Devin's Dream Comes True Part 11

I haven't been writing for a while because of many events that have happened in my life, however I finally made it to chapter 11. The responses to chapter 10 were very mixed, I know that was not well-liked, but I think with what happened in that chapter deviated my original plan to one that will come about very nicely.

On with the story...

Devin was planning to meet with Phil at three. Instead of telling Phil immediately about how he felt, his plan was to be with Phil for a few hours, and he would convince Phil to take a hike to a hill that was near his house. The hill is desolated and that would be the best place to tell his best friend of seven years that he is in love Coleman Fleming.

Devin also noticed that his parents left the house to spend time with their friends. He remembered that his mother was spending time with Phil's mom and his dad was probably with his friends to watch college football or the Red Sox. At this point in time, Devin did not care about the whereabouts of his parents, but he hoped that his mom would be home by the time he has the talk with Phil.

Devin attempted to move off of the couch, but the lack of support the couch possessed caused Devin's body to ache. He finally stood up and decided to take a several mile run in order for him to plan out what he wanted to accomplish in his talk. Devin walked up the stairs to his dresser and pulled out his running shorts, red t-shirt, and socks. Without making a sound, he slowly took off the clothes that he wore from the previous day, sat down on his bed and put on his running clothes. Devin sat on the floor and stretched his thighs, calves, torso and arms. He went downstairs to the kitchen to grab a glass from the drying rack and filled it up with tap water, drank it, and headed out the door for his jog.

During his jog, Devin was thinking about the conflict that could happen with Phil if he told him about his sexuality. He did not want to live a lie that he has lived with for several years, but at the same time, he does not want Phil to lash out oh him. Since Phil was his best friend, Devin rationed that he would accept his preference. When that thought ended, Devin also imagined Phil saying that he would disown him and he would never talk to him again and then nailing Devin with an assault of punches and kicks until he would ran away leaving Devin bloody and covered in dirt.

The thoughts of Phil leaving Devin for dead left when he stepped outside and could feel the cool breeze blowing towards him. Devin started to jog when he noticed that his neighborhood showed no signs of life because all of his neighbors left for Labor Day weekend or they stayed inside because of the overcast weather. Either way, Devin was not distracted from his game plan.

Devin processed all of the setups that he could use to ration that Phil could be sympathetic about his loneliness and his fear of coming out. This process took up the majority of his run until the last half-mile approached. Devin switched gears to the agenda of his talk and ran it in his head. His run was over when his pseudo monologue was over. He walked back to his house sweaty and breathing heavily. Devin knew he just ran when his blond hair was plastered against his face, the clothes sticking to his crotch and the smell, which he loved because he knew he was improving his already boyish good-looks.

Devin went into the bathroom, turned on the warm water and took off all of his clothes. Devin adored his toned naked body covered in sweat. He was a sexy boy and he was grateful that he could show off his body to his boy Coleman. Devin stepped into the shower and washed all of the impurities away as he soaped up every square inch on his body.

Devin stepped out of the shower and dried himself thoroughly. He found the deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and gel in his drawer and used them. He was grooming while he was naked because he loved the feeling of wearing nothing, especially when Coleman is with him naked as well.

Devin went into his bedroom and fell onto his bed still without wearing anything. He could feel the cool air hit his warm body. There was absolutely nothing to thwart Devin from touching himself. He looked up at the ceiling until he felt it was time to face destiny. He went to his closet and found a wrinkled striped long sleeve dress shirt that had the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans. He went to his dresser and found an undershirt, pair of socks and his underwear. He thought to himself that when the paramedics find him, he should wear clean underwear. The series of thoughts made him depressed that he was wearing underwear because he feared of the possibility that the paramedics were going to rescue him.

He found his Columbia Sportswear raincoat to protect him from the rain. Devin got his wallet and keys and was ready to leave the house to meet with Phil.

The aura of the cool late summer day was familiar to Devin because of his earlier jog. The weather matched his emotions because he was depressed. He could not believe that he cheated on Coleman only a few days into the relationship. He thought he had more willpower, but he second guessed himself.

Devin continued to walk his death match as a light rain started to fall. He could hear the raindrops hitting the pavement in a harmonic array. As the rain increased its intensity, Devin reviewed his assignments for the time he had with Phil. His walk was coming to a close when he could finally see Phil's house. It was almost being eclipsed by the tall oak and maple trees in the front and side lawns. The inside of Phil's house was dark and appeared to have no one inside. Devin did have hope that there was the possibility that his judgment day is another day, but he was anxious to tell Phil as soon as possible. Thoughts and emotions were running through Devin's head when he walked up the darkened driveway and rang the doorbell. There was no noise at all until he heard footsteps crescendoed until the door opened up and Phil's smile showed up. Devin's wet head and hair caused Phil's smile to hibernate.

