Desert Love

Chapter Three: Blood Brothers

When I woke up this morning, I knew exactly where I was. And this time I was not nervous at all when I felt Tom's head on my chest and his arm around my shoulder. On the contrary! I knew that I was not dreaming anymore. This gorgeous Indian boy really loved me! And I loved him with all my heart and soul. I would die for him. And I probably would be dead without him.

I looked down at Tom's head on my chest and wanted to watch the sleeping beauty for a while. But instead I looked directly in his deep black eyes. He was already awake, but he had not moved or said a word in order to let me sleep. Now he smiled at me, and immediately I felt the heat of love inside me again.

"Good morning white boy," he whispered, "how are you this fine morning?"

"Since there is no word which could describe how good I really feel, I'd just say that I'm feeling great!" I replied. "And by the way, I am no white boy anymore. I got a nice tan after this day under the desert sun!"

"You're still a whitie!" Tom giggled. "Especially down here!"

To show me which part of my body he meant, he pulled the fur away and slightly slapped my buttock and stroked my morning hardon. Well, he was right, my butt was as white as snow. And beside the red head, my dick was white too. I should do more nude basking to get an all over tan. Tom had such a tan, but that was only natural for him. His butt had the same nice color as his chest. I could look at this body for hours without getting tired.

But why should I only look at him? Hey, I could do much more with him now! So I rolled on top of Tom and sat on his stomach, tickling his sides. Tom giggled and wriggled under me, but I could grab his arms and pin him on the bed. He looked up at me, seductively licking his lips. Lips which should be kissed!

Slowly I bent down to his face and placed my lips on Tom's. I closed my eyes, opened my lips a bit, and welcomed Tom's tongue in my mouth. He tasted so good, so incredibly good. We played the old tongue wrestling game for quite a while, never getting tired.

In the meantime, I was lying flat on Tom, our bodies grinding in each other, our hands holding each other's heads. Our hard cocks were pressed against each other, and I rubbed my whole body against Tom. The friction of skin against skin made me hot, but soon we were covered with sweat, so we had a good lube between us.

I was already oozing a bit of precum, but suddenly there was a knock at the door. I was so shocked that I almost fell out of the bed. Quickly I grabbed the fur to cover my nudity, just a second before the door was opened and Sam peeked in. I was still panting, and my head was bright red. I was really worried now, because I was not sure how Tom's dad would react. The situation was pretty obvious, two naked boys in one bed, both panting, both sweating. But Sam just smiled at us and did not say a word about it.

"Good morning boys!" Sam said. "I hope that I did not wake you up, but it looks like you've been awake already. I just wanted to ask if you need something from the city. I will drive there in about half an hour, so if you need something, just tell me. And if you want to come with me, get out of bed and get ready!"

"Hmm, I could need some stuff from my house." I said. "Most of all some clothes, so I don't have to wear your stuff all the time Tom."

"Ok," Tom agreed, "then we will join you dad! Thanks for the offer!"

"No problem son. Meet me at the car in about 30 minutes!"

Sam went out again and closed the door. I lay back on the bed and let out a sigh of relief. Sam was really cool. I did not dare to imagine how my father would have reacted in this situation. He probably would have beaten the living shit out of Tom and me. But fortunately Sam was not like my dad. Or should I say unfortunately Sam was not my dad? Anyway, once again they had shown me that I was welcome here, and that the Indians had a much different view on life.

I wanted to roll back on top of Tom to continue our little game, but he had already gotten out of bed and was on his way to the door. Quickly I jumped out as well and hugged him from behind before he had reached the door.

"Hey, we still have time before your dad wants to leave!" I whispered in his ear and carefully bit in his earlobe. "Don't you think we should use this time?"

I took Tom's semi-hard dick in my hand, feeling how he got harder immediately. My own cock was rock hard too and pressed against his buttocks. But Tom took my hand away from his cock, tenderly but determined. He turned around and looked in my eyes.

"Sorry Jeff!" he said. "I fear we will have to wait until later. I want to speak with the Wise Man before we drive to the city, I need to ask him something important. So c'mon, let's have a quick shower together and pour down some cereals!"

