Farm Boys

****I know, the dreaded disclaimer, but it must be done. This story involves love and sexual relations between boys, it is gay in nature, and as such, you should not read if this is not your thing. It also includes diaper love and mild piss play, so once again, if this is not your thing, then feel free to exit now. As always, I write for myself and share with others, but I hope that if you are still reading, that you continue to read the story and enjoy it. If you enjoy it, I would appreciate hearing from you, then again, if you have constructive criticism, I would appreciate hearing that as well. Feel free to email me at ** with your comments. If you would like to join my story group to read the rest of my stories, please join at ** Hope to see you there, thanks for reading.****

Thirteen year old Billy was sitting hidden in the bushes in the woods behind the house that he had just recently moved into with his dad. What he found as he was touring the woods was really a whole heck of a lot of nothing. There was a small stream, there were lots of rocks, there were lots of trees, and that was about it. And then he hit the proverbial jackpot.

He quickly crouched down and hid as best as possible as he spied a slightly younger boy prancing about in the woods, leaping and bounding, almost dancing. What caught Billy most of all though was the fact that the younger boy was wearing only the skimpiest pair of white briefs underwear. They looked as if they had been too small the previous year, and were more so now.

As Billy watched the boy, he was enraptured, he had never spied upon such a beautiful sight before. The boy that danced almost naked in the woods before him was probably the most beautiful boy he had ever seen. He was so graceful, so petite, he had a nice bulge in his underwear, and his incredible little bubble butt was just the right size. He had bright blond hair, and dark green eyes that shone quite brightly despite the darkness of their colour. At one point, the boy stopped and looked around as if he felt as if he were being watched, but after a minute of intense staring, and Billy praying that he would not be seen, the boy continued his prancing around, just having fun.

Billy had been crouching in behind that bush for quite some time, watching the beautiful sight before him, but he was getting sore, and he knew that he had to be getting home soon. Before he could retreat from his most perfect spot though, the boy stopped, and got a far away look on his face, and then a second later, his hand went down to his crotch and Billy watched as the boy peed himself quite heavily. He came in his pants instantly as he watched the boy rub the fresh pee that was coming out of his underwear into the rest of his underwear and then up onto his tummy.

It took every ounce of strength Billy had to not groan out loud and give away his position, or the beautiful boys privacy. But he near did groan out loud from what the boy did next. He brought his hand up to his face and sniffed the sweet tangy smell and smiled peacefully, but this was not what caused Billy to almost groan, because the boy was hard, very hard, and the tight wet white underwear were doing nothing to hide this fact now. He was not overly large, maybe four to four and a half slender inches long, but it looked just so perfect tucked inside those hot wet tight white underwear. Billy restrained himself with everything he had not to give away his hiding spot and crawl up to the boy and press his face into the hot wet hardness, and then just let nature take its course from there. Somehow he doubted that the mystery boy would appreciate that too much though. Then again, he might not.

As much as he wanted to stay and watch the boy for longer though, he knew that he had to get home, because he had told his dad that he would only be out for only an hour or so, and his dad was not the patient type, he worried too much. As quiet and stealthy as he possibly could, Billy crept from his hiding place, until he could no longer see or hear the wonderful boy, and then ran for home.

“Hi Billy, how was your explorations, anything interesting out in those old woods?” His dad asked as he walked in the house.

“Nah, nothing much, it's just very peaceful and beautiful out there, almost nothing at all out there though.”

“Sounds nice. So how do you like living here so far?”

“Well, it certainly can't be any worse than the last place we were at, and at least here I have lots of room to roam around.” Billy shrugged.

“Yeah, I know, it was hard on you once the kids found out you were gay and wet the bed. I hated having to leave you there, but there was nowhere else to go. How do you think you'll like home schooling though, it's gonna get pretty boring some days just being here by yourself so far from town?” His dad asked, because they had decided that being half an hour from town, an hour bus ride, and more than likely more bullying at the new school warranted such an option.

“I know, I wish we had've thought about home schooling sooner, but I think I'll be fine, even if I get a bit bored some days, it'll be a lot better than what I used to go through. I'm gonna head up to my room and play for a bit okay.”

“Yeah, it probably will be easier to deal with. You go ahead and go play, but I want you to clean your room too. We've lived here for a whole week and already your room looks like a tornado went through it.”

“Hardly my fault, I haven't even finished unpacking all my stuff, and you haven't got me the new furniture you promised you would, so half my stuff is on the floor.” Billy pointed out.

“Sure, make it out to be all my fault.” His dad pouted.

“Well, it kinda sorta is. I'll see what I can do though.” Billy smiled at his dad teasing him, and then headed up to his room.

The house was an old farmhouse style place, and the entire upstairs, which probably used to be an attic at some point in time, had been converted into one very large bedroom, equipped with its very own large bathroom facilities. Billy was given free reign of the entire area, and he loved it, with its large dormer windows overlooking every area of the large expanse of yard and the woods in the rear. It was perfect for him. He also loved the fact that there was a door at the base of the stairs, and then another door at the top, so if he wanted privacy, all he had to do was close both doors, because the opening of the lower door usually signaled him of his dad coming up, and if he missed that, the creaky stairs also worked.

Billy had no intentions of cleaning his room yet though, because after his recent episode of spying, he was more than a little horny, and only one spontaneous load of cum sprayed into the front of his underwear certainly was not going to be enough to do it this time. He hopped onto his bed, jammed his hand down the front of his pants, got as much of the cum on his fingers as he could, and then pulled his hand out and licked them clean. He sighed deeply, and then unzipped his jeans and pushed them down, exposing the red briefs he was wearing, with a large wet spot showing that he was a healthy teen boy. He quickly pushed those down as well, exposing his pride and joy. Five and a half exceptionally hard inches of prime teen gay boy meat. Using the technique that he liked the most, he grasped onto his erection, and started stroking.

On his fifth stroke, he erupted, his first shot landing right on the tip of his nose, the rest landed mostly on his belly. It was without a doubt the largest cum he had had to date, and he was surprised, because he had never sprayed past his own chest. Up until only a couple months before though, his cum was still watery and thin, and he barely even made it to his belly button, now he was thick and white and creamy, and was now spraying some good distances he thought, but this was awesome he thought.

Not even letting go, he started stroking once again, but as he stroked with one hand, his other was already scooping up as much of his ejaculate as he could, and he was depositing it into his mouth. He loved to eat his cum, almost as much as he had loved eating his cousins, but that ended when his aunt had caught them and she point blank refused to allow Billy to come over any more, believing that he was the bad influence. That however was a whole other story that Billy really had no interest in going into again, then again, he had always hated his moms older and snootier sister, she always thought that he was no good, because he wet the bed, amongst other things.

As Billy stroked himself though, he blended the scenes from earlier that afternoon with the amazing times he had had with his slightly older cousin, and imagined that the mystery boy was kneeling in front of him, licking and sucking him better than anything he had ever felt before This time he lasted slightly longer, but not by a whole bunch, and soon he was spilling even more boy cream on his belly, none of it spraying past his belly button this time though. Once again, he scooped up the mess and slurped it down, but he did not continue his self pleasuring, feeling that three loads in under half an hour was remarkably good, and his most to date too.

Billy laid there for some time just enjoying the feelings of the after sex glow, his softening penis still in his hand, but he was not moving, just enjoying holding it. Then again, what boy does not enjoy holding their best friend. Almost fifteen minutes later he sighed deeply and felt that he should get up, get cleaned up, and get his clothes back on properly. As soon as he was presentable, he started trying to figure out what to do about the somewhat large mess that he had in his room, he really had nothing in there at the moment other than a bunch of boxes, a desk with his computer on it, and his bed.

With nowhere to put it all, Billy mostly just put stuff back into the boxes and cleaned up as best he could. As soon as his room was somewhat presentable once again, he turned on his computer and sat down. As soon as it was up and running, he opened up his journal and wrote about his experience that afternoon and how it made him feel. He had seen a therapist a couple of years ago about his anger problems, and this had been a strong recommendation from him to help Billy cope with all the conflicting emotions that he had had. The doctor had helped him to understand that he was gay, and that he loved diapers a little more than most bed wetters do, and after only a few months, he no longer needed to see the doctor, and he was happier. The hardest day of his life was when he was eleven and he told his mom and dad that he was gay. They were happy that he had finally admitted it to them, because they had already suspected it anyway, so he was relieved. He did go back to see the doctor again just after his mom died, because he was not coping well his dad felt, but after only a few sessions, he was much better.

Billy wrote out almost ten pages of his feelings around what he had witnessed, and then saved it all into his private file, and then played on the internet for a while. Almost without thinking, he ended up on another diaper lover website, and sat there wondering how his dad would feel if he told him that he loved diapers, he had not divulged that information yet, and that he wanted to wear diapers all the time. He decided, what the hell, and headed downstairs to find his dad.

“Hey dad, whatcha doin?”

“Cooking dinner. What are you up to?”

“Nothin much. I thought I should tell you though, that I'm almost out of Goodnites, so I need more, but I don't want Goodnites any more. They're not holding enough and at least once a week I leak. Can you see if you can find me some proper diapers that'll hold up more?”

“Oh, okay. I'll see what I can find for you then. How many do you have left?”

“Three. So maybe two nights worth if I make it through one without having to change half way through the night again.”

“Oh, you've had at least one night where you didn't have to change?”

“No, it was more that I didn't wake up and leaked all over. That was the first night here.”

“Ah yes, that was a pretty long day, and we were both pretty tired, even if we left more than half our furniture so that we could get new stuff that suited the house better.”

“Yeah, that's what I thought too. I have something to tell you and ask you though, but it's kinda embarrassing.” Billy said softly.

“What is it? It can't possibly be any harder than the day you told us you were gay.”

“Yeah, but you already suspected that, this I doubt you suspect. I'm what's known as a diaper lover.” Billy said so quietly that his dad almost did not hear him.

“Oh, well that's not really that big a surprise really. I sorta suspected that you sometimes wore your diapers during the day when you clearly didn't need to. I mean, wearing them during long car trips and stuff is only prudent, and when you're sick, almost necessary, but I've noticed a few times that you were wearing when you didn't really need to. I never said anything, because I didn't want to embarrass you, I knew you'd tell me once you were more comfortable with it.”

“Thanks daddy, I'm glad that you're not upset. Would you mind though if I wore diapers all the time?”

“If that's what you'd like, then that's okay with me. You'll have to use your own judgment at times as to whether it's a good idea or not, but that'll be entirely up to you.” His dad smiled warmly.

“Thanks daddy. Can we go get some tonight please?”

“Sure, right after dinner we can head into town and get some for you, and we may as well hit a furniture place and see about getting some furniture for this big ole house.”

“Cool, I'm gonna go put a Goodnite on then right now.” Billy hopped up and ran up to his room. He stripped out of his clothes and put one of the fake diapers on and happily went back downstairs in only his shirt and diaper. He was not ashamed to have his dad see him in his diaper, he did every night already anyway, so it was no big deal.

“Feel better now that you have nothing at all to hide?”

“Yeah, actually I do, thanks.” Billy smiled brightly. It had been the same after he had admitted to his parents that he was gay, he felt so much better, and he was happier, and he was now even happier still.

“Good. I always want for you to be happy, and no matter what it is, come to me and we'll work whatever it is out so that you always have what you need. That doesn't mean of course that you'll get everything that you want, you know that already, but I'll always accept you for who and what you are and get you what you need to really be happy, like the diapers.” His dad smiled warmly.

“Thanks dad. So, what's for dinner then?”


“Well duh!” Billy grinned. “What kind of food?”

“People food.” He answered.

“As opposed to what?”

“Dog food.” He grinned cheekily.

“You served dog food just last week, so I hope you're not doing that again. So, what kind of people food are we having then?”

“Edible people food, or at least I hope it doesn't turn out as bad as that mess that we had last week that we both though wasn't even fit for dogs. But hey, give a guy a break, your mom's been gone a whole six months, and I'd never cooked before, so I'm doing not so bad.”

“Yeah, I hope it's edible, because that was pretty bad, but you're doing a lot better now than when you first started cooking. I think I miss mom most for her cooking, well that and her cuddles.”

“Yeah, same here kiddo. Go get the table set please, the stew should be done in a few minutes.”


Billy set the table with everything that they needed, and then a few minutes later they were sitting down to eat. It was actually pretty good Billy thought, and even told his dad so, so that he knew that he appreciated it, of which he did.

“Okay kiddo, unless you want to go to town in only a shirt and a diaper, you should go get some pants on.”

“Please, don't insult real diapers by calling these pitiful things diapers.” Billy grinned.

“So sorry.” His dad sighed.

Billy ran up to his room and threw on a pair of pants that would hide his Goodnite, and then headed down to get his shoes on. They headed out to the car and headed into town, and made it there in good time. It was still light out, and early enough where they still had plenty of time to shop for all that they needed. They headed to a medical supply store first, and Billy even got out to go look at the diapers, surprising his dad a great deal.

“Are you sure you don't want to stay in the car?”

“Nah, I'll have to get used to it eventually anyway, and I want to see what's available, so that I can pick out the ones I like, or maybe a couple if there's more than one that I like, so that I can test them out.”

“Okay, it's entirely up to you. I'd be more than fine with going in and getting them, but if you want to go to, then you're welcome to join me.” His dad smiled, and they headed inside.

“Good evening gentlemen, what can I help you find today?” The lady at the desk asked them when they walked in.

“We just moved to town recently, so we need to find a new supplier of diapers for my son, so where do you hide them?”

“Right over on the back wall. Are you a heavy wetter?”

“Yes.” Billy answered.

“Night, day, or both?”


“So, you'll probably want the thicker ultra absorbent for nights, and then a thinner one for days.” She stated.

“Yes please.” Billy said.

“I'd go with these ones here if you have good medical coverage or don't mind paying the slightly higher cost, because they're far more comfortable for those that have to wear them all the time, and they hold a lot more. The lesser priced ones work well enough, but their biggest complaint has always been comfort.” She said pointing towards a particular brand.

“Can I get those ones please dad, I've never had them before, and the ones I have now aren't really comfortable?” Billy asked.

“Sure. We'll take two packs of each please, or do you have larger cases as well?”

“These are thirty six per pack, but I do have a one twenty case as well, and it's quite a bit better price.”

“We'll take that one please, one of each if you will please. And where would we find your rash cream, skin lotions and powders for diaper wearers?”

“Just to your right you'll find our display, and I also carry bulk cases of them, as well as a good sturdy wipe, just in case you need them. Find what you want on the shelf first while I grab the diapers, and then if you want something on the shelf in a larger size, then I can get it from the back room as well.”

“Thanks, much appreciated.”

They went their separate ways and Billy and his dad went to check out the lotion, cream and powder. They opened up each one to smell them, and they read each pack, to see what the ingredients and benefits were. Billy decided on one of each type, and his dad asked for the bulk packs of each one, figuring that it would be cheaper in the long run that way anyway. He knew that Billy would certainly stay diapered now all the time, so it would not be a waste of money.

“Okay, here you go. Now, because you're new to town, I'm going to tell you about a group of young men that gets together once a week. They're all diaper wearers, for one reason or another, either day and night, or just night, so I think you might fit in there. The boys all range in age from eight to fifteen, and my son heads it up, he's the fifteen year old. If you'd like to go, the next meeting starts in about fifteen minutes, and you can try it out. If you don't like it, then you never have to go again, but I bet you'll love knowing others that are in the same situation as you are. My son, for instance, has to wear diapers all day as well, but there are a few there that only wet at night. There's a total of eleven kids there, and I think six of them are daytime, and one is bowel and bladder as well.”

“I think I'd at least like to try it out. Can you give the address to me please?” Billy asked.

“Sure, here it is.” She said, and handed over a card with the information on it.

“Thanks. Can I go daddy?”

“Sure, why not. I don't need your help in shopping, unless you wanted to pick out your bedroom furniture?”

“Nah, not really. But can I get a new bed as well please?”

“Yeah, I was gonna get you a new one anyway. Any particular color you want?”

“Natural wood color that suits the house would be best I think, maybe just some nice knotty pine.”

“Works for me. Thank you very much for all your help and the information, it just might be the ticket for Billy, since he home schools as well now that we live so far from town.”

“A few of the kids there do, including one little boy that lives about half an hour from here, I think he's twelve. Sweet boy, incredible dancer I'm told, but so shy.”

Instantly Billy thought of his beautiful dancer that he saw earlier that day, wondering if he could get so lucky to meet the boy.

“Hmm, interesting. Well, thanks again for the information, but if I'm to get Billy there in time, we should head out now.”

“Yes, you should. Tell Shawn that I sent you, he'll be happy that I found another new recruit for his diaper group, but then again, I think I've referred ninety percent of them there.” She smiled.

“Will do, and in your business, I guess you would meet all the diaper wearers.”

“Yes, at least most of them anyway.”

“Have a good night, and we'll see you when this supply runs low, so in a month probably.”

“See you then.” She said, and they left.

“Wow, I can't wait to try on these diapers, they look and feel incredible.” Billy said excitedly once they were safely in the car.

“Well, the windows back there are tinted, no one will see you, so go ahead and try one on.”

“Wicked.” Billy said happily, and did just that. While his dad drove them to the address on the card, Billy changed his diaper, his Goodnite had already been wet once, so it was already near capacity anyway, so he did need a change.

“So, how is it?” His dad asked once Billy was situated.

“Awesome, way better than the Goodnites, they're so comfortable.” Billy sighed.

“Good, for the price of them, I'd hope they were.”

“Yeah, they're a bit expensive, but not really that much more than the Goodnites work out to being when buying them in the packs we normally get.” Billy said, having worked out the math in his head already.

“I suppose you're right. Well, here we are. You want me to walk you in, or will you be okay on your own?”

“I think I'll be okay. It says two hours, so will you be okay for two hours in town all by yourself?”

“Sure, it'll probably take me that long to do the shopping anyway.”

“Good. Thanks daddy, a lot, I love you, and I'll see you in a couple hours.”

“You're welcome, love you too, now go have fun.”

“Okay.” Billy said, and ran from the car to the door of the house, and rang the doorbell, as soon as Billy was there, his dad pulled away from the drive.

“Hello, how can I help you?” A fifteen year old boy asked as he answered the door.

“I'd say you're fifteen, so I'm guessing it was your mom that sent me to see you. She gave me this card.” Billy said, handing over the card.

“Ah, goody, fresh meat.” The boy grinned.

“I take it this is the right place then. Cool.” Billy grinned, already liking the older boy.

“Yep. So, do you wear diapers at night or all day, for need or for pleasure, or both?”

“Need them at night, like them during the day, but for pee only. I tried pooping a diaper once, and I didn't really like it. Then once when I was sick, I had diarrhea really bad for like three days and messed a lot of diapers, that was real nasty.”

“Yep, been there, done that. Wet only, night and day, but I like to wear diapers as well. I only really need guards during the day, just in case, but I prefer wearing and wetting diapers instead of going to the bathroom.” He smiled. “Name's Shawn by the way.”

“Yeah, your mom told me that. My name's Billy. I just moved to town a few days ago and went to your moms store to get more supplies, because I admitted to my dad today that I loved diapers and I wanted to wear all day, and that I wanted real diapers, not those fake Goodnites.”

“Oh god yeah, get rid of those pieces of crap, they're not even worthy of being called diapers. They'll do in a pinch, but they're utterly useless if you actually wet any at all.”

“Tell me about it.” Billy grinned.

“Well, I guess you can join. Come on in and meet the others. We only have six guys here tonight with you and me, so it's pretty quiet. Normally there's eleven of us, twelve now if you join, but with it being summer vacation, a few of the guys are away on vacation or something.”

“Cool.” Billy said, and followed Shawn into the house.

“Hey guys, we have ourselves a new recruit. His name's Billy, and he wets at night, but enjoys during the day, as of today in fact. He told his dad that he was a diaper lover just today, and went and got diapers from my mom.” Shawn said to all the guys.

“Well, I take it that I can trust all the guys here then!” Billy said.

“Oh yeah. We all know pretty much every ones secrets here. Not one of the guys here hates wearing diapers, and even though there's one, he's not here tonight, that truly requires diapers for both purposes all day, he actually loves them. Most of the guys just wet at night, a few also wear during the day for pleasure, same as you. A couple haven't worked up the courage to do what you did though, but maybe one day they will. Until then, they get to wear during the day whenever they stay at a friends house and at nights. So, what diapers did you buy? Take off your pants, and we'll take ours off as well. Usually by now everyone is down to just their diapers anyway, so you may as well just strip like the rest of us do.”

“Okay, I have no problems with that. I bought the ones your mom said were the best, and I think I agree with her.” Billy said as he started pulling off his shirt, same as everyone else was doing.

“Oh good, you got the good ones. My mom searched long and hard to find these for me, and once I found ones I liked, she pretty much switched over to this brand, but keeps a couple others for the cheapskates. Oh crap, I wonder who that could be?” Shawn said, because the doorbell rang, startling everyone.

As Shawn left the room, all the boys came up to Billy and introduced themselves, but Billy was disappointed to not see his dancing boy as he had hoped. Billy tried to memorize their names, but knew that there was no way that he was going to be able to do so, they were all so fast. And then a few seconds later, nothing else mattered, because his dancing boy walked in with Shawn, and Billy nearly had a heart attack.

“Jeremy, you're late, so you missed the introduction of our newest member.” Shawn said as soon as they entered the room, and then he told Jeremy pretty much the same thing he had said to the others.

“It's good to meet you Billy.” Jeremy said softly.

“Thanks. Your name was Jeremy right?”



“Yeah.” He said softly, and then went and grabbed a couple crackers from a tray on the counter and then stripped down to just his diaper while he ate them.

Billy realized that all the boys were wearing diapers, so they must all either change once they arrived, or snuck diapers somehow before the meeting. He wondered though if Jeremy wore all day or not, because he had seen him in the woods in only his underwear, but he surely would have died had he seen him in only a diaper.

“So, how do you like it so far?” Shawn came up to Billy and asked.

“Don't know, just got here, don't even know what to do yet.” Billy shrugged.

“Some nights we play games, either card or board, and some nights on game systems. Some nights we just sit around and shoot the shit, and sometimes we just kick back and watch a movie together.”

“That sounds good. Do you always have snacks for everyone?”

“Normally yes.”

“Wow, that must get expensive.”

“Nah, not really. My mom owns and operates the medical supply store and my dad owns and operates the grocery store next door.” He grinned.

“Convenient. So, if not everyone wears diapers all the time, then how come everyone is wearing one now?”

“Rules, you have to wear a diaper and only your diaper when at a meeting. Besides, everyone likes it like that. The ones who don't wear all the time usually change once they get here, I always have a good supply for everyone, should they need a diaper. Only three of the boys tonight had to get diapered once they got here, the rest arrived in their diapers. I would have told you to go to the bathroom and change, but I could see that you were wearing, so obviously I didn't need to.”

“Good eye, most people would never notice.”

“Yeah, but I'm a diaper lover and I notice everyone who wears diapers.” Shawn grinned.

“Same. So, tell me, is Jeremy always so shy, he hardly even spoke.”

“Yes, unless you ask him a direct question, he won't initiate conversation, and he'll usually try and get away as soon as possible. Once he really gets to know someone though, he's usually okay, still quiet, but at least he'll talk. About the only thing he'll truly talk passionately about is dancing, he loves to dance, and he's really good, if he lets anyone see.”

“I know.” Billy said, and then realized what he had said.

“Huh, how would you know, you just moved here?”

“Well, and please don't tell him this, but apparently we live close to each other, and I saw him in the woods behind my house dancing.”

“And did you happen to see anything else that he may have done when nature called?”

“You know about that?” Billy asked in shock.

“Yeah, he told me about that, he says that since he's not allowed to wear diapers at home during the day, that he likes to pee in his underwear. He gets in trouble for it, but he doesn't care, he just wants diapers. His dad knows he loves diapers, but only needs them at night, so only allows him then. I don't really get it myself, but whatever.” Shawn shrugged.

“That's weird, I wonder why he's like that!” Billy said softly.

“Not too sure. So, did you by chance happen to enjoy the show a bit too much?” Shawn grinned.

“If you're asking me if I came in my underwear spontaneously and then had to go home and jack off twice more, then yes.” Billy grinned.

“Yeah, I thought you were gay too.”

“Yeah, I figured you were gay as well.”

“You'll fit in just fine here, I think every one of us is at least bi, but most are totally gay.”

“Including Jeremy.”

“He's gay, but he's never had a boyfriend.”

“Too bad for him. He's really pretty. What about the younger boys here, there's an eight year old over there, and your mom said the youngest was seven, they can't be gay, can they?”

“Yes, even seven year old Joey is gay, or at least almost certainly. He hasn't really figured it all out yet, and he doesn't think his parents know, but I think they suspect it. At that age, I'm not sure if you'd call him gay or not, but Adam is eight, and I tell you, that boy is gay, and his ten year old boyfriend can attest to that. His poor mom though, now that came as more than a bit of a shock to her.”

“How so?” Billy asked, almost not wanting to know, but knew it was going to be good.

“She walked in on them fisting each other and sucking each other at the same time. They started cumming just as she walked in, they never heard her, and she was too shocked to move, and then witnessed them pee in each others mouths and then drink it all.”

“Good grief, fisting and piss drinking, and they're eight and ten?”

“Yeah. A hornier kid I've never had the pleasure to meet. He never told us how he got started, only said that it was private, and that he would rather not go into it, but by the sounds of it, he'd been enjoying sex for a few years already when he started coming here a year ago. Most of the kids though have never had sex. How about you?”

“Depends on your version of sex I suppose. Me and a cousin a couple years older than I sucked and jacked each other off as often as possible, and I sucked a couple other boys, but they told someone and it ended going around that I was gay. At least I'd already told my parents. My aunt also caught me and my cousin sucking each other, and she said it was all my fault and banned me from ever seeing her son again. I tell you though, it was his idea, I just went along with it with enthusiasm, so it certainly wasn't my fault. That was about a year ago, and the boys I sucked were about six months ago now, since then, nothing.”

“So yeah, no real sex, but a little action. Be careful with Jeremy though, I know you want him, and you'd be a good boyfriend to him, but he's so fragile, and I wouldn't want to see him hurt.”

“Do you have any idea why he's like that?”

“A little, but probably nothing close to all of it.”

“Would you tell me what you know, so that I know how to better approach him?”

“As long as you never tell him what you know and where you heard it. Once he trusts you, he'll tell you on his own if you ask, but that can take months.”

“I promise.”

“Okay. He lives with his dad now, but he didn't always. He used to live with his mom and her newest fling, and apparently they really abused him. He likes dance, especially ballet, he pees the bed, they also found out that he's gay, and they horribly abused him because of it. I don't think that any of it was sexual abuse, but there could have been some of that, but there was certainly horrible mental abuse. He won't even go to dance class any more, no one ever sees him dance any more, but he talks about how free it felt to dance. He won't even talk to a woman at all, and most men he shies away from too, and I don't think he really cares for his dad too much by the way he speaks of him. Like you heard earlier, his dad's a bit hard on him, but nothing like his mom and her boyfriend were.”

“That's so sad. It doesn't sound like he lived with her for very long either though from the way you talk.”

“No, he lived with his grandma until she died. She encouraged his dancing, she thought he was a beautiful dancer, and the bed wetting was no big deal to her. She may or may not have known or suspected that he was gay, but by the sounds of it, she still loved him anyway, so it doesn't really matter. When she died, he had to go live with his mom, who never really wanted him to begin with. She and his dad were real young when they had him, so they weren't ready to handle a baby, so his mom raised him for them. He apparently lived with his mom and step dad for two years and lived through that abuse, if you want to call what he's doing now living, and he's been with his dad just a bit more than a year now.”

“Wow, poor boy. My mom just died a few months ago, so I know how hard that part must have been on him, but I can't imagine what he went through once he was with his mom. I hope they're in jail.”

“No, that's the sad part, they got off with a slap on the wrist and they moved away, glad to be rid of her mistake.” Shawn spat out.

“Sometimes the law makes me sick.” Billy said sourly.

“You and me both. Come on, let's go grab some snacks and you should go around and talk to a few of the others. Leave Jeremy for a while, try and let him come to you, and if he doesn't, let him get used to seeing you around for a bit first, or you'll only spook him, and he won't come for a few weeks again.” Shawn warned.

“Thanks for the warning, will do.”

For the rest of the two hours, Billy got to know the others there, more often than not getting names wrong, but no one cared about that. He had a good time being around other boys that knew how he felt, it really felt good. He really enjoyed talking to Adam though and getting his take on his sex life, of which he was not in any way ashamed of talking about, in fact he was proud of it. Finally it was time for everyone to go, and those that had to, went to the bathroom to remove their diapers and get dressed, while everyone else just got dressed and headed out. With goodbyes all around, everyone left.

“So, how was it baby?”

“Really nice. It seems all the boys there are either bi or mostly gay as well, and we all sat around talking and laughing, getting to know each other, wearing only our diapers. I also sorta met a boy that might be our neighbor, but he's so shy that other than our first meeting, I was warned to not approach him, to let him come to me.”

“That's good. And is this shy boy cute?”

“No, he's beautiful.” Billy said dreamily, and then realized who he was talking to and then blushed.

“Ah, so you've finally found a boyfriend. Take it slow and easy with him then and eventually he'll come around.”

“Yeah, that's pretty much what Shawn told me as well.”

“Sounds like a smart kid.”

“He's really smart actually. So, what all did you buy?”

“The furniture will be delivered tomorrow, so when it arrives, you'll know, otherwise, just groceries.”

“Oh, fine, be like that. So, when do you start at your new job then?”

“One week Monday, so you have to put up with me for another week and a half almost.”

“Aw nuts.” Billy grinned.

“Yeah, I knew you'd hate that. It'll be nice though, because we bought and paid for the house outright and I'm being paid a lot more than I used to be, so we should never have to worry about money again.”

“Yeah, it'll be a lot nicer, and we live in a much larger house than we did in the city, that's for sure.”


For the rest of the drive home, Billy told his dad all about the meeting of the diaper boys, both of them laughing a lot about what was said. As soon as they got home though, they had to offload all the groceries into the house, and Billy took all his diaper supplies up to his room and put it all into his large walk in closet. He dedicated an entire shelf to just his diaper supplies.

“Well Dad, I think I'm gonna head to bed now, I'm beat.” Billy said as he came down the stairs after putting away all his things.

“Okay, have a good sleep, see you in the morning.” And they hugged and Billy headed back up to bed.

He stripped out of his clothes, checked his diaper and felt that he was better off with it on than one of his Goodnites, and slipped into bed. His hand went inside his diaper, and he stroked himself to a nice satisfying orgasm, of which he collected all the output on his fingers and slurped up the mess as soon as he was able to. With a sigh as to how he missed getting it directly from the source, he repositioned himself and fell fast asleep.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Billy woke up feeling wonderful. Not only had he had a great sleep, but he had wet a whole lot, and he did not leak even in the least. He checked. Of course, his morning erection was trying to bust through the front of his diaper, so he knew that he had to take care of that before almost anything else.

Instead of taking off his wonderfully wet diaper though, he started rubbing himself through the diaper, causing himself to moan lowly. He kept this up for about five minutes before he had to slip his hand inside to really get off. With his hand buried inside his diaper now, he grasped onto his slimy wet erection and manipulated himself for at most two more minutes, and then came. As always, he collected his cum in his fingers, and then withdrew them and slurped up the release. As always, he could also taste a hint of his pee.

With a deep sigh, Billy stretched nicely, threw off his blankets, and then climbed out of bed. Giving himself the squeeze test, just to make sure that he was safe to stay in his current diaper for a little longer, he deemed his diaper good until after breakfast.

“Morning Daddy, how are you this morning?” Billy asked as soon as he entered the kitchen to find his dad drinking his coffee.

“Morning Billy, I'm good, and how about you?”

“Really good. My diaper didn't leak, even though I'm really wet.”

“Good grief boy, you're not just wet, you're nearly over flowing.”

“No, I think I still have more room yet. These things hold an amazing amount.”

“Wow, good deal then. After you have some breakfast, you can go and grab a shower and then get changed. The delivery guys should be here in about an hour, so you'll want to be dressed for when they get here. Oh, and clean your room, make sure that there's nothing anywhere that you don't want them to see. They're taking all our old furniture and donating it to charity for me, so they'll take care of that, just remove your bedding.”

“Cool, will do. I wouldn't care less if they found my entire diaper stash though, but I'll clean it up anyway. Not that it's messy, I just cleaned it yesterday as best I could.”

“Possibly true, but your idea of clean is quite a bit different than my idea of clean, so make sure it's at least a little close to my idea before they come please.”

“Oh fine.” Billy sighed animatedly.

Billy grabbed himself some toast and cereal, sat down and ate that as he and his dad talked. As soon as he was done breakfast, he went up to his room and quickly got it cleaned up and his bedding removed from his bed. He just tossed that and his clothes into his hamper, and then removed his very wet diaper and headed to his shower. Once there, he started it as hot as he could stand it, climbed in, and spent almost fifteen minutes just luxuriating in the heat before he even started washing. As soon as he was washed, he dried off, brushed his teeth and hair, put on his deodorant, and then headed to his bedroom to get dressed. Of course he grabbed a diaper and the cream and diapered himself, and then got himself dressed for the day. Just as he was finishing that, he heard a large truck coming down the driveway.

He went to the window that faced the front of their yard, and sure enough, it was a large moving type delivery truck coming down their driveway. Excitedly he ran down the stairs to go and see what they brought.

“They're here daddy.” Billy called out as soon as he made it to the bottom of the stairs.

“I know. Why don't you go ahead and head out to the woods and play around for a couple hours while the guys work. I don't want you to get in the way, and I want your stuff to be a bit of a surprise.”

“Aw, I wanted to see what they were bringing.”

“I know, but I want it to be a surprise more than you want to know what it is, so go, and no sticking around and just watching either, I'll be watching.”

“Fine. I'll be back in about two hours then.” Billy said, and then headed out the back door of the house and to their very large back yard.

As soon as he made it outside, he decided that he wanted to go and check out the area where he had seen Jeremy the day before, to see if maybe he would come back out and dance for him again. Getting to see him in only his underwear, and maybe even getting to see him wet them again would be bliss, and he did not want to pass up the opportunity. It took only few minutes for him to remember where it was that he had seen Jeremy the day before, and he headed right there, and found his hiding spot.

At first Billy was disappointed, because Jeremy was not there, yet, but he decided to stay put and wait, just in case. He thought he would wait as long as it took if he had to. Fortunately enough though, he did not have to wait long at all, at most ten minutes before Jeremy came into the clearing in only his tight white briefs. Once there, he looked around for a second to make sure that he was alone, and then started dancing again.

Enraptured, Billy sat there watching Jeremy dance his little heart out, and at times, Billy could even see tears glistening in Jeremy's eyes. Billy thought it must be from the pain of really wanting to dance, but not being able to do it. Almost an hour after he started, Jeremy stopped and got a far off look on his face, and then started peeing. Same as the day before, he cupped his nice tight package as he peed, and started spreading it all over his body. Not even ten minutes after starting to pee, he came in his underwear, and then headed out. Billy stayed hiding in his spot for a while longer, just to be sure that Jeremy was in fact gone, and then took off his pants, rammed his hand down the front of his diaper, and grasped on. He did not even make it through two whole strokes before he was spewing forth a rather sizable load. As always, he licked up the mess.

On shaky legs, Billy stood up, pulled his pants back up and did them up, and then headed back towards home. It had only been an hour and a half since he left, so he decided to use the time and continue exploring the woods, but to be safe, he went to the opposite side of his house. The last thing he wanted was to have Jeremy discover him in the woods, that might be uncomfortable.

Once he felt it was safe to head back home, Billy did so, and made it there in good time. As he was walking back into the yard, he could see his dad and the two delivery drivers out by the truck. His dad was handing each of the guys money, so that meant that they must be done already. He ran up to his dad, to see what was happening and if he could see his room yet.

“Hey daddy, are they done already?”

“They sure are. Come on, let's go see your room, since I know that's what you want to see.”

“Cool, thanks.” Billy said happily, and led the way to his bedroom.

“Wow, would you look at this, it's awesome!” Billy said in awe as soon as he made it there.

“I thought you'd like it. You have a king size bed, just because you have plenty of room for it, and as you can see, it's a really nice four poster bed, just like the one I saw you eying that one time last year when we were in that furniture store. We'll have to go get you new bedding now though. And over here is a nice big desk for you, it should have lots of room for your computer, for you to do homework, and even draw like you like to. Over there are two nice big bookshelves, and then there's a nice big dresser with mirror. You also have a nice entertainment center to put the new TV and stereo that we'll buy you, of which we'll also do today.”

“Wicked, thanks daddy, it's totally incredible, I love it, and I love you.” Billy said, tears leaking down, because it really was very nice. It looked perfect in the antique looking farmhouse, just like it belonged there, so that was nice.

“You're welcome baby. After the rough past few months we had, I felt we both deserved some nice new stuff, and I got pretty much the exact same thing, just different colors, and I didn't grab the mirror or the poster bed. I also got us a really nice dining set and new couches and tables.”

“That's awesome, but what about an entertainment center for the living room?”

“We're gonna build it in above the fireplace, and I bought a cabinet to house the separate electronics, it should look real good.”

“Oh, wicked. So, when can we leave then?”

“As soon as you get a diaper change if you need it and a diaper bag packed.”

“Cool, only a few seconds then, because my diapers' still good.” Billy said, and then rushed to get his backpack out and filled up with the essentials.

As soon as he was ready to go, they headed out together towards town. They hit a home supply warehouse store and they looked around for a while to find everything that they wanted. They both chose the same sheet sets for their beds, just plain white Egyptian cotton, they were very thick, soft, and luxurious. They chose different blankets, pillows, and quilts though, but they were nice. They each got two full sets of bedding, and Billy of course got two waterproof mattress protectors as well. They then chose all the window coverings for the house, all new towels and face cloths for the bathrooms, just white, and pretty much anything else they wanted from there. After that they grabbed a light late lunch, because they were both hungry, but they did not want to eat too much and ruin dinner

From there they headed to an electronics store, where they each picked out the TV systems they wanted for their bedrooms, Billy also got a brand new games system, they got three satellite receivers, because they were going to go satellite for their TV viewing, and they each chose a nice all in one audio system for their bedrooms. For the living room they went all out and really spent a lot, a huge TV and stereo system and everything that they needed to go along with it. And before Billy could ask if that was it, his dad sprang on him that he was allowed to pick out a brand new notebook computer for himself, with a cap of two thousand dollars, well he chose the best one they had, and still had a few dollars left for a couple needed accessories. It took a good couple hours there, and they had fun doing it too. They went up to pay the bill, and Billy nearly fainted and filled his diaper so full of hot pee, that he nearly started to leak. The shock had barely worn off as the store helper finished loading it all up for them.

“Wow, that was huge, you spent almost as much money in there as we paid for the house. It shocked me so much that I think I need a diaper change.” Billy giggled.

“Yeah, it was a lot, and that officially makes us broke too, until payday that is, but it was worth it. Go ahead and lay down on the back seat and change your diaper, and when you're ready to go, we'll head home to get this put away.”

“Thanks daddy.” Billy smiled warmly.

Billy changed his diaper in the back seat, and decided to just leave his pants off. He sat in position, buckled himself in and claimed to be ready to go, so off they went. They stopped at a drive through for a quick dinner, and ate and talked and laughed on the long drive home. As soon as they made it there, they had to start with the daunting chore of getting all their purchases inside, but by the time they finished, they had no more energy to hook it all up. They at least moved everything to the correct rooms, so they would not have to move it again, so that was good.

“Daddy, I think I'm just gonna hit the hay, I'm beat, it was a long day.”

“You and me both kiddo, my arms feel like jelly now, especially after carrying your TV all the way upstairs.”

“The living room TV was even larger.” Billy pointed out.

“Yeah, but I brought it in first, so I was still fresh, and I didn't have to lug it up a large, steep, narrow flight of stairs. Remember, that was the last thing in, other than your computer, of which you grabbed, so by then I was already getting sore. I'm not exactly used to physical labor remember.”

“You're pretty strong though daddy, but yeah, I guess that was a lot more than you're used to. Night night, love you.”

“Love you too, go get a good sleep, but remember, you still have to make your bed.”

“Crap, thanks for reminding me. We'll have to wash all the bedding tomorrow though.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Billy got his sheet sets out, and got one set ready and made his bed, the waterproof one going first of course, and then he chose the light weight summer set for his bedding, and put that on as well. Deciding that he was not totally ready for bed yet, Billy grabbed his new computer and took it out of the box, got it all plugged in and turned on, and get the rest of the stuff ready as he was waiting for it to finish its initialization stage. As soon as it was ready for him, he got it hooked up to the wireless network in the house, and then surfed the net for about half an hour before he was too tired to keep his eyes open any more.

Although he was tired, he was still awake enough for two things, first was a little attention to his painfully hard erection, hey, he had been looking at diaper boys for half an hour, it would turn almost anyone on. It took at most two minutes for him to explode and add just a tiny bit more wetness to his diaper. He was going to change his diaper, but then with a grin, and a nail file, he poked a bunch of holes in his diaper and then put on his new diaper right over top of the old one.

“Wow, this is real thick.” Billy muttered to himself with a smile.

With that though he was finally ready to go to sleep, so he did so, and quite quickly at that. He slept the night away, barely moving any at all, finding that his new bed and his new sheets were the most comfortable that he had ever felt in his young life.

“Good grief boy, have you got two diapers on, or is that really that wet?” His dad asked the next morning when Billy finally wandered into the kitchen for breakfast.

“Both.” Billy yawned.

“Why on Earth would you be wearing two diapers?”

“Feels good.”

“Okay, I'll have to take your word for it. So, how did you sleep last night?”

“Really good. Man is that bed and those new sheets ever comfortable. How about you?”

“Same here. I slept like a baby, I can't remember the last time I slept through an entire night.”

“Nah, I slept like a baby. Unless you were diapered too, you slept like a log.” Billy grinned.

“Good point, and no, I wasn't, so I guess I didn't.” He grinned right back.

“You could you know, I wouldn't mind.” Billy smiled shyly.

“What, you mean wear diapers?”


“No thanks, it's not what I'm into, I have no desire to ever try them, thanks.” He smiled back.

“What is your desire?”

“I'm not really sure I care to tell you that.”

“Come on, you know everything about me.”

“Yeah, but you're still only thirteen and my son, so no.”

“It can't be all that bad, can it?”


“Then tell me!”

“No, and that's final. What do you want for breakfast?” He asked, attempting to change the topic.

“Fine, be like that, but I'll find out eventually. Whatever you're having is fine with me though.”

They sat and ate breakfast a short time later, and then Billy headed out to see if he could catch another glimpse of his tiny dancer, and once again, he was lucky. He sat there watching for almost two hours as Jeremy danced his little heart out, and then peed and jacked off in his wet underwear.

The next few days went by in a flash for Billy, because they had a lot of work ahead of them in getting all their electronics hooked up fully, and the rest of their stuff put away. Each morning though he went out to search the woods again, and each time he was only in his diaper, and each time he saw Jeremy dancing. He was almost caught again when Jeremy must have thought he was being watched, because he stopped and looked around as if trying to find something, but he did not notice Billy again, so that was good.

Finally, their house was done, and they were both very satisfied with how it looked and how everything functioned. It was also the day that Billy was to go to Shawn's again for another diaper boy meeting, and understandably he was excited. Just as they finished eating dinner, Billy went upstairs and got dressed, leaving his only partially wet diaper as it was, knowing that it would be fine, and should it not be, Shawn would have a diaper for him to change into. As soon as he was ready, they headed out.

“So, what are you gonna do daddy while I'm at the meet?”

“Not too sure really. I was just gonna go shopping and get the few groceries that we need, and then maybe go look around somewhere for the rest of the time. Don't worry about me though.”

“Why not go and see if you can find another woman to date or something?” Billy suggested softly, wondering if his dad was ready yet.

“No, I probably won't be ready for that for a while yet, thanks though. It means a lot to me though that you'd even suggest that.”

“Why, I want you to be happy too you know.”

“Thanks, but so many kids hate it when their parents start to date again, especially after a death.”

“I suppose so, but I don't really know why. I mean as long as you don't come home with some hag who wants to ship me right off to a boarding school, or freaks out about my wearing diapers, then I'm pretty much okay with him or her.”

“Him or her!”

“Well yeah, I mean it's not like it's the fifties here, you could in fact date anyone you so desire, and besides, it's not like I'd say anything bad about it, I'm totally gay.” Billy grinned.

“I suppose you're right, but no, no men for me, thank you very much.”

“You should give it a try, I mean who else is gonna be able to truly satisfy you. Like they say, it takes one to know one, so how could any woman know what a man likes.” Billy grinned, and burst out laughing at the end.

“You know, I don't even doubt that that's true, but still, no thanks.” His dad laughed.

“Your loss.” Billy shrugged.

“You know, most kids would never dream of having that conversation with their parents, and really, not all that long ago, I doubt you would've either.”

“Yeah, but you know what, you already know every embarrassing thing there is to know about me, and neither one of us has any reason to be shy, so why not.” Billy said thoughtfully.

“I guess so.”

For the rest of the drive into town, they just talked and talked, but not really saying all that much. As soon as they arrived, Billy hopped out of the car, before it really even stopped, said goodbye to his dad, and was at the door before he could say goodbye back. He just chuckled and headed out.

As soon as Billy was at the door, he knocked, and Shawn came and let him in a few seconds later.

“Oh, hey there Billy. You're the first one here. You excited or something?”

“Yeah, I couldn't wait to get here.”

“Cool, well come and help me get set up for the night then, but you can go ahead and strip, but I have to stay dressed.”

“Cool.” Billy said, and before even leaving the foyer, he was down to just his soggy diaper.

“What, didn't feel like changing before coming over?” Shawn laughed.

“Nah, these things hold lots more, and they feel even better when wet. And besides, this is a diaper lover meet, may as well show that I really love them, and I love them wet.”

“Too true. Come on, let's go get finished setting up.”

“Wicked. So, what's on the agenda for tonight?”

“Same as last week, more just a meet and greet, play a few games, and talk. A couple of the guys who weren't here last week will be here tonight, so you'll want to get to know them. Then I think you'll know everyone, so maybe next week we'll do something different.”

“Okay, that's cool.” Billy said, and then the two of them spent the next ten minutes getting the last of the food and drinks out for everyone.

Just as they were finishing up the last minute preparations, the doorbell rang, and Shawn had to pretty much stay at the door to let everyone in, because they all came at much the same time. As everyone came in, they said hi to Billy, and there were two new faces in the first group, so Billy went up to them and introduced himself, and they talked for a few minutes. Jeremy came in in the second wave, along with a couple other boys. He said hi to Jeremy and received a weak hi back, and then went and introduced himself to the newest arrivals that he had not yet met. Again they talked for a few minutes, and then when the last of the boys arrived that was supposed to be there, Shawn stripped down too to his already quite soggy diaper. A few of the boys were very dry, having not even had a chance to wet yet, however most of them that had to get into a diaper upon arrival had been storing their pee, so as soon as they could, they soaked their diapers.

“Um, Billy, could I talk to you in private for a moment please?” Billy was surprised to find Jeremy asking him this.

“Sure, let me just ask Shawn if we can use his bedroom for a moment.”

“I already did and he said yes. Come on.”

“Okay.” Billy said happily, if a bit apprehensively.

As soon as they made it to the bedroom, Jeremy closed the door and went and sat on the chair in there, and waited for Billy to sit down as well. He took a seat on the edge of the bed so that they could see each other.

“I know you've been watching me.” Jeremy said as soon as Billy was seated.

“Oh, I didn't expect that. You're not mad are you?” Billy asked softly.

“Not really.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Well, I've felt you watching me a few times, but I could never see you. But yesterday I left like I always do, and then hid myself and waited to see if I could see anyone, and then I followed you to your house. I knew someone had moved in over there, but I didn't know who. I thought for sure that some asshole was gonna come and make fun of me again.”

“Oh no, I'd never make fun of you, you're a beautiful dancer, and I kinda like what you do once you're finished dancing, it's”

“Yeah, well dancing always makes me hard, and I like to pee in my underwear, but a diaper would be better if you ask me.”

“Yeah, your dancing always makes me hard too. Maybe you can come spend a day or two at my place and you can wear diapers all the time.”

“As much as I'd like that, I doubt my dad would allow it.”

“It doesn't hurt to ask, just have him call my dad. I'll make sure my dad says nothing about wearing diapers though. I understand you're not allowed to wear diapers at home.”

“No, my dad thinks it's wrong to wear diapers unless you need to, and he knows I don't need to during the day, and he keeps close tabs on my diapers, so I can't wear them during the day.”

“But what about your wet underwear, doesn't he get upset about that?”

“Oh, all the time. He says I need to grow up and stop wetting my pants like a baby. I yelled at him yesterday, saying I am a baby, and I want my baby diapers during the day. He just stared at me and told me to go to my room. Once there, I put on one of my diapers anyway, and he got more mad at me for that.”

“How is it he lets you come to a diaper lover meet then if he doesn't want you wearing diapers?”

