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Discovery Island

We were at 36,000 feet when I heard warning beepers going of in the cockpit. I yelled at dad and asked what was going on. Yelling over the loud warning beepers he told me to get in my seat and buckle up. I then hear a loud bang and the aircraft shuttered, then I heard dad say there goes number one, I knew at once we had just lost an engine. Dad was busy trying to make adjustments to the trim to bring the aircraft under control and start our decent. As he was doing so he yelled at me to come up to the cockpit and get in the number two seat. Holding on to anything I could I made my way to the seat beside my dad. He told me to hook up my seat belt and shoulder harness. I did as he asked while he was telling me to cut the fuel off that had been feeding the number one engine. He then said to turn off the auto pilot, take the controls and hold as steady as I could on the decent course he had given me. He pulled out his map case and began to look for a place to land. We had left the Marana Islands several hours ago on our way back to our home on the island of Hawaii. We were over open sea and I knew there was know where remotely close we could find land. Dad looked at me and said son we are going to change course and try for Wake Island where there was a very long runway that the military built during the Second World War. He said by his calculations and taking into account the loss of one engine it would take us about 4 hours to get there. He told me to throttle back the number two engine and try to maintain at least 350 knots per hour which was down from the 650 knots we were flying before we lost our engine. While I was doing that dad started the fuel transfer pump to move fuel at least close to the rate the number two engine was consuming it so he could keep the aircraft in balance.

The immediate urgency seemed to pass as we reached 15,000 feet we leveled off. I continued our course but I noticed the number two engine was beginning to heat. I indicated to dad what I saw and he acknowledged the problem. Fortunately it was heating very slowly so we hoped it would peak and not keep rising. As the hours passed I could tell the pitch of the jet engine was changing as it continued to heat up. Dad told me to watch the instruments close while he went to the lavatory. As he returned and started into the cockpit we hit an air pocket that caused the aircraft to lean to the starboard and drop suddenly. This threw dad off balance and he fell hard against the cockpit door. We dropped 500 feet but I was able to get the craft level again. I immediately set the auto pilot and got up to help dad. He had injured his right arm. As I examined it I could tell it was broken. I helped dad into his seat and strapped him in. I returned to my seat to take control of the aircraft as the auto pilot was not holding and we were still dropping. I leveled off at 8,000 feet. In the heavier air of the lower altitude the engine temperature stopped rising. I checked the radar and found we were about 30 minutes out from Wake Island. I started a gradual descent setting my course by the electronic beacon signal coming from the island. As we descended I could see the island and then the runway. I looked at dad. Randy, son there is no way I can land this thing with a broken arm. You have helped me prepare for land before and I know you can do it. You will have to take us in. This runway is 8000 feet long and can handle the largest of aircraft so take you time. I knew there was no other choice so I lined up on the beacon signal and started my final decent. As we came closed I was sure I was going to dump us in the ocean but we finally crossed over land, I lowered the flaps then the wheels and watched for the lock light. When it came on I slowly lowered the aircraft until I heard the sound of wheels touching concrete. I was so relived I almost forgot we only had one engine and as I reached for the reveres thrust I remembered with one engine out you had to throttle back the engine of the Lear jet, coast until the speed of the aircraft slowed enough to apply the breaks. I let us coast for some distance before I applied the brakes and brought us to a stop.

I just sat there and shook. I didn’t have a dry stitch of clothing on me. I felt like a limp rag. Dad patted me on the back and said great job son you are a natural. I opened the door and dropped the stair then started to help dad to the door. We hadn’t reached the door yet when I heard the screech of brakes. As we reached the door I saw a jeep with a man and a boy getting out. The man told me to hold where I was and he would help. The two of us and the boy got dad down and to the jeep. Well from the looks of your dad’s arm I take it you landed this thing. Yes sir I did and I’m still scared to death. I’m Jake Harper and this is my son Jason. I’m Randy Miller and this is my dad John. We shook hands then Jake said we needed to get to their quarters and fix up dad’s arm and then we can tow our craft to the hanger. We all got in the jeep and headed for the hanger area. We stopped in front of their living quarters and helped dad inside. Jake took him into a small side room that looked like a nursing station where he had a large assortment of medical supplies. As dad sat down Jake said the brake looked like a clean one and thought it could be set fairly easy. Jake sat in front of dad and as he took his arm he gave it one hard pull. Dad almost passed out but as quickly as he had pulled dads arm he took hold of the place where it had broken and declared it felt smooth across the brake so he was fairly certain it set where it should have. I could tell dad was in pain as Jake handed him a couple pills telling him they would take the sharpness off the pain. Jake placed dads arm on the emergency table and told him not to move it. He then retrieved two pieces of rounded plastic and place one under dads arm and the other on top then bound them tightly together with some real wide tape.

Jake told dad there was a spare room at the end of the hall where he could lay down until he was feeling better. He looked at me and said I’ll bet you’re hungry? Yes sir I could eat. He smiled at me and said the name is Jake not sir you got that. Yes sir uh Jake. Good then you and I will get along fine. He told Jason to show me where I could bunk so Jason took me to his area that had two twin beds. Jason are you sure it’s okay for me to bunk with you? Are you kidding Randy? When you came out of that plane I couldn’t believe it when I saw you. I’ve been stuck on this frigen island with dad to long. He’s a great guy and I love him but having someone my own age around is going to be great fun.