So we went over into the bathroom and showered together. Of course this made me pretty horny again, but Tom was determined not to do anything sexual now. I wish I could have his self-control. We dressed, had a quick breakfast, and then Tom led me to the house of the Wise Man.

Tom told me that this man was sort of the shaman or medicine man of the town. He was one of the oldest Indians around, and he knew pretty much about their magic and rites. Tom knocked at the door, and a few moments later an old man opened. He said something in their native language which I could not understand, and Tom replied in the same language. I really had to learn it if I wanted to stay here for a while.

"Jeff, this is Old Charly Buffalo!" Tom introduced the old man to me. "People say that he's the wisest man in our town. I want to ask him something. I'll explain it to you later, ok?"

Charly led us in his living room, which looked like a little museum. The room was filled with dreamcatchers and many other mystical objects and symbols. We sat down and he and Tom talked in their native language. I tried to follow their conversation, always looking at the one who was just speaking, but I could not make any sense out of it. At one point Charly looked at me, smiled, said something to Tom and they both laughed.

Now I was getting impatient. Were they joking about me or what? But then Tom put his arm around my shoulder and I relaxed. A look in his eyes told me that it had not been a joke. They talked for another few minutes before Old Charly got up and turned to the door, Tom and me following him. Before we left, the old man patted my head and smiled again. I smiled back, shook his hand and said good bye.

On our way to Tom's house, I couldn't hold back my questions. At first I wanted to wait until Tom told me what they had been talking about, but my curiosity was stronger.

"Now tell me, what are you up to?" I asked. "What did you talk about? Why did you laugh? Geez, it drives me crazy not to understand that language!"

"Haha, I will teach you a bit of our language soon!" Tom replied. "Well, I'll tell you everything later, now we have to hurry if we don't want to miss my dad. Oh, and we still need a name for you!"

Name? What name? What was he talking about? I already had a name. Jeff, Jeffrey O'Connor! So why should I need another name? This boy was talking in riddles. Or did he just want to tease me? I had no time to think about it anymore, because we had reached Tom's house. His dad was already sitting in his pickup truck, waiting for us. We climbed in next to him and Sam headed towards the city.

We drove the sandy road through the desert into the city. I had lived in this city all my life, until two days ago. But somehow I was feeling as if I was going away from home and into a strange city. It's weird how two days can turn your whole life 180 degrees.

Sam asked where he should drop us off, and I told him that the next corner would be just fine. Tom and I could walk to my house, get some of my stuff, then walk over to the city mall and meet with Sam to help him with the supplies. After a few minutes walk, we reached my house. There was nobody home, but fortunately I had my key with me, so we could get in.

I walked straight to my room and took my big hiking backpack and my sports bag from under the bed. I looked through my clothes and threw some of them in my bags, mainly shorts, T-shirts and underwear. While I was packing, Tom walked around and looked at all the stuff on my shelves and on the desk.

"Geez, why do you need all those things?" he asked.

"Well, I always thought that I need them." I replied. "My computer, the CD player, the videogames, everything. But now .... this doesn't seem to be important anymore. I realized that those material things are no substitute for friendship and love. And you made me realize that! Thank you!"

I walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"You're welcome Jeff!" he said and kissed my forehead.

We shared some more angel kisses, and a few moments later we were rolling around on my bed, kissing passionately. I pulled his shirt up, so I was able to kiss and lick and suck his hard brown nipples. I was lying on top of him, and I could feel that he had a hardon, just like me. Oh yeah, I wanted to taste him now, on my own bed, where I had had so many fantasies and wet dreams about gorgeous boys like my Tom.

I crawled between his legs and started to unbutton his shorts. I could already see the head of his cock, still half covered by his foreskin, and with a shiny little drip of precum on the slit. But just as I was about to pull down his shorts completely and take his cock in my mouth, I heard the front door open.

"Jeffrey, are you at home?"

SHIT! My mother had just come home. Shit! Why now? Couldn't she have stayed wherever she had been until I had left the house again? I sighed. There was no way how we could go on right now, so I quickly got up and walked to the door while Tom rearranged his clothes.

