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Discovery -- By TurtleBoy

Wind soared freely through his hair, bright golden brown locks, in a fiery rhythm of randomness; his deep auburn eyes watering and glossy due to the wind in his face as he sped down the steep hill on his bike.  Darren's heartbeat seemed to be pounding faster than a single rotation of his speeding tires.  Apple trees shaded the paved street on either side of the road; branches hung heavily overhead.  Fallen fruit scattered across the concrete had created a treachery of sweetened obstacles to evade.  A single mistake could certainly be his last.  The adrenaline levels had already been capped and were now slowly diminishing.  Darren swerved his bike from left to right sharply and precisely.  If someone were to be watching, it would have appeared that the boy had done this course a thousand times.  However, no one was watching.  No one ever watched.

As the hill came to an end so did the excitement.  Darren pressed back on the brakes and the bike skipped and slid to the left.  Tires squealed and shrieked to a sudden halt as Darren dropped his right foot to the pavement.  Looking back at the steep hill, the long and narrow street, a smile streaked his face through pride.  Turning his head to the left and then the right, he was alone.  Yet again no one was around to share his glory and bask in all it was worth.  No congratulations, no cheers of joy, no high fives, no...

"Darren!  What are you doing?!" screamed a deep and heavy voice.  Darren's head snapped back to reality as he was forced back into the world's grasp.

"Nothing Pa!  Just resting!" the boy screamed back.

"Dinner's ready!" screamed the man from the kitchen window of Darren's house.

"Coming Dad!"

Looking back up the hill, Darren watched as the trees turned to dumpsters, and the scattered apples turned to squashed tin cans and crumpled waste.  The dream had been ruined once more; the dream of the countryside where they had once lived and the same place Darren never really had a chance to remember.  They had moved to the city a little more than eight years ago when Darren was barely four.  His Dad once owned a small farm and orchard but now was a manager for a chained grocery store.  The dream, however, still existed, still called upon his thoughts.  He wished with all of his heart that he could return to the country, the place where his father had grown, his father's father, and many other fathers before that.  He was going to be the first of the Collin sons to grow up in the city, ever.  They moved from Britain back in 1774 and founded their land in 1796 which the Collin family owned until 2002 when Allen Collin, Darren's father, sold the land to resettle in the city.  His only reason was, "Farm life isn't for me."  He finished by saying he didn't want his children to have to live the same sheltered life that he had, even though he only had one son.

"Make it quick!  Your Mom's threatening to feed it to Bullet!" screamed Allen to his son mockingly.  Although Darren knew it was an empty threat, he sped up his journey, for the moment his dog's name was spoken his food had fallen into danger.

"Dad!  You're teasing him!  I bet he's already jumping up at the table!" moaned Darren as he entered the back yard and dropped his bike.

Allen turned into the house and peered over at the table, sure enough Bullet had his front paws on the table, his long fluffy tail wagging too-and-fro as happy as can be.  "Yup.  He's already taken your spot."

"Good job Dad.  You're dealing with him." Darren threatened back, shaking his head and opening the back door to the house.  "Bullet!  Come here boy!"

The oversized, tubby, golden retriever flopped himself away from the table and waddled his way towards Darren.  His tail wagging so heavily the pages of the calendar on the wall behind him lifted into the air. "That's a good boy!  Good boy!" Darren chanted to the loving pup as the dog slopped his spongy tongue against Darren's face.  "Okay... Okay stop Bullet, no!  That's enough... Gross!  Go lay down boy, I'll bring you some food." wiping his face into the end of his already soiled t-shirt, Darren opened the cupboard door and scooped out a large bowl of dog chow and ran it over to Bullet, "There you go boy."

"Okay that was just nasty," whined Darren's mother, Melissa, "Go wash up for dinner... and change that shirt it's filthy."

"Change?  But Mom, I'm going out after dinner anyway." moaned Darren as he made his way into the washroom.

"Where are you going now?" asked Melissa, not really all that bothered, just curious.

"I promised Kyle I'd meet him at the park at six thirty." explained Darren as he slopped hot and soapy water against his face.