“He thinks it's a meeting of kids who are home schooled, so that we get some social exercise.”

“Oh. You know, once you start talking, you're not nearly as shy as you seem.”

“Yeah, well you totally know the whole me, so I can talk around you. Same as I can Shawn, and I know he told you all about me as well. He's the only other person here who really knows who I am and what I like.”

“Yeah, he did, because I asked him what was up with you. You seemed so shy and scared, so timid, but damn you're real cute, and I wanted to get to know you. I also knew you lived next door, so I thought we could get to know each other better.”

“Next door is strictly relative, we're the only two houses on the entire road, and we live almost two kilometers from each other. The forest behind our houses as well no one else ever comes in, at least nowhere near to our houses, so I'm normally entirely free to do whatever I want there. Before you moved in, no one had lived there for a few years, they moved out before I moved in, so I've never seen anyone there before.”

“Why's your dad so bent out of shape about you wearing diapers, or do you know?”

“Beats the shit out of me why he's so against it, but he is. He says my grandma really babied me, and that was wrong, and now I need to grow up and be a man.”

“He doesn't know you're gay then, does he?”

“Oh god no, and the way he talks about gays, there's no way I'll ever tell him about that either, unless I really have to.”

“Then why would you have even dared tell him you love diapers?”

“I didn't, he sorta figured it out on his own, and asked me face to face, so I admitted it. He asked me if I was gay, but knowing how he felt about gays, and his reaction to my admission of loving diapers, I knew it would be wise to lie. I think he still suspects it anyway, but not for sure.”

“Wow, that so sucks, I wish there was something I could do to help you out, but I don't know what I can do.”

“No, there's no way to fix faulty parents that I know of, so I just do what I can to stay out of his way.”

“What do you mean stay out of his way? Does he hit you and stuff like that?”

“Hits, yells, spanks, and pretty much verbally abuses me, so unless necessary, I stay well away from him. Most days he doesn't even know I peed my pants a dozen times, because I'm dry by the time I go home, and I usually wash off in the stream or the pond behind my house.”

“Wow, I'm sorry man, I had no idea, now I really wish I could do something.”

“Thanks, but there's no need to be sorry. He's all I have left for family, quite literally too, so it's either him or foster care, and to tell you the truth, I'd rather deal with him then have to get moved around and get a new family every few months. I had a friend when I lived with grandma that was in foster care, and he had been moved to five different families by the time he was ten, all because he wet the bed and had daytime problems as well. No one wanted to deal with it he said, so he got moved around a lot.”

“I've heard of that before, that would really suck. I guess you have it pretty good out here pretty much all by yourself too, so if you can stay away from your dad as much as possible, then maybe it's for the best. Does your dad work, and how often is he home then?”

“Yeah, he works, and he tries to stay away as much as possible, I swear it. Not that I'm complaining mind you. He likes to drink too, so when he's drinking, I really stay away. He gets even more mean when he drinks.”

“I'm surprised that he even buys you diapers for bed?”

“He doesn't, I wear cloth diapers that I got when I lived with grandma, but they're getting too small. Shawn said he was gonna get his mom to give me some, so that I could go for a little longer, and I'm thinking of letting him too.”

“Oh, that's cool. I didn't know that she could get cloth diapers, I'd like to try those some day.” Billy said happily.

“So, your dad's cool with you wearing diapers and being gay, that must be so nice.”

“Yeah it is, he's really great.”

“My grandma was really great as well, then she died and I got saddled with my mom and her pimp, and then my dad, and I'm not sure which is worse, but at least I get beat less at dads.”

“Her pimp!”

“Yeah, she was a slut, I'm pretty sure of it. They were married, but he didn't work, and neither did she, but she was out a lot and they always seemed to have money. He'd get a few phone calls and they'd talk, and she'd go out for a couple hours and hand over a stack of bills, so if it wasn't that, then they were dealing drugs, maybe both, who knows.”

“That's gross. Oh well, at least you don't live there any more, that would've been worse for sure. So, are you gonna ask if you can spend the weekend at my place then?”

“Yeah, I'll ask, but don't expect him to say yes.”

“Actually, he probably will, so that he doesn't have to put up with you being home. By the sounds of it, it might be best for both of you.”

“You might actually be right. So, should we head back down to the others?”

“Yeah, we should. I do want you to come over tomorrow though during the day, at least until your dad comes home, that way we can spend the day together, okay.”

“Okay.” Jeremy smiled, it was the first time other than when Jeremy danced that Billy had seen Jeremy smile.

“Cool. Thanks.” Billy smiled back.

They went down and joined the others, and had a good time. Jeremy was the first to leave, he of course had to go change out of his soggy diaper and get dressed, and then he was gone, with a wave to Billy. As soon as he was gone though, Shawn came up to Billy and pulled him aside.

“So, how did your talk with him go?”

“Really good. He's gonna come over and spend the day with me tomorrow, and I've asked him to come spend the weekend. Could you by chance get me some good cloth diapers, I'll pay you for them, five or six pairs total, one for me, and the rest for Jeremy?”

“Sure, you want them super thick and thirsty I take it?”

“You bet.”

“With or without plastic pants attached?”

“Which are better?”

“I like the ones without better myself, that way I can wear really good plastic pants. I don't wear cloth all that often, I prefer the disposable, but every now and then I like to wear a cloth diaper.”

“Cool, go with them then and I'll need the good plastic pants to go along with them then please.”

“Will do. I'll have my mom order them in for you, they usually take a couple days. As soon as they're in, I'll call you and let you know, then you can just go and pick them up at the store.”

“Wicked, thanks. Well, there's my dad, so I should be heading out now. Thanks a lot.”

“You're welcome. I'll see you next week, but I'll talk to you before that.”

“Cool, see you later then.” Billy said happily and headed out.

“So, how was it tonight?”

“Really good.” Billy said excitedly, and then proceeded to tell his dad everything about the night that he cared to reveal to him.

As soon as they got home, Billy pretty much went right up to his room and got ready for bed. He was now in desperate need of a diaper change, so he changed his diaper, and then went on the computer for a bit and played until he was tired. Amazingly enough, he did not feel quite like jacking off, so he did not. He felt that he wanted to save that for when Jeremy came over the next day, because he was almost as certain that Jeremy wanted him as he was certain that he wanted Jeremy.

Chapter 3

“So, what are you gonna do today daddy?” Billy asked as soon as they were finished breakfast.

“Well, I have to go into town for most of the day and get ready for work on Monday. I want to go there and meet everyone and see how everything runs there and get a good feel for it before I have to start running the place. I'll probably also take the guys out for a get to know each other dinner, so I'll probably be a little later as well.”

“Oh, that sounds like a good idea. Do they even know who you are or anything about you?”

“Probably not much, other than I'm the new boss, but I'll get to know them all today just fine.”

“Cool. Jeremy will hopefully be here soon, so it might make it easier for him to relax if you're not here, especially with how nasty his dad is.”

“You're probably right, and I wish there was something that we could do to help him, but like you, I just don't know what we can do.”

“I'll figure something out, don't worry.”

“I don't doubt you will. Well, I'm gonna go get ready for the day and you should go get that diaper changed, it's getting pretty close to capacity.”

“Yeah, and I'll probably get a shower as well.”

“Yeah, you should, you're starting to smell a bit.”

“Gee, thanks dad.” Billy sighed, but he grinned as well, because he did not doubt in the least that he was.

They each headed to their bedrooms and to their bathrooms to get cleaned up for the day. They both hopped in the shower and got cleaned up and ready for the day. Billy of course just put on a diaper and nothing else, whereas his dad got dressed, without a diaper of course. As soon as he was ready to go, he headed out, telling Billy to have a good day and to stay safe. Not even half an hour later there came a timid knock to the front door of the house. Overly excited, Billy ran to the front door, and before ripping it open, he felt it prudent to check to make sure that it was Jeremy first. It was, so he now ripped the door open.

“Jeremy, I'm so happy you came. Come on in, we'll go up to my room and then you can get changed into a nice thick comfy diaper. How bad do you need to pee?” Billy said in one long fast breath.

“Wow, I guess you're happy. I really have to pee, I've been holding it all morning, since I woke up, so I really have to go.” Jeremy smiled lightly.

“Excellent, come on then.” Billy said, and dragged Jeremy to his bedroom.

“Wow, nice bedroom, it's huge.”

“Thanks. The bathroom is through there, should you need it that is. All my diapers are in the closet, feel free to use whatever you like, I'll just go into the bathroom until you're done.” Billy offered, but he really wanted to stay in the bedroom.

“That's okay, I think you've seen almost all I have, you can stay.” Jeremy blushed.

“Okay. Would you mind if I diapered you?” Billy asked with a bit of a blush creeping up as well.

“Okay.” Jeremy whispered.

“Cool, go ahead and get undressed and lay down then, and I'll get the diaper and wipes and lotion and powder.”

Jeremy only nodded as Billy went to his closet to grab everything that he would be needing. As soon as he came back, he had to stop and stare, because not only was Jeremy laying on his bed, totally naked, but he was painfully hard as well. Billy nearly came in his diaper from the sight. He was already hard, this only made him more so. He groaned, he thought inwardly, but Jeremy heard him as well.

“Wow, you're beautiful.” Billy sighed.

“Thanks. So are you.” Jeremy whispered out.

Billy finally found his feet again and headed towards the bed. Once there, he grabbed a couple wipes and cleaned Jeremy up completely, and then he opened up and slipped underneath him a nice thick diaper. He then grabbed the lotion and lotioned all of Jeremy's diaper area, and then powdered him liberally. All the while, Jeremy was sighing, and Billy was nearly cumming again. As soon as he finished sprinkling the powder on, he pulled up the diaper and taped it closed, and then he patted the tented diaper front of the boy he so desperately wanted to become his boyfriend.

That little extra contact though proved to be just too much for Jeremy, and he started cumming. He had been desperately trying to hold it back, not wanting to cum, at least not yet, but it was just too much for him, and he started quaking and shaking, moaning and groaning. Well, seeing Jeremy explode was too much for Billy, and only a second after Jeremy had started, so did he. The only difference was of course that Billy added more wetness to his diaper, whereas Jeremy was still too young to do so yet.

“Wow.” They both sighed as one a few moments later.

“That was awesome, no one has ever made me cum before, thanks.” Jeremy sighed out another minute later.

“You're welcome. I'm glad that you enjoyed, but it wasn't my intention of making you cum, but I ended up cumming at the same time. Exactly how old are you anyway, and can you wet cum yet?”

“I'm twelve and a half, and no. How old are you and can you?”

“I can, and I'm thirteen and a half. I started cumming a couple months ago now. I don't even have any hair yet, anywhere except my head, but I can cum, but not lots yet. When's your birthday?”

“January first. How about you.”

“Really, same here. I was the first baby born in the new year in my old city. That's wicked, we're exactly one year apart.”

“No kidding, I was too. Granted, my parents didn't care, I was born and then handed to grandma to raise, and that was the last I saw of them until I had to move to my moms, and then my dads.”

“No way. You're telling me that they never once visited you while you were growing up?”

“Nope, not once. I didn't even know what either one of them looked like before I moved in with them.” Jeremy shrugged.

“That's sick. They really didn't want kids then, did they?” Billy said in disgust, shaking his head sadly.

“Nope. My mom even told me that if it wasn't for the fact that she started bleeding really bad and had to go to the hospital or she'd die, should would have just had me at home and threw me away. I'm just a garbage baby.” Jeremy said, tears starting to come down.

“No, no you're not, and I never want to hear you say that ever again. You're a beautiful baby boy, and be damned with your parents for not wanting you. That's possibly one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard, and I hope that they both rot in hell for the way they've treated you.” Billy said, bursting out into tears from what he heard.

“Thank you.” Jeremy said quietly, never having anyone care about him except his grandma.

“Look, I don't know how we're gonna do it, but somehow we're gonna get you outta there and you'll be a lot better, I promise.”

“Thanks, but what can we do, we're only kids.”

“Yeah, kids with attitude, and my dad will help as well however he can, I know it. I also know one of his best friends is a lawyer, a really good family attorney, so maybe I'll call him and ask him what we can do.” Billy said, and then took off to do just that.

Jeremy just stayed sitting on Billy's bed, wondering what Billy was doing, tears still coming down his cheeks slowly. He just had so much pain in him, that he was not sure what to do any more. It took almost half an hour for Billy to make it back to his room, and when he did, he found Jeremy asleep on his bed, his cute little bum sticking up in the air, his thumb in his mouth. Instead of waking him though, Billy crawled into bed with Jeremy and curled up to him and fell asleep a few minutes later himself. Together they both woke up about an hour later.

“Huh, why are we sleeping?” Jeremy asked groggily.

“After my phone call I came up to find you asleep with your thumb in your mouth.”

“Sorry, it just happens, I've always sucked my thumb as I slept.” Jeremy said apologetically.

“No need to apologize, it was cute. I couldn't stand to wake you, so I curled up to you and I fell asleep as well.”

“Oh. I've never slept with anyone before, it was nice.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“So, what did your dads friend say?”

“He said that you could actually sue your dad for neglect, and that in payment you wanted anything you cared for and to sever your bonds to him, but that you'd have to have somewhere to go where they'd legally adopt you, of which I'm sure my dad would if we asked. He said that if we did it correctly that we'd never have to step foot in a courthouse. Does your dad own the house?”

“Yeah, he does. Apparently when his mom died, that was the grandma I lived with, he inherited quite a bit of money, as well as that house. From what I can tell, it was hers and grandpas, but that she only rented it out because the property was too large for her to manage, and she preferred living in the city. So I could ask for the house and property and a quarter of the money, that would equal about half, which would rightly be mine anyway I think. I know grandma was quite well off, I never needed for anything at all. Maybe the house in the city is dads now, in which case he can have that one and I'll take half the money. Can your dads friend find out how much money and or property he has?”

“Probably. Why does your dad work if he has so much money?”

“Don't know, never thought of it. Maybe he doesn't and just likes to get away from the house, to escape me. It wouldn't actually surprise me any.” Jeremy shrugged.

“No, it wouldn't surprise me any either. I'm gonna email him everything that we can, so that he can look into it for us, and he'll see what he can do for you.”

“That'd be so wicked, thanks. I'm so miserable there, it's not even funny. I love the house and the property though, so I wouldn't want to give it up.”

“How big is it?”

“The house is about the same size as this one, but the property is huge, most of the woods behind both our houses, a few hundred acres that's bare and used to be a ranch, a few huge barns, and lots of others, including a stream and a large pond on it. This house used to be part of the property, but years ago my grandpa decided to sell it, because he didn't need two houses, and this was there's until they built the new one.”

“Wow, that is huge. Did you ever meet your grandpa?”

“No, he died a few years before I was born. They had had my dad very late in life, they hadn't been able to have a baby, but then all of a sudden when they were almost fifty years old, he came along. My grandpa died when he was sixty eight, and I was born when grandma was almost seventy. She was almost eighty when she died, so she was quite old.”

“That's too bad.”

“Yeah, but he was quite sick from what grandma told me. Years and years of working a ranch with no safety gear and breathing in lots of chemicals really made him sick, so it was probably better that he died when he did, or he would've suffered even more.”

“You're probably right. So, tell me anything and everything that you know and or remember, and I'll send it over to my dads friend and he'll see what he can do.”


For almost half an hour Jeremy talked while Billy typed, and finally he had all the information he thought he could possibly provide, so Billy sent it off.

“So, what would you like to do now?” Billy asked.

“Do you have any good movies?”

“A few yes. What kind do you like?”

“Fantasy and action mostly, but I also like comedies a lot too.”

“Cool, same. My movies are on my book shelf, so go see if there's anything you want to watch.” Billy pointed out his collection, so Jeremy got up and perused the selection for a minute before smiling and picking out one he wanted to see. He handed it to Billy, who also smiled.

“Ooh, good choice. This has to be probably my all time favorite. Do you want to go downstairs and watch it on the big home theatre system, it's pretty awesome, or would you rather stay here and watch it? I've got a pretty good system, but nowhere near what we have downstairs.”

“Can we stay here please and just curl up on the bed and watch it? I think I'd really like that.” Jeremy smiled shyly.

“Sure, I'd like that as well.” Billy smiled brightly, and then hopped up and put the chosen movie in the player and got everything up and running.

They laid down on the bed on their stomachs, facing the TV, and they were nearly touching along their entire bodies. Jeremy was almost a foot shorter than Billy though, so they were only touching along Jeremy's body length. During the movie they looked to each other a few times and smiled shyly, and went right back to the movie.

“Man, I really love that movie. Thanks.” Jeremy said happily.

“Me too. Come on, let's go get some lunch, I'm starving.”

“Yeah, same here.”

They headed downstairs, neither one of them bothering to change their diapers, neither was all that wet yet, so they were good. They made themselves a couple sandwiches each, and then sat down and ate those, as well as drank a large bottle of juice between them.

“Thanks for lunch. I normally don't get much to eat, so that was nice.”

“Let me guess, your dad doesn't keep much food in the house!”


“Well then, I guess you'll just have to come here for most of your meals then, now won't you!” Billy said happily.

“Yeah, I just might have to.” Jeremy smiled.

“So, what would you like to do now?”

“Want to go outside, I'll show you all the things around the area that I've found?”

“Sure. Just shoes and diapers I trust?”

“You bet, There's no better way if you ask me.”

“For sure.” Billy smiled.

They went and got their shoes on and headed outside. Jeremy led them through a trail between their two houses, the quickest way in fact to get between them, but about half way there, he veered up another trail and led them that way. As they walked, they were talking happily, just enjoying being together.

“And here's my pond.” Jeremy said, pointing out the obvious.

“Um, I hate to tell you this, but that's not a pond, it's a bloody lake.” Billy gasped.

“Not really, but it's almost big enough. There's a great swimming spot over there, and there's even an old boat that we can use if we want to go boating.” Jeremy said, pointing out both things.

“Cool, can we go boating and then swimming?”

“Sure, why not, but we don't have swim suits or extra diapers.”

“I'm good with swimming naked if you are, and we could always put these diapers back on. They might be a bit cold when we do, but oh well.”

“Okay.” Jeremy said brightly, and then slipped out of his diaper without untaping it. Billy followed suit not even a second later.

“Wow, you're big, way bigger 'n me.”

“Thanks, but I'm not that big.” Billy blushed.

“Sure you are. I hope I get that big one day.”

“You will. I was the same size as you are now last year, I grew a lot in the last year.” Billy said, still blushing a bit.

“Wow, cool, I hope I do too.” Jeremy said, just barely managing to tear his eyes away. They were both hard, and they were both wanting to start something, but they were both holding off, even though it was difficult at best.

“You will. Come on, let's go hop in the boat before we do something that neither one of us will be able to stop, something that I know we both want but aren't ready for yet.” Billy said, putting it into words.

“Yeah.” Jeremy said in full agreement.

They headed towards the boat and hopped in. They each took an oar and started paddling themselves out towards the middle of the large pond. They did so in companionable silence, both thinking about what it was that they wanted, but knew they could not go for yet. Neither one had softened in the least by the time they decided to stop.

“Do you think we could swim from here?”

“Sure, why not, I have lots of times. It's actually nicer, because there's quite a few weeds near the beach, but it's too deep here for there to be any weeds that'll bother us.” Jeremy said.

“Good, I'm getting hot.”

“I'll say.” Jeremy mumbled.

“Sorry, what?” Billy said, hoping he had heard what he had thought he had heard.

“Oh nothing.” Jeremy blushed, but before Billy could ask anything further, Jeremy stood up and jumped in the water.

Billy decided to do the same, so stood up and jumped in, and then for about half an hour, the two of them swam around and enjoyed themselves and the freedom of swimming butt naked. They both swam towards the boat at the same time and pulled themselves inside, and there they sat for a few minutes, dripping wet and staring at each other. Without conscience thought, they just did it, they leaned forward and pressed their lips together lovingly and shared a very tender and loving kiss. Their first kiss.

“Wow, that was nice, I've never kissed anyone before.” Jeremy sighed once they released from their lip lock.

“Me neither, but it was way better than nice.” Billy sighed even more.

“Yeah, but it was all I could come up with.” Jeremy grinned.

“Me too.”

“Come on, let's get back to shore and get our diapers back on and I'll show you more.” Jeremy said, just barely able to stop himself from raping Billy in the boat, something that neither of them would have minded in the least.

“Yeah, we better.” Billy sighed.

They made it back to shore in good time, and then tied the boat back down and grabbed their diapers, although they were not sure whose was whose, but it did not really matter any they figured. As soon as they were ready to go, they headed back out to explore the area more, and Jeremy showed Billy all the neat things in their back yards. They spent almost two hours more just walking around and talking more and more before heading back to Billy's house. Not only were they starting to get hungry, they were also starting to get tired and sore, and they were also now leaking, because with their last wettings, it put them over maximum capacity.

“Wow, I've never gotten a diaper this wet before, it feels like it's knocking my knees with every step.” Billy said.

“That's because it is, and I've never gotten one so wet before either, but I like it.” Jeremy grinned.

“Yeah, me too. So, diaper changes and then dinner?”

“Definitely. Can I change your diaper this time please?”

“I'd love you to.” Billy smiled brightly.

They headed up to Billy's room, and Billy went to the closet and got everything that they would be needing to change each others diapers. As soon as he came back, he found Jeremy laying on the bed in diaper change position, a shy smile on his face. Billy smiled brighter and quickly made his way to the bed. Once there, he carefully removed Jeremy's saturated diaper, wiped him good and clean, and wrapped the diaper up and threw it away. With that out of the way, Billy opened up a fresh diaper, slipped it underneath Jeremy, who raised his cute bum to allow for this, and then he proceeded to apply a generous helping of diaper rash cream. Jeremy was of course very hard at the beginning of the diaper change, but the application of a nice thick coating of an even thicker cream caused him to lose it and explode in another great orgasm.

This time Billy managed to hold his off, but he knew that once it was his turn, he would be spewing forth a nice big load as well. While he was waiting for Jeremy to come back down from his orgasm, he taped up his diaper nice and snug, making sure to position his almost soft penis down so that he would not leak. A few moments later and Jeremy came to with a deep sigh and a bright smile.

“Wow, that was so good.”

“Yeah, it looked like it. Can you diaper me now please, I really have to pee, and I don't want to leak on my bedroom floor?”

“Okay.” Jeremy said, and they quickly traded places.

As soon as Billy was laying on place, Jeremy went about removing his diaper and cleaning him up. Billy was of course extremely hard and horny now after watching Jeremy go through an incredible orgasm, and he was barely able to hold back from his impending cum of incredible proportions. When Jeremy slipped the clean diaper underneath him though and starting applying a nice thick coat of diaper rash cream, that was it, he had all he could take and he was not going to be able to take any more. He exploded, and shots one through three cleared his head, becoming the single largest orgasm of all time, at least for him. The rest of seven total shots hit his face, chest, belly button, and the rest on Jeremy's hand. With an orgasm that powerful though, it really should have come as no surprise that Billy passed out, but he did. Jeremy giggled and pointed Billy's penis down and taped him up.

As he was waiting for Billy to wake back up, Jeremy crawled onto the bed and curled up to Billy, same as had been done to him earlier, except Jeremy did not also fall asleep. As he was waiting though, he gently petted Billy's nicely defined and hairless chest, enjoying the closeness. It took about ten to fifteen minutes for Billy to wake back up, but even still, it was at least five minutes after that that he actually came too.

“Wow, that was........intense.”

“Looked like it. You shot lots, some even went passed your head.”

“Wow, never before, I never even thought it possible.” Billy panted out.

“Me neither.”

“I think it's about time that we went down and got started on dinner, I'm starting to get really hungry.”

“Sounds good to me, cuz so am I.”

They stood up, Billy was still wavering a bit, and headed down to the kitchen together to make and eat some dinner. They worked together, laughing and joking around as they did, and soon they were sitting down to eat. Just as they were finishing up their dinner, the door opened and closed, and in walked Billy's dad.

“Hey there baby.....and friend. I didn't expect to see your friend still here.”

“Hi daddy. How did it go today?”

“Good, and how about you boys, what did you get up to while I was gone?”

“Well, first of all daddy, this is Jeremy. Jeremy, this is dad.”

“Dad to you maybe, but it's John for you Jeremy, it's good to finally meet you.”

“It's good to meet you as well John.”

“Well, Jeremy and I played out in the woods, went boating in his pond, swimming there as well, and then we watched a movie and we talked a lot. Not much really. How about you, how did it go?”

“It went not too bad actually. The guys seem to be pretty nice, and they seemed to like me, hopefully it'll stay like that. I think it will though.”

“What do you do?” Jeremy asked curiously.

“I was just recently promoted to manager of the parts supply store in town.”

“Cool. Must pay pretty good to be able to buy this place, I know it wasn't cheap.”

“Actually, it was cheaper than the house we had in the city, and it was paid off, so we did not too bad at all. I also get paid a heck of a lot more in this smaller town than I did in the city, so overall we're way ahead.”

“That's cool. Well, I guess I should be heading home now then. I'd rather get there before my dad does and hide in my room.”

“Probably a good idea. Come on up to my room and you can get dressed.”


The boys headed upstairs and Jeremy grabbed his clothes. “I'm just gonna leave the diaper on, it'll hold until morning I think, and my dad 'll never notice, so who cares.”

“Good idea, no point in wasting a perfectly good diaper, now is there?” Billy grinned.

“That's for sure. Look, thanks a lot for today, it really meant a lot to me, and if I'm allowed, I'd like to come back over tomorrow as well.”

“Of course you're allowed to come over, I'd be upset if you didn't, and don't worry about it.”

“Thanks Billy, I really appreciate it.” Jeremy said, and then hugged Billy nice and tenderly.

“You're welcome.” Billy said as they pulled away, he was trying very hard not to kiss Jeremy, and he could see that Jeremy was fighting the same battle. They both lost, and they leaned in together and kissed tenderly for a moment.

“We really shouldn't be doing that. If my dad found out, he'd kill me.” Jeremy said, tearing away.

“Then he just can't find out, now can he. I know we shouldn't be kissing, but dammit I like kissing you, and I think I'm falling in love with you, I don't want to stop kissing you. We'll figure out your dad somehow, don't worry.”

“I feel the same way, thanks.” Jeremy said, a tear leaking out.

“You better go before I drag you to the bed and do all sorts of things to you I know neither of us will regret in the morning.”

“Yeah, I'd better.” Jeremy grinned shyly, it was rather cute.

“Come on, I'll walk you out.”

They headed out of the bedroom and downstairs. Billy led Jeremy to the front door, and opened it for him, and then before Jeremy could do or say anything, Billy leaned in for one last kiss, and kissed the boy he wanted for a boyfriend so bad it hurt. As they broke apart, Jeremy smiled and whispered goodbye, and then turned and left.

“That was cute.” John said from around the corner, he had just come in to see the kiss, not actually intending to intrude upon anything.

“Oh, you saw that did you?”

“Yeah, it was cute though, like I said. You said he was really cute, I didn't think you meant quite that much. He's nearly pretty, very good looking, you two will make a very cute couple for sure.”

“Thanks dad. I need to tell you some things though. Can we go and sit down?”

“Sure, come on.”

They went and sat on the couch and Billy pretty much relayed all the information about Jeremy that he now knew and how he was living. It took almost an hour before Billy finished, his dad not saying a word, just listening.

“Why are you telling me all this, you already told me some of it, but I didn't really need to know the rest?” John asked curiously.

“Well, because I want you to adopt Jeremy. Look, before you say anything, I talked to Jim today, and he said that Jeremy could in fact sue his dad for neglect and get half his belongings, including the entire property next door, but that he would have to have someone to go to until he was of age. If everyone's in agreement, Jim says that we might be able to do up all the papers and have it all done without ever going into a court room, assuming of course that Jeremy's father doesn't fight it for some stupid reason.”

“Oh. Why did I have a sneaking suspicion that you'd come up with something like that?”

“Because you were thinking of it too once you found out how poorly he was being treated.”

“True. Am I to assume then that Jim's already been sent everything that he'll need to get started and that I can expect a call from him any day now?”

“Yep. At least he'll probably call you, especially since I told him in the email that it'd likely be us that adopted Jeremy.”

“Then he'll have to for sure. What will Jeremy do with the property next door then if it all works out?”

“He's not sure, but said that he'd worry about that later. He says his grandma always told him there's no point in counting any chickens until they've all hatched, or something like that. I guess it makes sense.”

“Lots of sense actually. Well, would you like to curl up and watch a movie before bed time?”

“Sure, that sounds good.” Billy smiled and that was what they did.

Half way through the movie though they had to pause it, because Jim did in fact call, and he went over all the preliminary information, as well as just plain asking if that was what John wanted in the first place. They also talked for a few minutes, just to catch up on what had been happening in the past couple weeks. As soon as the phone call was done, the two of them continued watching their movie. As soon as it was over, Billy headed up to bed, and deemed his diaper good enough until morning, so slipped into bed and fell fast asleep.

Chapter 4

“Morning Jeremy, how are you today?” John asked as he answered the door to find the shy boy there.

“Good, and you?”

“Good thanks.”

“Is Billy up yet?”

“Yeah, we've already had breakfast. He's just up in his room getting a shower and getting diapered and dressed for the day. Go on up, he won't mind I'm sure.”

“Thanks.” Jeremy said happily and headed right to the stairs leading to Billy's room and went up.

“Oh, hi Jeremy, I wasn't expecting you quite yet. How are you this morning?” Billy asked happily as he walked in his room to find Jeremy sitting on his bed.

“Morning Billy. Yeah, sorry, I came over as soon as my dad left for work, or wherever.”

“Why would you be sorry, I'm happy!”

“Well, I'm pretty early.”

“Nah, not at all, I've been up for more than an hour and a half already.”

“Me too.”

“So, was your diaper as leaky this morning as mine was? I didn't change before bed, and I musta wet a whole bunch, because my sheets were almost totally soaked when I woke up.”

“Oh yeah, was it ever. I had to throw both sheets and my blanket in the washer, I soaked em all. Good thing I have a rubber sheet, or my mattress would be ruined by now.” Jeremy grinned.

“Same here. So, I assume you want a diaper on as well then?”

“Oh god yeah, I'd love that.”

“Well, since I'm already naked, you can diaper me, and then I'll diaper and dress you, and you can dress me too. Okay?”

“Cool. Why bother getting dressed though?”

“Because my dad wants to go into town today, we'll get lunch there, and maybe we'll even be able to talk him into going to see a movie while we're there.”

“Oh, okay.” Jeremy smiled.

Billy laid down on the bed after collecting the diaper supplies and the clothes that he wanted to wear, and Jeremy came up and diapered him up nice and thick and snug, just the way a diaper was supposed to be. This was to be the first time that Billy tried the thinner daytime diapers that he had gotten, and he liked them, even though they were quite a bit thinner, but they were still nice and thick too. As soon as he was diapered, Jeremy got him dressed, and then they traded places.

Billy then stripped Jeremy of his pants and yellowed underwear, and then proceeded to diaper his friend, and then he redressed him as well, of course skipping the underwear.

“I can tell that we're diapered. Do you think we should go into town like this?” Jeremy asked softly.

“Sure, why not, I don't care at all. You're pants are way too small on you though at the best of times, so they're really showing off your diaper. I might have an old pair of pants that'll fit you better. Just a sec, let me check.”

Billy went to his closet where the clothes that he had not wanted had been stored and brought it out. He then opened it up and started going through it, throwing out all of the pants that were in there, all five pairs.

“There you go, take those off and try these. If they fit, you can keep them, because they don't fit me. We were supposed to take them to the thrift store, but if you can use them, then you may as well.”

“Cool, thanks, these are all nice pants.”

“Yeah, they just don't fit me any more. I grew quite a bit in the last year.”

“Must be nice, I haven't grown any in almost three years, just an inch, and I actually lost weight.”

“Well, all that's more than likely due to what you've had to live through for the past couple years, but don't worry, you'll grow soon. How do those ones fit?”

“Really good actually. I think I'll stick with these ones and maybe try the others later.”

“That's cool. You can try them all on later and then keep what you want.”

“Thanks. I'd like that.” Jeremy smiled.

“Come on, let's go find my dad and see if he's ready to go yet.”


“Have you had breakfast yet?”

“Yeah, I grabbed something before I came here.”

“Okay, then we're pretty much ready to go, but I should pack a diaper bag and a couple spare pairs of pants.”

“Okay.” Jeremy smiled at the mention of a diaper bag, and Billy got it ready to go.

“Hey daddy, we're ready to go whenever you are.” Billy called out as soon as they made it downstairs.

“Okay, gimme just a second and I'll be right there. Get your shoes on so that you're ready to go.”

“Okay.” Both boys said and then did just that.

A few seconds later John was there. He too got his shoes on and then they headed out.

“So, what all are we up to today then daddy?” Billy asked as soon as they were on their way.

“Not too sure, but I want to go look at a few things first of all, and grab a few things that we're needing, do some grocery shopping, and that's about all that I can think of.”

“Okay. Can we catch a movie while we're in town then, there's a really good action I know you'll like just as much as we will.”

“Might not be such a bad idea actually, we haven't gone to the theatre in a long time, so if we have time, we just might have to do that.”

“Cool. So, what were you wanting to look at?”

“Nothing much, just an idea.”

“Okay.” Billy said, knowing not to bother asking further questions, because he knew his dad well enough to know not to ask.

The rest of the drive into town, the three of them talked happily. When they made it to the mall, they all went in and looked around for a while, at nothing much, until they walked into the appliance section of the department store there.

“Whatchya looking at here dad, I thought the house had all brand new appliances already?” Billy asked curiously.

“It does, but we're missing something that might make life a lot easier.”

“Like what?”

“Well, you have both a washer and dryer connection in your bathroom, but no washer and dryer, and I was thinking that it would make your life easier to have your own washer and dryer instead of having to bring all your laundry downstairs all the time and lugging it back up. And considering just how often you still manage to wet your bed, I figured you'd appreciate it.”

“As cool as that sounds dad, I don't really wet my bed any more since I found these new diapers.”

“What about this morning?”

“I thought the diaper would last more than it did throughout the night, and besides, that was the first time since I changed diapers.”

“True, but I still think you could use it. It'll also make it easier when we both need to do laundry at the same time.”

“That's true, you always seem to be washing something when I need to.” Billy smiled.

“And here I was thinking it was the other way around, mister always forgets to put his clothes in the dryer.”

“Geez, forget once and this elephantine memory never forgets it.”

“Yeah if it were only once, not once a day.” John mock sighed.

“Try maybe once a week.” Billy laughed.

“That's closer. So, which color do you like, you can get it in any of these five colors?”

“I think the teal will look really good in my bathroom, but it's the most expensive set they have, I don't really need one that good do I?”

“No, but it's the same as the set that's already in the house, so we may as well have the same, and besides, it is good.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“So, teal it is then. Come on, let's go pay for it.” John said happily.

Billy just shrugged to Jeremy, who just laughed, and they both followed John a few seconds later. He paid for and arranged delivery for Monday morning some time, and then they were gone.

“So, should we go see if we can watch a movie yet, or go get an early lunch?”

“I don't think it's time for lunch quite yet, so let's see if the movie is gonna start soon. If not, then we can go for lunch I say.” Billy said, and Jeremy nodded as well.

“Sounds good.”

They headed to the theatre and found that they only had to wait fifteen minutes before the theatre opened, and the first showing started ten minutes after that, so they decided to just wait. As soon as it opened, they went and bought their tickets, then went and got popcorn and drinks, then headed into the proper theatre and picked the best seats in the house. They enjoyed their rare treat, and almost two hours later they were exiting the theatre.

“I don't know about you Jeremy, but if I don't get a change, and real soon, I'm gonna start leaking.”

“Same here, but I think you already did, I see a couple just slightly dark spots on the back of your pants.”

“Hmm, you're right, I'm a bit wet. Let me see you?” Billy said, and then spun Jeremy and felt his cute little diapered bum.

“Yep, same for you. Neither of us are that bad though, we can just change our diapers and no one will ever know.”

“Okay. Where will we change though?”

“In the back seat of the car, it has tinted windows, so no one will see us.”

“Oh, okay then I guess.” Jeremy said shyly as he looked John's way.

“Don't worry about me, I can assure you I've seen it all, and besides, how much more embarrassing can it be than me seeing you in only diapers?” John laughed.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Jeremy said, almost laughing as well.

The boys climbed into the backseat and helped each other to change their very soggy diapers, and then as soon as they were dressed, John took off, heading towards a good restaurant for lunch. As soon as they finished there, they headed to the grocery store, this was Shawn's dads store, and they got everything that they would be needing for approximately the next week.

“Well boys, I guess it's home now, and then you're free to do whatever you want for the rest of the day.”

“We had fun daddy, don't worry.” Billy said happily.

“Good.” John said back, and then they were off.

The drive back home was nice and long, as it always was, and they talked happily all the way there, just enjoying each others company. As soon as they made it home, the boys headed up to Billy's room to strip out of their clothes and get more comfortable, that is to say down to only their nice warm thick diapers.

“So, what would you like to do now?” Billy asked.

“Don't know.”

“Why don't I put some music on and you can dance?”

“No thanks, I don't like to dance for anyone any more, everyone says I look so gay when I dance.” Jeremy said softly, sadly.

“I hate to tell you this, but you are gay, unless I'm very much mistaken, so what's the big deal. Furthermore, I've seen you dance lots, and I love to watch you dance, you're so pretty when you do, your entire body glows, like it's the only thing that makes you happy. Well, that and what your dancing usually leads to. And just think, this time you can dance in a diaper, you can't tell me that you haven't wanted to do that for a long time.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right, and yeah, fully gay. I once saw a picture of two girls having sex on the computer, and I tell you, seeing their things nearly made me puke.”

“Yeah, same here, was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life. Now show me a nice hot hard dick and I nearly faint, mostly because all the blood rushes to the wrong head and I almost stop breathing.” Billy giggled.

“Same here.” Jeremy giggled as well.

“Come on, dance for me, be my tiny dancer, please?”

“Okay, just don't make fun of me please?” Jeremy whispered.

“Oh Jeremy, I'd never make fun of you, honest. I might tease you in good fun, and I'd hope you did the same to me, but I'd never do something to hurt your feelings, you mean too much to me.” Billy said with as much tender feelings pouring out as he could.

“I know, it's just.....”

“I know, it's hard when the people that should have praised you degraded you instead, it hurts, but I'd never do that, I couldn't do that, not to anyone, most especially you. You know how I feel for you already, I'm falling for you, I already think I love you so much, so trust me, I'd never do that.”

“Thanks, but I hope you know I'm starting to feel the same for you. I'll dance for you, on one condition.”

“I know, thanks. What's the condition?”

“That you come over here and give me a kiss first?”

“Oh, all you had to do was ask, I would've done that any time for any reason any where at all that you asked me, and not necessarily on your body, although that does sound appealing as well.” Billy grinned.

“Same here.” Jeremy whispered huskily.

Billy went in to give the requested kiss, they wrapped their arms around each other as they moved in, and they held each other tenderly as they kissed even more so. They kissed there in the middle of the bedroom, standing as they were, for nearly ten minutes, before they broke apart with a deep and contented sigh each.

“Wow, you sure know how to talk a guy into doing almost anything, don't you?” Jeremy sighed deeply.

“Well, like they say, actions speak louder than words.” Billy grinned cheekily.

“Yeah, and that was some action alright.”

“When we're ready, I'll show you action.” Billy said under his breath, but Jeremy caught the gist of what he said anyway and blushed a bit.

“Yeah. You better go start the music. If you have any light classical, that's what I prefer, if not, then some soft country rock is also really good.”

“Yeah, I'd better. I think I have a classical CD somewhere around here, I like to listen to it every so often. I just have to find it in the mix of all the other discs, since I haven't gotten them all organized yet.” Billy said, and headed over to the bookshelf where the CD's were all kept.

He dug around for a few minutes until he found the one he wanted and went and put it into the player and turned it on. He set the volume to a softer level, but still loud enough to be heard, and then went and sat on his bed. Jeremy warmed up for a minute or two before starting, and then he started dancing his little heart out, and as always, it was beautiful. For nearly an hour Jeremy danced and Billy watched entranced. So entranced were they both that they had failed to hear John call up to them, or hear him come up the stairs to see why they were not answering him. He too ended up standing and watching Jeremy dance for the rest of the twenty or so minutes that he was there for. He even found himself clapping along with his son when Jeremy finally came to rest after dancing for so long.

“Oh, hi John, I didn't know you were there.” Jeremy said shyly.

“I didn't mean to interrupt, but I called you boys, but you didn't answer, so I came up to see what you were up to. I must say, you're a very beautiful dancer, you should do it professionally. It seems that you truly enjoy doing it, and you should, because you're very good.”

“Thanks, but I don't dance for anyone any more.” He said softly.

“Why on Earth not? A gift as big as that should be shared, others would love to see you dance. Maybe not in your current dance outfit, then again a great deal probably would.” John chuckled.

“Because they all make fun of me.” Jeremy said, almost starting to cry.

“Come here?” John said softly as he sat down on the bed next to Billy, who had kept silent.

As soon as Jeremy was within reach, John pulled him to him and set him on his lap and in a voice barely above a whisper, he asked, “Tell me Jeremy, who would make fun of you for something so beautiful?”

“Everyone. The only one that never made fun of me for dancing was my grandma. My mother and her fuck up of a boyfriend made fun of me for liking to dance, called me a sissy little baby. My dad said that only fucking fags liked to dance, and he'd never stand for such weakness in his son. Then there were all the kids at school. Them I could stand, they're just stupid kids, but they said the same things.”

“Oh Jeremy, they shouldn't have ever said that to you. To crush your passions, your dreams like that is the largest form of abuse that I can possibly think of, short of raping you or beating you brutally.” John hugged Jeremy to him and whispered right into his ear.

With that, Jeremy broke down into large pitiful sobs, crying out his hurt and anguish on the shoulder of a caring man, probably his first ever. It was more than likely the thing he needed above all else, to know that another adult cared for him and about him. For half an hour he sat there crying on John's shoulder, and not even a minute after he started crying, Billy hopped up and onto his dads lap and wrapped his arms around both of them, adding his caring and concern to the mix.

“Thanks guys. Sorry to be such a big baby and cry so much.” Jeremy finally pushed himself away and wiped the snot and tears from his face.

“Hey, unless you wish to be treated as a baby, you are never to call yourself that. Just because you cried out years of abuse doesn't make you a baby. It shows that you still have feelings, and that you're still human. There's absolutely no shame in crying, or showing weakness in front of others, especially your family and friends. Sadly you seem to no longer have any family, because I doubt you even consider your mother or father family. They may have contributed to the fact that you're here now, but other than that, they're not parents.”

“No, that they're not, I don't even call him dad or anything. Thanks though, I feel better.”

“I bet. Sometimes a good emotional purge is all you really need to feel really good. Billy and I had a lot of those emotional purges together after his mom died, and even though we both still miss her, we no longer need to do that. Maybe we still will in the future, but probably not any more. It's gonna take a lot of time for you to get over all this, and maybe you should even talk to someone other than us about it, but that'll be up to you. Just getting all of it out to just us is probably a good start, but you might want or need professional help too.”

“I know what you mean, I cried a lot after my grandma died, usually my mother told me to stop that infernal bawling like a baby and grow up, but I still cried. Then again, I'm not sure it was so much for her by that time as it was that I didn't want to live with my mother. I think I'll just talk to you guys for now and think about more help later if you think I need it though, okay.”

“That'll be just fine. Anyway, the reason I came up in the first place was that I was gonna ask if you boys wanted to come down and play a few games before dinner. I think though that it's getting too late for that and I should get dinner started now. You may as well come down though and help if you want to.”

“Okay, we'll come down I guess.” Billy said, his first words in quite some time.

“Thanks boys.” John smiled and got up, untangling himself from the boys, and headed down the stairs right away.

“Thanks Billy, for everything.” Jeremy said, and then pressed his lips to Billy's once again and they kissed for a few minutes, gently passing their tongues back and forth.

“Wow, what was that for?” Billy sighed.

“For just being here for me. You'll never know what it means to me, I couldn't put it into words, even if I tried my hardest.” Jeremy said with a solitary tear streaking down his cheek.

Billy put his finger to Jeremy's face and wiped the tear away, and then kissed him again.

“Jeremy, I promise you this, as much as I possibly can, I'll make sure that no more tears of sorrow ever roll down your beautiful face, only happy ones. I'll do whatever I can to make that promise come true.” Billy said softly, tenderly, causing Jeremy to smile softly.

“What did I do to deserve a boyfriend as good as you?”

“I don't know, but I don't deserve a boyfriend as good as you. I guess that's it, we're boyfriends now, aren't we?” Billy smiled brightly.

“Yes, I guess we are. My dad would surely beat me near to death if he ever found out, but you know, with your face in my mind, he'd never be able to truly hurt me.”

“So we'll have to make sure he never finds out, that's for sure. We'll also get that little problem of yours sorted out, right quick if I have my way.” Billy said vehemently.

“For sure. Come on, we better get downstairs.” Jeremy smiled, and Billy nodded.

They headed downstairs and helped to make dinner together, and then a short while later, they sat down to eat it. It was a good meal, and then they helped to clean up.

“Well guys, I guess I should be heading home.”

“I'll come up and help you get dressed.” Billy said sadly.

“Thanks.” Jeremy smiled warmly.

The two of them headed up the stairs, holding hands as they went. John of course noticed this right away. When the boys got to the bedroom, Jeremy asked to be changed as well, so they changed each others diapers, and of course they were both painfully hard, and of course they both exploded in a great orgasm as they rubbed the cream into each others groins. Billy then helped Jeremy to get dressed in the same clothes that he had worn out earlier that day, they were nice and they hid his diaper better, and then he was ready to go. The two of them headed downstairs to the front door, once again holding hands.

“Well, I guess I better go now. Have a good night.” Jeremy said, and they reached in for one last kiss.

“Bye, have a good night.” Billy whispered.

Jeremy turned and walked away and Billy closed the door once Jeremy was out of sight. As soon as he was ready to, he turned and headed to the living room to join his dad.

“So, you two are boyfriends now, aren't you?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“It shows.” John said simply.

“I just hope that his dad can't see it as well. With as much as I think he suspects Jeremy's gay, he could freak out.”

“I'm sure he'll be just fine.”

“I just hope you're right.”

Chapter 5

“Why hasn't he come over yet?” Billy asked his dad for what had to have been the hundredth time Sunday morning, and it was only just after nine am.

“I don't know baby, maybe he had to do stuff for his dad.” John answered back in the same way for about the same many times.

“I'm getting worried though.”

“I know, but he's a big boy and he can handle himself.”

“No, I don't think he could. He's scared of his dad.”

“We can't do anything baby, to do so will only make it more difficult in the end.”

“I want to go over there and make sure he's alright!”

“No baby, you can't.”

“Why not?”

“Because, you don't belong there. Trust me, everything will be just fine.” John said softly.

Just as they finished, the phone rang. John went and grabbed it. As soon as he said hello, he just smiled and passed the phone over to Billy.

“Hello.” Billy answered.

“Hi Billy, it's Jeremy, sorry, I can't come over today.”

“Oh, it's so good to hear from you. I was starting to get worried and I was gonna come over there and make sure you were alright.”

“No, don't come here, my dad's freaking out, making me do all sorts of shit around here. I had to sneak in the house to call you, saying that I had to go to the bathroom, so I can't talk long. He was pretty pissed when he saw that I was wearing one of your diapers and wanted to know where I got it from. I lied and said I had gotten it as a free sample from an online store, it was better that way. Unfortunately that means that I won't be able to wear your diapers home any more, or he'll know I was lying if he catches me again. I'll try and come over tomorrow morning as soon as the asshole goes to work, okay, but I gotta go.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” Billy said, sounding very relieved, and then they hung up.

“Told you everything would be okay. So, what's happening?”

Billy relayed the phone call to his dad, and they sat there for a bit talking about it.

“Well, speaking of getting stuff done around the house, we should probably do the same. Come on, housework first, since it'll be nice and quick, and then we really should get out and try and get the yard somewhat cleaned up. It'll take us a few weekends to complete I'm sure, but it has to be done, I don't want to live in a messy yard.”

“Oh goody, yard work. That's about the only bad thing about having such a nice big yard, it needs to be maintained.” Billy grinned.

“Once we get it all trimmed back and looking good, then it won't be so hard. The next few weekends though will be more difficult because it was left to grow wild for so long. At least there's no real gardens to worry about, so most of it can just be mowed down and raked up. Come on, the sooner we get started, the sooner we can get done.” John said, and they proceeded to clean up the house.

They spent not even an hour in the house, and then headed outside to get started on the yard work. It was quite a large yard, nearly an acre that was fenced in, and the house sat approximately in the center of it. The previous owners had not lived in the house for quite some time, so the weeds had pretty much overgrown the lawn, and the grass that was there was tall and wild, so it would take a lot of work to get it back to normal. Had he have had a tractor and a tiller for it, John would have just tilled the entire damn thing and started from scratch, but he did not, so they had to do it the hard way. Billy grabbed the trimmer and got it gassed up and started, and then started trimming. They both decided that Billy would get the bulk of the height of grass and weeds with the trimmer, and then John would work behind him with the mower and clean the rest up. It was a bagging mower, so it would fill up very quickly with as much as he was going to be pushing it through, and he would more than likely move a lot slower than Billy would be. By the time that they were both very ready for lunch and a good long cold drink, they had barely made a dent in what was the front yard. You could tell they had been working, but it was not a lot.

