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In The Last Chapter: Sam becomes aware of his feelings for boys. However, after receiving his first kiss from Austin it confuses him more and sets him on a journey of self discovery.

Ethan, Sam's best friend also tells the girl he's been crushing on how he feels. This leaves all three boys in the state of first love,

and the mixed feelings that will either derail a friendship or strengthen one.


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3.    Maybe they will sing for us tomorrow by Hammock


Even If We Tried

by d.k. dANIELS

Part 4


I felt motion sick, as I looked out the window of our car, and watched the world cease to exist outside.

My stomach was heaving and all that was on mind was Austin.

The only other thing that could break my concentration was the smell of my mother's perfume fragrance.


"Sweetie, are you okay?", she asked quietly; the only other thing that could be heard was the indicator and faint reeve from

the car's engine as she stopped at a corner and turned onto another road and entered onto the highway.

She must have noticed my face change from a wishy-washy colour to a sheet of white.


The feeling I had been suppressing for the last couple of days, finally worked its stress up enough that I felt physically ill.


"Mom, stop", I asked almost barely audible to hear in a gravelly voice.


Just like that, mom pulled over to the side of the road. I hopped out and ran for the grass a couple of feet away from door and vomited into the grass.

I felt the watery particles travel up my oesophagus and spray the surface of the ground beneath me. Falling to my knees I felt nauseous.

Some small flaky bits got caught on my lips and that's when I felt the retching feeling before another surge landed on the grass.

I felt horrible in that moment; the back of my sinuses had a flimsy build-up, just like mucus.

That's when my mom came to my rescue like she always does.


"Sam", she cried in an alarming tone, with the heavy metallic clunk of the car door on her side, she ran around to me clenching a bottle of water.


"Gak! I'm okay", I manage, as I tried to get ahold of myself; at the same time I looked down to see if I got any sick on me and thankfully I did not. Holding out a bottle of water for me, I took it gently from my mom and rinsed the inside of my mouth,

just as you would do with mouthwash and spit it out.


"I'm okay mom, I'm just a little anxious", I said as I took breaths and hoped that the aftertaste of vomit would quickly disperse.


"Sammy!", she offered, while crouching down to me.

The moment was just too much for me so that I felt myself on the verge of crying, and my mom sensed it before it even happened.


"Hunny, what's wrong?", she asked and at the same time she put her hands around me for support, as if to coax it out of me.


"I don't know", I added as I broke into a soft whimper, which was replaced shortly after with sobbing.


"Shh, sweetie. What's got you all anxious?", she softly whispered, as she pulled me closer to her. She sat like that with me a few moments.

Cars passed by once in awhile and when my sobbing had calmed, she held my head up to hers and looked into my eyes with such understanding.


"Sam, you know you can tell me anything, she informed me as she started to become emotional too.


I thought about it for a second; I knew I could trust my mom. But did I feel ready I asked myself.

Sniffling, I felt my heart rate rise and I felt the fear come to life.


"I think I'm gay", I abruptly cried out. I felt a moment of dread; yet I felt a moment of relief.

Some of the weight had been lifted off my shoulders now that I had finally told someone.

I looked at her and she remained silent as she processed the information she had been given.

That's when I started to feel as if I shouldn't have told her.

But all my worries were supressed when she gave me a warm and accepting smile.


"So, what?", she quipped, holding me even tighter.


"I love you no matter who or what you want to be".


Feeling a sense of relief, I let out a short sigh. "And you're sure?", she asked, looking for clarification.


"Yeah", I added with a low disappointed voice.


"Hey, don't you ever be ashamed of whom you love, she added with a soft understanding tone.


"If you try and steal my boyfriends though, then we'll have to talk," she chided to try and make the situation funny.


I smiled softly and sort of blushed at the statement. "Your boyfriends are too old" I added coyly.


"Cheeky", she said while beaming a proud smile.


"Do you want to order pizza and talk about your party on Saturday?",

she asked, to try and break the ice and tell me that it was not that big of a deal.


"Sure", I said in a croaky tone. Both of us stood up and got back in the car.

My mom made sure that I was in the car first, before she got in.

She then pulled back out onto the highway and continued along it, but instead of taking the exit for home she went into the city.


Breaking the silence as she drove she said "I can't wait to see what boy you bring home; you're going to be a little heart breaker.

