First Taste of Cum Part 124    
          by Bill Beaumonte (  

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
This series presents a number of independent stories of about youthful first blowjobs. Some of these are inspired by my readers. I hope you enjoy this series.


    I'm Bill, and Ben, my twin brother and I are thirteen. Like many twins, we have been very close in ways that other siblings are not. We shared a room and a bed, and soon made the wonderful discovery of each other's cocks.

Of course we learned very young that it felt good to play with ourselves, but it was amazingly better when we played with each other. As we lay in bed together we would often reach into each other's pajamas and fondle our cocks.

We made a game of seeing who could make the other one hard first. Were too young to cum back then, but it still felt wonderful. One day Ben suggested that we suck each other, and we tried it and really liked it. Besides feeling really good, there was something very special about taking a cock into our mouths.

We had led a pretty sheltered life, and had no knowledge of blowjobs, so we just thought that sucking each other's cocks was our own discovery. We enjoyed doing it and one day figured out that we could suck each other at the same time, and discovered 69ing. At first we lay on our sides, but later one on top of the other. We both loved it no matter what position or who was on top.

We would sometimes 69 when we got home from school, but we always did it when we went to bed at night.

Then one day a little before our thirteenth birthday I was able to cum. It was a complete surprise to both of us as I shot my load for the first time into Ben's mouth! He was on the bottom at the time, and I just laid on top of him to catch my breath for awhile. On the bottom, he just let my softening cock drain into his mouth. Finally he swallowed my load.

Afterward we talked about it and I asked why he had swallowed.

"If I had been on top I would have just got up and spit it out, but you had me on the bottom, so after awhile I just swallowed."

"What did it taste like?" I asked.

"It sure didn't taste like chicken!" he said, and we laughed, "It was kind of a strong taste, different from everything else."

"I want to taste it next time," I said, so don't swallow."

Ben agreed and we discussed whether there would be any harm in swallowing – we hoped that cum would not make him sick. We were so incredibly naive at the time, but making some wonderful discoveries.

Because we were twins, and developed almost in sync with each other, I assured Ben that soon he would be cumming as well, and looked forward to sharing his first orgasm.

The next day we 69ed again and Ben was on the top. I came in his mouth and he brought his mouth to mine and our lips parted. So my first romantic open-mouth kiss was with my twin brother, sharing a load. We later learned that it was called "snowballing", but thought we had discovered it.

We found that we liked kissing, and did so even without snowballing, often as a prelude to our bedtime play.

It took less than a month for Ben to cum, and I was thrilled to feel his hot seed pumping into my mouth. The excitement sent me over the edge and soon I came in his mouth as well.

We were blessed with many simultaneous orgasms, but even when we didn't cum together it was great. Sometimes we didn't feel like 69ing, and we experimented with a variety of blowjob positions, but ultimately 69 was our favorite.

My father had been killed in the war, and my mother did her best to raise us. She was very attractive and took good care of herself, and often had boyfriends over to the house. Some of them ignored us, but a few took an interest and would play ball with us in the yard.

One night when there was no boyfriend at dinner, and Mom said that now that we were getting older we might want to have separate beds. Both Ben and I said that our current arrangement was just fine, and Mom just said if we wanted to change it was okay. She had no idea we were sucking each other, and we thought we should keep it to ourselves.

When we got home from school we would often 69, and got undressed and into bed. We always closed the door, and Mom respected our privacy, so we could just enjoy our coupling. One day, however, we didn't close the door all the way. While we were sucking we were startled to hear "Oh!" blurted from outside the door.

"Mom?" I called out, but just heard footsteps moving away quickly.

"I think we're busted," I said to Ben.

"What do you think Mom will do?" he asked.

"No idea," I said, "I don't know what she was doing there."

At dinner that night it was very quiet, and I knew that Mom must have been really shocked and embarrassed about what she had seen. I could take the silence no longer, and finaly said, "Mom, I should have made sure the door was shut so our noise didn't bother you."

There, it was out – I felt like I had just opened Pandora's box and had no idea what it would lead to.

Mom paused for awhile before replying, and then said, "No, you caught me spying on you and it brought back old memories."

"Your two uncles Ray and Ron are twins as you know, and they would suck each other like you two do. They often let me watch and I would climax while I did."

"So was that what your moaning was about?" Ben asked.

Mom blushed with embarrassment and just nodded. I just said that I was glad that she enjoyed it, and she just smiled. Ben and I had thought we were in trouble, only to find that Mom was really embarrassed about the whole thing.

After dinner Ben and I talked about what had happened. We both thought it was great that we had helped Mom to cum, and both agreed that it was fine if she watched.

At bedtime we found Mom and said, "Would you like to come watch us for awhile?"

"No thanks," said Mom, "That's alright."

We told her that we were glad to share with her, and she was welcomed to watch at any time. We could see that she was blushing again, and went to up to our bedroom.

From that time on, we left the door open, and a few days later Mom came into our room while we were 69ing. She was just wearing a robe and was naked underneath, and placed a chair near the bed to watch.

While we sucked she reached into her robe and fingered herself as we sucked. As we proceeded we heard her begin to moan – just a little at first, then louder. She started calling out, "Oh, oh, oh ..." as her climax approached. I glanced over to see that her robe was completely open – she had a really nice body!

Finally she finished and remained seated while we concluded. Then she got up and put the chair away and just said, "Thank you boys, sleep well" – we all did!

  To be continued . . .

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