"Kyle?  I thought he was gone on vacation." blurted Allen.

"He will be.  His family leaves tomorrow morning.  Don't you guys ever listen to me?"

"Oh yeah, that's right." hummed Allen, "Your dinner's getting cold bud, better hurry."

"I'm coming."

 *  *  *  *  *

Later that night, a little after seven, Darren sat on top of an old picnic table.  The paint had faded and was chipping off in curled chunks; the wood was a dry looking gray, old and heavy.  Peering down at his iPod to check the time, "Seven `O' six... Where are you Kyle?" Darren moaned to himself.

The time trudged on as slow as can be.  Five minutes grew to fifteen then thirty.  Until finally Darren's clock read half past eight.  Only another half hour and he would have to be home for the night.  "Guess he's not coming." Darren whispered to himself once more and jumped up from where he had been sitting for the last couple of hours.

Darren bounced off of the picnic table, tucking his hands deep into his pockets, and turned to head for home.  The sun was beginning to set and the sky had turned from blue to a deep red; the same shade of red which Darren dreamt about when he thought of the farm his family once owned.  It always gave him a strange feeling inside: it wasn't quite a sad feeling, but it wasn't exactly a good one either.

"Hey look out!!" hissed a powerful voice from -- who knows where.

Darren dropped to the ground as if by instinct.  His palms slapped heavily against the asphalt and echoed throughout the air around him.  Rolling onto his back to see what was happening Darren saw a large white blur heading straight for his head.  Darren involuntarily screamed and threw his hands out in front of him in the hopes that it would shield him from his impending doom.  His heart was racing and his blood was pumping throughout his veins at a mile-a-minute... was that fast?  Just as he had mentally prepared himself for certain death something smashed lightly against the palm of his left hand and bounced onto his chest.  Confusion flooded into the poor boy's subconscious, was he dead?  Was the pain so great that the Lord All Mighty saw fit to release him before the pain broke him entirely?

Opening his right eye, then his left, Darren looked down at his chest, at the strange looking object on top of him.   It was webbed, white, and had a tiny rubber ball on the top of it.  Darren dropped his head back against the pavement and sighed of relief, and then jolted upright filled of frustration.  He looked around for the voice that had warned him, scanned every last inch of the park as carefully as one possibly could.  "Dude... Are you all right?" asked a soft, shaky voice.

"What the hell just happened?" blurted Darren, looking down at the shuttlecock that had fallen beside him when he sat up.

"You were attacked by an evil Birdie." explained the voice of the boy, who was hiding in the shadow of a nearby tree.

"Why did you scream at me?" pleaded Darren, embarrassed.

"Um, I'm not sure... I guess I sort of panicked when I saw it was going to hit you.  Did it hurt?"

"No, but the cement did a bit." whined Darren half-angrily.

"Dude, I'm sorry..." said the boy through obvious guilt.

"It's cool.  No harm done... well much." Darren giggled as he climbed to his feet and attempted to salvage his pride, "Why are you hiding in the shadows?"

"Oh sorry." returned the boy who then stepped away from the tree and moved toward Darren.  He wasn't tall exactly, but he wasn't short either.  He wore dirty, gray sweats with a sports logo on the right side, and a white collared t-shirt.  His hair was brown and long, just below the ears, and his eyes were a deep mysterious looking blue.  He walked awkwardly to the centre of the sidewalk and flicked his hair out of his face, "I'm Callum."

"I'm Darren." Darren paused awkwardly, "You live around here?  I haven't seen you around before."

"Yup.  I live down Henderson.  About three blocks from here." replied Callum.

"Oh, that's near the Blockbuster right?"

"Yup, right across the street actually." smiled Callum, proudly.

"Cool.  I live down Elmer's Road right at the end near the river.  You been living here long?  I thought I knew everyone around here."

"Yup, all my life.  I don't usually come to this park though.  Mainly I hang at St. Mary's park -- it's bigger.

"Yeah you're right.  I'm not allowed to go that far.  I did once, and my Dad just happened to be driving by, and BAM!  I got popped just like that.  He grounded me for like a week."