"Hi Devin," Phil said.

A meek "hi" was all Devin could muster.

"Do you want to come in and dry out?" Phil asked. "You can watch the game with me."

Devin nodded his head, went in, took off his shoes and dripping raincoat, and headed toward the living room with Phil. No words were said during the entire time.

"What's the score Phil," Devin asked.

"6-1 Yankees in the sixth."

"Damn," Devin said as he knew that his father and his friends were grumpy because of the Red Sox awful performance.

Phil sat down on the couch and Devin sat on the opposite corner of the couch. There was an unusual tension in the room. Since the boys have been friends for many years, the tension is not new to them but act like it is.

Devin broke the silence, "So...I haven't seen you outside of school for a while."

"Yeah," Phil said. "Not since that crazy party."

"When do you think we'll have another one?"

"I'm not sure but I want to have another one soon."


"Guess when my mother woke me up this morning?" Phil asked to change the conversation.


"9 fuckin' a.m." Phil said angrily. "She disturbed my wonderful sleep just to tell me she was leaving for the day. I thought to myself that I didn't care where she went."

"Yeah, she actually went out with my mom for whatever."

"Damn, she didn't have to tell me then."

"My mother didn't, she just left the house without telling me. I just slept on the couch."

"Damn, that must of hurt this morning."

"No shit?"

"So what do you want to do this afternoon?"

"Well, I was planning to go out, but since it's raining, I'm thinking of staying inside and playing PS2 if you don't mind," Devin was in the mood to temporarily forget all of his troubles.

"Of course not, what do you want to play?"

"How about Grand Turismo, I can smoke you on that."

Phil didn't want to get stood up in his own place, "No fuckin' way you can own me, I'll beat you down."

"Oh, you asked for it, let's go."

The boys sat side-by-side in front of the television with their controllers on their lap. They wanted to start out with a friendly head-to-head competition just to warm up. They chose a simple 5-lap course with the simple cars that the game gives them. Phil was fired up and had the early lead but relinquished it in lap 3 when he skidded off the course. Phil had that expression that he blew the whole race because of that mistake. Devin took the lead for good and won by 11 seconds as Phil threw down his controller.

Devin was all smiles, "Guess who was showed up in his own game?"

"Shut up," was Phil's reply.

"Do you want to step up, or are you too much of a pussy?"

"Of course not, I've only just begun," Phil came back. "How about this? We'll play with our souped-up cars and race ten laps. Best 4 out of 7."

"And what does the winner get?"

"They get to hear the loser's deepest secret."

Devin's heart stopped, he was thinking that Phil had him cornered, but he could not back down.

"You got it buddy," Devin said pretending that he wasn't hesitant with the proposal.

So the boys were ready to play their series as Phil used his feet to collect his controller. The boys selected their cars and selected one of the more difficult courses. They agreed that the courses changed for each race so one had an unfair advantage.

In the first race, Devin jumped out into the lead and would not make a mistake as he had a comfortable lead. Phil kept getting more behind Devin's car and kept getting more frustrated until Devin went off the track but he recovered quickly enough to keep his advantage. Devin was relentless and won the first game. Maybe he didn't have to tell Phil his secret without Phil saying something deep.

The second race was more of the same for Devin and Phil. Devin continued to make few mistakes as his car kept going ahead of Phil's. Devin was very conservative with turns and it saved him time with each curve. The race ended with more of a lopsided victory for Devin, which gave him more confidence.

In race three, Devin started slow because there was a straightaway to begin each lap. The first lead for Phil caused Devin to panic, thus it led him to take his turns quicker and to go off track, thus causing him to go further behind until Phil slipped up. Devin had some hope to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the series, but he could not catch up in time. This gave Phil an adrenaline boost and a feeling that he can still win the series.

"Well I got one," Phil said. "This is where I'm going to take you down three more times."

Devin did not say anything because he would become frustrated. As the fourth race started, Devin tried to calm down and focus on the race. The fourth track was very similar to the third but Devin weathered the storm and was neck and neck with Phil. The two kept taking shots at each other for 5 laps until Phil ran off the course, hit a building and had to back up. The momentum that Phil had was taken out within seconds and Devin's lead got larger by the second. Devin cruised from there as he won by over twenty seconds.

Devin was glad with the victory but needed to put all of his effort in this next race to take out the possibility of a winner-take-all situation. He liked competition, but liked a clear winner.

