Devin's Dream Comes True Part 12:

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On with the story...

Sunday started cool and clear as the clouds and rain went away during the night. Devin snuggled right up against and wrapped his arms around Coleman's warm body while Coleman slept in the fetal position facing away from Devin. The boys kept dreaming and retained their angelic look.

The gradual brightness in the room caused Coleman to slowly wake up. He was stunned a bit that there was another boy in the room, but he finally realized that it was his boy cuddling right next to him.

Even though Coleman woke up, he did not want to disrupt the beautiful moments he was spending with his sleeping boy god. Coleman turned his body just enough to view Devin. Everything about Devin was perfect. His closed eyes were covered by his long blondish eyelashes, his fair skin had no blemishes on it except for a few freckles and his blond hair made him the most beautiful boy whom Coleman has seen.

During the time Devin was asleep, Coleman's eyes wandered around the room , but mostly stayed to continue looking at Devin. Coleman finally heard his album still playing on the CD player after being brought down back to Earth. Coleman also caught that sunlight was pouring into his room for the first time in days, which was exciting to him because Devin and him could play outside in the sun. If they could.

Coleman continued to look at Devin as he thought with what was going to happen with Devin. His best friend just mauled him and word could come across to his parents that he is not straight. He remembers that Devin was talking about how his parents, especially his dad, would practically disown him for not being straight. This disquieted thought caused Coleman to stroke Devin's blond hair with his hand, assuring him that he would be there even if the times were going to be tough.

Coleman's stroking startled and woke up Devin. Devin could not open his eyes that much because he was still in a sleepy mood.

Coleman whispered as he continued stroking Devin's hair, "Good morning sunshine."

Devin moaned as he wanted to go back to sleep, but since Coleman was there he had to wake up.

Devin's first words were scratchy, "What time is it?"

"I dunno, but it can't be that early," Coleman said cheerfully. "The sun is out. But I know it's not late enough for us to do something,"

Coleman looked down Devin's body as he said his latter sentence. Devin pondered what Coleman meant until he got it and replied with a meek "oh".

The boys knew it was not the best time to suck each other off because of the possibility that Coleman's parents are already awake. However, the boys decided it was a great time to give each other a quick feel. Coleman pulled the comforter over themselves as they wrapped each other with their arms. The boys' hands felt all over their warm bodies as their legs intertwined.

Coleman softly touched Devin's stomach. When Coleman's fingertips were close to Devin's crotch, Devin tensed up because he was ticklish in that area. Coleman took advantage of Devin by tickling only that area, which caused Devin to defend himself. Devin attempted to tickle Coleman, but to no avail.

The boys moaned and their breathing became deeper as their hands explored all over their smooth skin. Devin decided to French-kiss his boy. He opened his mouth and let his tongue out as a spark of life connected the boys. Coleman explored the inside part of Devin's mouth as Devin replicated Coleman's actions. The boys continued their kissing until Devin broke up the kiss and moved his head down. Devin kissed Coleman's chin, Adam's apple, throat and chest while leaving a trail of his cooling saliva on Coleman's skin.

The sound of another door opening caused Devin and Coleman's session to have an abrupt end. They quickly tried to find their underwear, but Devin was the only one who was successful. Devin quickly stripped the comforter and a pillow off of Coleman's bed while Coleman went underneath the sheets. Devin was on the floor, placed the comforter over him and pretended that he was still asleep.

There was a knock on the door which caused Coleman and Devin to tense. Coleman did not know what to do because of all of the thoughts he had in his head. The door was knocked again

Nobody knew what to do until Devin said, "Come in."

Coleman's mother attempted to open the door but because of the lock that Coleman put on the night before, she was not able to open it. Devin got up and shielded his lack of clothing with the comforter as he walked and opened up the door a crack.

"Good morning Devin," Coleman's mother whispered, "Is sleepyhead up?"

Devin did not know what to say because if Coleman's mother did not see the mess that they created, the better they were off.

"Um, he's still trying to sleep Mrs. Fleming," Devin replied, "could you come back in a while?"

"Sure can hun. But I do need him up in a while."

"I'll be sure to have him wake up."

"I won't disturb you two anymore, come down for breakfast soon though."


Mrs. Fleming turned around and went down the stairs as she was thinking about her boy's young friend. She noticed that it was conspicuous for Devin to hold up a comforter in front of him. She thought maybe he became self-conscious about being half-naked in front of his friend's mother. The situation did not disturb Mrs. Fleming at all.

Devin closed and locked the door. He turned around and smiled at Coleman like something was going on. He walked over to the CD player and turned it off and gazed at Coleman's body as he walked to the foot of the bed.

