Desert Love

Chapter Four: The Heart of a Warrior

The next few days were like a long wonderful dream for me. Tom introduced me to many of the people in the village, from the little kids to the old great grandfathers. And not a single one of them was unfriendly to me. It was amazing, I could feel love and harmony everywhere. Yes, I could almost grab it with my hands!

We spent a lot of time in the desert, either hiking or riding on Geronimo. After a few private lessons, I could even ride on my own, and in the end I was allowed to ride my own horse. Well, of course it was not MY horse, it belonged to another Indian man who allowed me to borrow it whenever I wanted. It was a beautiful light gray colt named Silver.

So Tom and I rode out together, often stopping at the water hole for a quick swim. Jona had given me some sort of sun cream to protect my sensitive skin which was not yet used to the desert sun. I did not want to know what this stuff was made of, but it helped to prevent sunburns, and soon I almost looked like a little Indian by myself. Though unfortunately my skin did not have this gorgeous copper tone like Tom's.

Of course we spent a lot of time having sex, in Tom's bed, at the water hole and in the mountains. Making love while the sun sets in the desert is one of the most amazing things in the entire world. You don't know if you shall concentrate on your eyes and what you see or on the ecstasy of your orgasm. It's just - I cannot put it in words without degrading it, thus I don't even try.

As I said, life was like a dream for me, but unfortunately you always have to wake up again. And for me, this awakening came pretty sudden and without a warning. It had been about the week since the ceremony where I had become Tom's blood brother. It was in the early evening, and we had just brought the horses back to the corral and went back to Tom's house - or our house, coz I was feeling home here in the meantime.

When we came around the last corner, we saw a police car in front of the house, and the Sheriff of our town - that means of the white town - was arguing with Sam. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him. I was pretty sure that he wanted to take me back to my parents, to my old life which I had hated so much that I had even tried to end it. But before I could turn around and run away, the Sheriff had spotted me.

"Aw, there we have our little runaway!" he shouted. "C'mere young Mr. O'Connor!"

I just shook my head and did not move. Tom stayed with me and put his arm around my shoulder. I was so happy and relieved that he was there at this moment, coz he gave me strength.

"Jeffrey, don't make this situation any worse!" the Sheriff said with a dangerous undertone in his voice. "I'll bring you back where you belong! Your parents are really worried about you!"

Bullshit! I almost shouted this at him, but I could hold it back before it slipped out of my mouth. My parents! They were only pissed because I loved these Indians more than I loved them. Not that I loved them at all anymore. I still did not move, but then Sam nodded and signaled me to come over to them.

"Good boy!" the Sheriff laughed. "Now get in the car and I'll give you a free ride home!"

"But I still have some of my stuff in the house." I said. "And I cannot..."

"Leave it here!" Tom interrupted me. "You will need it when you come back. Don't worry, you'll be back soon!"

"I would not count on that son!" the Sheriff hissed. "This boy does not belong to your world, he deserves something better!"

"I am not your son, so do not call me that!" Tom hissed back. His eyes were fixed on the cop, and he did not step back. "Jeff is much happier here than he could ever be with his so called 'real' family. At least we do love him!"

"What's love got to do with this? This boy has a family, and that's it. Now get in the car, I want to get out of this place as quick as possible. It stinks!"

"You probably stepped in the shit you've been talking!" I whispered, loud enough for Tom, but not loud enough for the Sheriff.

I started to cry when I gave Tom a tight hug, and I could feel that his body was shaking as well.

"I love you!" he whispered in my ear.

"I love you too!" I whispered back.

Then I said good bye to Sam, and he tried to encourage me by telling me that they would find a way for me to come back. In the meantime, Jona had come out of the house too, and she was shouting at the cop in her own language. Only now I realized how many people were standing around us, staring at the cop who was obviously feeling pretty uncomfortable now.

Eventually he grabbed me at the arm, pushed me on the back seat of his car and slammed the door shut. Then he pressed his pretty fat body behind the wheel and started the engine. The Indians were humming a song outside, or maybe a prayer, and I could still hear it in my mind when we had left the reservation behind us.

"Geez, I'm glad that we're out of that shit hole again!" the Sheriff said. "You should thank me for coming to get you out of there. I don't trust those redskins. They might try to stick something up the ass of a nice white boy like you."

