This next part is kind of a mix and match of things that went on while I was seeing Don on the days when he wasn't available. First there was Larry. Larry and I were just a onetime thing. One day I was at his house and we were in his back yard playing and I got horny thinking about Don. So I asked Larry if he wanted to fool around. He said yes it sounds like fun. So we found a hiding place in his back yard. I decided to start by teaching him slow so we were showing our briefs to each other. We would play for a few minutes then go to our hiding place and pull our pants down to our ankles. We would enjoy the view for a couple minutes then go play some more. We fell into that routine for a few not sure how long it lasted probably minutes but it felt more like hours and it was fun. But then Larry's Mom caught us and told him to go inside and told me to leave. She also made it clear that I was no longer welcome over there. So I moved on.

Also during this time I was seeing Scott. Scott was basically the same thing as Larry showing our briefs to each other but we did it a lot more and in a lot of places Scott was VERY adventurous just like I was. We didn't just show undies though we also showed our dicks and our asses too. The locations for Scott and I were outside. There were a lot of fields around where we lived one behind our school and one across the street from my house. So lots of bushes and places to hide. Over time Scott and I grew apart and went our separate ways.

There was also Tim. Sweet Sexy Tim. I miss him. I think of him as the one that got away. Tim and I started a slumber party we woke up earlier than everyone else the next morning. I started it because I was horny but then again when wasn't I? There were 4 of us on the family room floor that night. I slowly and quietly slid out of my sleeping bag and showed Tim my briefs. He smiled and slid out of his sleeping bag and showed me his. I was thinking YES I've got another one here. So we got on our knees and took turns showing our undies and dicks and butts to each other until our friends woke up. That became Tim and my thing for years whenever we would get together it was show and tell time several times a day. I tried SEVERAL times to get him to take it to the physical level but he just didn't want to he kept giving me this weird excuse saying that one of us might get the other's dick poison. I have no idea what that meant. But sadly as they say all good things must come to an end. His family eventually moved to San Diego so that really limited our contact with each other. Eventually they moved from there to New Jersey and we lost touch with each other completely.

Next came Vince. Vince lived right across the street from Larry. Vince and I started off innocently. We like to play firemen together. One day we were at his house in his room playing firemen well we came back to the "fire station" from a "fire".

Vince said well we are all dirty from that fire we should take a shower.

I said Ok let's do that.

Vince pulled his pants and briefs down and pretended to take a shower in the middle of his bedroom. The door was obviously shut. So I joined him I pulled down my pants and briefs and pretended to shower right next to him.

Vince said well it was a long day let's get some sleep.

So we pulled up our briefs and leaned on his bed and pretended we were sleeping for a few minutes. His sister caught us and laughed at us so we QUICKLY got dressed out of sheer embarrassment. Few days later we were at my house. We started playing our firemen game again and we were both into that. My Mom was home so we had to be VERY careful. That day it took on a new dimension we went in my closet. Yes we were literally in the closet lovers. We got into some show and tell which was fun.

I asked Vince if he wanted to try touching each other. At this point our pants and briefs were around our ankles.

He said yes that sounds like fun. So we started touching each other's dicks and butts.

Few minutes into it Vince asked can we try something.

I said anything but let's make sure my Mom's not coming first.

I pulled up my briefs and pants and Vince just stayed in the closet exposed. I opened my bedroom door and listened and my Mom was on the phone which meant we were going to have privacy for awhile. So I go back in my room and into the closet drop my pants and brief again and said "Ok so what do you want to try?"

Vince Said "Let's make our dicks kiss." Which meant let's rub our dicks together. Wow did that feel good. I LOVED IT. It felt real good and it was a new way to fool around. I was thinking about how exciting it would be to show to Don. We stood there in my closet rubbing our dicks together for I don't know how long felt like hours but in reality it was probably 20 minutes. But then we heard the dreaded sound of the phone hanging up. So up came the pants and we again pretended like we were just playing or whatever G rated activity my Mom would approve of.

A few days later I went to Vince's house and he said he was going to his friend Jeremy's house and asked me to come along. Of course I said yes I didn't know about 3sums or anything like that yet but it was Vince and I wanted to hang out. Off we went well Jeremy's parents were inside the house watching TV. So the 3 of us went out to the back yard to play. We started off doing G rated playing and other "boring" stuff. Well after a little bit Vince said we should show Jeremy our new thing we do. I quickly agreed because adding a 3rd sounded fun and outside fooling around was a turn on to me. So when Vince said that Jeremy said

"Show me what?"