“Well kiddo, let's get some lunch and a much needed drink. You're diaper is also starting to really show through your sweat pants, which means it's likely to be very full, so you might want to get a change.”

“Yeah, it'll start leaking soon if I don't get a change, but I wasn't all that worried about it. Lunch and a drink though sounds very good, as long as you don't expect it to be in that order, because I need a drink first.” Billy smiled.

“Me too. Come on.”

They headed into the house, and Billy got to the sink first, but instead of grabbing a glass, he just turned the tap on, grabbed the sprayer attachment and put it in his mouth and drank for a full minute. Neither of them had had anything to drink while they were outside, and they had been out there for almost two hours, so they should have. John just laughed, but when Billy did finally finish, he just did the same thing and drank good and long. As John was getting his drink, Billy excused himself and ran up to his bedroom, where he stripped and changed his diaper and then got redressed. He met his dad back in the kitchen a few minutes later and they made a quick lunch of sandwiches and soup. Before they left, they each grabbed another good long drink, and then headed back out into the nice warm weather and continued where they had left off.

After lunch, John made sure to make them both drink something at least every hour, and they were out there until dinner time, so for another five hours. By the time dinner time rolled around, they were both extremely sweaty, even more tired and sore, and Billy had started to leak, and they were both starving. Even with spending a good seven hours on it, they managed to only get what for the most part was the front yard completed. It still needed a lot of work to become a lawn again, but this was the biggest step, John would have to go and buy more than a few bags of grass seed and a few other things to get it back to lawn status, because right now it was more just trimmed weeds.

“Well baby, I think we've done more than enough for today, I'm tired, hungry, sweaty and sore, and I bet that you're even more so, not to mention leaking, so let's get in the house for the night and relax.”

“You certainly won't hear me complaining.” Billy said with a large yawn.

“Nor me. Come on.”

They headed into the house, and after a nice long drink, Billy went up to his room, stripped and just stayed naked for the time being. Not only did he figure that his skin could use the fresh air, but after dinner he was going to come back up and have a nice long hot bath, so he felt there was little point in putting on a diaper just to take it back off in half an hour. He went downstairs, and his dad took one look at him and was shocked.

“You're naked!”

“Yeah, so!”

“Well, you haven't traipsed around the house naked in a long time, it's just a surprise. You've grown lots since you last walked around naked.”

“You've seen me naked when I changed my diapers, and besides, you see me in diapers, naked can't be any worse.”

“No, I don't normally look, I just let you have your privacy.”

“Why, we're both boys, I don't care, so why should you?” Billy asked in shock, he had never noticed that his dad always turned away.

“Well, I guess I shouldn't. Haven't you started growing pubic hair yet? With as big as you're getting, I would've thought you were.”

“Yeah, but I shave it off. That razor you got me comes in handy. I haven't had to start shaving my face yet, but I don't want any hair down there either, because everyone says it only gets in the way if you wear diapers.”

“Everyone who?”

“The guys at the diaper club, and more than a few people online. You don't mind do you?”

“No, of course not. Just a bit of a surprise. If that's what you want though, I'd never say anything against it, even if I didn't like it, of which I have no reason to dislike it.”

“Cool. Thanks. So, what are we having for dinner then?”

“I threw that frozen lasagna that we bought yesterday in the oven, I'd taken it out of the freezer earlier, so it was mostly defrosted already, so it should be ready in less than half an hour. Why are you naked anyway?”

“That sounds good, but I didn't feel like putting another diaper on right now, because after dinner I'm going up for a nice long hot bath to help relax a bit, and I felt that some fresh air on my skin might not be so bad, because I'm starting to get a bit of a diaper rash.”

“Ah, that's a good idea. We had to have you walk around naked a lot when you were a toddler because of that. Have you been using the diaper rash cream we bought you?”

“Yeah, with almost every change, but working like we were today made it a bit worse, so fresh air for a bit, clean up real good, and then a nice dry diaper with lots of cream will be all I need.”

“Yep, same method as when you were a baby. Just try not to pee on the floor like you always did when you were a baby!” John grinned.

“I make no promises, since I don't always realize when I'm peeing, but I'll try.” Billy grinned back.

“Are you already starting to lose control?”

“A bit yeah.”

“And you're okay with that?”

“Yeah, why wouldn't I be? I mean I love diapers and want to stay wearing them all the time, so I knew it would happen eventually.”

“Okay, just so long as you're okay with it. Most teenagers would be aghast at having to wear diapers, and losing control would be horrible at best.”

“Actually, from the research I've done, I'd say that there's a lot more boys and teens out there that would love to be in diapers than you realize. I mean, we live on the outskirts of a fairly small town in the grand scheme of things, and I go to a group with twelve boy and teen diaper lovers. Imagine how many are in the larger towns or cities, and I bet there's more than a few more in this town as well.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right.” John mused.

“So, are you excited about going to work tomorrow?”

“Not really. To tell you the truth, I've sorta enjoyed the past couple weeks just getting to spend time with you.”


“What are you gonna do tomorrow?”

“Don't know. I can't really go anywhere. Not only have I got a delivery coming tomorrow, but I have no way to get anywhere even if I did want to go anywhere.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. You'll have to remember to be dressed when they get here, you wouldn't want to shock anyone.” John grinned.

“Don't worry, I'll remember.”

“What are you and Jeremy gonna do tomorrow then?”

“Don't know, we'll figure something out I'm sure.”

“Just don't be going and getting into any trouble.”

“Um, I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but we live like twenty minutes from town, and a little more than an hour from the city, there's exactly two houses on the entire road, so what kind of trouble could I possibly get into? Not to mention, when was the last time I got in trouble for anything?”

“Good points, but to a teenager, trouble sometimes just comes naturally, so don't start now.” John grinned, having to admit that Billy had never been in any real trouble before.

“Yeah, well I'm not your typical teenager, now am I?”

“That you most certainly are not.”

“I hope you meant that in a good way?”

“Take it how you like, but most normal teens would never walk around their house in diapers or naked.”

“True, but their loss if they don't or can't.”

For the next twenty minutes as they waited for their dinner to cook, they sat at the kitchen counter just continuing their talk, laughing a lot as they did so. Finally dinner was ready, and the supposed to feed four lasagna did not make it out alive, they polished off the entire thing, as well as a salad and a few pieces of garlic toast each.

“For a store bought lasagna, that was pretty good. Nowhere near as good as moms was, but it sure hit the spot.” Billy sighed after releasing a rather loud and long belch, mere seconds after John had done the same.

“Yeah, I agree. You go ahead and head up for your bath, I'll clean this up, and then I think I'm gonna go slip in a nice hot bath as well.”

“No, I'll help you clean up, then we can both go have baths.”

“Thanks.” John smiled, and they both helped to clean up.

As soon as they were done, they both headed to their bedrooms and their bathrooms to get nice hot baths started. Billy grabbed the bubble bath that he still had, and poured a healthy dose of it into the water, and then grabbed his cloth and towel, and slipped into the hot bubbly water with a deep sigh. For more than twenty minutes, Billy just laid there relaxing, enjoying the hot soothing water, it felt really good on his aching body. Finally though he grabbed the cloth and gave himself a good scrub down, gave himself a quick shave of any hair that was on his body that he did not want, and then washed his hair. As he was washing his hair, he pulled the plug in the bath so that it could start draining, because he would have a quick shower to truly wash off. He always felt that to bath in your own dirt never got you truly clean, so he always had a bath and a good scrub, but then also washed in a shower. As soon as the water was down to just the tops of his feet, he started the shower and washed his hair once again and then conditioned it, and then gave his body another quick wash down, this time more gentle.

Billy hopped out of the tub and dried himself off fully, and then went to the sink and brushed his teeth and hair. He then grabbed his diaper supplies and laid on his bed and proceeded to diaper himself up nice and thick, with a good healthy dose of diaper rash cream and powder to help keep him more dry. As soon as he was finished, he headed downstairs to see if his dad was done yet.

“Hey there, feel any better?” John asked when Billy walked in the room.

“Yeah, lots better, and you?”

“Yeah, lots. I'm gonna make some popcorn and juice and sit back and watch a movie. Care to join me?”

“Sure, that sounds good.” Billy smiled.

They both helped to make the juice and popcorn, and then before too long, they were both sitting back on the couch relaxing, and they started a good movie. As soon as the movie ended almost two hours later, Billy excused himself with a goodnight to his dad and went up to bed. Just as Billy was about to pass out, he realized that not once during the entire day had he jacked off and or cum, it was a record, since he was ten he had not gone one full day without cumming at least once. He passed out right away though and slept right through until morning without once stirring.

“Good of you to finally come down and join me baby. I didn't want to come up and wake you, but I was gonna have to, because I have to leave for work real soon.”

“Oh sorry, I didn't even look at the clock, what time is it?”

“Little after seven, and if I want to be to work for eight, I have to leave pretty quick here.”

“Wow, I haven't slept that late in a while. Musta been real tired last night for some strange reason.” Billy yawned.

“Know how you feel, I woke to the alarm clock, and I rarely ever need it. We did a lot of work yesterday though, so that was why. So, how did you sleep last night then?”

“Real good, I don't even remember moving once. How about you?”

“About the same, except the two times I had to get up to go pee during the night.”

“If you'd just wear diapers you wouldn't have to worry about that.” Billy giggled.

“No thanks, I'll leave that to you diaper lovers, I wouldn't appreciate them like you do. Well, I should probably get gone right now baby, so you go ahead and get yourself some breakfast, then go get that diaper changed before it springs a leak.”

“Yeah, I should, and so should you daddy, so bye bye, have fun at your first day back to work.”

“I'll try, love you.”

“Love you too.” Billy said, and John headed out right away.

Billy grabbed himself some breakfast and sat down to eat it, and when he was done he cleaned up the mess and then headed up to his room to get out of his very wet diaper so that he could grab a nice hot shower. Billy stayed in the shower for a good fifteen to twenty minutes, just enjoying the nice soothing shower that was helping his still very sore muscles. Once he felt that he was as clean as he could be and had no more excuse to waste hot water, he hopped out, dried off, brushed his teeth and hair, put on his deodorant, and then headed to his bedroom. He almost yelped when he realized he was not alone.

“Jeremy, you startled me.” Billy said, clapping his hand to his chest in shock. He had not suspected that anyone would be there.

“Sorry. I knocked on your bathroom door, but I guess you didn't hear me. You didn't answer the door, and your dad wasn't home, so I figured you were still asleep or in the shower, so I tried the door and it was open, so I came in. I didn't think you'd mind.”

“No, I don't mind at all, in fact I'm happy you just came in, I would've said you could anyway, you just startled me. Normally I would've been up for at least a couple hours already, I normally don't sleep past six, but this morning I slept in until after seven, we worked pretty hard on the yard yesterday, so I was tired.”

“Yeah, I noticed that you got a lot of work done on the front yard yesterday, I had to do yard work yesterday too. Difference is that you probably enjoyed working with your dad, whereas I hated every second of it. Would you like me to put you into a nice thick warm diaper?”

“Yes please, and then I suppose you want me to do the same for you to?”

“Oh yeah, you bet. I've so missed diapers after getting to wear them more often like we have been. I actually thought of wearing my cloth diaper under my clothes yesterday, but I knew my dad would notice, because he often checks, but he usually spanks pretty hard to check, and if I'm too thick in the bottom, he spanks even harder yet, but doesn't stop for at least five minutes.”

“Then I really suggest you don't wear diapers while at home except to bed, but you can certainly wear them as much as you like here.”

“Yeah, I've sorta came to the same conclusion.” Jeremy grinned.

Billy went and grabbed the diaper supplies and set them on the bed and then laid down.

“Now, I started getting a bit of a rash yesterday from letting my diaper go for too long and then working so hard, so put lots of cream on and add lots of powder too please.”

“Yeah, it looks a bit red down there. You should let it air out a bit. I had to do that at grandmas a lot, she'd just tell me to run around naked after getting good and clean and stay naked for at least a couple hours. The last time I had to do that though I was almost eight.”

“I did last night. Actually shocked my dad when I came downstairs naked. But like I told him, he sees me in diapers and we're both guys, so what difference does it make.”

“Yeah, but I'd never do that at home, my dad would really belt my bare ass for sure.”

“Yeah, but he's a supreme asshole.”

“Too true.” Jeremy said, and then proceeded to really cream Billy up nice and thick, because he had already had the diaper positioned by then.

With as horny as Billy was, and with as long as it had been since his last orgasm, he was not surprised how much he reacted to Jeremy creaming him up, granted, Jeremy was doing a fair bit more playing than was generally necessary, and Billy was grunting and groaning from it. After at most forty five seconds it became too much though and Billy sprayed a good sized load straight up into the air. Most of the load landed right back on Billy's groin, but a fair bit ended up on Jeremy's hand as well. He just grinned and wiped his hand of diaper cream and boy cream into the front of the diaper, and then pulled it up and taped Billy up nice and snug.

“There you go, I bet that feels lots better.” Jeremy grinned.

“Oh god yeah, so much better.” Billy sighed a few seconds later when he finally worked out what Jeremy had actually said.

“Good, now it's my turn. I didn't get to cum yesterday at all, and by the sounds you were making, I don't think you did either.”

“No, and I'd be happy to make you cum now.” Billy grinned brightly and got up. His legs were still a bit shaky for a few seconds, but that did not stop him from stripping his boyfriend and making him very naked and ready for what was to come, or cum as it was to be.

As soon as Jeremy was totally naked, even though really he did not have to be, he laid down on the bed and spread his legs. With as hard as his young pulsing erection was, you would think that he was expecting something. Well, Billy was not about to disappoint him. He slipped the diaper underneath his beautiful boyfriend and grabbed the cream. Jeremy was not getting a rash, but that did not stop Billy from rubbing in more than enough cream to help clear a rash anyway. Same as Jeremy had done, Billy was really rubbing the cream in, a lot more than was strictly necessary, but he was not just rubbing cream in, he was trying to rub cream out, even though he doubted that Jeremy was even a year from doing so yet, but that did not stop him.

In less time than it had taken for Billy to cum, Jeremy started squeaking and squealing in ecstasy, his entire body was vibrating, but it was nothing in comparison to his dick, which was pulsing madly, attempting to spew forth a load. Even though he did not spray a load, it was still just as good for him as it had been for Billy though, and as soon as his massive orgasm let him go, he slumped down, and Billy taped him up.

“There you go, all set.” Billy smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” Jeremy sighed a few minutes later.

“Ready to get up yet?”

“I'm not sure I'll be ready to get up by tomorrow, that was awesome.”

“Glad you liked it.” Billy smiled.

“Oh yeah. Well, I guess I should at least try and get up.” Jeremy said, and then climbed out of bed, his legs still shaking, but he did it.

As soon as Jeremy was standing up, Billy almost made his knees buckle again, because he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and laid on him a kiss that drained him of all his oxygen. They stood there kissing for at least three minutes, until they both realized they were getting light headed, and it was not because of the kiss, they were forgetting to breath. They broke apart and took a deep breath, and then dove in and continued for another couple minutes.

“Wow, what a kiss.” Jeremy sighed a few moments after the kiss finally ended.

“It's what you do to me. I've never kissed anyone before, at least not like I kiss you, I just love to kiss you because you're so beautiful and perfect.”

“I'm not beautiful.” Jeremy said shyly.

“Yes you are, even my dad says so, everyone does. You really are so very good looking, you have no idea. When we were at the mall the other day, everyone turned and looked at you whenever you passed; men, women, children, but most especially the gay boys. I tell you, you really are beautiful. I know though that you're beauty is more than just skin deep, you really are beautiful right to the core, even with going through all the crap you have in the past couple years.” Billy said very heart felt.

“Well, I think you're beautiful too.” Jeremy blushed.

“Thanks. I know I'm pretty good looking, and that's not just vanity or my dad speaking. You though surpass me by a wide margin. You probably haven't been told that enough, especially recently, so I want you to know that.”

“Thanks.” Jeremy blushed more.

“So, what would you like to do today?” Billy asked, seeing that he should not say more to the already embarrassed boy.

“No idea. Want to go out to the old barn in the back yard and explore in there?”

“Sure, I haven't even gone in there yet. My dad said I probably shouldn't until he knows if it's safe or not.”

“Oh, it'll be safe, it's not all that old. Come on, let's just do it anyway.”

“You have a real little defiant streak in you, don't you?” Billy laughed.

“If I didn't, would I be here against my dads wishes wearing diapers and having a boyfriend?” Jeremy giggled.

“Thank god for your defiant streak. Sure, come on, let's go.”

“Cool.” Jeremy said, and they headed out of the bedroom, not bothering to get dressed any more than they were.

As they passed the front door, they slipped on sandals, which was all Jeremy had worn on his feet anyway, and then they headed out to the old barn. It was set back a ways from the house, so it was a good five minute walk to get there, but the entire way there, the boys held hands, not even saying anything.

“It's a pretty big barn, isn't it?” Billy noted as they came up to it. He had only seen it from a distance, never really going anywhere near it.

“Nowhere near as big as the barns at my place, even the smallest is quite a bit bigger than this.”

“How many barns do you have there?”

“Three. I guess when grandma and grandpa built the new house and barns, he went all out and built what he had always wanted. One barn is capable of holding three hundred milking cows, there's a five hundred milking goat barn, and a five thousand chicken egg barn. Then there's a few smaller storage sheds for tractors and the likes, because he did grain and hay on the rest of the property. Your property here from what I remember used to grow a lot of corn or other vegetables, but most of those fields have grown over, same as the ones at my place.”

“Really is a shame to have all this great farming land here and not being used though.”

“Yeah, considering we're in the midst of the best farming land in the country, and when I get older and I get this property, because I will, I'm gonna farm it.”

“That'd be cool. We could join properties and farm both of them together, and really do it right.” Billy smiled warmly.

“Yeah, we could for sure. Come on, let's go see if there's anything useful in here.” Jeremy smiled back.

They opened the door, which by the feel of the hinges, had not been opened in more than a few years. They opened it up though and went inside, and in there they found a rather large surplus of farm machinery and tools.

“Holy crap, who would've left all this machinery and tools here, there's gotta be thousands and thousands of dollars worth of stuff in here?” Billy asked in awe.

“Don't know. By the feel of the door hinges, I doubt anyone had been in here for years, so my guess is someone died and the stuff out here just sorta got forgotten. Wonder if the lights still work in here, or where the light switches even are?”

“Yeah, it's pretty dark in here, and it smells pretty old and musty. We should open all the doors for a couple days and let it air out too.”

“Definitely, and we'll have to clean all the hay and crap outta here, so that there's no mice and rats, they're the last thing you want in a barn.”

“Good idea. Will you help me with all that?”

“Definitely. We should probably go get pants and shirts on though, just in case.”

“Probably not a bad idea. I'll go get our clothes if you want to try and get the doors open and the lights on.”

“Okay.” Jeremy said, and Billy nodded and took off.

As soon as Billy was gone, Jeremy went about seeing if he could find a light switch or two, strangely it was not near to the door. He finally found what looked like a breaker panel, so went to it and opened the cover, there he found half a dozen breakers that were not turned on, so he switched them on. Four of the breakers did something as he turned them on, they lit lights, whereas two of them blew right away, telling Jeremy that there were problems with them somewhere, whether they were lights or something else he did not know. With the lights on now though, he was able to see better in the now lit space, so went and opened the two large doors, one at either end of the hundred and twenty foot long barn. He was still working on the second, the one closest to the house when Billy came back. The back door had been very large and heavy, as well as obviously unused to being opened, so it had been hard for poor little Jeremy who really was not all that strong. He did manage though, after first unlocking it, and then went to the front door.

“Ah, found the light switches did you?”

“Yeah, in the breaker box, they were just shut off. I'm not sure that's proper, so you might want to have someone fix that for you guys. Also, two of the breakers blew right away when I turned them on, so something's not quite right there, so you'll need to get them fixed as well. Can you help with this door, it's bloody heavy, and I was barely able to get the other one by myself?”

“Of course.” Billy said, and then with the added muscle power of the bigger boy, they got the large barn door opened up in just a few seconds.

“Feels like this door was less used than the man door was, man did it squeal a lot.” Billy commented.

“Yeah, the other one was just as bad. What took you so long?”

“Phone was ringing when I walked in.”

“Oh, was it your dad?”

“No, it was Shawn, but I called my dad as soon as we finished talking.”

“Oh, what did Shawn want?”

“Nothing much.”

“You're not telling me something, why?”

“It'll be a surprise, that's why.” Billy Grinned. “Come on, let's go check out all this cool stuff.”

“We should get dressed first, I've already heard lots of squeaking and a couple mice scattered as I walked past. I'm glad you grabbed socks and shoes, I forgot to mention them.”

“Yeah, I thought if we were getting dressed to prevent mouse bites, that shoes would be a really good idea. No point in putting pants on if your feet are bare.”

“Good thinking.”

“Yeah, my daddy didn't raise no bone head.” Billy grinned.

“Yeah, mine neither, oh wait, he was too much of a pussy to raise a child.” Jeremy laughed.

“That's for sure. You turned out better without his help if you ask me.”

“You're more than likely correct.”

“Come on, let's get dressed.” Billy said, handing Jeremy his clothes and shoes, obviously lending him a pair of socks and shoes. The shoes were his old ones, so he hoped that they would at least somewhat fit. They both got dressed right away and then put on their shoes.

“How do the shoes fit, they're a pair of my old ones, so I wasn't sure if they'd even fit or not?”

“Not bad, a bit big still, but I'm used to that, I always get shoes that I'll grow into, and these are the nicest shoes I've had in two years at least.”

“Good, keep them then.”

“Thanks. So, do you want to explore first, or should we just start cleaning?”

“Explore first for sure.”

“There's lots of stuff in here, I even saw a few four wheelers in the back corner over there.” Jeremy said while pointing in the rough direction.

“Really, that'd be cool to get them running. I wonder if we even can.”

“Who knows. They look pretty old and the seats looked as if they'd had the stuffing pulled right out, so you'll need new seats. I know nothing about fixing anything mechanical though, so I won't be any help at all.”

“Me neither, but we can learn can't we?”

“Sure, why not. A good portion of the equipment is gonna need fixing I'm betting, and given that your dad works at a parts place that I know carries all sorts of parts for farm equipment, I'm sure he can get anything we need for cheap.”

“Very true. He's pretty good with fixing things, so we can probably ask him questions. He does all the work on our vehicles and my bike, he likes to fix things.”


They then went about searching out everything and taking somewhat of an inventory of all the old stuff in there. There were three different tractors in there, a few different farm implements, three four wheelers and one three wheeler, two trailers for the tractors and three trailers for the ATV's, two different snow plows, one smaller one for the four wheelers and one larger one for the tractors. Then there was a large tool box at the end of a nice large work bench, and it appeared to be full of tools, and most of them looked to be good still, if not a bit dirty and tarnished from lack of use. All they would need was a good cleaning and oiling, and they would probably be just fine again. There were two different welders and three torch setups and all sorts of welding gear. There were also all sorts of different hand gardening tools hanging on hooks near one of the doors, as well as a few smaller powered tools for gardening. They then headed upstairs to the hay loft and found nothing but a lot of old bales of hay, most of which were well past good and near to rotting out. In there they found a lot of mice.

“Wow, there's lots of really cool stuff in here, and I want to for sure fix up the ATV's, they'll be a lot of fun, as well as very useful.” Billy said.

“Yeah, I agree, and I'll help you out as best I can for sure.”

“Together I'm sure that we'll get it all done.”

“Well, I guess we start cleaning up the hay loft first, there's a door at the end, and the easiest way will be just to push everything out there.”

“That's just what I was thinking. Pitch forks or snow shovels?”

“Grab both and see which works best. We'll probably use both. We should put some gloves on, I saw some good leather ones in the tool box, hopefully they'll still be good.”

“They should be, they still looked good, if not a bit dusty and dirty.” Billy smiled, and they headed back downstairs to get them on and grab their tools.

As soon as they got what they needed, they headed back upstairs, opened up the hay door and started working to get it cleared out. They worked in near silence for a good few hours, sweating a lot in the heat of the high loft, but they managed to get a lot done. They found that the pitch forks worked best to start, but then as they got the bulk of it out, they found the shovels worked well. As they worked, they also found a lot of mouse nests in amongst the hay, and they just tossed them as well and shooed the mice away. They scattered everywhere, including a lot of babies. It was long and tiring work, but had not been all that hard, since the hay was so old and light, as well none of it was really bundled together anymore.

“There, not bad, I thought that that would take a lot longer than it did.” Billy said once the hay loft was all clear.

“Same, but there had to have been a few hundred mice and their babies up here. We're lucky none of them tried to bite us, they just ran once we destroyed their homes.”

“Mice are more scared of us than most people are of them, it's rats we had to worry about, but I haven't seen any yet, thankfully. I hate rats.” Billy said, a full body quiver going through him as he said so.

“Can't say as I care for them much either, but they don't really bother me. Now snakes, I hate snakes.” Jeremy said, with the same reaction.

“Snakes are okay, as long as they're not too big or poisonous, then I don't like them either.” Billy smiled.

“Thank god we don't have either around here.”

“No kidding. So, downstairs now I guess, but it'll be a lot harder, because there's lots more places for the mice to hide down there, and it's really messy.”

“Yeah, but it's not like we have to get it done today either.”

“No, but we may as well get as much done as we can.”

“Okay, let's do it then, but only after we go to the house and get a good drink, some lunch, and a much needed diaper change, because if you're only half as wet as me, you're needing a change as well.”

“Okay.” Jeremy said brightly, and then they headed to the house.

They clasped hands once again and headed to the house, where they both grabbed a nice long drink of water, and then headed upstairs for a diaper change. As soon as they were both clean and dry, of which amazingly enough did not involve either boy cumming this time, they headed back down to get lunch. Just as they were coming down, Billy heard a truck coming up the drive, and he looked out and was surprised to see the delivery truck, he had completely forgot about that.

“Crap, I forgot about the washer and dryer coming. Quick, go up to my room and make sure there's no diapers lying around please while I go meet the guys?” Billy asked. Jeremy just nodded and took off.

Billy went out and met the guys and told them where it was that the washer and dryer were going, and that he was going to be making lunch while they did their work, and they were okay with that. Jeremy came down a few seconds later and joined Billy with a nod just as the guys were opening up the truck. As they were doing this, the boys went and made lunch. Just as lunch was finished cooking, the delivery guys came down after hooking up the final item and told the boys they were done. Billy gave them each a twenty from his wallet, and as they left, the boys sat down to eat.

As soon as they finished their lunch, they headed back out to the barn and got started on the lower level cleaning.

“Crap, we should've closed this door, half the hay we threw out from upstairs blew back into here.” Jeremy laughed.

“Oh well, not like it added too terribly much to the mess down here, you can barely tell.” Billy laughed as well, not really believing that neither of them thought of that.

“Too true.” Jeremy said.

“So, how should we do this then?”

“Not a freaking clue. I guess start at the other end and just work our way this way. We may as well collect all the garbage at this end, no point in having two piles.”

“Good idea. Want to each take a side and work towards the center, or just work side by side?”

“Given how tight it is in places, it'd probably be faster and easier to each take a side, but I'd rather just stay right next to you.”

“Same here, but let's take sides then and see how much we can get done in three hours or less, so that you can get home in plenty of time.”

“Okay.” Jeremy said, and then they started working, each of them heading to one side.

For the next three hours, they worked at cleaning up in there, but really only made a small dent in the work, but at least it was a good dent. They had almost a quarter of the lower level done and clean. All the soft seats of all the equipment had been chewed apart, in fact a couple of the seats had nests inside them, so they were taken off and thrown away, and all the garbage strewn all over the floor was just pushed into the center, all the mice scattering as they did so.

“Well, we got a lot of work done today, thanks. But let's go in and get a good drink and then get cleaned up, because you should get going soon, and I should get dinner started.”

“Yeah, I'd better.”

“Why don't you try asking your dad if you can spend a couple days at a friends house, you don't have to say who, just a friend from your group, maybe he'll say yes? If he wants to talk to my dad, give him our number, and my dad 'll talk to him. What have you got to lose?”

“I don't know. I just know he'll say no, just because he knows it's what I really want to do, not to mention he'll ask about my bed wetting, and then I'll have to tell him you already know.”

“Just lie and say you'll hide your diapers so that I won't even know.”

“Yeah, but I still feel he'll say no, but I'll ask, I promise.”

“That's all I can ask. Well, let's get you changed out of that very soggy baby diaper and into these horrible big boy underwear and get you dressed, so that you don't get in any trouble for having a life.”

“No kidding. That's why I think he'll say no.”

“Probably, but you never know unless you ask right.” Billy said, and then proceeded to strip his boyfriend out of his clothes and wet diaper, and then proceeded to help him into his underwear and clothes, after cleaning him up well of course.

“Do you want me to change your diaper?” Jeremy asked once he was done.

“No thanks, it's not full yet, and there's no point in taking it off until it is. I wouldn't mind you stripping me down to just my diaper though.” Billy said, giving Jeremy that, because he knew that Jeremy just wanted to see him naked, but down to just his diaper would more than likely suffice.

“Oh, okay, that'll have to do then.” Jeremy grinned, they both had known what the other was thinking.

Jeremy made slow work of stripping Billy though, taking his time, touching him in ways that made Billy moan softly. Soon he was down to only his nice soggy diaper, and Jeremy gave it a gentle pat to the front, and then reached up for a nice tender kiss, something that Billy was only more than willing to share in. For almost five minutes they stood there kissing, swaying softly together as they did.

“I guess I'd better get going.” Jeremy sighed sadly.

“Yeah, you'd better, but you'll be over tomorrow morning right?”

“You better believe it.” Jeremy smiled warmly, and they grasped hands together and went downstairs to the door. Jeremy put his new shoes back on and took his sandals with him, and after one final short kiss goodbye, he headed out.

Billy headed to the kitchen and grabbed the meat that he had taken out while he was making breakfast and got started on making some pasta sauce for their dinner. A little more than an hour later John walked into the house to find dinner just being set onto the table, ready for him as soon as he sat down.

“Mmm, smells good in here baby.”

“Thanks daddy. How was your day?”

“Not too bad at all. How about you?”

“Pretty good I guess. Jeremy and I went out to the barn and checked it out, and before you say anything, I know you wanted to check it out first to see if it was safe, but Jeremy said that the barn wasn't all that old. His grandparents built it probably only twenty years or so ago, so it would still be in good condition. We found lots of cool things out there though, and I need some help in how to fix things and I need some parts. We also cleaned up the hay loft and got started on cleaning the main floor as well.”

“Actually Billy, the reason I wanted to see if it was safe was to make sure that there had been nothing nasty that had moved in. I could tell that it wasn't all that old.”

“Oh, I never thought you meant safe in that way, sorry. All we found though were a whole crap load of mice, not even any rats. We didn't even see any bats or owls in there, but bats could easily have hidden deep in the shadows I suppose. We also got dressed in long pants and shirts as well as shoes to work out there, just in case, that way we were safer. We also found that the only way to turn on the lights in there is to use the actual breakers, but Jeremy said when he turned them on that there were two breakers that blew right away, so he said you'd probably want to get that looked into.”

“Well, I'm glad that you protected yourself, but had you have ran into rats, it wouldn't have been enough, but I'm glad you didn't. I really don't like it when people wire lights only to breakers like that, so I'll have to go out and rewire that, not a huge deal, just a pain in the ass. As for two breakers popping right away like that, more than likely it's just two circuits that were no longer used, and to protect against accidentally powering up lines that could be touched they more than likely just tied the wires together to automatically blow the breakers, which is the safest way to do it.”

“If you can fix it, that would be good, I really don't like going into breaker panels unless I have to, they make me nervous.”

“There's nothing to be nervous about them, as long as you don't go and do something stupid, like stand in a puddle of water and go and touch the wrong places, but I know you're smarter than that. This is really good baby.” John had said, because as they were talking they had dished up ad had taken their first bites.

“Thanks. I know, I still just don't like them. We also opened up all the doors in the barn to let some good fresh air in there, because it smelled pretty stale and musty in there, and all the doors were hard to open, so no one had been in there in a long time.”

“Considering the person that we had bought the place from was widowed not long after they originally bought the place, that's not too big a surprise. From the papers the Realtor had, it looked like they had bought the place near on twenty years ago, but the place had sat pretty much empty for the past fifteen. That's why it was so dirty and dusty everywhere and the yard looks as bad as it does.”

“Yeah, I sorta wondered if that might not have been something like that. You never told me that though. Did the guy die here do you think?”

“No idea, and I don't really care one way or the other, but he probably didn't.”

“Nah, I don't care either. Do you know anything about repairing ATV's?”

“Not really, but most of the stuff isn't going to be all that much different than cars. I have at work some repair manuals on ATV's and motorbikes, I could bring some home for you tomorrow if you'd like. I take it there's one in the barn that you want to fix up?”

“Four actually, and yes, I'd love to, so that'd be awesome. If you could get me some gas as well, so that I can run them would also be appreciated. By the way, did you stop at the medical supply store to pick up the diapers I asked you to grab?”

“Yeah, they're in a box by the door. Is that why your diaper is nearing capacity?”

“Yeah, I wanted to test one out to see how well they worked. Shawn said they work great, but that he prefers the disposables himself, so I figured I'd try one. How much do I owe you for them?”


“What, Shawn's mom didn't charge me for them?”

“Yeah, she did, she's not in business to lose money, I'm not charging you or Jeremy for them though.”

“Thanks daddy, but you don't have to do that.”

“I know.” John smiled warmly.

“Thanks. Oh, and there's a whole bunch of tools in a tool box, it's like totally full, way more than you have in the garage, all mechanics like tools, same as you have.”

“That's cool, that way you don't have to use my tools, you can just use those. I won't say you can have them, but you can certainly use them, since you found them, and you want to fix things, so you can certainly make good use of them.”

“Cool, thanks. We can share them. There were air tools in there, but there isn't a compressor, could we take your compressor to the barn and use it in there once we get it all cleaned up?”

“Sure, but I doubt you'll be able to move it, it's pretty heavy.”

“It's on wheels, I'm sure Jeremy and I can handle it, and we can take breaks, so we'll be fine.”

“Okay, just don't drop it, it's expensive. You know, I'll just take it down tonight after dinner for you and check out what all you found.”

“Okay, I'll stay here and clean up after dinner, because I don't feel like getting dressed again, and I want to try one of the new diapers.”

“Okay, that works. By the way, did the new washer and dryer come and did you test them out yet?”

“Yeah, they came, but I haven't tested them out quite yet. I will after dinner, because I'll wash the new diapers as well as what little laundry I have already.”

“Sounds good.”

For the rest of their dinner they continued talking as they enjoyed their great meal. As soon as they were done, John went to the garage and took the compressor to the barn and checked it all out and what the boys had done. He was impressed with how clean they had already gotten it, considering just how messy the rest of it was in comparison. He made a quick check of the breaker panel, and found the two circuits, and like he suspected, they had been wired to not allow them to go active again. He checked out the tractors and the ATV's and noticed that they all needed new seats, so grabbed his notepad and pen from his pocket and wrote down what he would need to bring them home tomorrow as well for the boys, since he was certain that eventually they would get to the tractors as well. He knew that Billy had always loved growing things, and having such nice land would be too tempting not to grow things on, and having tractors would make that easier. He would have the whole winter to get at least one of them ready before he needed any of them, so he would have plenty of time.

Billy had first went to the front door and grabbed the box of diapers and rushed upstairs with them. He had told his dad that he was going to wash them, but he figured wearing one before it was washed would not hurt it any at all, so quickly opened the box and pulled the diapers out. He found the one in his size, stripped off his soggy diaper and slipped it on, and then put on his plastic pants. He was pleased with how soft and thick and comfortable they were, and smiled because of it. He knew Jeremy would be very pleased, and this made him happier still. He took the rest and put them in the washer and got them and his towels started.

Billy headed downstairs and got the kitchen and dining room all cleaned up once again and the dishwasher started, and then sat back and watched TV until his dad came back in the house, which was nearly half an hour later.

“So, how do the new diapers feel?”

“Not bad actually. A little hotter and bulkier than the disposables, but not at all bad. So, what did you think of the barn?”

“Really nice actually. It'd make a great work shop once it's all cleaned up good. It's well sealed and has its own heat, so that's good. The blown breakers were because of wires that were tied together to prevent accidental shocks as I suspected, so we'll leave them as is. I plugged the compressor in and all you'll have to do is turn it on, I trust you remember how to?”

“Cool, thanks dad, and yeah, I remember. I've used it enough with you to know by now, at least I hope.” Billy grinned.

“Good. So, got the new diapers and the rest of your laundry into the new washer already?”

“Yeah, I do. I'll put them into the dryer before bed.”

“Good. They'll be ready when Jeremy gets here then.”

“Yeah. Speaking of whom, he's gonna try and stay a day or two here and spend the night, so you might get a call from his dad if he bothers to say yes or call. Just try and be vague at best about diaper wearing with him.”

“Okay, and don't worry about me, I won't slip up and ruin it for you two. I hope he's able to, he needs it.”

“Yeah, I know. Hopefully soon he won't have to worry about his father any more, but until then, we have to try and keep him as safe as possible.”

“He'll be fine.” Just then the phone rang, and John picked it up, expecting it to be Jeremy's father, but it was not.

“Hey there John, hows it goin man?” Jim asked.

“Great Jim, and you?” John asked, Billy perked right up.

“Pretty good. So, I found some stuff out about Jeremy and his father Stu, and I thought I would call you and tell you how everything is going.”

“Oh yeah, good, bad, or indifferent?”

“Depends on how you look at it I suppose. Good for you, not so good for him, but more than likely great for Jeremy.”

“Oh really, do tell?” John asked, sitting up straighter now.

“Well, it seems that Stu's mom didn't trust him, so all the money and four houses are all in Jeremy's name, but in trust under Stu until Jeremy is nineteen. More than likely the only reason that Stu has kept Jeremy around is due to the fact that without him he doesn't get his living allowance, and there was even a stipulation in the will that very clearly stated that if for some reason Jeremy were to die, all the money and property would either go to his heir, should he have one at that time, or would all be donated to charity. He was allowed to stay in the farm house, I guess he lived there for quite some time, but that's all he was allowed, until Jeremy moved in. His father gets a thousand dollars a month living allowance, but has to send proof that the money goes towards Jeremy to his trust adviser, which was his grandmothers lawyer. I talked to the guy, seems like a pretty nice guy, told him what all was happening and what Jeremy wanted to do, and for some reason he seemed really interested to know all about this abuse. There's also a clause that says that there is to be no abuse. What I can't tell though is how or why Jeremy even went to his mother, because from everything that I could tell, he was supposed to go only to his father, and the lawyer was not even sure how that came about. My guess is though that the father said no, would have rather lived without the money maybe, but I doubt he'll ever tell. I asked the lawyer to not say or do anything at this time until we have all our ducks in a row though, because the last thing we want to do is to spook the father and have him do something rash.”

“Interesting, that makes things a hell of a lot easier for Jeremy then, doesn't it. You said four houses though, where are they and how are they being managed?”

“Now, there's a rather interesting thing, they're all being rented out, and while that's allowed, the money from the rentals is all supposed to go directly into Jeremy's trust fund and it's not. All maintenance for the properties is coming out of the trust fund as it's supposed to, but somehow the money is being paid directly to Jeremy's father instead, so he's getting an extra few thousand a month. There's the house in the city, as well as a ski chalet in Whistler, a rather pricey one at that, and then there's a pretty nice house on the east coast on ocean front property. The lawyer was not aware that the money was being funneled away from the trust fund, he's not even sure how that happened without his knowledge, but he's looking discreetly at the property management company that was to handle all that to see how they let it happen, or if it was done on purpose.”

“Ah, some nice places. What are you planning for his father then?”

“That depends a lot on what Jeremy wants to do once he knows all the information. I'll suggest though that he doesn't press charges, just lets it go, because as best I can tell, his father has really only made maybe thirty or forty thousand dollars from Jeremy, but has been largely unable to even touch the trust fund, his mom and the lawyer made it quite airtight. Once we have all the information we need, it should be a very simple act to have Stu sign Jeremy over to you uncontested if he walks away, and I say to make it nice and easy and to remove some of the bad feelings that could be caused, as well as to just get him very far away, that Jeremy give him the house on the east coast free of rent or taxes and pay to fly him there. With the lets say forty thousand he might already have, that should be a fair settlement to someone who probably believes that he was royally robbed. I can even understand how he might feel like that, but by all accounts, it's his own damn fault. I couldn't access his juvenile records for obvious reasons, but once he left childhood, he had a spat of not so nice things put on his record, and I did find records saying he spent a fair bit of time in juvenile detention.”

“You know, I think that's a good idea as well, and I'll urge Jeremy to do the same, he might even wish to do more, but I don't think he will or should. Jeremy will hopefully be here tomorrow, so if you can make it here, come over for dinner, and we'll all have a nice long chat. In fact, my other line is ringing right now, so could you hold a minute please?”


“Hello.” John said.

“Hi, is this John?” John was asked bruskly.

“Yes it is, who may I ask is calling?” John asked politely, knowing who it was.

“My name's Stu, I have a son named Jeremy that says he was invited to come spend a couple nights at your house.”

“Oh yes, my son Billy asked for him to come spend a couple days here. They became quite good friends at their home school companion group. We'd love to have him and I could pick him up tomorrow morning, I have the next couple days off.” John said pleasantly.

“Well, after you find out that he wets the bed, you probably won't want him, not to mention I believe the boy's a little fairy fagot.”

“Oh, he already whispered to me that he was a bed wetter, and I promised him that it wasn't a problem here. I understand all too well the joys of bed wetting and how he must feel about it. I've met Jeremy a couple times though, and considering just how much of a boyish mischievous streak he has in him that I doubt that he's gay. He's right around the age where many boys are so confused. He's probably starting puberty and everything is in a real whirlwind for him. I still remember all that well, I'm surprised you don't, Jeremy said you were younger than me.” John chuckled.

“Yeah, I suppose that's true.” Stu actually chuckled too, remembering that age, losing himself for a moment there.

“Yeah. Anyway, we'd love to have Jeremy come over, so if you're good with it, I'll come and pick him up at about eleven tomorrow morning.”

“I'll be at work tomorrow, but you should know that he seems to think he likes diapers and wants to wear them.” He added, trying one final time to sabotage his sons chances of going for a sleepover.

“Hmm, not exactly normal, but not unheard of either. I have a friend who's a diaper lover, nice guy, but chances are Jeremy isn't like that, he's just become accustomed to wearing diapers. More than likely he'll grow out of that, but then again, maybe not. I find with my son it's best to let him indulge in the things that don't harm him, but set limits as to how, where and when. That sort of thing. I'm sure that you must do the same for Jeremy, he seems like a nice polite, well balanced kid, so you must treat him good. Granted, he's hardly said anything about you, he doesn't really talk much.” John said, sounding so perfectly convincing that Billy was having a hard time holding in his laughter. His dad was doing a damn good job of totally lying through his teeth.

“Oh. Well, like I said, I'll be at work, I have to pay for the kid somehow, but I'll tell him he's allowed and that you'll be here to pick him up in the late morning.” Stu said, and then just hung up.

“Well, that was interesting.” John laughed, and then switched over to the other line again. “Hey Jim, you still there?”

“Yeah, it took you long enough dammit. You know these long distance phone calls cost a bloody fortune right?” Jim growled.

“Yeah shut it, you make so much money you can afford the whole three dollars it'll cost you, especially with that long distance calling plan you have.”

“Nah, it'll probably cost me only a buck, if that, and besides, you know how much of a tight ass I am.”

“Ain't that the truth. Feed you a lump of coal and a week later you'll shit out a diamond.” John laughed, and Jim burst out laughing.

“Yeah, don't you wish. So, was that the dick head then?”

“For sure, but yeah, it was. Jeremy will be coming here to spend the night and a couple days for sure, so if you can make it tomorrow night and lay everything on the line for Jeremy, we can get everything all signed up and make it all legal. Then you can get a police escort to help you serve the papers to him and make him see how it would be best to sign them nice and quiet like.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, and I've wanted to come see this new house you bought way out in the sticks. I can't believe you'd want to move to the country. Like honestly, there's like nothing to do out there, so boring.”

“Yeah, but I always hated the hustle and bustle of the big cities, I grew up in the country and it's what I like. You were hatched in a city, it's all you know, you like the sirens, granted you chase them now, they soothe you. You could never live out here where the only sounds we hear at night are the crickets and the coyotes.”

“Oh, how primitive, it sounds so dull.” Jim said animatedly.

“Yeah, I know, it's great. So come around dinner time and we can all sit down to dinner and have a good meal and talk. You can stay the night in the guest room and head back home in the morning after a good breakfast.”

“Okay, but I doubt I'll sleep. I might just have to get a city sounds recording, because the silence will drive me nuts.”

“You probably should.” John laughed.

“Yeah, I probably should, because I'm serious.” He said, seriously.

“I know. So, we'll see you tomorrow night then?”

“You got it.”

“Thanks Jim, a lot.”

“You're welcome, have a good night.”

“You too.” John finished, and they hung up.

“So, what was said?” Billy asked the very millisecond that the phone was hung up.

“I'll tell you, but I don't want for Jeremy to know any of this until he finds out from Jim tomorrow night. If you can't promise me right here and now that you won't breath a word of any of it, I won't tell you any more than you'll have figured out from hearing my side of the conversation.”

“I promise. By the way, good lying there, you could have made a most excellent lawyer.” Billy grinned.

“I know, your mom used to tell me the same thing.” John grinned, and then told Billy everything.

“Wow, I bet Jeremy takes you guys' suggestion just to get rid of his dad. I'll even tell him he should as well if he starts to say no. It'll make things a whole lot easier if he just does that instead of charging his dad, it'd take way longer to get everything done. And from the sounds of it, the tiny amount of money that that'll cost him in comparison to the rest of the money won't mean anything.”

“Exactly why Jim would have thought of it. I think Jeremy's smart enough to do it that way as well, we just have to hope that his dad is too. Then again, with the threat of going on trial for abuse, neglect, theft, and anything else the lawyers can come up with hanging over his head, he'd be bloody stupid not to take the offer gladly.”

“Somehow I doubt he's quite that stupid, I don't think anyone really is.”

“No, I've met a few people that just might be, but he didn't sound that stupid, so we should be fine. If all goes well, Jeremy will come over tomorrow and never have to leave again. How do you feel about gaining a brother?”

“Bring on the hot gay incestuous love affair.” Billy grinned huge, and John choked on his spit and started laughing as well.

“You're horrible.” John said, still laughing.

“Thanks daddy. Let's watch TV for a bit, I'm getting tired, but it's too early yet to go to bed.”

“Okay.” John smiled to his baby, and they turned on the TV.

They watched TV for only forty five minutes before John realized that Billy had passed out next to him. He felt Billy's diaper to make sure he would last until morning, and he felt that he would be fine, and then picked him up and carried him upstairs to bed. He went and checked out the new washer and dryer, and then switched it over to dry the load, and then he too headed to bed. They both slept peacefully until the next morning, when they woke at their normal time of about six.

Chapter 6

“Mornin baby, have a good sleep last night?” John asked Billy the next morning when they met in the kitchen.

“Yeah, really good, how about you?”

“Really good as well. You haven't passed out while watching TV in a long time, so you were pretty tired. Good thing that you're not so big yet where I can carry you for a bit if I have to.”

“No kidding, thanks by the way.”

“I take it you must have leaked during the night, you're naked?”

“Yeah, the cloth definitely don't hold nearly as much, that's for sure. I had to throw it and all my blankets in the wash, and the new diapers and all my other laundry was nice and dry, so I folded it and put it away quickly before coming down. Thanks for throwing it in the dryer last night by the way.”

“Hmm, and here I thought you had plenty of thirst in that diaper before I put you to bed. Had I have thought you'd have leaked that much, I would've changed you before putting you to bed. Don't worry about it though, I wanted to check them out anyway.”

“Yeah, I just don't think they hold as much.”

“Oh well. So, how do you like having a washer and dryer in your room then?”

“Really handy, thanks.”

“Good. Just remember to use them and to always fold and put away your clothes.”

“I will. Remember, it's me that hates mess, I can't stand it.” Billy grinned.

“Yeah, well I don't care for it much myself, but I'm glad that you will, but I knew you would too.”

“Yeah. So, what's for breakfast, I'm starving?”

“I was thinking oatmeal, toast and boiled eggs, sound good to you?”

“Sure, mind if I make a fruit smoothie to go along with it?”

“Sounds good. Come on.” John smiled, and they went and made their breakfast.

