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                        8th Grade With Charles

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Chapter 1

 Ah, beautiful Charles. I had just noticed him early last year in chorus, but how could I miss such a beautiful boy. He's 14, 5'11", jawbone length blonde hair, brown eyes, well defined. Well who would be turned on by him? I am not openly gay, I am Hugo, I am 13, 6'1", 210lbs, brown hair, green eyes, and no body to talk about. I am a big boy. I am a virgin, but always lusting after other boys, especially Charles...

I was out in the locker area waiting for the airhead, D'ann, in front of me to stop smacking her gum and flirting with Randal. I finally just broke through, to get my books for English, when I saw him again, seven lockers down and as beautiful as ever. Wearing a nice long underwear type material shirt, that was hugging his muscles quite nicely, and some baggy jeans and soccer sandals. All of which made my dick twitch in my Levis. When Kerry, a best friend, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if we has home work in science. So I told her and she gave me a hug and was on her way. I quickly locked my locker, and turned around, not watching where I was going and fell right into Charles. Fortunately no one was in the area, I heard a "Hey you stupid..." then I looked up frustrated, thinking I ran to some dork, when he just smiled at me. "Sorry" I said, "Hugo right?" oh my god, he knows my name! I couldn't believe it, I just knew he thought I was a nobody.

"Yeah" I replied, "...and you must be the famous Charles.", "Well I wouldn't say famous" he snickered. "I am really am sorry bout that trip, I tend to be on the clumsy side!", "It's really OK, hey wanna go skip English and math and go walk round the school?", "SURE!" almost screaming it to the free world. I quickly put everything in my locker, and we went roaming the halls, thank god we don't have hall monitors! We chitt-chatted, he asked the usual stuff, pets, interest, parents divorced/not, etc. We were round a corner when we passed by a old science room, that hadn't been in use for months, he whisked me in. "What are you doing, Charles?", "Hugo this something I have to tell you.", "What?" I asked thinking his been sniffing a sharpie marker or something. "I really like you." oh my god, I hope I think I know what he's saying! "Kewl, I like you to", "No Hugo, I mean I really, really like you" I gave him a sly smile, he knew. I grabbed him and put my arms around him and hugged him deeply, inhaling deeply, never wanting to forget the smell of ivory soap and him mixed.

I began to kiss him, my tongue invading his warm, moist mouth, moans of pleasure escaped once and while, my dick was by now rock hard and I guess he felt it digging into his hip, as I felt his doing the same. I reach down and gave him a light squeeze, he purred with pleasure. I said "Charles, I have got to see it, I have always wanted too since last year" he just nodded his head and started to undo his belt when I stopped him, "Oh no you don't, that's MY job!". I undid his skater's belt slowly, the tent in his pants was quite nice. I undid the belt and began to unzip the zipper with my teeth, I slowly brought down his wide leg jeans, as his boxers came into view. I asked him to remove his shirt, as I took in the moment. God his body was beautiful! I slowly pulled his plaid boxers down as his brown bush came into view, he pasty white speedo line was a major turn on for me. He was bout 5 1/2" cut, the most perfect shaped head I have ever seen, I began to slowly jerk him off, he was loving it! I darted my tongue out and licked his balls, he drew in a deep breath from the startle I gave him. I lapped up his walnut sized balls, moving up to the base of his shaft, I soon reached the head and licked it in a ice cream cone style, sending shivers up and down his spine.

Soon engulfing the head, swirling my tongue around it, as he started to leak pre-cum. I was going up and down, bobbing my head faster and fast, as he began to pump and moan my name "Oh hugo, mmpgh, i-i-it feels so good, please don't stop!" I just gave a giggle and continued, his hips were now bucking in jerks. I could tell he was almost done, when I felt his head flare, jets of his teen cum flew into my hungry mouth, I lapped it up and milked him dry. "That was amazing hugo! Your turn now". He torn my pants off in a world record probably, I was ready to cum right there. He was thrilled to see my size (6") and that I was uncut. I took less than a minute of his novice sucking and licking, as I ran my hands through is silky, long locks (I love long, blond hair!), before I exploded. WOW did I need that!

I couldn't believe it, my crush had just taken my virginity and I his. It was amazing. As you can guess we're now very close, as friends and lovers. Everytime I am science now, I just glance over at him and smile with a wink ;)

Chapter 2

Charles and I hit it off very well. Now we have been seeing quiet a bit of each other. Well his birthday was coming up and as faith would have it, it would be on a weekend, witch means I could sleep over. I was planning to give him the best birthday gift he could ever recieve...

It was a lovely Saturday morning, when I set out to Charles's house with my things, since he was the next neighborhood over it was a short walk. He was having a sleep over with me and some of his other friends, most of them being very cute. The way I planned it was after everyone in the guest room was asleep I would sneak off to his room, and I would then give him his birthday surprise, and for you lesser geniuses it wasn't a flippin birthday cake.