"That sucks.  Guess I won't be seeing you around there then?"

"Probably not, but I'm always over here... well a lot anyway.  So what are you doing here alone?" asked Darren, peering around the boy in front of him to see if anyone else was with him.

"Just board I guess.  I was wandering around and ended up here, that's all.  Why are you here?"

"I was waiting for my friend, but he never showed up.  He's leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I'm guessing his parents kept him back to pack or something." explained Darren in obvious disappointment.

"That sucks.  Were you just heading home now?"

"Yeah, I gotta be in by nine."

"Cool.  I'll walk you home if you want... I got nothing better to do.  I'm not a creep," Callum rolled his eyes up towards Darren through devious intent, "mostly."

"Haha, well I'm not sure about creep, but nut job might work." teased Darren, "All right, my place is this way."

The boy turned himself back around, and Callum skipped a bit in order to catch up.  "So I take it you've lived here a while huh?" asked Callum while he bounced the shuttlecock up and down on his racquet.

"Yeah, most of my life." returned Darren, "We moved here when I was like four.  Before that though, my family had a huge farm in Massachusetts."

"Really?  What happened to it?"

"My Dad sold out."

"Sold out to what?"

"Some big jam making business... Rucker's, or something.  They bought the place for... I don't even know how much, but it was enough to sell our farm and move us to the city."

"That blows... Unless of course you guys are rich."

"Nope.  If we were rich, would we be living here?  I mean the area is nice and all, but no one's exactly rich around here."

"Yeah, I guess you're right.  So, you like video games?  Sports?  Badminton?"

"Heh, yeah.  But I don't play badminton all that much."

"Really?  Why not?  It's like the most awesome sport ever?"

"I dunno, I just don't, not sure why." Darren paused to kick a stone into the street, "Say, why were you hiding earlier?"

"I thought you were going to try and kick my ass." admitted Callum.

"Really?  I'm not even big though!  I even lost a fight against your birdie!"

"Haha true, but you're bigger than me I think."

"Nah, I think we're about the same size.  I might be a bit taller though, but only by like -- an inch or so."  Darren stopped in his tracks and leaned in towards Callum, "Stay still a second, let's measure." Callum stopped and turned to face the other boy, their foreheads nearly touching, Darren placed his hand on top of his head and slowly slid it towards Callum's head.  "Don't move..." as Darren's hand neared the edge of his head, he cautiously backed away from the boy, secretly, and then smashed his hand into Callum's forehead.  "I'm taller!" screamed Darren as he ran down the empty street.

"Ow!  Dude..." sighed Callum, as he skipped forward once and jolted into a sprint, "That wasn't cool man!  Get back here!"

"Or what?"

"I dunno... Or, I'll beat you with my birdie again!"

Darren froze in his tracks, turned to Callum and began to chuckle hysterically.  "Wow, that sounded so moronic." wheezed Darren, in between breaths.

"I know right?  That's why I said it..." giggled Callum.

"Anyway, this is me."  Darren pointed at the house beside them.

"Oh.  Wow, that wasn't very far."

"Yeah, I told you.  Or at least, I think I told you."

"I can't remember." Callum paused to think a moment, "Say, what're you doing tomorrow?"

"Probably nothing." admitted Darren.

"Cool.  Wanna do something?"

"Like what?"

"Damned if I know.  We'll figure it out tomorrow."

"Okay.  Come by whenever... actually, not before eleven `cause I probably won't be up till then."

"Same.  Cool, I'll see yeah tomorrow Darren." Callum waved good-bye then turned to make his own way home.

 *  *  *  *  *

 The next morning Darren awoke to the screams of his mother, who was bellowing some form of who-knows-what up the stairs.  "Mom?  Okay Mom I'm up!" Darren screamed, and kicked his feet out of bed and sitting up.

"Morning sleepy head." said a soft, familiar voice.

Darren whipped his head around, in the direction of the voice, to find Callum standing at the door holding his badminton racquet.  "Who let you in here?" blurted Darren, still half asleep.

"Your Mom did.  She got tired of screaming for you, so she just sent me up to wake you." explained Callum with a smile.