A few minutes later they sat down and ate their hearty breakfast and then cleaned up. As soon as they were done that, they headed to their bedrooms to get ready for the day. There they both hopped in their showers and got good and clean, they both shaved while in there, then they got out, dried off and brushed their hair and teeth, put on their deodorant, and then headed to their bedrooms to get dressed for the day. Billy slipped into another of the cloth diapers, it was a bit small, but it would be fine, and then put on some good work clothes, knowing that he and Jeremy would be working out in the barn again, so clothes would be mandatory.

“Well kiddo, I'm gonna head to work, have a good day and remember your promise.”

“I will, don't worry. Have a good day, and I'll see you at dinner time. Is there anything in particular you want me to cook for the four of us?”

“Nah, whatever you'd like to make is fine with me.”

“Fat lot of help you are. I didn't know what to make, hence the reason I asked you.”

“Sorry. I'm sure you'll figure it out and do something amazing, you always seem to. Your mom taught you well.”

“Yeah, she did, thanks. Well, have a good day daddy, love you.”

“Love you too, and you boys have a good day as well.”

John headed out right away and as soon as the door was closed, Billy headed to the kitchen and grabbed something for dinner. All he did was reach in and take out the first thing on the meat shelf that his hands touched, he had closed his eyes, so saw a beef roast when he opened them, and he thought that would be just fine. He put it in the sink to defrost, and then went about cleaning up the house while waiting for Jeremy to arrive. Jeremy did not even bother knocking twenty or so minutes later when he arrived, he just walked right in.

“Mornin Jeremy, so, you get to spend a couple days, how does it feel?” Billy said happily after running up and hugging his boyfriend.

“Strange actually. I could've sworn he would've said no, but instead he tried to sabotage my friendship. I was listening on another line when he called, and your dad was real good. Did you hear him?”

“Yeah, I was trying not to laugh the entire time he was feeding him all that bullshit. I have a surprise for you though. Remember yesterday when Shawn called and then I called my dad and I told you it was a surprise?”


“Well follow me upstairs.”


As soon as they made it to the bedroom, Jeremy started stripping, knowing he was about to be diapered anyway. He was also more than a little hard, ready and waiting for the fun that usually joined a diapering for the boys.

“Here you go.” Billy said, passing him a new diaper and plastic pants.

“You bought me a new cloth diaper?”

“Four actually, but I'm wearing one of yours right now. I tested mine out last night, I only bought one, because I don't really need them so much, but I soaked it during the night so it's in the wash.”

“Wicked, thanks. My old ones were getting so small, this 'll make life at home way easier.”

“You're welcome. Let me diaper you up nice and thick.”

“Okay.” Jeremy said brightly and raised his legs so Billy could slip the diaper over his feet and then the plastic pants. Billy then had Jeremy stand so that he could first pull up the diaper and get it positioned correctly, not worrying about his penis yet, and then pulled up the plastic pants and got the diaper all properly tucked in.

“Now, because you didn't get to diaper me, and I didn't play with you, we can kiss and caress each other while standing here, because I'm just as hard as you are.” Billy said at the obvious frustration of not being played with, he was real hard after all.

“Oh good, I almost thought you forgot.”

“Definitely not.” Billy said, and then all talk ceased, because they clamped their lips firmly together and kissed deeply.

For almost ten minutes they just stood there and kissed, not doing anything else, except this time they did remember to breath. Jeremy was naked other than his diaper, whereas Billy was fully clothed, but it did not matter once their hands started roaming, because Jeremy just slipped his hand under the bothersome clothes and slowly worked his way to Billy's diaper.

They both reached the fronts of each others diapers at much the same time, and then slipped their hands inside together. As they continued their passionate kissing, they started stroking each others erections softly, and they both started moaning as well. Neither one had jacked off before bed, so they were both more than a little heated, so it was with no real surprise that neither of them were going to last all that long at all. And within only five minutes of starting, they both exploded. Jeremy wiped off the cum on his fingers on the inside of Billy's diaper once he came too enough to do so, and they started kissing again, removing their hands from each others diapers.

“Wow, that was pretty intense.” Billy sighed once they finally decided to break their kiss.

“Yeah. Billy, you know I love you right?”

“Yeah, and you know I love you too right?”

“Yeah.” Jeremy sighed deeply, completely at peace with the world.

“Good, well baby, let's get you dressed and ready to go, and then we can go and do some more work in the barn, that is if you want to?”

“For sure. I wore grubbier clothes today so that we could and not have to worry about ruining better clothes. Not that I have much mind you.”

“I noticed, so that's good.” Billy smiled, and then helped his boyfriend to get dressed.

As soon as he was dressed and they were both ready to go, they headed downstairs and put on their shoes. They headed out to the barn, and with little talking, they went and continued where they had left off the day before, attempting to clean the main level. After about an hour and a half, Billy called break time, and they headed to the house to go get themselves a nice big drink, because it was getting pretty damn hot in the barn.

“So, daddy checked out the electrical when he checked out the barn yesterday, and said it was fine, just the two breakers that popped right away were rigged to do so for safety. He also brought down his compressor so that we could use the air tools. He's even gonna bring us a repair manual on ATV's when he comes home tonight, so as soon as we finish the barn, we can start fixing them.” Billy said as they were sitting at the counter and drinking.

“That's cool. If we work real hard today, we might even be able to finish today. We're almost a third done already, so we should be able to.”

“It's not a huge deal if we don't get totally done today, but I guess it would be nice.”

“Yeah. Well, I'm done, let's go get back to work.”

“Just a minute, I'm gonna grab the large jug and fill it with ice water, so that we don't have to come back down to the house to get a drink.”

“Good idea.”

Billy got a large covered four litre pitcher and filled it full with ice, and then added water until it was completely full. As soon as he put the lid on, they were off, heading back to the barn. Billy set the jug on the work bench, and then they continued where they had left off once again. By the time a late lunch rolled around, they were half way done, their water jug was empty, and they were more than ready for some lunch. They were both also more than ready to get a much needed diaper change.

“These diapers don't hold near as much, do they?” Jeremy noted as they were walking back to the house.

“No, they certainly don't, but that's okay. They're pretty comfortable though, so that's good. What would you like for lunch?”

“Doesn't matter.” Jeremy shrugged.

“Thanks. I have to get a roast on for dinner as well, I want to cook it nice and long and slow and get it really tender. Dad's got a friend coming over for dinner tonight, so I have to get dinner ready before they come home.”

“Oh nuts, I guess that means that we can't go around in just our diapers then!”

“I never thought about that, but somehow I don't think he'll mind, so we will anyway.”

“Is this the friend that was the diaper lover?”

“Nah, I doubt my dad's known any diaper lovers until I told him I was one. I am however very sure that he's gay, and seeing a couple cute boys walking around in nothing but diapers could be a pleasant surprise for him.” Billy grinned.

“Could be fun.” Jeremy grinned.

While Billy was preparing the roast to cook, Jeremy said he would get their lunch, and just made sandwiches for them, and as soon as the roast was in the oven, they sat down to eat. They drank lots as well, because they were both thirsty again. As soon as lunch was done and cleaned up, they headed up to the bedroom to get changed, and they did so with no playing around. Before heading out to the barn, they refilled the jug and then traipsed down to the barn to get back to work.

The boys worked hard, and by the time that they were nearly leaking and getting tired form all the hard work, they were almost done. They knew that they had to go in and finish off dinner though, so would not have time to finish it off, but they would the next day with ease. They headed into the house with their empty jug and went right up to the bedroom and stripped each other and then cleaned and freshly diapered each other.

“Ah, much better.” Jeremy sighed, he really preferred being in nothing but his diaper.

“No kidding.” Billy said in agreement.

They headed down to the kitchen to start with the rest of their dinner preparations, and got everything ready just as John was walking into the house.

“Hey boys, I think you'd better go get dressed. Jim called me about five minutes ago and said he'd be here in ten to fifteen.”

“Nah, we're more comfortable this way, and I don't think he'll mind.” Billy said confidently.

“Okay, it's your call then. Dinner sure does smell good, what did you end up making?”

“Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, Yorkshire pudding, and vegetable medley.” Billy answered.

“Mmm, now that does sound good.” John said, starting to salivate already.

“I'm sure it will be. That must be Jim now, you go ahead and let him in, and we'll get this all on the table.”

“Okay.” John said and headed out to the front porch to meet his friend.

“Hey there old man, how's it goin?” Jim asked as he got out of his car and walked up to the porch.

“Who you calling old, you're a whole month older than I am.” John laughed.

“Yeah, but you look older.”

“Only because you die and fake and bake.”

“Yeah, well what can I say.” Jim laughed.

“So, how's it goin then?”

“Pretty good, and you?”

“Not too bad. Jeremy knows nothing yet, we wanted you to break it all to him, so don't say anything about why you're here until after dinner. He may suspect something, but more than likely he thinks you're only here to gather more info, seeing as how it's so soon.”

“Okay, will do. Nice spread you have here, if you're into that sorta thing I suppose.”

“Thanks, and I am, so it's perfect. It's also a really good place for Billy to grow up. He won't get bullied any more, and he won't have to watch his back all the time. Granted, he's also not going to school here, he's gonna home school, same as Jeremy already does and will continue doing so.”

“Yeah, I can understand the bullying aspect, we had our fair share of those, but we were always smarter than they were, and some of cruel pranks we pulled on those assholes was sure fun. They deserved it for sure, I'm just glad they didn't find out it was us doing it.”

“Ain't that the truth. The one guy would have creamed the both of us for sure had he have found out that it was us that slipped the pink dye into his shampoo for after football practice. Was the funniest damn thing ever though, especially when he couldn't get it washed out and he just bleached it and then finally shaved it all because it looked almost as bad.” Jim laughed.

“Yeah, that was good for sure, or the one where we got into that one assholes locker and put a dozen stinky rotting fish in there. God, I don't even remember their names anymore, you know that. Probably for the best.”

“No kidding. I'm surprised we didn't get caught though, the principle knew full well my dad was a fisherman and where the fish musta come from.”

“He probably knew, but he probably figured we deserved it since we complained so much about those bastards. Well come on in, Billy and Jeremy have a really good smelling dinner on the table and ready for us.”

“More than likely true. Well, let's not keep them waiting then shall we. I'm just glad it wasn't you that cooked, you can ruin a perfectly good hotdog.”

“Hey, I've gotten better, I'm just glad that Sue taught Billy how to cook. Since she died he's taught me lots, and I've gotten better, but he's still way better than I am.”

“That's good. So, you still coping fine on that front?”

“Yeah, we still have our hard days of course, they'll come for a while yet, but we're together and doing as good as can be expected. Billy though shocked me and told me that I should go and start dating again. Usually it's the kids that are dead set against it, but it's me that's not ready yet.”

“He's a good kid and knows that eventually you'll need someone more in your life, but do it when you're ready, it doesn't have to be any time soon.”

“Yeah, he's the greatest. By the way, when you walk in, try not to be too shocked at what the boys are wearing.”

“What are they wearing, french maid outfits or something like that?”

“Um, no, not quite, but it might shock you more.”

“Probably not, I'm gay, you've known that your whole life practically, and you told me the second you found out he was gay, and I know what us gays like to dress up in, so whether girls clothes or leathers or diapers, it probably won't shock me.”

“Got it in three.” John grinned.

“Oh, now this I gotta see. You really would be surprised at how many gays like diapers. Tried them myself a few times at boyfriends' urging, just not all that into it, but I bet they're real cute in them, especially with as good looking as Billy is.”

“Believe it or not, Jeremy is even better looking than Billy is, and that's hard for a proud father to admit.”

“Really, I have a hard time believing that.”

“You won't in a few seconds, come on in and meet Jeremy.” John smiled and showed Jim in. They headed right to the dining room and the boys were already there, laying out the last of the meal.

“Oh my, you were right, he's even more good looking than Billy is.” Jim said simply.

“See, told you so, everyone thinks so.” Billy smiled warmly to Jeremy, because they had both heard it and Jeremy instantly blushed.

“Thanks.” Jeremy whispered.

“You boys look cute dressed like that. I'm glad that you're comfortable enough to stay as you're comfortable around me.” Jim smiled to the boys.

“Yeah, well I know you're gay too, and I know dad knows and that he would have told you as soon as he found out. And knowing how most gays feel about other gays dressing up, I knew you'd be okay with us just like this.”

“Very good observation. So, how long have you known that I was gay then?”

“Forever I guess.” Billy shrugged.

“Okay, and how did you know your dad knew?”

“Let's just say I heard him and mom talking about you once and how you were a real slut, had had five different guys in one week.” Billy laughed.

“You were.” John shrugged.

“Hey, I resemble that remark.”

“We know.” John and Billy said at the same time.

“Geez, you know me so well. I've calmed down some lately though, I actually have a steady boyfriend. He's twenty four, real cute, but my god, the things he does in bed could drive a guy insane, and I so want to be insane.” Jim grinned brightly.

“It's a good thing Jeremy's gay as well.” Billy laughed.

“Don't worry, I knew he was, the second I saw him.”

“How did you know?” Jeremy asked in shock.

“Easy, same way you probably could tell that I was the second you saw me, even if Billy hadn't have told you, you would've known. We can usually tell each other apart. I knew Billy was gay by the time he was six, but I never told his dad or him, just let them figure it out on their own.”

“Yeah, I would've known right away that you were too.” Jeremy nodded simply.

“Come on guys, let's sit and eat, this is gonna get cold if we stay standing here and talking. There's plenty of time after dinner to talk.” Billy offered, waving his hand at all the food.

“Good idea. Let's eat.” John smiled, and they all sat down.

For the next twenty minutes, they sat there and just ate, hardly talking at all, other than everyone telling Billy just how good it really was, because it was really that good.

“My god Billy, not even your mom did as good a job on a roast, that was excellent.” John sighed as he finished his last bite.

“No kidding.” Jim added before Billy could reply.

“Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.” Billy smiled warmly.

“Come on, let's get this all cleaned up, and then let's go sit back in the living room and catch up.” Jim said.

They spent at most fifteen minutes cleaning up before retiring to the living room to sit back and chat.

“So, since I'm the one with all the information, and this involves you Jeremy, I guess I'll be talking mostly to you.” Jim started off.

“What have you found out so far, can we even do it?” He asked cautiously.

“Not only can we do it, but it'll be done tomorrow if all goes well. Here's what you need to know and my ideas.” Jim said, and then started laying everything out that he had said to John the night before and what his suggestions were.

“Holy crap, really. I knew grandma was rich, but that much I never imagined, and she really left it all to me?”

“Yes. So, my question to you is, do you want to go forth with my plan, or would you like to propose something different, or make a change to the existing plan, so that I can go to the police tomorrow and get everything started?”

“I think that he should have to pay for the abuse he gave to me, but I guess stripping him of almost all that he had and just giving him one house and no further income will have to do. If he's smart, he could live off that for quite some time with a half way decent job, so it won't destroy him. I'll pay to fly him and his belongings out there though, it only seems fair. When you tell him this, tell him it's a one shot deal, and if he even thinks of saying no, just one syllable of it, that the deal will be off, that he'll get nothing, and I'll take him to court for as long as needed until he's in jail.”

“That sounds more than fair, and will be duly noted as well. So, how do you feel about all this then?”

“Thanks. I don't know, good I guess. Kinda a bit of a surprise though to find out that you're all of a sudden quite rich.”

“Yes, I can well imagine that it'd come as a bit of a shock to the system. Now, now that you're going to pretty much be officially adopted by John, you have a couple choices, and you need to make a decision. Will you want to take his last name, and do you want to have any sort of allowance from your trust fund, such as for yourself or for John?”

“Can I hyphenate my last name with his, because I don't want to totally drop my family, it was only my dad that was bad?”

“Of course, any way you see fit to do it, I can do almost anything on the paperwork, and when I pass it by the judge, he can make the change instantly, or pretty much anyway.”

“Good, I'd like for you to do that for me then please.” Jeremy said, and then told Jim how he wanted the name split.

“Excellent, and the other?”

“Well, I wouldn't mind a couple hundred a month for myself, with the stipulation that I can get more if I need it, and I think that John should be given a thousand dollars a month as well to help with everything.”

“Okay, done. As for your trust fund, it's already set up in a way that all you have to do is ask your trustees for the money, and if they deem it acceptable, then it can be done right away. I'll give you his information, so that you may call him at any time, and we'll get a personal bank account set up for you right away. Now, your other two houses, would you like to have the property management company continue to manage them for you, after some changes have been made of course, or would you rather just sell them?”

“Nah, keep things as is. Right now I don't want to sell them, and the chalet at the ski lodge might come in handy. How is it managed right now anyway?”

“As a short term rental property, so someone can go for a weekend or a month and use all the facilities. So, at any time that you wanted to use it, all you have to do is inform the property manager that you'd like to go, and when, and he'll book it for you. Of course, if it's already booked for that time, not even he can change that, so call with plenty of notice. Usually properties like that book up about two months in advance, and sometimes more, so always make good plans.”

“Cool, that sounds just fine then. Might have to go and visit for a month some time soon, who knows.” Jeremy smiled.

“Would be nice, that's for sure.” Jim smiled.

“Now, Jeremy, I'd like to suggest a change before Jim goes ahead and draws all that up for you.” John intruded, finally getting a chance, John and Billy had not really been asked anything so far, nor did they even say anything.

“What John?” Jeremy asked curiously.

“Well, I don't want or need a thousand dollars a month. There's no way you can cost anywhere near that much to feed and clothe.” John said.

“Oh, okay, make it fifteen hundred then.” Jeremy turned and said to Jim.

“No Jeremy, you're not getting me, I don't want your money.” John said.

“Oh fine Jim, just go ahead and make it two thousand then.” Jeremy turned to John this time and stuck his tongue out.

“Jim, if you value your life and our friendship, you won't make that change. Just leave it at the thousand then.” John shook his head.

“Thanks John, I don't want for you to have to struggle ever again, and even though I know it won't cost anywhere near that to feed and clothe me, you deserve it too for all that you've done for me and will do for me, so take it happily.”

“Thanks Jeremy, but it really is too much money, I'll take it though, but on only one condition.”

“What's that?”

“That you come over here and give me a hug first of all, and to tell you that when and if you want to call me dad, I'd be happy to call you son.” John said, tears already starting to come down.

“I've never had a dad before, at least not one I wanted to call dad, it might take some time, but I will.” Jeremy said, coming over and giving John a nice big hug. Billy stayed out of this one, for now.

“That's all I ask. So, was there anything else you needed then Jim?”

“Not yet, I just have to make all the changes and print out a final copy, notarize it and have you and Jeremy sign it, and then I get to sign it when Jeremy's soon to be ex father signs it as well. Assuming everything goes as planned, all the dirty work will be done by noon tomorrow. I'll also get all the money stuff settled with the other lawyer and the trust company, so that you guys won't have to do anything, unless you wish to do so.”

“Okay, do what you need and we'll sign it once you're done.” John said and Jeremy nodded happily.

“Thanks. I'll go to the dining room where it'll be more peaceful, because this'll take me probably an hour or so to do, and that way you guys can talk.”

“Cool, have fun.”

“I will.” Jim grinned and grabbed all his stuff and headed to the dining room.

“So, how do you feel Jeremy?” John asked.

“A little overwhelmed to tell you the truth.”

“Not all that surprising really. A lot's gone on today, and it'll take some time to get used to it all. I'll let Billy tell you the rules of the house later once you've settled in a bit more.”

“Thanks. So, let me get this straight, I never have to go back to that man, I get to stay here right?”

“Yes, as long as everything goes as planned tomorrow, then that's very true.” John smiled warmly.

“Good.” Jeremy said happily, and wrapped John back up in another tight loving hug. Billy joined in this time after only a couple seconds, and all three of them cried as they sat there, Jeremy so happily that he finally had the family he really deserved.

“Feel better now?” John asked Jeremy when he was finally able to pull away, it had been at least fifteen minutes of hugging and crying.

“Yeah, lots better, thanks.” Jeremy smiled.

“Good. I almost forgot with all that's happened today, but I have a surprise out in the car for you boys. Why don't you both go on out and grab it while I see if there's anything good on TV.”

“Okay.” Billy said, and they hopped up and ran outside, not even putting on their shoes or sandals.

“What is it?” Jeremy asked as they opened up the rear door.

“There's a couple books, but the rest looks like seats, enough for all the tractors and ATV's. I wonder if daddy remembered the gas as well? I'll check the trunk. I asked him to get us some as well.” Billy said happily.

“That's sorta what I thought they were.” Jeremy said.

“Yep, there's three gas cans full back here, that'll be lots to get started.” Billy called out and started pulling them out.

Jeremy joined him in pulling everything out of the car that was essentially theirs, and set it aside for the time being. They took stock of what all was there, and then carried it up to the front porch to store it there for the night, keeping the books with them of course. There were the seats, books, and gas of course, but there was also an assortment of different wires and electrical connectors, hoses and clamps, oil, air, and fuel filters for all, spark plugs for all that needed them, a few different types of oil, and lots of cans of parts cleaners.

“Cool, thanks daddy, you got everything, including seats and other stuff for us to fix everything, that's wicked. How much did it all cost?”

“Only a few hundred for everything, so really good.”

“I suppose that you won't let us pay you back for it either, will you?” Jeremy asked.

“No, of course not.” John said, sounding almost insulted.

“That's what I thought, hence the reason I made you take the money earlier.” Jeremy laughed.

“Yeah. So, do you boys want to watch TV with me then, or are you gonna start reading those books? As you can tell, I grabbed one on tractor repair as well, figuring you might find it useful as well.”

“I wouldn't mind starting to read these myself.” Billy said, looking to Jeremy to see what he wanted to do.

“Sounds good to me as well. You can watch TV though, it won't bother me while I'm reading.” Jeremy said to John.

“Same here.” Billy added.

“Nah, I'll just grab a book as well, and the three of us can curl up on the couch and read together, very relaxing.”

“Okay.” Both boys said happily.

They all grabbed their books and laid back and started reading. They were interrupted almost an hour later by the entrance of Jim, telling them that he needed some signatures now. He went over all the papers with John and Jeremy and then when told where to sign, they both did.

“There, all done now. All I have to do now is get your ex father to sign this and it'll be done as soon as I get it to a judge friend of mine who'll sign off on the entire thing. If all goes as planned, by the end of the week, everything will be perfectly legal and sealed up tighter than a drum.”

“Thank you so much Jim, I don't know how I'll ever repay you.” Jeremy said, hugging Jim tightly.

“Consider that hug more than enough payment for almost anyone, but most especially me.” Jim said happily.

“Thanks.” Jeremy smiled.

“Come on Jim, let me take you for a walk around the place and I'll show you around. Then I'll show you the house and show you where you're sleeping. We still usually go to bed pretty early, so in just a hour or so.”

“Ick, early birds. Never could figure out how you could go to bed before midnight.”

“Yeah, well I've always had an early morning job, not like you who usually only works three or four hours a day and refuses to start before noon.”

“What can I say, it suits me.”

“Yeah, you always were a party animal.”

“Yeah, right. The first party I went to I was almost graduated university, that was the year I officially came out and I was invited to an all gay party. Was quite a blast, but I'd always been a night owl, even before that.”

“Yeah, I know, I was teasing you.” John laughed.

“Thanks. Go ahead and show me around this dismal place then, let me see why you just had to escape the city.”

“Okay.” John said brightly.

“We're just gonna stay here and read.” Billy said after looking to Jeremy.

“Okay, enjoy.”

“What are they reading?” Jim asked curiously.

“Repair books for tractors and ATV's, since we seem to have a few that are quite old and in need of a bit of fixing.”

“Oh, how riveting.” Jim said sarcastically.

“Probably not, but they want to fix them, so they need to know the basics at least. I could help them, but I learned on my own, so why shouldn't they. I'll help if they have any questions, but they can learn to ask them on their own.”

“Yeah, you always did love playing with things and finding out how and why they worked and then fixing them.”

“It was fun, and I made a damn good living through school doing that.”

“Yeah, you always had some broken down piece of shit that you were tearing apart that you got for free, and then when you got it working you sold it, you did make some pretty good money, didn't you.”

“Yep, but then it was the only money I got, so I had no choice.”

They continued talking as they headed out of the house and John showed him most of the property, taking him out to the barn and showing him what the boys were doing out there, and showing him how large their property was. It was not huge, but was quite large, only a little more than ten acres total. They then headed back into the house, where John showed Jim the rest of it that he would not have seen. He loved Billy's bedroom, but who would not really, it was very large and spacious, with anything and everything a boy could possibly need. Last John took Jim to the spare bedroom downstairs where he would get to sleep, and he liked it as well. Billy's old bedroom furniture had been moved into there, and it was fine, not great, but for guests it was all that was needed, considering they would rarely have guests anyway.

“It really is a nice house, and it suits you guys perfectly. Even in school I could tell you hated living in the city.”

“Yeah, if it wasn't for the fact that my parents had no choice but to move to the city in order to find work, I never would have been there at all. Then again, I wouldn't have met you, and my life would've been empty. I knew some day I'd move back to the country where it was quiet and peaceful, I just wish it had've been sooner. I've slept so much better since we've been out here, I just never could get used to all the noise, and the smell out here is so much better too, even when driving past a farm.”

“Well, the smell is debatable, but I can understand the silence, it's very quiet out here, almost too quiet for me.”

“Yeah, but you always were the city boy. Remember that night we went camping up in the mountains when we were sixteen?”

“How could I forget. That's when I found out I was seriously afraid of the dark.”

“Yeah, you cried all night long, saying it was too dark and too quiet.”

“But even though you weren't gay, you hugged me all night and told me I'd be alright. You know, after that night, I would have done anything for you”

“Yeah, well it was mutual. Well, I hate to tell you this, but I'm getting quite tired, and I should probably be getting to bed, and the boys are probably ready as well, if they haven't passed out.”

“Okay. I'll stay up and watch TV for a while then, because I won't be ready for bed for at least an hour yet, that's about the earliest I can go to bed.”

“Okay. I'll leave the hall light on for you, so that you won't be scared of the dark and so that you can find the bathroom.”

“I'm not really afraid of the dark anymore, you know.”

“Yeah, but it'll still be pitch black if I don't, there's no light if there's no moon, and you'll be scared, because you haven't experienced that dark since that camping trip.”


“Come on boys, head on up to bed, and make sure to change each other before you climb into bed, because you're quite wet.” John called out when they walked back into the living room, startling both boys.

“Oh, okay daddy. We would've changed each other anyway.” Billy said, yawning lightly as he said so.

“Yeah, and probably a bit more too.” John grinned.

“Probably.” Billy grinned back.

Jim laughed and Jeremy blushed lightly. The boys got up and said goodnight to the men, and then headed upstairs.

“Well, today went really well. I'm really tired now though, so we better get changed and get to bed.” Billy yawned.

“Yeah. Are you hard though, I could really go for a bit of rubbing?”

“Oh yeah, same here.”

“Good.” Jeremy smiled.

Billy decided that there was no better time than the present, so he grabbed Jeremy up in a nice big hug, attached them at the lips and started kissing him deeply. At much the same time, they snaked their hands down to the front of each others very soggy diapers, and just stroking each other on the outsides, they started rubbing each others erections. They were both very wet and very hard, and this felt very good. They did not even venture inside each others diapers, they stayed outside, and as they kissed, they rubbed, and at the same time, three or so minutes later, they came.

“Oh wow, so good.” Jeremy sighed deeply.

“Yeah, for sure.” Billy sighed as well.

With no more words, they kissed for another few seconds, and then Billy laid down on the bed when Jeremy started heading for the closet. They changed each others diapers gently, cleaning and creaming each other nicely, and then before too long, they were laying down in bed, where they once again kissed, and the final words of the night were goodnight, I love you from both. They passed out and slept soundly wrapped up in each other all night long.

Chapter 7

“Good morning boys, you look better this morning Jeremy.” John said as the boys sauntered into the kitchen at just a little after six the following morning.

“Thanks, I feel better.” Jeremy smiled brightly.

“I bet. Getting to curl up and sleep with the one you love for the first time does have its effects.”

“Yeah.” Both boys sighed.

“Where's Jim?” Jeremy asked.

“He more than likely won't wake up until ten, he's a night owl and mornings just don't work well for him. If he's up before that, you'd better wear a full body armor of some sort, he can be downright scary.” John laughed.

“It's true.” Billy said flatly.

“Man, how did he manage in school?”

“Slept the first two hours usually, and I'm not joking by the way. He got in more trouble for doing that than all the other kids in school did together. Every day he was yelled at for sleeping in class. Not sure how he survived in university for his early classes, but he worked it so that he only had classes in the afternoon for the most part.”

“Yikes. And here I'd rather start as early in the morning as I can, so that I can get things done.”

“Same here.” Both John and Billy said at the same time.

“So, are you boys gonna be out and cleaning the barn more today, or what are you gonna do?”

“Not too sure. We'll probably go do more cleaning, but I'm getting pretty tired and I think maybe we'll go do something fun as well.” Billy said after looking to Jeremy to see if he wanted to answer first.

“That sounds good to me.” Jeremy smiled.

“You probably don't even have all that much work left to do to clean out the barn anyway, if you're quick, you might be able to get it done by lunch.”

“I doubt we can get it done that quick, but maybe I suppose.” Jeremy said.

“We'll try though.” Billy added.

“Well, there's no point in you two working yourselves to the bone, you're on vacation, so you should at least have some fun too.”

“We know.” Both boys said.

“Well, grab yourselves some breakfast boys, I'm gonna head to my room and get ready for work, I have to be heading out soon.”

“Okay.” They said, and John headed to his room and the boys got themselves some breakfast.

As soon as the boys were all fed up, they too headed upstairs to get cleaned up. They stripped each other of their diapers and headed to the bathroom and hopped in the shower together. Of course, while in there, they decided that they were naked, wet, and very hard, so they attached themselves at the lips and grasped each others erections as they were being pelted with the hot water. With their tongues deep into each others throats, their hands desperately mauling each others boners, they were not trying to hold it off any, they just wanted release, and it came quickly. With gasps that escaped into each others mouths, they both came at the same time.

Instead of stopping though, they were oh so horny this morning for some reason, hey they are teens, they continued right where they had left off. They continued stroking and playing tonsil hockey until they were rushing through their second orgasm of the morning not even five minutes later.

“Wow, I've never cum twice in a row like that, that was awesome.” Jeremy gasped when they finally broke apart.

“I have before, but that was about a billion times better than when I did it myself.”

“I bet. I love you.” Jeremy sighed.

“I love you too. We better get cleaned up and dried off and then diapered and dressed for the day, because we probably shouldn't stay in the shower all day.”

“Might be fun, but we'd look like raisins.” Jeremy giggled.

“No kidding.” Billy laughed as well and grabbed the soap and they started washing each other. They finished with each others hair, and then got out and dried each other off. They met at the sink and they brushed their teeth and hair, and then headed into the bedroom and as Jeremy grabbed the diaper supplies, Billy grabbed their clothes. They met at the bed and diapered and dressed each other, ready for the day.

As soon as they were ready to, they headed downstairs, to find that John was standing by the door, just getting ready to go.

“Glad you boys finally decided to come down, I was just about to leave. Musta been a good shower, you were in there long enough.”

“No, it was a great shower.” Billy grinned.

“Mmmhmm, looks like it from the glow.” John laughed.

“I bet. So, you better head out daddy, before you're late. Have a good day, love you.” Billy giggled.

“Oh right, yeah, I better. Love you too, have a good day boys.” John laughed.

“We will.”

“Oh, and have Jim come and see me once he's done for the day here, and tell him that if he wants to, to stay for dinner tonight as well.”

“Will do daddy. Have fun.”

“You too.” John said, and then headed out.

“So, you want to go back out to the barn and continue cleaning it then?” Jeremy asked.

“Sure, we can do that, but I wasn't kidding, I want to go do something fun today as well, and I'd love to watch you dance again too if you'd like to.”

“Okay, so after lunch we do something fun then?”

“Sounds good to me. We should leave a note for Jim though so that he knows where to find us once he finally decides to get his lazy ass outta bed.”

“Okay, go ahead, you know where that sort of stuff is, I don't.” Jeremy offered.

“You'll have to find out eventually anyway, so it's in the phone desk in the kitchen.”

“Makes sense enough, but you can still write the note. Few people can read my writing, and my old teachers had me do extra courses in hand writing, but I just can't write nice at all, so they told me just to type my stuff out.” Jeremy chuckled.

“Well, mine's probably not that much better to tell you the truth, but I'll do it.” Billy smiled warmly and headed to the kitchen and wrote a note for Jim.

As soon as he was done that, he joined Jeremy in the foyer and they put on their shoes and headed outside and to the barn. As soon as they made it there, they got started where they had left off the day before and by the time Jim came down almost three hours later, they were very nearly done.

“Oh hey Jim, finally decided to crawl your sorry butt outta bed did you?” Billy laughed when a very disheveled Jim walked in the barn.

“Yeah, I had a pretty good sleep. You boys must have been out here for a while, it's cleaner than it was yesterday, and I thought there was a days worth of work yet in here.”

“Nah, we've only been in here for a few hours now. What time is it?” Billy asked.

“Just a few minutes after ten.”

“So a little over three hours then.” Jeremy said this time.

“You boys make me sick. How can you even function so early in the morning?” Jim laughed.

“Just do, and I've always preferred getting up early and having daylight to do stuff by. Not sure how you can stay up so late and have half the day go by before getting up.” Billy shrugged.

“I guess we're just different that way. I'm gonna head back into the house and grab a nice hot shower and get dressed and ready for the day. Would you boys like for me to make you some lunch when I'm done, and I'll eat as well?”

“Sure, that would be nice. When should we come down?” Billy asked.

“Give me at least an hour. I'll leave you my watch so that you know.” Jim said, taking off his watch and passing it to Billy.

“Thanks, that'll make it easier.” Billy smiled, taking the watch and putting it on. It was actually something that he had never had before, he never needed one he felt.

“Probably, but more so for me, it's quite the walk from the house to here. This way I don't have to come all the way back up here in order to call you for lunch.” Jim smiled.

“True. I think I'm gonna ask my dad to pick up some good two way radios so that we can always be in communication with the house.”

“That would be a good idea, especially once you get the ATV's up and running.”

“Actually, daddy might even demand that.”

“Probably will, knowing how protective of you he can be at times.” Jim chuckled, because he knew it was so true.

“God, no kidding. At least he's gotten better as I've gotten older, but even still the first while here I had to check in every couple hours when I went out exploring in the woods and I wasn't allowed to go up the mountain or anything.”

“Yeah, I told him a few times to loosen the reins a little with you, how was he to expect you to be able to grow up and become a man. Little did I know though that you wanted to stay a baby. Speaking of which, your diapers are showing quite well under your pants, which more than likely means that you're both very wet.” Jim grinned.

“Just 'cause we like diapers, doesn't mean that we're babies remember, we still want and need freedom. As for your comment on us being very soggy, we are, thanks for noticing, but we'll change after lunch. We shouldn't start leaking, yet, but even if we do, oh well, so be it.” Billy smiled warmly.

“Very true. Well come on down in an hour then and get some lunch, I'll figure something out I'm sure.” Jim smiled back and headed down to the house.

The boys continued cleaning in the barn, and managed to get it all finished before their hour was up. Instead of going down to the house though, they celebrated by kissing each other deeply and lovingly for a few minutes. They were both nice and hard inside their diapers, but they did not want to take care of that quite yet, they would wait until after lunch. After finishing their five minute kiss of love, they grabbed hands and headed down to the house to get some lunch.

“Ah, just in time boys. Feel free to get comfortable and wash your hands and faces, lunch will be on the table in just a few minutes.” Jim said as the boys walked in. he had to smile at seeing them holding hands as they were.

“Okay, thanks.” Jeremy said and they headed up to their bedroom.

Once there, they stripped each other down to only their nice soggy diapers, and then went to the bathroom to wash their hands and faces. As soon as they were nice and clean, they headed back down to the dining room to get lunch. Jim was just setting it all on the table as they walked in. He had fresh soup and sandwiches for them, as well as salad and home made dressing.

“This looks really good Jim, thanks.” Billy said happily when they sat down.

“Thanks. I like to cook too, and actually getting to cook for others is a nice treat when I usually only cook for myself.”

“Then you should find yourself a nice guy and settle down and adopt a few kids together.” Billy said softly.

“No thanks, not yet. Hopefully soon though I can do that. I'd like to have kids though in less than ten years, but I still have a lot of work to do before I'm stable enough to have kids.”

“Nah, you're just not ready yet, because you know as well as I do that you make enough money and are doing well enough at work to be able to afford kids.” Billy said simply.

“Yeah, you're probably right. But I still find I have to spend a lot of hours just to get everything that I want, and that's no way to raise a kid.”

“You'd manage.” Billy said, and they started eating their lunch, almost all talk ceasing to be after that.

“Thanks, that was real good. So, what are you gonna do after lunch then?” Billy asked after they finished their lunch.

“Thanks. I have to go to the police station and explain everything and then we get to go find Jeremy's dad and serve him his papers and get everything finalized, should he decide to follow our suggestions.”

“What are you gonna do after that?”

“That's probably going to take most of the rest of the day.”

“Okay. Daddy said to go see him at work when you were done and said that I should invite you to stay for dinner.”

“Okay, that'll be nice, I'll have to do that, because it'll be too late by the time I'm done so I'll need to eat before leaving.”

“Why not stay the night again?” Jeremy asked.

“No thanks, I want to get back home. I'll come here though to tell you boys what all happened, and I might even have to just meet John here as well, depending on how long everything takes.”

“Oh, okay.” Billy said.

“Then the sooner you leave, the sooner you can get everything done, so we'll clean all this up, you go deal with my ex father.” Jeremy smiled warmly.

“Thanks, I'll do just that. I'll see you boys this evening some time then, okay.” Jim said.

“Okay, see ya.” Both boys said, and Jim hopped up and grabbed his things and headed out right away.

“So, what do you want to do now?” Billy asked.

“I think you know the answer to that.” Jeremy grinned cheekily.

“Does it by chance happen to be the same thing I'm thinking of?”

“I don't know, are you thinking of going upstairs and removing these very wet diapers and talking about anything that arises?” Jeremy giggled cutely.

“Oh yeah, but I doubt there'll be much for talking.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Jeremy said, and then grabbed Billy's hand and dragged him upstairs.

Once there, they flopped on the bed and attached themselves at the lips and for the next ten minutes they kissed softly and tenderly, only stroking each others backs lightly. Billy was the first to pull away, but it was not to remove Jeremy's diaper yet.

“Jeremy, I want to try something new today, would you let me?”

“Oh yes, do anything to me that you want.” Jeremy moaned deeply.

“Goody.” Billy said happily and started kissing and licking his way down Jeremy's small frame.

When he reached Jeremy's diaper, Billy just continued kissing it, but he also started petting it too, and Jeremy was moaning and sighing non stop. Billy reached up and removed the tapes holding Jeremy's diaper on, and then folded it down, but he did not remove it. Billy just stopped and stared for the longest time. He had seen Jeremy hard a number of times, he had held his hardness almost as much, but never before had he been this close to it, Jeremy was gasping from the hot breath that Billy was breathing on it he was that close.

Finally Billy moved in the last couple centimeters and engulfed Jeremy to the root, sucking him in entirely. Jeremy gaped out, “OH FUCK,” and went into an instantaneous orgasm. He squeaked and squealed, he pulsed and he quaked, and Billy just kept on sucking. There was no way that Billy wanted to stop any time soon, it felt just as good to him to make his boyfriend feel this good, well maybe not quite so much he thought to himself, but it sure felt nice, so right he thought.

Jeremy though was going into serious sensory overload, never before had he felt something so good, and to have it continue after the very best orgasm of his entire life was almost too much, it was almost painful. Yet he did not want it to stop any more than Billy did, it just felt too good. His body though was reacting even more because of all this though. He was now sweating fiercely, his entire body was quivering, he was nearly levitating off the bed, and he was seeing the most vibrant colored flashes of lights before his eyes. It was by far the most amazing thing that he had ever felt in his entire life. And this was only really the beginning.

Billy was actually surprised at the reactions of Jeremy, but he was pleased as well. He knew that he was causing Jeremy so many truly good feelings to course through his entire body, how could that not make a person feel good. He was loving every second of the sexual torture that he was causing in his boyfriend and almost could not wait until the tables got to be turned and he could feel what Jeremy was now feeling.

Jeremy was unable to last all that much longer under the incredible assault of his senses. From the time of his last orgasm to the start of the next one had been at most three minutes. Billy could feel it coming, it was as if a huge spring was coiling up, he could feel Jeremy tighten up every muscle in his entire body, he stopped breathing even, and then all of a sudden, it uncoiled and Jeremy screamed out in ecstasy and exploded in an orgasm that would not likely ever be topped. With no real surprise though, Jeremy passed out, it was too much for his battered mind and body to cope with.

When Billy looked up, it was in satisfaction at having caused the very thing he was hoping to cause. He let Jeremy's softening penis slip from his mouth, but instead of moving away, Billy stayed right where he was and very gently sucked Jeremy's entire sack into his mouth, and very softly he just sucked and tongued it. He was not trying to cause orgasmic pleasure or anything, just trying to make Jeremy feel good. All of a sudden, about five minutes later, Billy felt his forehead getting wet, and he knew that Jeremy was peeing on him. He did not mind, nor did he even move. Jeremy only peed just a tiny bit.

It took every bit of at least twenty minutes for Jeremy to even start waking up, and another five or so for him to come too. Billy looked up, and Jeremy's eyes were now open, but even though he knew he was awake, he was more than certain that Jeremy was not entirely all there yet either, he still looked more than a little glazed over. Finally Billy saw Jeremy look down and smile, and Billy knew that he was back again, so he detached.

“How was it?” He whispered softly.

“Oh god, so good I couldn't even begin to describe it.” Jeremy whispered back hoarsely.

“Good, I'm glad.”

“Why's your hair wet?” Jeremy asked, noticing that he was more than a little wet.

“You peed on me while you were sleeping.” Billy grinned as he started crawling upwards.

“Oh god, I'm so sorry.” Jeremy gasped.

“Why, it's only pee, and if I was that worried, I would have diapered you? You can't help peeing in your sleep any more than I can, so don't worry about it.” Billy smiled.

“Still, I'm sorry.” Jeremy smiled shyly and accepted the kiss that Billy was trying to give him.

They started kissing tenderly again for a few minutes, and before too long, Jeremy was trying to roll Billy over so that he could have his fun too. Billy took the hint and rolled over onto his back, and as soon as he was, Jeremy wasted no time in moving his way down. Once he reached Billy's now extremely wet diaper, he had peed as well while Jeremy was asleep, he started kissing and caressing the nice bulge hidden not so well beneath. He reached up and released the tapes and pulled his diaper down in the front only, and then sucked Billy in to the root, gagging slightly as he did so, he was not used to swallowing anything quite so big. Granted, this was his first adventure into oral sex, so he was truly unaccustomed to this.

He did get used to the feeling right away though and learned pretty much instantly how to breath through his nose, and started bobbing up and down on Billy's entire length, making sure to give plenty of tongue action as well. Billy lasted maybe a few seconds longer for his first orgasm than Jeremy had, and other than a loud sharp intake of breath, he did not say anything. Jeremy had felt Billy preparing to fire, so made sure that only the head of his nice big dick was just inside his mouth, so that he could taste the flavor of his boyfriend, something that he had wanted to do a lot since they got together, and be damned if he was going to miss the chance now.

Six good sized shots later, Billy was done, at least he thought he was. There was no way though that Jeremy was going to let Billy go after what he had done to him earlier, so he too kept right on sucking. Billy started panting and gasping even more, his body started to tighten up even more than before, he too was now starting to see vivid flashes of bright colors, and he started to rise from the bed on his shoulders and feet.

Jeremy was now more than familiar with the reasons why Billy had kept going, even though he had to have known just what he had been doing to him, because Jeremy was now enjoying the same thing. Causing that much pleasure in anyone, if they wanted it of course, just made you feel so good too. Jeremy was starting to feel Billy preparing for an ultimate orgasm after only a few minutes as well, and just when he thought that Billy could go on for no more, he was right, because Billy exploded.

This time there were twelve very strong pulses, but Jeremy only counted five actual shots enter his mouth. The quantity though of each squirt was easily twice as much as the previous load, and it was even thicker and tastier than the previous one. Jeremy thought it would have been the opposite, but he was not complaining in the least, in fact he was enjoying it a great deal. As soon as the orgasm stopped, Billy crashed, and he too passed out cold.

Jeremy adopted the same procedure as Billy had and just stayed down in Billy's crotch, softly sucking his sack, tenderly tickling it with his tongue. Jeremy was almost saddened half an hour later that Billy did not pee on him as well, he not only thought it would be good payback, but he sort of wanted to feel it as well. He felt Billy starting to come too, and then a few minutes later, he finally blinked and smiled down to Jeremy.

“How was it?” Jeremy whispered as he started moving up.

“My god, there's no way even heaven can feel that good, I just don't think anything can.” Billy sighed deeply.

“Know how you feel. Come on, we should get up and get the bedding in the wash, and then we should as well, well the shower that is.”

“Yeah, we probably should. The only problem is, I'm not entirely convinced that I can move yet.” Billy chuckled lightly.

“Yeah, that's how I felt too. I'm surprised that you didn't pee while you were asleep like I did, you're usually more wet in the morning than I am, so you probably pee more.”

“More than likely the only reason I didn't, was because I peed not long after you did, so I was pretty much empty. I have to go now though, so we should get up.”

“Go ahead and pee on me, I don't mind, and we have to change the bedding anyway.”

“Are you sure?” Billy asked softly, thinking it would be pretty hot himself.

“Sure. Here, let me roll over onto my back and you get up. Pee on my crotch, that'd be awesome.” Jeremy said giddily.

“You've dreamed of that for a while, haven't you?” Billy smiled warmly.

“Actually, no, not really. I've sorta always peed on myself in the shower and the bath, but I never thought of anyone else doing it to me, but I love you so much that if anyone does it, I'd allow you.”

“Really, I do the same!” Billy grinned as he worked himself up into a kneeling position.

“Cool.” Jeremy said as he was laid on his back in between Billy's spread legs.

It took a few seconds for the flow to start, and when it did, it was not very strong, or all that much, but Billy peed on Jeremy's crotch, also venturing up onto his belly button a bit as well with the last dying dribbles.

“That was awesome. If it wasn't for the fact that I doubt I'll get hard for a couple days after what you did to me, I probably would have gotten super hard from that.” Jeremy grinned shyly.

“Even still, you got a bit hard, but it was sorta erotic, wasn't it.” Billy grinned back.

“Yeah, like you wouldn't have gotten at least a little hard, but it was really erotic.”

“Just doing it to you almost made me hard.” Billy grinned.

“True. Well, now we really need to go get cleaned up, come on, we can get the sheets after we get cleaned up.”

“We may as well get them now, no point in getting dirty again after getting clean, and the sheets are so soaked there's no hope of us not getting it on ourselves when we change them.”

“Good point.” Jeremy admitted, so they both helped to strip the bed of all the bedding that got wet.

As soon as that was done, they took it and stuffed it in the washer, and turned it on, and then stepped into the shower to also get cleaned up. Not surprising really, but even though they both tried while cleaning the other to get hard, neither one of them did. They grinned cheekily to each other and continued cleaning each other up. As soon as they were all cleaned, the shower was shut off and they hopped out, they dried each other off, reapplied their deodorant, brushed their hair, and then went and got each other nice and thickly diapered and ready for the rest of the day.

As they were about to leave the bedroom, Billy looked at the clock on his bedside table and saw that it was well after two. They had had lunch at eleven, and then had come upstairs pretty much right away. He could not figure out how they had managed to have spent roughly three hours playing, but the clock does not lie and they had. He pointed this out to Jeremy, and they both smiled brightly because of it.

“So, I think we had all the fun, and then some, that I was planning, so what should we do now?” Billy asked.

“Don't know. Want to go start fixing one of the ATV's?”

“Nah, we can start that tomorrow or the next day. Do you want to go swimming?”

“I don't know, that might be good, but we just put on fresh diapers.”

“Yeah, but we can just put them back on after swimming too.”

“True. Okay, let's go.”

“After we've swam for a bit, I'd love to see you dance naked, or in your diaper, however you prefer.”

“I'd prefer in a diaper.” Jeremy smiled warmly.

“Okay.” Billy smiled back happily.

They headed out then, heading straight to the pond. It was a good walk, and when they made it there, they went right to the boat and climbed in and paddled out to the center, where it was much nicer to swim from. They had stripped off their diapers at the shore, so they were safe to just jump right in, so that was what they did. For about half an hour they swam around, enjoying the complete and total freedom to swim naked and free as they were. They played around, splashing and playing grab ass or dick, just having fun like boys should. At almost the same time, they climbed back into the boat and paddled back to shore.

“I must say, it's real nice to be able to do that.” Billy sighed as they climbed out of the boat and back onto shore.

“I know. As soon as I moved here and found out what my father was like, I started staying out of his way right away, so I explored a lot. The second I found this pond, I stripped right down and started swimming naked, it was great. The freedom I had out here to do what I wanted and be who I wanted almost made it worthwhile having to live with him. Obviously I was already pretty certain by then that there was no one anywhere near that could see me.”