I was the 1st to arrive and his parents were out getting snacks and food for the get together. So as you can Imagine I was shocked to see him answer the door in just boxers and greet me with a nice kiss. God where did he learn to kiss like this!? He was so good with his tongue (in more that one way!). "Hi sweetie" he greeted me, "Hey birthday boy! How's if feel to be 15?" I replied, quiet flustered. "GREAT!, let's go up stairs and pick out my birthday attire", "You know, I kinda like what you got on right now" I snickered, he gave me a grin and just ran up stairs. I quickly followed. He was already in his walk-in closet. "How's this hugo?" he requested. He had chosen a pair of forrest green corduroys, and a beige thin wool (skin tight) sweater shirt. "Nice! You know I love anything showing off your body". Soon the others started arriving as his parents pulled up.

First Adam (The Cutest) 5'7", 120, Brown hair, brown eyes, a great smile, good tan, and a soccer player. Then Michael (Another Hottie) 5'7", 100, blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles on face, and preppy. Finally Brad (a 9½) 5'6", 140, brown hair, brown eyes, and puppy dog eyes. As you could see I was in hot boy heaven! They party was going well, we had eaten, opened presents (except mine) and his parents had turned in for the night. It was 12:34 when Charles suggested truth or dare. I saw him wink at me, I knew what he had planned, but did his friends feel the same way? Adam was first, he choose Truth. "Are you a virgin?" Charles asked. "No." I was shocked sweet lil Adam has been deflowered? Wow, his turn he ask me. I choose dare, "I dare you to grope brad for 15 seconds" he dared, I was more than happy to and brad was willing. I walked over and placed my hand on Brad's groin, I then decided that these guys were surely into what Charles and I were.

I been massaging, Brad became stiff very quickly, and had a nice cock from what I could tell, I thought I heard a moan but wasn't sure. Adam claimed the 15 seconds was up but I thought it was more like a minute. Now my turn, I knew what to do "Michael, truth or dare?" I asked devilishly. "Dare!" he retorted, not seeming nervous. "I dare you to jack Adam off till he comes (if he can that is)", "OK". I was floored! I couldn't believe my ears. He walked over to Adam, whom I also had a crush on before Charles. There was already a tent in both thier shorts. He slowly unzipped Adam's Khaki's and pulled them off, he had the nicest boxers on, red stripped, looking like a pop corn carton, except these held some alot more delicous that pop corn. Mike then tuged them down, there was a *pop* as Adam's cute lil cut cock (he was about 5") slaped his muscular trimed torso. He just grinned, as Mike grasped the base of his cock and slowly begin to pump it.

Adam was in the heat of passion right when Mike started to lick Adam's cock head. Adam took in a sharp breath, and grabed the back of Mike's head and shoved his cock deep into his warm, wet mouth. I then knew, this game of T.O.D was over! Charles and I just giggled, as brad started to work on Mike's cock, for his wirery frame, I was surprised at his size, About 6 and half inches! Brad was egar for his boy juice, he was sucking like there was no tomorrow. I saw Charles turn on a Video Camra.

He then took me by the hand and led me to his room. "Charles, I would have never guessed about those guys!" he said nothing but "I love you", I returned his statment with a deep kiss, we fell to his bed and rolled in passion, as the world disovled. He began to massage my crotch "Wait..." I said. I got up and turned on a nice relaxing cd, "Stand up baby" I requested, I took off his shirt, god his body was beautiful, smooth and toned! I removed my mouth from his sweet lips, and moved down his neck to his nipples and flicked them lightly with my tounge, slowly moving down leaving a trial of salvia down his tummy to his navel. I undid hid button and unziped his zipper with my teeth. He was wearing boxer shorts, for me - he usally wears boxers but I hate them, because tight white briefs are so much more sexy so he comprimised - I could see the outline of his lucious cock. I began to suck him through his shorts. He was running his hands through my hair, and moaning my name. I slowly brought his shorts down, revealing his beautiful cock. I took on of his balls in my mouth, then the other sucking on them ever so softly.

I let them pop out of my mouth as I began kissing my way up his 6" in shaft, to his blushed head, wich was leakin pre-cum, I began to lick it like an ice cream cone, mmm, Charles flavored. I slowly took him in my mouth, gentley suckeling him, bobbing up and down, loving his flavor. I was massaging his creamy buns, massaging his puckered hole, he was starting to whimper and breathe harder. I knew he was close. I regretfully took my mouth off to moved up. I placed my already stiff cock into the space between his inner thigh and his cock aginst my stomach, as we began to dry hump each other, it took my less than a minute to shoot my steamy cum all over his stomach and chest, convulsing as the electricty moved down my spine.

I could tell he was close, so I moved back down, sucking him furiousally, like his cum was needed for me to live. I felt his buns quiver in my palms, I quickly shoved my cummed covered finger into his butthole, and I guess I hit his prostate, and I removed my mouth as he came. He looked like a Fountine. He cum shot strait up in the air and landed all over his chest and face. I then replaced my mouth on his pulsating cock as his last sperm was leaving his body, sucking out every delicous drop. Traveling back up to his stomach licking off our mixed creams. Cleaning him off. We then let our mouth meet as we tasted our cum together.

"Happy Birthday" I purred. "Thank you so much hugo, that was the best birthday present I have ever had!". We then curled up and fell to sleep.

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