tom lent me some coins and I dialed the number. My old man would probably be at work, at least if he had been sober enough to get out of his bed. But my mom should be at home, sitting on the couch and watching her stupid talkshows. After the fifth ringing, she finally answered the phone.

The call went just as I had expected it. They hadn't even noticed that I had not been at home and that I had not slept in my bed. Do you need another proof of their indifference towards me? I didn't! I only told her that I was at a friends house, but neither who he was nor where he lived. And she didn't ask. She didn't care. So I just hang up.

Maybe I would go home to get some of my own clothes during the next few days. And school? Exam time was over, and the summer vacation would start at the end of the week. I wouldn't miss anything important if I stayed away. So I just decided that I would stay with Tom for a while, at least as long as this wouldn't cause a problem with his folks. I told Tom about my decision, and asked if it would really be ok if I stayed.

"YES!" Tom replied and gave me a quick hug. "I told you that you are welcome!"

"Thank you Tom!" I said and returned the hug. "You are great! I almost feel like home here. No, that's not true, it's much better than at my home, it's like a real home! Thank you for being a friend!"

I wanted to give him a kiss on the cheek, but I was afraid that he could misunderstand it. So I just held him for a few more seconds and lay my head on his shoulder. Eventually we broke the hug again and strolled further through the village. I mused a bit while we were walking, so he caught me a bit off guard with his question.

"Do you wanna ride me?"

"W-w-what?" I stammered.

Had he really just asked if I wanted to ride him? Like having sex with him? That could not be possible, my ears must have betrayed me. It must have been my vivid imagination, my wishful thinking, whatever. Or was I still dreaming?

"I asked if you want to ride with me!" Tom repeated. "You know, like sitting on the back of a horse. Do you know how to ride?"

Oh my, my ears had really played me a trick. He just wanted to ride WITH me! Well, you can't have everything Jeff, so be happy with what you have!

"Well," I replied, "I've never sat on a horse so far. But I'm sure it would be really cool!"

"Yeah, riding's cool! Hey, you can ride with me on my horse. C'mon, it will be fun!"

He led me to a small corral at the edge of the village where about two dozens of horses were trotting around. Tom whistled on his fingers and a black and white colt came running towards us. He stroked the head of the animal and scratched it behind the ears.

"C'mon Jeff, meet Geronimo, my crazy little horse. Isn't he beautiful?"

Carefully I stepped a bit closer. I had never had a pet, let alone my own horse, so I was a bit uneasy at first. But as soon as I started to stroke Geronimo's fur, I felt that I did not have to fear this animal. Tom got a bridle and made Geronimo ready for the ride. Like most Indians, he did not use a saddle, only a blanket.

Tom swung himself on Geronimo's back without any problem. I needed a bit help, so I first climbed on the top of the fence, then I took Tom's hand and finally I sat behind him on the horse. It was a bit of a strange feeling at first, but soon I got used to it. Fortunately Geronimo was a young calm horse, and he was not too big.

"Horses have no seat belts dude, so you should put your arms around me!" Tom said to me.

I put my hands on his sides, but obviously that wasn't good enough. He took my hands and placed them on his own stomach, so that my arms were tightly wrapped around him. Oh my, I could feel his stomach muscles as they slowly moved with his breathing, and immediately the butterflies were back in my stomach. Hundreds of butterflies, thousands ... no, millions!

Tom leant forward and whispered something in Geronimo's ear which I could not understand. The horse snorted and started to move. I tottered a bit and hugged Tom even tighter, sliding so close to him that I could feel his buttocks on my crotch. Tom turned around and grinned.

"Don't worry dude, soon you'll be used to it. You'll feel as if you spent half of your life on a horseback! Are you ready now? Ok, let's go then! Hi-yo Geronimo, away!"

And off we went! Tom didn't let Geronimo run too fast at first, but soon we made a good speed through the desert. It was simply incredible! The sun was burning down on us, the wind was blowing in our faces, and my hands were rubbing Tom's belly. Well, not exactly rubbing, actually I was just hugging him tight in order not to fall down. But I could not help but place my hands a bit further down, so that I could feel the waistband of his shorts.