My own mini Casanova!". I immediately blushed and my face became flushed. "Mooom", I squealed in an embarrassed pitch.


"It's true though, you're a looker, just like your old mom", She stated, while she cockily bobbled her head to the side with a smile.

It made me feel confident within myself. I knew that I did not have to hide that part of my life as hard as I would have been trying to in school.


While we sat down in the diner, mom ordered two pepperoni pizzas and while we waited for our food the two of us talked a little more about my coming out.

She praised me and thanked me for telling her; she also was proud that I did not let it build up on me, so much so that it would have overwhelmed me.

But she still did worry about me in the long run, she did vaguely touch on the subject about being careful and being sure before I outed myself to anyone else.

She went on to talk about protection and staying safe.

It was the first time that she ever really had this talk with me.

But she did have the sex talk with me and I found that very uncomfortable and every time she mentioned a word that had anything remotely to do with having sex,

I'd turn red and laugh about it. But this time there was understanding and there was nothing to be embarrassed about.


"You can come to me anytime you need advice, okay",

she explained and at the same time she placed her soft warm hand atop of mine that was sitting on the table.


Before long the food had arrived and the both of us had dug in and devoured the pizza that lay on top of a wooden board.


"So, Sam, who's coming to your party this weekend, you're finally fourteen."

Mom prolonged the fourteen bit, indicating that she was more excited about the party than me.

"My little man is growing up", she said with a beaming smile.


I struggled for a second to try and lift the hot pizza from the wooden plate on the table and brought it to my mouth.

Taking a chunk from the pizza I thought about who I should invite.

The usual's were a no-brainer. But what about Austin? That was going to be the hard bit for me.


"Em, the normal people", I said, rather avoiding the question of Austin.


"Is there someone you really want to invite?", she said as she gave me a look.

You know, the sort of look you'd give someone when they're lying, only I was not lying.

Did she sense something, I first wondered. How could she know I hadn't told her about Austin?


"Well, there is this new kid in our school; he doesn't have a lot of friends and he's well...", I trailed off.

I was on the verge of telling her Austin was gay, but I just caught myself before I revealed that information.

She would have definitely thought something was going on if I had said he was gay, especially since I just told her I was gay.

I was surprised at how well she was handling it and I was comfortable about it. My mom was awesome, I thought.


"Then you should invite him", she said with a happy go lucky ring to her statement and smiled making her cheeks have dimples.

My mom was a very pretty woman; she was in a lot of ways like me, I guess.


Standing at possibly 5'8", she was quite tall. Her soft brown eyes were the same colour as mine and she had dark auburn hair,

so I guess it's fair to say the genes were stronger on her side than on my dad's side.

My dad had brown hair and green eyes, but I don't think I had ever really seen much of a resemblance to him whenever I looked in a mirror.

I guess you could say that Lauran would be the one who carries on my mom's enticing looks.

Did my mom really just say I could invite him or was she secretly hoping that I'd tell her I liked him? Either way,

I found the loud voices in my head taking over from all the what-ifs that had to be answered. Getting a grip on reality, I shushed them'.


"Em, I guess I could", I said with a half-hearted smile".



After the pizza in the city, we hopped back in the car and headed back toward the school to pick up Lauran.

By the time I we had gotten to the school I felt much better in myself.

Waiting for Lauran was always hell; she would take so long to actually arrive on time, as me and mom sat in the car.

I watched as the school emptied out; all the students that came out the door quickly dispersed, but no Lauran.


"Can you go a get her hunny", my mom asked as she looked a little impatient".

Not wanting to move from the car I did so and undid my seatbelt; the belt flung and retracted back into the small pouch above my seat.


"Yeah mom", I groaned as I opened the door and started walking toward the front entrance.

Never before have I felt an odd feeling in my stomach about walking to the door of the school and this was definitely odd indeed.


Entering the glass door, I turned at the intersection where me and Lauran would usually part ways and walked toward the 7th grade classrooms.

The school was rather on the empty side now and everyone was pretty much gone,

except for the couple of teachers who roamed the corridors and the students who finished putting their belongings in their lockers.


Turning onto the 7th grade corridor, there was my sister talking to a bunch of girls, and it was not like she was hurrying herself.


"Lauran", I shouted in a hushed voice but just enough so that she would be able to hear me.


