This is a continuation of my previous series Don and I. Jason and his family moved in across the street and my heart was racing from the moment I saw him. He lived with his parents and his sister Sally. His parents worked alot and were rich. I don't know if you could call it love at first sight but there was a mutual attraction there. I was about 11 when I met him. We became best friends VERY quickly and started hanging out on a daily basis. A few months into our friendship we were alone at his house his Mom was a flight attendant working the LA to Australia route and his Dad was the head a very successful company that I won't name here. We were in his parents room hanging out and found a stack of Playboy's. So of course we started looking at them.

Jason points at one of the pictures and says "I wish I could hump her."

I said "you can hump me if you want."

He said "How you're a guy?"

I said "So we can take turns pretending one of us is a girl and practice humping then when we get girlfriend's we will be really good at it practice makes perfect."

He said "You have a point but can we do it with our clothes on I've never humped a boy and I feel weird about it."

I said "I have but got my heart broken so I'd like to go slow too."

He asked "Which one of us is going to be the girl first:"

I said "it doesn't matter to me."

He said he would be the girl first. I got on top of him and started grinding on him. I could feel bulges in both of our jeans grow right away. A few minutes later Jason wanted to be on top. So we switched places and he was on top and I was the girl. It felt nice having him on top of me like that. A few minutes in he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. None of my previous guy lovers and I had kissed before so that was new and it was nice. I kissed him back and next thing you know we had been making out for an hour. Then we heard the front door open and close So we got up and put the Playboys away VERY quickly. It was his little sister Sally and her friends. Lucky for us they didn't catch us. The make out sessions became an everyday thing even if his parents were home we would find somewhere to hide and fool around. Usually in his bedroom because his parents were so busy they didn't pay very close attention to what we were doing.

Then one day he asked if I wanted to spend the night and I of course jumped at that chance. We knew his Mom was in Australia and we thought his Dad would be home. So we asked my parents and they said yes. So I packed a bag and got ready to go.

We got to his house and Jason said "you know tonight's a couple of big steps for us".

I said "what do you mean?"

He said "it's our first night together and we're going to see each other without all of our clothes."

I said "that's true."

I asked if he would like to do a sneak preview of our undies for each other. He agreed so we went to his bedroom and decided one at a time to show by going into his walk in closet and dropping our pants to our knees. He went first because it was his house. He was wearing white briefs with pictures of yellow cars on them. VERY cute. I had my usual white briefs on. As I was in the middle of taking my turn showing him the phone rang so he took off to answer and left me there. I pulled up my pants and followed him. It was his Dad on the phone turns out he was going to be stuck in Denver over night. DARN that meant we had the whole house to ourselves for the night. Jason's Sister Sally was spending the night at her friend's house. He was so excited finding out that news and so was I. He kissed me and grabbed my ass.

He said "we can hump all night all over the house if we want."

I kissed him and rubbed his dick through his jeans a little and said "yes tonight we have no rules but our own to follow."

Jason then said "I want to start something now."

I said "What's that?"

He said "Can we start exploring more physically?"

I said "of course what did you have in mind?"

He said "Is it ok if I touch your body?"

I said "only if I can touch yours too." We both smiled and kissed some more. We then went to the couch in the living room and sat very close next to each other and started watching TV. He started slowly running his hands all over my body. Sort of like a massage it felt good and was very relaxing. Until he got to my cock which got hard in about 2 seconds of him rubbing it through my jeans.

Jason smiled and said "you like that huh?" I just smiled and nodded. He said "I hope it feels good I've never done this with a guy before."

I said "You are doing awesome."

He said "can I try some other things?"

I said "as long as it's not painful it's ok." He put his head in my lap and I was thinking he was going to whip out my cock and suck it. He didn't he instead started rubbing his head and face all over my jeans covered cock. He was also kissing it alot. It felt REALLY good. He did that for a while and then kissed me on the lips and said "We need to talk about something."

I said "Ok what's going on?"

He said "I think I'm falling in love with you."

I was shocked at first but I said "I think I'm falling in love with you too." Then I returned the favor to him and massaged his body and kissed and rubbed his jeans covered cock with my hands and my head. He enjoyed that alot.

Jason said "Why dont we go get comfortable and continue this with out the TV."

I smiled and said "lead the way."We walked hand in hand to his bedroom. I started to take my shirt off.

Jason stopped me and said "no, let me do it." He undressed me to my white briefs kissing and rubbing with his hands and head the whole way then he stood up and kissed me. I returned the favor and stripped him to his white briefs with yellow cars on them kissed and rubbed him all over too. Then I kissed him and he pulled back on the covers on the bed We climbed in and spent the next few hours making out and humping and doing that rubbing our head and kissing all over the front and this time back of the others briefs and whispering sweet nothings to each other. Finally we settled into a nice little snuggle and talked for awhile... We decided to give each of our things we had tried a code name and keep them simple so easy to work into a conversation. so if one of us was in the mood we could use it in a sentence to let the other know if we were in the mood. So humping became "Rock" Head rubbing became "Cars" Fooling around in our undies in bed became "Hat". We spent the rest of the night trading off between fooling around and cuddling and talking. We gave each other several dry orgasms through the night. It was one of the most beautiful special nights of my life and I'll never forget it.

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To Be Continued.