Even though Phil had a choice of the fifth track, he did not wisely choose it because it was rainy and curvy. The start of the race was close, with Phil being in the lead. However, Devin did not panic and took advantage of the conditions by going slow around the corners. At each turn, Phil looked like he was about to lose control of his car, but he didn't. Phil's aggressiveness and Devin's patience caused Phil to eventually hit into another building and Devin taking advantage of the opportunity. Devin took the lead for good as Phil did not care at this point as he knew the game was over. Devin casually raced to the finish line, well ahead of Phil. Devin won the series 4 games to 1.

"Well, I guess someone has to say something important to me," Devin said cheerily.

"Yeah, you bastard, now I have to say a big secret, I guess it's..." Phil said.

"Nope, not yet, I want to take you to a spot which is a perfect place," Devin interrupted.


"You'll find out, I want to be outside for some reason."

"Well, let's get this over with then."

The boys turned off the game and then got up to get their jackets and shoes. They didn't say any words again.

Devin opened the door and saw that the rain temporarily stopped. However, the showers left their mark as several puddles were in the lawn and along the street. The boys were hopeful that the rain stopped, but the clouds still looked as inky as they did earlier in the day.

The boys continued their walk. They wanted a conversation before Phil tells his secret, but no words came out.

Devin finally found the words, "What did you do yesterday Phil?"

"Well after practice, I went back to my house and watched television until my friend Nick called and asked if he wanted to hang out."

Devin asked, "Nick is?"

"Oh, he is one of my friends who occasionally sat with us during lunch last year. He also showed up last week for a few hours."

Devin still looked confused.

"Well, um, Nick has that punkish look with the long dark hair that is straight down. He's thin and pale and wears dark colors a lot."

"Oh ok, I know who he is now."

"Well there was nothing really to do except to go to that battle of the bands at the teen center."

"Oh, how was that?" Devin acted as if he forgot. "I was thinking of going, but I was with the newspaper and had dinner with my crew."

"I survived it. There was too much crap rock. You know that ska/pop junk?"


"Way too much of it was on last night. No one has any musical talent here. The only good band was T.J. Hiney's and Matt Fisher's band Blood and Stars. At least Matt played with a double pedal and the guitarists played great rhythms."

"I heard they were actually decent," Devin said.

As Phil was talking, Devin was fantasizing of T.J. because he was hot with his long mop of dark brown hair and his toned body. If Coleman wasn't around, T.J, would be another of one of his top picks. The girls always wanted to get into his pants, but Devin would make a case to be first.

Phil could see Devin drifting off, "So you said that you had your newspaper meeting yesterday?"

"Yeah it sucked. I mean the guys I have are all cool and Elizabeth is going to help me out with all of the editing shit, but still I have to work much more this year..."

"She is very hot with those knockers, I can get lost in those."

Devin chuckled, "No shit?"

The conversation caused the walk to be short. The boys saw that the hill was coming up very close.

Devin said, "I hope that you want to take a walk up the hill."

"Why not?"

The boys went up the trail that led to the top of the trail. The trees overhung the trail overhead, which caused the path to be dark. The hill was not that big as the walk was very short. When the boys arrived at the top, they went to the main clearing where they can see a good section of the town, including Devin's house. The clouds caused the foliage from the trees to contrast very well, making them darker. The cars driving by looked like ants crawling because they were high up.

Devin sat on a rock that was moist from the showers and motioned Phil to sit next to him. Phil wanted to stand, but decided to sit next to Devin such that they were inches away from each other.

"You had a while to figure out what you wanted to say," Devin said.

"Yeah," Phil sighed. "I know what I want to say."

Devin could not wait any longer for the secret to come out.

"Remember that summer a few years back when we were in the pool and we were excited to jack off?"

"Yeah, I do actually, we did that a lot back then. But it's normal for boys that age to whack off."

"Well, do you remember that you sucked me off for a while and I freaked out and caused you a faggot?"

"You freaked me out Phil, I had your boyhood in my mouth, if you shocked me enough, I would have bit it off," Devin wanted to know more about what he felt.

"Well, I actually liked what you did," Devin's jaw dropped to the floor. "That was the most amazing feeling at that point, I thought I was just going to explode because I never got head before. I just didn't want you to think that I was queer."

"Well Phil...," Devin attempted to speak.

"No, Devin that's not even the best part. I got to third base earlier this summer with Sarah Kluesner, you know that red head with the huge rack and is the star forward for the high school's basketball team?"

"You got to third with that bitch? That must have been so fuckin' good. But I want to say that..."

"Yeah, I know it was unbelievable. But throughout the foreplay, I was actually fantasizing you jerking me off and..."

"And and?"

"When she went down on me, I actually played in my head that you were her and you gave me head and you would actually swallow my load. It was so hot thinking that you suck me off because you were the first one to do that for me."

"Wow, no wonder why you didn't want that to come out."

"Well yeah, but I just want to tell you that I'm actually straight, but it's normal with what we did years ago because we were so horny and it's normal to only experiment."