`I could hear the girls' conversation change since I called my sister and one or two of them said "hey, Sam", rather suggestively,

indicating that they were interested.'


"Hello", I gravely offered and sighed shortly afterwards.


Braking my posture as my sister continued to talk away, I stood in the middle of the corridor like an idiot.

Slumping I started to get impatient and then said in annoyance, "Come on!"


`That's when she finally said "I better go" and turned toward me waving the girls goodbye.


"Thank the lord", I sarcastically chided.


All she could manage to do was snicker under her breath. Finding our way back to the car,

I hopped back in the front passenger seat and didn't say anything as we drove home.



Climbing the stairs, I headed to my room, before I was briefed by mom about dinner and to wash up.

Pushing the door into my room I waltzed in and dropped my backpack beside the desk and flopped down on the bottom bunk of the bed that it creaked.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I dug it out to see who had messaged me.

There were a couple of people who had messaged, but when I saw a text from Ethan I decided to message him first.


Ethan had messaged me about the science project, and asked about what we should do it on and we conversed like that for a couple of minutes,

still without coming to a conclusion. Deciding that we should have a look online we both agreed to talk a little later, once we had done some looking first.

Dropping my arm to my side, I started thinking of a possible project, but before I could think of one,

Austin had popped into my head. Yet this time, when he popped into my head, it was not sad. He was sensual.


I oddly found him enticing and it was at this moment that I started to rub the front of my dark skinny jeans I had put on that morning.

I felt myself become hard, as I kept rubbing the blue denim fabric.

My dick started to make a lump just under my fly and it started to make it impossible to move my manhood around because it had become so stiff.

Letting out a low moan, I grabbed my red Abercrombie sweatshirt and pulled it over my head, which left my hair slightly messed up.

I quickly got up and walked to the door and closed it as I softly squeezed my hard-on.

I felt the throbbing pulse and anticipated what was to come next,

and with that I looked down at the protruding lump in my lap while I unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans.

Stepping on the back of my shoes I slipped them off and pulled my jeans down my skinny legs. T

he mix of cool air and horniness controlled the environment around me.

I gently started to grope my cock through the thin fabric of my American eagle boxer briefs.


Laying back down on the bed, each time I squished my hand on top of my dick I felt my heart rate accelerate and I felt the horniness build and build.

The soft underwear added a sensation that could only be described as sexy,

because each time I squished my cock the fabric would have a knock-on effect causing my foreskin to slightly retract and push against the fabric.

I gripped my hardness with a firm grip and started to slowly pump away at it through my underwear and felt the familiar feelings grow inside of me.

I have been masturbating for well over a year but this felt different, it felt naughtier. Thinking of Austin was drawing me closer to ejaculation.

Just as I was getting up to the high, Ethan crossed my mind which made me quicken my pace.

Jumping between my friend and the boy who had made me horny in the first place I slurred their names sensually as I drew really close.


Feeling the moment approach,

I gave the last few hard pumps that I could and arched my back slightly off the bed as I felt a warm rush of euphoria spurt out of my dick-

and cause me to shudder and softly moan as I kept pumping on till I couldn't go that speed anymore.

I felt my fingertips become wet and a damp patch had formed on my underwear with a small offering of white semen that had made its way through the fabric, indicating that I had just done a naughty deed.

I stopped stroking myself and for a moment I lay back with awe on my bed to regain my strength. I swallowed my saliva and tried to calm my breathing.


That felt great, I thought to myself. Only, I knew that only I would be able to indulge in this secret activity.

It felt okay to me as long as I kept it under control and the fantasy only remained a fantasy.


Laying there in the quietness I started to feel guilty as I did before about the wet dream about Austin.

The feeling of achievement subsided quickly and it started to grow on me.

I just jerked off to Ethan, my best friend. In order to lessen the emotion I got up and made my way to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.


Stepping out of the cum-covered underwear I dug some clothes out of the hamper-

and placed them deep into the hamper before replacing the other dirty clothes on top of my secret activity so that mom would not become suspicious.


Turning on the shower I held my crown jewels in my hand, It had become soft now and it was still a little moist.

All the same though, I was pretty happy with the size of it, since I heard from rumours that it would still grow.

I thought I was fairly big when I was hard and when I was soft it returned to its small little cocoon.