Dad got up feeling much better, we ate the dinner Jake had prepared as Jake told us he was under contract with the U.S. government to man the island for one year. The island was an emergency landing strip for military or civilian aircraft that have problems this far away for land. The closest land was over 2000 miles away so the U.S. government keeps it manned at all times. He told us he was a widower and thought this would be a good experience for his son. Dad asked if he could use the stations communications to contact my mom and let her know we were okay. Jake told him no problem. Dad contacted mom and let he know where we were and what the problem was then came back down stairs. Jake, Jason and I went back out to the plane, hooked the tow bar to the front catch then towed it to one of the hangers closest to the living quarters.

Jake and dad got into a conversation about how to get the Lear repaired so Jason and I went outside and sat on the porch. Randy said he was 13 and I told him I had just turned 14. W e talked for a while and found we had several common interests like swimming, basketball, soccer and reading. He was a nice looking guy with light brown hair and green eyes. I have sandy red hair and my eyes are blue. As we talked he told me I looked like I was dead tired, I readily admitted I was. He said there was a shower with four heads behind the living quarters that was once used by the military that were in the open with walls and no roof that he and his dad used.

He went inside and returned with towels, wash cloths and soap then took me to the showers. The sun was getting low as we made our way to the showers. He handed me a towel, wash cloth and soap and said he would wait outside. I ask if he was going to take a shower also. He said he was so I told him I was use to other boys in showers with me from school sports so if he was comfortable with taking a shower with me would he please join me. He looked at me for a few moments and said I have never seen another boy naked. I’m not going to push you Jason but here is your chance to check out another boy without feeling embarrassed as I jokingly laughed. Okay Randy but please don’t make fun of me because I don’t have any hair yet. I finished undressing and stood up. Take a look Jason I’m 14 and still don’t have any hair. We both laughed as he undressed. The ice had been broken and there was going to be no embarrassment.

The water was nice and warm as we showered. Jason, would you wash my back for me. Sure Randy. He took my wash cloth and scrubbed my back very carefully but I could tell he was trying to stay away from my butt. Jason its okay if you go down further and wash my butt. He continued on down and finished washing me. Thanks Jason, do you want me to do you. Yeah Randy I think I would like that. I washed his back and butt then we washed our hair and started drying off. I could tell Jason had a semi erection as he turned away from me. We finished and just put on the cut off’s we had brought with us. It had cooled down and was a nice evening as we started the short walk back to the living quarters. As we walked I decided I was going to try to put Jason more at ease with himself as I figured he hadn’t received as much information as I had been luck enough to get when entering puberty. Jason, back at my school when I first started soccer in junior high our coach on the first day sat us all down in the locker room and told us he didn’t want any wise cracks in the dressing room or shower about other guys penis size or the amount of hair he had or if someone got a stiffy because that was just part of going through puberty. He said that everyone had their own internal clock. He told us kids could get hair as early as 10 or 11 and as late as 15 or 16. He said the size of your penis had nothing to do with your sex drive. He told us it was how we used the mass called a brain between our two ears that would make us the men we would become. As we reached the door he looked at me and said thanks Randy you have been a big help. Jason if there is any thing you want to known about your body that I have the information on I will be glad to answer, just ask. If I don’t have the answer and I assure you I don’t have them all, I assume you do have a satellite computer connection don’t you? Yeah we sure do. Then we can get the answers there.

Dad had already retired for the night and Jake was setting up the auto alarm on the radar just in case someone tried to contact him through the night the alarm would wake him. We got a snack from the kitchen and then went to Randy’s room. I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor and fell on the bed. So Randy you sleep naked. Not always but tonight I am just to tired to dig out any boxers. As I rolled over to look at him Jason dropped his cut off’s and did the same then dropped to his bed. It was just a few minutes before we were both off to dream land.

I woke before Jason then decided to get dressed but before I was finished he woke. Randy why didn’t you wake me? Oh you were sleeping so peaceful and look so pretty I decided you needed more beauty rest. He threw his pillow at me and said I can see you are also a smart ass. Yeah that’s me. We laughed as I threw his pillow back at him. We both dressed in shorts, tee shirt and tennis shoes. As we started to leave his room I ask him what the low engine sounding noise was. He said it was the generators behind the last hanger about 200 yards away. He told me they only ran one at a time but if an aircraft had an emergency at night they would need all four of them to light the runway. As we walked into the kitchen dad and Jake were already eating breakfast. Jake looked up and said you boys get what you want to eat. We both had cereal and orange juice.

As we finished putting our utensils in the dishwasher dad came over and put his good arm around my shoulder and gently nudged me to the front porch. Son I just wanted you to know what a fantastic job you did bring in the Lear. I knew you had learned a lot watching me and helping set controls but if you hadn’t learned more than what I thought you had neither of us would be standing he now. With my arm broken I think I could have landed it but what you didn’t know was I also hit my head, it hurt so bad I was disoriented. There was no way I could have made the landed. There are few kids your age that could have handled the pressure of the difficulty we were in. Gee dad why didn’t you tell me you hit you head? Son you already had enough to deal with trying to keep the Lear. I didn’t want to add to your concern. I put my arms around my dad and hugged him as I told him how much I loved him. He kissed me on the head and said I wish I had the word to tell you what you mean to me. The best I can do is let you know you have been the center of my life from the day you were born. I love your mother dearly but she knows you are my life’s center. All I could do is cry. He took his handkerchief and wiped my eyes then kissed them both and hugged me. Just how lucky can a kid be? As I looked up I could see Jason standing near an open window and knew he had heard our very private conversation.

