Don And I Part 1


This is a true story based on my memories... It takes place when I was about 10 at the beginning. One day I was at Don's house. We were watching tv and started looking at a catalog from a major dept store. We started joking around as we looked at pictures of women modeling clothes joking about things like what do you think she would look like in her bra and panties. Then we got to the bra and panty section and it changed to what do you think she would look like naked. That was when Don said the words that changed everything. He said "want to look at the Playboy?" I didn't know what that was and curiosity got the best of me so I asked what it was. He said "come on I'll show you. So we go through his parents bedroom to the bathroom and he shuts and locks the door behind us.

I again asked what it was. He goes to a magazine rack by the toilet and starts digging through the magazines. He pulls out a copy of Penthouse. We looked through it once and there was a girl girl pictorial and a guy girl pictorial and the centerfold of a naked woman. Well we both started breathing heavy and had bulges in our jeans. We looked at it 3 or 4 more times getting hornier and hornier. Then he pointed to a picture in the girl girl pictorial and asked if I wanted to try that. The picture was 2 women on their knees on a bed wearing nothing but panties. Woman one had her hand down the front of woman two's panties. Woman two had her hand down the back of woman ones panties. I of course said yes. So we had to improvise a little We stood and just pulled our pants down to our ankles. I had on white briefs and Don had on white boxers with brown vertical stripes. We decided he would be woman one and I would be woman two the first time.

I put my hand down the back of his boxers and rubbed his butt while he put his hand down the front of my briefs and jacked me off. That felt so good. We decided to trade positions after a few minutes. His hand felt nice and warm on my butt. I gently reached down the front of his boxers grasped his cock and masturbated him. Which also was nice and fun. The sad thing is we got interrupted by his Mom knocking on the door telling us to get out of her bathroom. Let me know what you think. To Be Continued.