A few weeks after the last episode I was at Don's house we were alone which was rare. Usually one or both of his parents were around or his 2 older brothers. So it's safe to say we didn't waste a moment of time running for the bathroom to "look at the Playboy." We had that door shut and locked and our pants down in a matter of seconds. Then we got the "playboy" out and started enjoying the familiar sights of the naked people. We seemed to be more interested in the girl girl and guy girl pictorials than the centerfold. So we spent most of our time looking at those over and over again. Very soon we were both breathing heavy and had bulges in our undies.

Don noticed the bulge in my white briefs and said I think that needs some attention.

I saw the bulge in his white boxers with blue stripes and said I think that needs some too.

So he reached into my briefs and started jacking me off. I reached into his boxers and started rubbing his butt. All while the Penthouse was open to the page of those women doing the same thing in their panties. I asked "don't you wish we could get all the way undressed and on a bed like them?

Don smiled and said "yeah that would be fun." But neither of us had the guts to leave the bathroom so we stayed in there.

Then a few minutes later Don said let's suck each others. Again short for let's suck each other's dicks.

I said sure sounds like fun.

He said will you suck mine first I have something new I want to try?

I said sure. I got on my knees pulled his boxers down to his ankles and put his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. I think in the couple weeks I'd been giving him head I had gotten better.

It didn't last long before Don was telling me to stop and I asked did I do something wrong.

He said "no you are really good I just want to try that new thing now I told you about."

I said "ok what is it?"

He said "pull down your underwear and lay down."

I did as I was told and lay down on my back and he said "no lay on your stomach."

I wasn't sure what he had in mind but I rolled over. He laid on top of me and I could feel his dick in my butt and I asked what he was doing.

Don said "I'm going to hump your butt."

I said "ok" he put it in and started slowly and gently rocking back and forth. Surprisingly it didn't hurt. It felt really good. Soon after Don had a dry Orgasm. He got off me and I said "now it's my turn".

He said "yeah let me suck yours and then you can hump me" I rolled on my back and Don started sucking my cock. He had gotten better at it too over time. So he got me nice and hard and I said "Ok I'm ready." So he lays on his stomach next to me and I got on top of him and started butt fucking him. Slow and easy like he'd done to me. It didn't take long and I had a dry orgasm. I rolled off him and we just laid there on the floor for a couple minutes in kind of a post coital wow daze. We rolled on to our sides facing each other and slowly and gently started jerking each other off again. Then we heard BANG BANG BANG. Followed by the voice of his Mom screaming DONNIE STAY OUT OF MY BATHROOM. So we got dressed put the magazine away and got out of there. To Be Continued.

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