Dad walked me back in the living area, as I looked at Jason he dropped his head. I walked over and put my arm around his shoulder and told him it was okay. He looked up and said Randy I’m real sorry I had no business listening to your conversation. I just can’t believe how close you are with your dad. Yeah Jason I am very lucky. Randy I wish I was half as smart as you are. I looked at him and said where did that come from you are an intelligent kid. Oh yeah I am, I so intelligent I probably not going to pass my equivalency test when I return to the states. As we talked he told me he couldn’t get the algebra. I told him that didn’t make him dumb. I said I would do my best to help him. He smiled and said you would do that. You bet I would. Randy this evening we will set down and give it our best.

With that we headed out the door, got in the jeep and Randy took of down the runway. As we reached the end he stopped the jeep and we got out. He said he had something to show me so we started down a path that lead to the beach on the ocean side. All at once we came upon a huge bunker that was made of concrete and steel. The steel appeared to be about 4” thick and the concrete that was also reinforced with steal about 3’ thick. Inside were the remains of two huge guns that were used during world war two. Randy told me this was his private place he came to be alone. We crawled up to the opening where one of the guns huge barrels stuck out over the cliff below and looked at the beautiful ocean before us. We spent the morning and far into the afternoon getting to know each other. I found we were both only children and Randy only had his dad and no other living relatives. I told him my dad an Uncle had inherited their ranch from my Grandfather and he from his father. I told him many things I never discussed with other people like the businesses my dad owned in several countries and Islands. I went on to tell him how much he loved to fly and how I had inherited his love of flying and the many trips he took me on. Randy was a pleasant kid, easy to talk to and I enjoyed being with him. He told me about the loss of his mother and how his dad just couldn’t seem to find a place to settle since her death. He said his dad loved him but seemed unable to really express it. I told Randy that was not uncommon that I had friends who had the same problem. We were both enjoying the cool air from the ocean but we knew it was late in the afternoon so we headed back to the jeep. As we approached I ask Randy if I could drive back. He asked if I knew how and I told him we also had a jeep on our ranch in Hawaii. Stupid me, I should have known if you can fly a jet you could drive a car. He handed me the key and we were off.

We drove up in front of the living quarters where dad met us coming in. You guys have been gone a long time. Sorry dad time got away from us. Its okay son Jake tells me there isn’t much to get into here. I hope you both enjoyed your day. Yeah dad we did, Randy showed me some neat places from the war. Dad went on to tell me he had to order a replacement engine. Like most it was a factory rebuild and had to come from the factory on the main land in the states. He told me it would take about three weeks to get to us. He said I seemed to like Randy and being on the island so he decided he wouldn’t have us flown out. He didn’t have anything important until next month so we would just stay and wait for the engine and the factory technician to install it. I told him I thought it was a great idea. He ruffled my hair and said well then it’s settled. We ate dinner then Jason and I cleaned up the table and went to the control room where Jason had a desk for his work. I showed him the mistake he was making and how to correct them using a short cut my teacher had taught me. Within an hour he had the hang of it and understood where he had gone wrong. I told him if we spent an hour for a coupe nights he could get caught up. He was so excited he jumped up and hugged me the stepped back and apologized for doing so. Look Jason you need to learn having emotions whether it’s hugging or kissing someone you love or really like is okay. I like people to show affection for me. Man Randy I have a lot to learn about being social. Jason, you worry too much over the little things. He looked at the floor and I reach out and hugged him and to my surprise he returned the hug. Randy you have no idea how happy I am that you land here.

I walked over to the computer and turned it on. It came on line and I typed in Jackenworld.com and up came the cover page. I told Jason to set beside me on the other half of the stool I then opened where it explained all about masturbation and how to do it and what not to do. It also went into mutual masturbation and explained about how natural it was for young teen boys to experiment with sex together and about how in most cases it had nothing to do with homosexual. One article also told about how to suck someone and how to do it mutually which was called a sixty nine position. It went on to say most boys between 12 and 15 didn’t understand enough about their emotions yet and should refrain from anal or vaginal sex. One piece also told about wet dreams and why they happen. There was also an article on precum and how it was produced and why. After about an hour Jake called up to us and said we had better get so sleep so we shut down the net and I cleared any evidence of our searches.

We went to Jason’s room and undressed. We both sat cross legged on our beds facing each other. Well Jason how do you feel about what you read? I’m really glad you showed me Randy, I now understand some lf what I been feeling. As we talked I noticed Jason’s penis was becoming hard. Jason have you ever masturbated? No I have never tried it but I have thought about it. If you want to try it I will do it with you. He hesitated for a moment then very much to my surprise he said, Randy would you do it for me. Jason wasn’t circumcised so I figured I should use some lubricant to keep his foreskin from drying from the friction. I got up and retrieved a tube of lubricant from my bag then got in bed with Jason. I took hold of his penis and he shuttered. Its okay Jason I won’t hurt you. I know you won’t I’m just a little afraid. I gently took Jason’s penis and rubbed some of the jell on and began to slowly masturbate him. It didn’t take long before he was breathing hard and raising his hips then shot two small squirts, one of which almost made it to his navel. Breathing hard he said Oh gee’s Randy I have never felt anything so wickedly wonderful. Well Jason I wish I had someone do me the first time. That doesn’t happen very often. Yeah well not just anyone is lucky enough to have you around like I do. Thanks Randy I really appreciate what you have done for me. It was my pleasure Jason. Randy, want to take a shower with me so I can get the goo off my stomach. Sure but what about dad and Jake. We just go out the window. Okay what are we waiting for? We got up, Jason got our towels and we slipped out the window still naked and went to the showers. The moon was bright and the light breeze felt good flowing over my naked body. The bright moon made seeing easy. We washed each other down not bothering with any formalities as to whether it was okay to touch a private place. I lathered up my penis and told Jason to do me. He took hold just like a pro and soon I made 3 big squirts and sunk as my knees buckled. Randy are you okay. I’m better than okay Jason. You did such a good job my legs got weak. Did I really do good Randy? You did better than good. You are the first one to done me. I have always done myself along. Man Randy a first for both of us. Yes it is Jason and I’m glad it was you.