“Had I have stumbled upon you here, naked, I probably wouldn't have been able to hold myself back. I knew you were gay the second I saw you, so I wanted you real bad. Granted you were dancing and then peed yourself and then jacked off in your very wet underwear, and I managed to hold back then, and that was nearly my every fantasy coming true.” Billy laughed.

“Then we actually met and you realized I was your every fantasy, right?”

“Yeah. I hope I was yours too!”

“Oh yeah, and then some.” Jeremy smiled brightly.

“Good. Let's get my little baby boy all diapered and then if you want to, I'd love for you to dance for me.”

“Okay, but I get to diaper you first, and then I even want you to dance with me. I haven't been able to dance with a partner for a long time, and I miss it.”

“I can't dance though. Can I watch you first for a bit at least?”

“It won't matter, I'll teach you all that you need to know. I'll dance for you first, only if you give me a kiss though.”

“Okay, but isn't that bribery.”

“Damn rights it is, and I'm not above using it whenever I need a kiss.”

“Me neither, but honestly, all you had to do was ask.”

“I know, but that's more fun.” Jeremy grinned brightly.

“Yeah.” Billy grinned right back and they pressed their lips together and kissed tenderly for a few minutes.

As soon as the kiss broke, they diapered each other back up, and then Jeremy went and started dancing, while Billy went and sat down to watch his angel. Jeremy danced alone for about thirty minutes before coming over to Billy and asking him if he could have this dance. It took about another half an hours worth of teaching for Jeremy to teach Billy all the steps that he needed in order to dance the dance that Jeremy was trying to teach him, but then they started dancing, Jeremy humming the tune that he wanted to keep them in rhythm together.

“You're a pretty good dancer once someone teaches you you know.” Jeremy said softly after they had danced it no less than five times, each one getting progressively better.

“Thanks, but you're a great teacher.” Billy smiled warmly.

“I had really good teachers, so it was easy. I'll teach you more later as well, and really get you dancing. That was just a nice simple dance, but most are far more difficult.”

“I'll dance with you any time, but I still want to watch you dance from time to time as well.”

“Okay, I can live with that.”

“Maybe we can turn the hay loft into a nice dance studio for you, you deserve to have a great place to dance in.”

“It's huge though, I don't need anywhere near that much room.”

“No I guess not, but we can make a partition and use the rest for storage.” Billy smiled.

“We can worry about that later, we have a lot more work to do before we do that.”

“Okay, but eventually I'll do it for you.”

“Thanks, I love you. Let's head back to the house, we should probably get dinner going soon.”

“I love you too. Let's go then baby.”

“I like it when you call me baby, it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Not like when my father called me baby, or worse yet, when my mother or her abomination of a boyfriend called me baby. They used to call me that all the time, no matter where we were.”

“That's horrible, but I'm glad my saying it makes you feel warm and tingly though. Don't worry, I won't call you that anywhere but when we're alone.”

“Thanks, but that's as much for you as for me, because it'd say just as much about you as it does about me when you say it like you do.” Jeremy smiled warmly.

“Yeah, you're right.”

“Can I call you my baby as well?”

“Of course, I'd love that. We sorta are each others babies, aren't we?”

“Yeah. Would your dad buy me anything like a soother or a bottle do you think, I sorta like that stuff sometimes? I used to have some at grandmas whenever I was feeling a little more babyish.”

“Sure, he won't mind at all, and I might even buy some as well.” Billy smiled brightly.

“Cool.” Jeremy said, and they continued walking in near silence, holding hands and bumping into each other lovingly as they walked all the way back to the house.

As soon as they made it back to the house, they went and got some dinner started. John would be home in about an hour, and hopefully Jim would be either with him or come before hand. In fact, he arrived about ten minutes before John had. The boys were almost finished dinner.

“Jim!” Jeremy yelled. “How did it go?” He asked excitedly.

“Hey there, I'll tell you once we're all finished dinner and we have time to talk, as well as we're all here. Okay!” Jim asked.

“I guess so.” Jeremy said dejectedly, but he was smiling, because he knew for Jim to look happy that it must have gone as planned.

Not even ten minutes later, John came in, and he too asked Jim how it had gone, and Jim gave him the same answer. He had not even bothered to go see John, because it was too late to worry about that by then. The boys got dinner on the table and they sat down and ate, almost quietly, other than Billy asking John how his day had been and answering him. Not surprisingly really, but they all ate quickly.

“To heck with the mess, I want to know what happened.” Jeremy said, showing his impatience.

“Okay, we can clean up later. Come on, let's go sit in the living room and you can tell us what happened Jim.” John said, actually almost as impatient as Jeremy.

“Okay.” He smiled and they all headed to the living room.

“Okay, you've all noticed by now that it went well, because I was quite happy, and I'm pleased to say that it went quite good. I went in alone and talked to your dad Jeremy in private, because I'd rather not embarrass people more than necessary when possible. Had he have refused to come with me quietly where we could talk in privacy, then I would have gone back and got the police and dragged him out. He was smart enough to come quietly though and we went and talked with the police. I laid everything on the line for him, told him everything that we knew, and a few things that we assumed, and he didn't deny any of it. When asked if he'd accept your offer of the house and the money that he had already embezzled from you, without prosecution if he signed you over without complaint or issue, he thought about it for only a second and said yes. We gave him tonight to pack up all that he wanted to take with him, it had to be able to be taken on the plane with him, either carry on or luggage, and that we would have the flight booked for tomorrow afternoon or evening. We gave him tomorrow to say his goodbyes here and inform his boss, of which he went and did right away, and then you'd pay to fly him there and that he'd never return or call. He signed everything without problem and the police officer witnessed it all and I notarized it, so it's all done. I'll call you in a few weeks once everything's all done and your name's changed. I think that was it though, so, unless you want or need anything else, I think I'm gonna head home now.”

“Wow, thanks so much for everything. I don't know what to say.” Jeremy said, bursting into tears.

“That's more than enough for me, thank you very much.” Jim smiled.

“Is the house even empty, no one ever said?” Billy asked.

“Yes, it's been sitting empty for about three months. The rent is quite high on it, so no one wanted it when they could barely afford to eat. I thought I'd mentioned that yesterday.”

“Oh, that's good. I don't think you did though, but you said an awful lot last night.”

“That I did. Well guys, have a good night, and I'll be talking to you later.”

“Thanks for everything Jim, we really appreciate all that you did.” John said warmly to his best friend.

“No problem, any time. Consider it just a tiny bit of the payment that I owe you for my life.” Jim smiled, and then with a final wave, he did not want to say more or he would start crying again, he left.

The three of them stood there waving until Jim was out of sight, and then they went back inside to sit back and talk.

“Daddy, what did Jim mean about owing you for his life?” Billy asked, he had never heard anything about it before.

“Well, I suppose I could tell you, you're old enough to hear it now. Please never tell him though, it was a very low point in his life. You see, I met him on his way home from school one afternoon. I'd been at the school for maybe two weeks by then, I'd just moved there half way through the year. He had an awful lot of stuff with him, and he dropped a bunch, and I offered to help him out. I helped him all the way home, and we talked and talked, I ended up calling home saying that I was at a friends house. It was Friday afternoon, and I ended up staying the entire weekend. We talked and talked and became best of friends, and we've stayed that way since.”

“About four or five months later, I started suspecting that he liked me as more than just a friend, so one night, as we were laying down to go to bed, I asked him outright if he was gay and was he thinking of me as boyfriend material. He said yes, and then I of course explained that I wasn't gay, and that I could never be more than just a friend. He burst into tears and started pleading with me to never tell anyone. Of course I had to tell him over and over again that I would never tell anyone, and that just because he was gay, did not mean that he was any less a friend to me and that we were still best friends. We ended up staying up all night talking, and that night he admitted to me why he was carrying so much that afternoon we met, he was going home to kill himself. He was fed up with the shame of being gay, he was fed up with the non stop teasing and bullying, he was so depressed that he thought that death was the only possible answer. I was the only person in the entire school that would talk to him, I never teased him, but until I showed up, his life was a living hell.”

“Oh, I feel so bad for him. I know how it feels though.”

“I know, you went through some of what he did, just not near as much, but I always watched you for depression, because I didn't want anything like that to happen to you. Of course after that, he was so much stronger, and he vowed that should I need anything, help burying a body, get out of prison, anything and I could depend on him. You know, if I killed someone and asked him to help me conceal that fact, I'm positive that he'd gladly do it. If someone shot at me, he'd gladly step in front of the bullet just to save my life. What he doesn't seem to realize though, that while I never got to the suicidal point, I was just as depressed as he was, and he really saved my life just as much, and I'd do all that and more for him too.”

“Have you ever told him that?” Jeremy asked, riveted with the tale.

“All the time. He waves it off of course, says that it was all me, but I know differently. Why do you think he would've come out here at the drop of a hat, when I'm sure that he had a few clients that were needing his help? To help you Billy would be the same as helping me, so always make sure that you truly need his help real bad, because if you ask, he'll come to the rescue, be damned of the consequences. We must always remember that we can't take advantage of that, it's so deep in his being now, that he couldn't stop it even if he wanted to. Granted, the same can be held true for me to him, I'll go to almost any length to help him out of a jam, and I've done so a few times, same as he for me.”

“What all have you two done for each other?” Billy asked curiously, totally engaged in the tale now.

“Well, he's come and bailed me out of jail more than a couple times now.” John grinned.

“What, you've been in jail before?” Billy almost gasped.

“Yeah, I've had my sorry ass thrown in the pen a few times, just overnight though. I was quite the partier for a while, and I got pretty rowdy when I partied, so I ended up getting tossed in jail. He was only sorry that he wasn't there for those times, but there were a few times that we ended up there together too.” John grinned even more.

“Really, even Jim was in jail with you before?” Billy asked, almost too surprised now, he never thought Jim would have done anything like that.

“Yeah, well Jim was more introverted than I was, that's for sure, until he hit university that is, then he found his wings, came out to everyone, became more confident with himself, and eventually came around to my way of thinking. I had no choice but to stop that lifestyle when while in university I went and got a girl pregnant, so I sorta grew up a bit and went and got a job. It wasn't what I really wanted, but it paid well, and eventually I got to the point where I could start managing. Jim though stayed partying more and I bailed him out of jail a few times during university. By the time he was finished with school, he had grown up a bit more, and then that was the end of bailing each other out of jail.”

“Oh wow. What else did you do for each other?” Billy asked. Totally enthralled now.

“Now, the rest of those stories, I'm not entirely sure I should tell you. Some of the things we did as kids I certainly don't want my son knowing.” John grinned. “I will tell you this though, you ever get yourself tossed in jail, and don't call me, you'd best have a friend like I had, because like my dad before me, I'd let you sit it out and learn your lessen.”

“Oh, come on, tell me, please?” Billy just had to know.

“Nope, but I'll tell you this much, it never involved drugs or harm to anyone, but that we were a lot smarter than our bullies that tormented us, so we tormented them back the only way we knew how, and we did it with vigor. We got caught a few times, and we paid the price, but it was well worth it. So, Jeremy, how do you feel now?”

“No, you can't change the subject, you have ta tell me.” Billy said in indignation now.

“No, I don't have to tell you, you'll have to make your own teen memories.” John grinned.

“Fine, be like that.” Billy said in a huff, but he was grinning. He had never thought of his dad as the bad apple before.

“I will. So Jeremy, how do you feel?”

“Really good, thanks. I finally have a family of my own again.” Jeremy said brightly, and then hugged both John and Billy tightly.

“Yes you do.” John said happily, and Billy was just too happy to say anything now.

They sat there hugging as a family for a few minutes, not saying anything further, there was no need for it.

“So, what did you boys get done today?”

“Finished cleaning the barn, and then we went swimming.” Jeremy answered.

“That's good. What would you boys like to do now?”

“Don't know, want to curl up and watch a movie or read?” Billy asked.

“You boys probably want to continue on your reading, so let's read.” John smiled warmly.

“Sure, sounds good.” Jeremy smiled back, and they all grabbed their books, which were on the end tables.

For the next couple hours before they all decided that it was bedtime, they read their books, all cuddled up together on the couch. Other than the odd cough or other such involuntary sounds, they made no sounds at all. It was actually quite peaceful. When they decided that it was bed time, they all said goodnight to each other, and then headed to their bedrooms.

By now the boys were both more than just soggy, they were nearing the maximum capacity point, so they changed each others diapers. After their serious afternoon fun, neither one felt like doing anything further, and maybe not too surprisingly, they only got half hard as they changed each other. They grinned when they noted this in each other. As soon as they were all ready for bed, they laid down, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, and then whispered goodnight, I love you to each other, and shortly they were sound asleep.

Chapter 8

The next couple days the boys did nothing much, other than just play and have fun, as well as read their books, both learning a great deal about repair and maintenance of ATV's and other types of small engine vehicles. Finally the night that their diaper lovers meet was once upon them, and they were both excited to go to tell all the others the great news. They were ready to go, so as soon as John got home and had dinner, they could leave. John actually chuckled, asking the boys if they were excited or something, and of course they answered with a resounding yes.

“You boys have a good time, see you in two hours.” John called out, but he was certain that neither of them had heard him, because they were already half way to the door by the time he finished.

He just laughed and pulled away. The boys got to the door and knocked, and Shawn answered it a moment later, welcoming the boys.

“Did you two come together?” He asked as soon as they were inside, both of them already starting to strip, Shawn noticing right away that Jeremy was already diapered, something that had not actually happened before.

“Yeah, we did. We'll tell you all about it once all the others are here and we can tell everyone at the same time.” Jeremy said happily.

“Wow, I don't think I've ever seen you this happy before Jeremy, it sounds good.”

“Oh, it's a thousand times better than good. We'll tell you later though.” Jeremy grinned, and they headed to the living room, to wait for the others. They were the first to arrive, but the rest started filtering in only seconds later. Within ten minutes, all the others were there, and all could tell that Jeremy was far happier than he had ever been.

“Okay Jeremy and Billy, spill it, we're all here.” Shawn demanded once they were all there and seated in the living room.

“Well, it's like this. Billy and I are boyfriends now.” Jeremy started out.

“Wicked.” Everyone called out.

“And we're brothers now.” Jeremy added.

“Huh!” Everyone said as one.

“Yeah, I sued my dad for neglect, got the house, and three others, tonnes of money, and most importantly, my freedom. In the agreement, we forced my ex father to sign over all his rights to Billy's dad, so now we're brothers and I finally have a family again.” Jeremy said happily.

“Awesome.” Everyone cheered and gathered around and hugged and congratulated the boys.

So, for the next couple hours, the two of them pretty much ended up telling the others everything that they had been up to since the last meeting. They all had snacks and drinks, they all peed their diapers heavily, and they all talked happily. When it was time to go, all the boys who could not wear their diapers home went and got changed and dressed, while the others just got dressed, and then before too long, they were all gone for the night.

“So, how was the meet tonight boys?”

“It was awesome. We told everyone about what's happened lately.” Jeremy said happily.

“Oh yeah, and how did they react to that?”

“Excitedly.” Billy answered this time.

“To be expected I guess.” John said sadly, as if he was disappointed, but then started laughing.

“Yeah. So, what did you do then daddy?” Billy asked.

“Nothing much, just went grocery shopping and looked around the mall for a bit.”

“Ooh, that sounds riveting.”

“Yeah, it was a little boring, but the shopping was necessary, because I have two boys in the house now, and if I don't keep you two well fed, you could turn feral at any moment.” John laughed.

“Yeah, probably a good idea then to keep us well fed, that could turn real nasty, real quick.” Jeremy giggled.

“Tell me about it.”

“So Jeremy, it's been a couple days now, have you figured out what to do with the property until you're old enough to take it over?” John asked, he had asked before, but Jeremy had not thought about it too much.

“I haven't totally decided yet, but I don't really think that I want to rent it out to anyone, I sorta like our privacy out there, all by ourselves. I still want to be able to use the pond and the creek, and if there was anyone living there, then we wouldn't be able to go out in the woods in only our diapers, or swim naked like we do. For now at least, I think I'm just gonna leave the house as is, and if I feel like it later, then I'll rent it out.” Jeremy said after a couple moments thought.

“Okay, that sounds fine. Not like you really need the money or anything, and the extra privacy is nice, so that's fine.”


“No problem kiddo.” John smiled.

For the rest of the ride home, they chatted, just enjoying themselves as they always seemed to. As soon as they got home, the boys both said that they were tired and were just gonna head right up to bed, so did. They stripped and changed each others diapers, using more than enough cream and friction to help relieve a little back pressure at the same time. With tender kisses goodnight, they curled up together and fell fast asleep.

“Morning boys, what's on your agenda for the day?” John asked the boys when they stumbled into the kitchen the next morning.

“Breakfast, must have breakfast.” Billy mumbled.

“Okay, that's a good start, but what about afterward?” John laughed.

“Probably lunch.” Jeremy giggled.

“Right.” John laughed again.

“Actually, I have no idea, we'll figure something out though.” Jeremy shrugged.

“I won't be home for dinner, I'm gonna take the guys out for a drink or two after work, so we'll just get dinner there. I forgot to mention it last night, but you practically dragged me out of the house before I even had a chance to relax, so I Just forgot.”

“Oh, that's okay, we don't mind.” Billy smiled warmly to his dad.

“Thanks. Well, I'm gonna head to work, you boys have a good day.”

“Oh, is it that late already?” Billy asked, suddenly looking to the clock on the stove, he had not realized what time it was.

“Yeah, it is, you boys slept in a bit.”

“Oh, well love you, have a good day.” Billy smiled and went and gave his dad hugs, Jeremy of course joining them a second later.

“Love you too boys, have a good day, and have fun.”

“Will do, and you too.”

“Will do.” John said, and then headed out.

The boys then got themselves some much needed breakfast, and then cleaned up that and headed up to get clean for the day. They stripped down, jumped in the shower, cleaned each other, jumped out once they were sufficiently clean, and dried off. Then as one sat on the toilet to take care of the messy stuff, the other brushed his hair and teeth, applied his deodorant, and pretty much got ready for the day ahead. As soon as they were both done in the bathroom, they headed to their bedroom and diapered and dressed each other in good work clothes.

“So, I take it from the fact that we dressed each other in work clothes that we're gonna go out to the barn and play around for a bit huh?” Billy asked, they had just done it without saying anything.

“Seems that way. Funny how neither of us said a thing, yet it seems as if I knew it was what you'd want to do today.” Jeremy said in amazement.

“Same. We both finished the books we were reading yesterday, so I guess we both figured that it was time to go see what we could do.” Billy shrugged.

“Musta bin that.” Jeremy shrugged as well.

“Meh, whatever right!” Billy shrugged again. “Well, should we head out then?”

“Awesome, let's go.” Jeremy said happily and they headed out of the house, slipping their shoes on at a near run by the way it looked.

As soon as they made it to the barn, they turned on the lights and the compressor, just in case they needed it, and then went and pulled two of the four wheelers out to start working on them. They each figured that they may as well each work on one, and they would help each other out when needed.

The first thing that they each did was to drain all the fuel and oil from the machines, then they cleaned and flushed them both out totally, installed the new filters, put the new spark plugs in after checking to make sure they were set correctly, and then they put fresh oil and gas in them, and tried starting them. They each gave it a hell of a try, but while one sounded as if it wanted to start, it just would not. The other though sounded as if it were not even trying.

“I wonder why they won't start?” Billy asked.

“Not too sure. I'm gonna run up to the house and grab the book I was reading, it had a troubleshooting section in the back that might be of some use.” Jeremy said and took off running.

He was back a few minutes later, and they both looked in the book and went through the steps to try and figure out where the issue was. They both determined that everything was working as it was supposed to, but that they were not receiving any spark. They confirmed this by pulling the spark plugs out and trying to make them spark, and neither one did. They each went back to their machines and traced backwards from the spark plugs to try and determine where the problems lay.

“I found a switch on mine that I don't think belongs here, it's wired directly to the machines main wiring, and I'm not getting power through it in the position it was in, but I do when I flip it. My guess is someone installed their own tamper system to make sure no one could easily steal these.” Jeremy called out a few minutes later.

“I think I just found the same switch on mine. I haven't tested mine yet, but if yours is like that, then you can bet that mine probably is as well. I'll flip mine, and then we can both test them out again.” Billy called out triumphantly a second later.

“Cool. On the count of three then?”

“One, two, three.” Billy called out, and they both started their machines up.

They started, and while they were running, it sounded as if they were running a little rough, so they both got down and started adjusting the carburetors the way the books had told them to do. Within only a few minutes, both machines were running nice and smooth.

“Wicked, they work. I just realized something though, we don't have helmets or anything, so we can't even test them out.” Billy said after they both killed their machines.

“Crap, I was hoping to take them for a ride. Oh wait, I think there's some in one of the storage sheds back at the other house.”

“Cool, let's go then and see if there is, but I wonder if dad would even like us riding them with him not here!”

“Probably not, at least not until he knows he can trust us on them. We better not, but we can go check for safety gear, or we can do that later and try and get the other two working right now. That only took us a couple hours to do, and we have at least a couple hours before lunch, so we should be able to get the other two done. That way when dad gets home, we can all take them out, especially if we can find the safety gear.”

“Okay, that sounds like a plan. Did you know that you just called him dad, that was your first time?” Billy said happily.

“I hadn't even realized it, but he is my dad, I guess it's just starting to really sink in.” Jeremy said happily.

“That's good. Come on, let's get to work and fix these ones up now.” Billy smiled warmly, and they got to work.

They did all the same things, and as they were working, they each looked for the kill switches and turned them off, so that when they were done, they could just start them up. Because they had both done two others already, they were a little quicker this time, and in only an hour and a half, they were both starting up the two other bikes and setting their carburetors properly.

“Wicked, now we have four good working ATV's, that'll make life easier when we need to get from one place to another on the property.” Billy said happily once they shut the two bikes off.

“For sure. Well, you want to head for lunch now then?”

“Okay, we may as well, and then maybe we can go and have a swim after getting the safety gear, if there is any.”

“Okay, that sounds good to me.” Jeremy said, happy with that plan.

They headed down to the house and made and ate lunch, cleaned up from that, and then headed on the walk to the other house. It was quite a bit further than Billy had thought it was, he had not yet been there, and when they arrived, he was surprised at everything that there was there. The barns really were considerably larger than his was, like Jeremy had told him, and there were a lot more, as well as the out buildings. Jeremy pointed them at one particular one, and when they arrived there, they went in.

“Here we go, I think this is the one I saw the stuff in, but it's a pretty big storage shed, and there's lots of crap in here, so it might take a few minutes to find it all.” Jeremy said after opening the door and turning on the light.

“Wow, when you said there was a lot more stuff here, I didn't really think you meant this much.”

“Yeah, my grandpa apparently never threw anything away, unless it was so far beyond repair that there was no hope of saving it. I know my dad sold all the farm equipment long before I moved in, but more than likely after grandma died, probably because he could get decent money for it, and I know my grandpa probably had the best stuff here. The other storage sheds are mostly empty, because that's where all that sorta stuff was stored, that's why I'm certain that if I have any, that it'd be in here, somewhere.”

“Well, it should only take a few minutes to find it, if it's here to find, so let's start looking.” Billy smiled, and they got down to searching.

It took a few minutes, but they both hit the jackpot, at much the same time. Jeremy found six helmets, while Billy found a stack of body armor for motor bikes and whatnot.

“Cool, would you look at all this!” They both said at the same time, they were on opposite sides and could not even see each other, because there was a large central shelving unit running down the center, and then there were the shelves on either side.

Every shelf in the place was packed full. There were crates of stuff, buckets full of assorted nuts and bolts and nails, miscellaneous items scattered everywhere. If you could think of it, it was probably in that storage shed somewhere. It was somewhere around the seven or eight hundred square foot size Billy figured, and it was ten feet high, with shelves everywhere that there could be, and right to the ceiling, and there was very little space that was not taken up, so there was a lot of stuff in there.

“What did you find?” They both went to the front area and asked each other.

“This.” They both said, and showed off their haul.

“Wicked.” They both said again.

“Well, I guess this'll make it easier and safer for riding. I found all this body armor, and there was a stack of assorted gloves right next to them as well, so we'll probably want to grab them too.” Billy said first.

“That's awesome. There were a bunch of helmets in almost every size, so I'm sure there's something in there to fit all of us. There were a bunch of goggles next to them as well, and I know they'll really come in handy too.”

“That's awesome. Is there anything kicking around though that we can use to carry all this stuff over to the other house though, because there's too much to take in one trip?”

“I'm sure we can find something somewhere, even if just the wheelbarrow from the garden shed.”

“That'd work just fine. So, why would your grandpa have so much of this type of thing for so many different sizes if your dad was their only child?”

“Grandma had told me once that they always had kids on the farm, helping them most of all, but they helped the kids a lot too, they almost always had troubles of some sort, mostly family, and their farm was a great place for them to escape for a while, and grandma and grandpa I'm sure treated them like royalty. So they would've had all this for the kids and for themselves too I'm sure.”

“That was really nice of them, and I bet they helped a lot of kids out too.”

“I'm sure they did. I know how open minded my grandma was, and grandpa was probably the same, so no matter the kids' problems, they probably always helped the kids as best they could. I never got the chance to tell my grandma that I was gay, but I'm pretty sure she knew already, and she never treated me any different because of it, but she always let me act a little girly when I wanted to.”

“How so?” Billy asked curiously.

“I had tights and even a Tutu for when at home for dancing, and I had some little girls panties that I liked to wear over my diapers sometimes, and she even bought me a dress once when I said it was really cute. I didn't do stuff like that often, but she never made me feel bad at all when I asked if I could. She always just smiled softly and said of course sweety. God I miss her so much, even still.”

“Sounds like you have good reason to miss here. I miss my mom too, because she was so cool with my being gay. I never got into girly stuff, but I know that if I'd asked, she would have said yes in a heartbeat. My dad would too mind you, hence the reason I'm in diapers, and my mom would've been okay with that too, in fact I know she would've been, because she never made me change out of my diapers until I had to, and she often told me that if I wanted to get ready for bed, I could. Getting ready for bed of course meant getting diapered, because I've never worn jammies before. If you want anything a little girlish though, don't hesitate to ask, daddy 'll say yes no problem.”

“I doubt I will, I think I'm past that now, maybe some nice tights though, mostly because they're more comfortable when dancing, even dancing bare isn't as nice. Granted, the tights hold my diaper up better when moving, so that's probably why.” Jeremy grinned.

“Okay, anything though, if you want it, we'll get it for you, okay.” Billy smiled warmly.

“Thanks. Well, let's go find a cart or a wheelbarrow or something.”

“Lead the way baby.” Billy smiled brightly, and Jeremy smiled right back and they headed out to find something suitable.

They ended up finding a garden wagon first, it was large and had nice large tires on it, so it would be easy for the boys to pull. They decided that it would likely end up staying at the other house, just because it was really handy looking. They took it back to the storage shed, loaded up all their safety gear, shut and locked the shed, and then headed back to the other house, by way of the pond trail this time, not the direct route.

They made it to the pond quickly enough, and as soon as they made it there, they stripped out of their diapers and hopped in the boat and paddled out to the center. Once there, they both slipped into the water and swam and played for a good half an hour. At the same time, they both climbed back into the boat and just sat there looking and smiling at each other, and then they leaned in and kissed tenderly.

“Ever done anything in a boat?” Jeremy asked seductively.

“No. You?”

“Nope. Want to?” Jeremy grinned.

“Yep.” Billy grinned right back, and by that time, they were both painfully hard.

The boat was only just barely large enough for them to lay down on the floor, it was terribly uncomfortable, but it sure did not seem to bother the two more than horny boys any. As they laid down, they attached themselves at the lips once again, and kissed deeply. As they kissed, their hands started stroking each other at every possible place they could reach, both working their way down to the others fun bits.

At almost the exact same time, they made it to each others erections, they grasped hold of them, and as they started stroking, they sighed into each others mouths. As they went, their motions started getting faster, more heated, and as they did so, the boat started rocking and swaying more, the motions causing them to heat up even further, of course making them go faster and faster still.

With deep grunts from both at the same time, some three minutes after they had started, they both came, and came quite hard too. It had been the most raw sex that they had experienced as of yet, and it was good. So good in fact that they were unable to stop themselves from continuing. Granted, had they have asked each other, neither one would have said that they wanted to quit any time soon, so that was good.

They managed to last a couple minutes longer for their second go round, but they had gone faster and even more raw than the first one. They ended up breaking their kiss as they both exploded, and the bellow that they let loose caused more than a few birds to take flight from the trees around them. And then they crashed.

Jeremy did not even get the chance to slurp up his treat, because they both passed out in the boat in the middle of their pond. For roughly half an hour the two of them slept there, in the bottom of the uncomfortable boat, in their uncomfortable positions, but they slept the sleep of the sexually satisfied. Not too surprisingly though, they both peed on each other as they slept.

“Oh god, that was amazing.” Jeremy was the first to gasp out when they awoke.

“Yeah, it was, but have you any idea how uncomfortable I am right now?”

“It has to be at least as much as I am right now too. I think we peed while we were sleeping, or at least one of us did, because it smells like pee.”

“More than likely both of us. Come on, let's get up and go for another swim, and then head to the house. We'll have to just stay naked until we get there, our diapers will be too cold and yucky now to put back on. Not that the fresh air wouldn't be a bad thing mind you.”

“Okay, good idea.” Jeremy said, and then they untangled themselves and jumped back into the water for a quick dip.

As soon as they felt that they were clean enough for the time being, they hopped back into the boat and headed back to shore, where they tied the boat up. They grabbed their cart and headed back towards the house, and laughed and joked the entire way there.

“So, what should we do now?” Billy asked as soon as they made it there.

“Not a clue. Not so sure that I want to do any sort of work though. Want to just curl up and watch a movie?”

“Sure, that sounds good, after we go get ourselves a nice thick soft baby diaper on though, okay!”

“You read my mind. You ever double diaper yourself?”

“Yeah. Have you?”

“Sure have. Want to do that now, we can stay in them 'til bed time probably, even if we do drink tonnes and soak them real good.” Jeremy said excitedly.

“Sounds like a plan to me. Man, we're such babies, aren't we?” Billy grinned cheekily.

“Definitely.” Jeremy grinned right back.

They ran right up to their room, and Billy grabbed the diapers, while Jeremy grabbed the cream and the powder. They met back at the bed, and on his way past, Billy grabbed his nice sharp pointed nail file, to take care of their inner diapers nicely. He took care of them quickly before they even put them on, and Jeremy laid himself down, just waiting patiently for his nice thick diaper to be affixed.

Billy did not make him wait all that long at all, and within a few minutes he was heavily creamed and powdered, and even more heavily diapered. Jeremy hopped up once he was finished and paid Billy back.

“Wow, so thick, so nice. Should we put our plastic pants on as well?” Jeremy asked.

“I could live with that.” Billy smiled brightly and Jeremy went and grabbed them and put Billy's on him first, and then Billy put Jeremy's on him.

“There we go, now that's some thick. Let's go make a large jug of juice and a huge bowl of popcorn, and go watch a movie, downstairs this time though, I want it real loud.” Billy said.

“Okay.” Jeremy answered back in agreement.

So that was what they did, their juice and popcorn was made in quick order, and then they sat down to a good action movie. They watched it all the way through, drinking, eating and peeing happily. As soon as the movie was over, they went and made themselves some much needed dinner, and then sat down to eat that. After that was cleaned up, they went and sat down to another movie. John came home about half way through it, so they paused it.

“Hey boys, how was your day?”

“Good, and yours?” They both asked.

“Good. Good grief boys, you sure do have yourselves heavily padded tonight, don't you?” John mentioned once he got a good look at their diapers.

“Yeah, it's great.” Billy said happily.

“Glad you like it. Have you boys noticed the time, you'll probably be wanting to head to bed soon after the movie is done.”

“Yeah, we're getting pretty tired. You don't have to work tomorrow do you?” Billy asked.

“Nope, I take all weekends off, unless one of the other guys needs to take a Saturday off, in which case I told them I may be willing to switch a shift, but have asked them to keep that at a minimum.”

“Good. We have a surprise for you tomorrow then.”

“What is it?”

“You honestly think we're gonna tell you?”

“No, I guess not, but did you get one of the quads fixed.”

“No.” Billy said in total truth.

“Oh. Well, I'm gonna go get ready for bed, and then I'll come down and watch the rest of the movie with you boys, but you can go ahead and start it again, I've seen it a few times, so I know what's happening.”

“Okay, thanks daddy.” Billy smiled, and they started the movie.

John came and joined them a few minutes later and watched the rest of the movie with the boys. Once it was over, they all said goodnight to each other, and the boys headed up to their room for the night.

“Are you near enough to even need a change yet, because I don't think I am?” Jeremy asked.

“No, I don't think so, so let's leave them and see if we can last until morning. If we leak, oh well.”

“Exactly what I was thinking too.”

“Cool. Well let's get to bed then and get a good sleep. Love you baby.”

“Love you too baby, have a good sleep.” Jeremy smiled and kissed his boyfriend.

They cuddled up and kissed for a few minutes before they both curled into each other and fell asleep.

Chapter 9

“Mmm, good morning baby, how did you sleep?” Billy asked when he awoke to find Jeremy already awake and watching him.

“Good morning to you too. I slept real well, how about you?”

“The same. How's your diaper? Mine doesn't even feel as if it's fully wet yet.”

“Same here, but I bet they're really full and heavy when we get up, but I don't want to change it until after breakfast.”

“Good, me neither. Should we go down and see if daddy's up yet?”

“Sure, and get some breakfast, I'm hungry.”

“Me too.”

They crawled out of bed after kissing each other for a few minutes, and then headed downstairs. John was sitting at the table in only his underwear, reading his book and drinking his coffee. He looked up at the boys as they walked in and started laughing.

“What, why are you laughing at us?” Jeremy asked.

“Um, you look funny. Have you looked at each other yet?”

“Yeah.” Both boys said.

“Well, your diapers are so full they're knocking your knees, and there's pee already collecting in your plastic pants. You probably should have gotten changed before you came down.”

“We wanted breakfast more than we wanted to get changed.” Billy admitted.

“Well, I haven't made anything yet, why don't you boys go on up and get out of those very wet diapers, grab a shower and get changed while I make us all some breakfast?”

“I suppose we could do that.” Jeremy smiled.

“Good, don't take too long in the shower, but if something arises that you need to take care of, you'll have a few minutes.”

“Oh good.” Billy grinned.

Without another word, the boys took off towards their bedroom and went straight to the bathroom. There they stripped each other out of their super soggy double thick diapers and plastic pants, leaving a bit of a pee puddle on the bathroom floor as they did so, but neither was too concerned about that. As soon as they were ready, they hopped in the shower and started washing themselves up nicely. Even though they were both more than a little hard, neither one wanted to do anything about it in the shower.

Once they were clean, they hopped out, dried off, took care of the rest of their morning ablutions, and then headed back to the bedroom to get diapered and dressed. Billy grabbed the diaper supplies and Jeremy grabbed their clothes, and then they met back at the bed and instead of diapering and dressing each other, they started kissing.

“I want to suck you again this morning, but we don't have a lot of time, so do you want to try sucking each other at the same time?” Billy asked.

“Oh yeah.”

Without another word, they hopped onto the bed, head to dick, and without any foreplay at all, they sucked each other in at the same time and started sucking each other. Neither one lasted all that long at all, maybe not so surprisingly, and they both exploded at almost the exact same time. The only difference of course was that Billy sprayed, whereas Jeremy was still dry. Both were still just as good though.

“Ah, much better, but I think I prefer doing it separately, easier to concentrate.” Jeremy admitted.

“Yeah, same here. Come on, let's get diapered and dressed baby.” Billy smiled.

Jeremy just nodded, and they diapered and dressed each other lovingly, and then headed downstairs.

“Ah, good timing boys, breakfast just finished. I take it from the work clothes that you're wearing that it'll be a work day then?”

“Not entirely, but we'll tell you after breakfast, we're too hungry to talk.” Billy said.

“I bet.” John chuckled, and they sat down to eat.

“So, what are the plans now boys?” John asked as soon as they finished eating.

“We finished the ATV's, and we want you to come help us learn to ride them properly.” Jeremy answered right away.

“Oh, that's good, but before we can even think of doing that, we need safety gear.”

“Got that covered. Let's clean up and then we'll show you everything we found at the other house.” Billy answered this time.


They quickly cleaned up the small mess that was left over, and then the boys dragged John down to the barn to show him everything.

“See, we have everything that we could possibly need, and then some I think. The machines are running real good, but we'll take a tool kit with us just in case, because they haven't been run in a long time, so there could be issues that we couldn't find when we fixed them. They run real good right now though.” Billy said proudly.

“Wow, I guess all I can say is, suit up boys.” John grinned, and chose a chest plate that looked like it would fit him, and put it on.

A few minutes later, all three of them were fully suited up and ready to go. They looked like they belonged in the average motocross event, they were so well geared up. They all chose a four wheeler and hopped on and started them up.

“We should let them run for a few minutes to get them really warmed up and make sure there's no hiccups, we only ran them long enough to tune up the carbs.” Billy suggested.

“Good idea, but you could have said that before we started getting geared up, so that we didn't have to wait so long.” John laughed.

“Sorry, just thought about it. While we're waiting though, I'd like to ask that you buy us some good two way radios so that when we're either in the barn or out on the ATV's, we can easily contact you? If there's one that could even reach you at work, that would be awesome as well.” Billy asked.

“I'll look into it, but I doubt that there's a good enough one that'll have the twenty five to thirty kilometer range that we'd need to get all the way to work from here. I really wouldn't feel all that comfortable knowing you boys were riding these during the day when I'm at work though.”

“I know, hence the reason why I want the radios. We'd be together too though, and if something did happen, the other could easily go for help, it would be no different than if you were at home, and we'd be careful too. Not like either of us is crazy at all.”

“I hate to tell you this, but crazy prior to getting on one of these things or not, the power of these can make anyone do stupid things. It's true that even if I'm at home you could still get hurt, it's also true that I'd be a lot closer to help should you need anything.”

“Yes, that's true too, but we both promise to always be careful, first of all, but eventually we want to start working the land some, once we figure everything out, so soon we'll really need to use these and the tractors, even when you're not at home. For the first while though, we can agree to only use them when you're either with us or at home, so that we can learn to use them and you can learn to trust us on them.” Jeremy added this time.

“Okay, for now that's good enough, and we'll talk more about it later, when and if I decide that you can be trusted on them.”

“Thanks dad.” Billy smiled, knowing that at least they had him thinking about it, and he knew that that was at least a very good start.

“You're welcome. The barn looks good by the way boys, nice and clean, well at least as clean as a barn can be anyway.”

“Thanks, it wasn't all that bad really. We still have to get the large pile of garbage though and do something with it. What though I don't think either of us has figured out quite yet.” Jeremy said.

“Nope.” Billy added.

“Later we can attach the snowplow blade to one of these and we can just push it over there a ways and let it decompose, since it's almost all hay and dirt. We'll try and get any of the metal out of it though so that we can take it in for recycling.” John suggested.

“That could work. Well, I think these are running about as smooth as can be expected, but we should top up the gas tanks quickly, and then I think we can head out.”

“You do realize that we'll have to shut them down to do that, so once again, you should have thought about that before.”

“Actually, I wanted to shut them down and restart them anyway, just to make sure they'd restart, that's usually when problems arise, according to the book I was reading.” Billy said.

“Somewhat true, if they stall out on you though is when you usually have the greatest difficulty restarting them. Well, let's shut them down then and refuel them, and then we can go for a burn and see how they run. Have you got a tool kit all ready to go?”

“True. I don't have one ready yet, but if you two want to fill up the tanks, I can get that wile you're refueling. As soon as you fill each one up though you can restart them if you want.”

“Nope, bad idea.”

“That's fine.” Billy shrugged, figuring he knew the reason why, and turned and left the other two to getting the tanks filled, while he went about grabbing a tool box and filling it up.

“There, I think that has about everything that we could possibly need, and then some.”

“How about some good sturdy rope, in case we have to tow one of the machines back?”

“Yep, I threw that in first, as well as the basic tools, a few good chunks of wire, the electrical connectors, a few spare nuts and bolts, and even a small manual winch, for just such an emergency.” Billy smiled.

“Good thinking. How about electrical and duct tape?”

“I grabbed the electrical, but forgot the duct tape. I'll grab it now.”

“How could yo forget the handyman's secret weapon, it belongs in every persons tool box at all times?” John gasped out in mock shock.

“Hey, I'm thirteen, I can't be expected to remember everything.” Billy grinned, Jeremy just shook his head.

“Well, you got all the other important things, so I guess you're forgiven. We're all done our job as well, and we'll take a full can with us as well, for just in case. It can be attached to the back of one of our machines and the tool box can get attached to the back of one of the others.”

“Okay, start em up again and I'll get them attached, there's a bunch of bungee cords that I can use.” Billy said and then ran off and grabbed them and attached the gas can and the tool box to the backs of two of the ATV's.

“Excellent boys, we're all set I think. Each of these is running perfectly, we've got everything we could possibly need, so let's go. You boys go ahead and lead the way and I'll follow. Actually, have you even figured out how to drive them yet?”

“Nope, not a clue, we told you you'd have to show us that. I know you used to ride some, so I hope you still remember.”

“I remember, it'll only take a few minutes, so I'll show you both together from mine, watch closely and ask questions if you need to.”

“Okay.” Both boys said at the same time.

For the next ten minutes, John taught the boys everything that they would need to know about how to use the throttle and the brakes, the clutch and the gears, and he even taught them the proper hand signs for right and left and stop, so that they could easily tell each other their intentions. John though was thinking that he would get the boys proper headsets for the radios he would buy for them, so that they could still talk as they were riding. The boys got everything after asking only a few extra questions, so they hopped on their quads and put them into gear and slowly worked their way out. Both boys did very well, only with a slight hop as they released their clutches, but a few seconds later all three of them were out of the barn and heading away.

Jeremy took the lead, because like he said, he knew the area best out of all of them. Billy followed Jeremy, and of course John was in the rear position. For the next half an hour, the three of them rode along, enjoying the freedom that the ATV's offered, but Jeremy kept them to a fairly slow pace as they learned how to handle the large machines, because these were some of the largest you could get.

“Wow, these things sure are nice to drive, aren't they!” Billy smiled when they all shut down and dismounted. They were next to the pond.

“Yeah, they are.” Both John and Jeremy said at the same time.

“Anyone want to go for a swim?” Billy asked.

“We don't have our swimsuits with us, and you boys don't have any spare diapers.” John pointed out.

“We'll just put our diapers back on, they're fine, and we swim naked here.” Billy said.

“Oh, I don't know if I can do that.” John said nervously.

“Why not. You've seen both of us naked, and I used to see you naked all the time, and I still remember what you look like, even though you haven't let me see you naked in a lot of years. Besides, we're all boys here.”

“Actually, I've only seen you naked, not Jeremy, and just because we're all boys here doesn't make it right.”

“Yeah, I guess you haven't seen Jeremy naked yet, but you will soon enough anyway, and why would it be wrong?”

“Why would I see him naked?”

“Well, in a few minutes, we're going swimming, whether you join us or not, and we'll both be naked, as well as soon enough we're probably gonna have to air out our diaper areas, so we'll both be walking around naked, same as I did the last time, so you'd have to get used to it anyway. And really, you're out in your underwear all the time, and I hate to tell you this, but with the skimpy briefs you wear, there really isn't much that either of us haven't already seen.” Billy once again pointed out.

“Do you have any idea what the police would say about me swimming naked with you boys?”

“Yes, they would say have fun, because unless there's something sexual going on, they can't say anything. Just swimming naked isn't against the law, and if it were, then why are there so many nude beaches, even around here.”

“How would you know about nude beaches?”

“Easy, the internet is a great place. I could tell you of five different nude beaches within a two hour drive from here.”

“Really?” John asked in surprise.

“Yep, and all of them are for all people, children included.”

“I had no idea.”

“You're much too prudish, you know that right?” Billy grinned.

“Sorry, it's how I was raised. In a way I'm glad that I tried not to raise you like that too, but then again, if I had, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I just don't think I can do it, okay.”

“Fine, but we're going swimming.” Jeremy smiled, already starting to strip down. He too was not at all shy about getting naked in front of his new dad, being in diapers was far more embarrassing he figured, and he had no problems with that.

Billy also started stripping down, and a few seconds later, both boys were naked, neither was hard though, that might have been too much for John, so they were trying their damnedest to stay soft for him. As soon as they were ready to go, Billy made one final offer, and John refused, so the boys hopped in the boat and paddled out to the center and jumped in the nice warm water. They stayed out there for about twenty minutes before hopping back into the boat and heading back to shore.

As soon as they made it back, they diapered each other again, their diapers had only been a bit wet, so while they were now cold, they were not too bad. They then got dressed, and a few minutes later they were ready to go again.

“Much better. You really should have joined us Daddy, the water was great.” Billy said.

“Yeah, I felt it, it was nice, that's for sure. Maybe next time I'll join you, but I make no promises. It just doesn't feel right to me.”

“But it isn't wrong in any way. Let's go, we have lots of time left, we can explore lots more.” Billy said happily.

Before John could answer, both boys hopped on their quads and started them up. John had to hop on his as well and start it up, because he knew the boys would likely just take off, and he was right. As soon as they were ready to, they took off, and John had to gun it just to catch up to them. They had done that so as to not let John respond of course, they knew what they were doing. For more than an hour more, they continued their explorations, and they had seen a lot. There was even a really nice creek running in the upper parts of the property that looked really nice. They did not see any wildlife really, mostly because the ATV's would have scared them off.

Jeremy finally pointed them back towards home, and shortly thereafter, they were pulling back into the barn and shutting down their machines. They shucked off all their gear and set it on their quads, so that it was right there and ready to use the next time, since it all fit well. They also refueled them, on John's prompting, so that they were ready to go for the next time they wanted to go out, so they did.

“Well boys, I must say, you did an excellent job of getting these old beasts back up and running again. They ran perfectly.” John complimented the boys happily.

“Thanks. It wasn't really all that hard. The hardest part was finding the kill system that the old owners had to have installed.” Jeremy said.


The boys ended up showing John just what he had meant, and he liked that, so told the boys to activate the kill systems, to prevent theft of course. Not like they were worried, living where they did, but you just never knew.

“I think it's close enough to lunch time, and then after lunch, I'd like to continue working on the yard to try and get it looking better.”

“Lunch sounds good, but why don't we see about getting the one tractor up and running and then we can just till the entire blinkin' thing, because you have to admit, there's no way we'll ever get that to look like lawn ever again until we start from scratch.” Billy suggested.

“Have either of you tried either of the tractors yet, and are any of them gas powered, because we have no diesel if they're diesel powered.”

“No, and no, they're all diesel, at least that's what they all say anyway. After lunch, you can head into town and get that while we start working on one to get it all cleaned up and ready to go.” Jeremy suggested.

“Yeah, we could do that, because you're right of course, no matter how much work we put into the yard, it'll never really look good unless we start anew.”

“Cool. Let's go get some lunch then and then we can do that.” Billy said happily.

They headed down tot he house and got started on some lunch, and as soon as it was finished, they sat back and ate. They cleaned up their mess, and then John told the boys to behave and headed out. Billy and Jeremy headed up to their bedroom to get a much needed diaper change, as well as a little something else, of which they rubbed out of each other as they creamed one another. Once they were satisfied and diapered once again, they headed back out to the barn to get to work.

As before, they got started by emptying the oil and fuel, flushing the systems entirely, and then refilling the oil after replacing the filter. They were once again each working on one machine, because they figured they could get just as much done this way as any, and two doing the same thing on one tractor seemed silly. Of course, other than the starter, there was next to no electrical for the engine, so they did not have to worry about that. They did have to put the batteries on to charge, but they did that as soon as they had arrived, and they hoped that the batteries would still be at least somewhat good. They also checked the glow plugs on both tractors, just to make sure they were still working, and they seemed to be, so that was good. They also plugged the block heaters in, to warm up the engines, so that they would run better right away.

They were done both tractors in under two hours, and for some reason John had still not arrived, so they got started on the last tractor, just so that they had a good start on it. They were half way through the flushing when John pulled up, he just pulled right up to the barn.

“Hey boys, how's it goin here?” He asked as soon as the boys came out to meet him.

“Really good. Two of the tractors are already done and we've started on the last already. Of course, until we have fuel, we can't test them out.” Billy answered.

“What about batteries?”

“We've got the old ones on chargers, we just hope they'll hold out.” Jeremy answered this time.

“Not a chance. There's no way batteries that old will do any good, so I grabbed three new ones. I stopped at work and grabbed a few more things for you boys, as well as I stopped at a place that carries two way radios. I grabbed three of them that the guy said had a maximum range of almost a hundred kilometers, but that the actual was probably in around the forty to fifty kilometer range. I grabbed three of them with headsets, so that we can always be in touch. We'll try on Monday to see if they reach all the way to work or not. Somehow I doubt it, but at least we can try.”

“Wicked, thanks dad.” Billy said happily.