"What time is it?"

"Eleven fifty.  I didn't leave till like eleven thirty.  Figured that should be enough time for you to get up and stuff.  Guess I was wrong."

"Wow, I slept lots." was all Darren said as he reached down and slid on some shorts.

"I'll go tell your Mom you're awake." offered Callum, and he turned back towards the door.

"It's cool I'm sure she knows by now." said Darren as he climbed across his dirty floor and slid on a shirt, "So... What's the deal with the badminton racquet?"

"I already told you: badminton rocks." Callum said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, that's right...  What's so good about it?"

"Dunno... guess it's because the game is actually fun and hasn't been destroyed by pros yet.  When people play it, they just have fun and don't worry about losing, or playing wrong.  All anyone ever wants to do is hit the birdie."

"So... you like it because there's no competition?"

"Pretty much." agreed Callum, "Wanna have a game?"

"Can I have breakfast first?"

"I guess." giggled Callum as he skipped down the stairs.

"Dude, you're a bouncy one." smiled Darren who had just realized how often Darren skipped and jumped around.

"Yeah.  My Mom thinks I got ADHD or something, but I just think it's me.  Naturally happy or something.  Besides, I'm doing okay in school -- and I pay attention, for the most part."

"What's ADD?"

"AD HD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."

"Oh!  I've heard of that."

"Me too." smiled Callum, "Hurry and eat your breakfast."

"You want some?" offered Darren as he sat down at the table.

"Nah, but thanks, I had a big breakfast." explained Callum, "Where'd your Mom go?"

"Probably to work.  She works at the dental clinic part-time as a receptionist."

"Dude that's cool.  So you're at home by yourself a lot?"

"Only till five."

"That's still awesome.  I wish my Mom worked."

"It's not as fun as it sounds.  It gets pretty boring after a while."

"I don't see how that's possible.  You can do whatever you want." chimed Callum in envy and excitement.

"Not really.  I can't go too far from the house.  Mom calls here every-now-and-then to see if I'm around, but she never tells me when she's going to call."

"What happens if you miss a call?"

"She gives me half hour to call back before she comes home to check on me."

"Well that's not too bad.  It's still cool.  You got control of the house!" Callum grew a smile that shone of mischief.

"So... You wanna go play some badminton then?" blurted Darren, changing the subject.

"Yeah sure."

The two boys made their way outside, Darren dug up an old badminton racquet from the shed out back, and the two swatted the shuttlecock back and forth for quite some time.  Even Bullet joined in, who ran back and forth with the birdie.  It was all fun and games up until Bullet managed to get the shuttlecock, catching it in midair, then scampering away along the side of the house.  "Bullet get back here!" screamed Darren, "Callum, you run around the house and I'll force him out on the other side.  When he runs out you grab him!"

Callum gave a quick nod and bolted down the other side of the house.  Darren quietly tip-toed his way towards the shrubs that grew in between the house and the fence where Bullet had gone, he heard Callum waiting on the other end of the shrubs, and pounced forward towards the hiding dog.  "Get `em Callum! NOW!" screamed Darren.

"Hey Dude, I think the phone's ringing!" yelled Callum.

"I'll call here right back!" blurted Darren, swerving back and forth in the bushes as he attempted to scare Bullet towards Callum.

"I got him!" announced Callum.

"Hold him still!" Darren commanded as he ran over to them, "Give me the birdie Bullet! Drop it... drop it!"  Bullet yelped, jumped, hopped and pounced away.  Callum twisted and jumped towards the escaping dog, as Darren jumped and twisted.

The two smacked heads and fell backwards to the ground.  A near-echo could be heard in between their skulls as the fell heavily to the ground.  Darren fell back, and Callum twisted forward; awkwardly falling on top of the other.  Darren wobbled his head and rubbed his eyes, "Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think." Callum said softly.

Darren opened his eyes to see Callum's nose barely an inch from his own; his breath tickling his nostrils and his eyes shining directly into his piercing gaze.  The warmth of his body made Darren's stomach twist in a strange way, the smell of his hair made him want to close his eyes to savour the moment, just a little bit longer.  "Are... are you okay?" whispered Callum.