Coleman knew something was up but he did not know what was about to happen. Devin took Coleman's sheets and ripped them off of Coleman's body, leaving him exposed.

"It's time for my breakfast," Devin whispered.

Coleman became excited because he knew what Devin meant. Devin crawled up on the bed while Coleman's back crawled up against the wall which was the same position the boys were in the night before. Coleman opened up his legs to allow Devin to move up. When Devin's mouth was at Coleman's right knee, he licked it slowly all the way up to his loins. Devin could not believe how smooth Coleman's leg was while Coleman was in another world because of how good a lover Devin was by the pleasure he was receiving. Devin lightly licked up the joint between Coleman's thigh and crotch which caused Coleman to gasp from the sensations. Devin slowly kneaded Coleman's growing boyhood as he sucked Coleman's sack.

"Man Coleman, I'm hungry for my morning sip of milk," Devin said with his trademark grin.

Devin opened his mouth as an O and slowly placed Coleman's engorged member into his mouth. Coleman gasped and clenched his fingers on the back of Devin's head hinting that he wanted Devin to go deeper. Devin responded by placing all of Coleman's cock into his mouth with the head almost touching Devin's tonsils. Coleman could not believe the head he was getting from his boy, it was so amazing. The blond cocksucker quickly went up and down on the piece of meat with each oscillation ending with the head at Devin's tonsils. There was no gag reflex this time for Devin, he was becoming that good at giving head.

Because of the close proximity to other members of his family, Coleman placed a pillow over his head to smother his screams of pleasure.

Even over the pillow, Devin could hear Coleman saying, "Devin if you don't stop I'm going to blow."

Devin wanted Coleman to blow, so he continued. He could feel Coleman expanding in his mouth and knew Coleman was ready as he used short, rapid breaths and pressed his hands into himself. Two more strokes and Devin got his breakfast by drinking the fountain of boycream that came from Coleman's piss slit. Devin could barely keep up but was able to take it like a trooper and drank all of it down. He wanted to let go, but Coleman had a firm grasp on his head, so he continued sucking. When Coleman relaxed the resistance, Devin did not stop deep throating, thus causing the pain to exceed the pleasure for Coleman. Coleman pushed him off in a comical way as he came back to Earth.

Devin asked, "How was it?"

Coleman pushed the pillow off and panted as he tried to say, "Amazing...did you...get enough..."

"I never do... I can drink this all the time."

"Well, I'm hungry right now," Coleman said, "But I want real food."

Devin was disappointed.

"But I don't want my mom back up here. I'll have you for lunch," Coleman said with his devilish grin.

After breakfast and washing up a bit in order to look presentable to walk the streets, the two boys walked toward Devin's house. There wasn't much for conversation between the boys. They have been together for a long time and almost exhausted everything they wanted to say. They knew that Coleman did reserve a blowjob for Devin. As they were walking, Coleman pulled on Devin to go into the woods.

Devin asked as he was being pulled, "What the hell?"

"Well I owe you a little something...and I would want to do it in my secret area."

Devin stopped hesitating as they walked deeper into the woods. They stopped at an area where there were no trees and the canopy was thin enough that the sun poured on top of them. They were far away enough so that nobody could see them.

Coleman kissed Devin's neck and licked Devin's earlobe as he whispered, "I only want some milk and cookies for lunch."

Devin giggled and got hard instantly as Coleman kneeled down in front of Devin's enlarged member. He stroked it through the cloth of Devin's jeans which caused Devin to be anxious because he wanted to feel that warm mouth around himself. Coleman didn't hold on for much longer as he unbuckled Devin's jeans, zipped down his fly and pulled them down with his boxers all the way down to his knees. Devin's beautiful cock sprang up and was waiting to be sucked. Devin's mushroom head was begging Coleman to allow it to fuck his throat.

Coleman opened his mouth and licked the head of Devin's cock. Devin was getting a kick out of this. His boy was sucking him off in the woods with the sunlight pouring on both of them. It was an amazing feeling. Devin placed his hands on the back of Coleman's head and pushed them in, indicating to Coleman that he wanted him to suck deeper. Coleman complied and with each oscillation, sucked more of Devin's cock until it was completely gone from Devin's sight. The sensation of his cock hitting Coleman's throat caused Devin to let out a healthy moan.

Devin was whispering to Coleman as he stroked Coleman's hair, "That's it Coleman, you're so good at this."

