So this next part was a few weeks later Don and I had been fooling around with each other in the same way as I described in part 1 on an almost daily basis. There were days when he couldn't so I played with others but that's another story. Don and I were at my house we were in my bedroom and it started off innocent as it always did between us. But also as always we got bored being good and wanted to get naughty. So Don who was usually the instigator between us said. "Let's do nasty stuff." I didn't need to get my arm twisted. But because my Mom was home and she was a REAL busy body we had to keep an ear out for her. We started off simple just taking turns pulling our pants down and him showing me his boxers (white with brown and green colored diamonds that day) and me showing him my usual white briefs I wore back then. Well that progressed to showing our butts to each other and showing our cocks to each other. We got interrupted occasionally by my Mom lucky she didn't catch us in the act. But it was starting to get VERY annoying with her constantly walking in on us. So we decided to go outside since she wouldn't leave us alone and wouldn't let me go to Don's house. So we were just outside in my front yard being good but very sexually frustrated.

We decided to go on the side of the garage where my Mom couldn't see us unless she REALLY tried to. Once again down came our pants to our ankles. What was funny was we were worried about my Mom catching us but didn't stop to think we were in plain sight of EVERYONE ELSE like my neighbors and any random people who might have walked or driven by. But lucky for us no one did. There we were on the side of the garage pants around our ankles but undies still up. He wrapped his arm around me and slid his hand down the back of my briefs and started rubbing my butt so I knew what he wanted and I slid my hand down the front of his boxers and started jacking him off. He let out a soft moan and told me how good that felt. He had a dry orgasm and he was leaning against the wall. He smiled and said now it's your turn. So I leaned against the wall wrapped an arm around him put my hand down the back of his boxers and started rubbing his butt. He reached into my briefs and started jacking me off. Being outside felt weird but nice at the same time. Didn't take him very long to get me to my dry orgasm. It was extra nice I think the being outside and subconsciously knowing we could be seen by anyone was an added turn on. So we just stood there for a few minutes basking in the glow. I thought about kissing him but wasn't sure he would be into that or not. So I didn't try to kiss him.

Then Don said "let's try something else we saw in "The Playboy". I'm not sure why he kept calling it that since it was Penthouse but whatever. As horny as I was

I said "yeah what do you have in mind?"

Don said "lets suck each other's" Which was short for let's suck each other's dicks.

I said "you first."

He didn't say another word he got on his knees in front of me and pulled down my briefs and put my cock in his mouth and started giving me my first ever blow job. It wasn't GREAT but it did feel good. He didn't get me off but I enjoyed it. Then he stood up and said ok my turn now. I left my briefs down as I knelt in front of him and pulled his boxers down. I was nervous because I had never sucked a dick and didn't want to do it bad. I put his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. I looked up at him a couple of times he was looking down at me smiling so I guess I was doing something right. At that point I just wanted to go in the house go in my room get naked with Don and climb into bed but I knew that would never happen with my parents around. I sucked him about as long as he had sucked me I then stood up and we just sort of held each other. Gently touching each other's butts and dicks. Well about that time I heard the busy body (My Mom) calling me. So we pulled our pants up in almost record time and double timed it over to the front of the house to see what she wanted. To Be Continued.