Devin did not to say what we was going to say now. He had to find something that was appropriate.

"I guess you're right, I bet boys have done it with other boys in our grade."

"So what did you want to say Devin?"

Devin was shocked that Phil turned the conversation around.

"Well, it was actually nothing."

"No I want to know, you seemed so eager about it."

"Well," Devin sighed at he put all of his effort to say the next sentence. "You know how you said you enjoyed that you had your cock sucked by me and it's normal for boys to experiment with other boys?"

"Yeah...what did you do want to say?"

"Well, I have experimented with you and with Rachel. And after being with both boys and girls, I actually liked playing with both and are attracted to both."

Devin could see Phil's eyes turning red and becoming upset.

"So you're bi?"

Devin swallowed some air, "Yes." The one word was so bold, time stopped. "Yes I'm bi and I like boys and girls equally."

Phil pretended to wonder, "Why Devin, why?"

"Phil, when we experimented, it was so much fun. I knew what I had to do to pleasure you because I'm a boy. Girls are much more difficult. Also, you are a very good looking boy to me. I'm attracted to many boys in our school Phil, I can't help it."

"So I made you like guys?"

"No Phil, I think you made me open about it."

Phil placed his head between his hands, "Did you score with anyone?"

"Well, um I went to third with Coleman."


"How did you know?" was Devin's only meek reply.

"Devin, I never saw you or my other friends so excited about a boy. It's not normal at all. How can I not know?"

Phil paused and there was silence, Devin did not say a word to defend himself because it was true.

"And you know what?"


"I saw you face fucked Coleman in the woods. You two were in ecstasy when you were playing with each other, it's despicable! Experimenting is fine but loving another boy is sick. IT'S NOT RIGHT YOU FAGGOT!" Phil started to pace and Devin felt a sharp pain went right through his heart.

Devin struggled for words as emotions were running through his head, "Phil, calm down, but it happens occasionally that boys like other boys."

"Do you love him?"

"Well..." Devin hesitated and looked up with pity, "I love Coleman, Phil and he loves me. There's nothing that will change that."

"I can't fuckin' believe that you love that fuckin' froshie. What does he have that you can't have with some bitch?"

"We were freshmen just last year! Plus Coleman has characteristics I looked for in girls but I couldn't find. Rachel could not match the characteristics that this boy has."

Phil stopped his pacing and walked right up to Devin so that his crotch was next to his face.

"Now I'll give you a few characteristics that Coleman has," Phil said as he undid his belt buckle. "You're finishing with what you started two years ago.

"No Phil, I'm not going to suck you off."

"Yes you are you little cocksucker faggot," Phil said condensed as he dropped his jeans and boxers to his knees as his throbbing cock popped out for Devin's awaiting mouth.

"No Phil please don't make me suck you off, I'll do anything!" Devin pleaded.

Phil did not reprieve Devin as he grabbed Devin's blond hair with one hand and made Devin open up with the other. Devin was humiliated that he is sucking Phil's suck under submission.

"Oh yeah, you like that you little cocksucker? You're taking it like a trooper faggot."

Phil was face fucking Devin and caused Devin to swallow all of his cock and to gag. Phil did not allow him to gag as he shoved it down even more into Devin's throat.

"Fuck yeah Devin, this is so fuckin' good!" Phil said as he tilted his head back.

Devin had to stop this humiliation before Phil came. When Phil tilted his back again, he used all of the force he had to push Phil down onto the ground. Phil did not expect it as he fell and Devin opened his mouth to allow Phil's cock an easy exit.

When Phil fell, he became infuriated at Devin, "Why you little bastard, you could not hold up."

After buckling his jeans and belt, Phil got up and gave a good punch to Devin cheek, causing it to bleed and turn purple. When he realized that he got suckerpunched, he jumped onto Phil and gave him two good punches until Phil turned the tides and punched him. Devin pushed off of Phil but Phil got up and kicked him in the ribs several times.

"That's for punching me you cocksucker," Phil yelled as he kicked Devin again.

At this point, both of the boys were muddy from squirming in the rain soaked dirt. Phil was exhausted with what happened, so he ran off.

"Devin, we're on hiatus, I don't want to see your face for a while," Phil said as he ran back home.

Devin saw Phil run off but suddenly Phil stopped and turned around. "And oh yeah, your secret's out."

Phil ran off again and Devin knew he was in deep shit.

Devin could not believe with what just happened to him as he struggled to get up. His face was mixed with blood and dirt and his clothes were all dirty. He was humiliated and now his reputation will be scarred for an extended period of time, if not for the rest of high school.

With impeccable timing, the rain started to fall. It began lightly, but the rain increased its intensity.