We rode for about an hour and a half through the wonderful landscape. This wasn't Monument Valley where they had made all those wild west movies, but it was not less beautiful. I had been in the desert before, but I had never realized how beautiful it really was.

Eventually we reached the entrance of a small canyon. Tom slowed Geronimo down and we trotted into the canyon. After a few hundred yards, we rode around a bend and Tom stopped Geronimo. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that there was a small pond. It was a blind alley canyon with a pond in the middle of the desert. I must have looked pretty stupid and Tom started to laugh.

"Hahaha, dude, you should close your mouth unless you want to catch some bugs!"

"Wow, I didn't know that there is water in the desert, let alone a pond!" I said. "If there were some ducks in it, I would say it's a mirage."

"Nope, it's real!" Tom replied. "You have a lot to learn about the desert Jeff. The desert is not dead, the desert lives! There is a subterranean river here, not big, but big enough to fill this pond. All Indians know about it, but only a few white men. Now you're one of them!"

"Then I should feel honored that you showed me this place! Thank you Tom, you're really a great friend!"

"You're welcome! Now what's up, would you fancy a little swim? It feels like you need to calm down a bit."

At first I did not know what he meant, but then I realized that all the sliding back and forth on the horseback and the rubbing against his body had made me hard. And now my hardon was pressing against Tom's butt.

"Oh, uh, I'm, er, I'm sorry!" I stuttered.

"Hahaha, no need to apologize dude!" he laughed. "I know how it is, riding always has the same effect on me!"

And when he jumped down on the ground and looked up to me, I could see that he was right. There was a pretty impressive tent in his pants. Tom just grinned and helped me down. He led Geronimo to the clear water and a spot of grass and let the animal feed and drink.

"Now c'mon buddy, the water is marvelous!" Tom said and started to strip. "Hey, have you ever been skinny dipping? This is the ideal place to do it!"

A second later he was completely naked and splashed in the water.

"Hey, what are you waiting for, are you water-funk?" he shouted and splashed at me again.

Water-funk? Me? Ha! No way! He did not have to dare me twice. I threw away my clothes and jumped in the water. But yikes, it was cold! I gasped when I surfaced again. I didn't know how the water could be that cold, in the middle of the desert, under the burning sun. Or should it only feel that cold because the air was so hot? I didn't know. At least it was cold enough to shrink my erection from full to nothing in an instant.

I looked around to find Tom, yet I didn't see him. But then I felt his hands on my legs and before I could react I was under water again. After swallowing half of the pond, I struggled free and coughed. Tom had swum a bit away from me and he was laughing his ass off. I wouldn't let him get out of this easily. I would get my revenge.

And so the game began. We chased each other through the pond from one end to the other and back, trying to duck the other or to pull him under water. It was just pure fun. I hadn't had so much fun for ages. Well, if I thought about it, I never had had so much fun in my entire life. This was just the best and happiest day of my life! And who did I owe this day? Tom White-Wolf, my new and best friend! I really had to tell him that!

When we had finished our water games, Tom took the blanket from Geronimo's back and spread it on the ground. We lay down on the blanket, still naked, and let the sun dry our bodies. And we made a little picnic with the food Tom had brought for us in his bag, and with the pure and cold water from the spring.

I thanked him again for everything he had done for me since we had met. I knew that it wasn't a big deal for him, but it really meant a lot to me. Thus I had to thank him again and again. I only wished that I could do more for him than only saying 'thank you'. But there was one thing I could do. I could be honest and tell him my last secret!

I was not sure how exactly he would react, but I was pretty sure that he would take it well. I mean, if he were a homophobe, he would never have slept naked with another boy. I would just tell him here and now, for there wouldn't be a better time.

"Tom, I have to tell you something!" I said.

"Anything you want dude!" he replied. "Just let it out. And if you just want to thank me again, you're welcome."

"Well, I told you pretty much everything about my life yesterday. There's only one thing I didn't tell you, but I want you to know it. You deserve to know it!"