When the water became warm I stepped inside the shower stall and placed my hands on both sides of the tiled wall and let the water pour down on me.

I felt my hair begin to soak up the water and I then reached for the shampoo and body wash one after another and started to clean my soiled body.


Drying off quickly, I put on a pair of loose grey shorts and white t-shirt and headed down for dinner.

Dinner was delicious as my mom had made stir-fry and a side plate of chips and garlic bread.

We all dug in and ate everything except for the plates and for the first time sitting down with the family was not so hard a task and it was satisfying.



Waking just a couple of minutes before my alarm was set to go off, I disabled the alarm and crawled tiredly from the bed.

I slowly walked the small distance to the toilet in my en suite and I became aware of a little chill the morning had brought upon us.

It was Thursday, only one more day to go I thought as I started to pee.

My bed did seem like a more appealing option, so after I had gone to the toilet I thought,

what would be the harm of a couple more minutes in bed; after all I was washed and all I needed to do was get dressed and grab something to eat.


Sliding back into my bed, which had lost a little heat since I exited, I pulled the blanket back up over me and snuggling embraced the comfort.

The comfort ended up making me drift back to sleep and my mom ended up having to wake me a short time after that, around 9 am.

My first thought was I was late for school and I was about to jump out of bed but my mom calmed me with her soothing voice.

Sitting in an upright position on the side of the bed mom said,


"I'll let you have the day off today, because yesterday was a stressful day". She smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead.


"Lauran's already gone to school and I need to go to work, so you can man the house."


`Yes, I thought a day to do fuck all.'


"Sure", I said in a less enthusiastic way, than I would normally".


"Okay, well you know how to reach me," she said as she got up from sitting on the side of my bed and started for the door.


"Oh, she said turning around as she had remembered something else to tell me.

"I'm working late tonight so you can let Lauran in from school when she comes home." Nodding in agreement she disappeared out the door.


A couple of minutes later I heard the car pull out of the driveway and I was completely alone.

The quietness returned and with the exception of now and then a car passing by, the street was in total silence.

I tried to go back asleep but something about the silence was just too eerie for me and I could not. I decided to get up and get breakfast.

I put on a navy Nike tracksuit. The bottoms were a little faded compared to the top, which looked brand new.

I guess it was because I wore the bottoms more than I did the actual hoodie.

With the hunger now serving up an appetite, I found myself in front of the fridge looking for something to fuel my energy and cure the starvation.


I decided on the couple of eggs that mom had left in the fridge.

I wanted scrambled eggs so I readied a pyrex bowl and took three eggs from the carton box.

Mom had taught me to cook a couple of basic foods like pasta and scrambled egg.

Mom was a chef, so it was common sense that her children knew how to cook something.


Cracking the eggs one by one on the side of the bowl, I let the contents drop into the pyrex glass.

I took a whisk that mom had in one of the drawers and whisked the eggs until they started to form.

Once I was happy and ready I put them in the microwave and set the timer.

Mom would most likely tell me to try the cooker, but right now I was barely awake and I couldn't have cared less.

I just wanted to eat. While waiting for the timer to count down,

I disposed of the shells from the eggs and then stood in front of the microwave and watched the bowl slowly rotate on the glass plate.


DING, the machine went and I popped open the door and, grabbing a mitten, I took the glass out and placed it on the marble counter.

The small fluffy clouds of egg in the bowl made my mouth water as I quickly transferred it from the bowl onto a plate,

before taking a fork from the cutlery drawer and taking a seat at the kitchen table rather than the breakfast counter.


The sun spewed through the patio doors and kitchen window, which lit up the room and the smell of eggs filled the air in the kitchen,

as did a slight rise in the temperature.


Getting the food into me, I washed up after the delicious snack, as I would have put it.

The next two or three hours where among the most boring in my life.

I thought that it would have been fun staying at home. But all I found myself thinking was of Austin.

I felt bad for him and I also felt guilty for using Ethan as a sexual object last night.

I wanted to become close to Austin and keep everything savvy with Ethan.


Finding my phone, I messaged Ethan a couple of times to see how school was going and he seemed to be having a fairly good day,

but he did say that he missed me. I felt that I was missing out in school for the first time ever.

I had gone from one activity to another and could not decide which was more tiresome than the next.

I first found myself kicking a football out the backyard against the shed wall out of frustration and boredom.