Devin's emotions were running high as tears started to build in his eyelids. He does not become emotional, but this was the time that it was okay to cry. Tears started to mix into the awful mix of blood, mud and rain.

Devin attempted to get up, but could not because of the pain he was in from Phil's kicking.

Even though Devin was in severe pain and wanted to stay down, he had to get up to stop the bleeding and also to stay out of the rain. With his adrenaline pumping throughout his body, Devin's remaining strength caused him to get up. He was hurting, but at least he was up. He started to walk down the hill slowly, making sure that his pains were not getting worse from the movement. The rain started to pour as Devin slowly walked down this isolated, dark path.

As Devin reached the base of the hill, he had a dilemma. He could either go home and tell his parents why he was all muddy and get yelled at by his parents or go to Coleman's house where he could be reassured that he was going to be okay. Since Coleman's house was much further, it was a hard sell for Devin to go there.

Devin wondered if it was Coleman was alone at his house, if he was there at all. He approached the front door and rang the doorbell.

There was silence for a long time until the door opened. It was his boy. What a delight it was for Devin to see. Coleman was surprised as to what happened to him.

"Devin!" Coleman yelled. "What the fuck happened to you?"

"Coleman," Devin was sniffing and muttering his words, "I'll explain to you, just get me out of the cold and rain."

Phil arrived at his house where his mother and Michelle were there. Phil's mom was surprised that her son was so messy and got her son a towel and directed him to go to the bathroom. She followed him and asked him what happened.

"Well mom, we went up to this hill near Devin's house where we just talking about stuff. Then he wanted to tell me a secret. I wanted to hear it but I promise I wouldn't tell anyone."

"What did he tell you," she asked.

"She told me that he was bisexual."

"He did, why?"

Michelle overheard the conversation and could not believe that he told Phil that he was bisexual. She could not believe the truth even though there were pieces of evidence. She wanted to hear more of what happened.

"He said that he has covered it up for years and wanted to tell the person he has trusted the most."

"So why did you get so muddy?"

"Well, I got a little emotional about it and was a little pushy. I guess that he was defending himself by pushing me down to the ground. That is when I got angry and punched him once. Then he tackled me and we kept punching each other."

Phil's mom nagged, "Why did you punch him?"

"Because I was trying to keep him down, but it didn't work."

Michelle walked out of the house because she could not believe what happened. She jumped into her car and drove off to home.

Coleman allowed Devin to come in. Coleman and Devin went to the bathroom. Coleman gave Devin a towel and bandaids to clean the mess off. Coleman turned on the warm water where we dampened the towel and applied to Devin messy face. Devin continued to sniff as Coleman washed the mud and blood off of him into the bathroom sink. The diluted colors of brown and red spiraled down the drain.

Coleman asked, "Devin, what happened to you?"

"I told Phil that I was bisexual and that I loved you," Devin said as he looked at Coleman with sad puppy dog eyes.

"How did he take it?"

"Not at all," Devin said as he turned his head away from Coleman. "He said that he already knew that I wasn't straight because of the signs I gave off when you were around. He said it was obvious."

"And then what?"

Devin tried to omit the part that he swallowed Phil, "Ummmm..., well he was freaking out a lot and then I tried to defend you by saying that you are the only person who has all of the characteristics in a boy or a girl I want to be with."

"Is that when he punched you, Jesus Christ he got you pretty good."

"He was about to punch me when I took him down. That was when he got angry and he gave me a good shot right here," Devin said as he pointed at the spot. "So I tackled him down for 2 punches and he punched me a few times."

"So then he ran off?"

"Uh, pretty much, I pushed him off and he was the one to get up first as he kicked me in the ribs a couple of times, then he ran off."

"Do they hurt?"

"Uh huh, I could barely get up because of the pain Coleman. And then I walked to your house because this is the only place where I feel safe," Devin started to tear up again.

"Why is that?"

"Phil will probably tell what happened to his and my mother, then she'll know the truth, and then my dad will find out and I'll probably never talk to him again."

"Oh that sucks," Coleman said as his voice drifted off.

Devin looked at himself in the mirror and did not like that he was mortified from Phil.

"What do you want to do," Coleman asked.

"I want to call my mom to tell her I'm alright and I'm at your place."

Michelle zoomed right into the driveway and went upstairs into the main floor where she didn't see any traces of her son. She was worrying where he was when the phone rang. Thousands of thoughts ran through her head when she could see her son left for dead somewhere. She picked up though.


"Mom, it's Devin."

"Oh thank God Devin, it's you. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I am. I'm actually at Coleman's house because it was the closest place to go to from the hill," he lied.

"Well, when are you coming home?"

"Can I stay over for the night, I don't want to come home during the rain."

"That's okay, but do you need me there right now to clean you up?"

