First Taste of Cum Part 116    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.

Summer Camp

    I'm Fred, a thirteen year old cocksucker. I learned the skill at summer camp last year. My parents sent me to summer camp for two months, probably to have a peaceful summer without me.

All the boys in my unit were twelve, plus Jeff, the unit leader, who was about seventeen. Jeff was the guy who got us all sucking, and I think he planned it all out in advance.

On the first night Jeff took me aside and asked, "Ever had your cock sucked?"

"Gosh no," I replied, "Should I?"

"It will be new to most of you guys," Jeff continued, "But it is one of the best things of all!"

"Then I look forward to it," I said.

"You can help me get started," Jeff said.

"How?" I asked.

"Tomorrow I'll take the unit to a place where we'll go skinny-dipping," he said, "Everyone will be naked, and after they come out of the water I want you to start sucking one of the guys."

"What if he doesn't want me to?" I asked.

"He will, once he knows what it's like," Jeff assured me, "Ask him if you can, and tell him he'll love it – once you get started he'll just let you keep going."

"Okay," I said, "Then what?"

"After you suck him for a few minutes," Jeff explained, "tell him it's his turn. The other boys will see and be curious, and start to do it also. I'll be urging you all on."

"Sounds like fun!" I said.

That night I laid in bed and played with myself. I was too young to cum, but still loved the feeling, and wondered what sucking would be like – for both of us."

The next day each of the unit leaders took their boys on their planned activities. I had a stiffy just thinking about our all taking our clothes off, but had no way to relieve it.

We hiked two miles in the summer heat and arrived at a small lake, where Jeff told us to undress and cool off in the lake. I couldn't wait to get my clothes off, always enjoying outdoor nudity. Jeff saw my stiffy and smiled at me. When I hit the water it took away my stiffy, but not my anticipation. After about fifteen minutes a couple of us got out and laid on our backs nearby. I stroked my cock and soon was stiff again.

I was laying next to Ben who wasn't stiff, but noticed that I was. "How come you have a stiffy?" he asked.

"It feels good, so I do it whenever I can," I said.

"I get stiffies once in a while, but can't do it just any old time," Ben confided.

"Want me to help you out?" I offered.

"Sure," responded Ben.

I reached over and took his cock in my hand and gently squeezed, and then stroked him. He responded immediately and said, "Wow! You're good at that!"

I felt proud, and the time seemed right, so I asked, "Want me to suck you? It's awsome!"

"Sure," was his answer.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I opened my mouth and took his stiff little cock into my mouth and really liked the way it felt in my mouth. I was learning my way and started by moving my tongue around and as soon as I did Ben moaned with delight. Knowing that I was on the right track, I moved my tongue around more, and sucked.

I didn't notice Jeff and the other boys gathering around me until I heard one kid say, "hey, what he doing?"

Jeff replied, "Fred is sucking Ben's cock – it's one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a guy. Go ahead and try it – you'll find out for yourself."

I don't know why, but I was really enjoying sucking, but as Jeff had suggested, I pulled off and said, "Your turn now, Ben."

I laid down and Ben sucked me. Jeff was right – it was amazing and the other kids could see that.

Soon all the boys had paired off and were sucking, while Jeff encouraged them.

We took turns sucking each other for about twenty minutes and then Jeff said we had to get dressed. "I guess you guys are going to be doing a lot of this," he said, "But keep it private, and don't let adults know about it."

"Yeah, they always ruin the fun," one of the boys said, and we all laughed.

"Each day we'll take a suck break when we have some privacy," Jeff continued, "And of course sucking in the bunk is a natural."

We were all energized by our new discovery, and the rest of the day went well. At bedtime Jeff came into our bunkhouse to check on us.

"I'm going to teach you how to 69," he said, "Fred, lay on top of Ben with your cock in his mouth and his cock in yours."

I climbed onto Ben and soon we were sucking each other. It was great not to have to take turns, and soon all of the boys were 69ing. Jeff said goodnight and turned the lights off as he left.

In the morning I woke up still laying on Ben. I had fallen asleep with his cock in my mouth, and now upon awakening I began to suck him agian. Soon he was hard, and began to suck me.