"You don't know anything about them!" I shouted. "I've never met such great people before!"

"Hey, calm down boy, and stop shouting around in my car. Looks like those Indians already gave you a brainwash, you don't recognize your own kind anymore. It's about time that you come home!"

I didn't bother to reply anymore. People like this Sheriff have their own opinion about everything, and nothing will ever change it. So I just closed my eyes and thought back of the happy days I had had in the reservation.

Finally we arrived at my house, my old house, and the Sheriff honked twice before he climbed out of his car. Seconds later the door opened and my parents came out of the front door. They both smiled broadly, but even from the distance I could tell that it were fake smiles. Slowly I got out of the car before the cop could drag me out. My mother reached me first, and she gave me a lax hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Oh Jeffrey, thank God you're back! We were so worried about you!" she feigned.

My father hugged me too, and I could smell the alcohol in his breath. With my luck, he would whip my ass tonight, whether I would give him a reason or not. They both thanked the Sheriff for taking me back home, and they told him that they would take good care of me to make sure that I would not run away again. Fat chance, I would get out of here as soon as possible. This wasn't my family anymore!

I didn't wait any longer and walked into the house. On the kitchen table, I found a fresh pizza, but I was not hungry at all. So I just grabbed a can of Mt. Dew out of the fridge and went into the living room. A few minutes later, my parents came in, and I mentally prepared for a lot of shouting or even beating. But surprisingly they both stayed very calm, yet very cold at the same time.

"I hope you learned your lesson Jeffrey!" my mother said. "Don't you ever dare to do that again! Indian scum!" She almost spit those words out. "Fortunately none of the neighbors saw you with this little bastard. I can't even imagine what they would think of us. But now it is over, you will never ever see him again, or any other of his kind!"

"Oh yes, I will see Tom again!" I replied sulkily. "He's my best friend! And he ..."

"You will do exactly what you are told!" my father hissed. "And if you don't obey, we will send you to a cadet school, there you will learn to obey!"

I just couldn't believe it. I could not understand why my parents hated the Native Americans that much. There was no reason at all! In that moment I swore to myself that I would do anything to escape this house, this town and this life, and to go back to my new family, my new home, my new life. I would find a way!

Instead of continuing the argument with my parents, I went straight to my room without saying another word. I lay on the back on my bed and stared at the ceiling, feeling so alone. I had slept alone for over fourteen years, but for the last week, I had shared the bed with the guy I loved. And now I missed his touches, I missed being held and being hugged. I missed the warmth of his body, his soft skin, his hot breath on my neck, and his silent snores when he was asleep. I MISSED MY TOM!

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard a key turn in the lock of my door. My parents had locked me in my own room! This was ridiculous! Did they really think that they could keep me from running away that way? I could easily climb out of the window. Or just walk out of the door tomorrow, when I was home alone. This house was not Alcatraz!

But tonight I was too tired to do anything. It was too late to walk back to the reservation anyway. I would wait until tomorrow .... wait and sleep .... I was just tired and emotionally exhausted now .... and I fell asleep, still dressed, even with my shoes on.

And I dreamed about my Indian friends. It was night, and I was on the main square of the Indian town, next to Old Charly at the fire. Lots of people were singing and dancing around us, drums were playing ... drums ... boom boom boom ... knock knock knock ... the sound of the drums slightly changed, now it sounded more like someone was knocking on a window ... knocking on a window ...

Suddenly I realized what was going on here, and I jumped out of my bed. I looked out of the window and saw Tom's smiling face. He had some red and black paint in his face, as if he were on the warpath. And with him, there were some other guys, teens I knew from the town, with painted faces and feathers in their hair.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was only half past 4 am in the morning. As silently as possible, I opened the window, and Tom climbed in immediately. Before I could say a word, he had pressed his lips against mine and gave me a long and passionate kiss. I could see the other guys smiling and snickering outside, but then I just closed my eyes and let my tongue slip into Tom's waiting mouth. It had only been about twelve hours since I had left him, but oh my, I had missed him and his kisses so much!

Eventually we broke the kiss and sat down on my bed, arms around each other's shoulders. I could not help but smile about the martial look on his face, with all the paint and the feathers in his hair.