"No, I can manage."

"Alright, so I'll see you tomorrow because I want to talk about you and Phil."

Devin was hesitant, "Uh, ok, I'll see you then."

Michelle hung up the phone. She knew that he would be at Coleman's house for the night for support. That is what he needed right now. She could comfort him, but it would be at a different level and would not satisfy his needs like Coleman would. That will be her job tomorrow.

Devin hung up the phone, he knew what they were going to talk about tomorrow, but she seemed ok about the issue over the phone. He hoped that it would go as well tomorrow and that Neil would not be a part of it.

When Devin turned around to face Coleman, Coleman walked up to him and hugged him. Devin felt so relieved that Coleman was there for him. He had a rough time with Phil and needed that support that Coleman gave to him. It seemed like no one else would care for him other than Coleman.

"So what do you want to do," Coleman asked.

"What did you do before I arrived?"

"Well, I actually was seeing a film that I liked for years. I want to you see it with me. I'll start it again."

"What is it?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

The boys sat down on the couch after Coleman started the film again on the VCR. Coleman was the latter one to sit down so he placed one of his arms around Devin to comfort and he held Devin's hand. Devin's other hand touched Coleman's mid-thigh as he kept it there.

The movie turned out to be "The Breakfast Club". Devin never heard of this movie as he had no clue what this is about.

"What is this movie," Devin asked.

"Well, this is pretty much what high school is like, I could see parts of it in junior high though."

"Oh ok," Devin said.

As the movie pushed along Devin was captured by one of the boys and one of the girls. Devin was captured by the tall, red-headed goddess Molly Ringwald, but she wasn't the main reason why his hand felt tighter on Coleman's and his other hand moved up on Coleman's thigh as the movie progressed. Devin immediately fell in love with the boy who played Brian Johnson. Even though he was a geek, there was something that made him hot for Devin.

Coleman asked, "What do you see Devin?"

"I am amazed by Brian and that redhead," Devin said astonishingly.

"Oh, you like them, eh?"

"Yeah why?"

"Which one do you like more?"

"I like the blond boy more, he's incredibly cute, even though he is a geek."

"This kid is amazing; he is like a god to me. The greatest part about him is that he is a great actor, he has been in so many movies."

"What is his name?"

"Anthony Michael Hall, he's the one who's the star in `The Dead Zone'."

"Oh shit, he's the really good looking blond guy, right?"

"Uh huh, have you ever seen `National Lampoon's Vacation'?"

"Yeah, I love that movie, especially the unedited one."

"Yeah, well he's Rusty."

Devin almost got up by the connections they were making, "Oh shit, I loved seeing Rusty in that movie, he is so hot, especially in those short short-sleeved shirts and shorts that they wore back in the `80s. That long mop of blond hair almost made me die, and those braces made him so dreamy. I've dreamed about fucking him during so many nights."

"Yeah, he is like the most beautiful and talented actor. I would want him back then too, he's so fuckin' cute."

"I wonder if he's..."

Coleman ruined Devin's thought, "Not at all, sorry if your dreams are crushed bud, but that red head Molly Ringwald can go for you."

"Oh well, at least that's a plus."

"She was also in `Sixteen Candles' with your boy."

"Oh, they probably are more than just friends," Devin said as he winked and nudged Coleman.

"Uh huh, no shit? They probably did it during the making of the movies."

"Wow, I wish I could take a ride with either one of them back then."

Even though the boys wanted to talk more about the attractive kids in the movie, Coleman wanted to show Devin what transpired in the film. They didn't talk for the rest of the duration of the film, but they continued to touch each other. The boys' hands lightly ran across each other's body. They were content where they were.

During the ending of the movie, Coleman's parents arrived. So they moved away from each other. Coleman got up to greet his parents and tell them that Devin was staying over for the night. Coleman's parents were reluctant, but they agreed that he could stay over since he was already there and it was past 8 o'clock. Coleman went back to his boy to share the good news.

When the film was over, the boys stayed at their spots because they didn't want to get up. However, Coleman had an idea to get up.

Coleman asked, "Hey do you want to eat dinner with my family?"

"Sure, I'm starved already."

"Well it's past 8pm, you should be hungry, you're a growing boy."

"Oh, well what are we having?"

"I think my dad said he was making something that he saw on a cooking show."

"What show, Emiril?"

"No, it was something like great dinners under 30 minutes with Rachel Wray."

"Oh, I've never heard of the show."

"Well, she has a huge rack and a lot of cushion for the pushin'."

"Oh ok, I think that's why your dad is making a recipe from her."

"Yeah, no kidding. I would actually cook if it was because of her."

The boys continued to shoot the breeze and laid on the couch as if they didn't have a care for the world.