Coleman loved the comments he receives when giving head to his boy. This motivated him to suck faster. Since Devin was excited earlier from sucking off Coleman, he was already juiced up to get his rocks off. It didn't take terribly long for Devin to approach his climax. As Devin was about to reach it, he made Coleman stop.

"What the fuck? You were so close..."

"Remember, this isn't a race. I want this to be good so want a sec and you can finish me."

Coleman went down a little further to suck Devin's globes in his mouth but it was difficult because they were tight against his body. Devin was squirming a bit because they were sore because they were about to unload but stopped. When Coleman felt they were getting loose, he sucked on Devin's rod again. Coleman continued to deep throat Devin until he felt his boy was unloading. Without much warning, Coleman got his cookies and milk as he tried to drink all of Devin's juice. Devin was grunting a bit as he was in another world.

"Oh man Coleman, that was amazing."

"Well I don't need to eat anything when I get home now," Coleman said as he giggled.

"I guess not, I gave you a mouthful," Devin snickered.

Coleman licked the rest of the semen on Devin's cock and on the corners of his mouth. He raised Devin's jeans and boxers and closed them up as if nothing ever happened. Coleman got a hand to get up and they walked back along the street like nothing happened.

As they were walking, Devin had the idea of having a long talk with his mother on the back burner for an extended period of time. He hoped that his father was not going to be a part of it because he knew his father would freak. If it was just his mother and himself, he could get away with relative ease.

"What do you think your parents are going to do," Coleman asked.

"Well I really don't know. I think my mom, if anything knows. She is a very liberal mother and will probably be upset but she will not disown me. I hope she knows not to tell my dad about it because he would definitely kick me out."

"Well I don't want you to be kicked out, but if you need me, I'll be there for you."

The boys were in front of Devin's house and they knew that their journey was coming to an immediate end. They hugged with each other so that nobody inside the house could see.

"Thanks Coleman, I love you."

"I love you too Devin."

Coleman also got out a short peck on the cheek at the end.

"So you are going to call me before school starts," Coleman asked.

"Yeah, you know I will, I just have to talk a bit with my mother so we can straighten this out..."

Coleman laughed a bit.

"Pun is of course unintentional," Devin said. "So...I'll call you tonight or tomorrow..."

"Or you can drop by and I'll fix you up."

"I don't want another similar situation to happen for me for a while, but who knows," Devin sighed. "At least you will be there."

"Of course," Coleman patted Devin' back. "You're my boy and I don't want to lose you."

"Thanks kiddo," Devin snickered a bit, "Later."

"Later," Coleman walked away, but turned around and walked backwards as he said, "Let me know how it goes and we'll find a time where I'll pay you back."

Coleman winked as he turned back around. It was a good cinematographer's shot where Devin was. Devin observed Coleman walking back home knowing that it would be a tough road ahead.

Devin turned towards his house to face reality for the second time in two days. He got his house key out as unlocked it. He went toward the kitchen and saw Michelle reading the newspaper. He just stood there as he saw his mother's head rotate and welcomed him home with a smile.

"Honey, you're back," Michelle said as she glowed, "I miss you a lot."

"I do too mom."

"How was last night? Was it enjoyable?"

"It was kind of rocky at times, but yeah we had some fun."

"I can imagine, he's only your boy..." Michelle knew she dropped the ball.

Devin fell silent and knew where this was heading.

"Devin let's go to the living room where it's private and so your father won't hear you."

Devin let a meek reply of "Ok" let out.

The duo walked into the living room and Michelle led Devin to sit down in the loveseat as she stood.

"Do you want anything to drink or eat?" Michelle still had her motherly instincts.

"No, thanks."

An awkward silence fell but it was broken when Michelle grabbed two glasses and the water pitcher and put it on the coffee table between the loveseat and sofa.

Then another awkward silence appeared until Michelle said, "Now Devin, I know this might be tough for you to talk about but I really need you to tell me the truth. Do not be afraid of me because I will love you no matter what you do because you are my only child and I love you no matter what. I am concerned about you but I support almost everything you do."

"Thanks mom, I really need it."

"I want to talk about this because I want to know what is going on to avoid any confusion."

"Is dad going to be here with us?"

"No way he isn't because this is a private spot and I will know when he is approaching."


" your mother, I can't help but wonder about something about you. There have been some keys laying around lately. Is there something that you want to tell me?"

"Mom, I really want to tell you that I am bisexual. I am attracted to both boys and girls and I love Coleman."

" Coleman is your playmate?"

"No, he is actually my boyfriend."

"Are you happy with you being his boyfriend?"

"Mom, he is an amazing boy because he has helped me so much in the last week. I would not want anything else for him."

