This next adventure takes place a couple of weeks after the three way with Vince and Jeremy. I was home alone VERY rare thing but lucky for me. First Don came over to my house, followed shortly by Vienna ( a girl I was fooling around with but that's another story) and then Vince came over. We were all sitting around watching TV and goofing off and doing all sorts of G rated things. Well me being me I started getting horny. So I'm thinking who do I have the best shot at sneaking off for a few to fool around with. I knew Vienna wouldn't be into an orgy with her and 3 guys at all. So I knew a group thing wasn't going to happen. So I chose Vince to sneak off with for a quickie. I figured Don would make a bigger deal if I asked him. So I quietly informed Vince I needed to talk to him PRIVATELY. He knew right away what I wanted and off we went to the bathroom since my bedroom door didn't have a lock and the bathroom did. So in we went and we had just unsnapped and unzipped our jeans and were about to pull them down when the door flew open and Don screamed BOO. Scaring the crap out of Vince and I since we THOUGHT we had locked the door. Don of course fully knowing what was up and wanting to embarrass us asked what was going on. So Vince was like nothing and looking at me with this oh crap look on his face. I being how I am was totally honest with him.

I said "we were going to do it."

Don said "is it a private party or can I join in?"

I looked at Vince and he gave me the it's ok with me if it's ok with you look. I told Don to lock the door. He did and we all pulled our pants down but Vince and I left our briefs up and Don left his boxers up and we all just looked at each other.

Don said "so what do you guys do together?"

Vince said "I was going to ask the same thing." I was embarrassed having been caught like this. Two lovers that didn't know about each other. So after a few more moment's of awkwardness I said

"Tell you both what why don't Don and I put on a show for your Vince and then Vince and I put on a show for you Don and then after that see what happens. How about that?" They both agreed to that and I pulled Don to me and said let's show Vince how we do it. Vince sat on the toilet and had a front row seat. I put my hand down the back of Don's boxers and he put his down the front of my briefs and we did our rubbing and jacking off thing. Then switched so I was jacking him off and he was rubbing my butt. All while Vince was watching which added to the intensity. Then Don got on his knees pulled down my briefs smiled at Vince and gave me a blow job. That was hot one lover giving me head while the other watches. No jealousy from anyone involved. It was the way a good 3 way should be. So a few minutes into it I pulled Don to his feet and said now it's your turn. I got on my knees and pulled is boxers down and started giving him head I made sure to look at Vince a few times he was smiling and nodding. Vince also had a nice bulge in his briefs that I was craving.

Don said "Ok let me hump your butt now"

I said ok and laid down on the floor on my stomach and Don got on top of me and put his dick in me and started butt fucking me. It was the best I remember it ever feeling. I think Vince watching added to the good feelings. A few minutes in Don was getting up and saying ok now you do me. So we switched and I butt fucked Don in front of Vince. I looked at Vince and smiled a couple times and he was smiling back. So Don and I finished.

Don Said "you're on" to Vince Don and Vince switched placed Don on the toilet and Vince and I standing. Vince pulled down his briefs and we started making our "dicks kiss"

Don said "wow that looks fun I'll have to try that when you 2 are done." I then sunk to my knees and started sucking Vince's cock. While Don looked on approvingly. Vince wanted a turn so I stood and he knelt and started sucking my cock.

Don smiled and said "does that feel good?" All I could do was smile and nod.

A few minutes later Vince said "come down here and hump my butt now." I didn't say no. I got on the floor and got on top of Vince and butt fucked him while Don watched. Meanwhile while we were enjoying this amazing 3 way Vienna had been left all alone watching TV. I realized it at that moment and mentioned it to Don and Vince and they just both said so what at the same time. They also said unless she wants to come join us forget her. I informed them that no she wouldn't want to take on 3 guys at once.

Vince said "then shut up and let me hump your butt now." I was ok with that and Vince and I traded places and he butt fucked me. I should say there was ALOT of dry orgasms in all of this and we recovered and kept going. So after Vince butt fucked me we all hung out for a few minutes. We talked about what we could do as a group. We decided that I would be the meat in the sandwich. Don would butt fuck me and I would suck Vince's dick. Well a couple minutes in there was a knock at the door.

I stopped sucking long enough to ask who it was and was hoping it wasn't my Mom saying get out of the bathroom.

Vienna said "what are you guys doing in there?"

I said "guy talk." while Don continued butt fucking me.

She said "are you going to be much longer I'm getting bored."

I said "we'll be out in a couple of minutes."

She said "ok." I went back to sucking Vince's dick. Few minutes later we got up got dressed and left. We rejoined Vienna watching TV. Little bit later Vince had to leave I walked him to the door.

Vince said "we need to have more "guy talk" with your friend Don."

I said "yeah that was fun." He left and went home after that. Don and Vienna and I watched TV for awhile and about 30 minutes later Don had to go home. I walked him to the door. He also let me know that he had enjoyed himself and asked me to come to his house tomorrow and I agreed. He left and Vienna and I were alone.

She said "so how long have you been humping boys?"

I blushed and played dumb and said "what are you talking about I don't hump boys."

She smiled and said "do you really think I was sitting here watching TV the whole time I stood at the door and listened most of the time."

I was VERY embarrassed and asked if she was going to tell anyone.

She said "of course not but can you teach Darnell and Shelley and I to have some "girl talk" please?"

I said "yes." But that's another story.

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