First Camp 4


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"Turning Into a Slut"

The weekend was over and Todd and Chris had left. David had driven me home and
dropped me off. I'd given him a blowjob on the way and another on when we reached
the city limits. We'd also stopped once at a rest area so he could fuck me. My ass
and belly were full of his cums. I couldn't wait to try out all the things they had
taught me to attract older boys and have sex with them. School would be starting
soon and I'd cut off all t-shirts so my belly button would show. Mom took me out
shopping for new clothes even though I said I didn't want any. I intended to wear
my older jeans which were worn and starting to fit me tighter. I did get one new
pair of jeans which were 2 sizes too small for me. They hugged my rounded behind and
long legs perfectly. Mom didn't like them but I just told her that was the way the
boys were wearing them. She rolled her eyes but let me get them. I also got new
undies which were all colorful briefs just like I liked. One of them I cut a hole
in the back just like the guys had done with my Sponge Bobs. I would wash these
myself because I could never never explain that to Mom and she would just throw
them out. And I wasn't doing any of this because I was going back to school. Just
taking advantage of it. I wasn't interested in the boys at my school. It was the
older boys I was interested in!

Until school started I just explored the neighbourhoods within walking distance of
my house hoping to find some older boys that might be interested in me. There were
plenty of older boys around but they either weren't home or weren't hanging out outside.
I did find one group of boys that were either shooting hoops or skateboarding using a
ramp they'd set up in the driveway. I walked by there many times in my cut-offs and
shorty tee to see if any of them paid me any attention. I always kept Davids advice
in mind and never approached them because he said if they were interested they would
do it and all I had to do was wear my special outfit and walk swaying my hips like they
taught me. This didn't seem to be getting me anywhere and I was beginning to wonder if
David and his friends were only boys like that. That changed one day as I walked by the
house and there was only one boy out who was a car in the driveway. I slowed down a
bit to get a better look at his muscled body. He was only wearing shorts and sneakers.
He had dark hair cut short and greyish blue eyes. He wasn't skinny but what I would
call a lean build with some muscle definition from either sports or working out.

"Hi there!" he called out. "Hi!" "Whatcha doin'?" "Just out walking." "I'm
Eric. Just finishing up washing the car. I'm ready for a break." "oh is it yours?
I'm Tyler." "No, it's my rents but they let me use it. I'm gonna go inside where
it's cool. Ya wanna join me Tyler?" "yeah, that'd be cool." He turned and headed
yowards the house. I followed. Once inside he excused himself to get a couple sodas
and when he returned with them he handed me one and pointed to the stairs. "Up there."
I wanted to look behind me to see if he was watching me but I didn't want to be too
obvious. I didn't know what he wanted yet but I was hoping. "Second door on the left."
I stopped at the door and I could feel him right behind me. He turned the knob and
opened the door and let me go through. He went to the bed and sat down. "Could you grab
that cd for me Tyler? I'ts right behind you on the floor." I turned around and bent over
to get it. I didn't know if he was watching or not but if he was I stayed bent over longer
than I had to before picking it up. I straightened back up and turned around and walked
over to the bed and handed it to him. I flashed a smile at him and he smiled back before
tossing it on the nightstand and motioning for me to sit down next to him. "I can't help
but notice that you walk by here a lot Tyler. Do you live nearby?" "A couple blocks
down but I take walks often." "Yeah I've noticed that too." "You have?" "Uh huh. The
way you walk is diferent. Girlyish like you want people to look. Do you?" "Yeah."
"Well I have. I looked today too when you bent over to pick up that cd. You make me
horny when you do that." He rubbed his crotch and I could see that he was hard. "Would
you like to see it?" I nodded my head yes. He unzipped his shorts and pulled his dick
out. "I hope you're not just teasing me. You've made me very hard and you're gonna
have to take care of me now! Do you give blowjobs?" "Get your mouth down on it then.
How old are you Tyler?" "Ten." "Sweet! Use that tongue little boy. Gimme head."
As I gave him head his hand firmly pushed down on my head. It didn't take too long
to get all of his 16 year old 7 inch dick in my mouth. I was deep throating it easily
thanks to David and his friends teaching me with their bigger dicks. "Oh shit yeah Tyler.
Suck that cock. Damn you're good! I can tell this ain't your first time." I looked
down Tylers back to his butt and put a hand on it and squeezed it. Damn this kid was hot.
And he wanted it. I could do anything I wanted! "You like that cock Tyler? I'm gonna
cum buckets. I hope you swallow 'cos I ain't letting you off it!" "Mmmm. Mphhh. Mmmm."
I muttered into Erics dick. Of course I was going to swallow. I wanted his cum! I
worked his dick with my tongue licking along the length of it as it slid in and out of
my mouth. I was slobbering all over it as his pubes smashed against my nose.

