First Camp


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First Camp Pt. 2

Well the day finally came and me and David took off into the woods to set up camp. I was so excited and eager to learn more from my camp counselor. The day seemed to pass so quickly and
before I knew it nightfall had come. David built a big ol fire and we sat around it eating hotdogs
and chatting. I kept sneaking glances at his body and up his muscular legs with just a fine dusting of hair on them. His baggy shorts gave me a view up there too. I couldnt be sure because of the darkness but it looked like he wasnt wearing any underwear. Im sure he wanted me to look cause
he kept his legs spread apart and everyonce in awhile when I would look up at him he would smile
back at me. I was hoping he would show it to me again and I didnt have log to wait.

"Tyler, I can see that youre still interested in my body" David said. "Yes, I am" I said, maybe a little too excited and eager. David got up and suggested we go inside the tent, taking my hand he
led me inside. He quickly stripped down showing off his muscled body in all its naked glory. I stared
openly at it amazed at how big and mature he was. He let me look at it up close and touch it again.
I felt his weener growing in my tiny hand and he told me that it felt really good.

We layed down and I used both my hands to rub on his weener like he told me to do. He
explained how big boys called their weeners cocks and it felt really good when someone else did it for them. He said it made him really happy and I was a very good boy. I was almost in heaven to think
I could make this older boy happy and at that moment I would have done anything for him. The whole time he was telling me all this I had been rubbing up n down on his cock and running my fingers
through his thick bush. About that time a drop of liquid appeared on the head of his cock.

"Whats that!?" I exclaimed.
" Oh my sweet little Tyler you have so much to learn. Thats some special cream that I make."
"I store it up here in my nuts', he pointed. "Ive been saving some up just for you. Thats why theyre so big and full"

I just sat and stared I was completely amazed at all the wonderful things that he could do.
He told me to go ahead and lick it off that I would like it. I stuck my little tongue out and scraped
it acros the top of his cock, lapping it up. Mmmm, he was right I did like it. I continued licking at it
until he told me it would be even better if I opened my mouth and took it in and sucked it like it was
a big straw. David explained to me that that was called a blowjob and told me how to use my tongue.
He told me that boys gave the blowjobs and I could be his special buddy and do it all the time for
him. He ran his hands through my hair and held my head down on his cock. He was really moaning
and starting to hump his cock into my mouth so I figured I must be doing a pretty good job.
"Oh yeah Tyler, suck my cock. Mmmm, gawd youre so good"
I had one hand wrapped around the base of his cock and about half of his eight hard inches
in my mouth as my little head bobbed up n down on it. My tongue swirled around his head and the vein on the underside of his cock as I felt it throbbing in my mouth. I looked up at him and saw him staring down with half-closed glazed over eyes watching his big cock sliding in and out between my
puffy lips.
"Oh gawd Tyler, baby, get ready for my cream. I want you to drink it all down"
He pushed firmly down on my head as he raised his hips thrusting his cock deeper into
my mouth. I felt a warm gush of liquid start to fill my mouth as David shook and yelled, spewing his load into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but a lot of it ran down my chin as David calmed down saying "Oh Tyler, Oh Tyler" over and over again.
He told me I did a great job for my first time as I sucked all the cream off his deflating cock.
He let me know that with a lot of practice I would be able to take all of his cock in my mouth and learn to swallow it all. I was about the happiest boy on earth. Well, maybe he second happiest David was
probly first. David stripped me down to my briefs so we could get ready for bed. He got us in a spoon position ad his hands explored all of my smooth 10 year old body as I drifted off to sleep. He paid
special attention to my little boy nips and round buns. Man did his hands feel good.

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