We finished up and quietly returned to Jason’s room. Jason got in his bed and just stared at me. What Jason? Uh, will you sleep with me? I got in his bed and we cuddled together. Jason looked at me with tears in his eyes and said I don’t know what I going to do when you leave. I put my arm around him and drew him into a hug then said we will worry about that later Jason, let’s enjoy the moment. Lying cuddled together we drifted of into the sweet dreams of boyhood.

The next morning we got up and dressed but before we left the room Jason hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. That’s for sleeping with me last night and taking me to a high I have never felt before. It’s I who should be thanking you Jason. I had never felt such an intense discharge. We walked into the kitchen found Jake was fixing breakfast. As we sat down to eat I looked up to see dad watching at me. You to puppies look awfully chipper this morning. We both blushed something awful. Jason and I cleaned up the breakfast mess and then I told Jason I needed a minute with my dad. He nodded his head as I took dad by the arm out to the porch. Dad I need to talk to you. What is it son? That’s the problem I’m not sure. You see for some reason I have become very close to Jason and very quickly and it seems he feels the same about me. When he’s not with me I feel like a part of me is missing and I get this butterfly feeling very time he comes into sight. I Went on to explained what all had happened between us, then dad smiled. Son I could see it on your faces at breakfast. It’s okay for boys to experiment and care for each other. Yeah dad I know all that but what if it is more. Well son only time will tell us where this is headed. So far you have done what many boys at your age do so don’t worry about it. If there is more to it later then we will talk again. Randy, you need to remember one thing. I will always love you no matter what happens. Yeah dad I know that but it always nice to hear again. We hugged and I went back to Jason.

He had packed us a lunch and some other goodies and said he was going to take me to the lagoon inside the almost U shaped island. He told me the lagoon was the volcano hole that made the island. We got in the jeep and took off down the runway then he turned on a dirt road that eventually leads to a beautiful sandy beach with water that was crystal clear. Gee’s Jason this is a nicer beach than we have at the back of our ranch, and the water is so calm. He sat the basket down under a big palm tree and stripped of his clothes. I followed right behind him as we ran into the cool water. We played and swam then dove for shells and I found a military 45 pistol that was all rusty. We were getting a bit tired so we went to the palm tree and spread the blanket Randy had brought and laid down in the shade close to each other. You feel good next to me Jason. Yeah same here! He reached over and rubbed my stomach and then moved down to take my balls in his had and massage them. It felt great as my penis began to get hard and then lay flat on my stomach as it grew bigger. Jason moved and said can I suck you. No Jason, not unless I get to do you at the same time. A big smile came across his face as I turned around and took him in my mouth as he did me. I sucked and ran my tongue across his slit while gently rolling his balls with my hand. He followed everything I did, we were both enjoying every minute of it. He came first and his cum wasn’t very salty because it was mostly precum. I came a few minutes later with a pretty big first shot then a couple little ones. Man Randy why didn’t you warn me about the taste. Was it that bad? Well I guess not when you consider how good it felt to have your warm mouth sucking my penis. You have to remember Jason this is a first for me also and I didn’t know what you would taste like. We sat up and took a couple cold drinks from his basket and ate our sandwiches.

The afternoon came and we were still lying close together, face to face talking about how we had met and how destiny just seem to bring us together. I moved my head slightly and kissed Jason on the cheek. He just smiled and told me how nice it felt. We explored each others bodies and I’m sure we both took note of every detail of the others body parts. We were so at ease with each other nothing seemed to be out of bounds. We just let what the other wanted to do happen. We must have brought each other off four or five time. I guess the excitement and exertion of it all made us tired and without realizing it we both dropped off in a peaceful slumber with dreams of sexual fantasy. When I woke it was nearing dusk. I woke Jason, we took a quick dip in the lagoon then put everything in the basket and headed for the jeep. It was just about dark as we drove up in front of the living quarters. Dad and Jake were sitting on the porch. Dad said, well boys you must have had quite a day. Yeah dad the best! He slapped me on the butt as we passed and headed for the kitchen. Dad and Jake came in and we fixed sandwiches then sat down to eat. As we ate I showed dad the 45 pistol I had found in the lagoon an a couple very large and colorful sea shell. We cleaned up the kitchen and sat down to watch a movie from the large selection Jason had brought with him.