"Devin...that is so great...I'm happy that you found someone."

Devin was surprised with how well his mother was taking this because of her openness. She was happy that he found another gay boy.

"So you are not angry at me?"

"Devin, why would I? I'm your mother. I'm not going to be angry at you for being yourself. You cannot help yourself liking another boy because it is a part of you. That's why you are my sweet little boy that I have cherished for the past 16 years."

"When did you find out about me being different?"

Michelle took a while to respond to her son's question. "Well...I checked on you two while you were in the tent just to make sure you two were still alive," Devin was blushing at about this point in time. "I saw you two sleeping together in the same sleeping bag with your clothes in one big pile."

"What were you thinking about at that moment?"

"Well I was surprised at what you two did but I wasn't angry. I was just worried about you two being careful because sex is not an easy part of life to go through."

"Coleman and I will always be careful about sex because we do not want to ruin our relationship."

"I know I'm being very personal but I want to know if you two did fuck?"

Devin was stunned and only replied with a meek "No".

"Did you two suck each other off?"

"Well..." Devin hesitated, "we did a couple of times..."

"Did you and Coleman like it?"

"Yeah...we did."

"There's nothing to be ashamed of Devin, it is a part of growing up. At least you enjoyed your activities."


"Hey if you want to hold something against me...I had sex for the first time at 16 and I lost it at 17."

Devin took a second to think about that, "Oh you did?"

"Yeah and I don't regret it."

"Well at least I have something against you."

"Yeah," an awkward silence fell. "Well I want to tell you that I also kind of knew because of Phil and his mother."


"You two had a big fight over Coleman?"

"Yeah we did..."

"It is difficult to react having a best friend liking other boys, Phil needed to show his concern for you."

"Well, I wouldn't put it that way mom."

"Why would you say that?"

"Mom...he kicked me several times on the ground in the ribs and almost left me for dead."

Michelle got up and wrapped her arms around her son.

"There Devin don't worry about it. I have been friends with Phil's mom more than you have with Phil. I'll tell her my concern about you two."

"Alright thanks mom."

"I know you will be careful with Coleman but I'm still your mother and I want to make sure that my only child is not hurt. You know we live in a conservative area. Some people here are not open about homosexuals.

"Like me..." Neil came into the room. "I am not liking that my only child, my only son is a homo."

Michelle comforted her son as she talked back to her husband, "Neil, I don't want you to put your past thoughts into this situation. Our son needs help right now more than ever. Bashing him with insults is not going to help."

Neil steeped closer to them, "I don't want my son to be a fag, only chasing other boys around and not settling with a wonderful wife."

"Neil, don't tell your son what to do, you didn't even here half of the story. Your son likes girls too. There is nothing wrong with him because this is a part of growing up."

"Michelle, my father would have sent me out back and shot me if I was queer."

"That's why I don't want you to hurt him because your father was a bigoted ass."

"Don't bring him up in his conversation. I am not my father and I can do whatever I want to my son."

"Neil, you are not touching him."

"Oh yes I can," Neil backslapped Michelle and pushed her back and looked at his son.

Devin looked scared as he looked into his father's eyes, "Dad please don't hurt me, it's not my fault that I love Coleman."

"Devin don't be a pussy. Men don't have sex with other men unless there's a problem with them."

"Dad, I am not messed up, I am attracted to girls, but I like other boys. They have qualities that some girls don't have."

"My only son is not going to be a fag, I cannot have him living with me unless he's straight again."

Michelle got up and stood up for herself and her son, "You are not kicking him out."

"What are you going to do about it?"

Neil backslapped her again and threw her onto the floor several feet back of him. He went over to Devin and punched him several times on the head, then at the chest. Devin stayed in the fetal position, hopping the onslaught would end soon.

But it didn't as Neil threw his son onto the floor and kicked him in his ribs, the same place where Phil kicked Devin the day before.

"No fuckin' fags are allowed to live in my house."

"But dad..."

Neil used his escalated voice, "Get out NOW!"

"Neil, I am warning you, don't kick him out."

"I am not having this piece of shit pussy living with us."

Devin could barely move as it is as Neil kicked him again in the ribs. Devin began to wail because of the punishment he was taking.

"Devin, I can't believe I raised a pussy faggot in this house. You shouldn't even be alive for that matter," Neil said as he grabbed Devin by the shirt collar and literately threw him out of the house.

"And don't EVER come back," Neil said.

Devin got back up and started to walk as he turned around and retorted, "Oh I'll be back," as his father closed the door on him.

End of chapter 12.

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