I had to admit that I liked the moment me and Austin had yesterday; I felt that it was sacred. It was just me and him, nobody else.

I rubbed his back and for him and for the first time since I started having these feelings I felt I understood.


I found myself wanting another moment like that. I did not care how people looked at me yesterday.

I needed to prove to Austin that I truly wanted to be his friend.

With that, I messaged Nash to see if I could get a phone number or an address from him.

Of course, Nash had heard what had happened at school and was reluctant to give me the details.


I felt that I would never get to know him, I couldn't tell Nash how I felt. It would awkward.

I decided to try and clear my head and got my BMX from the shed,

as it was only put back in recently and grabbed my school bag just in case I decided to turn up for the last couple of classes, which was P.E.


Leaving the house, I pedalled toward Nash's house with ease since I had no extra weight.

I found out that Nash had gotten out of school early and he was home, according to his messages from earlier.

I eventually got to his house where there were two BMW's in the driveway.

I stood in the spot I had stood with Ethan the night of the party when he was nervous about going in, only this time I was nervous.

I was afraid of being judged for information about Austin. What if this started circling around the school, I feared.

I pushed that to the back of my mind and felt my heart race but slowly but surely, I approached the solid oak door. `What are you doing',

I asked myself. My breathing gradually became faster and my palms became sweaty.

Taking a large gulp, I reached out and knocked on the door and waited for it to open.


The door opened and Nash's mother Isabelle, greeted me with a smile.


"Samuel", she exclaimed.


"Hi, is Nash home", I innocently enquired.


She looked at me and smiled. "He's in the study", she told me.


Just like that she stepped aside for me to enter and with the clunk of the door behind me, Isabelle encouraged me to head onto the study.

I walked down the slightly darkened hallway that had wooden panels on each side and red carpet on the floor.

Knocking on the door of the study, I opened it slowly and entered, not leaving much room for me to slip through the narrow opening.


Nash looked up from the desk he sat at with a pencil in his hand; he beamed a smile. I returned the smile before closing the door and walking toward him.


Approaching the desk, I could see he was writing music on a score. Pulling up one of the many chairs in the room I took a seat in front of him.


"You're out of school", he asked out of curiosity, as he was surprised that I was not in school.


"So are you", I added with a smile.


"I had an appointment with my music teacher", he declared proudly.


"Cool, how did it go?", I asked, so as to break the ice before I asked him anything else.


"It went good, I think." He paused and looked a little crushed.


"It didn't go the way you wanted it to go, did it?", With a a nod he agreed but remained silent.


"What brings you here Mr. Twomey", he asked in a posh voice only he could perfect."


Feeling embarrassed, I chuckled a little. "You know I don't like my last name."


"I'm fucking with ya," he said before giving me a cheeky grin.


"So... what brings you here today."


"I want to know were Austin lives", I asked genuinely.


"Why, you're not going to make fun of him, are you?"

He asked with a questioning tone and looked at me with serous eyes as if he was trying to judge a fault in my facade.


"I just want to know", I said, not wanting to answer the question."


"Sam, he's been outed in the school. I can't give you his address unless it's for a good reason."


I felt the pressure build and my mind went blank; everything went blank and I lost my train of thought.

Only one answer was in my mind and I knew it was not the right one I wanted to give,

but I knew that was the only way that I'd get something out of Nash.


Drawing in a breath I paced myself for what I was about to say.


"I... Li... ", I sighed disappointed with myself. Drawing in a breath I said "I like him", in a rushed voice.

I felt as if I was going to cry but caught myself. That's when Nash saw how embarrassing that statement was to me and he sat forward.


"Aaw Sam, I'm sorry. I.., I understand." he said. I was shocked that he didn't get mad or anything and that gave me a little hope.


"Really?", I asked, looking down not daring to look him in the eye."


"Yeah, I do. His house overlooks Lake Newman."

After a slight pause, Nash pulled a piece of paper from the printer and wrote the address down on the page.

I felt that I left myself in a really compromising position. But he gave me the paper.


Glancing down at the paper and back up to him, I felt the tears starting to creep up on me because of fear.


"You won't tell anyone, will you?", I said almost to myself."


"I won't, you have my word", he said as he tilted his head forward slightly, indicating that my secret was safe.