"Yeah, I'm good." whispered Darren.

"Yeah, I can tell." smiled Callum as he slowly backed off of Darren and knelt at the end of the boy's knees and looked downward.

Darren knew what Callum was looking at, and he instantly felt his face flush to several shades of red.  He looked up at Callum once more and twisted his body so that he was now onto his stomach and tried to crawl away.  "Dude, where are you going?" asked Callum in concern, "It's okay... I'm not going to tell anyone, honest."

"I'm sorry -- I gotta go." said Darren, more embarrassed than he could ever remember himself being before.

"Dude, it's all right.  Wait up!" Callum climbed to his feet and ran after the fleeing boy.

"Wait here, I gotta call my mom."

"But..." the door slammed in front of him, and Callum turned to sit in grass and wait.

 *  *  *  *  *

Several days later Darren was at the park with Bullet, throwing around an old, chewed up Frisbee.  It was hot and incredibly humid out.  The park was filled with people.  Some were barbequing and others were splashing around in the sprinklers.  Those that weren't doing either were running around play catch or participating in some other sport.  Darren, however, played alone with Bullet.  "Bring it here Bullet! That's a boy!" screamed Darren as he watched Bullet shake the crap out of the dingy, green Frisbee.  He pulled the gliding instrument from the dogs mouth and tossed it back out into the air, and Bullet ran after it like a bat-out-of-hell.

"Hey." said a soft, shy voice.  Darren immediately recognized it.  His face fell to the ground, and shame took him over.  He wasn't sure if it was the embarrassment of what had happened the other day or the embarrassment regarding the behaviour that had followed.

"Oh... Hi Callum.  How's it going?" replied Darren, trying to sound casual.  He avoided eye contact and kept his gaze on Bullet who was rolling around on the Frisbee in the grass.

"You still mad?" asked Callum in disappointment.

"Nah.  I'm not mad.  I'm just... I dunno." Darren dropped his head to think, to try and identify the emotion that he was experiencing.

"Confused?" blurted Callum.

"Yeah." snapped Darren, with a near smile.  Seems his friend had hit the nail on the head.

"Yeah, I was kinda weirded out myself."

"I'm sorry.  I left you outside the other day for ever... I'm a jerk." confessed Darren.

"Nah.  I should've known you wouldn't come back outside.  Should've just left and given you some space." admitted Callum, as he sponged his forehead with the top of his t-shirt, "God it's bloody hot out today."

"I know right?  ...but yeah, how long did you wait?"

"I dunno.  At least an hour I think.  Maybe a bit more."

"Did you ever get back your birdie?"

"Yup, but it was no good.  Bullet destroyed it completely." Callum said, finishing with a giggle.

"Oh.  Sorry about that." Darren said as he twirled his foot in the grass below, still trying to avoid eye contact.

"It's cool.  I've got lots of them.  So... are we still friends?"

"Yeah." Darren replied with a smile, looking up at Callum whose eyes were facing down at the grass where he had been kicking his feet, "I'm sorry."

"You already said that." teased Callum, "So, now that we're friends again, what do you wanna do?"

"I dunno.  I'm pretty cooked out here... You want to head back to my place and grab a drink?" offered Darren.

"Yeah, sounds cool."

"You don't got your racquet with you?"

"Nah, I was going to play in the sprinklers."

"With who?"

"No one... Probably just myself."

"You're weird." teased Darren, "Come-on Bullet!  Let's go home!"

"Shut up... You're not here with anyone either."

"I was taking my dog for a walk."

"Oh... right."

Darren ran to grab the Frisbee and guided Bullet back towards the park's exit.  Callum followed with a skip and a hop, his steps swerving from one side of the pavement to the other.  Darren only smiled at his actions as he put Bullet on a leash and continued to head-on home.

 *  *  *  *  *

It wasn't long before the boys had found their way to the house.  Darren unlocked the door and freed Bullet, who ran at the speed of light for the water dish, "Hehe, guess he was thirsty.  What you want to drink?"