"Yes, I'm here with a friend!" I shouted back. "I just want to get some clothes, coz I'll stay at his place for some more days."

She came up the stairs and into my room. I introduced Tom to her and he politely stretched out his hand to say hello. But she didn't take it, she just asked me if I could come down for a moment because she had to talk to me. So I followed her down to the kitchen while Tom waited in my room.

"What do you have to do with this Indian scum?" she asked me bluntly.

"WHAT?" I was shocked.

"I don't want any of those dirty redskins in my house!"

"Mom, what ... what are you talking about? Tom is my friend!" I managed to say.

"You don't need such a friend! You can find better friends. White friends! Those Indians are dirty, they steal, they lie. They are almost worse than the niggers!"

Now I was really shocked. I had not known that my mother was a racist.

"Mom, that's not true! You cannot treat all Indians alike. Maybe there are some bad people among them, but not more than among other colors. There are blacks, and there are niggers. And there are whites, but there is white trash too!"

"Shut up Jeffrey, you don't know anything about that. And now I want that this Indian leaves my house!"

"Ok, he will go, but I will go with him. He is my friend, the best friend I've ever had. And I will stay with him for a while!"

"If you leave this house with him now, you don't have to come back anymore!" she hissed, and I could see that she was serious.

I did not have to think about it. I went back into my room and finished packing. I took all the money I had hidden at home, my savings account book, and some of my favorite things, like sunglasses, some books and my old teddy bear. Tom didn't ask what had happened. We had spoken loud enough, so he had probably heard everything. He just helped me to close my bags, and then we each took one bag and walked out.

My mother was still in the kitchen, and when she heard us coming down the stairs, she came to the door. I didn't look at her anymore. She tried to grab my shoulder, but I pulled away from her, opened the door and walked out. Tom followed me silently. I did not look back anymore, and she did not try to call me back. She just slammed the door shut.

I tried not to cry, but when we had walked a few houses down the street I began to sob. Finally I could not hold my tears back anymore, and I sat down on the sidewalk and started to cry. Tom sat next to me and put his arm around me, pulling my head on his shoulder. I don't know how long we sat there and how many people walked along, but it didn't matter. It only mattered that Tom was here with me.

Eventually my tears dried up and my breathing slowed down. Tom was still holding me and stroking my hair, trying to comfort me. I wanted to kiss him right here on the street, but I didn't dare too. I had problems enough, I didn't need any homophobes to beat me and Tom up.

"Are you ok again?" Tom asked silently.

"Yeah, I guess so." I replied. "Thank you for holding me. I still can't believe what my mother said. She thinks that you are ... that all Indians are ..."

"Sshh, you don't have to repeat it. She spoke loud enough, I heard everything. But you are not responsible for your mother, and you don't have to apologize for her."

"Thank you Tom, I really love you! Do you think I can stay at your house for a while now? At least until I know how it will go on. I will try to pay for it!"

"You can stay as long as you want, you will always be welcome. And forget the money, you are part of the family! By the way, we should go over to the mall now, we have to meet my dad in a few."

So we got up, took my bags and went towards the mall.

"As I said," Tom continued, "you are welcome to stay as long as you need or want. You can stay forever! And tonight, you will become a real part of the family!"

"Ok," I said, "now tell me what you've planned for tonight. No more secrets!"

"Hahaha, you're curious, aren't you?"

"Of course I am! C'mon, please tell me." I put on my best puppy dog look.

"Well, if you really wanna know, I'll tell you!" Tom said. "Plain and simple, I want you to become my blood brother!"

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked.

"It's an old Indian rite. Two people, usually two warriors, share their blood with each other and became brothers for all eternity."

"They share ... blood? How?"

"Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. Each person makes a small cut on his arm, the cuts are pressed together, the blood combines - that's it. Well, ok, it takes a bit longer, the shaman uses some of his magic and so on. That is why we went to the Wise Man this morning. I asked him if he would do it for us, and he said yes. He even said that you are cute, and that we are a nice couple. That was when we laughed."

"You mean, you told him about us? Everything?"