Vince said we have started playing a new game

Jeremy said what kind of new game

Vince said we can't really tell you we have to SHOW YOU.

Jeremy seemed like he was up for anything so I let Vince start since Jeremy was HIS friend. Vince starts unsnapping and unzipping his jeans so I followed suit. I was going a little slower than Vince on purpose. Jeremy wasn't saying a word just watching us. We slipped our jeans down then our briefs to our ankles.

Vince said this is called making our dicks kiss. Jeremy just smiled and nodded. Vince and I start rubbing our dicks together in front of Jeremy.

A few minutes in Jeremy said "wow that looks like fun can I do it too?"

Vince and I said "yes" at the same time. Jeremy pulls his jeans and briefs down and we take turns rubbing our dicks together with him. Then we got the idea of standing in a little circle and all rub our dicks together at the same time. That was fun 2 dicks rubbing against mine at once felt REAL good. A few minutes into that I said I know some other things we can do and Vince and Jeremy said "like what" at the same time.

I said "like this" and I got on my knees and started sucking Vince's dick and jacking Jeremy off. Then started sucking Jeremy's and jacking Vince off. Rotating back and forth between them. After a few minutes I stood up and Vince said "My turn" He had my dick in his mouth in seconds and Jeremy's in his hand. He alternated between dicks for a few minutes like I had just done.

Jeremy said "wow this is fun we need to do this more often." I explained Vince and I had been doing it for awhile and loved it. Vince stood up after a few minutes and told me my dick tasted good.

Jeremy said I want to taste it and got on his knees and had my dick in his mouth and his hand around Vince's in a few seconds. He started alternating like we had done.

Jeremy said "both of your dicks taste good what else can you teach us Andy?"

I said go lay on your stomach on that lounge chair. He did and I got on top and started butt fucking him.

Vince said "wow I want to do that too" I got off of Jeremy and let Vince have a turn. I smiled and watched as Vince butt fucked Jeremy for the first time. Then they both got up and I laid down They took turns butt fucking me. We then told Vince it was his turn. Jeremy and I each took a turn butt fucking Vince and then they both wanted to know what else I could teach them and I said that's it. So I said why don't we take turns suggesting nasty things to do and do them. They liked that Idea. So I went first. I said

"Let's make our dick's kiss again." So we all got in our little circle and started rubbing our dicks together. We did that for a few then Jeremy wanted to pick something.

Jeremy said "Andy your dick tastes good and Vince it feels good when you hump my butt but I know I can only pick one thing."

I said maybe we can figure out how to do both at once." So I laid on the lounge chair Jeremy got on his knees bent over me and started sucking my dick and Vince got in behind Jeremy and started butt fucking him. It was AWESOME. Everybody was happy. Until we heard "OMG BOB GET OUT HERE NOW" Jeremy's Mom caught us. We were all getting up and putting our pants back on when Jeremy's Dad came out and saw that and he Yelled at Jeremy to get inside. Jeremy's Mom was yelling at us telling us to leave and that we weren't welcome over there anymore and we couldn't play with Jeremy anymore until we learned to "play nice." This as she walked us to the door. We could hear Jeremy's Dad yelling at him somewhere else in the house. As soon as we got out of there we RAN we were scared Jeremy's Dad would come after us. He didn't but what did we know we were kids. We ran to my house and on a VERY rare occasion we had the house to ourselves. I found a note from my Mom (the busy body) saying she was out running errands and would be home in a few hours. Vince and I looked at each other and smiled. We ran to my bedroom and undressed TOTALLY and got in my bed. But also knowing to keep one ear open for the garage door opening. We did it all we rubbed our dicks together we sucked each other's dicks we butt fucked each other We did it all over and over again. It was so nice and so good. We also did it in the bathroom and the den and the living room and so on every room but my parents bedroom and the garage. Eventually we heard the Dreaded Garage Door opening. When my Mom walked in she found Vince and I fully dressed watching tv like nothing happened. LOL. To Be Continued. Also I'd like to hear from others about my story or YOURS email me at