"Now you made me curious. What is it? Do you wanna tell me that you robbed a bank in Kansas City and that there is a reward for you, dead or alive?"

Even if I tried to stay serious, I had to laugh. He was just too funny sometimes.

"Well, actually it was Dodge City, but that's another story." I said. "Ok, joking apart, I make it plain and simple. Tom, I'm gay!"

"So what? Where's the dark secret you wanted to tell me?" Tom asked when I didn't say anything else.

"Didn't you understand me? I said I'm gay!"

"Yeah, and I said 'so what'. What's so special about that? What's wrong with it?"

Now I was really surprised. I mean, I had expected a positive reaction. At least I had hoped for one. And Tom was fine with it. I was so relieved!

"Well, actually, there's nothing wrong with it. Of course not! It's just, I mean, there are so many people out there who don't like gays, or who even hate them and hurt them. And I did not want you to find it out somehow and hate me because I did not tell you and ... and ..."

"Wow, Jeff, calm down!" he said and hugged me. "It's ok, I am your friend, I will never hate you! You know, we Indians don't think the same way as other people about this. In our old language, there isn't even a word for being gay. Because we know that there's nothing wrong with it. On the contrary! In some tribes it is usual that the shaman lives together with another man because they think that he would lose his magic powers if he had sex with a woman. I other tribes the warriors are not allowed to be with women before they go hunting, because they think it would make them weak. They are only allowed to do it with other warriors. So you see, I have no problem at all with it. And besides, a male body can be real beautiful. Like yours!"

And then he tenderly caressed my chest with his hand. Oh my god, I could not believe it. This gorgeous Indian boy who had saved my life twice and who had given me a reason to live on when he had become my friend, this boy was now stroking my soft chest. I wanted to stop him, but then again I did not want him to stop. I mean, this was like a dream coming true. I wanted him, I needed him, I loved him! But I was not sure if Tom was feeling the same or if he was just fooling around with me.

"Tom, I ...." I tried to say.

But Tom just put a finger on my lips and signaled me to be silent. His face came closer and closer to mine and he looked me deep in the eyes. I was falling! Falling into those deep black eyes, the windows to his soul. And falling deeper and deeper in love with him!

And kissed me! At first there was only a small contact of our lips, but it was enough to send a shiver through my body like a little electric shock. Tom's lips were so soft, so unbelievably soft. I just closed my eyes and waited for the next contact. This time our lips were connected for about two seconds before they split again. And when our lips met for the third time, they didn't part anymore.

We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I felt Tom's tongue licking on my lips, and I slightly opened my mouth to let it in. I sucked his tongue deeper in my mouth and started to explore Tom's mouth with my own tongue. He tasted so good, I almost wanted to eat him alive.

Eventually we broke our kiss again. Tom sat up and smiled at me. My mind was blank, I could only say four words.

"I love you Tom!"

Tom's smile got even bigger. He dragged me up and put his hands on my shoulders.

"And I love you too Jeff!" he replied. "I liked you from the very first moment when I saw you on the rocks, and I wanted to be your friend. Otherwise I wouldn't have brought you to my house. But the longer I was together with you, the more I realized that it is more than just friendship. Yet I did not dare to tell you because I knew that many white people have problems with love between two boys. And then you told me that you are gay, and ... and ... oh Jeff, I am so happy!"

Now I had tears in my eyes, but it were tears of joy and happiness. I still couldn't fully believe what Tom had just said. He had said that he loved me too! Oh my, this was really like a dream! A dream? What if it was only a dream. What if I was still lying in Tom's bed? Or even worse, what if I was still lying in my own bed, and the last two days had been a dream? I had to pinch myself to find it out!

"Ouch!" I yelped.

"Hey, what are you doing Jeff?" Tom asked.

"I just wanted to be sure that I'm not dreaming!" I answered with a smile.

"Does this feel like a dream?" he said and gently stroked my cock which was rock hard again. "Or this?"