"Yes I did!" Tom said. "And Old Charly is fine with it. You know, many years ago, when he was a young shaman, he had a male companion too!"

"Wow, that's cool. Ok, I'd be more than happy to become your blood brother." I said and smiled at him. "Oh, one more thing. What about the name? You said I would need a name. What did you mean?"

"Well, you need an Indian name, sort of a nickname or something. And I already have an idea. What do you think of that: Jeff Golden Eagle. When I saw you for the first time, standing on those rocks, with your arms spread, you almost looked like an eagle who wanted to fly. And in the sunset, your red hair looks like gold. So, would you like that name?"

"Would I like it? Oh Tom, I LOVE it! Wow, it's so cool. Jeff Golden Eagle. A white wolf and a golden eagle. What a couple! Thank you so much Tom!"

"Then it is set, tonight we will become blood brothers! And you will be officially introduced to the rest of the town."

"You mean they all will be there?"

"Of course they will." Tom said and smiled. "Don't worry about it, they are all great people. You will love them."

In the meantime we had reached the mall. We found Sam on the parking lot were he was just stowing away the supplies in his pickup. We put my bags in too and went back into the mall to get something to eat. On our way, Tom said something to his dad. Obviously he had told him what had happened at my place, because Sam put his arm around my shoulder, hugged me and told me that I could stay with them as long as I wanted. I had a lump in my throat, and I could only say 'thank you'.

We went into one of the fast food restaurants and ordered some burgers, fries and cokes. I offered to pay for it, but Sam just laughed and gave me my money back. Well, at least I had tried. We found a free table and ate silently. I had a lot to think about, and the others gave me the space to do it. But under the table, Tom rubbed my legs with his feet to show me that he was there.

After our little snack, we continued shopping. Sam needed some more things, above all from the hardware store, and he was glad that he had two drudges who helped him to carry all the stuff. Finally the pickup was full and we headed home. Yeah, I felt like going home, and not to some Indian town I had not even known about three days ago.

It was already getting dark when we reached Tom's house. We carried the supplies and the rest of the stuff into the house, and I brought my bags to Tom's room. Or should I say our room now?

The ceremony would only start when it was completely dark, so we had some time to get ready. We took another shower, this time in turns, to wash away the dust, sweat and tears of the day. Then I dressed in a pair of my own black jeans (nights in the desert can be cold) and black T-shirt. Tom gave me one of his leather headbands, not to hold any hair out of my face, but just because he thought that it looked good on me.

Eventually we were both dressed and ready to go. I was pretty nervous, since I had no idea what would happen tonight. Ok, I could imagine somehow how we would become blood brothers. After all, I had seen many movies about Indians and cowboys when I was younger. And I was not afraid of a small cut or a little pain. What made me nervous was the reaction of the other people.

It is true that Tom had said that they would be nice to me, that they would like me. But still, I was an outsider who had come into their community out of nowhere. Yet on the other side, all people I had met here so far had been very friendly. Even Sam, when he had seen me in bed with his son. He just must have guessed what was going on, but he had only smiled.

When we reached the main square, I stopped abruptly. I looked like the whole town was there, sitting in a big circle. There were people of all ages, from little kids to old men and women. I even saw a few white people among the Indians. And they all wore colorful clothes which looked kind of traditional, and most of them had feathers in the hair.

In the center of the circle, I saw Old Charly Buffalo sitting on a small campfire. Furthermore, Sam and Jona were sitting there on the fire.

"Wow!" I stammered, still not moving.

"Yeah, isn't it great?" Tom said. "I always love it when the whole town comes together for a festival or a ceremony. But tonight it will be the best ceremony of all times, because you are here with me! Are you ready now?"

"I think so." I replied. "I only hope that I won't make a mistake. I guess every move in this ceremony has its meaning, and I don't want to spoil it!"

"Aw, don't worry. It will be in our old language, but you will know what you have to do. You will only have to say a few words, but I will say them first and you just repeat them. Ok, let's go!"

Tom took my hand and led me into the circle and towards the fire. When I looked around, I saw only smiling faces, and the biggest smiles were on the faces of Sam and Jona. Well, after all they would get a new son in a few minutes. We sat down on the fire, facing Old Charly.