"Umm... I dunno, whatcha got?  Any lemonade?"

"Uh... Yeah, but it's the fizzy kind.  Is that cool?" asked Darren, hanging his head inside the door of the fridge.

"Sounds good to me." replied Callum, "Can I go sit down?"

"Of course."

"Can I turn on the T.V?"


"Cool, thanks." Callum smiled and ran over towards the couch.  He jumped up over the armrest, and bounced down in centre of the plush, black sofa.  "Dude, this couch is crazy comfy!" Callum sighed as he spread out his arms and legs while allowing his body to soak deep into the cushions.

"Haha, yeah I know."

"If I had a couch this soft I'd probably never leave home."

"Yeah right.  I may not know you all that much, but I do know you've got way too much energy to sit in one spot for too long." Darren pointed out while carefully walking the drinks over to where Callum was resting, where the then placed the glasses onto the coffee table.

"You guys don't use coasters?"

"Hell no.  Well, Mom tried for about a week when we first got the thing, but she got lazy pretty quickly after that.  It's a table.  It's meant to hold glasses.  Not look pretty."

"Tell that to my mom." Callum said with a chuckle, as he twisted his body sideways so that he was once again sitting upright.

"So... what do you do normally?" Darren asked curiously.

"What do you mean?" replied Callum's echoing voice from behind the glass that he had to his lips.

"Like, before you met me.  You got any friends?  What did you do before you met me... or ummm, when you're not around me?"

"Oh, yeah I got some friends.  Lots actually but I go to private school that big one downtown, so all my friends live far away."

"Private school?  Why do you live around here then?  You gotta be rich to go to private school don't you?"

"Nah, I got a scholarship `cause my dad works there."

"Is that a scholarship?"

"Probably not but that's what I'm supposed to call it.  My Dad teaches math over there, and teacher's kids get to attend for free.  I'm not crazy smart or anything... far from it actually.  What about you?  Don't you got lots of friends around here?"

"A few.  Not a lot though.  My best friend is Kyle, but he's on vacation.  I have some other friends but they live a bit farther than your place, and I'm not allowed to go that far."

"Oh, that sucks.  Does that mean you're never allowed to come to my place?"

"Nah, my mom would let me go down and visit.  I'm just not allowed to wander over there on my own."

"That sucks.  How old are you?"

"Twelve... and a half."

"Hehe.  Me too, well... I'll be 13 in a few weeks though, so I'm older."


"You can come to my party.  I won't be having a lot of people over, but my parents are letting me go to the movies with a friend.  You wanna be that friend?"

"Really?  That'd be cool." accepted Darren, almost flattered.

"Would your mom let you go?"

"Probably.  She's let me go with a friend before, so long as there's a ride there and back."

"Yup! Cool.  You're my birthday guest of honour then!"

"Hehe, thanks."

Callum stopped talking to chug back his drink.  Tipping his head back, gulping loudly, the condensation on the outside of the glass gathered and dripped all over his chin and cheek which sent shivers down his neck and up his arms.  He finished with a heavy gasp for air and smacked his lips as he wiped his face dry with the back of his right hand.  Opening his eyes, he looked over at Darren who was looking back at him with a half smile across his face.  The two fell silent; enjoying the quiet.  The air conditioning had clicked in and the vent overhead caused an instant chill to spread over them both.  Callum scooted over towards Darren, not breaking eye contact once, and placed his left hand on the boy's right knee.  Darren didn't speak, didn't move, nor resist.  The world was quiet, almost nonexistent, gone, or unreal; the moment, however, wasn't.

Darren watched as Callum leaned in, his head tilting and his eyes closing.  He held his breath as Callum's lips met his own.  A softness accompanied with a welcoming-warmth filled his senses as he felt his heartbeat increase and the palms of his hands become moist and clammy.  A strange glow overpowered his chest then rose to his throat, causing it to become dry and scratchy.  Darren tried to draw back, but he couldn't make his brain turn back on.  He was stuck, captivated, and enthralled with what was happening.  He was powerless to resist.  Soon Callum pressed his lips down, pinching lightly against his friends, feeling the plumpness against his lips.  His spine shook and shivered, while his stomach skipped and bounced.  His hand, still on Darren's knee, slid back and forth along the boy's leg.  He didn't know what he was doing, yet he was incapable of stopping.  Something inside of him had set ablaze and yearned for more.  It was as if an emotion, deep inside of him, had lain dormant for his entire life waiting for this moment to come forth and wake it from its eternal slumber.