"What are you guys doing here?" I whispered, in order not to wake up my parents.

"Of course we came to rescue you!" Tom replied silently. "Did you think we would just let them take you away from us? There are two cars waiting around the corner, ready to take you back home!"

"You are crazy Tom!" I said. "Even if I come with you, my parents will call the police and this stupid Sheriff will come out to take me back here again."

"Not necessarily! Look, we sat together last night and talked about it a lot, and I think that we found a way. We will need an old Native American law, the help of a lawyer, and of course a bit of luck. I'll explain it to you later, but trust me, our chances are quite good! Now let's get out of here!"

Did I trust him? Of course I did! He had never lied to me so far. So I gave him another quick kiss and we climbed out of the window again and into the backyard. Carefully I closed the window again. I did not even think about leaving a note for my parents. They would guess where I had gone.

I quickly shook hands with the other guys, most of which I already knew, and followed them around the house to the street. We run a few houses down the street and around the corner where two pickups were waiting, with two Indians in their early twenties behind the wheels. Tom guided me on the front seat of the first car and squeezed himself next to me. The other guys jumped in and on the cars too, and soon we were on our way out of the town and into the desert.

I still couldn't quite believe it. Tom had kidnapped me ... no, rescued me ... or something in between. Whatever, he was here with me, and I was on my way back to my new home. At least until the Sheriff visited us again. Which reminded me ...

"So, what plan do you have Tom?" I asked curiously. "And beside, why did you take me out like that? Why didn't you just drive over with your dad and picked me up?"

"Well, this little raid was the first part of the plan. It should show the support of the community for you, especially of those who are about your age. This is important if the old law shall apply!"

"Which old law?" I was a bit confused now.

"Michael will explain it to you." Tom said and pointed at our driver. "I think you met him these days. Michael 'Sly Fox'. Hehehe, that's a good name for him, because he studied law, and he is a real lawyer now. Tell him Mike!"

"Tom's right," Michael said, "there is really an old law of our tribe which can help us. But only because of a WHITE law, which allows us to use OUR laws inside the reservation."

"Ok, I think I got it so far." I said. "But what is this old law about?"

"Well, it's sort of an adoption. An Indian community can adopt an outsider and make him part of the community. And then this man or woman will be protected by the whole community. In your case, you could say that you get 'divorced' from your family and 'adopted' by us. Last week, you became part of Tom's family, but this time, you will become part of the tribe. That means, if you want to!"

"Of course I want!" I almost shouted it out.

"Good! Well, there are a few, let's call it rules, if you want to do it. First, the community has to support you. Which we just showed by 'rescuing' you. Second, you will need a companion for the test of faith..."

"Which of course will be me, your blood brother!" Tom interrupted him.

"... for the test of faith which shall prove that you have the heart of a warrior and that you are worthy of becoming part of the community. But Old Charly will explain this part to you!"

"A warrior?" I asked. "Does that mean that I will have to hunt and kill a buffalo with bow and arrow?"

"No," Michael laughed, "becoming a warrior does not mean that you have to kill. It's your inner strength which is important. But as I said, Charly will fill you in the details when we reach the village."

We were quiet for the rest of the way. I was holding Tom's hand, his other arm was around my shoulder, and I was thinking about my future. The next few hours would be pretty important for the rest of my life. I was only 14 years old, still a kid, but the decisions I had to make now would influence my whole life. But then again, those decision weren't that hard at all. I had to decide between two people who cared more about their social standing than about their own son, and a family who loved me. Really not that hard!

Finally we reached the village. A bunch of younger kids were already waiting for us, and now they ran along with the cars, cheering and howling. Sam and Jona were sitting on the bench in front of their house, and as soon as they heard the howling kids and saw the cars, they came to the street. They almost dragged me out of the car, just to take me in their arms and to hug the stuffing out of me.

I felt so loved in that moment! And I did not know if I deserved it at all. But every person in this world deserves to be happy and to be loved. It was just a new experience for me to feel those kinds of emotions from other people. I wanted to rest in their arms for a while, but Michael and Old Charly, who had been waiting for me too, interrupted us.