Coleman's dad came in, "Alright boys, the buffet is now open, let's eat!"

The boys got up in 2 seconds flat for food.

After their dinner, Coleman and Devin went to the stairs.

Coleman laid his chin on Devin's shoulders as he whispered in his sexy tone, "Devin, you're such a naughty boy...go to my room!"

"With pleasure," Devin said as he knew what was going to entail.

The boys raced up the stairs and into Coleman's room where he closed it and locked it to prevent any unwanted intruders to interrupt their playtime. Coleman turned on his stereo to play Less Than Jake's album "Hello Rockville" just loud enough so his parents could not possibly hear what was actually going to happen. Coleman turned off the lights except for one to provide the perfect mood.

Coleman walked up to Devin and placed his hands on Devin's crotch.

"Devin, you're so bad."

"Oh yes I am," Devin said with pride. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Well, I'm going to have to strip search you to make sure that you're the right one."

Devin thought to himself, "Oh shit, Coleman already wants to get some." However, he didn't mind of the pleasure he was going to get.

Devin said, "Well I'm not going to be the only one who's going to be stripped, you're going down with me!"

The boys removed each other's clothing an article at a time. They matched each other's state of clothing, or lack their of. The tension built up as the boys felt hotter for the other. When the boys were naked and their clothes were a pile on the floor, they kissed each other's faces and then opened up their mouths to allow their tongues to encroach into each other's mouths. The love built by the second as the boys' hands were busy. They ran all over their hairless, nude bodies. The feeling was incredible.

The boys backed up into Coleman's bed where they explored with their mouths and hands all over the chartered territory. The boys' legs intertwined with each other. The boys loved foreplay and it showed as they could not stop their exploring. Devin and Coleman were sweating all over each other and on the bed as their activities continued.

Coleman's head moved up to where Devin's was as they looked into each other's eyes. The twinkle of light that came from each other's eyes was amazing.

"Devin, I want to drink your milk. I want to drink every drop of it."

"I want you to enjoy it and make me feel like I'm in paradise."

"What I want you to do is to lie on top of the pillows so your shoulders and head are against the wall and open your legs to give me access to you."

Devin did what he was told to you as he lounged back on the wall and on the pillows. Coleman slid up so his mouth was only inches away from Devin's throbbing member. Devin was antsy from all of the excitement and the uncertainty of what Coleman was going to do.

Coleman massaged Devin's member as it grew to full size. Coleman could see the veins that were ready to pop out of it. Coleman moved his hands down to Devin's globes. He first held them in both hands and massaged them, causing Devin to ache. Coleman engulfed Devin's globes and used his tongue as Devin closed his eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy.

As Coleman sucked on Devin's balls in his mouth, he stroked Devin's aching member with his right hand and massaged the head with his left. Devin could not believe the pleasure he was having; he believed he was in a dream until he opened his eyes and saw what was happening. Devin moved his hands down to Coleman's hair and stroked it, as to encourage Coleman to continue with the pleasure.

Coleman then went in for the kill as he swallowed the head first and licked it with his tongue, causing Devin to moan. Coleman swallowed more into his mouth until Devin's member was out of sight. Devin's hands embraced Coleman's head and stroked his hair. Devin's left hand moved up to his mouth, licked it and rubbed his already hard nipples to have them protrude as far as they could. Even though the ska music was a strong force in the background, Devin was entrapped with the pleasure he was receiving from Coleman that he did not acknowledge the music was playing.

Devin moaned quietly, "Coleman, fuck me!"

Coleman listened to the commands as his lips went up and down on Devin's shaft as his tongue licked the crown of Devin's member. Coleman occasionally stopped to bite on the foreskin and head, causing Devin to tense up against the wall. The pleasures were absolutely incredible.

There was a silhouette on the wall to the left of Coleman. It shows one member of the silhouette bobbing up and down as the other was tensing up and moving his hands all around.

Devin could not hold up anymore, he had to let himself go. Devin's heartbeat was going through the roof as he could feel the semen boiling through the tubing. Right before Devin blasted off, Coleman stopped the blowjob and licked up Devin's happy trail. This was a chapter that was taken right from Devin. Devin rested his head on the wall, not believing with what he was feeling.

Coleman's tongue moved down to Devin's loins, causing Devin to jump off the bed a bit. Coleman's tongue finally found the spot right between Devin's balls and tight pucker. Devin grabbed Coleman for dear life when he found the sweet spot. Devin would have exploded if Coleman touched his pecker at that moment.

Coleman moved up to finish the job. Coleman swallowed Devin's member, causing the head to knock right into his throat. Devin's basic instincts instructed him to buck his hips up, causing Coleman to possible every possible inch that he could. Coleman was about to gag, but Devin's hips moved down to the bed, allowing a fresh breath of air to blow in. Coleman's hands were fondling Devin's rocks as he felt them tightening up, ready to shoot off another load.