Tyler was a teenage boys dream come true. A horny little boy who loved sucking cock
and he swallowed! I was also willing to bet he'd do that anytime I wanted it. I thrust
my hips harder smashing into his little boy face. "Shit yeah Tyler. Damn you gonna make
me shoot! Drain my balls you horny little cocksucker!" I shoved my cock as far down his
throat as I could get it and held it there. There was no holding back now. I needed to
cum. I wanted to shoot it down into his belly! "Aghhhhhhhh! Shit, shit shit! Damn!
Cummingggggggggggg!" I felt Erics dick harden and begin shooting his load in my mouth.
I swallowed and swallowed. Gulping it down as he fired shot after shot of his hot cum in
me. It was like a volcano erupting! His nuts must have been really full. Finally it
stopped and I kept sucking until it was soft and plopped out of my mouth. "Mmmm that
was good." "Well, Tyler I'm gonna have some more for ya in just a little bit. You'll
stay for that won't ya?" "Yes. I'd like that!" "You're a good little boy Tyler."

"Where'd you learn all that stuff Tyler? You got an older brother?" "No I learnt
it at camp from my counselor. He was really nice." "Kewl. How old was he?" "He was
18." "Nice. So you like older boys then?" "Uh huh." "What else did he teach ya?"
I put my hand back on his butt rubbed it. Kneading and massaging it through his cut-offs.
"Well at camp he only taught me to give him blowjobs and to swallow all of it. But after
camp he took me on a special camping trip." "Please tell me all about it Tyler!" I
reached underneath the boy and undid his cut-offs, then tugged at the waist until I had
them halfway down his butt. Sponge Bob underwear. How cute! I really massaged and
squeezed at his buns now through the thin cotton material. If he hadn't had any cock
up his ass he was sure gonna get it and soon! "When we got there there was an extra tent
and he took me in one and gave me a bag with some clothes in it to wear. He said it was
special clothes for special boys like me! And it's the same as I'm wearing now." "Oh
wow Tyler. They really do look good on you." Right then one of fingers got snagged on
hi undies and I felt flesh. His flesh! "Tyler! you got a tear in your undies!" "No,
that's not a tear. David and his friends cut that hole into them!" "Friends? Stand up
Tyler and bend over I want to check to this hole out!" Once he was bent over I sat up
on the edge of the bed and pulled his cut-offs down until they fell on their own the
rest of the way to the floor. Sure enough it was a hole cut right where his lovely
butthole was at when he was bent over! I placed a hand on each cheek and was able to
use a couple fingers from each hand to spread his boy buns. With his crack opened I
could see his pencil eraser sized hole clearly. "Yes he had two of friends there. They
taught me how to walk and sway my hips to get older boys attention. Then I got to suck
all three of them for practice in pleasing boys and swallow their sperms!"

Eric was now teasing my boy hole with his finger. I was so happy to have found another
boy who liked boys like me. " Wiggle that butt for me Tyler! You like showing it off to
me don't ya?" "Yes! Do you like my boy pussy?" "Oh fuck is that what they told you to
call it? It's one hella nice boy pussy! You got me all hard and horny again Tyler! I
want to fuck that pussy of yours. Now!" "Yes please Eric! I haven't had a cock up
there since then and I've missed it!" Eric stood up and spit on his cock before placing
it at the entrance to my pussy. With one hard, quick thrust he was in me all the way!
"Shit that's tight Tyler. Did David and the other boys fuck you?" "Yes they all fucked
me and jizzed up my boy pussy!" "Damn! And you're still tight as a virgin! You got
one hot little ass. I wondered from the first time I saw you walking by swishing your
butt what it would be like to fuck it. And I wanted it!" I thrust harder and deeper
fucking the 10 year old boy like the slut he was! He was moaning and mmm'ing with
every thrust. I pounded into him driving me to my climax. "Shit Tyler this is good!
You're little pussy is perfect for fucking. I will want to do this again!" "Mmmm,
yes I want that! Ugh. Ugh. Fuck me more Eric! Ugh. Ugh. Harder! Shoot your sperms
in me!" Moments later I felt his cock start firing it's hot load deep in my pussy.
"Shit! Fuckkkkk! You made me cum! Did you like that?" "Oh yeah! I wanted that.
I was hoping you would fuck me when you asked me in the house." "It was the only thing
on my mind!" Eric tucked his cock back in his shorts and I got dressed. "Can you
come back later this afternoon Tyler? I will want to fuck you again." "Sure Eric!"
"See you later then." Oh boy I'd found an older boy who wanted to fuck me. I was so
happy. It was all I could think about.


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