Tom took my hand and placed it on his own cock. I was almost fading when I felt his hot pulsating boyhood in my hand. Never before had I touched another cock than my own. Wow! And then this fascinating piece of skin around his head. I wished that I had a foreskin too, because I'd heard that it is so sensitive and it makes you feel so much better when you jerk off.

"So what," Tom asked again, "is this a dream or is it reality?"

"Well, if this isn't real then I must be dead and in paradise! Oh Tom, you are great. How do I deserve you?"

"I could ask you the same. Maybe the Gods of the desert wanted us to come together. But whatever, as much as I'd like to continue this here and now, I think we should ride back now. I want to show you something else! And we'll have plenty of time for THAT tonight!"

He said it with such a sweet voice that I just couldn't resist him. So we got dressed and Tom whistled for Geronimo. This time I was a bit more skillful when I climbed on the horse. I wrapped my arms tightly around Tom again, and I tried to slip even closer than before. Because this time I knew that he liked it too.

We rode out of the canyon and through the desert again, back towards the village. It was already late afternoon. I hadn't realized at all how much time had passed while we had been playing and talking. Much more than I would have expected. But it had not been wasted time, on the contrary. It had been quality time!

Tom didn't ride directly to the Indian village but to another hill in the desert. He rode about halfway up the hill, then he tied Geronimo on a bush and we climbed to the top. Tom led me to the western side and we sat down on the ground, looking down onto the desert and to the horizon.

"So what do you want to show me?" I asked him.

"Just wait and see!" he replied.

I didn't quite know what me meant, but then I realized it. The sunset! He wanted me to see the sunset! Of course I had seen sunsets before, but I had never actually paid attention to them. Well, a sunset in a city is not really something special, but a sunset in the middle of the Arizona desert is something else!

The yellow ball of the sun was close to the horizon now. You could see how it moved. And with every minute, the color changed more and more to red, bathing the world in all shades of yellow, orange and red. It was amazing, awesome, breathtaking ... special! I felt like today the sun was setting just for me, for us, to show us this beautiful scenery.

We sat there on the ground, holding hands without even noticing it, staring at the sun. Now I couldn't hold the tears back anymore. I was not crying loud, but the tears were running down my cheeks. For the last fourteen years my life had been pretty miserable. There hadn't been many good days. But the last two days had changed my life thoroughly. Not only was I still alive, but more important I had found a friend. A real friend. No, more than that, a soulmate. Somebody who loved me!

Eventually Tom noticed my tears. He leaned over and wiped them away. Then he kissed me on the lips again while the sun finally vanished behind the horizon. This moment would be treasured in my heart forever. No matter how old I would become, I would always remember this sunset and this kiss.

We stayed there for a few more minutes before we walked back to Geronimo and rode back to the village. It wasn't far anymore, and so we reached the village before it was completely dark. Tom brought his horse back to the corral and gave him food and water. Then we walked back to his house, hand in hand. A few other people saw us, and they just smiled and greeted us. Nobody seemed to wonder why two boys were holding hands.

Sam and Jona were sitting on a bench in front of the house when we arrived. I wanted to let Tom's hand go, because I was not sure how his parents would react when they saw us that way. But Tom just squeezed my hand and held me tight.

"Hello boys." Jona said. "You had good day? That fine! You hungry? There be snack for you in kitchen!"

"Hi mom, hi dad!" Tom said. "Yeah, we had lots of fun, I showed Jeff how beautiful our desert can be. But we're pretty tired now, so I think we'll eat a bit and then just go to bed!"

He winked at me and I grinned back. I knew that he did not want to sleep yet.

"So you liked what you saw Jeff?" Sam asked me.

"Oh yes sir, I really have a wonderful time here!" I replied. "Thank you for allowing me to stay!"

"You're welcome! You are a friend of Tom, so you can stay as long as you want!"

We said our good nights and went into the house. There was some cold chicken in the fridge, and we ate it together with two cans of coke. I watched Tom all the time, watched how carefully he nibbled at his chicken bone, and imagined how he would nibble at me. I almost spilled my coke when he licked and sucked at the bone while he smiled seductively. He could be such a tease, but I would make sure to pay it back to him somehow.