“You're welcome. Come on, help me to get all this stuff out, and then I'll help you boys finish up the last tractor and get them all running. I'm sure we can use all three, there's enough equipment to do what we need to do, that's for sure.”

“Awesome, thanks.” Jeremy beamed.

The three of them offloaded everything and took it to where it needed to go, and then they all finished up the last of the work on the third tractor. Finally they put fuel in all three of them and put the new batteries in and tested each of them out. All at once, three old tractors came to life. They may have been old, but they were in amazing condition. They did not look new, but they did not look old either. After just a couple minutes, all three of them were running smoothly. Billy had to go and open the doors to the barn though so as to not kill them all.

“Well boys, I guess that means life will be a whole lot easier in getting the yard cleaned up. We'll till the entire thing and then grade it properly, seeing as how it's not that nicely graded, and then we can seed it all.”

“Oh, is that what those big bags were.” Billy grinned.

“I thought you'd figure that out soon enough, but yeah.”

“I kinda suspected that that must be what it was, since we didn't need anything else in bags.”

“So, now we have to figure out how exactly to attach all this stuff to the tractors and make it all work. Tractors are one thing I've never actually used before. I've worked on them plenty, I've even driven one, but it didn't have anything on it, so I guess we can all learn together. They can't be all that hard to do though.”

“Oh. And here I thought you'd know how to do it, but I guess we can figure it all out, it shouldn't be that hard.” Billy shrugged.

On the one tractor they installed the five blade dirt ho, on another they put the fifteen blade tiller, and on the last they went with the large blade on the front. For the most part, they were easy to install, but it did take a while to figure it all out. They then carefully worked their way out of the barn, using the skills that the boys had just learned about changing gears, but this time having to use their feet for the clutch and their hand for the gears. Once they were all outside, they played with the controls to try and learn what all each of the various buttons, levers and switches did. Attaching the gear took almost an hour, and learning to use them took about half an hour, and fixing them and getting them ready had taken a little more than an hour, so once they were ready to go, it was actually time for dinner.

“Well boys, as much as I want to go start playing, we should head in for the night now, and we can start first thing tomorrow morning and get as much done as possible.” John suggested.

“Yeah, and we seriously need diaper changes. It's been a long day already, so I'm good with that.” Billy said.

“Yeah, and we're all real dirty too and in need of a good shower.”

“I hope you plan for showers after dinner, because other than washing up, I'm too hungry to worry about getting clean right now.” Jeremy smiled.

“Why didn't you say something, we could've went inside at any time.”

“Didn't realize it until we stopped working.” Jeremy shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess so, 'cause I'm the same.” John smiled.

They took the tractors back inside and shut them down for the night, filled the tanks back up again, using all the fuel they had, and then closed up the barn and headed into the house for the night. They washed up quickly and then made dinner. As soon as it was done, they sat back and inhaled it.

“Ah, much better.” Jeremy sighed.

“Yeah. Now, you two didn't go get a diaper change, and it looks as if you're about to start leaking, so head on up and go get cleaned and ready for bed. I'll get this.” John said, pointing at the mess.

“Yeah, we didn't figure there was any point in changing just to change again in half an hour.” Jeremy said.

“Yeah, but we'll help you clean up first, no worries.” Billy added.


They got up and cleaned up the mess quickly, and then headed to their bedrooms so that they could go and get nice and clean. The boys hopped in their shower after stripping off their seriously soggy diapers and started cleaning. Of course cleaning led to other things, and before too long, Billy was on his knees, sucking Jeremy to a very satisfying orgasm. Once Jeremy came too once again, he repaid the favor, until Billy was depositing a nice satisfying load of hot teen cum right onto his tongue. Shortly after they finished cleaning each other off and then hopped out, dried each other off, and then went and diapered each other nice and thick.

“Took you boys long enough.” John said as the boys stumbled into the living room, giggling just like the pair of boys they were.

“Yeah, well what can we say.” Billy grinned.

“No more than that's necessary.” John grinned back.

“Good. You probably don't want to know anyway.”

“No, but I have a good idea. Come on, let's cuddle up and watch some TV before bed.” John smiled to the boys. They came and cuddled right into him, one on either side, and they watched TV for the rest of the night. It was very relaxing.

As soon as it was bed time, they said their good nights and headed to their rooms for the night. The boys kissed each other tenderly for a few minutes before professing their love for one another once again, and then they very promptly fell fast asleep.

Chapter 10

“Good morning boys, you're sure coming down late, it's after seven already. Did you just wake up?” John asked as the bleary eyed boys stumbled into the kitchen.

“Yeah, and we didn't even stay up late last night, only a few minutes. I guess we were pretty tired.” Jeremy mumbled.

“It was a pretty long day, that's for sure. I only just woke up a few minutes ago myself, I just started on my first cup of coffee in fact.” John admitted.

“Oh good. What's for breakfast, we're hungry?” Billy asked.

“Don't know, haven't even thought about it yet.” John shrugged.

“Then we'll get it, you go ahead and drink your horrible morning tar and we'll take care of everything.” Billy grinned.

“It's an acquired taste.”

“Well, I for one don't care to acquire it.” Billy laughed.

“Me neither.” Jeremy added.

Billy went tot he freezer and dug around and found a pack of bacon, so took it out and threw it in the microwave to defrost. While he was doing that, Jeremy grabbed the potatoes and got started on cutting them up into cubes. When Billy was finished, he got a couple frying pans out and started them to heating up, and then grabbed some onions and peppers and started dicing them up as well. As soon as everything was cut and ready to go, they both dumped them into the one pan and started them cooking, both adding different seasonings until they were both satisfied. John just sat there and watched the two boys work together, not even saying a word, although they did look to each other often and smile warmly. He almost laughed a few times, because he could tell how much they were in love with each other and how much it showed. He felt it was a good thing that neither boy would be going to school together, because the other kids would notice the looks very quickly and put two and two together and come up with the boys were gay within one day at the longest.

Once the potatoes were about half way done, the bacon was put on to cook as well, and while Jeremy tended to the potatoes, Billy handled the bacon. Once the bacon was done, and the potatoes nearly were, Billy got started on eggs for all of them, two each, done to over easy, just how they all liked them, although Billy had no idea how he knew that Jeremy would like his like that, he just figured he would, and he did too. As soon as everything was good and done, they served it, and then without hardly a word more, they ate.

“Thanks boys, that was very good. Why don't you head on up and change out of those diapers and get dressed, and since you cooked, I'll clean up.”

“Thanks, we're about to start leaking, so maybe we should. We'll meet you down in the barn.”

“Okay, sounds good.” John smiled, and the boys took off.

Once the boys were dressed and ready to go, they headed to the barn and got the doors all opened and then the tractors started to warm up. As they were waiting, they decided to spend the time kissing, so they wrapped each other in a nice tender hug, and started an even more nice and tender kiss. They were interrupted a few minutes later when John entered the barn, carrying the radios and headsets with him. He had remembered to put them on the charger when they had gotten in the house the night before, so they would be good and ready to go.

“Hey there boys, break apart before I have to get the hose out and spray you two down. Let's get these radios all set up and working so that we can test them out and be able to easily communicate while we're working today.” John laughed.

“If you insist.” Billy sighed as they pulled apart, John just grinned.

They got the radios all set up and hooked up, got them onto a good channel, and then tried them out. They were satisfied with how they worked, so they hopped onto their tractors and got going.

“So boys, seeing as how I have the blade, I won't be able to do too much yet, and Billy, you have the tiller, so that means that Jeremy should start, and then you follow behind him to really mix up the soil well. As soon as you guys get a good start, then I'll come behind you and grade the area as best I can. Don't go any closer than about five feet from the house and the trees though.”

“Okay.” Both boys said together.

The boys got started right away, and at first they were a little clumsy, but within just a few minutes they had the hang of it quite well, and they were able to move quite quickly to get the front yard cleaned and cleared properly. Once the boys were well out of the way, John went about grading the front yard as best he could to make it more flat and even. There had been a rather sizable mound in the center, so he worked out from there, and three times the boys had to come back and till that area again so that he could easily work. Within at most two hours, they were done what was the front yard though, and it looked pretty good.

“Okay guys, go ahead and get the side yards next, they should be pretty quick and easy though, just give them a good tilling, and I'll finish up up here.”

“Okay.” Both boys said, and then headed to the left side of the house first.

John joined them a few minutes later and started grading the side yard properly, so that all water would drain away from the house, instead of into it as it had been. The boys were of course done first an hour later, so they headed over to the other side to get started there, and because this side was larger, it was going to take more time. They managed to finish just a little passed lunch time though, but John still had not come anywhere close to finishing yet.

“We're gonna head in and get started on lunch after changing our diapers.” Jeremy said.

“Okay, see you boys in a few. This side's better than the other side was, so there's less work to do here.”

“Good, we'll call when lunch is ready though.”

The boys went in and headed straight to their room to get changed, thinking to take off their radios and turning them off while they changed each other, because that was not the only thing on their minds, and they both felt John would not want to hear that. A few minutes later they were cleaned up and ready to go, so they headed back down to the kitchen and got started on lunch. Less than half an hour later, John was called in and they ate. John headed back out while the boys cleaned up, and by the time they made it back outside, John was finished the side yard.

“Well boys, looks like all that's left to do is the back yard, and it's the largest of all.”

“Yeah, but it has the least amount of work to be done to it. I don't think that you'll even have to grade it any at all, so why not go attach the seed spreader and the roller to your tractor and get started on that!” Billy suggested.

“You're right, it doesn't look as if it needs it at all does it?”

“No. We can handle this though, so go ahead.”

“Will do.” John said, and they all took off.

It took them all every bit of four hours to do the rest of the yard, and just as the boys finished their work, John was finishing up as well, because he had been able to go a lot faster than the boys had been able to. The yard was now completely tilled, graded, seeded and rolled.

“Well, now all we need is some rain so that the grass seeds can take hold and grow.” John said.

“I don't know if you've seen the weather forecast or not, but they're not only calling for no rain, but for record high temperatures over the next week or so, so what now?” Billy asked.

“I saw a bunch of hoses and sprinklers in the storage shed on the other property, we could always go and get them.” Jeremy suggested.

“Actually, I hadn't checked the forecast in forever, so if we're gonna get that kinda heat, we should definitely go and do that.”

“Why don't you stay here and get dinner started, Jeremy and I can hook up the trailers to our quads and head over there and load up anything we can use and bring it back. And before you say anything, we'll be really careful, don't worry.” Billy suggested.

“Um, I don't know. You only just learned how to ride them.”

“Yeah, but we've been driving all day and we've done fine, and we'll have our radios with us, so you'll know the second anything happens, should anything go wrong.” Jeremy added.

“Yeah, and you need to learn to trust us Dad, we can do this.” Billy added softly.

“Fine, just be careful.” John said as he dismounted his tractor, they had been talking as they had been driving into the barn and shutting down their machines.

“We will, don't worry.” Billy smiled, happy to get to try it on his own.

The boys quickly grabbed two trailers for the ATV's and hitched them up, and then carefully backed them out of position, having to learn the hard way how to back something up with a trailer, because John had already left, and after their first three failed attempts, he laughingly told them how to over the radio. They finally managed it though and were on their way. They both had to admit that it was far faster and easier to get there on the quads, and when they got to the storage shed, they went in and found everything that they would need to water the entire lawn easily. They loaded all that, as well as a few other things onto their trailers, and then headed back to the other house.

As soon as they made it back, they decided to just go ahead and start hooking it all up, because dinner was about a half an hour away from being done. They had all been talking the entire time over the radios, so they knew exactly what was happening at all times. The boys managed to get the front and one of the side lawns done before dinner time was called, so they headed in to eat something, because they were very hungry. As soon as they finished though, they headed back out to continue where they left off. John joined them a few minutes later, after cleaning up the dinner dishes, and helped them to complete the chore, so an hour after dinner, they were done. They set up the automatic timers the boys had grabbed to start watering at just before first light, and they set it to do so every day for the foreseeable future.

“There we go boys, that wasn't actually so bad. We did less work today to do this than we did last weekend, and we got about a thousand times more done. Good work on the tractors.”

“Thanks, and it wasn't even all that hard, and the tractors were real easy to fix.” Jeremy smiled.

“Thank goodness.” Billy added.

“Let's get all this put away and go sit back and relax forth rest of the night, what's left of it anyway. We only have an hour or so before bedtime.”

“Sounds good to me, but I'm not sure I'll make it another hour.” Jeremy said with a big yawn.

Even with the tractors doing a majority of the work, it had still been a long and tiring day for all, so they were getting tired.

“Same here, and unless you want to stay up Jeremy, I think I might just head right up to bed and read for a bit.”

“That sounds good to me, and besides, I could really use a diaper change.”

“I think I might just do the same then.”

“What, change your diaper and lay down and read?” Billy asked innocently.

“You wish. Come on brat, let's get this cleaned up.” John smiled, and they all cleaned up what was left, got everything stored in the barn, got it all shut down and closed up, and then headed into the house for the night.

“Well boys, have a good sleep, see you in the morning. Do you want me to wake you up if you're not up by six?”

“Goodnight, love you, and yes please.”

“Goodnight, same.” Jeremy added.

“Okay, will do, love you boys.” John smiled, and they headed to their bedrooms for the night.

The boys stripped each other down completely, washed each other with a couple cloths, diapered each other snugly, and then curled up in their bed and read. They had not said goodnight I love you to each other, because neither had been planning on going to sleep, but half an hour later, with the light still on, they both passed out cold, and slept soundly until just a few minutes until six the next morning when John came up to wake them.

Chapter 11

“You boys must have passed out or something, your light was still on and your books are still open on your bed.” John laughed when they finally came to.

“Yeah, we must have, we didn't even say goodnight to each other.” Jeremy laughed.

“Wow, a little tired were you maybe!”

“Just a little. Did you wake up to your alarm clock this morning Daddy?”

“Yeah, I was tired too. I even hit the snooze button, and I never do that.”

“Wow, I've never heard of you doing that before. Mom used to do it all the time, and it drove you nuts.” Billy laughed, but then the sadness appeared.

“Yeah, that she did, she'd sleep 'til noon if I let her, even if she did go to bed at nine.” John smiled warmly.

“Yeah, god I miss her.” Billy said sadly, Jeremy just wrapped his arms lovingly around his boyfriend.

“I know baby, I know, so do I, but there's nothing that can be done about it.”

“I know.”

“So, what are you boys gonna get up to today while I'm at work?”

“We'll probably go and have some fun and maybe finish cleaning up the barn.” Jeremy offered.

“What's left to clean in there?” John asked curiously.

“Well, all the tools have to be cleaned and organized properly, the bench needs to be cleaned and fixed in a couple places. The floor could use another good sweep, because it was never really done, other than with a shovel. And then there's outside where we pushed all the mess when we did the initial cleaning. We'll have to use the tractors for that though. We'll use the one with the blade and push it over to the compost pile.” Jeremy answered.

“Oh, not so sure I'd feel comfortable with you two using the tractors while I'm not at home, but the rest sounds good.”

“We might not even get that far by the time you get home anyway, but really, we'll be fine.” Billy said this time.

“I know, it's just you're all I have left, and I don't want any accidents to happen.”

“Yeah, but dad, you can't protect us all the time. Just look at mom, she was just going for a walk, and then bam, out of nowhere, she's killed instantly by a car whose driver had a heart attack. She wasn't even doing anything at all and a horrible accident happened. There's nothing that anyone could have done to stop it, but if we're careful, nothing bad will happen, and you know we'll be careful.” Billy said, tears coming out now, because it was the very first time he had even said that out loud to his dad, or really anyone other than his therapist.

“I know baby, but it's really hard for me. I'm not going to let you yet, unless the radios do work all the way to the store, so that I can at least keep in easy contact with you boys, okay.”

“I know daddy, but I bet it was harder for me to say that.” Billy said through a weak smile.

“Yes, I'm sure it was, and I'm sure you feel better for finally getting it out too, don't you?”

“Yeah.” Billy said softly.

Jeremy had just stayed silent, hugging Billy closer and more tenderly after hearing what he had said, he felt bad for Billy and John, but he knew what they had went through.

“Come on boys, up and at em, I have to get going soon, and I want to sit and eat breakfast with you before I have to go.” John said, wiping a few tears from his eyes, same as Billy was doing.

“Okay.” Both boys said together and hopped out of bed.

They all headed downstairs and had some breakfast, and then before too long, John was heading out the door to work. He grabbed his radio as he was heading out the door and turned it on, telling the boys that he was doing so, and that he could attempt to call them when he got to work.

“Well baby, let's go have a shower and see if we can get dirty?” Jeremy giggled.

“Don't you mean clean?” Billy asked cutely.

“What I plan to do to you in the shower isn't considered clean, but I'll guarantee that you'll love it.” Jeremy grinned brightly, causing Billy to go instantly hard and grin as well.

Neither said another word as they ran up to their bedroom. When they made it to their bathroom, they both stripped off their diapers and hopped in the shower. Before the water was even warm, Jeremy was already on his knees, sucking Billy to beat a vacuum, and using his tongue to inflict the utmost in pleasure even more so.

It took no more than two minutes before Billy was gasping and spewing forth his offering to Jeremy's palate. Jeremy stayed down there for a few moments longer, savoring the taste of his boyfriend in his mouth. Eventually his knees were killing him, and he really needed to release a load, so he stood up and kissed Billy deeply, sharing the last bit of his own load with him.

A few seconds later, Billy too sunk to his knees and sucked Jeremy in to the root and started sucking and tonguing him as best he could, until less than a minute later, Jeremy too had a fantastic orgasm. Billy got up a few moments later and kissed his boyfriend tenderly for a few more minutes.

“Wow, what a way to start the morning. That felt amazing.” Billy sighed.

“I'm glad you liked it, and I agree with you as well.” Jeremy smiled.

“Come on, let's get cleaned up.” Billy smiled right back, and they started cleaning each other tenderly.

Ten minutes later they hopped out of the shower, dried each other off, took care of their other morning rituals, and then headed to their bedroom to get diapered and dressed for the day.

“So, what should we do now for fun? You said we'd do something fun before we started working.” Billy asked.

“And what exactly was the shower scene, business? No, I think that was more than enough fun for now.” Jeremy teased.

“You sure can be corny when you want to be, you know that right? When I first met you, I never figured you for having such a strange sense of humor.” Billy laughed.

“Thanks.” Jeremy grinned brightly.

“Come on baby boy, let's go finish getting the barn cleaned up then.”

“Okay.” Jeremy said happily, so they took off.

A few minutes after they arrived to the barn, their radios gave the tone, saying someone was wanting them to respond.

“Hi Daddy, is that you?” Billy asked.

“Yes baby it is. Wow, pretty good sound for the distance we're at. How's it on your end?”

“Excellent, every bit as good as when we were working only a few hundred feet apart.”

“Same.” Jeremy added.

“Well, that's at least good to hear. Now, I'm gonna switch my mic to manual control, so that you won't hear me, but I'll be able to hear you. Unless you need to, you should change yours to the same, so that you don't always talk to me.”

“Okay, I can imagine that would get maddening at times when trying to help your people and customers and having us talking in your ear when you don't need to hear us. If you want us though, just call us, and we'll answer, we'll have our radios on at all times, well almost all. If we decide to go swimming or something, we'll let you know, so that you know why we don't answer for some reason or another.” Jeremy laughed.

“Great. Well, have a good day boys.”

“You too.” Both boys said.

They all switched their radios to manual control, and then got started on their work. The boys decided to start at the bench so that anything they cleaned off they would just sweep away later as well. They cleaned all the tools, oiled them when needed, organized them in an easy to find manner in the toolbox, and then tackled the messy work bench. Most of it was garbage, but they made sure of everything before throwing it onto the floor to be swept away later. Once that was all clean, they started the lengthy chore of sweeping the entire place. By the time they were finished, they were both in desperate need of lunch and a diaper change, so they headed down to the house and did so in that order.

“So, what should we do now baby?” Billy asked.

“Let's ask dad if we can take the quads for a burn over to the other house and explore in the storage sheds and the barns, see if there's anything interesting in there. I never really looked all that much, I tried to get as far from the house as I could when I was outside.”

“Okay, but how much you wanna bet he says no to the quads.” Billy laughed.

“More than likely, but it can't hurt to ask, now can it.” Jeremy laughed as well.

“Dad, are you there?” Billy asked, keying up his radio to do so.

“Hey there handsome, what's up?” John asked a few seconds later.

“Nothing much. We just finished lunch, and we finished cleaning the barn, so we wanted to head over to the other house and explore the barns and storage sheds, but we want to take the quads in case we find anything, so can we please?”

“Oh Billy, you know how I feel about that.” John sighed.

“I know dad, but we promise to be careful, and we'll keep on voice activated while we're driving, so that you can hear everything.”

“Okay, fine, but until you're more comfortable with them, don't make a habit of asking, and make sure to turn your radios to manual as soon as you get there, and then turn them back to auto as soon as you leave again.”

“Thanks dad. Setting to auto now.” Billy said.

“You're welcome.” John sighed.

“Wow, he said yes.” Billy whispered to Jeremy before turning his radio to automatic.

“Yeah, I know.” Jeremy said, and then turned his to automatic as well, and the three of them tested their radios out to be sure they were working correctly.

The boys headed down to the barn, got onto their quads and started them to get them warming up, and then hitched up their trailers. Once that was done, they donned their safety gear and hopped on their ATV's to take off, talking happily as they did so. As soon as they were ready to do so, they took off, this time backing their trailers out more easily, but still not doing it perfectly their first time, but soon they had it. It only took a few minutes to get to the other house on the quads, and John sighed in relief at the boys having made it. They all turned the radios to manual again, so that John could more easily concentrate on what he was supposed to be doing.

“So, where first?” Billy asked.

“Well, we know there's lots and lots of stuff in the big storage shed, so let's check out the other ones and the barns first. I've been in them, and while there's stuff in them, I don't really know what all there is.” Jeremy suggested.

“Okay, lead the way baby.” Billy smiled warmly.

They went to the barn that was furthest from the house first, and opened it up. Jeremy turned on the lights and the place lit up well, and then they started looking around. They spent about half an hour looking around, and there was not all that much in there at all. They headed to the next one, and in there they found only a little more, all the horse riding equipment. There was nothing much else of use to them though in there, so they headed to the next in their search, one of the tractor storage sheds.

“Hey, look at this, wonder what it is?” Billy said, pointing to something.

“Not too sure, but I do recognize it. Does it have a name or something on it?”

“Um, just a sec.” Billy said, and then checked all over to see what he could see. “Yeah, here it is, it's a manure spreader, like yuck.”

“Ah, thought I'd seen one of those somewhere before, spreading crap all over one of the fields. Look over here though, there's a few other things for the tractors. My ex father may have sold the tractors, but it doesn't look as if he sold much of the accessories for them. There's a back hoe, power auger, two different sizes of buckets, and a few other things over here that I don't recognize.”

“Wonder why he wouldn't have sold all that at the same time.”

“Who knows, maybe he was saving it for a rainy day, when he needed extra cash for some reason or another. I bet that the sale of the tractors happened to coincide with the purchase of his brand new truck though.”

“Hey, if he had a truck, where is it now then?”

“Not too sure, maybe he gave it to someone, it's not here, and unless we pay someone a lot of money to find out, we'll probably never know. It's probably not all that important anyway.”

“Probably true. I found some more gardening tools over here though.”

“Cool, anything we can use at the other house?”

“About the only thing here that we don't already have is a rototiller for smaller gardens and whatnot, but the extra hand tools might come in handy.”

“Then we should take them out and load them. If we ever need these things, we can just bring the tractors over and attach them here, because there's not enough room in the barn to store all this anyway.”

“Good thinkin. Wanna come back for this later, or just take it out now?”

“May as well take it out now and load it into one of the trailers.” Jeremy shrugged.

They spent a few minutes loading all the stuff into the trailer on Billy's quad, but the tiller, which they did first, took the longest, because it was quite big and heavy, and the two of them together could just barely lift it. Once finished, they headed to the next shed in their quest, and other than a few other farming implements of no real importance, there was nothing much in there. Finally they were now off to the main storage shed, where they were certain they would find tonnes of treasures, just not what all.

Once again, they split up as they entered, and one went to either side, as they had done before. They checked out everything on every shelf, and there were a tonne of really neat things, and they even took a few things out to the trailers as they told the other and they each thought it was a good thing to have. It was Billy that happened to find the single most interesting find of all though.

“Hey, come over here baby, I think we hit pay dirt.” Billy called out.

“What, what did you find?” Jeremy quickly came over and asked.

“Look at all this camping gear, there's at least five tents and quite literally everything that you could ever need to go camping. The coolers even have stuff inside them, like mainly the lanterns. There's two different stoves, four lanterns, a dozen flashlights, fifteen sleeping bags, six tarps, probably a mile of rope, stakes, you name it, it's probably here.”

“Cool. Have you ever been camping before?”

“Yeah, dad and I used to go when I was younger, but we haven't gone in a few years. It can be a lot of fun. I wonder how the guys from the group would feel about a group camping trip, say a few days, we could camp either by the pond or the creek. I say the creek though, because I don't know if I want to drink the pond water, it doesn't move enough to be terribly fresh.”

“I think it sounds like a great idea, and I bet they'd love the idea too, but what about dad?”

“Him I'm not so sure about. He'd probably be fine with it, but he'd probably want to come too. I'm not so sure how well that'd go over with some of the guys though, and not like we'd really want him there either. Then again, he can be a lot of fun when camping too.”

“Yeah, I have a feeling he wouldn't care too much for all of us going camping by ourselves. Then there's the parents of some of the younger boys in the group, they'd probably say no right away if they found out there wouldn't be an adult there at all times.”

“Probably true too. We can ask the guys though what they think of it and what they feel would be their parents response to that.”

“We could say we'd just be in the backyard and dad would be right in the house. While technically true, it's not entirely truthful. Granted, if we were right at the pond, then we'd be pretty close.”

“I know for a fact dad would not stand for that at all, trust me there.”

“Yeah, I know, just a thought.”

“Trust me, if we want to gain dads trust so that he'll let us ride the quads and tractors when he's not here, we can't think anything like that. I know him too well, and he doesn't care for lying in the least. I think the one and only time I ever got a spanking from him was because I lied, and he told me that lying was the ultimate betrayal of trust, and that he would not allow that ever. Granted, he cried more than I did when he spanked me, and that actually hurt my feelings more to see how it affected him.”

“Wow, my ex dad was nothing like that. He seemed to enjoy spanking me, and it didn't really matter why. Granted my mother and her freak were just as bad. If I talked when they didn't feel I needed to, they'd spank me without warning at all.”

“Wow, now that's harsh.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. Let's load all this stuff into the trailers and see if there's anything else that we can use.” Jeremy smiled, happy that he would never have to worry about that again, because he seriously doubted that John would ever spank him, and should he ever need to, then he would probably have really earned it.


They took the more than a few minutes to carry everything out to the trailers and loaded it all in, and by the time they were finished, the trailers were nearing capacity. They did go back in though to continue looking around, and there were a few more things that they might want or need, so they grabbed them as well. Finally, after almost an hour just in that shed alone, they closed it back up and called John to say they were heading back to the main house again.

Once the boys and John were all set to automatic, and the quads were ready to go, the boys took off. With full loads behind them this time, they had to go even slower, so as not to bounce anything apart, because the trail was far from smooth. They made it back in good time though, and once again, John sighed in relief when the boys said they were back.

“So, wanna set up the tents to make sure they're all still in good shape?” Billy asked happily.

“Sure, but you'll have to show me how to. Before we do that though, you think maybe we should go in and get our diapers changed, because I'm starting to get more than just a little wet here?”

“Come to think of it, yeah, I could stand a change as well. We should probably take something out for dinner as well, so that we have some food. We'll want to come in and start cooking in about an hour though.”

“Okay.” Jeremy said happily, and they ran in and grabbed a quick change and took some chicken out of the freezer for their dinner.

“So, how do we do this then?” Jeremy asked after grabbing a tent from the trailer.

“These all look like pretty good nylon and fiberglass pole tents, so they should be pretty easy. Every one's different though, so we'll start on the first one together and I'll show you how easy they can be, and then we should be able to separate and do the rest.”


Billy showed Jeremy how to take the tent out and unroll it, and then how to put the poles together, and then finally how to string the poles in and stand the tent up. Like Billy had said, they were quite easy to manage, and within only a few minutes, they had the tent put up. Jeremy felt he had it, so they each grabbed another and started putting them up. Of course it took twice as long, but they got them up easily enough. They worked their way through all the tents until they had them all set up, and in under half an hour, they were all done.

“Now we should probably stake them down so that a wind gust doesn't go and carry them away or something. These things aren't exactly heavy, so that's a real concern.” Billy suggested.

“Okay. We grabbed all the spikes anyway, so we should be all set.”

It took about fifteen minutes more for them to get the tents all staked down so that they would not go anywhere any time soon.

“These are nice tents, aren't they?” Jeremy asked.

“Very nice actually. Way better than the one dad and I used to use, that's for sure. And they're huge too. I think we should go ahead and head inside and get dinner started, huh baby?”

“Yeah, I'm getting hungry, and dad'll be home soon.”

“It's getting easier for you to call him dad, isn't it?” Billy asked softly, happily.

“Yeah, it is, just don't tell him yet please, I'm not ready to call him dad yet to his face?”

“No worries, you can when you're ready, dad or I'll never make you.” Billy smiled warmly.


They took the quads and trailers back to the barn quickly, got everything shut down for the night, and then headed into the house to make dinner. By the time they were finished making it, John was just walking in.

“Smells good boys.” John said in way of greeting.

“Thanks, go ahead and sit down, dinner 'll be ready in just a moment here.” Jeremy said.

John did as he was told, and a minute later, as promised, dinner was on the table and they were dishing up.

“So, what all did you find over there, anything of any real use?”

“Lots of stuff. We found a whole bunch of camping gear, and we were wondering if we could invite the guys next weekend for a few nights camp out, just us boys. We were thinking by the creek would be best, because there we have fresher water that we can drink.” Billy said.

“I don't know how comfortable I am with you boys going all the way to the creek, it's a pretty far ways away. If I were going with you, no biggie, but I don't think I'm ready to let you go alone. Why not just go in the back yard?”

“Then it's not really like camping.” Jeremy pointed out.

“True. Okay, I think I could let you boys go as far as the pond, but you'll have to get permission from all the other kids' parents, and they'll have to know how far away I'll be, and I'll want to talk to them personally about it before I'll even think of agreeing to letting their kids come as well.”

“Okay, I think that everyone would be good with that. We'll mention it to all the guys at this weeks meeting and have them all come and see you at the store. Will that be okay?” Billy asked.

“Sure. You boys want to go camping this weekend with me first though, I haven't been camping in a long time, and I miss it?”

“Okay.” Both boys said happily.

“Good. By the way, this is really good, thanks.”

“Thanks. Jeremy, as it turns out, is an even better cook than I am.” Billy said happily.

“It shows.”

“Thanks guys, but you're really good too Billy.”

“Thanks.” Billy smiled.

“So, what else did you find over there anyway?”

“Few more things for the tractors, bunch of horse stuff, more gardening stuff, and a bunch of other odds and ends. We did find some tools though that we didn't already have here, so we brought them over. I was also thinking, because we don't have a lot of space in our barn here, that all the tractor stuff, except the tractors themselves, could more easily be stored over in the tractor storage sheds, that way we have more space here.” Jeremy answered.

“That's good, and that might not be such a bad idea too.”

“Thanks. So, how was your day at work then, other than our interruptions?”

“Pretty good actually. Nothing too terribly much happened, but we were pretty steady, so that's good.”

“That's good.”

For the rest of the meal, they chatted more, and when they were done, the boys cleaned up while John went to get changed. Once they were all ready, they went and sat back in the living room and watched a movie. When they went to bed, the boys laid down and sucked each other for a bit before diapering each other and passing out for the night.

The next few days went by with the boys just continuing to clean up around the house more, so that it looked nice, they played around a lot, had lots of fun, both inside and outside if you catch my drift, and finally, it was the day of their diaper group meeting once again. John took the boys, saying that he was going to go grocery shopping while they were having their fun.

Once everyone was there and everyone had gotten through the customary how was your week and so forth, the boys piped up and told them what all they had done during the week and what they had found.

“So, would anyone like to come camping at our place next weekend, it'll be just us boys, my dad'll stay at the house, so we can be free to walk around just as we are now? All you'll have to do is tell your parents to go see my dad, he'd rather talk to them in person if at all possible, but they can call if they have to. He wants to make sure that they're all okay with you staying the weekend with next to no adult supervision, even though he'll only be a half kilometer away.”

“Awesome.” Almost all the boys said at once, the rest gave other affirmative responses.

“What can we bring if we're allowed, which I'm sure my parents will have no problem with?” Shawn asked.

“Well, so that we don't have to pay too much for food, I say bring food, but we'll probably all share and cook together. Also, bring plenty of diapers. If you have water jugs, bring those, so that we have lots. We have all the tents and sleeping bags though, so we should be okay there. If anyone has ATV's of their own, they could probably bring them too if your parents are okay with that, because we only have four. If you do, bring extra gas. And if someone has a portable stereo, that'd be great. I'll give everyone my number though so that you can all call me when and if your parents say yes, and that way you can call us and tell us what you can bring, so that way we have a list so that we know what we'll need to get if we don't already have it. Am I forgetting anything baby?” Billy asked Jeremy.

“Um, gimme a second here to think.” Jeremy smiled, and then thought about it for a moment. “Oh yeah, almost no clothes, we won't really be needing those unless it rains or something stupid, in which case we might just stay in the hay loft of the barn. Let's see, we have a few coolers, but more might not be such a bad idea, and if you have those reusable ice packs would probably be really good too. Oh yeah, if you do have and bring ATV's, if you have trailers that you can bring, bring them too, so that way we don't have to make too many trips. We have no cell reception out at our place, but we'll have our radios with us, so if your parents need to reach you for any reason, they can call the house, and our dad will come and get you. Um, I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I can't think of what.” Jeremy smiled.

“Well, that's lots. You know I can get food and extra diapers, no prob, so I'm totally on board. If you all just give me the money for food and diapers though, my parents will sell it to us at a much better rate, because it's for a group function, at least I'm sure they will. We can make up a shopping list of what all we'll need and then I'll have them bring it home for us. A couple cases of diapers will be more than enough, one of each of the two sizes we'll all need should be more than fine. For the ones whose parents don't know of course, just bring your night diapers with you as normal so as to not arouse suspicions of course.” Shawn offered.

“That'd be awesome. If everyone comes over first thing Friday morning, and we stay out until late Sunday afternoon, then if everyone pitched in say fifty bucks for all the food and supplies, that'd be lots, and if there's money left over, then Shawn could easily give it to us the week after at our next meet.” Billy suggested.

“Forty dollars max is all it'll take.” Shawn said.

“Okay, forty then. We'll bring it here next week then if everyone's allowed to go that is. I hope everyone can though, because it won't be as much fun otherwise.”

“Awesome.” Everyone said, and for the rest of the evening, they sat around talking and laughing, a lot about the up and coming camping trip, all the boys hoping beyond hope that their parents would agree to it as well. As soon as their time was up, they all went and got changed and or dressed, and then they were off.

“So, how did it go boys? What did the others think about the camping trip?”

“Great, they loved the idea.” Billy said happily, and then for the entire ride home, the boys told John all about the plans and ideas that they had all come up with.

“Sounds like it went well, I'm glad.” John said, barely having had a chance to get a word in the entire time, the boys just kept talking happily.

“Thanks. Well daddy, let's get these groceries in, and then we're heading up to bed.”

“Okay babies, let's go then.”

“Hey, we resemble that remark.” Billy said in a big pout.

“I know.” John grinned, and they all helped to bring in all the groceries. There was extra for their up and coming camping trip as well, so there was lots.

As soon as everything was in and put away, the boys headed up to bed, and after relieving themselves of a little pressure, they went to sleep and slept the night away in blissful slumber.

“Okay boys, have a good day, and I'll see you when I get off work and then we can go camping. If you want to or have time to, get as much packed and ready to go as you can, okay. I'll also try and get out of there a little early if at all possible, but don't count on it. Love you, have a good day.” John said to the boys the next morning.

“Okay daddy, have a good day, see you when you get home then.” Billy said happily, and then John was gone.

“Shower, sex, dressed, and then pack you figure?” Jeremy grinned.

“Definitely.” Billy grinned right back, and they ran giddily up to their bedroom to do just that.

As soon as they were cleaned and dried off, they fell into bed together and got all dirty again. They sucked each other, and then sucked each other again, just because it felt so damned good and they were still young, so could easily get away with it. They diapered each other nice and thick, in fact it was double thick today, as well as their plastic pants, just because they felt like it.

“Okay baby, let's go pack up what we can outside first I guess..” Billy smiled happily now that they were ready to go, some one and a half hours after they had entered their bedroom.

“Okay.” Jeremy smiled brightly right back.

They went out to the barn and pulled their Quads out and hitched up their trailers, and then collected from there everything that they would be needing. Then they headed outside and grabbed the largest of the tents, packed it all up nice and tight, and threw it in the trailer as well.

“I just realized something!” Jeremy said suddenly when they were finished loading everything from outside.

“What's that baby?”

“Well, we have lanterns, stoves and flashlights, but nothing at all to power them with!” Jeremy pointed out.

“Crap, that might be a bit of a problem. I think we're also almost out of gas for the ATV's as well. Unless I'm mistaken, what's in the tanks is about all we have left. I'll call dad and ask him to bring all that home with him.”

“Good idea, and I think you're right about the fuel situation as well.”

“Hey daddy, you there?” Billy asked a few seconds later when he had got his radio.

“Yeah baby, what's up?”

“Just that we forgot a few things that we need from town.”

“Oh, like what?”

“More fuel for the quads, propane for the lanterns and stoves, and batteries for the flashlights.”

“Crap, I forgot about that as well. If I had've thought of that, I would've grabbed the gas cans this morning. Oh well, we needed a couple more anyway, so no biggie. I'll grab it all on my way home. I told the guys, and they all said I should be okay to leave at three if I wanted, so I might just do that, so I'll get all that and get home as quick as I can. Unfortunately we don't carry half of it here, but I'll grab from here what I can of course. Was there anything else we needed that you can think of?”

“No, nothing that either of us can think of, at least right now.” Billy answered after having looked to Jeremy and getting a shake of the head in answer.

“Okay, if you think of anything, gimme a call, and I'll try and get it then. Have fun boys, see you in a bit.”

“Thanks, will do daddy, have fun.” Billy said, and then they went to radio silence once again.

“Well, now that that's done, should we go get all the non cold foods?” Jeremy asked.

“Okay, and then we should get lunch pretty quick as well, I'm starting to get hungry.”

“Come to think of it, so am I, so let's do that first.” Billy smiled.

“I'm good with that.” Jeremy smiled back, and they headed into the house and made and ate lunch.

As soon as that was all cleaned up from, they started grabbing any of the dry goods from the house that they might need. Once they were done in the kitchen, they headed up to their bedroom and grabbed the few clothes they might need, but all the diapers that they were likely to need, and it was all stuffed into an old duffel bag that Billy had in the back of his closet. And just because they were already in their bedroom, and they had nothing better to do at the moment, wouldn't you know it, but they sucked each other again for no reason whatsoever, other than it just felt too good to not do it.

“Much better, what now?” Jeremy sighed.

“Don't know. Not much else we can do until daddy comes home. I just thought of something that we might need though!”

“What's that?”

“Ice. We don't really have any, except a couple ice cube trays full, and that certainly won't be enough.”

“Nope, it certainly won't be. I'll call dad this time.” Jeremy offered.


“Hey, you there?” Jeremy asked into the radio.

“Yeah buddy, what's up?”

“Not me this time.”

“Let me guess, just finished taking care of that problem?” John laughed.

“Yeah, how did you guess.”

“You're a healthy nearly teen boy, if you're not, then you had to have just done something to take care of it, because you'd be up any other time. Now, what were you needing?”


“Yeah, that'd make it go down too.” John laughed.

“No bonehead, we need ice, we don't have any for the coolers.” Jeremy laughed too.

“I know, I was just teasing you, and it was fun too. I'll grab a bunch of ice and bring it home with me then. Anything else?”

“Nope, nothing yet, and this late in the day, if we forget it, we won't need it.”

“Good point, I'll be leaving pretty soon.”

“Good, see you in a while then.” Jeremy said, and they disconnected.

“You've opened up a lot more since moving in with us, have you noticed that?” Billy asked happily.

“I used to be a lot more open, but living with people that hated you for who you really were has a tendency to make you close up. I had to for my own safety. It feels good to really be able to joke around about stuff. My grandma used to tease me all the time about my little baby boners, saying I was such a boy.”

“Yeah, well I like you little baby boner too. I can see why you would've had to shut everything off to survive though, I'm just glad that you're starting to open up more around dad. He still needs some time and work to really open up himself yet, but this weekend will be good for him.”

“We're not packing any clothes for him, are we?”

“Nope. But we'll tell him we have it all packed.” Billy grinned.

“Good, he needs it.”

“Come on, let's go grab a couple of the milk jugs from the recycling bag and clean them and fill them with water.”


“We'll throw them in the freezer and make big ice blocks. We used to do that for camping, because they last an amazing amount of time, and because it's a container with a lid, it doesn't get everything wet like putting ice in a cooler does.” Billy answered.

“Cool, never thought of that. Four litres of ice would probably last quite well.”

“Three days if it's warm, two days if it's hot, and more if it's cool out.”

“Not bad.”

“Yeah, the only problem of course is that they take up lots of space, but we have big coolers.”

“Okay, let's go then.”

They went and found four jugs that they could easily re-inflate, because they usually flattened them, found the lids, and then cleaned them and filled them up. They then stuck them in the deep freeze so that they would be ready at least for the next weekend. They would add the next couple jugs as well as they emptied them.

From there they went and grabbed the coolers that they would need, they grabbed the two largest ones, figuring that that would be more than enough, and set them in the kitchen, so that as soon as John got home, they could load that up and go. They made a final sweep of the house, just to make sure there was nothing else that they had forgotten, and then did the same thing in the barn. There was still a little gas in two of the gas cans, so they at least topped up the fuel with the last bit that they had, and then checked the oil in all the quads, to be sure that it was still good. So, with all that done, they were pretty much ready to go, just needed to add the food and the fuel, and then they could leave. It was already just after three in the afternoon, so John would hopefully be home soon the boys figured. He showed up almost half an hour later.

“Oh good, you're finally home. Give us the ice, and then could you take the rest of the stuff out and put it in the trailers please, we have everything ready to go, all we need to do is load the coolers up.” Billy said, grabbing the four bags of ice that John had had in his hands.

“Oh, okay. I'll top up the tanks as well then while you're doing this. Do you have my clothes packed for me already too?”

“Yep.” Both boys said.

“Okay, great. I should check the oil as well, just to be sure it's good.”

“No need, we already did. Go, and you may as well change into the shorts we set on your bed for you.” Billy said, remembering that they had set John's smallest pair of shorts out, with no underwear, so that he would not have to go into his dresser and possibly realize that nothing had been removed.

“Good, and thanks, I'll be right out and go get the rest of the stuff done.” John smiled and then took off.

He quickly went to his room, saw the shorts and grinned. He had used to use them to workout in, but had not actually worn them in a while, but he put them on anyway. As soon as he was done, he headed outside, and just went and grabbed his Quad and drove it to the truck so that he could offload everything directly to the trailer. He figured that it would be faster and easier that way, and it was. Once everything was offloaded, he drove back to where the other two ATV's were parked and then went about securing the fuel cans onto the boys' quads, and then used the other one to top up the fuel for all three of them before securing that can to the back of his. Now all he had to do would be to grab the coolers as soon as the boys said they were ready.

Billy and Jeremy quickly dumped the bags of ice into the coolers and then went about grabbing everything that they would be needing from the fridge and freezer. Because they had already had most everything packed and ready to go, this really did not take all that much time. They waited until they saw that John was ready for the coolers, so they called him and he came over with his quad and loaded the two coolers into his, because his was the least filled, done so purposely for the coolers.

“Well boys, I think we're ready to go. Don't you want to put something more on than just your diapers though?”

“No, that's okay. We just have to put our safety gear on and we're ready to go.” Jeremy answered.

“Okay. Well, let's get this show on the road then shall we.” John smiled, and they all put on their safety gear and hopped on their quads and started them up.

“So, where to boys?”

“Creek.” Both boys said as one.

“Let me guess, that really nice clearing near the small falls?”

“Definitely.” They both said again.

“Good, that's where I wanted to go too.” John smiled and told the boys to lead the way.

Once again, because they had the trailers behind them, they could not go very fast at all with the rough ground, so they had to take it slow and easy. That was more than okay with them though, because it was a nice drive. Half an hour later they pulled up to their chosen campsite and shut off their quads and hopped off.

“This'll be nice. We haven't been camping since our camping gear was almost all stolen, and I've missed it.” John sighed, their gear had been stolen out of the back of their truck on their way home from their last trip, which was sadly quite a few years ago, and they had never been able to afford to replace it again.

“Man, that would've sucked. You didn't tell me that.” Jeremy said.

“No point.” Billy shrugged.

“Come on boys, let's start getting set up. Where's the tent?”

“In my trailer I think.” Billy said, and then started digging around in it.

A few seconds later Billy came out victoriously holding it and threw it to his dad, who took it. He and Jeremy then went about setting it up while Billy started taking things out of the trailers that they would be needing. A good portion of the stuff would stay in the trailers for ease of storage, and to keep their area more clean, but some stuff had to come out. Also, the back of the one trailer would be perfect to set up their stove and barbecue on, so he had to clear that one out almost totally. They finished both these chores at much the same time, so they went on to the next one, which was Billy setting up their cook center, while John and Jeremy unhitched the trailers and then started finding stuff to make a fire pit.

“This should work out nicely, and it sure will be peaceful, that's for sure.” John sighed when they were done.

“Yeah, that it will. Remember a few of the campsites we went to, it was so noisy with all the people there, it was horrible. Out here the only sounds we'll ever hear are the sounds of nature. Granted, that's the thing about the house we have now that I like the most. I definitely don't miss the sounds of the city.” Billy smiled.

“Same here. Let's go see about finding us some fire wood boys.”

“Why don't we empty the one trailer into the other one, it'll all fit I think, and then take the quads with the one trailer and just load it all up with fire wood?” Jeremy suggested.

“Sounds like as good a plan as any to me.” John smiled.

They quickly did that and then geared up again and hopped back on their quads and took off. They followed trails for the next hour, and any time any of them saw dead wood on the ground that they could use, they stopped and gathered it and threw it in the trailer. By the time an hour was about to pass, their trailer was good and full, so they headed back.

“Jeremy, do you know how to start a fire?” John asked.

“No, not really. I know the basics of how to, but I've never done it before.” He admitted.

“Okay. Billy, you go ahead and show him how to do it then while I get started on dinner.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

Inside of ten minutes Billy had a good strong fire going, showing Jeremy the hows and whys of building a good strong fire. John had found the ground beef that the boys had grabbed, as well as the hamburger buns, and decided that hamburgers and chips sounded great, so he started the barbecue and got the meat ready. A few minutes later he was cooking and the boys were salivating. A few minutes later they were sitting around a nice fire eating an even nicer meal.

“There's little better than eating a flame broiled dinner around a camp fire, is there!” Billy sighed when he finished eating.

“No, I think I missed that the most.” John sighed as well.

“I think I understand why you might say that, it was good, and it sure is relaxing.” Jeremy smiled.

“Kay boys, let's get some water on to boil and get this cleaned up.”

“Why not just clean the dishes in the creek? It's not like we have many, and even if it's not hot, it'll still clean the dishes just fine with the flowing water.” Billy asked.

“Sounds good enough to me. Let's go boys.” John smiled, and they took off.

“What should we do now?” Billy asked once their dishes were all cleaned up.

“I for one wouldn't mind just sitting back and relaxing by the fire for the rest of the evening.” John answered.

“Sounds good to me.” Jeremy added.

“Then that's what we'll do.” Billy smiled, and that was what they did.

As they sat back and relaxed for the evening, John told the boys a bunch of fun stories, some about his childhood, some were just stories, and the boys even told a few stories as well. It was a really nice evening.

A little after dark, they put out the fire and headed into their tent for the night. The boys had zipped up two sleeping bags together, so as soon as they changed their diapers, they slipped into their bed for the night, and said goodnight to John. John had just taken off his shirt and slipped into his single sleeping bag and said goodnight back to the boys, and a few minutes later, they were all sound asleep.

“Morning boys, how did you sleep?” John sighed out as he woke up the next morning to find that the boys were already awake and whispering to each other.

“Really good, how about you?” The boys asked, alternating words.

“Good thanks. Well, should we get up and get the day started?”

“Sure, and I could seriously use breakfast as well.” Jeremy grinned.

“Yes, and by the looks of that diaper, you could seriously use a diaper change as well.” John grinned.

“Yeah, you're probably right, but Billy's even more wet than I am.”

“Looks it. Where did you boys put my clothes so that I can get changed out of these shorts?”

“We didn't pack us any.” Billy said simply.

