There isn't too much left to tell about Don and I. We continued seeing each other and having sex with each other every chance we got but never had a chance to do another 3 way. Vince and I never had another 3 way either in fact shortly after this Vince and his family moved away.

Another adventure with Don that happened around this time was we were in his garage on our knees behind a pool table pants down undies up doing our touching thing that I've mentioned numerous times in previous chapters. He threatened to tell on me but never did. He just enjoyed embarrassing me. Don's parents were gone alot so we had plenty of privacy at his house except when his 2 older brothers were home. But most of the time we were in his parents bathroom anyway. Another time around this time Don and another boy were flying kites I was watching. The other boy who's name was Bill tangled the kite strings. Don got mad and said

"Dammit Bill you tangled the strings."

Bill said "Suck mine."

Don said. "I didn't tangle it so suck mine." Then he reeled in his kite and stomped into his house in an extremely bad mood. I was left there with Bill flying his kite. I knew where my loyalties were. I went and knocked on Don's front door.

He answered and said "what?" in an angry tone.

I said "I'll suck yours anytime you want you know that all you have to do is ask."

He smiled and said "You know I'm not mad at you but I'll always let you suck mine come on in." We went right to his parents bathroom and shut and locked the door. I got on my knees unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. Pulled them down to his ankles. Pulled his boxers down to his ankles His hard on popped out at me. I put it right into my mouth and sucked it until he had a dry orgasm.

I looked up at him and smiled and said "feel better?"

He smiled down at me and said "Yes but now it's your turn." We traded places him kneeling me standing. He pullled down my jeans and briefs and started giving me head. He got me off with a dry orgasm. We got together a few more times after that then one day it happened. I went to see him and he had a girl there with him. He made it clear to me that we were through. I was hurt of course but what can you really do. I went to another friends house to play and then a few days later Jason moved in across the street from me. That's the next series.

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