When the movie finished Jason and I excused ourselves and headed to his bedroom to get our towels, then to the showers. Jason lathered me up with soap making sure he got a large amount around my privates then massaged my dick and balls with his hand until he was giving me that awesome feeling. All at once I began to shoot. After the intense day we had I was surprised that I could shoot several times. Jason was quickly learning to enjoy sex play. I could tell he enjoyed seeing me come off as much as if he were the one shooting. We finished our showers and went back to Jason’s room. I told him I would be right back and ran up to the communications area where I had spotted a hand held vibrator. I pulled it out and ran back to the bedroom. Jason was in the toilet when I returned so I plugged it in a socket behind his bed and put it under my pillow. When he returned he crawled in beside me. Jason I have a surprise for you! What is it? Just close your eyes. He closed his eyes and I pulled the vibrator out, turned it on then placed it under his penis against his balls. He took a deep breath and said oh that feels so good. I ran it over his balls then up and down the underside of his penis. He was making so much noise I was sure dad or Jake would hear him. As I slowly ran it down his penis to his balls he lifted his body off the bed with only his feet and head touching then shot two squirts over his stomach then fell to his back. As his breathing became normal he looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said, Randy what am I going to do when you leave? I cradled him in my arms as he softly cried. I gave him a quick kiss and said where there was a will there was a way. We would work something out. He stopped crying and pulled me into a bear hug saying Randy I just can’t loose you. So much had happened so fast we were both in a mental turmoil. As we lay there holding each other in a drained mental and physical state, we drifted off into our own private dream land.

Several days passed and I could tell Randy was not him self. We stuck around the living quarters. I helped him finish all his work for submission before his proficiency test.

I asked Randy when his dad’s contract would be up. He said in a couple months. I asked him where they would go from there. Randy said he didn’t know because the job his dad was supposed to take had been eliminated a couple weeks ago and he knew his dad was concerned. I left Randy while he prepared his work to send back to the mainland when the supply plane arrived. Dad had made arrangements for our engine and technician to come with the supply Plane which was saving him a bunch of money. He was always smart that way.

I found dad at the Lear doing a check to make sure there was nothing else needed before the supply plane left the states. Hi son are you lost. No dad I really need to discuss something with you. Dad crawled out of the plane and sat on a bench patting his hand on the space beside him which was my queue to sit down beside him. Son you look pretty bummed out what’s the problem. I told him about the problem Jake had with a job and as if there was a place he could use him back home. He thought for a minute then said, well Jake is an electrical engineer with a lot of radio equipment experience and we have the radio station at Hilo. Old Jim has kept it running for me for a long time but he did tell me he would like to retire soon. Oh dad please hire Jake! I think it would give him the stability he has been looking for since Jason’s mother died. I admit I have a selfish interest in asking you but it would be helping someone that really needs it and it’s someone you need anyway. My dad hugged me as he chuckled and said, I going to make you a salesman not a pilot. Ah dad you wouldn’t do that to me would you? No son you and I have to fly or die. It’s in our blood. I’ll talk to Jake when I get back to the living area. I gave my dad another big hug and said I wouldn’t trade you for the world. You’re the best. Dad after you talk to Jake let me know what he said so I can be the first to tell Jason. Okay son it’s your show and while were at it we may as well let them live in the bungalow we just finish redoing.

I ran all the way back to Jason. I just couldn’t believe it, he would be living in the bungalow just over the hill form our house by my favorite stream. I found Jason setting in front of the computer. I walked up beside him and kissed him on the cheek. He looked up and smiled. I talked him into a game on the computer and he seemed to be enjoying it. As we played I heard dad return and about thirty minutes later he called up just saying, it’s okay son. I jumped up and hugged Jason. He looked at me like I was crazy. Jason you are coming to Hawaii and live by us. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. Jason your dad has accepted an engineering job working at my dad’s radio station. He jumped up and down and then pulled me into a hug kissing me on the lips. All at once he pulled back. I’m sorry Randy I shouldn’t have done that, I was so excited I got carried away. If you’re lucky when we get to Hawaii I may let you do it again. He slapped me on the back of my head saying yeah I may have found someone else who treats me better by then. We both laughed then sat down just to let what was going to happen sink in. In a couple minutes Jason looked straight into my eyes and said you’re the one that made this happen and don’t try and tell me different. A steady job doing what he was educated for will make all the difference in the world for my dad and the bonus is I get to be near you. Randy Miller you are one of a kind and I care for you more than anyone will ever know. Just what my feelings mean I don’t know but I know my life will never be the same again. You have moved me forward years in my maturity in only a few weeks. I have dreamed of a friend like for a very long time. I can’t believe you just fell out of the sky into my life. Gee’s Jason I don’t know what to say but I do know I have feelings for you also and I know I want you with me in Hawaii.

Jake called us to dinner, it didn’t seem he was overly excited about the new job but I decided it was just his nature. The entire dinner conversation was about the move to Hawaii. We finished then Jason and I cleared the table and cleaned up the dishes. When we finished we walked outside and went for a walk in front of the hangers as the sun sat across the water. What we were really trying to do was let our minds catch up with everything that had happened in a very short time. As we talked we were coming to grips with all the changes. The one thing that made it easier was the fact the changes were all positive. As we returned we decided to take our shower. We had left one towel and the soap the night before so we undressed and stepped under one shower head. We soaped each other up and took turns washing each other down. Jason did his magic soap trick with my balls and penis making me shoot more than I had the first time. We dried each other off leaving a very wet towel behind as we made or way to Jason’s room. We rolled into bed looking into each others eyes and smiling. The mental drain of the day caught up with us as we both drifted off into a dream land of things to come.