When we had finished our little snack, we put our plates in the sink, washed our hands and went into his room. I was a bit nervous now. Yesterday I had dreamed how it would be if Tom would be more than a friend. Now this dream had come true, but I was not sure what I should do. Was I supposed to do something?

Well, I did not have to think about it for long, because Tom took the initiative again. He grabbed my hips, pulled me close to himself and kissed me. Hmm, he tasted so sweet. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, and we were tongue wrestling again. We were both pretty good in this game, even if we were both rookies in this discipline. Learning by doing, that's what we did.

Tom broke our kiss for a moment to pull my T-shirt over my head, and I did the same to him. Then we slipped off our shoes and fell on the bed, wrapped around each other. Tom stroked my chest again, around the nipples and down to my belly. He unbuttoned my shorts and shoved his hand to my cock.

I moaned with pleasure when I felt his thumb rubbing over the sensitive head which was already wet with my precum. Tom's tongue played with my erect nipples now, left, right, left, right and so on. Then he went on exploring my body with his mouth, and his next target was my belly button. He gave me a little hickey before he finally focused on my crotch.

Tom unzipped my shorts and slowly pulled them down, revealing my throbbing hardon with the purple head. He took my boyhood in his hand and started to stroke me in a nice tender rhythm. It felt so good, so incredibly good. I mean, I had jerked off almost every day, often more than once. But this was a whole new feeling, and it was a thousand times better than doing it on my own.

I felt that I wouldn't be able to hold it back for long, but I didn't want it to be over so soon. That is why I stopped Tom from wanking me and rolled him on his back. Then I fumbled on his shorts with my shaky hands until I had him naked too. He giggled when I touched his balls, and he yelped like a young pup when I tickled him under his balls. Obviously I had found a very sensitive spot.

His skin was so soft, I couldn't stop caressing his body. But above all I wanted to caress his cock. He was fully hard and the foreskin was drawn back, but I could pull it back over his head again. Back and forth, back and forth. I loved to play with this small piece of skin, probably because I didn't have it anymore.

When Tom oozed his first drip of precum, I wiped it away with my fingers and licked it from my index finger. It didn't taste bad at all. It was a bit bitter, but at the same time it tasted sweet. I definitely wanted to taste more of it! And I wanted to taste it now!

So I pulled Tom's foreskin back again and licked around the head with my tongue. Tom shivered and groaned, and I was rewarded with a bit more of his precum. I could get used to that!

"I want to taste you too!" Tom whispered. "Please, turn around!"

I quickly moved around, so that we were facing each other's dicks now. I took Tom's cock back in my mouth, and at the same time I felt his lips engulfing my own dick. His tongue swirled around my head and licked over the little slit, then he swallowed my whole member until his nose rested in my pubics. I thrust my hips forward, almost uncontrollably, and I knew that I was almost there.

But I felt that Tom was close too, and I hoped that we could have our orgasms together. Thus I sucked him even harder and stroked his shaft with my hand at the same time.

Then it happened! Without any further warning my mouth was filled with Tom's cum, and I did my best to keep it all in. Now I could let go and fall over the edge. I arched my back and shot four hot waves of boy cream in Tom's hungry mouth. We both kept on sucking and swallowing until we were completely dry. Then I turned around again and we lay on our backs, completely exhausted, panting, gasping and enjoying the afterglow.

"Oh Tom, that was great!" I managed to say. "I love you so much!"

"Yes, it was!" he agreed. "And I love you more!"

We laughed and hugged again, giving each other some angel kisses all over our faces. Eventually we crawled under the fur, shared a last kiss and snuggled together.

"Good night Tom!" I whispered.

"Good night Jeff. I love you. And I know a way to seal our love. I will tell you tomorrow. We only need a name for you!"

I wanted to ask him what he meant, but I fell asleep before I could do it.

What could our Indian friend mean? Well, if you want to find it out, you will have to wait for the next chapter.
Until then, I hope that you enjoyed this one!

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