Devin repeated the face fucking on Coleman until he could not hold it any longer. Devin let off a low-toned moan as he launched shot after shot of hot cum down Coleman's throat and into his tummy. It was a delicious drink for Coleman as he milked every drop from Devin's boyhood. Devin was in pure ecstasy, he would refuse to come down to reality.

Coleman did not stop working on Devin's member. He continued to suck on it, causing Devin to almost scream in the pain coming from his sore boyhood. Coleman stopped and moved up to kiss his boyfriend. Devin could taste his own cum, which thrilled him. Coleman laid on top of Devin as the boys were fighting to breathe in as much air as they could.

Devin said with a winded voice, "That was fuckin' amazing Coleman, you're so fucking good at it!"

"I could not believe how much you shot out, you are a machine Devin."

"Guess what Coleman?"

"What?" Coleman asked as he looked into Devin's eyes.

"I know you swallowed my load to help me forget my problems, but I want to return the favor."

Devin grabbed Coleman and turned him so he was now lying up against the wall and on the pillows as Devin moved down to feel up Coleman. Devin used both of his hands and his mouth to feel all over Coleman's young toned body. Devin could feel the developing muscles in Coleman's chest and abdomen, the bones in Coleman's ribs and the bony points in Coleman's pelvis. Devin licked Coleman's loins repeatedly and decided that it was time to get it over with as he swallowed Coleman's hardening member. Devin could feel it expanding in his mouth and he sucked like vacuum. Coleman moaned at the pleasure he was receiving as his hands explored the back of Devin's head and down his back. Devin used his hands to feel Coleman's smooth, toned thighs and tickled his loins, causing Coleman to shiver with gratification.

Devin kept Coleman's member in his mouth as his tongue kept licking all of Coleman's pulsing cock. Coleman used his strong buttocks to push more of his cock down Devin's throat, making the head contact with the back of Devin's throat. This caused Coleman to moan and close his eyes as he felt his entire cock being milked by Devin's mouth.

The unbelievable pleasure caused Coleman's balls to pump out the juices quickly. Devin did not want to stop Coleman's pleasure this time; he wanted to finish it as quickly as he could. Devin quickly took Coleman's aching cock out of mouth and dipped his right index and middle fingers into his saliva, put the hard member back into his mouth as he explored down Coleman's virgin pucker. Devin found the hole and slowly shoved his index finger into it. Devin could feel Coleman resisting until he broke the plane. Coleman felt waves of pleasure that he could not feel before sent all over his body as he repeated obscenities in a soft voice. Devin finger-fucked Coleman's glory hole deeper as it accepted the foreign member.

Devin deep-throated Coleman's red aching hard cock for one last time. Devin used his left hand to pull on Coleman's tight nuts as Coleman could not last any longer. Coleman held onto Devin so hard that the jaws of life could not break him free.

Coleman almost screamed out, "Devin, I'm going to shoot, oh fuck, oh shit!"

The pleasure won over the pain as Coleman shot his load of cum into Devin's throat. The wads of cum would not stop as it would come out of Devin's mouth and slide down the corners. Coleman was choking from all of the shit that was in his mouth that he let go in order to breathe.

Devin's letting go of Coleman's cock, the fingering of his virgin pucker and the pulling of his tender balls caused Coleman to be in pain and tense up. Devin collapsed right on top of Coleman's sweaty body.

Coleman said ecstatically, "Devin, I love you, that was fuckin' unbelievable, I shot to the moon!"

Devin replied, "No problem Coleman, I love you as well. When you blew me, I felt like a million bucks, that I wanted you to feel the same way."

"Even though I was in pain, I love it when you fucked my hole."

"I knew you would get a kick out of it."

Coleman looked into Devin's wonderful eyes as Devin looked back at his starry-eyed friend.

"Devin, I love you and nothing will ever change that."

Devin could not react to Coleman except for kissing him open-mouthed again as he celebrated each other's love. Their hands explored the sweaty and worked-out bodies as their mouths exchanged each other's juice.

The boys, exhausted from the day's events and their sexual exploration, went underneath the covers and slept in each other's arms soundly for the rest of the night.

The mood lighting stayed on as the CD repeated itself many times that night. Coleman's parents slept that night thinking that their son was still an innocent fourteen year-old boy as the boys in the room across the house thought differently as they dreamt each other experimenting.

To be continued...

End of Chapter 11

I know that this was an incredibly long story, but a lot happened. The emotions, the sex, the love, the fear, and the attempts from Phil to break the boys up were all in here to make it an exciting chapter! And yes, there was another trashy sex scene that we all love.

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