"I'm sorry, but we have to hurry a bit!" Mike said. "I don't know how fast your parents will react, and you will have to start the test before the Sheriff is here again. Only if you completed it, we can insist on the old law!"

And thus, for the next quarter of an hour, Old Charly told us what we had to do. Well, he told it to Mike and Tom, and Mike translated it for me. Actually it was pretty simple. First we had to go out in the desert, only dressed with a loincloth and moccasins, and we were not allowed to take anything else with us. No food, no water, no weapons, nothing. On one of the hills, there was an old holy place of the Native Americans, a so called smoke hole. There, according to Old Charly, we would have to light a fire, sit in the smoke and wait for a vision which would tell us about our future. Then we would come back, tell the wise man about the vision, and he would decide whether I could stay or not. I sounded really easy. But then again, I would have done everything which would help me to stay with Tom!

I was ready! Well, actually not really, but I had no time to think about it. I only knew that I would walk to hell and back for Tom, so this little trip in the desert shouldn't be that much a problem. Anyway, we had to hurry now. It was almost sunrise, the moment we were supposed to start.

So Tom and I ran into the house, took off all our clothes (every other day this would have ended with sex, but now we did not even get hard), and we each put on a loincloth and moccasins. Then we hurried out again and Old Charly painted some magical symbols or runes or whatever on our chests and faces. Tom explained me that those signs should protect and guide us through this test.

Moments later, the first rays of the new sun appeared on the horizon. The test of our faith had started! We waved good bye to the crowd of Indians who were silently singing again, probably a song of courage for us, and walked out of the village and into the open desert. It would be another hot and sunny day, so it would be important for us to find some water. But with Tom on my side, I did not worry about this little problem. I only worried about this vision. What if I did not have a vision at all? Or what if I had a bad vision? Or ...

"Hey, are you dreaming?" Tom's voice ripped me out of my thoughts. "C'mon, let's walk a bit faster as long as the sun is not burning too hot. See the lonely hill over there? That's our destination!"

"Wow, that's quite a way!" I replied. "I hope I can do that!"

"I know you will, I believe in you! And besides, you have to do it if you want to stay with us. But as long as you love me, you won't have a problem, because true love is stronger than everything!"

"Oh yes, I love you, my gorgeous white wolf!" I said and place a little kiss on his cheek.

We put our arms around each other's shoulders and continued our way. In order to while away a bit, we told some jokes and stories of our lives, talked about the games we liked to play when we were younger, sang some songs and so on. And Tom even taught me an old Native American song, taught me how the words were pronounced and what they meant, and so we came closer and closer to the hill without even noticing it.

Eventually we reached the foot of the hill. It was almost noon, I was sweating like a pig and the skin on my shoulders was getting red. But most of all, I was thirsty! If we did not find some water really soon, I would not the able to walk anymore. On the other side, Tom looked like he could go on for hours and hours. Geez, I felt like a wimp next to him. Of course Tom noticed what shape I was in, and he tried to encourage me a bit.

"Only a few more steps Jeff! There is a small spring a little bit up the hill. Trust me, I've been here before. C'mon, take my hand, we can rest there for a while!"

So I pulled myself together and followed Tom on the dusty path which lead up the hill. And really, a few minutes later I could hear the silent noise of running water. This sound brought back some of my strength, and finally we found the spring behind some rocks and between some small bushes. Cold, crystal clear water flew out of the rocks, only to ooze away again after a short distance. This water would never become a river, not even a small one, but it would quench our thirst.

I fell down on my knees and greedily drank the water out of my hands. I tasted better than every other drink I had had before, but on the other side, I had never been so thirsty before. Tom had to hold me back, so I did not drink too much too quick. I probably would have regretted it later when my stomach would have rioted.

We washed our faces and splashed water all over our hot bodies. Then we lay down in the shadow of a bigger rock for a while and gave ourselves a short rest. I almost fell asleep there, lying in Tom's arms, my head resting on his smooth chest. But before I could start to snore, Tom poked me in the side and pulled me on my feet again.

"This is not the time for a siesta!" Tom said and grinned. "Move your ass buddy! Hmm, by the way, your butt looks really cute in this loincloth!"