Callum's hand wandered up the inside of Darren's thigh halfway, and then travelled back down to his knee.  Their kiss had become inseparable, almost as if they had been fused together as one.  Darren placed his hand on Callum's shoulder.  He felt the damp cotton of his t-shirt, then the smoothness of his neck.  Somehow, Darren's other hand, had wrapped itself around the other boy's waist and was slowly making its way up Callum's back, and pulling him closer.

A gentle whimper escaped them, both unsure who had made the noise, their lips parting, and their tongues touching.  They did not prod or poke, but instead rolled and caressed, as if they had done this a thousand times before.  Callum's fingertips glided, back and forth, against the seam of Darren's shorts.  The fabric was soft and welcoming, like the inside covers of a bed after they had just been washed.  He found his hands less and less willing to return to Darren's knee with every repetition, and with Darren pulling him closer it had become nearly impossible.

Darren's hands had made their way around Callum's body, gliding up and down his back.  His t-shirt had fallen off only moments ago, Darren found himself mesmerized by the sight before him.  A smooth yet firm looking chest, soft and warm all at once.  Pressing his hands into Callum's sides, his hands slid to his stomach and grazed against the silky waistband of his shorts.  All Darren was able to do was smile.  Callum smiled back, his gaze seemed lost and confused, but hopeful and knowing at the same time.

Callum, realising he had lost his shirt, felt it fair to even things out.  He lifted his hands to the sides of Darren's shirt and peeled it off of his body then dropped it to the floor.  Darren just smiled up at him as he toyed with his waistband then slowly pulled them down.  Callum lifted himself slightly, in order to assist in the removal of his shorts, and just as they fell to the floor he lowered himself down onto Darren, returning his lips to the others.  Feeling the bare skin of Darren's leg, enticing and inviting, Callum slid his left hand up the leg of the boy's shorts and rested the palm of his hand directly over the hardened centre of warmed cotton fabric.  With a light squeeze, he felt Darren's excitement twitch and throb below his grip which caused the boy to kiss him harder.  Callum smiled and slid back, down the boy's body, until he was kneeling over his legs.  Darren looked up at him with slight confusion until Callum reached for the boy's waist and lowered his shorts, revealing Darren's red and black striped briefs.  Smiling, Callum leaned downward and placed a soft, slow kiss over the boy's warm middle.

Darren smiled down at him as he pulled himself upright and reached for the bulge below Callum's tight black boxer-briefs.  Squeezing gently, he knew it wasn't going to be enough, as did Callum.  Both boys in unison grabbed for their remaining clothing and slowly pulled the article down and off.  They looked over at each other: Callum was circumcised his hardness pointed directly up, towards his chin.  Darren was not, and his centre reached outward, almost perfectly horizontal.  Both boys were roughly the same size, Callum maybe a slight bit plumper, yet Darren possessed the first few traces of puberty which gracefully lay at the base of his erection though almost invisible.  The two smiled at each other, Callum dropped himself over Darren, their groins meshing as one.  Darren wrapped his arms around his friend, and his hands immediately slid over the soft mounds of flesh which surround his entrance.  Their lips locked once more, their hands sliding back and forth, randomly synchronized.  Thrusting their hips into the others, as their hardened frustrations prodded for more.   Callum smiled as he pulled back, farther than he had previously done before, then slowly dropped himself down and pushed upward.  His hard, throbbing erection slid slyly underneath Darren, and between his cheeks.