“What do you mean you didn't pack us any? You mean I have to go around in only these shorts all day, I wore them yesterday and last night?” John asked incredulously.

“No, what we mean is that you can go naked, or diapered, whichever you prefer.”

“What, how would you have gotten diapers for me?” John asked in shock.

“Shawn gave us some.” Billy lied, knowing his dad would rather go naked.

“Um, no way, but I can't go naked either. I'll just go home and get some other clothes.” John said.

“No dad, you can do it, we'll go naked as well, we promise it'll be fine. You're too ashamed of your body, but you have a nice body and you should go naked. And don't worry, we won't rape you.” Billy grinned cheekily.

“Yeah, that makes it better, to go around naked with my sons.”

“What's wrong with it? Really, we could easily go to a family nudist beach and there would be dozens of families there, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.” Jeremy asked this time.

“To some, maybe it's not wrong, but to me it doesn't feel right.”

“Come on daddy, you can do it, and besides, you don't really have much of a choice in the matter. Let's get him.” Billy grinned to Jeremy, and they hopped up and stripped John of his only covering, the skimpy pair of shorts.

The quick and effective way that the boys had done this, they had talked about it while John was sleeping, ensured that John's extra strength would be of no use to him. Billy had jumped onto him, pinning his arms and chest, while Jeremy quickly yanked down his shorts, pulling them off entirely.

“No boys, come on, gimme my shorts back.”

“Nope, you'll have to come get them.” Jeremy said, taking off.

John, for some strange reason, did in fact take off after Jeremy from the tent, and ended up chasing him around for a good fifteen minutes. The problem was, Jeremy was considerably faster and better at maneuvering than John was, so he was easily able to evade capture. John must have realized that there was no hope in catching Jeremy, because he finally stopped and went and sat in a chair around the fire that Billy had started while they were having their fun.

“Feel better yet?” Billy asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“No! You're not gonna let me have my shorts back, are you?”

“Nope, and by now Jeremy has them well hidden.”

“You boys planned this, didn't you?”

“Of course we did. You're too shy, which is odd, considering I'm not. If you want to get breakfast started, now that the fire's going, Jeremy and I are gonna go get these wet diapers off and get cleaned up, then we'll come out and help you.” Billy smiled warmly as Jeremy came back into their campsite with a victorious smile on his face.

“Yeah, I tried not to allow you to grow up with the same shame that was forced upon me, I guess it worked too well.” John laughed.

“Yeah, but now you have to learn what you preached all those times. Come on baby, let's go get out of our soggy baby diapers.” Billy smiled warmly.

John did not say anything to that, mostly because the boys clasped hands and nearly floated back to the tent so that they could get each other cleaned and diapered, or at least he thought they would be. John got up and went and grabbed some bacon out of one of the coolers and grabbed a few potatoes and an onion and pepper. He got started on cutting up the stuff, and got the frying pans on to heat up. By that time, the boys were done, and they both came out of the tent naked as well.

“Why are you boys naked?” John asked.

“What, and let you have all the fun. We like being naked too you know, and besides, we're starting to get a bit of a diaper rash, so airing out 'll be good for us. Just don't be surprised if we start peeing all of a sudden, I hardly notice it any more.”

“Oh.” Was about all that John could think to say.

“Don't worry, you'll get used to it soon.” Jeremy smiled warmly.

“Gee, that's comforting.”

“It should be. What can we do to help out?” Billy asked.

“Nothing really, just go ahead and sit back and relax and I'll have breakfast ready soon.”

“Okay, thanks.” The boys said and smiled together, and went and sat by the fire.

A little while later, they were eating and continued their chatting, enjoying both meal and company. As soon as they were all finished, they took their dishes down to the creek and washed them all up and dried and put them away.

“So, what should we do now boys?”

“Let's go swimming.” Jeremy said.

“Whatever will I wear though!” John said flatly.

“Well duh, that's easy, just go as you are.” Billy grinned.

They headed back to the creek and swam around for a bit in the pool that was just up from their campsite, it was at the base of the small waterfall, so there was a lot of turbulence in the water, but they all enjoyed it a great deal. They managed to stay in the water and swimming for a good hour before they all climbed out and just lay back in the soft grass on the bank. A long collective sigh escaped all of them as they laid there, relaxing in the warm sun after a nice swim, all free and at ease.

“So, how do you feel now daddy?” Billy asked softly almost half an hour later.

“Amazingly free actually.” John had to begrudgingly admit.

“Good, we're glad. It's so nice to be able to relax and forget all your cares, and be free and natural. I think it's the best.” Billy smiled warmly to his dad.

“Me too.” Jeremy added.

“Yeah, I guess you boys might be right. What should we do now?”

“I personally wouldn't mind just laying here for a little while longer, maybe even have a nap, I'm so relaxed.” Jeremy yawned.

“That sounds like a good idea to me too.” Billy added.

“Actually, now that you mention it, a nice nap in such a peaceful place as this does sound like kinda a good idea.” John sighed and laid back down.

They all laid there in blissful slumber for about an hour before it started getting too warm for them and they all woke up within a few minutes of each other.

“Wow, now that was nice, wasn't it?” John sighed.

“Yeah. Let's go for another swim and then go get some lunch, then I say we go for a hike.” Billy suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Both John and Jeremy said at the same time.

“Good.” Billy smiled, and they headed back into the water and swam for a few minutes.

As soon as they were sufficiently cooled back down again, they got out and headed back to their campsite and made some lunch. After lunch they cleaned up their dishes in the creek again and got everything put away and cleaned up. As soon as they were ready to go, they put on their sandals, and naked as they had been all morning, they went for a nice long hike, this being John's first time to really see all the beautiful land that surrounded them, and that they all pretty much owned. They all enjoyed their hike for a little more than an hour before they made it back to camp.

“What would you boys like to do now?”

“I don't know. Wanna take the quads out for a bit?” Jeremy asked.

“Sure, why not, but that means we have to get dressed.” John said.

“Just our shorts and then our safety gear should be fine, and our shoes of course.” Billy said.

“Yeah, that should be fine. Well and you boys need your diapers on.”

“For sure.” Both boys said.

“Go get my shorts then please Jeremy?”

“Okay.” He grinned and went right to his quad and lifted the seat and pulled them out.

“How did you put them there without my noticing?” John asked incredulously.

“Easy actually. You were so preoccupied with trying to keep yourself somewhat covered and catching me, I didn't even have to try and keep away from you, so I was able to slip around you and sneak them there.” Jeremy grinned cheekily.

“Wow, you're sneaky.”

“Thanks. Now, if I give these back to you, you have to promise that when we get back that you'll take them off again.” Jeremy warned.

“Fine. But you boys will probably stay covered in your diapers.”

“Probably, but if it were you, which would you rather be caught in, naked or diapers?”

“Definitely naked.” John had to laugh.

“Yeah, well we don't care one way or the other.” Jeremy smiled and Billy nodded.

“Clearly. Well, let's get suited up boys. Oh, where did the radios get stashed?”

“I put them in the waterproof box in the back of your trailer.” Billy answered.

“Good thinking.”

A few minutes later they grabbed all their gear after they each started their ATV, and then they got suited up, got their radios powered up and tested out, their headsets on, and finally their helmets. They made sure that their gas cans and safety gear were still securely attached to their quads and hopped on to get ready to go.

“Okay boys, same as last time, you lead, don't go too fast, and I'll be right behind you.”

“Okay.” Both boys said, and then a few seconds later, they were off.

This time Billy led the way, and for the next hour and a half, they toured more of the property where they had never gone before, and it was very nice. Billy even had them pretty much forging their own trail a few times, just to see where somewhere went, and they all had a good time. Finally they made it back, shut down their quads, removed all their gear, right until they were either naked or diapered, both boys nodding approvingly to John.

“Well boys, let's get the fire started again, and then for the rest of the day, I say we sit back and relax.”

“Okay.” They both said, and this time Jeremy got to start the fire.

He had to ask a few questions to make sure he remembered the best way to do so, but within a few minutes, he had a nice strong fire going.

“Well done Jeremy.” John patted Jeremy on the back gently.

“Thanks. It's not really all that hard, is it?”

“No, unless you don't have any matches or a lighter of some sort, then it can be tricky, but still not all that hard if you know what you're doing.”

“Really, cool!”

“So, I forgot to mention to you boys last night, but a couple of the parents stopped by yesterday while I was at work to talk to me about the up and coming camping trip.”

“Really, what did they have to say?”

“The one, his son was quite young, and I think he said his name was Adam or something like that. He said he had no problem with it, as long as I was nearby. I told both parents that while you were in the back yard, strictly speaking our backyard was somewhere around several kilometers across, so that could mean a great distance, but that you'd only be at the pond, which is only a few hundred meters from the house, and that we would be in contact at all times. They were okay with this and asked if the boys needed to bring anything. I told them that the boys would have the plans for that, that I had nothing to do with any of this. The other parent, she never said her name or her son's name, so I have no idea who. Anyway, she said that the plan was to just give Shawn some money and he'd get all the groceries from his dads store at a really good deal, so that it would cost a lot less in the long run, she seemed to think this was as good a plan as any.”

“Oh, that's good. This is gonna be so cool. During the week I think we'll get all the firewood that we'll need and set up as much as we can, so that we don't have to worry about it once everyone gets here.” Billy said.

“Probably not a bad idea, but no chainsaws or anything.” John warned.

“Don't worry, not even sure how to use one, and not so sure I want to either.” Billy said seriously.

“Same here.”

“Not to mention, I don't think we even have one anyway.”

“I'm surprised there wasn't one at the other house.”

“Yeah, I don't think either of us came across one of those amongst all the other things we found.”

“Probably for the best. So, what exactly are your plans for this camping trip anyway?”

“No clue, we'll figure all that out this week. We'll need some money to give to Shawn as well though please by that day, so that he can go get all the groceries.”

“Okay. How much?”

“Fifty each, but don't worry, he'll return anything he doesn't use. I'm sure his dad'll help him to get everything we need.”

“Not too bad, I'll have it for you, no worries.”

“Thanks.” Both boys smiled.

A short while later, they made and ate their dinner, and then after cleaning up, they relaxed by the fire until dark telling stories and having a good time. Finally they all headed to bed and slept straight through until morning, all very well rested.

Sunday was much the same again, they went swimming and quad-ing, they relaxed and they talked, until just a little after three, when they figured that they should call it and get everything packed up and ready to go. This did not take all that long, and before too long, they were all packed and ready to go, so they hopped on and headed back to the house. As soon as they made it there, they unpacked everything and put it all away. Once everything was put away, both in the barn and in the house, they headed back inside, because they had done the house stuff first.

“Well boys, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry, and then it's definitely time for a much needed bath.”

“I think I can agree with you there.” Jeremy said, and of course Billy nodded his agreement.

So, they made and ate a quick dinner, and then headed up for a nice long hot bath. The boys and John all stayed in their extra hot baths for at least an hour, just soaking and enjoying the hot water. Finally they started washing off, the boys of course washing each other, and then they drained their tubs and started their showers and rinsed off and gave their hair the second wash and conditioning. The boys dried off and then got themselves nice and thickly diapered and headed downstairs, figuring that they would all sit back and relax and watch TV for the rest of the night. Both boys were almost surprised that John came out naked.

“Feel better boys?” John asked when he emerged from his bedroom.

“Yeah, tonnes better actually. Camping is always great, but it always feels so good to get home and get clean too. We figured that we'd kick back and relax and watch some TV before bed, you okay with that?” Billy asked.

“I agree with you totally there, and that sounds like a good plan to me.”

They all curled up on the couch and watched TV for the rest of the evening before heading up to bed. The boys felt that their diapers were good, so they hopped into bed and kissed and stuck their hands inside each others diapers to take care of the loads that they knew they both had, because it had felt like an awful long weekend to them. During almost half an hours worth of kissing, they managed to stroke three orgasms from each other, Jeremy pulling his hand out each time to lick up the mess, enjoying it very much indeed.

Finally they were both more than ready to go to sleep, so repositioning each other properly so as not to leak, they cuddled back up together, pulled the blankets up, gave each other one final kiss, whispered good night, I love you, and they fell asleep.

Chapter 12

“Do you wanna go back up to our room and play around a bit?” Jeremy asked as soon as John had headed out to work.

“Hell yeah. Three cums last night was good, but we're used to doing that every day, and I certainly didn't get enough release during the weekend.” Billy grinned.

“No kidding. That's definitely the only problem with going camping with your dad and having him in the same tent.”

“Yeah, well we won't be making that same mistake again, now will we? We'll definitely have to make sure that we take separate tents next time, and we'll have to take enough tents with us next weekend to make sure each couple has their own.”

“For sure.” Jeremy smiled, and grabbed Billy's hand and dragged him up to their bedroom.

Once there, they stripped off each others very wet diapers, they had not bothered to change yet, and then they started kissing tenderly as they stood in the middle of the bedroom. Before too long, they were pretty much dancing on the spot, letting their love just flow through them like music. Even though they were both more than a little horny, as well as hard, they still not take their love to the next level and start playing around, it just felt too nice to do that yet.

After almost half an hour just standing there kissing though, they moved to the bed and laid down. Billy was in the upper position, so he decided that there was no way that he wanted to take any longer, and Jeremy was obviously okay with this, because he made no protests to Billy kissing and licking his way down his hot heaving body, working towards the ultimate prize. Within only a few seconds, Billy had Jeremy buried in his mouth, sucking tenderly while softly playing with his very soft balls in one hand. His other hand though went somewhere where neither boy had yet to go, it went right to Jeremy's pulsing little pucker and started stroking it tenderly, and Jeremy sure seemed to like it, because his moans increased in pitch and tempo.

Billy dared not venture inside his beautiful boyfriend yet, because he did not have any lube to make it easier and less uncomfortable, and he did not wish to cause Jeremy any pain or discomfort at all. All he was doing though was softly stroking the soft skin there, and that was more than enough with everything else that he was doing to cause Jeremy to explode in his best ever orgasm. Billy though did not let Jeremy go, but he did cease his movements for a few minutes to allow Jeremy to come back down and lessen his sensitivity to his dick head.

As soon as Jeremy came down, Billy started all over again, doing everything again, this time slower and more gentle yet, really wanting to cause as much pleasure in Jeremy as he could possibly give to him. This orgasm took almost twice as long to come, but it was even more intense than the last one was, by quite a bit. Jeremy ended up passing out from it, and his dick went totally soft. Billy smiled brightly at having caused the very thing he was attempting to do to Jeremy. He crawled back up Jeremy's body and waited the nearly five minutes before Jeremy came too once again.

“Wow.” Was about all that Jeremy could think to say.

“I hope you liked that?” Billy whispered softly.

“Oh yeah.” Jeremy sighed out long and deep.

“Good, I'm glad. I hate to ask you this though, but I'm about to burst, and I need a little help?”

“Oh god yes, roll over.” Jeremy said.

Billy rolled over onto his back and Jeremy attempted to roll over as well, but his body was still not cooperating fully, so it took a couple tries. As soon as he was though, he gave Billy another tender kiss that lasted only a minute, and then he too crawled down Billy's body, licking and kissing all the way. Within only a few seconds, Jeremy too had Billy buried inside his mouth, and also started fondling his hot nuts and stroking his pucker gently. Billy though was far too close for Jeremy to play with him for too long. Less than a minute after starting to suck Billy, he exploded, nearly flooding Jeremy's mouth past capacity, but Jeremy was not about to let even one single drop escape.

Jeremy stopped sucking, but he too left Billy in his mouth until his orgasm subsided. Once Billy came back down again, Jeremy started sucking again, also going slower and softer this time, just to make it feel incredible to his boyfriend as well. Billy was loving the attention to his puckered little baby boy hole even more than Jeremy was, and that was saying a lot, considering just how much Jeremy had liked it. Billy managed to last almost four times as long for his second orgasm of the morning, but still, it was less time than Jeremy had lasted, and this time Jeremy was not able to keep all the cum contained, so he had to swallow or risk losing some, but he only swallowed a small amount, so that he would be able to savor it.

Amazingly enough, Billy had not passed out, but he was also not quite with it either for twice as long as Jeremy had been out of it. Jeremy smiled, because he had done what he intended as well, to send his baby into orgasmic orbit, and it certainly looked as if he were there alright. Finally Billy came back to Earth and blinked a few times, sighed a few more, and then finally managed to gasp out something.

“Wow, that was incredible.”

“I'm glad you liked it baby. Come on, we should probably go get cleaned up and get dressed and ready for the day.”

“Gimme just a couple more minutes here, my muscles still feel as if they're jello.”

“Know how you feel baby. I'm gonna get up and get the shower started, join me as soon as you can, okay!”

“Okay, meet you there in a minute.” Billy sighed, and Jeremy hopped out of bed, happy with the world.

He headed to the bathroom and got the shower started, grabbed a cloth and a couple towels, and then hopped in the shower. A few seconds later, Billy showed up and joined him in the shower, and they tenderly washed each other nice and clean. Once they were clean, they hopped out, dried off, went to the bathroom, brushed their teeth and hair, put on their deodorant, and then headed to their bedroom to diaper and dress each other.

“We should probably strip the bed and get the bedding in the wash, as well we do have a few clothes that need it.” Billy said as he stood up, the last to get changed.


They stripped the bed and put it in the washer and then went and grabbed all the clothes from the bedroom, not that there was much mind you, and took it next and set it in front of the washer. They then went and cleaned up the bedroom, just to make sure it was good, and then grabbed the garbage and headed downstairs and dumped it.

“So, what should we do now?” Jeremy asked.

“We may as well clean the house until it's time to switch over the laundry, and then we can go see if there's anything out in the yard that needs doing. After lunch though I want to go out on the quads and gather all the firewood that we'll be needing.”


They cleaned the house and then switched over the laundry, and then headed outside to see what if anything they could find to do out there. They realized that they had only gotten as close as about five feet from the house with the tractors, so there was a five foot perimeter around that, as well as the sidewalk and the trees, and they still looked kind of ugly. They could not really get to the trees yet, because the very newly sprouting grass could not be walked on until it was considerably more grown in than it currently was, but they figured that they could at least get the perimeter of the house and the walk way to the driveway cleaned up and figure something out with that.

They headed to the barn and grabbed the rototiller from there and gassed it up, grabbed a few other tools that they might be needing, loaded them into the cart and headed back to the house. Jeremy told Billy that he had better use the tiller, because he did not figure that he was quite big or strong enough yet to use it. Of course Billy said that he was, but took the first go at the fairly large machine. Given that it had not been started in a while, it did take a few tries before it started running, but before too long, he got started, and he had to admit that he doubted that Jeremy would be able to use it, because it was dragging him while using all his strength.

“Wow, that's a lot of work trying to control that thing.” Billy grunted after half an hour and not very much getting done.

“Good thing I didn't try it, because I'd never be able to control it, I'm not nearly as strong as you are yet.”

“You're pretty strong already, but even I have to admit I doubt you'd be able to, because it was taking everything I had to control it, and I don't think I have anything left.” Billy admitted.

“Looks like it. I guess we'll have to leave the bulk of that up to dad to do huh?”

“Nah, we'll do a bit more tomorrow and we'll just keep chipping away at it. Eventually we'll get done. Dad already works during the week, no point in making him work more during the weekends or at night. I might be able to do a bit more in a bit, but for now, I need a drink and a rest. I wonder though how hard it would be for the two of us to do it together, maybe we'd be able to control it easier that way?”

“Who knows. Let's go get a drink baby and we'll give it a shot once you're ready.” Jeremy smiled.

They took a good half hour break, had a really good drink and of course a nice kiss on the front porch, and then headed back out to the yard. Billy started the rototiller again, and this time they each took a side on the full handle, and went at it. Billy had to admit that with Jeremy's help it went a lot smoother and easier. Also, with his added strength came better control, so they were able to do more and faster, so they got almost twice as much done within the next half an hour before they were ready to call it for the day and go get some much needed lunch.

“Thanks baby, that sure made it a lot easier. We were able to get more done and faster, and hopefully by Thursday we'll be done. Let's get this all cleaned up and go get some lunch. We should switch over the laundry as well while we're in the house.”

“Okay, let's go. We should also get a diaper change, I'm gonna start leaking soon if I don't, and we should remake the bed while we're up there as well.”

“Good thinking baby, because I'll probably start leaking soon too. Wanna go double thick again and just diaper ourselves over these ones?” Billy grinned.

“Okay.” Jeremy answered brightly.

They quickly worked to get all their gardening tools back into the barn and put away, and then headed into the house. They headed upstairs first, and switched the laundry over. Before making the bed though, they figured there was little point in messing up a clean bed, so Jeremy laid down first and Billy poked a bunch of holes in his diaper and added his second, as well as his plastic pants. They traded places and Jeremy repaid the favor quickly. They made the bed and then headed downstairs for some much needed lunch, not even bothering to get redressed yet.

After lunch was all eaten and cleaned up from, they headed back upstairs to get dressed. On their way down, they grabbed their radios and powered them on, hoping that John had worn his, because they had not seen him grab his, but it was also not on the charger, so they figured he must have.

“Hey dad, you there?” Billy asked after getting his all up and running first.

“Sure am, just finishing my lunch. What are you boys up to?”

“We just finished lunch and laundry ourselves, so now we're gonna go start getting firewood and everything else set up. We're gonna take the quads, so I figured I'd better call you and make sure it's alright first.”

“Go ahead, you boys are getting pretty good on them I guess, just remember the rules. Don't go to automatic this time though, you'll take too long and it'll drive me mad, or at least more than I already am. Just check in every fifteen or so minutes with me and call me if you have any troubles at all, okay.”

“Thanks daddy, will do.” Billy smiled happily.

“You're welcome.” John smiled as well from hearing the excitement in his sons voice.

He knew that it would feel good for Billy and Jeremy to have more freedom to be able to do almost anything they pleased, but he still was not entirely sure that they were ready for it. Then he had to remind himself that the boys were ready for it, it was him that was not. He was having a very hard time letting Billy grow up, but he knew he had no choice but to let him, or he would just go ahead and do it behind his back anyway.

The boys quickly ran outside and to the barn and started their quads up after topping up the fuel tanks, and then they got into their safety gear. They hitched up both trailers, grabbed a couple axes and saws, and then checked in with John to tell him they were heading out, and then did so.

For the next several hours, the boys toured around their area looking for all sorts of firewood. There were a few good standing dead trees that they were able to easily push over, and they were small enough that they were able almost as easily cut them up using the saws, but both admitted that having something that was powered sure would make life a lot easier. They knew that that was going to be pretty much out of the question for now though, so just dealt with it. They loaded both trailers up twice and dumped it all and then stacked it all at their chosen area beside the pond. It was the nicest and flattest place around the entire pond, and if the old fire ring said anything, it was also deemed perfect at least once before as well. It was also only just down from where the boat was tied, but not near the side where they usually came from the house.

“Wow, that was a lot of work, huh baby?” Billy sighed once they were done.

“Yeah, that it was. You'd better check back in with dad and tell him we'll be heading home now. It's been at least twenty minutes, and you know he'll start freaking out if we hit thirty minutes.”

“No kidding.” Billy laughed and then did just that.

A few minutes later they were back in the barn and put all their stuff away.

“We should top up the tanks and get all the gas cans ready so that dad can take them into town tomorrow and fill them all up for us.” Jeremy said.

“Good idea.” Billy said and then they did that. By the time they finished, they had only one can that was full, because they had transferred all the rest of the cans into the one.

“Should we do the same for the diesel, because we could easily use the tractors as well?” Jeremy asked.

“Sure, why not.” Billy smiled, so they did the same thing.

They put all the cans into the garden cart and pulled it to the house and left it by the truck parking spot, figuring that John would more than likely get the hint loud and clear when he pulled in and saw them there and empty.

“Come on, let's go make dinner.” Billy said. They were both getting hungry and it was getting pretty close to the time that John would be coming home and expecting dinner himself.

“Sounds good to me.” Jeremy smiled, and they headed in and made dinner.

“Mmm, smells good boys, what are we having?” John asked when he walked in.

“Tacos and burritos, they'll be ready in about five minutes. Can you set the table please?” Jeremy asked.

“Sure thing.” John said happily, because that sounded even better than it smelled, and he wanted to eat soon, so the sooner he got the table set, the sooner they could eat. As long as dinner was done of course.

As soon as the rice was done, and all the sides so they could build what they wanted were done, they too were set on the table, and then they all dug in and built their dinner. Probably not so surprisingly, but there were very few sounds as they ate their dinner, because it was really quite good.

“Very good boys, thanks.”

“Thanks, and you're welcome.”

“So, I take it from all the fuel tanks out by my truck that you want me to take them into town with me tomorrow to fill them all up I suppose?”

“Wow, and here you said he wouldn't be smart enough to get it in one guess.” Jeremy said in amazement.

“I never said that, it was you.” Billy said in defense.

“Hey, I may be a redneck, but that don't make me stupid, geez.” John laughed at the boys.

“Tell me about it. Yeah, that was the general idea, if you don't mind of course.” Billy smiled warmly to his loving daddy.

“No, I don't mind. So, did you boys do something to the area by the house or something, because it looks as if it's freshly dug up?”

“Yeah, we're starting to till it up and clean it up so that it doesn't look quite so nasty. I think we both figured it'd make good gardens. Once the grass is in more, we'll probably do the same thing by the trees, except we can't really till it because of the roots.” Jeremy answered.

“Oh, and you boys were able to use the tiller, I'm surprised, it's a pretty big and powerful one.” John asked in shock.

“Well, I was able to do it myself, just barely, but it took everything I had just to keep it under control. We both figured there'd be no way Jeremy could do it yet, because he's not quite as big as I am. We found though that the two of us together were able to manage it quite easily, so that's how we'll do it in the future, so that we can get it done. We'll do more tomorrow morning, and then after lunch we'll continue getting stuff ready for our camping trip, same as today.”

“Oh, that sounds good. You should edge the gardens with something though.”

“Yeah, we could do that, but if we edge the gardens, then we'd have to put more dirt in them to raise them up a bit more. And besides, what would we edge them with?”

“There's lots of dirt around here, in case you haven't noticed, the old compost pile behind the barn for instance. As for what to use, there's also lots of rocks and whatnot around here, you could always use those, but you won't really be able to do that until after the grass comes in.”

“We should have thought of that before we planted the grass, but I say forget the grass in the areas where we need to work and just reseed it later. It won't hurt it any, and this way the gardens get done more easily.” Jeremy suggested.

“You're right, it won't hurt, and it won't take much to reseed it, that's for sure. I'll leave it up to you boys though, because that'll be a hell of a lot of work.”

“That it will, but with the use of the tractors and not having to worry about the grass, we can probably manage quite easily. If we're just gonna pile more dirt on it though, is there any point in tilling it all up, because putting a whole bunch of dirt on top of it achieves pretty much the same thing if you ask me?” Billy asked.

“No, there's probably no point at all to do so, but it'll be up to you boys to figure out.”

“Thanks dad.” Billy smiled.

“Yeah thanks. Why not go get out of those uncomfortable clothes and relax while we clean up in here, and then we'll go watch a movie.” Jeremy suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll be out in a second to help you boys clean up, and then we'll go watch a movie.”


A few seconds later John was out to hep the boys clean up, he was naked, as the boys had hoped he would do, and a few minutes after he arrived, they finished cleaning up. They headed to the living room and chose a movie to watch, put it in, and then sat back and relaxed as they watched the movie. After the movie ended, they all figured it was still a little early to go to bed, so watched a couple shows on TV.

“Goodnight boys, have a good sleep, love you.” John said as they shut off the TV and stood to head to bed.

“Goodnight, love you too.” Both boys said.

They all headed to bed, and while the boys did play for a few minutes as they changed each others double thick, double soggy diapers, they were getting to the point where they were almost too tired to stay awake, so they only kissed and stroked at the same time to relieve the pressure. Shortly after, they fell fast asleep and slept through the night.

“Good morning baby.” Jeremy sighed the next morning when he woke to find Billy laying there watching him sleep and petting his chest softly.

“Good morning baby. Have I told you recently how much I love you and how beautiful you are to me?”

“Yeah, at least twice yesterday.”

“Hmm, definitely not recently enough then. I love you baby, you're the most beautiful baby boy in the world.” Billy smiled softly and gently kissed his boyfriend.

“And I love you too, but you're the most beautiful baby there is.” Jeremy said back, paying back the tender kiss as well.

“Is there any better way to wake up? Laying all warm and cozy with your boyfriend in soggy baby diapers.” Billy sighed.

“I can't think of any better way, that's for sure.”

“Yeah, should we get up and go meet daddy for breakfast?”

“Sounds good to me, I'm hungry.”

They got up and stretched for a few seconds, and then headed downstairs and found John still sitting there naked, it was still that early, he had not gotten ready for work yet.

“Good morning boys, how was your sleep?”

“Good, and yours?” Jeremy asked.

“Good, thanks. What should we have for breakfast?”

“Just toast and cereal I think is all I want.” Billy answered.

“Sounds good to me.” Both John and Jeremy answered.

They went and got themselves some toast going and got their cereal ready, each of them adding some fresh blueberries to theirs before adding the milk. As soon as they were all ready, they sat down and ate that.

“So, what are you boys gonna do today?” John asked once they were all done.

“More work on the gardens, which means we'll need to use the tractors today, but don't worry, we'll keep in contact with you and tell you when we do start, and we'll be careful too. After lunch, we'll probably get all the tents and whatever else we'll need and can set up now and take it to our campsite and get it set up there.” Billy answered.

“Sounds like another busy day then for you boys.”

“Yep, but that's fine. It's good for us and we like doing it.” Jeremy smiled.

“Yes, it's definitely good for you boys alright, you're both actually starting to fill out and add more muscle I've noticed. Well, I should probably head to my room and get showered and dressed for the day. You boys should go get out of those wet diapers and get in the shower as well.”

“Thanks. Yeah, we should, one more wetting and I'm sure I'll leak. Granted, I just felt myself pee, so I'll probably be good for a while yet.” Jeremy grinned.

“Same here.” Billy grinned as well.

“Up and at em then boys, let's go.” John said and stood up himself and the boys followed suit. They all headed to their rooms to get cleaned and dressed for the day ahead.

The boys, while in the shower, decided to suck their morning loads from each other, so one at a time, they took a knee and sucked his boyfriends beautiful boner until he came, which for both did not take all that long to do. Once they were satisfied, they got each other cleaned up and then dried off. After their morning bathroom rituals were taken care of, they headed to their bedroom and diapered each other nice and thick and then dressed each other as well. They headed downstairs to met John and say goodbye to him, because they knew he would have to be leaving real soon.

“You boys didn't take too long this morning, I wasn't expecting you for at least another ten minutes.” John grinned.

“Nah, it was a quick shower this morning. We're gonna head out pretty much right away and get started, so we'll check our radios before you even leave, and we can chat with you while you drive to work.” Billy grinned back.

“Okay, can you boys come help me load the cans into the truck first though?”

“Sure.” They both said, and then they all headed out to the truck and got the cans loaded in.

As they did so, they had tested their radios, and as usual, they worked great. With goodbyes all around, John headed off to work, while the boys headed to the barn, chatting happily with John.

“So, what should we do first then?” Billy asked.

“Well, if we're gonna edge the gardens with rocks, we may as well get the rocks first. So trailers and front buckets on our tractors should do the trick.”

“That's what I'd do too.” John said.

“No you wouldn't, you hate gardening, you're just happy we're doing most of it.” Billy laughed.

“While that may be true, what I meant was that if I were doing what you boys were doing, that's how I would do it too. There's no point in piling soil into the gardens until there's something there to stop it from spilling over.” John laughed as well.

“I know, I was just teasing you.”



“It wasn't a compliment.”

“Oh well.”

By that time, the boys had already started their two tractors and were manually moving the trailers so that they could easily get at them, as well as they were parked in front of the buckets, so they had to be moved as well so that they could attach their buckets. Once they were able to do so, they each moved their tractor in while the other did the manual connections for him, and then they hitched up their trailers and headed out. They had found a large area in the upper property that had had a lot of rocks there, so that was where they decided to head, even John figured that was the best bet, although he worried that the tractors would not be able to make it. That fear ended up being baseless, because not only were they able to make it easily, they did it quickly as well, even though they had not gone fast at all.

By that time, John was at work, so told the boys to switch to manual and to check in with him every half an hour, so they did so, and they got to work. Using the front end loaders, they picked up the rocks that they needed, and then found that with the trailers still attached, it actually made it more tricky, so after dropping their loads into the others trailer, they unhitched them for ease of loading. After that, it was quick loading. They of course only wanted medium sized rocks, they could not be too big or too small, but there were a lot to choose from, and before an hour ran out, they were both full.

After checking in again, they headed back to the house, this time going slower and easier with the large heavy loads. Once they made it there, they wondered how they were going to dump their loads, because neither trailer was a dumping trailer, and most of the rocks would be almost too heavy for the boys. Finally they figured they would just have to use the buckets as carefully as they could to get the rocks out and place them where they could. It was tricky, because they did not want to damage the trailers any more than necessary, but they managed just fine.

Without once getting off their tractors, they managed to get all the rocks out of the trailers and placed at the edges of all their gardens by the time that they were more than ready for lunch. They would still need at least another full load before they were finished, in both trailers, but that would wait until the following day.

They went in, changed each others soggy diapers, made lunch, ate lunch, cleaned up from lunch, and then headed back out to the barn to collect the stuff they would be needing next.

“So, how should we do this and what should we take?” Jeremy asked.

“Well, let's take all the tents and sleeping bags now, and then if we get all that done before having to come home and make dinner, then we'll figure that out later.”


They loaded up everything that they needed, and this time only took one trailer, because that was all that was needed, and before too long, they were off. As soon as they made it there, they grabbed the first tent and started setting it all up. Each tent only took about ten to fifteen minutes, depending upon its size, so it did not take all that long to set up six tents. They then threw the sleeping bags in, two to a tent, but they did not unroll them, the occupants could take care of that.

“Hey, do you remember seeing any fold down tables at the other house anywhere?” Billy asked.

“I think so, I think there was a stack against the wall next to the door in the main storage building. That's where all the chairs were as well, so maybe we could head over there and pick up a few of those as well as a bunch of chairs.”

“Sure.” Billy said happily, and after checking in again, they headed over to the other house to pick up what they would be needing.

They found the stack of tables, just where Jeremy had said he had seen them, so they grabbed three of those, as well as a dozen chairs, they all just barely fit in the trailer, but they did, and then they were off. When they made it back, they set that all up, and then decided to call it a day.

It had been a long couple days for the boys, but although they were tired, they were also feeling good. As soon as they made it back, they stored all their stuff properly in the barn and then headed into the house to get dinner started and to relax for a bit. There was still more than an hour before dinner had to be ready, so they had lots of time. They got dinner started, and then found themselves with some free time, free time that they knew how to fill.

They came together and locked lips as only true lovers can, and in the kitchen there they kissed and swayed, gently pressing their hot soggy diapered crotches together, grinding softly. Both boys were making soft mewing sounds from deep within, and even though neither was getting all that much stimulation directly to their erections, there was still more than enough going on to bring them off soon.

However, their orgasms came too soon in both their opinion, and they both came long and hard. It may not have been one of their more erotic sessions, but it was certainly satisfying and powerful. Yet, they never once broke their kiss, even as they were cumming, they were kissing. As they were coming down, they were kissing, and a few minutes later, they were still kissing. Neither boy was fully hard still, they were now quite satisfied and more than a little worn out. Finally, after nearly fifteen minutes, they broke apart.

“Wow, that was nice. God I love you so much.” Billy whispered.

“Yeah, I agree, and I love you so much more.” Jeremy whispered back.


“Nope.” Jeremy grinned, and snuck a final quick kiss to forestall another protest, it worked, because Billy's retort died in his throat.

For the rest of the hour that they had before dinner would be done and John would come home, they went and laid back on the couch and just cuddled. They almost fell asleep they were so relaxed, and when John walked in, it actually surprised the boys.

“Hi guys, what's up?” John asked curiously, because normally they were in the kitchen cooking dinner, and it looked as if the boys had nearly been asleep.

“Tired.” Is all Billy said.

“Is dinner ready, I don't smell anything?” John asked softly, he would not be upset if they had not made it, but he was hungry.

“Yeah, it's in the crock pot and should be ready by now. Don't worry, we didn't forget to feed you.” Billy grinned.

“Thanks, but it wouldn't have been a big deal if I had to cook dinner, you boys have done quite a bit these past couple days.”

“Yeah, but we're okay. Let's go eat, cuz we're hungry too.” Jeremy said this time.

“Okay. By the way, I put all the fuel cans into the cart and you can take them out to the barn in the morning.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said.

They headed to the kitchen and just grabbed what they needed to eat, because the table had not been set, and dished up their dinner. They decided to just go sit in the living room and watch TV as they ate. After dinner, they pretty much stayed right where they were and continued watching the shows that were playing until bedtime.

After saying goodnight to each other, the boys headed up to their bedroom and got a much needed diaper change and then crawled into bed and were asleep before they could even say goodnight to each other. The boys slept very well, and they even managed to sleep in, and John did not want to wake them, so just left them a note, saying to contact him as soon as they were up and at it for the day.

“Ugh, good grief, what time is it?” Billy mumbled as he finally woke up, causing Jeremy to wake up as well.

“Huh, what?” Jeremy mumbled even more.

“I think we slept in, what time is it, the clock's on your side of the bed?”

“Holy crap, it's eight thirty already. Dad musta left for work and let us sleep in.” Jeremy said in shock. He had not slept that late since the last time he was really sick, and that was when his grandma was still alive.

“Wow, I don't think I've ever slept in that much before.” Billy laughed.

“Me neither, except for maybe when I was sick. I consider seven sleeping in. Well, should we get up and go get in the shower?”

“Probably couldn't hurt. Actually, you know what, I think I'd prefer a nice long hot bath this morning instead.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Jeremy smiled, so they hopped out of bed and headed to their bathroom.

Jeremy started the bath water while Billy got their towels and cloth, and as soon as the water was high enough, they stripped off each others very wet diapers and they slipped into the water, both with a very deep sigh. They just laid back in the hot water for a good half an hour before even moving to do anything else, when they finally started cleaning each other gently. They drained the tub and had a quick shower to rinse off, and then hopped out and dried off. They took care of their other morning business and headed to their room to get diapered and dressed.

“Well, breakfast first for sure, but what should we do after that?” Jeremy asked.

“I don't think there's much more we can do at our campsite until everyone arrives, so we may as well just go get more rocks and continue on the gardens. It's nice easy work with the tractors, so we can sorta rest a bit today.”

“No, I guess there's not much else we can do, but we could take a few of the other things out there, but that can wait until tomorrow as well.”

“Like what”

“All the cooking things and all the dishes, and anything else we can think of.”

“Yeah, but like you said, that can wait 'til tomorrow.”

“Okay, let's go get breakfast then, I'm starving.”

“Okay.” Billy smiled and led the way downstairs.

“Here's a note from dad.” Billy said as he spotted it, he had known where to look though, it was where notes were always left, and he knew his dad well enough to know he would leave a note.

“What's he say?”

“Just that he figured we may as well sleep in and to call him as soon as we were up and at it, have a good day, be careful, the usual.”

“Yeah, figured as much. You want to go call him while I get breakfast started?”

“Sure.” Billy smiled and went and grabbed his radio and paged his dad.

They talked for a couple minutes, and then Billy came to the kitchen to help with breakfast.

“So, did he have anything interesting to say?” Jeremy asked.

“Nah, just that he might be a bit late this evening, and to start dinner without him if he wasn't home on time. And then of course he told us to be careful yet again and to have a good day.”

“Oh, what's he gonna do?”

“He didn't say, and I didn't bother asking, because with dad, you'll find that if he doesn't say right away, he won't tell you nothin 'til he wants to. I had to get used to that from a young age.” Billy shrugged.

“So a surprise maybe?”

“Hard to say, but you don't always want to know what his surprises are though. Mind you, it might not have anything to do with us at all, he might just have to stop somewhere and pick something up.”

“Good point, but why's that?”

“Lot's of reasons, but mostly, he's like that if he's trying to hide something he knows I won't like at all.”

“Oh. Well, breakfast is ready, let's eat.” Jeremy said, and they just stood right there at the counter and ate.

As soon as they were finished eating, they cleaned up their mess as they usually did, and then headed outside, both of them grabbing their radios as they went. Billy informed their dad that they were about to hop on the tractors to head out to get more rocks and get to work again, and other than the standard warning of be careful and check in every half an hour, they were off.

They headed back up to their rock quarry and started picking out as many rocks as they could easily fit, and an hour and a half later, they were heading back to the house. Once there, they of course started the even more difficult chore of offloading the rocks and putting them where they wanted them to be. This took three hours and then they headed back up to get another load. By the time they made it back to the house, they were very much ready for lunch, so made and ate that, and then headed back out to offload once again.

It took just a little over three hours for them to complete this chore, and by then, they were pretty much complete, and would need at most one more load of rocks to finish up the chore. They decided to head back up and grab just one trailer full, and because they were able to both work on the one trailer, they were done twice as fast, same as the offloading. This put them to just a hair past dinner time, so they went and cleaned everything and put it away for the night.

“Well, we certainly got a lot done today, but now I'm starving. We didn't even take anything out for dinner, so what should we have?” Billy asked as they were walking in the house.

“Soup and sandwiches sounds good enough to me.” Jeremy shrugged.

“Works for me too.” So that was what they did.

Just as they were finishing their dinner, John walked in carrying a few bags of stuff.

“Hey there boys, I see that you got all the garden edging done, it looks good. What's for dinner?”

“Thanks, but whatever you'd like. We just had soup and sandwiches, and we can make that for you as well, or almost anything else that's quick and easy, because we didn't take anything out and only just got into the house ourselves.” Billy said.

“No, soup and sandwiches sounds just fine to me. Sure took you boys long enough though, but at least you have a helluva lot of work to show for it, because like I said, it looks really good.”

“Thanks, we'll have your dinner done for you in just a few minutes then.” Jeremy smiled, and the boys quickly worked to get his dinner done.

“So, what did you have to go get on your way home from work daddy?” Billy asked as they all sat at the table and John started eating.

“Nothing much, just a few things you boys might find handy this weekend.” John said.

“Like?” Jeremy asked.

“Normally I wouldn't bother telling you, but it's not a big surprise. If it was, I wouldn't tell you. I went and got a bunch of ice packs for the coolers and a few other things like that. Just things that make camping easier.”

“Cool. We've put milk jugs in the freezer though for ice, Billy says they work great.”

“And they do, but the ice packs will work just as well, and they take up less space. We'll probably have to use both anyway.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, what are you boys gonna do tomorrow before your meeting of the diaper gang?”

“Probably load the gardens full of dirt and if we get a chance, we'll reseed the lawn and pack it down again.” Billy said.

“That's what I was thinking as well.” Jeremy added.

“Good. So, what should we do tonight then boys?”

“I could really go for a nice long hot bath and then watch TV.” Billy answered.

“Actually, that sounds like a good idea to me as well.” John said thoughtfully.

“Me too.” Jeremy added last.

As soon as John was finished his dinner, the boys had stayed there talking with him, asking how his day had gone, so on and so forth, all three of them headed to their bathrooms and had a nice long hot bath. While in the bath, the boys laid together and kissed tenderly, as they always did, and because their hot hard boners were pressing into each other in the hot soothing water, this caused them to want something. Jeremy, who happened to be on top, started grinding their erections together, changing directions occasionally and really causing their loins to stir, not just the water, which was really splashing around as well. It took only maybe five minutes of kissing and grinding before they had a really great cum together.

As soon as they were down again, Billy sat up more, and Jeremy pretty much crawled right into his lap, laying his head on his lovers shoulder tenderly, and started kissing his neck, right where it drove Billy mad with lust. Neither had totally lost their erections, and Billy's was currently nestled right in the crack of Jeremy's very soft and amazing ass. Jeremy was loving the feeling of Billy rubbing him where and how he was, and before too long, he was wondering how it would feel if Billy would just slip right inside.

Amazingly enough, neither boy had ever mentioned anal sex yet, although they had sorta played there a little, but they were both well aware what it was and how much they wanted it. Reluctantly Jeremy pulled away, he knew that to do so without preparation would hurt, and while he did not mind a little pain, he wanted their first time to be wonderful, not quickly rushed in the bath.

“I'm glad you were able to stop.” Billy gasped.

“I almost wasn't, but as much as I want what was about to happen, I want it to be special, and I don't want it rushed. We'll also need some good lube so that it doesn't hurt either of us.” Jeremy sighed.

“Same here, so maybe we should ask daddy to buy us some lube.”

“Yeah, but that'll be a bit embarrassing don't you think?”

“Nah, not really. If you think that's embarrassing, you should have been there when I admitted that I was gay, now that was bad. Even admitting I liked diapers wasn't nearly as difficult.” Billy laughed.

“Good point, and he already knows we're boyfriends anyway. We better get washed and get outta here before I can't stop myself, and then go get into some nice thick comfy diapers.”

“Yeah, we better.” Billy smiled warmly and they washed each other, dried each other, and then headed to their bedroom to diaper each other. Before too long they were heading downstairs to watch TV for the night. John was already there and had the TV on.

“Hey dad, while you're shopping tomorrow, could you grab us something from the medical supply store please?” Billy asked.

“Sure, what is it, or should I guess? No no, let me guess, you two want to take your relationship further and would like for me to get you some lube?” John asked with a hint of a laugh.

“Yeah. Other than knowing that we're boyfriends, how did you know?” Billy asked curiously.

“You're glowing even more than normal, and I can bet that was caused from your talking about it and both saying that you'd like to try it. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised you haven't already tried it.”

“Oh. No, we've just been going slow and easy, really loving each other.” Billy smiled warmly to his loving boyfriend.

“That's good, I'm glad to hear it. I'm also glad to hear how much you love each other, but honestly, it shows anyway. Come cuddle up my little baby boys and we'll watch TV for a bit.” John smiled warmly to his very loving boys. They came and cuddled up, one on either side of him, and there they stayed until bedtime.

The boys deemed their diapers good enough for the night, so after saying goodnight I love you to John, and then to each other once they reached their bedroom, they curled right up together and fell fast asleep.

The following day really was much a repeat of the previous couple, except the boys only had to go behind the barn to get their loads, and they did not bother to use the trailers either. They just broke through the top crap and got the nice rich soil beneath and took a bucket full at a time to the gardens and dumped it in. By the time lunch time was coming around, they were pretty much finished, so they hurried to finish the last of it before lunch. After lunch they reseeded the lawn in the areas that they had wrecked, packed it back down again, and then put the tractors away. They loaded up the last of their things that they could easily take to the campsite and took that all there and set it all up as well, and then they found that they had at least a good couple hours to kill before dinner and John coming home.

The boys got some dinner started, they had remembered to take something out for dinner that morning, and then they cleaned the house. After that, and checking to make sure dinner was good, they headed up to their bedroom and took a nice long shower, both sucking two good sized loads from each other while in there, well at least Jeremy got to slurp up two loads. Finally John came home and they all ate dinner, and as soon as they were ready to go, they headed out. As soon as the boys were out of the car, John headed out for his weekly shopping trip, while the boys went and had their fun. He had remembered to give the boys their money to contribute to the cause.

“Hi guys, how was your week?” Shawn asked as soon as they were inside and stripped of all their clothes, with the obvious exception of their already wet diapers.

“Pretty good, and yours?” They both asked.

“Pretty good too. So, what did you guys get up to then?”

“Cleaning up our yard so that it looks nicer. We had to till the entire thing, it was pretty over run with weeds, then we had to plant all new grass and build all new gardens. It looks pretty good already, but will look a lot better when the grass starts to grow, and then next year when we can plant flowers it'll look great.” Jeremy answered happily.

“Wow, sounds like you guys had a really busy week then.”

“Wasn't too bad. With the use of the tractors, the work went pretty quick and easy actually.” Billy said this time.

“Cool. Your dad lets you use the tractors when he's not home?”

“Yes, but we have radios so that we're pretty much in total contact at all times, for just in case of emergency. He was pretty leery about it at first, but eventually we were able to gain his trust, and now he doesn't worry near so much.”

“That's cool. As you can tell, my parents allow me a fair bit of freedom, I'd hate it any other way.”

“My dad's never been a control freak, but he wasn't exactly allowing me to go out and do much on my own 'til recently, which is good. But like we told him, we'd be home alone all day every day, and we had to be allowed to do things on our own, or we'd never be able to do anything.” Billy smiled.

“It was much the same with my parents really, they work all day, pretty much every day, so they had to allow me to go out and do things on my own.” Shawn said.

“Same here.” A couple of the other boys added.

Within a few minutes, all the rest of the boys were there, and they all had their fun, all talking happily about the up and coming camping trip, all agreeing that it was going to be so nice. They ended up playing card games for the night all while talking excitedly, and were actually surprised by the first of the parents arriving just a little over two hours later to get their kids. They all rushed to get dressed and then before they all knew it, they were all heading home.

Billy and Jeremy of course informed John of how it all went, and as soon as they made it home, they pretty much all headed up to bed, after getting all the groceries put away of course. Other than a few tender kisses goodnight, the boys did nothing more before falling asleep.