"Hehe, thank you!" I replied and blushed slightly. "Your butt looks great in everything, and even greater without anything."

"Well, I'd love to prove you right, but unfortunately we don't have time for fun right now. But who knows what happens later in the smoke hole. I heard that those visions can become pretty vivid from time to time, if you know what I mean!"

Step by step we climbed up the hill. Some sections were pretty steep while others were plain. On one of the steeper parts, I caused a little avalanche of pebbles, and since Tom was walking immediately behind me, he almost slid down with all the rubble. Fortunately I was able to grab his hand while I held myself on one of the small bushes which where growing on the way. Phew, that was close!

I almost felt like Frodo on Orodruin now. And somehow this hill was my own Mt. Doom. Soon Gollum would appear to steal the ring from me and ... geez, I was dreaming again. This was not the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie, this was the Arizona desert. And I did not have to carry the burden of the ring, so I was in a much better position than good old Frodo Baggins.

Finally we stood on top of the hill. It did not have a real peak but a flat plateau. In the center of this plateau there was a circle of stones, not as big and impressive as Stonehenge, but nevertheless a place with a special magic aura. And in the middle of this circle was the smoke hole. Actually it was not more than a simple hole in the ground, about 5 feet deep and 10 feet in diameter. In the old days, when the Native Americans visited this place frequently, there must have been sort of a roof, made of branches and leaves, to cover the hole and keep the smoke inside.

Well, today it was just a hole, but it was still part of the test. And so, after a short rest, we collected brush and some wood from dead trees and bushes and threw it into the hole. But now we had a little problem. We had no matches to light the fire. At least in my opinion this was a problem, because I had never been a boyscout, I had never joined Troop 69, and thus I did not know how to light a fire without matches or a lighter.

But I did not need any matches, since I had an Indian boyfriend who knew how to use a flint. And there were some flints lying in the hole, so a few moments later a nice little fire was burning - and smoking. Now I finally understood the principle of the smoke hole. As long as there had been a roof on top, all the smoke from the fire stayed inside, and the people inside inhaled the smoke like a drug. That made them sort of high and gave them their visions.

Our fire did not smoke very much, since we had only pretty dry wood. And without the roof, this little bit of smoke vanished in the air. Nevertheless we sat down in the hole. I was glad that I could sit again, because my legs were sore from all the walking and climbing we had done today. Suddenly I realized that the sun was already setting. The time had really flown away today, and I had not even noticed it. I only noticed that I was hungry and thirsty and tired.

"So, what are we supposed to do now?" I asked Tom. "Any idea?"

"Well, actually I do have an idea!" he said and grinned broadly. "And I'm pretty sure that you will like it!"

And before I could reply, Tom sealed my lips with a sweet and passionate kiss. His tongue touched my lips, and I slightly parted them to let it in. I pulled him really close to me, grabbing his almost naked butt with both hands, and I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against my own. In this moment, I was not tired at all anymore. All I wanted now was a sweet drink, and I knew exactly where to get it.

I broke our kiss and devoted myself to licking Tom's beautiful chest and sucking on his small but erect nipples. The heat of his body was incredible, and it turned me on even more. I did not want to waste any time anymore now and quickly removed Tom's loincloth. His boyhood jumped out like an Indian Jack-in-the-box, almost immediately in my hungry mouth. But before I could swallow it, Tom pulled me around so we were lying in a 69er position and threw my loincloth away.

I felt a wonderful pressure on my balls when Tom took them both in his mouth while he slowly stroked my shaft. I did it the other way round, engulfing the head of his cock with my lips and massaging his testicles with one hand, while the other hand caressed his hairless butt.

Very carefully I nibbled and sucked at Tom's sensitive foreskin before I pulled it back to lick the bare head. His scent was like a drug for me, this mixture of sweat and excitement, precum and sexual hormones. He smelled so masculine, not like a boy at all, and it made me really wild. Slowly I increased the pressure on his cock, sucking him harder and faster. In the meantime, my index finger had found his tight hole, and it only took a little pressure to push it in.

Tom groaned when my finger entered him, and he did the same to me. It almost triggered my orgasm when Tom's finger touched my prostate, but with all my willpower, I could hold it back again. I had goose-flesh from head to toe, I was shivering, and I could hardly control my body anymore. My hips shook uncontrollably, and I was panting, as far as it was possible with this hot piece of cock in my mouth.