We continued for awhile but had to stop because we both had to pee. As we got up to pee, Jeff came in to get us all up, and I saw that most of the boys had spent the night in another boy's bed.

Today we went on a hike, and stopped to eat lunch at a clearing in the woods. While we ate, Jeff continued to educate us. "You guys know what cumming is?" he asked.

"Isn't that when you shoot your load?" answered one of the boys.

"Yep," confirmed Jeff, "But it's much more than that – it is an incredibly wonderful feeling"

"Better than what it feels like to be sucked?" another boy asked.

"Much better!" affirmed Jeff, "in fact that is the reason for sucking, once a guy can cum."

"Can you cum?" asked still another boy.

"Yes, and each of you will be able to suck me until I cum," Jeff explained.

"How will it be different that the sucking we've been doing?" asked another.

"When I cum, you will get a mouthful of my semen," he answered.

"That's the stuff with all the sperms swimming in it?" another asked.

"Exactly," said Jeff, "Except you won't be able to tell they are swimming, but it has a really strong taste."

"Like chicken?" a boy asked.

"Nothing like chicken!" Jeff said, "you might not like it at first, but you will learn to like it with practice."

With that, Jeff unbuckled his pants and dropped them to his feet. He sat on a nearby rock and said, "Fred, do you want to do it today?"

I couldn't get there fast enough, and soon I was kneeling between Jeff's knees with his big cock in my mouth. Compared to Ben, he was huge, and completely filled my mouth. All the boys were watching and I was thrilled to go first. Jeff gave me advice about technique and in a few minutes he said, "I'm getting close – when I do, just hold it in your mouth."

I felt his cock swell just a little and then he began pumping into my mouth. The taste was awful but I took it all. Jeff pulled out and told me to hold his load in my mouth as long as I could. I think it was maybe fifteen minutes before his load was diluted with my spit and swallowed. By then the taste seemed to improve and I was looking forward to my next load, but had no idea when that would be.

"I really liked that!" I said to Jeff, "I wish I could do that every day."

"I need to give all the boys a chance," said Jeff, "Once they can all make me cum I'll have a special surprise for all of you."

Jeff wouldn't say anything more, but we all were eager to further our experience.

Over the next week all the other boys had their turn sucking Jeff off and he told us we had mastered the basics of cocksucking, and he had a surprise for us tomorrow.

The next day we took a different hike and ended up at another camp – one for high school age boys. There was a small group playing volleyball, who stopped and approached when they saw us.

"Boys," began Jeff, "You have proven your skills and have earned a special reward. Each of you will have a big brother who you will suck daily for the rest of your stay."

The older boys stood next to each other and pulled their shorts down, revealing their eager cocks. Jeff told us each to choose a big brother and show them what we could do. Soon we were all kneeling before our chosen big brother, sucking them. My big brother was Marco, a Mexican guy who was really ready to cum. After a few minutes of sucking he took hold of my head and drove his cock in all the way, gagging me as he came.

I eagerly swallowed Marco's load and he thanked me for my work. After all the boys had finished we gave our names to our big brothers and they said they would come and find us each day.

For the rest of the summer we blew our big brothers daily, and 69'ed each night. As our time at the camp was drawing to a close Jeff called us all together and said he was proud of our progress, and knew we would want to continue when we got home.

"How can we continue," asked one boy, "when everyone we've sucked is far away?"

"That's what I want to discuss with all of you," Jeff said, "I have all your addresses and am making arrangements for you to meet a caring adult who will value your talents."

"How will it be to suck a grown-up?" asked another.

"It will be similar, but they will probably be bigger," replied Jeff.

Over the two weeks remaining Jeff found me several adults who I talked with on Skype. I chose Mr. Gibbons and we made arrangements to meet upon my return.

Now, a year later I see Mr. Gibbons nearly every day. He has helped me develop my sucking skills and introduced me to many of his friends. Jeff came to visit and stayed at Mr. Gibbons home, where I sucked him and Mr. Gibbons every day. I cannot possibly repay Jeff for giving me the gift of cocksucking, and just wish every boy had the same opportunity.

  To be continued . . .

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