Chapter 13

Shawn and his dad had gone to the store first thing in the morning to get all that the boys would be needing for their parent free weekend, in fact they were the only ones even there, because they went in before opening. They grabbed easily twice as much as they would be needing, but certainly not forgetting any of the customary junk foods of course. Shawn's mom had brought home two of each of the cases of diapers that the boys would be needing, figuring that they would get used up pretty much no matter what, and she was only too happy to provide them. From the store, Shawn and his dad headed to the house for Shawn to grab the diapers and the couple other things he needed and or wanted, and then they headed right out to Billy and Jeremy's, it was only just after ten by the time they made it.

“Good morning boys.” John smiled as soon as the boys entered the kitchen, they looked to be wide awake already, and it only a few minutes to six, he himself had only just entered.

“Morning.” They both said happily.

“A little excited about this weekend are you boys?”

“Yeah, we can't wait until everyone arrives.”

“I bet. I want you to promise me though that you'll be on your best behavior, that there'll be no messing around and doing things that you know full well you're not allowed to do.”

“What, and ruin the chance of getting to do this again, not a chance.” Billy said honestly and wholeheartedly.

“Yeah, what he said.” Jeremy added.

“Good. I just know some of the crazy shit that I got up top and what other kids get up to, and I don't want you boys doing anything like that. Not that I was bad granted, but there were certainly times, that's for sure.”

“We know, but you have nothing to worry about with us. We promise.” Jeremy answered honestly.

“I know. You're both far more mature than I ever was growing up.”

“Thanks.” They both smiled.

“So, what's the plan for this morning then?”

“Not a clue. We'll probably just make sure that we're not forgetting anything, set up anything else that we can think of that we can, and then just impatiently await the arrival of the others.” Jeremy shrugged.

“That's about what I was thinking too. Most of them won't get here until about two or three though, but some might start coming early.”

“Just make sure to be clothed so that you don't scare any of the parents who don't know what you boys' group's really about.”

“Don't worry, we already planned on it, we'll go get dressed right after breakfast in fact.” Billy nodded.

“Good idea.”

For the rest of the morning, they talked more and ate, enjoying their time. John headed to his room to get ready, so the boys did the same as well, and shortly after, they all met back downstairs.

“Okay boys, make sure and keep me up to date on what's happening, and please be careful, but I guess I'll see you both on Sunday afternoon now.”

“Okay, bye, love you.” Billy smiled brightly.

“Love you too.” John said, giving both boys a nice big hug.

A minute later John was gone, and the boys headed out to the barn to get their quads gassed up and checked over, and then started once they were done. They got their protective armor on and then with a warning to John, they were off. They headed back over to the other farm to give it another look over to make sure they had everything, and then they headed to their campsite with the few things they had found that might be of some use, mainly games and play things for them to play with.

“Well, it's at least a few hours before anyone even gets here and I have no idea what else we can do to prepare. What should we do?” Jeremy asked.

“Yeah, not a clue.” Billy shrugged.

“I suppose we should at least stick close to the house though just in case anyone arrives early. Wanna just go sit and watch TV for a bit?”

“Sure, may as well.” Billy smiled, and so that was what they went and did.

It actually surprised both boys to hear a knock at the door at just a few minutes past ten, they certainly were not expecting anyone yet, so they both wondered who it could be. They hopped up from the couch, shutting off the TV as they did so, and both headed towards the front door.

“Oh, hi Shawn, we weren't expecting you so soon.” Billy said as he opened the door.

“Yeah, sorry I'm so early.”

“No, it's not a problem.” Jeremy said.

“We went and did all the shopping this morning and got everything loaded into the car, so I figured we may as well head out right away and we can start getting all this ready and into the coolers. We have everything in boxes to make it easier to transport, and we can transfer all the cold stuff into the coolers right away. By the way guys, this is my dad, Ken.”

“Hi Ken, we've seen you at the store before and wondered if you were Shawn's dad, you look a lot alike. I'm Billy and this is Jeremy.” Billy introduced.

“Good to meet you boys. You sure do have a nice spread out here.”

“Thanks, we like it. We have no neighbors, no interruptions, no problems, it's perfect.” Jeremy smiled.

“Yeah, I can see that. Let me help you boys bring the groceries and supplies into the house and then I have to get going, I do have a rather large store to run after all.”

“Okay.” All three boys said as one.

It took more than ten minutes for them to bring everything from the back of the car into the kitchen, and all they did was set it all on the floor, there was that much stuff there. As soon as they were finished, the boys thanked Ken, and then he hugged Shawn and said have fun and he was off.

“Crap, you guys sure did buy a lot of food. There's only twelve of us for like not even three days, we'll never eat that much.” Billy said as soon as Ken was gone.

“Yeah, I told Dad we were going overboard, and like he said, boys in packs eat large amounts, and it's better to have too much than not enough.” Shawn laughed.

“Probably true. Well, let's get the coolers then and get this all stored and then we'll show you around.” Jeremy laughed.


They went and grabbed the coolers and got them all situated, they just barely had enough room for all the food, but it fit. The rest of the stuff just stayed in the boxes n the kitchen for the time being. The boys showed Shawn the main level first, and he liked it, and then they took him up to their room.

“Wow, I love you guys' bedroom, it's huge and awesome.” Shawn said effusively.

“Thanks, we really like it too.” Billy smiled brightly.

“No wonder why. You even have your own washer and dryer, that's too cool. I wouldn't mind that, that's for sure. I still manage to soak a diaper passed the point of capacity at least once every couple weeks, as well as the rest of my laundry, and half the time my mom has laundry in there so I Have to take care of that first before I can do my own. But I guess if they're both working and I'm at home, I can take care of their laundry for them anyway.”

“It sure is handy, and we do the same thing about as often, but in all fairness, we're usually wet before we even go to bed on those nights, and we really shouldn't do that.”

“Same here.”

“Wanna come grab a quad and load the groceries with us and we'll take it all out to our campsite?” Billy asked.

“Sure. You'll have to show me how to ride though, I've never actually ridden one before.”

“No prob, they're really easy to drive.” Jeremy answered.

They headed out to the barn, and Shawn was impressed with the size and how clean it was. They all got into the safety gear, it was all brought down so that everyone could choose what they needed, and then they showed Shawn how to start up the machines, and then how to drive them. He got the hang of it pretty quickly, and before too long, they headed up to the house with their trailers attached to collect their groceries. They got everything loaded, and it just barely fit, and then they were off.

“Wow, now this is nice.” Shawn whistled when they had stopped and shut down.

“Thanks. The creek's even nicer, but dad didn't want us to be that far away, it's probably four or five kilometers from here.”

“Good grief, how big is your property.”

“Apparently about ten thousand acres or something like that. Quite literally from the main road all the way to here is all ours.” Jeremy answered.

“Wow, now that's huge, your road has to be over ten kilometers long.”

“About that, but then we're still almost thirty kilometers from the main road to town, so it's really peaceful out here.” Billy smiled happily.

“No kidding. I sure wouldn't mind living out here, that's for sure. At least I live on a short dead end road with only four other houses on it, but when it's busy on the main road, we can still hear it, and I hate the noise.”

“If you hated that, you should have lived in the city then, now that's noisy.” Billy suggested.

“No kidding.” Jeremy added.

“No thanks, I don't even like going there, too many people. Granted the diaper and boy watching can be fun.” Shawn grinned.

“Good point.” Both Billy and Jeremy said as one.

“Should we get this done then?”


They quickly got everything offloaded and set into place in some sort of an order, and before too long, they were once again mounting their rides and heading back towards the house.

“So, what are we gonna do now guys?” Billy asked once they had the quads parked and shut down.

“No idea, you guys are the ones with the plans.” Shawn shrugged.

“Actually, we've mostly just been winging it.” Jeremy laughed.

“Oh. Do you have water jugs, and if so, have you got them filled yet?”

“Yes and no, so yeah, we should probably do that.” Billy offered.

They headed back into the kitchen and Billy grabbed all the ice cubes that they had made over the past few days for this use, while Jeremy and Shawn grabbed the six large water jugs. They put some ice into each one and then filled them up full of water, and as each one was full, they were carried out and put in the trailer that was on Billy's ATV.

“So, what now?” Shawn asked.

“Well, there's no point in taking these back there yet, so now I guess it's just wait around and watch TV until everyone else arrives. It's too bad that we can't really just strip right down to just our diapers though and be more comfortable.” Billy said.

“Sounds like as good a plan as any, and even though I agree, we'll survive I'm sure. It's quite rare for me to wear anything other than a diaper while at home, but I survive when I have to be dressed.”

“Same with us actually.” Jeremy said.

They headed to the living room and sat back and relaxed, and for the next few hours they sat and watched TV while waiting for the last of their guests to arrive. The last one arrived at ten minutes to three and his mom was now gone, so all the boys were getting excited. Only two of the boys had brought ATV's of their own, one of which was a motorbike. Each boy also only had one small bag with them, just barely enough to survive, and when asked why so little by the parents that did not know much, they simply said they did not need anything more, because it was supposed to be so nice.

“Well, it's about time everyone got here, so now we can pretty much head out. Who here knows how to drive ATV's or tractors?” Billy asked.

“I can.” Six of the boys said, so with Shawn, Jeremy and Billy, that meant nine of the twelve could, so that was perfect. With the three tractors, their three ATV's, as well as the two that were also brought, they had the exact amount, and the other three could ride with others.

“Good, that'll make it lots easier, and that means we have more than enough room for everyone and we can do it in only one trip. We have to make sure and not do anything stupid though or my dad'll never let us do this again. Also, I'm pretty sure I don't have to say this, but the rules are no alcohol, drugs or fighting, because then you'd have to go home, especially the first two.” Billy called out.

“Okay.” All the boys called out, none of them were into any of that sort of thing anyway, so they were all good.

“Great, let's get the last of your things packed up then and we can head out. Just throw it all into the trailer on the tractor and then we can head out.” Jeremy called out.

It took only a few minutes for everything to be put into the trailer, and then everyone chose their ride, and those that needed it donned all the safety gear, and soon they were off. Billy led the way, everyone following him at the slow pace that he was setting, while Jeremy took up the last position to make sure that everyone made it easily. A few minutes later they were there, John of course once again breathing a sigh of relief, having been kept up on all the happenings of course.

“Well guys, here we are. This is our home for the next couple nights. Mine and Jeremy's tent is that one there, and there is one couple per tent, and as you can see from the spacing, if you keep at least a little quiet, no one has to know that we're all doing the same things in our tents each night.” Billy called out with a large grin plastered on his face.

“Wicked.” The entire group called out as one. Adam and his boyfriend though could be heard above all others.

“Thought you'd like that one. Now, I think that we're all seriously over dressed, so let's take care of that right now, and all those that did not arrive in something nice and thick and comfortable, we have a changing station set up right over here, and I'm sure there'll always be someone handy to help you change, so no point in doing it alone.” Jeremy called out this time, and before he was even finished, everyone was either naked or just standing there in a nice thick diaper.

Those that needed one went over to the diaper change station that had been set up, laying themselves out on the large table that had been set aside just for this purpose, and each of their boyfriends got them diapered up nice and thick. Only four boys had been naked, and thankfully none of them had any problems with standing around naked.

“Great, now that that's all taken care of and we're all more comfortable, let's get a fire started and we can all sit around and talk until dinner time.” Billy called out.

Billy and Jeremy together got a nice big campfire started, and then they all grabbed chairs and sat down, all of them next to their boyfriends, all of them holding hands.

“So, how much of the money did you end up spending anyway Shawn, you never told us when you arrived?” Billy asked.

“No idea to tell you the truth. I just gave the money to my dad and he said that'd cover it just fine, and he pretty much took care of the rest. Of course I gave enough money to my mom last night for the diapers, so she was good. I helped dad to pick out everything though, and I know we got a lot more for the money I gave him than most people would though. We'll end up having a shit load of extra food, but you guys can keep it all I think.”

“Yeah.” All the others called out.

“Nah, we'll split it all up at the end of the weekend and you can all take stuff home with you as well.” Jeremy said.

“Don't worry about it.” Shawn said.

“Well, thanks I guess.” Billy smiled.

“So, what are we gonna do this weekend anyway?” Thirteen year old Jason asked, he happened to currently be attached to Shawn.

“We've got a bunch of games that we can all play, there's the pond for swimming, there's lots of trails for hiking, we can ride the ATV's and tractors and tour the property, we just have to be very careful, and almost anything else we care to do as well.” Billy answered.

“Sounds good.” A few of the boys called out.

“Good. We want this to be fun, but we also want it to be nice and relaxing as well.” Jeremy smiled warmly.

For the next hour, they all sat there just chatting and having fun, until they realized that it was getting pretty close to dinner time. Shawn, Jason, Billy and Jeremy all got up and took on the chore of getting their dinner all prepared, and almost an hour after that, they were all sitting around the tables eating a really good meal. With agreements all around that dinner was awesome, a new group of four said that they would take care of the cleanup. The fire was once again stoked up, and they sat around again, talking and enjoying themselves. As with horny boys, the topic as always made it to sex eventually, it was not dark yet, but the sun was setting.

“So, how did everyone realize they were gay and what was your first time ever playing around?” Adam's boyfriend Tony asked.

“Well, myself, I was eight when I realized I was gay and had my first experience.” Shawn offered first.

“Cool, tell us about it if you want to.” Tony asked again.

“I have no problem telling you guys.” Shawn grinned, and then leaned back and closed his eyes as a smile grew on his lips. “Like I said, I was eight at the time, and before that, I think I suspected that I was different, but I didn't really know how. Then I met this boy that was twelve years old, he used to live just down the street from me, but only lived there for about a year. I still miss him. I really liked him because he liked to hang out with me, he had to wear diapers too, so we had a lot in common, and he always got teased, so it didn't matter to anyone that he was four years older than I was, because everyone knew that we liked each other because we could relate to each other. One night, a few months after we first met, he was staying over at my place, and we were changing each others diapers, it was actually our first time changing each other, and anyway, I saw him naked, he was hard, but I always was too, so that wasn't a surprise, but he had a few hairs and had a drop of what I Had thought was pee on the tip of his dick, and of course, being the curious boy I was, I asked him about it.”

“That evening, I learned more about the male body than I had ever known before, he told me anything and everything I wanted to know, and even a few things I Had no clue about. To say I was hard would be an understatement. Of course, he was already in puberty, so he was horny as hell, and asked if I'd rub his dick for him, and I of course answered yes. I stroked him for maybe a minute when he exploded, it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in my life at the time I thought. Then I thought it was nasty when he collected his juice on his fingers and slurped it up. He told me it was good and offered me some, and of course, being that I trusted him so much, I took it, and I fell in love with it. He asked me if I wanted to suck his dick and get it direct, and before he was even finished asking I swear, I was already sucking his dick. I ended up sucking him three times in a row, sucking his totally dry, I loved it, but I'm sure not as much as he did.”

“Of course he asked if he could repay the favor, and I was only too happy to let him, and within a few seconds, he had me in his mouth, and a better feeling I never experienced. He ended up sucking me six times, making me cum like crazy, of course I was dry, but that didn't matter to either of us, and until he was finished I had no idea I was dry, I just thought I had sprayed too, not knowing anything about that, but he informed me of that and a few other details as well.”

“For the next month or two we sucked each other at every given opportunity, and given both our parents worked, and they all trusted him to watch me during the day, we had a lot of opportunity. We were well satisfied, each and every day. Then the day came that he started playing with my hot tight little baby boy pussy, and I loved it. It took only three days for him to prepare me, but for what I had no idea to start with, but the day he slipped his dick inside me for the first time, I was hooked. I came so hard I passed out, and when I woke up, he was still fucking me, he said he had cum twice inside me already. I was in heaven. He filled me up with four nice loads of cum, and then we traded places, and I got to fuck him as well.”

“Of course at eight I didn't have much in the dick department to offer, but he accepted gratefully and I fucked him mad, I came six times in him. That was also the first time we got into piss play, because with all the sex, I didn't realize my bladder was full, and on my last cum, I ended up pissing inside him, and he loved it. He was full too, so I told him he could piss in me to pay me back, and he did, and I Loved it as well. We diapered each other nice and thick, and then let it all flow, and we dirtied our diapers, a lot I might add. Then again, it was neither of our first times either. I never cared for messing my diapers, but I had, and he had no choice, because he was doubly incontinent, so he asked me to poop my diapers with him a few times.”

“Anyway, after that, we fucked each other a lot, at least once a day, most of the time twice, and we started really getting into water sports, we tried it all, and while some of it sounded so gross, it was a lot of fun. The day his parents said they were moving again was the hardest day of both our lives, we cried, we begged and pleaded for them not to, but they had no choice in the matter and had to go. For the next two weeks before they left, we fucked like bunnies, I'm talking six seven times a day, and then they were gone. I haven't heard from him since, we decided that we had to cut it off completely or it would torture us. It was shortly after they moved that my parents asked me if I was gay and had the two of us messed around. I of course answered yes, and then I had to answer a whole bunch of other embarrassing questions, but from then on, I was free. I went through a couple other boys before I met Jason two years ago, and we've been happy ever since.” Shawn smiled.

“Wow.” A collective sigh escaped once he was finished.

“I'll go next.” Jason offered. “I was ten the first time I had sex, but I had thought that I was gay from the time I was nine, and I really wanted to try it. My first time was with a boy a year older than me, but he and I were the same size in almost every way. We started out with just touching each other, then petting each other, stroking of course came next, and shortly after that we moved to sucking. I had been doing a whole lot of research on the internet, so by then I was fully aware of just what all two horny boys could get up to, or into as it were, and shortly after sucking each other for the first time, I offered him my little bum, and he took the offer.”

“Unfortunately he did not care to allow me to reciprocate, but he sure had no problems in fucking me at any time, in fact all sucking and petting stopped, and he never even really touched me again, just fucked me silly any time we had the chance. I ended up getting really mad at him for not allowing me any pleasure, all he wanted was to fuck me, which I liked, but I wanted more too, so we ended up breaking up. We lasted for a good couple years though, and a few days after I broke it off with him, I met Shawn, and we make love together, and that's way better. It was actually Shawn that got me to wear my very first diaper, and now I love them too.” Jason smiled warmly.

“Cool, I'll go next.” Adam said. “As you all know, I'm only eight, but I think I've known since before I really remember that I was gay. In all fairness though, it wasn't entirely all me that helped me to realize that. I've never told any of you guys this before, but I was raised in a brothel of sorts. My mother was a whore, and that was where I grew up. I don't know who the first man to fuck me was or how old I was, or how old he was, I know nothing. All I know is that at the age of four, I was making more money than even all the best women were, and the house mother had no problems in renting my services to those who liked that sort of thing, and there sure seemed to be lots. Sure, I was baby raped, of that there's little doubt, I was made to love sex, to the point that I crave it so much now. Back then I was fucked four to ten times a day, and sometimes with more than one person as well.”

“Well, when I was six, the operation was found out and I was moved as far away as possible, obviously taken away from my mother, anyone that they could find that had fucked me or contributed to my getting fucked was locked up for life, and I ended up here. Now I live with people that are somehow related, cousin of my mom or something like that, but I think they only took me for the money, because they sure don't love me. The good thing though is they leave me alone and they do buy me my diapers. The doctors said that with the abuse that I received that I will never be able to use the toilet, but they don't know shit, I Just grew to love diapers and never want to use the toilet. They just think I'm incontinent, but I'm really not, I could hold it if I wanted to.”

“Once I moved here though I started to find that there was a serious lack of other kids around me, and men that wanted to fuck a little baby boy were few and far between, and I sure did look too. Then one day I went with my mom to buy diapers and I met Shawn's mom, and she told me about the group, and I haven't missed a meeting since. I met Tony there, and we really liked each other and I ended up staying at his house, and before too long, I got into his pants and never looked back. I'll let Tony finish up though if he cares to.” Adam smiled.

“Sure, I'll go next.” Tony smiled brightly. “Well, I only joined the group a month or two before Adam did, I had heard about it through someone whose brother had went, and I really wanted to wear diapers for more than just wetting the bed, so I called Shawn and asked him if I could come to a meeting as well, and he told me the rules and that he'd love to have me there. I had no idea what gay was at the time or if I was, I was only just a little over eight, but now that I think about it, I did suspect that I was different, just not how so. Anyway, my first meet was awesome, I got to wear a super thick and comfortable diaper, and it was awesome. And then Adam joined the group, and I think I fell in love with him that very first day, he was so beautiful, my dick went impossibly hard in my diaper, and that was the day I realized what gay meant.”

“A few nights after our second meeting, we got to have our first sleepover, he stayed the night at my place, and he ended up asking me if I ever played with my dick. Of course I blushed and lied through my teeth, and he just laughed and said yeah right, and asked if he could play with my dick for me. He didn't even let me answer him, he just pushed me over and pulled my pants down. I wasn't diapered yet, and he started sucking me. Oh god it felt amazing. Then he started fingering my bum, and that felt even better yet. He swung around and told me to do the same thing to him, so I pulled the front of his diaper down and started sucking him as well, and then started fingering his ass.”

A few nights later was the first time he fucked me, and that was incredible, and we started sucking and fucking each other nearly every day after that. Also, every day he would finger me more and more, opening me up just a little bit more every day, until the very first day he slipped his whole hand in my ass, so I did the same to him, because I just did what he did, he had told me he had had lots of experience, so knew things that would make me scream in pleasure. Well, that very first time sure did make me scream in pleasure, and it ended causing my mom to come see what was going on, and she saw it all. She even saw us pee in each others mouths, something that we had done a few times before and we both really liked. She ended up sitting us down and talking to us, and I sorta had to admit that I was gay and that Adam and I were boyfriends, and I even admitted that I liked diapers and wanted to get the good diapers and wear them whenever I wanted. It was sorta hard not to admit that though, seeing as how I was wearing one of Adam's diapers at the time, because we had diapered each other when we went to my room. I was amazed when she just said okay to that, but then I think she was still shocked at what she'd seen. Now though she just lets us have our fun and doesn't interrupt when we make too much noise, just tells us the next morning to try and keep it down so that she can sleep.” Tony grinned.

“Wow, that's some story Adam, and I bet was a bit of a shock to your mom Tony, but it all worked out, so that's good.” Billy said in amazement. “I guess I'll go next though.”

“No kidding.” Most of the others were heard to gasp out.

“Well, I was eight when I realized I was gay, but I had suspected it for a long time before that, and I ended up admitting it to my therapist, who helped me gain the courage to break it to my parents. I had a cousin a little older than me, and I always thought he was gay too, so one night when I was staying at his place, I asked him outright if he was, and he asked if I was, so I said yes, so he said yes as well. We ended up stroking each other, and then a few nights later we sucked each other for our first times. My aunt caught us one night, and of course blamed it all on me, saying that he son was too perfect to be gay, he just scoffed though, and as far as I know, he still hasn't been able to convince her otherwise.”

“Once I moved here, I admitted to my dad that I was a diaper lover, I went to my first meeting, met my love, and the rest you know. So far we haven't done much, just sucking and stroking, but we have peed on each other a couple times too, and that was fun, but we're taking our time.” Billy smiled.

“I'll go next.” Jeremy said. “I think I've always known I was gay, I even used to dress up a little girly when my grandma was still alive and she let me, so I'm pretty sure she knew too. I ended up accidentally meeting Shawn one day and saw that he was wearing diapers and asked him about it. I guess from the questions I asked, he assumed that I either wore or wanted to wear as well, so he asked me point blank. I told him I wet at night, but that I wanted to wear during the day as well, so he invited me to the group, and I got wear a nice diaper for the very first time since my grandma was alive. Then not too long ago this gorgeous boy joined the group and I fell in love with him at first sight, and the rest you know, because until Billy came along, I had had no experience at all.”

“I'll go next.” Aidan said, one of the two fourteen year old boys. “Well, let's see, I was ten when I realized I was gay, I was twelve when I had my first experience though. I had been a bed wetter all my life, and I got turned to the group from Shawn's mom when we decided that Goodnites were just not working out and we needed something better. That happened just before I was twelve. I met Michael at the group and we fell in love with each other there, and we've been together ever since. Of course we started out with our hands, and then moved to our mouths pretty quick, but it wasn't until my thirteenth birthday that Michael gave his virginity to me, and then I gave mine to him. I've been wearing diapers more and more lately, and just last week, my mom asked me if I was wearing them more often, and I answered yes, because she can always tell when I'm lying. She asked if I was a diaper lover, and I answered yes, but boy was that embarrassing. At least now I can wear diapers whenever I want. She already knew I was gay though, and that Michael was my boyfriend. She asked if he was into diapers as well, so of course I said yes. It's been really nice that I get to go around in diapers whenever I want.”

“I'll go next then, since Aidan told half my story for me.” Michael said next, he too was fourteen. “I was about ten as well when I knew that I was gay, but I had suspected for a while by then already, and until I met Aidan, I had had no experience either. My dad though has known about my love of diapers since I was a kid, but he's a diaper lover too, so it didn't come as too much of a shock to him. When I was eleven, I told him that I was gay as well, and he said he knew that too, and told me so was he. That wasn't so much of a shock for me though, because I'd seen him date a few women and men, and then after the last female when I was seven I think, there was never another, and I could always hear him and his dates, I even spied on them a few times, it was pretty hot. Shawn's mom also pointed me to the group when I was nine, and I have been a member ever since. The sex stuff though is exactly the same as Aidan.”

“I think that I can tell mine and Charlie's stories at the same time, since there's not much to tell.” Timmy, a twelve year old boy said after looking to his eleven year old best friend in the world and boyfriend. Charlie nodded, so Timmy continued.

“Well, Charlie and I've been best friends since before we were actually out of diapers for the first time, I think we were three and four when we met, and we've been together ever since. Even our parents said they weren't surprised to find out we're gay, since we've really been boyfriends since we were four and five years old. Anyway, as we grew up, we just always shared everything, and I do mean everything. And when I finally stopped wetting the bed at the age of six, I was so proud, and then I realized how horrible it was, so started wetting again. Charlie just plain refused to be potty trained, and has always went in his diapers. I ended up starting to refuse to use the toilet, other than to poop, and eventually even Charlie at least starting using it for that too.”

“As we grew up, it wasn't at all uncommon for us to see each other naked, so it was normal for us, and when we got undressed, it was more than normal for us to be hard. And of course as little boys do, when they're hard, we played with them, together of course, after all, we shared everything. Eventually hands turned into mouths, and then our little bums joined the party, I think I was nine the first time we ever made love to each other. When I was ten, I had to change from pampers diapers to something else, and we met Shawn's mom, who of course referred us to Shawn, and we joined the group. We've actually never gotten into playing with our pee or anything, but who knows, now that we know about it, we might just have to try it out and see what it's like.” Timmy grinned.

“Cool, I guess that leaves just Matthew and I then, and I think I can tell our story together as well.” Nathan said. He was thirteen and Nathan was twelve. “We actually only met last year, Matthew was already a member of this group, for a few months by then, and I had just moved to town. Neither one of us had really knew what being gay was all about, or if we were for that matter, but when we met here, we became really good friends. I've always been a bed wetter, same as Matthew, and when we went in for supplies, Shawn's mom of course pointed us both here. Anyway, it didn't take either of long to figure out that we really liked each other in a more than friends sorta way, we started out with just a kiss, and by the end of that night, we had both lost our virginity. It was a hell of a night, long too, but what a night it was, and I for one 'll never forget it it.”

“Me neither.” Matthew sighed.

“Wow, that was some interesting, and if there's anyone here still soft, you really aren't gay.” Billy laughed.

“Nope, totally hard.” Almost everyone said, but the problem was, they all squeezed their boyfriends crotches to test that out, which only made it worse.

“Thought so. Well, unless anyone cares to stay up and talk more, I think that I'm more than just a little ready for bed. Just take whatever diapers you need into your tents with you, as well as some wipes, and I'm sure the rest we don't need to tell anyone.” Jeremy said.

“Okay.” Everyone said happily.

It took only a few minutes to put out the fire and put everything away that they needed to put away, and then they all headed to their tents with a pair of diapers, all the couples holding hands as they went.

“Hey dad, you there?” Billy asked as soon as they made it to their tent and he grabbed the radio to talk to his dad for a minute.

“Hey buddy, how's your camping trip going?”

“Really good. How was your day?”

“Not too bad actually.”

“That's good. I was just calling to say goodnight, I love you, and that we'd call in the morning.”

“Okay, goodnight, love you too.”

They disconnected, and then the boys got down to some serious loving. They could still hear all the others all around them, even though most of them were trying to keep it down for the most part. Billy and Jeremy got down to some oral action and sucked each other, one at a time three times, alternating back and forth. What the others got up to, Billy and Jeremy could only assume, but they were pretty much correct in those assumptions. By the time all the noises ceased though by the pond, all were well worn, but thankfully they were also well padded, because miraculously they all remembered to diaper each other before falling fast asleep.

Chapter 14

“Good morning guys, sounds like it was a good night all around.” Billy smiled warmly to all the boys as they all seemed to come out of their tents at much the same time the next morning. He and Jeremy had been sitting by the camp fire in nothing but their soggy diapers for almost half an hour just talking softly.

“Morning.” Everyone said.

“I think it was a great night myself.” Adam yawned out, probably the last of the boys to fall asleep the night before.

“You would, I think you were the last I heard still going at it. I think I regret having the tent next to you two.” Shawn laughed.

“Hey, what can we say.” Adam grinned.

“Very little I'd say. Come on, let's get some breakfast guys, and then we'll go for a swim.” Jeremy laughed.

Four of them once again helped to prepare a nice big breakfast, of which they all enjoyed a great deal after their night of fun. Another four came and did the cleanup, and before too long, they were ready to go for a nice morning dip.

“Well, I hope no one's shy about going naked with all of us, because we're all going swimming naked.” Billy called out.

In answer, each and every one of them stripped off their soggy diapers, threw them in the garbage bag, and then they all ran towards the pond. Twelve naked boys hit the water within a few seconds and swam out towards the center of the pond, where there were less weeds, so that they could enjoy swimming more, and they all splashed and played for nearly an hour. As soon as they were all swam out, they headed back to the shore, and all of them laid naked on the grassy banks in the early morning sun, just relaxing and enjoying themselves. It was very relaxing.

After almost half an hour, they all got up and headed to the diaper change station and everyone got diapered, and then it was put to a cote as to what they would do for the rest of the day, and the unanimous vote was to ride around the area and look around. They all suited up and they headed out. Jeremy took the lead and Billy took up the rear, and for the next two hours, they toured their property. Of course Billy had called John and they were talking much of the time that they were out, Jeremy of course in on the conversation, and everyone had a good time.

After their tour, they played some games, had some lunch, and then played even more games until dinner. After dinner and cleanup, they started the fire again, and passed the entire night away just talking, until it was actually after dark. It was a much more tame night this night, given that they had all been very active throughout the entire day, but still everyone got the release that they needed before they all fell fast asleep.

Sunday was then an almost exact replica of the morning before, except that after lunch, John called the boys and told them that the first of the parents had arrived to take their monster home, and by the time the boys had packed up and were back to the house, three more were there as well. Everyone thanked Billy and Jeremy a great deal for the excellent tie that they all had, everyone asking when the next one would be at, to which John said it would be worked out.

“Well boys, it sounds like you had a really good time. I take it that you'll go and clean up the rest of the stuff over the next couple days and get it all put away?”

“Yeah, that's what we were thinking anyway.”

“Why didn't anyone take any of the extra food though, I told them to?”

“They all figured that we should keep it, even though we said we should split it up.” Billy answered.

“Oh well, not much we can do about it. There sure is lots here though, how much did Shawn bring?”

“Way more than this. To tell you the truth, we thought there'd be even more than this left over, but we all ate a lot.” Billy answered.

“Of that I have little doubt. Well boys, quite frankly you stink, go climb in the bath and get cleaned up. If you need to get dirtier, before your bath would be a good time I doubt that you had much of a chance for any alone time this weekend.”

“Thanks, we might just do that, but don't worry, everyone was with their boyfriends, and every night after we went to bed, there was a lot of animal activity n the area, if you catch my meaning.” Jeremy grinned cheekily.

“Ah,I catch your meaning loud and clear, and I care not for details, thank you very much.” John laughed.

“Good, you don't want to hear them. Come on baby.” Jeremy laughed and grabbed Billy's hand and they headed inside and to their bedroom.

Billy started the bath while Jeremy got everything ready that they would need, and a few minutes later they stepped into the bath, and with twin sighs, they laid back and relaxed. Amazingly enough, neither one wanted to play any, they just wanted to soak and get clean, tonight was close enough they figured. It was forty five minutes after climbing in that either of them even really moved. They cleaned each other, then pulled the plug and turned on the shower and even more gently they cleaned each other again. They hopped out, dried each other off, and then headed to their bedroom to diaper each other nice and thick. Without even saying a word, in fact they had not spoken one word since before their bath, they decided on double diapers and their plastic pants.

“Hey there boys, you look nice and clean and relaxed now. Care to come cuddle up and watch a movie or two with me?” John asked softly once the boys came downstairs.

“Sure, that sounds nice.” Both boys answered at the same time.


John hopped up and went and grabbed the boys and him some drinks and made some popcorn, set up a movie, and then they all sat down to watch it together. As soon as that movie was done, they got up, made and ate dinner, and then sat down and watched another movie until bedtime. They all headed up to bed with good nights and I love you's all around. Billy and Jeremy did not even do more than kiss and cuddle for a few minutes before passing out, it had been a long and fun weekend.

“Mornin boys, how was your sleep last night?” John asked the boys as soon as they came downstairs the next morning, it was only just a few minutes after six.

“Really good, and yours?” Jeremy asked.

“Good, thanks. Grab yourselves some breakfast and come sit with me.”

“Okay.” They both said, so went and grabbed themselves some toast and cereal, then came and sat down.

“So, what's on your agenda today boys?”

“Other than going and getting everything from our campsite all cleaned up and stored, I have no idea.” Billy shrugged.

“Me neither, but we'll probably just do something fun today. I think we've worked hard enough over the last week, so we deserve a break.” Jeremy added.

“That you boys certainly have.” John smiled warmly to the boys, because the yard sure did tonnes better.

“Thanks.” They both said.

They sat there eating and chatting until John had to go get ready for work. They had decided though that their diapers would easily hold up for quite a while yet, so they did not feel like going and getting changed yet, and when their diapers were good and soaked would be soon enough for them. John came out half an hour later all dressed and ready for the day, hugged and kissed the boys goodbye and grabbed his radio and was off.

“Now baby, I don't know about you, but I'm ready. I want you to take me to our bed and make love to me.” Billy whispered to Jeremy as he was hugging and kissing him tenderly in between every word.

“Yeah, I'm ready as well, I want to feel you buried inside me so bad.” Jeremy whispered back as well in between kisses.

Not one other word was said, they separated, clasped hands, and headed up to their bedroom for the foreseeable future. As soon as they made it there, they slipped into their bed, kicking their blankets out of the way and then joining together in loving kisses and caresses.

For nearly twenty minutes the two of them kissed and cuddled, stroking each others skin so sensually that it was making them moan and sigh in pleasure just from that. As of yet though, neither had ventured to anywhere near either of their diapers, but now they did. At much the same time, they both headed there, both of them stroking each others hot double diapered asses, and they moaned more from it.

Jeremy was the first to break the kiss and start kissing his way down Billy's body, hitting all the sensitive places as he went. He kissed until his face was pressed into Billy's plastic pants, and he mashed his face into his diaper for a few minutes. Eventually he pulled Billy's plastic pants down and off, and then worked the outer diaper off, balling it up and then just throwing it onto the floor. The inner diaper followed shortly after, but it nearly exploded when it hit the floor. Neither boy noticed or would have cared at the time. Other than a gentle lick to swipe off the excess juice that had collected at the tip of Billy's dick head, Jeremy did not stay to enjoy himself.

Jeremy crawled back up and then laid down on his back, and Billy rolled over and commenced the kissing once again. After a few minutes, he too broke off the kiss and kissed his way down Jeremy's body, kissing and licking all the good places as well, until he too was pressed into the hot soggy diaper, mashing the hardness inside with his face. A few minutes later, he too worked off Jeremy's plastic pants, and then removed his outer diaper and threw it to the floor. The inner diaper joined the outer one a minute later, but it did explode on impact with the floor, but once again, neither boy noticed or would have cared in the least had they have noticed it.

Billy crawled back up until they were once again kissing tenderly, and there they stayed for another few minutes. Jeremy though eventually pushed Billy so that he was laying on his back, and started kissing his way down for the second time of the morning, but other than one more lick to clean up the mess on Billy's dick head, he did not stay there. Instead, he pulled Billy's legs up, and Billy grabbed them and held them up and pen for his love. Jeremy now virtually had his face right in Billy's ass, just where he wanted to be, but still he moved closer, until his nose was pressed right into Billy's ample young teen balls, and his tongue darted out and started licking Billy's core.

The groan that escaped Billy's lips as Jeremy licked his ass was monumental, and did not stop, simply because Jeremy had not either. In fact, as he went, he started enjoying himself more, mostly from hearing how much Billy was enjoying it, and really started licking, probing, and even digging in with his tongue and opening up and loosing Billy even more. Jeremy even added a finger from each of his hands to the mix after a few minutes, to really start opening Billy, because he wanted Billy to be as loose and sloppy as possible, so that he did not cause any discomfort at all once he slipped his young erection inside him. From the sounds that Billy was making, this was not going to be any problem though.

Finally Jeremy started to get tired and sore from holding the same position for so long, so pulled out and away, much to Billy's chagrin however, and moved up. What Jeremy did next though caused Billy to see stars. Both boys knew that anal sex was the absolute best when done right. They had read enough to know this, and hearing the boys' stories this weekend only helped strengthen that knowledge. How good it really truly was though neither was prepared for. As soon as Jeremy slipped in, it caused them to both explode in their most fantastic orgasm to date. Billy had started first, he was just too hot and charged, and the insertion just did things to him that he had never imagined in his young life. Jeremy though was more than close enough that when the contractions hit him, he too exploded, not even a full second later.

Jeremy slumped down, his erection slipping even further inside Billy, until he was fully encased, fully hard, and there they stayed for the next five minutes as they came down, neither of them losing any of their hardness. Billy too had let go of his legs as they crashed, so now his legs were pretty much wrapped around Jeremy, and when they came too, he liked it, so wrapped them around Jeremy even more, pulling him in just a little more, causing them to sigh deeply.

Once again their lips met and they started kissing softly, at the same time that Jeremy started thrusting softly. He was pulling out at most two to three centimeters before slipping all the way back inside, and then grinding his hips slightly. What this was doing to both boys though, only those who have experienced it could truly know or appreciate. Both of them were thinking that if this were not heaven, than it had to be even better yet. Probably not so surprising though, neither boy was able to last more than just a few minutes, but still they did not stop.

They continued to kiss as they came down, but for a few minutes after they came for their second time, Jeremy stopped thrusting. Once he was able to again though, he started up once again, and started thrusting further, pulling out until he was almost all the way out before slipping all the way back in. This time though, because he was pulling all the way out, he kept brushing Billy's hot hard little prostate, which was driving Billy even more mad with lust than the last two times, and in less time than their last one, Billy exploded again, taking Jeremy along with him for the ride of course.

This time when they collapsed, Jeremy slipped out, not to re-enter until their next time. Even their kissing stopped, because they were panting too hard to even keep that up, and this time it took every bit of ten minutes for them to come down. Jeremy just looked up and smiled warmly to Billy, rolled over onto his back and gave Billy the come and get it look. Did Billy come and get it, you better believe he did.

They started kissing once more, but only for a couple minutes before Billy started working his way down. This time Jeremy automatically pulled his legs up and out, giving Billy all the room that he would need, also raising his hot little bum up and into the prime location. Once Billy reached his target, he too started licking and tonguing Jeremy's incredible little ass, and Jeremy was moaning steadily from it as well. After a few minutes of opening Jeremy only with his tongue, he too added one finger from each hand to the mix and started really opening Jeremy so that he only felt immense pleasure once he inserted his dick.

After a few minutes of preparation, Billy was getting sore as well, and he felt that Jeremy was about as ready as he could possibly be, so he worked his way up until they were kissing and his dick was slipping inside Jeremy's hot wet hole. Given that they had both cum a few times already, and Jeremy was at least a little more prepared now from their new found experience, he did not explode at first insertion, not causing Billy to also explode. Billy slid all the way in until his few pubes were pressed right into Jeremy's baby soft smooth skin.

Jeremy lowered his legs and wrapped them around Billy like Billy had done to him before, and Billy started a soft slow motion, also only pulling out a couple centimeters before slipping back in and grinding his pelvis to give them both the utmost in pleasure. With three good sized orgasms out of the way now, Billy was able to last a good while, at least seven minutes before they were both much too charged to hold it for any longer, and they both came.

Once again they collapsed, but their lips were still attached and Billy's erection was still lodged firmly inside Jeremy. They laid there panting and kissing for about five minutes more before they started once again. This time Billy also took to long dicking Jeremy, pulling until he almost slipped out and then slipping all the way back in. Jeremy now knew the reason that Billy had cum so fast, because he was racing towards the best cum of his life, even if it was the fifth in a short period of time. Somehow he managed to hold it in, but it was difficult at best, and for the last minute he had been holding his breath and tightly closing his eyes.

Billy too was finding it really hard to hold off in cumming, because Jeremy was now so tight that it was almost painful for his to keep thrusting, but he kept going, because it just hurt too good, and his oncoming orgasm was going to be a good one too, because he too was trying to hold it off as best he could.

Unfortunately though, no matter how much they wanted to hold it in so that they could keep up their love making for even longer, neither of them could hold it in for too long. It took only five or six minutes to reach this point, and by then Jeremy was nearing blackout point if he held his breath any longer under the strain, and then he just exploded.

The explosion caused Billy to let loose too, and with that, they were both gone. They both passed out. Billy was still mostly inside of his baby lover, having only gone about half soft. For twenty minutes they lay there, passed out in their sexual exhaustion, but of course neither Billy or Jeremy could hold their bladders during that time, they had gone too long without peeing. Billy ended up peeing inside of Jeremy, and Jeremy ended up peeing all over both of them.

“Oh god, that was amazing.” Billy was the first to groan out as they came away.

“Yeah, it was. I don't know if you've noticed yet or not, but we both peed. I think you're still hard enough though so you're mostly still holding all the pee inside me, but as soon as you pull out, I probably won't be able to hold it all in.”

“Yeah, and you peed all over both of us. How does it feel?”

“Weird, good but weird.” Jeremy grinned.

“Yeah, it feels weird too, no wonder Shawn and Michael like it.” Billy giggled.

“Yeah. I suppose we better get up and go get into the shower and get cleaned up.”

“Yeah, we should.”

Billy gently pulled out and Jeremy clamped his ass as best he could, and they both stumbled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Jeremy instantly sat on the toilet to take care of that business, while Billy got the shower ready and grabbed their cloth and towels. As soon as Jeremy was fully evacuated, he hopped up and into the shower to join Billy. Once there, they kissed tenderly for a few minutes before getting down to getting nice and clean. As soon as they were clean, they hopped out and dried off, and then headed to their bedroom to get nice and thickly diapered, once again opting to go double thick for the rest of the day.

“Baby, I love you so much, what we did earlier was the best thing I've ever imagined, but it pales in comparison to the way I feel for you.” Billy whispered once they were both standing up.

“I feel the exact same way for you baby, I love you so much that I wonder how it can be real, yet I know it is.” Jeremy smiled warmly, an they leaned in and kissed tenderly for a few minutes, dancing softly on the spot.

“Baby, I'm hungry, and amazingly enough it's already after lunch, so we'd better go get some lunch.” Billy whispered after pulling away a few minutes later.

“Yeah, me too, so we'd better.” Jeremy smiled warmly and they grabbed hands and headed to the kitchen to make themselves some much needed lunch.

After lunch, they decided that they should go ahead and get all their camping gear cleaned up and stored, so they headed down to the barn and each grabbed a tractor and attached their trailers, because they would hold more. They made it to their campsite a few minutes later and started on the tents and got them torn down and packed up, and then worked on the tables and chairs, and finally all the rest of the stuff was also packed away. This chore took more than two hours, and by the time they got back to the other house to store it all in the larger storage shed and got it all put away, it was pushing nearly five. Once they made it back to the house, they got some dinner started, because it was getting to be that time, and they were getting hungry for some reason.

“Hi boys, how was your day?” John asked when he walked in, and then he really saw them, saw the glow surrounding the boys and knew his answer. “Never mind, I can tell just how good your day was. How do you feel?”

“What do you mean dad?” Billy asked.

“Do you think I really need to answer that, think about it?”

“No, I guess not, but how did you know?”

“You look different, you're both glowing, and only one thing causes that sorta glow among two young lovers, and that is you made sweet tender love.”

“Yeah, we did, and it was amazing.” Jeremy smiled warmly.

“I'm sure it was far more than just amazing, the first time always is, and it only gets better.” John smiled to the boys.

“Yeah.” Both boys sighed.

They sat down to eat a few minutes later, and then they went and cuddled on the couch for the night and watched a movie. John was right though, every time after that that the boys made love, it really was better than their first time, and they shared that together a lot, going further and doing more and more each time, even venturing more into the piss play.

The boys hosted a few more camping weekends, and on their third one, John said the boys could camp at the creek, because he felt he could trust them, and they never let that trust falter, so that was good. John and the boys also went camping by themselves a few more times as well, and by the time that the boys had to start their home schooling, they had camped a total of five more times.

Did everyone at the diaper group notice the difference in the boys after their first foray into anal sex, oh yeah, and of course, given that they all knew pretty much all there was to know about each other, they had to ask what it was like. After their first camping trip, where they had bared their very souls to each other, they all found that they could talk to each other, tell each other anything and everything, and they all enjoyed it, especially the dirty details of a hot steamy sex session.

The diaper group kept going strong, admitting a further two boys over the next year, of whom became boyfriends as well, and the next summer when their first camping trip was scheduled, they all were there. All the boys did very well in school, or home school as it was for most of them, and gradated high school with no problem. Shawn had the most difficult choice of all though, take over the grocery store for his dad, or the medical store for his mom. He chose the medical store, given his love of diapers, he felt it was perfect. It actually worked out better for his parents though, because his dad needed more help at the store, so his mom was able to provide that, whereas the medical store was far easier to operate for a new businessman.

Billy and Jeremy started getting a nice large chunk of their property ready during the early spring and got it planted to grow a few small crops, just so that they could ease into it slowly, and they even bought a small herd of cows, a few horses, a couple goats, a couple dozen chickens, and a few other assorted animals, so that their farm had a really good start. By the time the boys graduated high school, the breeding of all their animals had paid off, and they had well over a hundred head of cattle, a few hundred chickens, fifty strong of goats, and they were raising some of the finest race horses that were sold anywhere. As time went on, they also increased almost every year how much they were growing, and every year they sold at market all that they could and made a small profit from that as well. The horse training and sales though was what really paid the bills they found, because both boys seemed to have a real knack at training horses, as they surprisingly found out when they were fourteen and fifteen.

John stayed managing the parts store for many years, and managed to keep his store at the top of the sales charts almost all the time, he weathered two different recessions without having to release any employees and still managed to have strong profits. As such, he ended up being one of the highest paid managers in the company, and even though he was offered promotions to go further, he refused, because that would mean having to move. Did they ask his advice though for how to operate the company the same way he operated his store, of course, and he told them, and some of it even got implemented, so that was really good.

When Jeremy turned eighteen, he and Jeremy asked to move tot he other house, they had been talking about it for a couple years by then already, and even though John knew they were going to ask, and even suspected that they had been talking about it, it still hurt him, but of course he said yes. They were only next door to each other though, so it was not exactly far away, and they always had their radios on, and they were over at each others houses a lot.

John did end up eventually finding himself a nice quiet woman that he fell in love with, and when Billy was nineteen, she moved in and they got married in a quiet ceremony by the pond. Billy and Jeremy got married in the same place almost exactly a year later, although their turnout was quite a bit greater. The year after they were married, the received the news that the first of the eight children that they would adopt had just gone through and that he would be arriving to them in only a week. Not too surprisingly, but every one of the kids were boys, they were all gay, and they all appreciated, and then liked diapers. All the boys came from different countries all over the world and were throw away boys that had been thrown away for one reason or another, but mostly because they were gay.

By the time the boys were nearing their thirties, they had one of the most prized horse farms in the country, their horses were sought after by everyone because they were the very best, and they were also very well known locally for some of the very best produce, of which was mostly all sold to Shawn's parents for the store, but they always had a stand out by the road, one of their sons normally manning it once they were old enough to do so.

Jeremy never did go and dance again in a school type environment, but Billy really did build him a dance studio, where he practiced more and more, and if possible, over the years became an even better dancer. When the time came, he taught his sons the art of dance, and a couple of them were really very good, and when offered the chance to go to ballet school for a couple years, they were sad to leave home, but they became very well known for their art, and were beautiful dancers.

And here we end our tale, but rest assured, the boys had a beautiful life and did so much good, as much as any two people could possibly do.

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