I made a mental note to ask Tom what the shaman had said through the ceremony, for I did not understand a word. I could not even guess the meaning of the words, they were too different from English or the few words of Spanish I understood. But with Tom on my side, I always knew what I had to do. I just did the same as he did!

Old Charly started to speak, and soon the people in the circle started to hum and to beat their small drums. I was shivering, I could really feel the magic of this place and of the ritual. Now the shaman had a dagger in his hand. He waved it over the fire, spoke some words, held the blade in the fire and then in a small bowl with water.

Finally he gave the dagger to Tom. Tom held it in his left hand, stretched out his right arm and made a small cut on his forearm. It started to bleed, but without blood, you can't become blood brothers. Then he handed the dagger over to me. The blade was made of silver, and the wooden handle was carved with mystical symbols. I took a deep breath and scratched the skin on my right forearm.

I expected it to hurt, but surprisingly I hardly felt it. Fascinated I looked at the dark red blood which oozed out of the wound. I gave the dagger back to Old Charly, not sure what I was supposed to do now. Tom turned over to face me, and I just did the same. Then he held his bleeding arm in a 45 degrees angle in front of his chest, waiting for me to do the same.

Now I could guess what I had to do. I pressed my bleeding forearm against Tom's, so that our blood got mixed. The shaman began to speak again, and Tom repeated what he had said. Then he gave me a slight nod to show me that I should repeat it too. I tried my best to make it sound right, and I did a good job. I had hardly said the words when the crowd around us shouted in unison. Later Tom told me that those words had been a promise which meant something like 'help ever, hurt never'.

In the meantime Old Charly had put some herbs in his bowl of water, and now he rubbed those herbs on our forearms. Maybe it was something to disinfect the wounds, or another part of the ritual, I didn't know. But the bleeding stopped almost immediately, and it didn't hurt at all.

The Indians in the circle stood up and started to sing and dance. Tom stood up too, and he pulled me on the feet. Then he hugged me tight, and Sam and Jona joined the hug. This moment was so emotional, I was almost crying. I was part of the family now, part of the community. And I felt so accepted and so loved.

I thought that the ceremony was over now, but I was wrong. Charly came over to me, and in his hands he had a small silver pendant on a leather thong. It was an eagle, just like my new name. He put it around my neck and smiled at me. I wondered where he had got this pendant so fast, it had only been a few hours since Tom had given me this name. When I asked Tom about it, he just grinned.

"I had the idea for this name since I saw you for the first time!" he said. "And I was sure that you would like it too. That is why I told it to Charly this morning, and one of the other men made this pendant, just for you!"

Then he showed me one of his own pendant, and I saw that he had a silver wolf around his neck. I did not know what to say, or how to thank them all. There were no words for what I was feeling.

The rest of the evening was a big party. I think I was hugged by every single citizen of the town, no matter if man or woman, old or young. And I was kissed a lot too. They all told me their names, but it was impossible for me to remember them all. We danced, we ate, we drunk, we just had fun.

When we finally went home, I was pretty tired. Exhausted, but happy. Sam and Jona both kissed me good night and told me again that I was part of the family. This was my home, as long as I wanted. Now I couldn't hold my tears back anymore, and I cried in their arms for a few minutes before Tom and I went to his room and closed the door behind us.

I fell on the bed at once and sighed. Tom laid next to me, and for a while we just looked on the ceiling without talking. Eventually I started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" Tom asked.

"Well," I replied and looked at my right forearm, "I was just wondering. We are sort of brothers now, right?"

"Yeah!" he agreed and pressed his arm against mine again. "Blood brothers! Now and forever!"

"So, if we are bothers, wouldn't it be against the law if we had sex with each other? That's incest, you know!"

"No way!" Tom said quickly. "We can have as much sex as we want. There's no law against sex between blood brothers. And even if there would be such a law, I would not care about it. I love you, and I want to show it to you every day and every night! I want to make you happy!"

"Then what are you waiting for?" I asked and giggled again.