I could only try to give Tom the same pleasure and ecstasy as he gave to me. Obviously I did a pretty good job, coz suddenly, without a warning, my mouth was filled with the sweetest nectar in the entire world. Before I could swallow the first shot, a second shot followed, then a third and a forth and a fifth. And while Tom was still cumming, I fell over the edge too and fed him with my own cum.

When we had both calmed down a bit, I rolled over again and gave Tom a very tight hug. We lay there in the smoke hole, our small fire still burning, looking up to the millions and millions of stars on the cloudless sky. We did not speak anymore, for we understood each other without words.

Believe me, being held by someone you love is a wonderful feeling, and falling asleep in his arms is an even greater feeling. It was such a peaceful moment, and I felt so safe, so sheltered. In this moment, nothing on earth could have harmed or hurt me! And with this special feelings, I fell asleep in the arms of my lover.

In this night, I had a dream. Well, it probably wasn't a dream but a vision. The vision I had been waiting for all the time, the reason why we had climbed this lonely hill in the desert.
I saw a white wolf running through the desert, and a golden eagle circling in the sky. Suddenly the eagle dives down and lands on a small green tree, and the wolf sits down in front of it. Then, out of nowhere, a huge white buffalo appears and lays down next to them. After a while, all three animals run or fly away, together, to the horizon, to the end of the rainbow.

Tom was still sleeping peacefully when I woke up, confused about this strange dream or vision or whatever it had been. What did it mean, was it good or bad, or did it have no meaning at all? I looked over at my sleeping beauty, and I was feeling better at once. Waking up while your boyfriend is still sleeping is really one of the best things that can happen to you. I could look at him, and I could see his real self without any make-up.

I looked at his hair which looked pretty messy right now. His friendly face, smiling even in his sleep. The smooth chest, the cute belly button in the center of the future six-pack. And of course his impressive morning hardon. Hehehe, I hope that he was dreaming of me and not of a pretty squaw.

I tried not to move, but eventually I had to do it unless I wanted to risk a cramp in my legs. Tom moaned slightly and opened his eyes, blinking in the morning sun, then looking at me with his cutest smile.

"Uh, morning sweetheart!" he said and gave me an angel kiss on the lips. "I had a pretty weird dream last night. You will never guess..."

"If you tell me now that you dreamed about a wolf, an eagle and a buffalo, I will start to believe in your Indian magic!" I interrupted him.

"Hey, how can you know that?"

"Because I had the same dream silly! Looks like we had our vision. Does that mean that we passed our test?"

"Hmm, at least the first part of it! But now we have to go back and tell Old Charly about it. *cough* Oh my, I need something to drink. Let's get down from this hill and to the spring as fast as possible!"

So we put on our loincloths again, made sure that there was no glowing fire anymore, and began our way back. The walk down the hill was much easier than the way up, though we still had to be careful on the steep parts, or we would have gone down too quick.

When we reached the spring, we had a good drink and washed the dust and dirty off each other (the painted symbols had been washed away by our sweat already). Another few hours of walking through the desert were lying ahead of us, and then Old Charly would ultimately decide about my future. I hoped that his decision would be positive for me - for us!

We walked hand in hand again, both pretty tired but happy at the same time. We had done what we had been told. And now we wanted our reward!

It was early afternoon when we saw the first houses of the village. My stomach was rumbling as if I had not eaten for days. Well, actually I had not eaten for days, since I had had the last real food on the afternoon before the Sheriff had taken me home.

We reached the corrals, and the first thing we did was taking a drink out of the pump at the watering place for the horses. Then we wanted to run over to Tom's house, but suddenly Michael appeared and told us to follow him to Old Charly immediately.

"The Sheriff is at your place again Tom!" he explained. "He's been here twice yesterday, and he came back this morning. But don't worry Eagle-boy, as soon as we've gone to the wise man, nothing can happen to you anymore!"

So we went to Old Charly's house, and Michael followed us inside. Old Charly was waiting for us, as well as some of the oldest men of the town. We had to sit down in the middle of the room, and then we told them everything that had happened on our way. We only left out the sex we had the night before, hehehe.