"I'm kinda like you too", he added with a bashful face.


"Thanks", I breathed out with a bit of relief.


"Well, what are you waiting for?", he said softly.


With a knowing warm smile, I stood up and headed toward the door. Nash got up with me and walked me to the front door.

This was a part of Nash I had never seen before; it felt like it was too easy but there was honesty in him.

Swinging a leg over my bike I started my descent down the driveway and turned back the way I had come and continued cycling toward Lake Newman.

Just when I got to the intersection after a bit of pedalling I thought of my two options.

The third option was already a don't-go-back scenario, with `that' being going home.

The other two options were go to to school for the other half of the day or to go directly to Austin's house.

Feeling that I was not quite ready,

I decided that It would be best to go to school and try and get some of my feelings in balance before making my next move.

By the time I got to school it was around lunch time.


Walking the corridor to my locker I ditched my bag. I kind of felt a couple of people looking at me funnily but it was nothing to cause alarm.

Sitting down at the lunch table, Ethan was as glad to see me as I. We quickly caught up on the events of the day and chatted through lunch.

One of the first things I became aware of was that Austin was not in school and it may have been a no brainer, but I wondered,

would this stop him from coming to school? Thinking and thinking. All I did was think.

This time, though, I said it out loud to Ethan and at a table with four others.


"What?", Ethan had said, "Who sent what?", he asked with an inquiring tone and look.


"I want to know who sent those messages to Austin", I stated boldly.

I was so relieved that the whole table did not erupt into laughter, but Ethan gave me a look that I had never seen before.

It was like he was hesitant to help for a moment, but out of respect he finally said that he'd help.


An understanding had been set between the boys,

to keep their eyes and ears open and Sam also invited them to his party on Saturday and they all agreed to come.

After lunch had concluded, I headed on to the gymnasium with the boys and channelled into the small hallway that lead into the boys' locker rooms.

The bang of the door handle against the brick echoed through the locker room along with the laughter and shouting.

I placed my bag on the bench and started to undo my shoes as Ethan took the spot that was next to me.

I started to pull down my bottoms and change into my shorts and left my t-shirt I was wearing after I removed the hoodie.


The locker room was not my favourite place to be as I found it very distracting.

I did not want to be accused of looking at someone, so I usually rushed my way out of the changing rooms when the lads-

would be having showers but if we were simply getting changed then I could handle it.


I waited for Ethan and the boys to finish changing as a couple of insults were made lightly and before we knew-

it we made our way out to the main hall where Mr. Walsh our P.E. teacher had us play a game of basketball, which passed the time quite quickly.

I was not the sportiest person in the school, I did like a couple of sports and basketball was a decent enough sport to play,

at least people would trust me enough to pass the ball to me.

So, I must have been decent enough for them to pass the ball in the first place.


After P.E. we headed straight for the showers, this was always the worse part for me in school.

I readied a towel on the bench, ditched my shorts and t-shirt. I grasped a bottle of body wash and headed in, following the boys toward the showers.

Taking my place in front of the shower head I pressed the button as the delayed water took a second to reach the head and started sprinkling all over me.

Washing myself like always I tried to keep my head on the tiled wall in front of me Ethan would have to call me.

Turning to look at him, he stood in his dark grey underwear that clung to his hips.

His thighs were so firm and athletic, strong even.

His stomach had the making of a six pack but it was completely flat.


"I forgot my body wash, can I borrow yours", he asked as he smiled.

I handed the body wash to him and pretended not to look.

But I secretly was stealing glances; that's when he turned around to face the flow of the water. T

he round globes of his ass were really magnified by the tightly clinging underwear.


In one swift movement, he bent over slightly and slid his underwear down his body, exposing his soft mounds.

I tried looking away but there were boys everywhere in various stages of nakedness.

I felt a knowing stirring in my groin and I said that I was finished and quickly exited to the showers trying not to alarm anyone.

When I got back to my spot on the bench I draped the towel around my lower body and sat down.


`Fuck, that was too close' I cautioned myself.


I waited until I was sure there was no danger of a boner before getting dressed and I waited outside the locker room,

so that the same thing wouldn't happen again.


When we left the gym, I walked with Ethan toward the bus port where he usually got on his bus and said goodbye, giving him a fist bump.

He got on the bus and it pulled off. I headed on back to my bike by the front of the school.