As the days passed we made plans for our return to Hawaii. The supply plane was to arrive the next day with our new engine. Jake agreed to let Jason fly home with us then he would come when his contract ended in a few weeks. Jason was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He asked me questions until I finally got him settled down by telling him he was getting to hyper and needed to slow things down before he made himself sick. He said he was sorry to be such a pain. I told him he was a pain but he was my pain. He just giggled and hugged me.

The supply plane arrived along with the technician to install our engine. There were several engine slings in the hanger so we rolled one out to the supply plane, the tech attached it then swung it off the plane and rolled it to the hanger. In a few hours he had the new engine installed and checked out. He started both engines and made a taxi down the runway running the engines up to almost take off speed then returned. He said we were go to go so the took the old engine loaded it and they were off.

The new supplies had a lot of fresh fruit, ice cream and drinks of all kinds so we had a small feast that night. When we finished we took our shower and each others needs at the same time. We finished packing and were all set to leave the next morning. Dad said he wanted to leave by 7 am so we needed to get to bed early. When Jason and I got in bed I knew he was to excited to sleep so I got the vibrator and worked his penis and balls again. I brought him to the brink several times until I could tell he was his out off breath then I made him climax. He shot more than he had any previous time. It wasn’t long until he was sleeping like a baby. In a short time I followed with dreams of flight.

The next morning when I woke Jason was setting on the other bed dressed and ready to go. He looked at me and said it’s about time you wake up. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30. How long have you been setting there Jason? About an hour! I’m sorry why didn’t you wake me? You looked to peaceful and I like watching you sleep. I don’t know what I’m going to do with you Jason. Well I know what you can do but we don’t have time. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him as he ducked and laughed. I got dressed and we went to the kitchen where Jake had breakfast ready. Dad had already eaten and was doing his ground check before we took off. Jason and I ate our meal then got our bags and headed for the plane. We loaded everything in the cargo bay and said goodbye to Jake. Jason went to his dad and gave him a hug. I heard Jake tell dad to take good care of my boy, he’s all I have. I knew Jason heard him as tears came to his eyes, but I said nothing. We boarded the Lear and dad stood there looking at me. What dad? You take the first seat. Do what. You heard me, if you can land this thing it’s for sure you can take off. I told Jason to take any of the six seats he wanted. He sat in the first seat behind the cabin door on dad’s side so he could see me. We ran through all the preflight checks and I started the number one engine and then the number two engine. When all the gages read out properly I started the taxi. As I lined up with the white line running down the middle of the runway I pulled both throttles controls back steadily as the plane gained speed I checked my interments and when I reached take off speed I pulled back on the wheel and we started our climb as I continued to pull the throttles to maintain the power needed for our accent to our flight plan altitude of 36,000 feet and cruising speed of 600 knots. As I leveled off I punched in our coordinates into the computer then set the auto pilot. Dad ruffled my hair and declared once again I was a natural.

I took of my shoulder harness and went to set by Jason. He hugged me and said I just can’t believe you can fly this thing. You are one amazing kid! You give me too much credit this is one of the newer versions that can almost fly itself. Oh yeah Randy, this thing can fly itself about like a freight train can cross the ocean. We both had a good laugh then played some cards. By the time we finished our game and ate lunch we were only 2 hours out from Hawaii. As we were reaching the radar range of Hilo dad called me back to the front. I put on my harness then checked my radar screen, put on my head set then called in. Hilo tower this is Lear zebra five, two, six, three niner, do you copy. Lear zebra, five, two, six, three niner this is Hilo tower, Welcome back. Hilo tower thanks it’s good to be back. We are on a direct course to the Miller ranch landing strip is our air space clear? Lear zebra, five, two, six, three niner you are clear. Thanks Hilo tower over and out. I turned off the auto pilot and started my decent. It was good to feel the wheel touch the ground as I taxied to the hanger and cut the engines. I came out the door first and mom ran up to hug me. It felt good to have her arms around me again. I had missed her while we were gone. Mom looked up and said you must be Jason. I have heard a lot about you, welcome to our home. Randy reached out his hand to mom but she pulled him into a hug. I could tell he was surprised but I also could tell he like it. We gathered our belongings from the cargo bin and loaded them in the suburban as mom and dad were making out. The fact my parents showed affection for each other in front of me had always given me a sense of security. As we drove to the house Jason commented on how beautiful and green everything was. As mom drove into our drive Jason took hold of my arm, Randy this place is a mansion, it’s beautiful. Well Jason I think mansion is a little overboard but yeah it is nice. We stopped in front of the garage and Nick, one of our hands came over to collect our luggage so we went to the house.

As we walked in Randy just stood in the foyer staring and then exclaimed holy begees would you look at this place? Mom laughed and told him she was going to take that as a complement on our home. I understand you boys already have sleeping arrangements covered so I will let you get settled. Randy looked at me. Don’t look at me dad must have told he something. He just stood there so I took his hand a drug him up the stairs to my room. I opened the door, Jason walked in and shook his head. Would you look at this place it’s like another house? Jason there are only three rooms, a bedroom, setting room/den and my study room/library. What’s the other door? Oh that’s the bathroom. Nick brought up our luggage and I showed Jason where he could put his things. He looked everything over and said I was one luck guy. I told him I knew how lucky I was. I had been to places with my dad that would turn you stomach to see how people have to live.

