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Chapter 3

Deep Waters

I awoke, suddenly. What? The neighbor boy, trying to start their mower. Looking out the window at him: big. Slender. Sleek and muscular. Crewcut ruddy golden hair. A boy's face: clear, rosy. Innocent. Cute, for 18. Wanting to hold him and take care of him.

I felt my morning boner. Rising, hardening. So hard! Spreading the sex feelings deep inside me. The feelings rising, to run all through me, energizing me, making me horny all over. Making me stretch hugely: the ecstatic body sensation possessing me, for a moment. My eagerness, rising. Up to press firmly against my belly. So tight, from the hole upwards, everywhere. Nuts so hard, so tight, so eager. Skin so tender. Thinking of him. Thinking of him taking me. Thinking of having him inside of me. Thinking of making him cum. Cum so sweetly. Cum for my smooth young body.

I had seen him under water, in the pool. Seen him through my diving mask. Seen his big boy-things rippling voluptuously against the fabric of his loose Speedos. Wanted him. Dreamed him big and hard. Dreamed him in me. Dreamed him fucking me, so gently. Dreamed him smiling at me, friendly and kind and in me hard and hot and friendly and caring that I needed the pleasure between my legs and taking care of me, of my little body, of my sex. Dreamed him taking me. Making me hard and crazy and his.

When? When would I begin to feel this for the girls? I had my eye on Carly. Cute and friendly and nice and kind and I wanted to want her. Wanted to have her love me and care about me. Wanted her to hold me and tell me everything was all going to be all right. Wanted her to hold me and make me hard and make me want her and make me go into her and come together and make everything all right.

I have always tried to be a good boy. A good son. Hardly got into any trouble. I love my mom and my daddy and I know they love me back. I know they have great hopes for me. I love them and I try. I am trying. I am trying so hard to like the girls. I want to want to fuck them. I want to want to touch their little titties. I want to want them to take me into their magic pussies. Want Carly to be my girlfriend and make me a real boy. Want to have the dick go in, go in, go in, like his in me: so deep and hard. My little penis getting so hard thinking of him. Thinking of his rippling nuts and his glorious dick so big in me, plowing my tender ass, being in me, with me, 'way up inside of me as I cum for him, for his dick deep within me, for the loving he is giving me, for his understanding of my boy-need.

And my body clenches, as I feel it rising in me, as I feel my body dissolve in the surge of my climax, as I focus on the feel of his hot teen dick deep, deep within me, pumping, pumping, making me his, making me feel this, making me spew the very last of my boy drops and collapse onto the bed, still hard, still wanting him. Still needing him. Knowing that this is what I must have. Praying with the earnest heart of my boyish innocence. Praying to God to show me how to want girls.

I have always tried to be a good boy, Lord. I know you gave me these feelings, God. And they are so wonderful that they fill my heart with gratitude, Lord. Won't you please make me a better boy and let me love the girls the way they say I should? Let me be thy humble servant, God. Let me be a better boy. I bow my head before thee: show me thy will, O Lord.

The mower starts, reluctantly, and the mowing smell reaches my window, as I am drawn to look at him. At his beautiful perfect straight body. At the tiny little butt he has, almost hidden in those skimpy shorts. At the sweat starting to stream down his back, down his chest, between those tiny hard boy nipples. At the glory of his ripe young manhood, as he turns and glances up to see me watching him mow. As he smiles and lifts his hand to wave his greeting to me. My heart skips.

When he's done, I want him. Want to be near him, touch him. Want to smell his body. I go invite him over to swim, after.

"Sure!" His voice a fuzzy silvery tenor that makes me tender...

We dive and  splash and come together to wrestle. Linger, rubbing. He is startled and embarrassed to want this. To want me. To find himself hard and shaking. To find himself following me into the house, touching and feeling me. Touching and moaning. Moaning as I press my hand to trace the outline of him, huge in his shorts. Moaning as I feel him hard and eager. Moaning, as I make him overt and careless. Gasping as he makes me naked. Spreads me before him, to suckle and worship. Moaning as he lubes me and enters, moaning as he plunges his hardness deep within my waiting emptiness. Crying out as we cum together: long, hard, piquantly releasing. Feeling him fill me, feeling him so hard. Feeling him tremble and release himself into me. Tremble and share his love confection with me, within me, deeply. Tremble, as he bends to kiss me, tenderly. So tenderly, still inside me. So tenderly: I have found my home.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the bounty that you have set before us. Thank you for this fellowship. Thank you for allowing us both to feel so... complete.

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