Darren's eyes shot open the moment he felt the pressure against his backside.  It hadn't gone inside, but he knew it was trying to.  He wasn't sure what to do, nor was he sure if he wanted to do anything -- Callum's touch had felt greater than any feeling so far.  Would this be any different?  He listened to Callum's breathing, felt his friend's hand caressing his own erection which was causing his entire body to jolt and tingle -- both at the same time.  Darren felt so good, so... excited, he felt he should allow Callum to continue.

Spreading his legs, Darren pushed himself down slightly which let Callum know it was all right.  Darren's heart leapt to his throat as his backside burned and ached.  Callum had managed to force his way inside him with one sudden thrust, it had hurt, it was still hurting, but Callum's soothing voice made it all worthwhile.  Soon after, Callum's hand released Darren's erection, and he wrapped his arms in behind the boy's knees then gently pushed them to the boy's chest.  Darren pouted softly, unsure of what was happening he felt Callum's hard-on press farther inside of him.  It felt as if his penis was swimming in his stomach, even though Callum's penis was barely four inches in length.  Darren felt himself grow numb inside, he wasn't sure if he were in pain or if he was enjoying what was happening then he felt a tear trickle down his cheek and bounce off of his ear -- Callum froze, "Darren?  Did I hurt you?  Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine"

"You don't look fine.   I'm so sorry, I didn't know... I didn't..."

"It's okay, let me just turn over, it's fine."

"Are you sure?"

Darren said nothing, instead he rolled off of the couch and waited for Callum to follow, "All right." said Darren as he hopped back onto the couch.  This time Darren lay on his stomach.

"You're sure?"


Callum cautiously placed his self back overtop of Darren, and slowly lowered his hopeful erection back towards Darren's smooth, plump mounds.  Carefully sliding them in between either cheek, Callum felt the head make contact with Darren's entrance.  Pushing as gently as possible but strangely sliding in with ease he stopped in near panic, "Darren?  You okay?"


Callum sighed to himself then smiled down at the beauty below him.  How strange life had suddenly become.  Never in a million years had he thought that this would be happening... well he thought, but he did not think that it actually would.

Lying down straight, Callum hugged Darren tightly against himself.  Breathing in the beautiful scent of the boy below, his hips began to move without thought, his lips pressed deep into Darren's neck, and his arms caressed all that they could find.  Darren whimpered softly below him while pushing his buttocks up into Callum's groin.  Callum's fingers urged themselves in desperation as they dug deep into the firmness of Darren's muscles.  Shivers spread across Darren's body which made him want more, and caused him to feel empty.  He pushed back, and propped himself up on his knees, feeling Callum's prodding shaft slide deeper inside of him.  Darren's eyes popped open, something inside of him, almost like an itch, something that cried out to be touched again.

Curving his back and pushing himself back into Callum, Darren sighed as he twitched with the feeling.  Callum smiled, catching on to the new rhythm, and complied with Darren's movements.  Reaching around, Callum grabbed Darren's erection, held it in his hands then gently massaged it as he continued to pump his hips harder and deeper into his friend's behind.  Their whimpers trailed off and echoed throughout the house. Darren's movements became stronger, even violent, as he rocked back and forth.  His friend's hand, sliding too-and-fro in between his legs as his hard cock pushed heavily in his ass.  His thoughts began to fall on top of each other and scramble.  His stomach began to twist, and his heart fluttered at the speed of light.  Something deep inside of him was stirring; he couldn't pin point the exact location, but it was something big, something... something...

Callum felt his hand soak and twitch, both at the same time.  Darren's body jumped and bounced - froze and then dropped down to the sofa.  Callum felt his heart leap to his throat when he realized what had just happened.  What he had just done to his friend.  He felt flattered, privileged and excited all at the same time.  His hips still moving, slapping against the soft, firm cheeks below; within moments his scrotum tightened and his stomach sucked in as his hardened centre began to spasm and jump.  It felt as if he had shot an entire gallon of the stuff inside of his friend.  His body quivering and melting, and then falling down upon Darren's still-limp body, Callum placed a soft, long kiss near the shoulder of Darren's neck.  Darren turned over and wrapped his arms around Callum.

"What did we just do?" asked Darren.

"Something great." smiled Callum.

"Can we do it again?"

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