We went to my den and put on some music then sat down. We just sat there with our eyes closed listening to the music when I felt a hand start sliding down the front of my shorts. I opened my eyes and said, Jason you horny little devil! He giggled and unbuttoned my shorts then pulled out my penis. He started a rhythm that soon brought my hips off the couch as I shot all over my tee shirt. Jason you are very good at your craft. He giggled again and sat in my lap then kissed me on the cheek. I pulled my sticky shirt off and he laid his head on my chest. It felt go, natural and right. What was going on here? No matter how close he was I wanted him closer. I moved my hand under his chin lifting his face to meet mine and kissed him as passionately as I could for someone who had never kissed with passion before. He responded and we found ourselves entangled in a wild frenzy. When we broke I looked at Jason and said what’s going on here? Well I can tell you for sure it aint just friendship! Yeah Jason I guess we will have to admit we have gone beyond that.

Mom buzzed us on the intercom and said dinner was ready so we cleaned up and went down stairs. Our dinner conversation was mostly about Jason and how glad my parents were he had come home with me. Jason’s easy going polite mannerisms went over very well with mom. After dinner I walked Jason over to take a look at the bungalow. He loved it and how mom had carefully decorated and furnished it. He said it was the biggest house he would probably ever live in and was by far better furnished. We returned to the house where dad was waiting for us. He said that Jake would be calling in 30 minutes to talk with Jason. I could tell dad had a concerned look about him but I didn’t know the half of it.

Jake called and dad motioned me out of the room. I ask him what was going on, he said I was going to have a big job on my hands, Jake had taken a job in Saudi Arabia and asked that we keep Jason. He said since his wife died he couldn’t pull himself together and he knew he was being a very poor father to Jason. He went on to say he saw how close we were and wanted Jason to grow up with loving people. Dad said he told Jake we would gladly take Jason and love him as our own. Jake told dad he would send papers giving he and mom custody. I just stood there stunned. Everything was going through my mind at one time. All I could think about was how Jason was going to be devastated. I watched the phone until the light on line one went off. Jason didn’t come out. I waited as long as I could hold out then went to him. As I entered I could see he was crying. I ran to him and he took hold of me as if I was the last toy a child had and was afraid someone was going to take it. I just held on to him hoping he would soon cry himself out. As he quieted down dad came in saying it would be best if we could talk about it. Jason sat down saying nothing as dad spoke. Jason your dad loves you very much you need to understand that. He knew he wasn’t doing what was best for you and because he can’t seem to get over the death of your mother he knew you needed a better life than he was mentally able to provide. In his grief he was only thinking of you. Can you understand why he made this very difficult decision?

Jayson sat motionless for several minutes. I do understand how much pain he has been since mom died. I also realized on the island he wasn’t getting any better and became distant which I also understood. What’s so difficult is understanding all this and realizing he was doing what was in my best interest but in the end I am still losing my dad. Dad sat down beside him and said he had a number in Saudi Arabia he could be reached. I know he most likely will never be able to take care of you like he wanted but you don’t have to loose contact with him. Jason just sat there like he was lost. I took his hand and told him he needed to get some rest and things would look better in the morning. I took him to what would now be our room, undressed him and put him in bed. I bent over and kissed him telling him to remember I would always be here for him. I sat in the chair next to the bed and held his hand. Out of pure mental exhaustion he fell asleep. I just sat there silently crying for the pain he was in.

When I went down stairs I fell into my dad’s arms still crying from the pain I was feeling for Randy. Dad picked me up and carried me to his chair then sat me down in his lap with my head resting on his chest. He told me these are the hardest times for parents because there is nothing they can do to take away the pain. Mom bent down in front of the chair and took my hand. The last thing I remembered that night was being in the loving arms of my parents.

When I woke the next morning I was in my bed with Jason curled up against me. As I stirred he woke then grabbed me around the neck saying, Randy please, please promise me you will never leave me. I don’t think I could make it through loosing you, you’re all I have now. Jason it will never happen, you are stuck with me for the rest of your life so you better get use to it. Mom and dad are already growing to love you. You have a family now that will never desert you. You have lost so much but we’re going to see you through the tough times into the better days ahead. I took him to the shower and washed us both then helped Jason get dressed and we went down to breakfast. As we walked into the kitchen Mom gave Jason a big hug then dad picked him up and looked into his eyes and said you are home now, your one of us now. Jason put his arms around dad’s neck and cried.

Well over a month had passed, Jason was making real progress, he no longer cried at night and it was obvious He was responding to the affection mom and dad were giving him. We kept him as busy as possible. He learned to help with the many tasks that come with ranching. We rode dirt bikes across much of the ranch and spent time by ourselves swimming off the beautiful beaches. We went shopping and bought us both new clothing as we were growing out of what we had. Dad took us with him on a trip to Australia and I could see Jason coming alive. By the time school was ready to start he was acting like the old Jason. We had resumed our bed time play and we were both learning what we had between us was almost scary.