When we had finished our report, the old men talked for a while, and finally Old Charly smiled at us and signaled me to come over to him. I did as I was told, and he gave me a kiss on the forehead and painted another symbol on my chest. I had passed my test!

"Congratulations Jeff," Michael said, "you made it! You're a member of our community now. Let me translate to you what the wise man said. He said that you passed your test of faith. Well, you both passed the test, because it was a test for both of you. You worked together, you helped each other on your way, and the bond between you grew even stronger. That was even more important than your vision. And now, welcome in the tribe, Jeffrey 'Golden Eagle'!"

Michael gave me a tight hug, at least for two seconds before Tom pushed him away to hug me himself. Then we kissed in front of all those people, but I did not feel embarrassed at all. All I felt was happiness and love!

After a few more minutes, we decided that it was time to go and face the Sheriff. Michael would come with us, for he would have to explain to the cop that he had to go back without me. The law was on our side now! Of course the Sheriff did not like that at all. He was waiting in Tom's house, and as soon as we entered, he jumped up and wanted to grab me. But Mike stood between us, and he had some statute-books in which he showed the Sheriff all the paragraphs and laws and rules which were important in this case.

At first the cop did not want to believe any of his words, but finally, after a few phone calls, he had to give in. Without any further word he stormed out of the house, climbed in his car and rushed away with screaming tires. I only hoped that I would never have to see this guy again, but I doubted it.

As soon as he was gone, we started the celebrate. I was hugged and kissed by Tom and Sam and Jona and Mike and so many other people that I could not count it anymore. But most important, we got something to eat and drink. And we could take a shower. Two showers, to be correct, because we did not want to shower together with all the people in the house. Finally Tom and I said good night to everybody, because we really wanted to go to bed now. Jona gave us another portion of her cream, because my skin was pretty burned on some places.

A few minutes later, I was lying on my belly on the bed, completely naked, and Tom tenderly rubbed the cream into my sensitive skin. This made me really horny again, and then I knew the perfect final act for this day.

"Tom?" I whispered.


"I want to feel you inside me?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" he asked, even if he knew exactly what I meant.

"I want to feel your cock inside my butt. I want you to make love to me!"

"Are you really sure?"

"Oh yes, I am! I want it, I need it!"

He smiled broadly and kissed my neck, my cheek, my shoulders, and finally my lips. I rolled on my back and pulled my knees up to my chest, presenting my waiting virgin hole to my lover. Tom took some of Jona's cream (this stuff was really good for everything) and carefully spread it on and in my hole, first with one finger, then with two, and finally with three fingers inside me.

When my muscles had relaxed enough, Tom took off his shorts too and put some more of the cream on his throbbing hardon. He looked deep into my eyes before he made the next move, to be sure that I was really ready for this. I just smiled at him and nodded slightly. I was ready, as ready as never before! Thus Tom positioned his cock at my sphincter and slowly increased the pressure until the head slipped in. He stopped at once to make sure that I was ok and that he did not hurt me.

"Go on, please!" I begged.

And he did go on, slow and tender, while he bent down to kiss me. I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him as close as possible. The sensation was just incredible, especially the stimulation of the prostate. Tom did not touch my cock at all, but nevertheless I felt that I came closer and closer to my own orgasm.

Suddenly Tom started to pant faster, arched his back, and let out a cute little whimper. Then I felt his hot semen shooting into my insides. This was all I could take. Unable to speak, I groaned and erupted. My own cum flowed between our bodies and made us both slippery and wet.

Now we were exhausted, even more exhausted than after the walk through the desert. Slowly Tom pulled his softening penis out of my hole, crawled next to me, wrapped his arms around me and gave me another kiss.

"Thank you Jeff, that was great!" he sighed.

"You're welcome!" I replied. "It was great for me as well!"

"Yeah, and tomorrow it's your turn. I fear that I am too tired now for a second round."

"Me too, me too! I'm dead tired. Let's just sleep now. Good night loverboy!"

So we kissed good night, cuddled together, and fell in a quickening and dreamless sleep.

You had to wait a long time for this chapter, but I hope it was worth it!
I really missed writing, and I enjoyed to write this chapter.

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