Unlocking the bike from the bike rack, I was interrupted by a familiar voice.

Turning around I noticed my sister who was going for the bus. Lauran, I called out and she noticed me and came running up to me.


"Here's the key; I'll be home soon". With that she just nodded and ran for the bus.


Hopping on my bike, I took the piece of paper Nash had written on and thought, should I go.

My answer was `yes' and with that I pushed away en-route to the lake where Austin lived, after having a look at the address.


After leaving the suburbs area where I lived,

I was sheltered by the overhanging trees on the road leading up to the lake and I looked at each of the mailbox numbers carefully.


I cycled a good bit around, quite a lot of time had passed, and it began to rain.

When I was about to give up, the number 13337 appeared on a mailbox, where there was a driveway off the main road.

Pulling off the main road, I saw the garage port of a house that had three cars, two cars in the bay and one car on the dirt road.

This was the house number I had been given.


I dismounted my bike and walked the remainder of the distance.

The house appeared to be a huge split-level house of which I could only see the top level of the house;

it looked as if the property went right up to the shoreline, as I could see the water vaguely on the far side of the built-up structure.

The house was primarily made from red brick and timber which gave the house a very rustic feel.

That, combined with a lot of glass, the house looked very sleek and modern.


I steered my bike toward a large manmade flower bed that ran the whole length of the driveway, yet looked as if it was made freshly and with care.

I walked the small distance and mounted a couple of steps and before I knew it I was inches from the door.

I thought to myself, here goes nothing and I willed myself to knock.

I felt a stressing feeling in my chest as I lifted my hand and brought it to the door.

With a rat-a-tat rhythm, I waited anxiously for the door to open.


When the door did finally open, Austin stood in the doorway, shocked but at the same time happy that I was here.

My turning up unannounced must have seemed odd to him. I hoped it didn't seem creepy, I thought now as it had just crossed my mind.

A flutter of my heart was felt as he said "Come in" and with that I took a step inside and he closed the door behind me.


Standing inside his entry hallway I froze for a second.

Drawing up my conclusion in my head, he said,


"You're soaking", in a worried, almost panicked voice. "Let me get you a towel".


I felt the remainder of rain drops roll down my face and drop to the floor, as I watched him disappear.

I felt nervous. Yet when he arrived back holding a towel, I felt safe somehow.

Safe, I thought, what does that mean? I tried to dry myself, unknowns.

Austin swooped down and began mopping up the puddle at my feet with a spare towel.

I didn't break my eye with him, I just watched as he mopped up.


"I have something to tell you", I nearly whispered.


He looked me in the eyes and for that second we both knew.

Coaxing what I had thought up to actually say, it took a lot of courage from me but I finally spilled a part of myself to him.

He rose to his feet, slowly and nervously.


"Before anything else crazy happens, I just want to say that I like you."


He remained silent and said no words as he was most likely trying to figure out what to say.

I could feel a small puddle forming at my feet from the amount of rain that had soaked into my clothes and my hair was damp mess on top of my head.


"I want you to know that I'm with you. I'll have your back."


That last sentence had done it all for me. He smiled and stepped forward.

I could feel his soft breath caressing my face, and with that, I leaned in and kissed him on the lips with all the remaining courage I had.

I felt the butterflies dance around in my stomach and at that very moment Austin started-

to become all nervous with a dose of the shakes as his butterflies worked in sync with mine. It was almost too adorable to watch.


I felt myself smiling on the outside and I started to giggle - so much so, that Austin looked at me with a coy smile.

But not long after that he couldn't help himself because he ended up developing a small chuckle.


The world could have ceased to exist around me. The coldness I was feeling from the damp clothes I still wore didn't seem to matter-

and the worries of being exposed to the world did not matter either for that moment.


After the small chuckling had ended, Austin said in a soft and very gentle voice, as he started to walk ahead of me,


"Let's find you some dry clothes."


It told me the story of a person who was so soft that other people would see this as a weakness.

But I didn't, I did not see it as a weakness.

I saw it as raw purity, and with that I followed the boy I was totally crushing on, possibly even loving him.


The end of part 4


If you've made it this far, thank you for reading.

Please, comments are welcome. Actually needed, lol.



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If you've made it this far, thank you for reading.

Please, comments are welcome. Actually needed, lol.


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