Just before school started Jason took his equivalency test and made a 96 on it. When our last year of junior high started Jason began to make friends. Marcy was a girl I had stated the first grade with, we played ball several years together and had always been a close friend. She was a bit of a tomboy but she was great fun. The three of us hung out at lunch and after a while she would come to the ranch and ride horse’s or dirt bikes with us and we all became close friends. She told us she knew we had more than just friendship going on. We admitted it and said we still hadn’t figured out what or close relationship meant. We ask that she not discuss it with anyone. She looked at us with one of her fierce looks and said you should know by now I don’t talk about the three of us. We both apologized. The school year went on as we three spent more and more time together and less time with our other friends. Our final year of Junior high came to an end but Marcy came to the ranch to visit and spend time with us. We rode our dirt bikes to the private beach on the ranch one afternoon. It was warm and I said I would really like to go swimming. Jason reminded me we didn’t have our swim trunks. I ask Marcy if she minded me swimming in my boxers. She gave me one of her this is going to be fun smiles and said don’t let me stop you. I stripped down to my boxers and dove in. In a few minutes there was Marcy in her underpants and bra right behind me. We both looked at Jason, he just shook his head, undressed then joined us. We were having a great time until I dove in and lost my boxers. I swam around looking for them until I looked up and there stood Marcy in knee deep water holding my boxers. I ask her to through them to me but she said if you want them you have to come and get them. While I was hesitating Jason was laughing his head off. It pissed me off and I thought lets see who gets the last laugh. I then swam over and stood up in front of Marcy. At first she looked a little frightened but then here face turned to a wicked grin and said you look even better than I though you would, then handed me my boxers. I through them on the beach and continued to swim. As I stood up in shoulder deep water I looked back at the beach where Marcy was taking off her bra and then her underpants. I just stood there and stared. I had never seen even a baby girl naked but she was a beautiful sight. Before long all three of us were Romping on the beach naked as the day we were born. We lay in the sand and talked as the afternoon passed, the fact we were all naked seemed as natural as our friendship. We finally dressed and headed to the house. Marcy ate dinner with us and then rode her dirt bike home.

That night Jason went nuts he just couldn’t get enough of me, he was literally all over me. I finally got him quieted down and ask what was up. He said I saw how you looked at Marcy on the beach. I pulled him to me and we kissed passionately. I took hold of his penis in one hand and his balls in the other and started working him, he soon came but this time he gave one small squirt on his stomach. I reached down and licked up the small wet spot then covered his dick with my mouth and brought him off again draining him of what little was left. I lifted my head and he kissed me allowing him to taste his cum. He looked at me and said I’m so sorry Randy I know she won’t come between us but I get scared at times and still wonder what has brought you and me together. It’s okay Jason I’m not going anywhere. Yeah Randy I know. We just lay there until we finally drifted off of sweet dreams of future times.

We took a few trips with dad and Marcy came over fairly often and before we knew it high school had started. The year was going well and so were Jason and I until one afternoon as we returned home dad met us. He took us to the den and we all sat down. Dad looked at Jason and cleared his throat. Jason your dad is back at your home on the mainland. It seems he had an accident in Saudi Arabia that left him paralyzed. He received a very generous settlement but he is in very poor spirits and not doing so well and has been asking for you. Jason excused himself and went out to the back patio. Dad said to let him be that he had a lot to work out. I went to our room and began to think of the life we had planned. I also realized he still loved his dad and wondered what obligation he felt after two years. Mom called us to dinner but Jason didn’t eat very much. When dinner was finished he said he had given a lot of thought to his dad’s needs and had decided that he had an obligation to go back to his old home and take care of him. He said thanks too the love of our family he had learned the importance of family obligations. He then asked to be excused and said he would like to talk to me. We went to our room and sat down. Randy this is tearing me apart. I can’t stand the thought of leaving you but I know I must do what I can for my dad. I have to leave now or I will loose my nerve. Dad and you are the two people I love the most but what it comes down to is he needs me worse than you. I have to leave feelings out of it and do what I know I have to. I told him I would have made the same decision had it been me. We hugged and cried a little then I called dad on the intercom and asked that he join us. Dad came to my room and we explained Jason’s decision. Dad said he understood how hard the decision must have been but if it was any consolation he thought he was doing the right thing. Dad called and got Jason a seat on the midnight flight to the main land. We packed his clothes and things of memories he wanted to keep. By the time we finished we had to leave for the airport. Standing at the boarding gate we hugged and Jason said I shall never forget our time together. You lifted me up and made me stand on my own two feet and gave me self confidence. I have come a long way and it is all because of you. You shall be in my hart forever but I doubt we shall be together again. Time changes things and I know you will move on as I must. He handed me a note with his address on it and said if I ever had the time or inclination to drop him a line on occasion. He boarded the plane and my friend, confidant and probably lover was gone.

The next day was Friday, I didn’t go to school. As I sat looking around my room memories of Jason kept coming to mind until I just had to leave. I told mom and dad that I would like to move to the bungalow because the memories were just too much for now. They reluctantly agreed and called nick to help move me. By the end of the day I was all set up. It was cozy with a fireplace in the large living area. There were two large bedrooms with separate baths, a nice kitchen and a smaller room intended for an office which I turned into my study and music room. I went back to school Monday only to find most everyone already knew Jason had left. I figured someone had seen us at the airport. I sat quietly at lunch while Marcy tried to comfort me. Several weeks passed and I was still Miserable and trying desperately to pull my life together. One Friday night I had just gone to bed when I heard the back door open. As I sat up and turned on the table lamp there stood Marcy in the doorway looking at me. She walked over beside my bed and said, move your butt over. I moved as she undressed and crawled into bed with me. I had intercourse for the first time in my life that night. She took me to heights and feelings I never knew existed and as I settled into the warm after glow I slowly drifted off into dreams of the past and things yet to come. As her visits continued the pain of my loss became less. At 15 I had no idea where my life would lead me or who he or she would be I would spend it with, but for the present the gut wrenching pain of my loss was drifting away. There would be life after Jason after all.

The End