Tom didn't need another invitation. He leaned over and we kissed, long and passionately, tongues wrapped around each other. I lay on my back, my eyes closed, and let my boyfriend be the active part. And Tom was really active! After this long first kiss, he started to undress me. Slow and tender.

He took my shoes and socks off, and he sucked at my small toes as if they were made of candy. This sent shivers through my whole body, and my jeans became too tight for my growing hardon. He unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned the jeans and pulled the zipper down. I sighed when my cock had more space again, coz I was so hard that it almost hurt. Slowly he pulled my jeans down and threw them away. My T-shirt followed a second later, and then I was lying there, only in my tented boxers.

Before he stripped me completely naked, Tom increased my anticipated joy by stripping for me. He hummed the song they had sung at the ceremony, and he danced for me while he undressed. Once again, he was not wearing any underwear, which made me even hornier.

His body was perfect, at least it came very close to my definition of a perfect body. So soft, so smooth, so yummy! I was drooling when he stood there in front of me, naked, hard, stroking his own chest. A small wet spot appeared in my boxers when I oozed my first precum, just from looking at him.

Then he came back to the bed, went down on his knees and pulled my boxers down with his teeth. He crawled on top of me again, our cocks pressed against each other, and our lips met for another long kiss. I don't know how I could breathe while we were kissing, but somehow I must have done it. We explored each others mouth with our tongues, licking and sucking, tasting each other.

Eventually Tom wanted to taste more of my body, and thus he broke the kiss and started to lick a path down my body. He sucked my nipples until they were completely hard. I shivered when his tongue had almost reached my cock, but Tom didn't touch it yet. Instead he licked and caressed my inner thighs and kissed my toes before he finally came back to my cock.

I wanted to feel his lips around my circumcised head now. And Tom didn't tease me any more now but took my bright red head in his mouth. I moaned silently when he licked up and down my shaft, and my moans got louder when he let his tongue circle around the head.

Suddenly I felt Tom's finger in my crack and pressing against my hole. But since there was no lube yet, he could not push it in. So I grabbed his hand and sucked his index finger in my mouth, sucking at it until he was really wet from my salvia. Then he found his way back to my hole, and this time he only needed a little pressure and his index finger slipped in my butt. He moved it around a bit, and when he brushed my prostate for the first time, I jumped up a little.

Tom giggled at bit with my cock still in his mouth, and he rubbed my prostate with the tip of his finger. This sensation was too much for me. I felt how the first wave of cum left my balls and rushed through my cock, up to the head. I arched my back, groaned, thrust my hips upwards and climaxed. Four, five, six shots of hot cum fired out of my cock and down Tom's throat. He sucked me even harder now, trying to get every little drip of my cream.

I was shaking, as if I had touched a high voltage wire. This orgasm was so intense, there were stars dancing in front of my eyes. But all good things end somehow, and my orgasm was no exception. I calmed down again, and my cock got soft. Carefully Tom pulled his finger out of my butt again, and he let my cock out of his mouth. Then he hugged me tight, and once again we kissed for what seemed like an eternity.

I needed a few minutes before I had the complete control over my body again. But as soon as I could move again, I wanted to try to give Tom as much pleasure back as possible. Now it was my turn of licking and sucking and nibbling and stroking, and soon I had wrapped my lips around his cock.

He tasted so sweet. I had never sucked a white cock before (not that I had sucked any cock at all before), but I was sure that it could not even taste half as good as this Indian piece of boy meat. I swallowed his whole cock without gagging, and I tried to give him the best blowjob I could.

Tom was as horny as me, and thus it didn't take long before his cock was twitching in my mouth. Then he shot his hot load in my mouth, and I drank it all. I kept a bit of his cum in my mouth, and when we kissed again, I fed him with his own sweet cream.

When we were lying in each other's arms a few minutes later, I only felt how tired I really was. It had been a long and exciting day, with a few downs and many ups, and now I really needed some rest. Tom was just as tired as I was, and so we cuddled real tight under our fur, kissed for a last time for today, and soon we fell asleep.

Now Jeff has found a new family, and he is very happy. But will his real parents just let him go like this? Or will they try to get him back? If you want to know it, you'll have to stay tuned!

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